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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

4 years ago

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Post #366 Adding the Batsignal to LE Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #402 Very detailed review Posted by MT45 (4 years ago)

Post #457 DocQuests Helicopter comparison. Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #463 Docquest's vehicle comparison Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #501 Version 0.65 Code released Posted by PiperPinball (4 years ago)

Post #564 Docquest's helicopter install. Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #1159 Adjusting the Magnet Posted by PiperPinball (4 years ago)

Post #1234 Helicopter attachment. Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #1314 Photos of Episode 111 Machine Posted by iceman44 (4 years ago)

Post #1322 Version 0.68 Code released Posted by ATLpb (4 years ago)

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#66 4 years ago

I was wondering how this was going to work! I knew it was about time for Stern to announce a new pin,they do it this time every year!AND GB has a lot of issues'" still on the board" so to speak,back orders being cancelled,what a mess!AND un the middle of this,another fantastic,new pin!!

#67 4 years ago

Well,people,I,m in for a LE! Delivery will be in mid-November! PRes will be coming out by Christmas!! There are 0 Super LEs cause they all go to Gary Sterns personal list,we are not on!My dist.had 2 left,and i cancelled my GB/PRe and bought 1 Batman 66,1 left!!Very limited run on the PRe's! $2000.oo down,if you can find one!!And remember,this is world wide!!

#70 4 years ago

I;m not stoned,O-Din,just tired of the GB hype,and finally got the chance to get a exclusive offer! And with my paid order,no meet and greet,thats for Gary Sterns private list of folks who will be getting the SLE's.Thats a private sale! The LE i just bought will be to me by Thanksgiving! The PRe's won't be out till Feb!I was told!!

#123 4 years ago

Well,I switched from a GB/PRe,to a B66/LE! No price yet,the LE's are gone!Stern is still making GB/LE's this week and is also in production of the Pabst CanCrusher pin!B66 will go into production next month,and be out before Thanksgiving! GB/PRe's will be coming out around Halloween!I just talked with my Stern Tech.so,no bs !!

4 months later
#205 4 years ago

Hawkmoon checking in as club member!! Wow,this should be a small group as only 14 of us show up on the map!! But,I know Joe,at Coin-op Gameroom in SAC.is going to have one on route to play,and he's not on the map yet,so,anybody else???And no,mine isn't here yet either!!! Yes,the LE comes with a topper.Some say they are shipped seperatly,??

#206 4 years ago

The U.K.pins were shipped a month ago!!!

#217 4 years ago

Wonder when gameroomguys is gonna get good???No call yet even to pay balance,anybody else go with this Distro???

#220 4 years ago

Thanks,Iceman!! I'll call Heidi tomorrow,find out where I'm at on the list!!

#295 4 years ago

Wow.proud SLE owners!! Just talked to my Distro,my LE will be WEEKS before I get mine,so,count yourselves in the lucky first bunch! Last deal I do with those guys

#465 4 years ago

Anybody out West get a notification on delivery?? Mk6pin should be scoring next week!Gameroomguys hase'nt got a clue!!

#691 4 years ago

Still waiting!! Looks like Art has another airball fix to do!!! GO Oldpinballguy!!!:)Next week for me too!

#972 4 years ago

Hello,Fellow Bat Fans!! MY B66LE came yesterday,and I've gotten all the paperwork out of it,but,not unboxed yet!!My question is,Where do you find out what Bat gadget you get??? Nothing in my paperwork says what it is??There is a #56 on the box,does that give a clue?? Any help ??Thanks!!!

#977 4 years ago

Well.my B66LE #53 Bazooka!! And is it f..ked up!! There are no screws in the TV set,and it's just sitting there! #3rdball went into the carosel and froze Wow what a piece of dodo this is!! Has any body been able to play this pin right out of the box??? very disappointed with this shit!!!!

#978 4 years ago

Thats a BATzooka,system corrected it!!

#989 4 years ago

B66LE #53 Batzooka gadget and, Robin Saved, is the signed card! In the pic,Robin is on a rack,being stretched by the Riddler,and Batman is swinging in on a chandelier to save Robin!Stern sending a tech.tomorrow!! ( yes i know its Sunday) I got pull!!

#997 4 years ago

Not only are the 2 screws totally missing,the entire turntable showed up on the screen non-functioning,malfunction,it will not turn at all!! Wow,so fu...d up right out of the box,and a p.s.,after only about a hundred plays,my GB/PRe.I waited 8 Mo.for,the slimer mech froze up! Not working!! My LAST Stern!!!!

#1011 4 years ago

Well.my B66LE #53 was delivered Friday! Pin never worked! Completely FUBAR!! Shaft to the turntable welds broken! Months of warranty bullcrap now to deal with! What fun!!!

#1114 4 years ago

Has anyone gone to [email protected] to register your pin?? I don't see anywhere to do that! ???

#1168 4 years ago

Hello,All,as you may know by now,my B66LE #53 was delivered last week,completely broken!! Stern is replacing the entire turntable assy.The metal shaft that is welded to a metal plate that turns the assy,was broken at the welds!I don't think you can grasp the disappointment. and anger I feel on this!! They are also taking there own sweet time sending it back!! I just called for a update and was told that are waiting for some ass reason,with apology they said they would send part tomorrow!! BEWARE !! We shouldn't be having ANY issues with this pin ,and look at all the posts about issues! And the aftermarket is starting to dump this title!!

#1237 4 years ago

Hello Batfans!! Today,the Stern tech is coming to install the new turntable Stern sent by overnight delivery!Stern also said that more pins with this defect have been found! reading all these posts,tell me this pin needs work!I asked if there was any interest in me bringing this title to the show here in May(PAGG) and no one wanted to even see it!Buying this pin may have been a big mistake!!!

#1259 4 years ago

Hello,Batfans!!! B66LE #53,Batzooka,up and working!! My Topper is only on during attract mode as well,but rule set has it on if you get all modes.I think???

#1301 4 years ago

Hay Batfans,I was just at a store called here :Big-Lots: They have some awesome Batsighns and other rare bat items!! Any one else notice this?? The Bat Sighns are ways cool!!

#1324 4 years ago

When the Beasts of the night begin to stir,and the black powers form to do their damage,Bats in their caves begin their nightly dance. Their wings open and flail into the darkness,who's pin shall feel the wrath of failure !! And the feel of THE THRILLER!!!!! AAAAAAhaaAaaahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Hawkmoon knows!!!

#1361 4 years ago

RandomKG,you are basically correct!! However,given the small run size,and higher price,the QC should be better than this!! When I unboxed mine,the T.V.wasn't even screwed in,just lying against the rail!!So,no one even looked at it before they boxed it up! Had they played it,they would have seen all the problems! But,no! And the issues we are having should never come up,,,,!!IMHO!!

#1362 4 years ago

Look at Iceman!! Same s..t!!! This sucks! But,the pin is fun once you get it playing right!!

#1404 4 years ago

OH,BOY,just wait till those B66 LEs hit Europe!! No tech support,no spare parts,weeks of wait even to get a part!! Oh,and you say ,no,our pins won;t be broken like yours all were??? HAAAA HAAAAAAAAhahahahaha!

#1413 4 years ago

Question here for you more experienced players: The 3 little tv sets down by the flippers,epsodes 1.2.3.,when do they light up??? My bulb test tells me they are ok,but they don't come on at all during game play!! Thoughts???

#1416 4 years ago

Thank-you,Frolic.and ngg,you kinda have to feel your way around!!Until you understand(I Don't) the progression in modes,you just bang around! I know,I kinda feel like you do,there HAS to be more than this!!

#1417 4 years ago

Also,when you hold down the left flipper,when you plunge,all the white arrows lite up,and the ball goes all the way around to the left flipper! It doesn,t stop at the top for skill shot,and why does the lite flash on the auto-plunge during game play??? It doesn't seem to do anything??? Thoughts???

#1439 4 years ago

My magnet as well!! Sometimes it sticks hard,and other times,wow,the ball really does stuff I can't explain!! Crazy fun!

#1441 4 years ago

Iceman,hope everything else goes ok!!

#1462 4 years ago

I'll pass on this one till somebody with more dexterity and understanding makes one for sale.I'll be customer #2!!!

#1586 4 years ago

I as well got the flipper fidelity Speaker set with the 8inch Woofer! Hooked up a powered sub-woofer with no results! Seems the "new" Spike 2 headphone mod with mute does'nt work,so,no Bass came out of the outlet!

#1617 4 years ago

Question,Bat Fans,On the little t.v. ,all I have seen is a View of the Batcave and Red bat phone!! Has anyone else seen anything move on the t.v.??Any different view,or scene??Thanks!!

#1619 4 years ago


#1621 4 years ago

Yes,68 code!!! I can't take my eyes off the balls long enough to see anything else!!!Thank-you trekkie!!

#1627 4 years ago

Acually,there are 3 little "feet" the turntable sits on.These have little screws in them to adjust the height of the table!

#1628 4 years ago

iceman44 and myself have had to replace this piece completely!!

#1646 4 years ago

OK you guys go fu....g around with that metal "kabob",you break it,and a replacement will cost you more time than money to replace! Now,I'm warning you! Of 3 B66s in my area,my tech has had the same thing happen to all three!Just a headsup on a weak part!!

#1727 4 years ago

As good! I have them on mine! The Woofer makes the difference!!had to turn mine down a bit!

3 weeks later
#1965 4 years ago

Has anyone noticed a clear mini post on the Riddler plastic that holds the wireform? mine does;nt have a rubber on it! Should;nt it have one???

#1976 4 years ago

Iceman,AND myself also had this exact same thing! BUT,I forced Stern to SEND a tech to repair my B66 turntable!!Iceman44 is much more skilled than most,so he worked it through with the help of Chaz,at stern!!Call him direct at Stern tech.advice!Do iy NOW!! Don't wait!It was 3 weeks until I got mine working!Good luck!! Also,yes,me as well,no more new Sterns!!!

#1993 4 years ago

OK,whats the deal with the $1.00 B66LE,on sale here????

#2053 4 years ago

Hasen,t anyone noticed that with this code,you can,t auto-plunge with the left flipper and get the full left orbit! Now,you hold down the left flipper, when you plunge, and it goes all the way around!! Some of you did,t know this was a option,did ya???

1 week later
#2148 4 years ago

Funny how areas are so different! I asked if there was any interest in my bringing my B66le#53 to a local show here (PAGG) and not one person responded positive! And, at the TPS show,there was a line on that pin all day and night!

3 weeks later
#2373 4 years ago

OK,Batfans,Something really Strange just happened on my pin:Was shooting the lit Batphone.ball went somewhere,and Alfred answered the Batphone and said"Commisioner,Batman isn't available today sir,sorry! And the pin went into ball search! Ball had already drained!! What??? Has any one else seen this???

1 week later
#2516 4 years ago

Here's a new bug,while playing,was in that new Batturn video,and all of a sudden,the flippers went dead,and ball drained!It was a Left SD! Anybody else have this happen??? This is the new code 0.71.

2 weeks later
#2633 4 years ago

Happy Birthday,melunga,I remember 40yrs.old! Kids,Work,Bills,school,responsibility,house payments,ahhh 40!!!

#2662 4 years ago

Taz;looking at all the new pins that came out so far at PAGG,They ALL had the little led monitor somewhere on the pf! So your answer is YES!!Things go around and around! I haven't heard anybody yet talk about the fact that both GB and B66 both returned to a 2 flipper pin? How did they do the new SW pin?What new fantastic system now drives the new SW pin? On and on! Have fun!!

1 week later
#2795 4 years ago

Reply to docquest; my GB/PRe topper just plugged right in! No node board was inclosed!

#2888 4 years ago

On the code update;I got it that Mr Lyman has been taken off the B66 for other projects! He will be doing any more code from home in his spare time!! If this is correct,it may be awhile to get to 1.0!! Anyone else hear this????Code .75 is fun!!

#2922 4 years ago

I heard this from someone who has had experience of this kind before! As you all read,I asked if any body else had heard a rumor like that??? Who ever injected the word :abandoned: took this rumor one step further,result,anger I was just asking here people,sorry!!

#2930 4 years ago

I got that in mine as well!! I framed it,gave my info to Stern,and get regular updates!You don't,you say???

#2932 4 years ago

What dealer is selling the Beacon???

1 week later
#3055 4 years ago

I got a Cliffy scoop protector from him this Year at PAGG!!! Works fine on my LEHe also told me he would like some time with a pin for measurements!!

#3149 4 years ago

First,there will be no B66pro models.Question;has anyone tried to put a cloud effect over the Bat Beacon? I tried with that holloween web stuff! Got the right cloud formation over the signal,but couldn't focus on it! Just a black blurr!Tried cotton,same problem! A picture of clouds maybe??

#3158 4 years ago

Thank-you MK6pin,and has anyone herd Alfred say"Im sorry sir Batman is out for the day"I got this once,and for the life of me I can't figure out what combo I hit to hear Alfred say that????

#3161 4 years ago

Oh,ok Thank-you thundergod76!!

#3232 4 years ago

How are the beacons scratched??? What to look for??? I have one on mine,and I thought it could be clearer!! Thank-you for posting!!!

#3275 4 years ago

Welcome to our Club,Hasi,don't be too sad,some of our pins were broken in the box, not playable!! Nothing has changed,I C !!!

#3322 4 years ago

All this is fine,but what bothers me is the depth of the new SW code,versus updated B66 code!! The new SW code is so deep.you are doing 2,and 3,sometimes 4 modes at the same time!There is so much to do on the new SW pin,versus what COULD be done with our B66,it looks like Batman is standing still

#3414 4 years ago

MK66PIN,you don't have PDI glass on yet??

#3441 4 years ago

You know,yeah,I didn't get a goodie bag either But I think that is for the original owner to have,when you buy a nib pin!You can always pass it on ,your choice! I keep mine!!

#3529 3 years ago

Its easy to remove!!

1 week later
#3665 3 years ago

Excuse me here but Steve Ritchy at CAX on Sat.said just that!! Sheets has 3 other pins they are working on,and we have to wait!!

#3672 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I'm pretty sure you misunderstood him. The "other pins" refer to Lyman's work on Spike 2 platform issues (AS, BM, SW).

NO ,Sir,I asked him about code myself!!! What row were YOU in when he spoke????

#3714 3 years ago

#3759 3 years ago

OK,sorry here Pinheads But,WTF has this tread got to do with ST???

#3761 3 years ago

Thanks,O-din,no i was talking about the reference to ST/PRo on the first page of this thread!!!Confusing!!

#3762 3 years ago

And,yes,I think we should be considered for code before SW!!!

#3810 3 years ago

OH,how funny!!! I just called my pinstripe guy for my LE As well!! The force is with us!!!!

#3834 3 years ago

Sigh,another Friday gone with no new code!

#3898 3 years ago

I am surprised at some of these comments!!why does your pin just sit there till friends play it??I hit my pin for at least a hour a day working on my shots,control,and completing modes that ARE there!! Come on fellas,it's gonna take a while for all the sub-villain stuff to be integrated to this game! They wouldn't have put all that there and not use it!I'm positive Stern will yet release another pin this year,and thats gonna drain coding resources! Yes were all anxious for new code,see the last 4 pages of this thread! And another thing,Vireland is just trying to be practical!All your negativity toward another Pinsider is what is plaguing this site! Can;t we all just be friends??Please???

#3990 3 years ago

FYI,"Robin rescued" is on my B66LE,Batgadget #53:Batzooka!

#4020 3 years ago

Yes,the LE model is the best bang for the buck here.You better grab that nib SLE bro!!Sheer luck,chuck!!

#4066 3 years ago

docquest;Thanks for sharing those photo's!! Brought back memories!

#4125 3 years ago

Hello,fellow Bat fans!! Something strange just happened playing my pin!! Ball #2,I defeated Catwoman,and hit both R&L ramps,then 2 joker targets,and started Catwoman mode all over again?? Cattleman lite was on indicating I had completed that sequence! Any body explain why Catwoman started again?? Is there a way to stack modes ??

#4126 3 years ago


Sorry, Catwoman

1 week later
#4243 3 years ago

This may be off thread,but,I see gardens of the Galaxy-2 is out,and the rumor has it this might be the next new title!Right time of year!!

#4244 3 years ago

Thats Gardians! Sorry!

#4283 3 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

No Batman66 at pintastic this year and they didnt bring any to the big comicon a month or 2 ago. Maybe distributors are giving up trying to sell it due to anemic code support.

and there was NO B66 OR a GB at CAX!!!!

#4378 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Seasons 1, 2 & 3 do nothing

Glad to see this,I thought mine was broken,howefer,I have seen this pin in other pics where seasons 1,2,3 WAS lit!! Confusing!!

1 week later
#4493 3 years ago

ME too,I'm in!! This is whats needed for sure!!! Atta Boy MK6pin!!!

#4639 3 years ago

That new Bat-Beacon was a wonder!! What you guys go through to make such a small change!! Kool,keep up the amazing mods!!!

3 weeks later
#5453 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

ll you need to do is spend 20 minutes talking to guys like Gomez, Dwight, Steve Ritchie, etc, and you see their eyes light up and they ooze passion for everything pinball

I spoke with Steve Ritchie at CAX this year and asked him about this code! He stated in forum there, that Lyman and Gomez were working on B66 code,BUT,not full time! He also stated that they(Lyman and Gomez) were also now working on other titles along with all the other coders there at Stern!That was 3 months ago!You talk about Elvira,GOTG,and What I think will be the next Stern,Guardian's of the galaxy! What do you think the code of these will be??Who do you think was doing it??I think personally, Stern is over working itself,trying to justify that big new place they are now in!!

#5644 3 years ago

Has anyone heard from Piperpinball,on his new alt.translite for us??Or,Like Aurich,did the blue meanies from Stern appear to "suggest otherwise"???

1 week later
#5899 3 years ago

I usually get a e-mail the day before they release the code! None today!

#5942 3 years ago

Did any one get a E-mail about this yesterday???I always previously, got a update from Comm.Gordon on this!! Has that stopped now??

#5959 3 years ago

Hello,Mr L Sheats!! THANK-YOU!!!

1 week later
#6278 3 years ago

Holy confusing Batman!!!

#6336 3 years ago

BrewinBombers,I was in that Green mode and mine did start a ad-a-ball! Couldn't reproduce it so I don't know exactly what order I hit targets in!!

#6338 3 years ago

OK, well have you also gotten something called "Penguin Magnet" While battling that villain???

#6392 3 years ago

OK,I asked 2 days ago if anyone got Penguin magnet mode! Thought I might have gotten too stoned and misunderstood what I saw!!

1 week later
#6632 3 years ago

I put FF Speakers in mine since day one! Not a whole lot different,but more bottom!And my left lane drain is/was wide open,and right set to medium as well!!

2 weeks later
#7167 3 years ago

I;m having a issue with multyball!!During this mode,I'll get 2 balls stuck in the Com.Gorden target,and ball search does no good as 1 ball is kinda stuck on the other one in the target! I have to slide the glass out enough to push 1 ball off the other!! Any one else get this??? And my FF speakers really don't make a huge difference either!!

#7278 3 years ago

just updated new code,and noticed,when you hit the bat phone,and the magnet catches the ball,it doese'nt release the ball!! Game goes to ball search and then it releases!! Any body else get this with the new code??Also noticed more power to the shaker at times!!

#7359 3 years ago

OK,what you do is turn "on" villain stacking!! Its crazy fun,makes the game into a whole different dimension!! You can get all four major villains going at the same time! The multipliers go crazy,but you better hang on,it's a whole different game!! IMHO!!

3 weeks later
#7727 3 years ago

Is the capacitor kit useful if I don't have a shaker motor on my pin??I understand this is also necessary on GB as well!!!

#7798 3 years ago

There is a buzz that leans toward Kapow doing another very limited "boutique" !Possible Beatles title!No,not YS!!!

#7878 3 years ago

When you choose "shame" the mode triggers a multy ball action to complete! I wasn't ready for that one

#7967 3 years ago

I know your gonna laugh at this,but,what is a Joker stand up target???

#7971 3 years ago

Oh,wow ok,I've never had any issues there!!! Thank-you Taz.& Doc!!

1 week later
#8158 3 years ago

Just a quick shout out to all !! If you haven't modded out your "Atomic pile" yet,do it soon! This mod (IMHO) really gives the pin definition!PM Yelobird to get in the groove!The updates are just gonna get better!!

1 week later
#8405 3 years ago

Sorry,Doc.not a Elvira fan!! Hoping the next pin will be "The Beatles"For us older rockers

1 week later
#8566 3 years ago

Hay,folks,I'm having trouble starting "Bat turn" I hit it till it says hit atomic pile to start bat tern,so,I hit and hit and hit and every time I do,it says hit atomic pile to start bat turn but it never does!!! Any body else have this??Is it a bug??atomic pile hits fine till it gets to that point,then deadness:(Any help would be "helpful"Thanks!!!

#8574 3 years ago

Thanks,everybody!! This is a mystery!

#8672 3 years ago

Also,Ed,watch out for the "Riddler" vuk at the end of the left orpit!! A lot of the switches were installed backwards,and you have to put a spacer in there to make sure the ball sit on the switch! The bat Signal is available to you,and you should be able to get art blades and a shaker too!Have fun!! Beware of Villian stacking,will drive you crazy!!!

#8767 3 years ago

Pinovators makes the best external volume control,I think!!

#8839 3 years ago

I still have to "nudge" the ball off the magnet,after bat phone hit!!Does .88 go any easier,or do I have to lower magnet strength???

#8842 3 years ago

Thanks,fellas,Yes,i've tried to readjust the pf angle,no change!! And I just installed new Ninja balls from Ball baron! No change!!

#8843 3 years ago

BTW,River,what balls do you use that don't get magnetized??? Thanks for your response guys!!!

#8848 3 years ago

OK,thanks fellas,which balls do you all use then???

#8851 3 years ago

Robertstone0407,yes 3 balls are standard for most of you,but,back in our day (pre 1955+) 5 balls were standard! Now,this is only one thought,not a trend,so no heat,ok-I play most of my pins on 5 balls!! If I post a high score,I will have used only 3 !!I find with 5 balls,I can have a lot more fun just playing the way I used to without the 3 ball do-or-die ideology!I'm not the hot shot,make every mode,kinda player! While I have fun at venues competing,I'm just there to have fun! You will probably never see ME smiling holding a award of any kind,anywhere!

2 weeks later
#9084 3 years ago

Just to let you know,the card "Robin Rescued" happens to be MY signed card on my B66LE#53!My Gadget is Batzooka!!!

#9155 3 years ago

Hay,there's my Batzooka!!! Good job Doc.as always !!! For sale yet??? license OK??? GO Doc!!!

2 weeks later
#9381 3 years ago

Welcome pinballgap!Be sure to look at Docs mods,and Yelobirds Atomic Pile is a must!Have fun! More code to come!!!!

#9384 3 years ago

Pinballgap;thats awesome dude!!! My Batzooka;(Batgadget#53) looks great with all the others!! Totally original!! Don't pick and choose mods Get them all!! Fantastick to have new Members like you!! ALL of you reading this Same Bat Time,Same Bat Channel!!!!

1 week later
#9534 3 years ago

Wow,A B66LE 4 9800.Thats a good grab 4 somebody!! Wonder which one it is!!!??

#9548 3 years ago

So far,so good!! Much more needed!!

1 week later
#9698 3 years ago

I need a little help here,ok,hold R flipper to pick a major villain,hold L flipper to choose,ok let both flippers go,and then What??? I mostly get Penguin any way! What do you hit first on the plunge??And,where in the menu is the ability to change sound?? Bass,treble??I wish all these new changes were explained somewhere for us slower players,Thanks!!

#9706 3 years ago

OK,thanks all!! Will try try again!!!

1 week later
#9773 3 years ago

You won't regret your B66 purchase,Ben1981! I play several games on mine every day!

1 week later
#9902 3 years ago

OK,Bat fans,here's a new one-when multyball is lit,and ball 1 is locked,the turntable then turns and releases the first locked ball!!What???Then,the ball lock lights go off,then come back on,and show ball 1 locked!!! Same thing with ball2!#!! Then,ball3 and it releases the one final ball left!!!Can someone please tell me WTF is going on??? I'm getting tired of all the S--t you do on this pin!!!Help would be greatly helpful!!! Thanks Pinheads!!!

#9915 3 years ago

Thank-you for all your suggestions!My SLE topper works fine on my LE! Too bad the fuss.

#9934 3 years ago

OK,Bat Fans,here's one for ya-- right out of Pinball Stupid 101!! Had trouble with my multyball feature,and it was weird! Easy fix: after you work on your pin,always remember to put ALL the balls back in !!!

2 weeks later
#10021 3 years ago

Pismoarcade;just get the topper,and yelobirds (Modcouple) atomic pile mod,and no one can tell much the difference

3 weeks later
#10182 3 years ago

My LE was $9000.00+$500.=topper+$300.=P.D.I.glass,art blades were included in the price!That was from Gameroomguys!

#10183 3 years ago

Oh,the shaker was also included!

1 week later
#10214 3 years ago

I'd like to see more use of the 2 little red lite towers we all got the Mod replacement for,down by the flippers! They used to go off when you got a crane hit! Now,nothing!!! This is wasted,and could be used in other Modes as well!!IMHO

2 weeks later
#10339 3 years ago

Hello,Jay,and welcome!! You got to meet the Doc,sooo cool! He doesn't come out west! Have fun,B safe,and look at Yelobirds Atomic Pile and Bat Cave Mods! We have dub these mods as a "must have"

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#10461 2 years ago

Honost to God.has ANYONE got a B66 that wasn't screwed up nib???

2 weeks later
#10695 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

So has most everyone moved the blue rubber bumper from the left outside of the left ramp to the inside of the left ramp to make the left orbit shot easier?

Nope!!! Mine does fine the way it is!! No problem at all shooting the left orbit!!!

#10743 2 years ago

Congrats,Tiger,and welcome! Most of us feel that the "Atomic Pile" and "bat cave spinner"that goes with it are "must have"mods! Not easy to install,but really does make this pin pop! All those other vehicle add-ons are your choice! I didn't use them,or any other of the stand up figures on my pf!

#10764 2 years ago

Hay,Batfans,I got a question for ya??? I was playing the new code last night in Batwoman mode,and a African Batwoman was in that episode! I know I didn't watch all the series back then,but who was the actress who played that part???She was great!!! Thanks all!!!

#10765 2 years ago

Sorry,thats Catwoman

#10767 2 years ago

Thanks-Pismo,I musta missed that one!!!

#10786 2 years ago

My headphone setup came from "Pinovators"without any graphics! I didn't know Stern was selling those kits!!! Wonder if they will have one for DP????

#10895 2 years ago

See how different people handle obstacles! Shame is the one I start most often,cause I can always beat it! Bookworm is one I still need to play more!!

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#11221 2 years ago

OH,brother,I wasn't aware of half of the modes you fellas have been discussing!!Guess i gotta work harder on Bookworm,never finished it,so wasn't aware of the benefits!! Go Pinside

2 weeks later
#11324 2 years ago

I would like to see the return of the red lights on either side of the slings,lite up when you do a Crain hit!!Can also be used in minor villain modes!!!!

3 weeks later
#11510 2 years ago

Here's one for ya.Got a award ball lock(no.1) got 2 more balls locked,and started multyball! ,the pin loaded 3 balls,in succession,and auto plunged them one at a time! Then when the 3rd ball auto plunged,it released the 2 captive balls left in the carousel!! Odd????

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#11726 2 years ago

Rob-G,many of our pins (I have a LE) were delivered with turntables broken!! Mine was completely broken and I had to send to Stern for a whole new assembly, so hang in there !! You have a very well moded Pin there Rob!! Very nice!!

3 weeks later
#11869 2 years ago

Have a Merry Bat Holiday to everyone!!!

1 week later
#11955 2 years ago

This Pin Rocks!!period!!!!:)To any of you that Hasn't installed Mod couples (Yelobird) Atomic Pile,Do it!!!!

#12005 2 years ago

You know,I'm glad you Pre owners will have the chance to get a signed card,BUT,that was one of the draws that went with buying a LE!!!!If in the future,ARE YOU LISTENING STERN,If you make available all these things that are supposed to be on certain pins only,,WHY BUY the LE!!!! :/

#12065 2 years ago

Another update????Will this be endless???

#12122 2 years ago

Here 's one for all you LE owners=My Batsignal went out yesterday,and I took it apart to see what kinda bulb it took! When I finally got it apart,the "bulb" was a sealed unit inside a small piece if white plastic with ridges on the side!! There is no way to replace this as no one has ever seen any thing even close to this!!! Chas at Stern didn't even know what the heck it was!!Apparently,the SLE and the LE are different!!!Waiting on Chas to see what he can do!! So,beware if yours goes out,maybe a hassle to fix!!!

#12136 2 years ago

Thanks all for your suggestions!!! upon further investigation,the led bulb is ok! The 5v to 12v convertor failed!! Stern part no.520-6975-00,none in Stern stock,so waiting on PBL to come up with it!!

#12137 2 years ago

Hay whisky tango,better open up that wallet a little more with the Mod-Couple's Atomic Pile and BatCave upgrade!! Worth it IMHO

#12167 2 years ago

My Crane problem is different,in as much as it stops on the far right,and when hit, traps the ball in the inset! Then you wait for a ball search! So,I try to hit it going out,but,going out,it always goes far left first! So,the last right shot is always the same

2 weeks later
#12295 2 years ago

I HAD both signs ,Gotham Penitentiary,and Gotham City 12 miles, on my shooter lane,and they both have sheared off by flyballs! Not gonna replace!!

#12310 2 years ago

I used too,but I had a "cliffy" in there,and I took it out!! Seems like it threw out the ball somehow!!

#12318 2 years ago


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#12478 2 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

I'm too cheap to buy NIB LE anymore. They priced me out of that market sad to say. Plus you know me. I buy the game, buy all the mods, and never install them!! I'm just better off buying HOU after someone put their TLC and mods into it.

I thought all the LEs were now sold out???,And also was told only the SLEs and LEs were only getting a signed card???

#12504 2 years ago
Quoted from iohonnes:

ot my Batman 66 Premium last night. It's my one and only NIB purchase - it's newer than my other machines by more than 40 years. It's also one of the December 2018 builds with an Adam West card.

Welcome to the 21st century!!!!

1 month later
#12812 2 years ago

So,now the PRe's are coming with the signed cards us LE owners were told were only on ours!!! Ok,then with all the mods to buy,you too can own a clone LE!!

#12942 2 years ago

This is going beyond a old mans ability to comprehend!!! Whew what a game this is!!!

1 week later
#13026 2 years ago

Scotty-K mine kinda does that as well,but,I don't use the tilt-bob,so I just shake it a tad and the ball comes loose

1 week later
#13105 2 years ago

Welcome,Chambahz to our club!!!! Yes there are many things you need to know to really play this game!! Reread the posts on current play strategy,as it has grown since early codes!! Check to see yours has newest code1.02 I believe is what I have!! Good luck,have fun!!!!

#13131 2 years ago
Quoted from Sako-TRG:

Hi Batclub,
Anyone had any issues with ball overshooting the batsignal / riddler hole switch?
Ball goes over the switch and sits at the back of the hole and Pin has to go in ball search mode?
Was thinking of sticking something at back of the hole to make ball fall back central in hole to activate switch to get launched back into gameplay....

Thats the only fix I have found for this issue!! On further study,it seems those switches were installed backwards! So,if you put a small blue wedge in the rear,it will put your ball right on the hole!! Good luck!!

#13132 2 years ago

Previous post not complete,I had this issue as well!! You have to put a small wedge spacer in the rear,and it bounces the ball back into the hole! Now,see previous post

1 week later
#13215 2 years ago

Welcome coin dropper!! Glad you could make it!!!

1 month later
#13470 2 years ago

Hay,TronGuy; any chance you would bring that pin to PAGG in October so we could all see one of these,please????

#13516 2 years ago

OK,this is the first one I've seen,and no pics of the backbox art!!also a Julie Newmar signed Batman Card! So,Stern could possibly put out a Joker,Penguin,Riddler,model with accompanying signed cards!!And by the way,TronGuy,a lot of us got our games totally fubar,right out of box!! I couldn't play mine for three weeks after it arrived cause the turntable was totally broke,among other things!!! Good to see Stern still has NO QC at all!!!! Go Stern

1 week later
#13725 2 years ago

SpyderTurbo007,welcome to our club!!Hope your pin is everything you expected!! have fun,B safe!!!!

#13786 2 years ago

Welcome WildBill327!!! Glad you came!! Have fun,B safe,and oh,you gotta get some mods on that puppy!!!

#13819 2 years ago
Quoted from jetspeedb:

When the ball comes out of the left orbit be it via hold left flipper skill shot or normal play, what is the intended landing location ? Sling and Im supposed to nudge the crap out of it or is it supposed to come back to left flipper smoothly like deadpool ?

Yes,and usually you want to try to go to the right orbit to lock balls in for multyball play! Or,hit penguin scoop to start modes!!

1 month later
#14379 1 year ago

Question,do all the new Catwoman pins now come out with that pink umbrella on the penguin crane???

3 months later
#15057 1 year ago

JRM1,you really should consider installing the newer Atomic pile,it really does improve the look of the Bat Cave!! Most everybody has done it!!

1 month later
#15419 1 year ago

Naw,this is the 49rs year!!!!

11 months later
#16422 6 months ago
Quoted from pghpinfan:

I have been getting some multi balls starting with only two balls locked. Is that normal or do,I have some sort of an issue?

I also am getting funny MBs! after the first MB,sometimes only one lock lite will be on, then,I make the shot and wham,MB starts with only one ball locked!! Sometimes this happened with 2 balls locked!! Sometimes it forgets a ball is locked and the ball stays locked!! Looked at the switches and opts,nothing looks out of place!!???

1 month later
#16513 5 months ago
Quoted from ky-pin:

my batman takes a long time to boot up also

Yeppers.So does mine since the last code update!! Also,so does my DPLE !!

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