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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#5865 1 year ago

I'm quite sure today is code release day

#5936 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Care to share whatever you're smoking with the rest of us?

Your post got 5 upvotes... but apparently I was smoking something good no

2 weeks later
#6498 1 year ago

Played some batman with new code yesterday and wauw this game has really become a fun machine, with nice little touches, perfect use of the clips, call outs... Looks like a winner machine!

1 month later
#7984 1 year ago

Anyone has a video on 0.85?

1 week later
#8244 1 year ago

Played 0.86. Holy Batman this machine is incredible! 5 balls + 1 extra (hard lock settings, no stacking)

Scoring looks more balanced now .

Lighted season 1 insert (competed king tut) and season 2 insert (I believe I completed Shame). Also played supervillain with the superjackpot. 40 combos

Was trying to go for something season 3 but had to complete the remaining ones first in season 1 and season 2.

27292753_10216458649564979_1007776864_n (resized).jpg

#8251 1 year ago

It if was my machine I would play it on 3 balls with extra's (max 2) enabled.

#8275 1 year ago

Colonel Caverne... We'll have to wait and see what will follow in the next updates

#8292 1 year ago

Batman is a gem and so good on the video, sound and rules integration.
I hardly know batman 1966, i dislike the newer batman movies but I love this pin and seriously consider ordering a premium.

#8320 1 year ago

If all goes well.. i'll be joining soon.

#8392 1 year ago

Do I understand it correct: In the minor villain choice screen, is king tut now available two times (once in season 1 and once in season 3?)

Love the addition of batusi multiball, so funny to watch the batusi moves, curious to know how it looks in the game!

#8529 1 year ago

Can't wait for mine to arrive! Shipping alone takes 3 weeks to Europe for the next run.

#8596 1 year ago

Star wars pre/le got the corner brackets because they were heavier (all the metal wireforms, magnets,...) hence the corner brackets

#8606 1 year ago

Well the timeframe where cabinet's were bad was when Stern was forced to buy cabinet's elsewhere...
When your supplier becomes a competitor (making the B/W remake titles) relation is more difficult.

So this transit period had the bad cabinets, probably solved now and no more need to add corner brackets.
Perhaps the star wars cabinet were already made/delivered and the risk of having the same problem too.

Any game after that is maybe build correct and doesn't need the brackets.

1 week later
#8802 1 year ago

With a B66 premium on it's way, do I have the risk of a splitting cabinet too? Or from what date is this problem fixed? (@rotordate: you know your build date by chance?).

#8840 1 year ago

Setup your game a little steeper?

Thank you all for the advice on the cabinet. I have an october 2017 build GB and haven't reinforced it. Still good.
I guess I'll ad the corner brackets on the upper side of the cabinet at the front) + a little glue.

1 week later
#8960 1 year ago

I thought bookworm became easier depending on how many minor villains you had played (completed?) already before.

My timeline experience regarding B66

At first:
Loved the looks of the game
Loved the theme, music, ... Before minor villains where in I already loved the 'cowboy' (Shame) music.
Loved to play it but interest was a little lost due to the lack of content/depth, but I always had a good feeling about the game.

0.80... I tell my friends this game is becoming really good, you might consider it, two of them follow my advice
0.86.. I play them at my friends house and I tell myself the game has become really good... and I ordered my game myself

With Lyman I have no worries that the game will become the level of twd aka "perfection"

#9023 1 year ago

The games are full of Stern people like WPT
On TWD the guy with the riffle on prison multiball start is Lyman, there is also a zombie that looks like John Borg, ... So not surprised to see this in here

2 weeks later
#9264 1 year ago

I officially joined the club

20180322_235539 (1) (resized).jpg

Built date 1st of february 2018. Has extended left ramp plastic, left deflector on batgirl plastic.
Plays really smooth regarding loops.

#9309 1 year ago

How does the egghead mode work now? Do you have to complete the bat gadget target bank and then make one shot?

I played batusi multiball today and yes I can confirm seeing Batman doing the Batusi A bit hard now as you must complete the king tut for season 3 otherwise it's lost (you have to complete all of the minors otherwise). King tut sure has funny modes, with the music, being launched from his car, etc...

#9318 1 year ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

Egghead is a frenzy + jackpot shot.
During the frenzy, each switch scores and builds the jackpot by 125,000. BEFORE the timer ends, you can hit the gadget button (be sure you're on the egghead channel) to light a roving shot to cash in the jackpot and complete the mode.
If you don't end the mode, you keep the points, but don't defeat egghead and get credit for season 2.

Thank you very much. I was really doubting that the usage of a gadget was a must in this mode but apparently it's the only way to end this mode.

And I should have read the readme better.. :

- Added a mode for Egghead (episodes 47/48, Egg Fight). All switches
score 250,000 and build a jackpot that can be lit on one of the shots
by using the gadget button. Once the jackpot is lit, the points from
the switches stop adding to the jackpot. The mode ends when time runs
out or when the jackpot is collected.
- EGGHEAD mode (EGG FIGHT) with jackpot shot lit via GADGET BUTTON now
allows movement of the jackpot based on standup target hits. Left targets
(GADGET, TURNTABLE) move the shot to the left. Right targets (POP BUMPER,
GORDON, TVs) move the shot to the right.

#9321 1 year ago

I'm also figuring out how to use the gadgets for ball locks. I have succeeded in doing this from the top saucer, but apparently you can do it from a plunge too. Supposed to do it between the right loop switch and the lock entry.

#9325 1 year ago

Today I discovered Steve Ritchie in an animation! (for real). But I have a hard time locking balls with the bat gadget button.

Also reached Batusi multiball (in the video below that I made of the Batusi part). It ran together with bat turn. At the end it shows 'villain escape total' but think this is a small bug in the software.

Warning spoiler alert...

#9379 1 year ago

Any tips to make the game harder...?
I adjusted my tv target settings and lock settings from default extra easy to easy.

Outlanes are at their widest. Perhaps a smaller rubber ring at the posts?

default settings 3 ball + extra's... 4Billion+ game with twice Batusi and twice super villain

ps: at 50 (or 60+) combo's you see the batcycle

#9392 1 year ago

Ranked 174th on ifpa so I can have a good game from time to time

I'll increase pitch a little (I have about 1/2 inch thread left of the leg leveler at the back legs). And play with the outlane rubbers.
The game just plays really good, no rejects anywere, nothing clunky at all, no risky feed from the turntable.

It's all about king tut season 3. Not super difficult but if you fail at it (or drain your ball). You must replay all your others first to get back to it.
Mr Freeze and bookworm are the hardest now to me. Have completed them but they take a lot of shots. Egghead is super easy (when you have a gadget already ready). Shame is possible but harder because the 2 ball can be over real quickly if you fail to get the add a ball soon.
So for season 1 I go with Mad Hatter or King Tut.

1 week later
#9462 1 year ago
Quoted from pauloz:

I turned off extra balls. If you want to make it harder, roamed the ring off the Outland post.

I discovered that the left outlane post has 3 possible slots. It was in the middle one so I moved it up.
I also replaced the rubbers on the metal posts between the in and outlane to the tiny version. Making the outlane gap bigger.

Game plays harder now and is better this way.

Scored an egghead mode of 185M this week.
Earlier a Shame of 400M. I love the scoring possibilities on this machine

#9489 1 year ago

Iloveplywood: I'm super sensitive about the game offering enough and having code depth and can only say that yes at this point Batman is offering enough already. I enjoy mine very very much.

And with lots of things to come it can only get better from now on.

#9543 1 year ago

New major villain modes!

#9619 1 year ago

@legiansoup: your targets will indeed be stuck on their own bracket

Just discovered that you can hit up the playfield multiplier to 5x!

30233099_10217259697950688_1839034722_o (resized).jpg

#9649 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

yep, was relieved to hear Penguin dialogue when you capture him in the new episode content. Right now, he is represented the least of all the villains with screen time / dialogue. Maybe Lyman has something up his sleeve more Penguin focused with the crane since that's his area on the playfield/mech.
Possible bugs:
Noticed that the jail doors closing, slam effect, was missing. Didn't have chance to try it on all villains, or old vs new episode content, but I didn't hear the door slam anymore.
After changing episode selection before ball 1, Holding in left flipper for super skill shot was not turning the arrow inserts yellow. They remained the default villain related color. The ball would go all the way around the orbit but the arrows didn't indicate super skill shot was in effect.

Super skill shot on ball 1 is never yellow, it flashes the villain colors to start the batphone hurry up immediately if you make a shot

#9697 1 year ago

The current majors are now all season 1 and season 3.
The best solution would be: add another 4 season 2 majors

Then at game start, make a simple choice which season you will be playing.

No... the way it is now, it works ok... is it needed for the basic player for the basic player to understand, no...
For the advanced player... once you figured it out, it's not that difficult

3 weeks later
#9967 1 year ago

Can you imagine me having the same with last man standing on walking dead... 2 balls left to start it but failed at it...

But no worries... villain escape isn't worth much at this point regarding scoring...

1 week later
#10017 1 year ago

Some scores can never be beaten I think (like the king tuts, bookworm)... will most probably be resolved in a future update (defaults changed).

The default high scores 1 - 4 are easy but yes you can lower most of he high score settings and then do a high score reset.

#10092 1 year ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

I’m getting a lot of extra villain high scores
Like say , Shame 59/60, catwoman 29/30 etc, and then a normal one of each too.
Is this a setting?

No, it's a highscore per minor villain mode (some 2 of each like shame, king tut, ...), and then a high score per major villain mode (2 of each)
If set my default high scores for the minors to 25M than did a high score reset. I doubt king tuts will go higher than 100M.

#10122 1 year ago

So completing every minor has it's thing, can someone explain a little more where my question marks are

king tut: save minor villain mode (?)
king tut2: save minor villain mode progress (can be interesting to complete shames, bookworm and mad hatter!)
mad hatter: replay failed minor villain modes (level 2: replay any modes ?)
bookworm: minor villain awards last until end of game (+ should be easier to compete depending on how many other minors you have played/completed (?))
egghead 1 and 2: egghead points awarded in bonus (multiplied??)
mr freeze: freeze all game timers
shame 1 and 2: 1 ball to all multiballs - multiball extend (?)

Am I correct that completing a minor gives you the award for the rest of the ball but bookworm changes this to the rest of the game?

When do you get "replay any minor villain mode" from mad hatter?
Isn't egghead the less interesting one then to play (unless you need one to finish a season).. It sure is a fun one (music, animations)
Actually I didn't see egghead points being awarded in the bonus now.

And is shame 2 beatable now?

1 week later
#10141 1 year ago

I have completed bookworm before but it takes a lot of shots!

#10145 1 year ago

I tried shame season 3 a lot of times but it seems broken..

#10148 1 year ago

Ok thank you for the update... guess that completing king tut (keep progress), mad hatter (replay minors), mr freeze (frozen times).. is sometimes needed then

#10167 1 year ago

I finally succeeded at completing Shame 3. Does take a high amount of shots!

1 week later
#10213 1 year ago

And bookworm would have locked your timers for the rest of the game.
Completing King Tut keeps progress in a mode
Completing mad hatter let's you replay them

But going as high as 5x playfield is a bit too much I think, maxing out at 3x would be better.
Because x5 & x2 = x10 on shots ALL the time when you have freeze completed.

1 week later
#10261 1 year ago

I think I figured out how to beat Shame3.

Just play it the way you play Shame 2. First concentrate to hit some targets (random) on the left and right target banks, then start hitting the main shots... I found that this makes me complete the mode a lot faster and gives me sooner indiciations on the screen like 3, 2 or 1 more shot, etc...

I think a little copy paste code was done from shame 2

1 week later
#10331 1 year ago

Bookworm carryover rewards are not being implemented correctly at this point, Stern is aware of this.
Bookworm comes up on the high score table also from a new egghead high score. The recording is indeed incorrect. This is a bug that Stern is aware of.

1 month later
#10824 1 year ago

Content wise this game is super. Another 2 modes extra is just great. And we aren't finished yet.
Still waiting for the tactical part in the rules that goes a little deeper, lightshows...

If STERN reeds this... I'm the type of customer that needs this type of game and buys them. I will not buy Aerosmith, guardians,.. but I buy TWD, B66, ... because of the way the balance, fine touches, and rules are so perfect!

#10828 1 year ago

Xenon is a piece of art regarding art and sound

#10890 1 year ago

Holy unbalanced scoring

No, it's a really really great mode!

40581452_290840178375927_3698561355524079616_n (resized).jpg
#10911 1 year ago

When I first bought B66 I had my scores on my first games like 4B...
I immediately opened the outlanes, installed smaller post rubbers and set the multiball settings to hard (you must complete the targets for each lock now). Especially the last change made a huge difference!

Games are now shorter but an in the zone game can still deliver good points.
problem is that when your ball times become too long, the multipliers on the shots increment, and combine that with an (abusive) mr freeze completed never ending playfield multiplier that eventually ends up with 5x, and a shame 'all day'... (for the time it will last )

I'm quite sure that these scores will disappear in the future once balancing kicks in.

Also to be played on 3balls, 5 balls is too much I think.

#10913 1 year ago

Correct, any game that takes too long will make you get bored with it sooner or later.

#10924 1 year ago

egghead season 2 is the easiest... you finish the mode when using the gadget button (when lit)... then have one shot to make to finish it... no matter how short you've been in the mode....

You can choose to change the shot to cash in and finish (and bank the jackpot score towards bonus) by moving the shot to the left (hit left target bank) or right (hit right target bank).

I once boosted the egghead value during a multiball... then used my gadget button... the cash-in shot was on the turntable.
I hit the target bank at the right to move the shot to the right ramp. Then shot the turntable to get my playfield multiplier active. Then moved the shot back to the left (shooting left target bank) because my turntable was multiplied.

It gave me an 85M egghead mode...
As on the mini villain select screen it says "value is added to bonus" or something like that.. This is not yet in the software, but if this gets added, and you can multiply the value with the multiplier... (after some balancing), this can be an interesting 'points' strategy!

Now mr freeze, shame and mad hatter are the only strategic interesting ones.

You can ignore king tut, bookworm, egghead... king tut keeps progress during minors, but you have to complete a king tut first, then start a mode (for example mr freeze/shame/...) which progress is now kept. Then play and complete mad hatter so you can replay mr freeze/shame/... again, and then replay those modes so you can finish them easier because of the process that is kept.
As you see.. a very long long path to use the benefit of king tut...

Next to that completing shame should be a one ball+ in multiball.., mr feeze freezes timers, etc...
And are these 'benefits' lost when you play holy wizard or batusi?

So there is some room for rules and strategic enhancements in the next updates

And of course the game needs an 'ultra' wizard mode

But for now, being at the minor villain select screen and having the choice of all those minors with all their own clips, sounds.... just wonderfull

#10931 1 year ago

Agreed but 4 shots to start the main multiball is just too easy imho

3 weeks later
#11061 1 year ago

Loving the new egghead mode!

42711077_318839158920767_3889021933668270080_n (resized).jpg
#11128 1 year ago

The game has become so great because of the massive fun content and minor modes.
The amount of video clips in the game is huge.

I'm eager to find out what rule changes will be implemented towards the strategic part!

For me what's lacking at this point:
- keep track of completion and earned benefits of a completed minor mode + better implementation
- any reward for playing/completing all minors?
- any reward for playing/completing all majors (both seasons then)?
- sound fx on certain parts (like penguin)
- score balancing
- light effects
- A longer path towards some final wizard mode (like encore, end of the line, last man standing, ..)

Now batusi/holy can been reached within 15-20 minutes if you take the shortest path, the same for super villain escape
and you can reach batusi and then the holy mode by playing the same minors again (if you play mad hatter)

If all this get's addressed, then it will be one of sterns best!
I am actually quite confident it will be. And even how the game is right now, its great already

#11134 1 year ago

1) Mad hatter
2) egg head or shame
3) egg head or shame

egg head strategy season 2: have a gadget ready, hit it and make the lit shot lit mode = completed
egg head strategy season 3 (the most right one): make the left loop 5 times --> mode = completed, ignore everything else but the left loop
mad hatter: make shots

both shames, hit side targets (even in shame season 3!) and then white shots

King tuts work ok too but need a little more shots, same as mr freeze
bookworm is harder

#11218 1 year ago

I've completed bookworm once but mostly avoid it because of it being too hard.

Not sure if the other awards are implemented correctly at this point to complete bookworm and make it worthy
add a ball from shame completion
keep progress from tuts
mr freeze carry over ball to ball
mad hatter is now for rest of the game already?
egghead benefit?

#11234 1 year ago

If you drained, you lose the minor benefits (otherwise bookworm wouldn't be there)... so you have to replay bookworm in the same ball after you played/completed mad hatter and king tut

#11236 1 year ago
Quoted from melumga:

Yeah, good point. That almost renders King Tut useless then, doesn't it? His benefit is only useful if you run out of time in a minor villain mode and then get to start that villain again from the same progress point on the same ball (or if you've defeated Bookworm, on another ball). Of course, you'd have to have defeated Mad Hatter to be able to start the same villain again first.

Exactly... that's the only point that needs to be reworked imho on B66
King tut's benefit is a very long path... you have to play in one ball 1) king tut complete 2) another minor let's say X 3) mad hatter complete 4) and then minor X again. A too long path for the benefit to have it's advantage I think.

#11240 1 year ago

With egghead 47/48. Now if you hit the gadget button the left lower target flashes. If you hit it, you qualify the mode.
Can you move the shot for the left lower target too?

1 week later
#11300 1 year ago

stacking multiple major villains is not possible anymore since a certain update

#11314 12 months ago

I thought I recognized some items in there that I wrote earlier in this thread.

I think extra minors and content will be harder, focus must be now on gameplay, balancing, rules, light effects..
LIke the villain escape game light show is really impressive... can't wait for more to come

With bookworm now being easier, I start to play it to carryover my minor benefits ball to ball and try to kick in mr freeze and king tut (and mad hatter). How a simple change can balance the strategy.

#11318 12 months ago

Completing a mad hatter allows you to replay minor villain modes. Of course if you fail at both of them... you are indeed stuck.
Maybe an extra season 1 villain would make it all more equal.

Or reset the minors per season instead of when they are all played..

I was wondering if it wouldn't work this way, that if you complete 2 or 3 minors of each season, you can play the wizard mode for that season. Having all 3 seasons completed + 2nd villain escape = final wizard mode

#11339 12 months ago

And how would the game know when you're pushing the lockdownbutton that you want to push it for a ball save instead of a shot in the mode you are in

#11353 12 months ago

You can always install a stronger return spring on the assembly for it to serve the ball less strong.

#11373 11 months ago
Quoted from Yoxxy:

A little bit more information. The coil fires for the diverter then it immediately shuts the diverter. It opens the diverter but only briefly. This just recently started happening. I know in multiball the coil should hold the diverter open unless the left loop switch is hit then it seems to close.
Any help on why it closes so quickly would be appreciated.

Does the diverter have a hold and power winding? If yes, I would check wiring.
You can always contact Stern customer support too.

#11412 11 months ago

In the last update I really like those ones:

- Added a setting (default YES) that allows minor villain modes to be
replayed once all modes in a season have been played. --> Especially to avoid the risk of being 'stuck' with no minors left in a season and having played the mad hatters already.
- Implemented (fully) "save minor villain progress" for finishing King Tut. --> yess, been waiting for this one!
- Implemented SHAME awards (+1 balls to multiball / multiball extend).
The "extend" time is given by the adjustment "AUTOFIRE EXTEND TIMER". --> that's great, awards are important. Curious how the extend works
- Added right bank targets and better scoring for the minor villain modes. --> minors scoring going up, with some risk shooting those targets.
- Reworked score criteria for the minor villain modes. The base score
will go up with each major villain stage completed, along with each minor
villain mode completed. ---> very nice how minors and majors are now connected to each other!

And of course the fixed egghead 'G' shot.

For me the game has become a lot better now with the easier bookworm, changing the whole strategy.
And finally the good keep progress for king tut.

Only now to add some final mode for completing all majors/minors and I would be very happy!
And some light and sound...

#11421 11 months ago

That shame award is great! Just played a regular multiball with 5 balls, and the other shame with 4 balls (2 + one from the shame award + one from the mystery add a ball)

Also made a joker superjackpot shot of almost 1B. 18x 51M! Playfield was 3x, vuk shot was doubled. So me being in the 3x joker phase collect. Made it a 3x2x3 = 18x multiplied shot

#11434 11 months ago

Sometimes you have a good game...

Completed shame, king tut, mr freeze, mad hatter, then bookworm
Played batusi, played holy, played super villain escape, ...

3 balls, 2 extra's, factory settings (except for the default multiball being set harder) outlanes open.
Ended with 28B

45419378_342016329941220_4315882377982246912_n (resized).jpg
#11448 11 months ago

And don't forget to hit the stand up target at the vuk 2 times before shooting the orange shot in the scoop.

#11468 11 months ago

Challenge accepted...
FYI: first attempt, outlanes wide open, small post rubbers on outlanes, glass was on, and I guess a little bit of luck too

Apperently my shot was tripled instead of doubled. I wasn't aware of this rule, how does it work to triple your shots?

45960162_323104161849455_1309790039722426368_n (resized).jpg45721871_353569195216310_575572626081054720_n (resized).jpg45709265_741348029541000_3253753797658279936_n (resized).jpg

#11486 11 months ago
Quoted from taz:

I noticed something interesting today concerning the priority of Mystery award to the final ball lock and awarding Batcave Multiball vs. the Minor Villain award. So, today I had a really great game after about 10 dismal games yesterday. I had two balls locked, two Minor Villains captured, and the TV insert lit on the left orbit along with Mystery insert lit. I hit a solid left orbit and was hopeful, obviously, to start a Minor Villain and then soon follow up and get a right orbit shot afterwards to get multiball going. But, the Mystery award was the third ball lock and the game went straight to Batcave multiball without giving me a chance to start the Minor Villain. So, I thought okay, I don't like that but it does make sense, as the sequence is Mystery award first and then TV insert/Minor Villain award.
But in that same game, on the next (extra) ball I had all Major Villains collected and was in a similar but not the same situation. The Villain Escape bat signal was flashing and that same unawarded as yet TV insert was lit on the left orbit to start a Minor Villain. So, I hit a solid left orbit and voila, I got to select the Minor Villain "before" going into Villain Escape, which was great, until I played my sorriest ever Villain Escape round and ended the game without ever capturing that last Minor Villain. But that's another story.
So, to sum it up. If you have Mystery award and TV insert lit at the left orbit and you have two balls locked, you'll probably go straight to multiball and not get a chance to select your Minor Villain on the same left orbit shot. If you have Villain Escape bat signal flashing and the TV insert lit at the left orbit, you'll get to select and start your Minor Villain prior to starting Villain Escape. Obviously, I wish we could get the Minor Villain going first in that Mystery award of multiball situation as well. Or, pause the multiball until we can get to select the Minor Villain, since both are allowed to be selected on the same left orbit shot in all other scenarios. Has anyone else experienced this scenario, and if so, what do you think about it?

Yes confirmed and no worries this will be fixed in the future.

#11515 11 months ago

I don't think we need to focus a lot on the 1.0 number.
The game will be ready when it 'feels' ready, if that is 1.01 or 1.5, who cares

#11526 11 months ago

Now instead of bookworm/mr freeze strategy, you can go for the king tut strategy.
2 different approaches, both equal in value.
If you combine king tuts + mr freeze + bookworm... then you're in for a party
The only tough decision to make is, when you're going for king tuts, you're not going for the other minors..
But when you for example complete a second or third king tut as your last needed minor villain to start batusi/holy/gas.. then you're immediately launched to play that wizard mode with a tut multiplier.

The main channel multiplier for king tut is so much fun cause it only applies to the main channel.
So changing channels has become more important now, not only light/sound but scoring depends on it

And so good the scoring bug when being further in the game is fixed.

#11529 11 months ago

All modes score no matter what channel, but only the main channel is multiplied when you earned a king tut multiplier (after the 2nd king tut completion)

Batusi, Holy and Gas Attack can be played when having completed a minor from each season
Villain escape can be played when having played the four major villains.

#11563 11 months ago

On the new tut strategy with the highscoring bug in majors/minors fixed.
Managed to make 11B (3 balls, 2 extras). King tut multiplier rule is fun

#11585 11 months ago

correct j85m

#11606 11 months ago

We'll see some updates for sure on B66.. maybe a little slower then we were used to when the main focus is transferred to the next project, but we can excpect some more to come, no worries.

#11622 11 months ago

I think the ultimate strategy is to combine all of these completed:

king tuts (multiple) (main screen multiplier)
bookworm (carry over)
freeze (timers)
shame (longer multiballs)

mad hatter to replay the ones above.

In the ideal setup you can have king tut main screen multiplier go up till 5x, combine a 3x atomic pile and shot multipliers of 2x you are playing the game at 30x a shot.
So don't ignore king tut
Only egghead needs a better benefit to contribute to a total strategy and a reason in which you should not pick any of the minors above.

#11624 11 months ago

Can you choose to raise the shot multiplier yourself on a certain shot.
Or do you need to make every shot x2, then every shot x3, ...?

Or do you need to hit the gordon target more to be able to go the higher shot multiplier levels?

I indeed once had an X24 choice at the scoop.. (4x atomic pile multiplier + 6x probably then from the shot multiplier) never understood why it was 24x, always thought that was of my phase of the major. But 4x + 6x seems more logic.

#11627 11 months ago

So in best case you can have one shot 2x, one shot 3x, one shot 4x, one 5x, and one 6x.
You cannot have all of them 6x?

#11629 11 months ago

What a great rule, deciding if you have to put your 2x on a less valuable shot so you save that one for a higher one like a 5x or 6x
Here you have the 24x choice (x6 + 4x earlier software).

45419378_342016329941220_4315882377982246912_n (resized).jpg
#11635 11 months ago

Too bad Erno you lost your ball on the huge cash in at the scoop from Riddler..
You could of have scored a lot more if you played king instead of egghead before going into gas attack

#11691 10 months ago

King tut multiplier cannot be raised by a mystery. You must complete king tuts to raise them.

#11698 10 months ago

Corrections on king tut:
The first Tut completion awards “save minor villain progress” until the end of your ball, this is only useful if you have completed Mad Hatter, (Lets you replay failed minor villains) or have played every minor villain. (They reset when all are played/completed)
The first king tut award "save minor villain progress" remains for the rest of the game.


(They reset when all are played/completed) --> (They reset when all are played/completed for that season)


Channel multiplier --> Main channel multiplier

Playing king tut gives you indeed the multipliers from the second completion
Loosing your ball and completing king tut again on your next ball gives you the last multiplier + 1x (without bookworm).
Bookworm makes you continue with the main channel active multiplier from ball start.


Egghead (An Egg Grows In Gotham): When superjackpot is lit, left targets move the shot left, right targets move the shot to the right. Handy to move it to a multiplied shot.

#11700 10 months ago

No thank you for the write up! I learned for mad hatter season 2 and mr freeze... I was shooting everything

Is the SJ value of a major value really unmultiplied by king tut? Ok, it doesn't calculate the multiplier of king tut on the collect/continue screen. But is the effective awarded superjackpot value not multiplied by the king tut multiplier?

#11704 10 months ago
Quoted from Jahkub:

Welp, never mind it is applied to SJPs, it's just not displayed in the cliffhanger screen. Now we know for sure.

Thank you for checking out... I'll guess this will folow in the next update... together with some other stuff

So for mad hatter 2, you shoot all shots?

1 week later
#11749 10 months ago

The machine and it's content is great...
But the easiness/short path to see each wizard mode, makes them less "wizard"..

(hopefully) to be continued ...

#11755 10 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I wish that high score music was different - I don't like it at all. The music for penguin/batgirl is a bit off too, it doesn't seem to fit well. Everything else is great though!

I agree... penguin season 2 isn't my favorite either, the same with the high score music.

#11780 10 months ago

Was this on 1.0? 3 ball? Extra ball and tilt settings?

At first when I got my batman on factory settings (outlanes, rubbers) I played really really long balltimes, I didn't even have to nudge to avoid outlane drains.
I immediately changed this becaused there was no fun/challenge in it for me. Outlanes open, small small post rubbers.
Also the multiball settings harder, because defaults are quite easy.
On my machine, I cannot actively death save, I get a tilt.

To get scores like this you can shame shame, but I think you first need to set up Tut to 5x, Freeze and Bookworm complete and Atomic multiplier 3x, and then shot multipliers. This means you need to play 8 minor villains (6 king tuts, 1 freeze, 1 bookworm) to get the scoring potential.
Also a mad hatter if you want to replay Shame over and over. So actually 9.

Minors (except shame) can only be combined with regular multiball, or villain escape.
So this means 9 minor villains were completed on 3 balls in single ball play mode on tough competition settings???
Agreed if you are in the flow you can have longer balltimes, but bricking one shot and the slingshot kan kick it in the left outlane superfast. Or a stdm drain from the pops happens often too on my game.

#11799 10 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

But you still can't tell unless you make another TV shot. Or is there something in instant info?

Not yet

#11800 10 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Escher won PAPA at 14.
I think he can play ok.

I stand corrected
Most probably the setup to 15x - 90x on the 6 shots and then shame shame shame?

#11820 10 months ago

Other strategy instead of the shame shame shame strategy:

I was able to run villain escape together with a minor villain wizard mode, in this case gas attack.
You have to set up it right but if it works it's super cool.
No completed mr freeze is 2 wizard multiballs at the same time, with mr freeze completed you can build up your villain escape jackpot value quite nicely during the minor wizard multiball and when it's finished you play the villain escape multiball.

20B and no Shame was played

#11822 10 months ago

Byebye Shame trillion scores

V1.02.0 - Dec. 20, 2018

- Added attract mode operating instructions. This is on a setting,
ATTRACT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS, default is ON. This shows a sequence
in the attract mode about inserting coins, pressing start, launching
the ball, and using the flippers.
- Added SLE custom speech for the batphone hurry-up. This occurs at
the 15 second mark, once per start.
- Shame modes start as multiball the first time they are played. They
will then be started as timed modes until all of minor villain modes
have been played within the season.
- Type of GI lamps in the light table changed to GI; these were marked
- Cleaned up city scene video clips. Fixed Morganbilt Library video
clip, which was converted using the wrong aspect ratio, and showed
black bars on each side of the clip.
- Fixed a bug with hold bonus x; it was not being held.

V1.01.0 - Dec. 4, 2018

- Added new clips and sounds/speech for Bat Turn.
- Added a display effect for multiball total.
- Added a setting to prevent penguin awards from being given out on the
penguin VUK when the batphone hurry-up is running. Default = YES; do not
allow this.
- Added total effect for Bat Turn.
- Lenghtened several of the total display effects.
- Some points awarded at the start of Bat Turn.
- Fixed an issue with the batmobile spinner display effect where the
effect would exit while the spinner was still spinning.
- Spinner complete animation (window opening, blank cameo) was taking to
long to finish running. This has been corrected.
- Added SLE speech.

#11824 10 months ago

Go in blind and be surprised!

#11838 10 months ago

That new instruction video is hilarious!

#11883 9 months ago

Setup the game a little steeper?

#11886 9 months ago

It's probably your ball sticking to the magnet... nothing codewise because the magnet will not be energized anymore.
Do you use the original balls? if not, try that.

#11907 9 months ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

I think I might have found a bug. If you jail all the villains and have the TV lit, hit the shot in the scoop, pick Shame in season 2, there are no shots lit or flashing to make. If one ball drains and you hit the scoop again it lets you choose Shame again in season 2...??? Something isn't jiving there.

Correct, confirmed and will be addressed in a next update.

#11967 9 months ago

87B on software 1.02! (no shame all day)

3 balls, 2 extra's, hard outlane settings, hard multiball settings.

49900348_1082031915304689_5004822212029448192_n (resized).jpg
#11974 9 months ago

Strategy was a little more than only Bookworm/Freeze:

- king tut complete (keep progress in minors for rest of the game)
- bookworm complete (started combined with a multiball for a sure completion, have your gadget and third lock ready when shooting the tv saucer for a free third lock)
- mr freeze complete (frozen timers), go in with some gadgets if you can
-->followed by a minor wizard mode (batusi) that is constantly run on 3x atomic pile multiplier with most of shot multipliers lit

- Then king tut again complete (season 2): main tv screen score is now 2x, with atomic pile multiplier on 3x and most of shot multipliers (we're having all shots then lit from 12x tot 36x).
- Then I tried to complete king tut (season 1) but failed.
I actually wanted to complete king tut season 1. So I would have had 3x on my main screen multiplier instead of 2x. Resulting in shots that would have been (3x+3x+shot multipliers) in the range of 18x to 54x.
- I completed shame 3 (multiball extended, more balls).
- At that time I had my 4 major villains complete and villain escape wizard mode lit

Here's the important part:
-I did not start villain escape immediately but qualified my tv lit to start my villain escape together with a minor villain.
-I choose mad hatter season 1. Now I'm running safe and can complete mad hatter in my villain escape wizard mode. Keep in mind that the first part is single ball mode. If I drain my ball, I have multiball kicked in for villain escape and can easily complete mad hatter...
But with mr freeze, I have a frozen timer so a good chance in completing that minor (mad hatter) that i'm playing without even needing the multiball. The only real important thing I need to avoid is drain my ball in this fase.

- I succeed in completing mad hatter during villain escape single ball mode and I can start my minor wizard mode (holy multiball).
This setup is not a bug, this is by design to work combined

I play holy wizard mode and build quite a huge jackpot value for villain escape, with main screen 2x, atomic pile 3x, and all shot multipliers assigned...
When holy is finished I'm back to single ball... if I eventually drain that ball, villain escape multiball starts with huge jackpot amounts

I scored 62Billion in villain escape. There were some superjackpots in there of 8B! Nice strategy and setup

Too bad I didn't have more king tuts completed. Can you image playing this at max king tut level of 5x (resulting in shots in the 30x to 90x)

I also had bat turn running (2B), played a shame mode 3 (again) afterwards (1.3B), etc...

fyi: 3 ball settings + 2 earned extra's, steep game, outlanes wide open (small post rubbers), tight tilt, harder multiball settings (think medium)

#11976 9 months ago

There will be some future updates that would reset it, no worries

#11980 9 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Are you jailing Major Villains at first stage to get to Villain Escape quickly (and get extra ball on the way)?

No I play them mostly complete and play the last phase with a multiball (you keep having shots forever in the last phase).

#11983 9 months ago

I think about 30-40 minutes?

#12046 9 months ago

You can score easily without freeze/bookworm in the 20+Billions... just go the king tut way to have your main screen multiplier.

1.02 is not the end stop for B66 fortunately

#12055 9 months ago

I think software on B66 is a little deeper than munsters...

1 week later
#12171 9 months ago

There are 7 multiballs in this game
3 'early' ones, 4 wizard ones.

#12179 9 months ago

For the record, what is there in batman already is great, no doubt.
It's the result of a lot of work already done and I think we should not underetimate all the work it takes for the video selection, finetuning with audio, etc...

But this is what the game needs:
- an ultra wizard mode that combines majors and minors to play (or complete) them all. Now you can reach each wizard mode quite fast! I feel i'm playing for points only now where in other games I play for the ultra wizard mode (like last man standing, encore, end of the line, iron throne, ..)
- more lightshows
- more crane work / variation
- better strategy use of egghead (now it's only 'points'). There is no reason to take egghead before any other villain instead of an easier minor villain completion towards a minor wizard mode
- turn down the strength of bookworm in combination with freeze. That with your playfield multiplier constant on is just too strong.
- more guidelines towards the player: what have you earned when completing a minor, does it last for the ball or game?
- guidelines that there are wizard modes present when completing minors
- guidelines in number of gadgets you have ready
- more usage of spinner and target behind it

some cleanup
-correct multiplier value on superjackpot complete for a major in the scoop when having king tut multipliers active
-count the multipliers for the egghead cashin in the bonus (now bonus value is the unmultiplied value of that shot, so you feel stolen )
-shame is broken (you can replay it without having to play mad hatter)
-show the difference between a completed minor and a played but not completed minor in the select screen (for example jailed artwork above it)

If that could be in the game, than it's perfect

#12202 9 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Found a bug:
Normally, if you start bat phone for a particular Major Villain, you can change that villain before answering the phone by hitting one of the other major villain shots.
Today, with 3 Major Villains complete but not Penguin, i started Penguin batphone, but accidentally shot a ramp and it switched to Catwoman. I couldn’t get it back to Penguin no matter how many times I shot the scoop. Really annoying since all I needed was Penguin to get all 4. So I had to start Catwoman again.

this is not a bug.. if you are in that situation you need to time out the batphone.

#12212 9 months ago

I don't know if freeze stops the batphone from timing out... I'll test that. If it doesn't time out, then you are indeed stuck.

Latest software indeed disables that penguin shots can be made when batphone is running for another villain.
You can modify that in settings. I actually did this because I liked the earlier rule.

You can even choose to let this new behaviour run only when you have completed penguin already. That's maybe the best behaviour towards the player.

#12213 9 months ago

I would too like major villains to have a third set..

A tv insert for every season... linked to the majors instead of the minors.

Where qualifying the wizard modes is a little more tied to majors and minors.

#12215 9 months ago

Haha no...

But if I would live in the states I would look for a job at Stern as a game programmer

#12258 8 months ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Freeze, bookworm, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut

That is indeed the only way to get to these kind of high scores..
You can actually ignore shame and egghead in this strategy untill you have tut 5x and freeze/bookworm

Where mad hatter is only used if you fail at one of the above.

#12267 8 months ago

I actually thought before of this too. That the frozen timers should be changed to slower timers. It would be the best solution to make this combo of freeze/bookworm less strong in scoring strategy.
It botters me too that this is the only good combination to get big high scores.

Bookworm can be played early in the game I think but should be again lot harder again I think.

Where completing a bookworm should require you almost to play it perfect OR play it in combo with multiball OR play it after you completed a king tut (keep progress), then play mad hatter to be able to play it again and finish the 2nd time the remaining of the shots.

1 week later
#12323 8 months ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

We all know that the Bookworm/Freeze combo is the way to high scores, so I find myself restarting game after game if I don't manage to complete at least Bookwork on ball one and Mr Freeze on ball two whilst working towards an extra ball via major villains which is taking some fun out of the game. If I'm honest I normally restart if I don't get both completed on ball one which is a challenge. It feels like I'm going for the same set up over and over.
Are there any alternative strategies to play? Say I complete Bookworm but then start and fail Mr Freeze - where can I go from there? Or, I start and don't complete Bookworm - what next?
I love the theme and feel of the game, but for some reason it bothers me that there's only one set up to get great scores. I'd love to know what others are doing if the Bookworm/Freeze combo fails other than restarting and trying again.

Play mad hatter, play them again, play shame/king tuts

I noticed that in home environment you play this game completely different then in a competition game.

2 weeks later
#12477 8 months ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

One cool thing that I have noticed that I believe is unique on this game: If you get a multi-ball running, and then complete the shots to qualify another multi-ball while you are playing the first multi, the ball save light starts flashing. When you drain all but one of the balls in the first multi, the second multi starts and it launches all of the balls for the second multi to begin. Really cool feature!

What multiballs are you talking about because to my knowledge there is nothing present like this.

#12557 7 months ago
Quoted from dts:

When do the slingshot flashers go on during gameplay? I put the Mezelmod siren domes over them and then played a game, without the flashers going on. Tested the flashers and they work. I’ve never paid attention to these when I play...

They do in villain escape wizard mode

1 week later
#12640 7 months ago

Were did you see that? I watched the youtube link and did not see anyone playing mad hatter to replay shame.
Of course you have 2 shames, each of them is a multiball the first time. But indeed now greyed out (like it should) until you play mad hatter. Then both should be single ball.

#12648 7 months ago

Problem now with the game is:

at home you play the bookworm/freeze combo and then go for some tuts and blow up your score
in competition you never play the above because the chance to succeed is too low. So you choose safety for a minimum of points you get with a shame + major

So it needs some balancing for the game to offer a better balance in usage of the minors to be a good competition game. Cause now it's played the same by everybody in competition.

#12660 7 months ago

What Jakhub writes is correct.

A shorter major path (like joker surfin') to the last stage with unlimited shots is sometimes interesting! Especially combined in multiball. So these are valuable too.
And the first king tut completion is worth a lot (the keep progress remains for rest of game even without bookworm).
So if you fail at completing freeze and/or bookworm, you can play a mad hatter and continue where you ended the minor modes if you had a king tut completed already.

But I repeat.. tut/bw/freeze for home games and blowing up scores, shame for competition.
Eggheads scores more in the last update it seems, so they become more interesting. But don't contribute to a total strategy. (except playing minor wizard modes)

I would really like to see this:
- wizard mode for all majors/minors started. So you have a reason to play them all
- a minimum of 10M jackpot value for the first egghead minor before you can use the gadget to cash in your jackpot (so it doesn't become a quick minor completion)
- egghead completion gives you a better award next to points: for example, double gadgets
- mr freeze gives you slower timers instead of never ending timers

Then I think it will be balanced more

#12680 7 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

I’m a little lost as what the next goal is concerning four major villains, after completing Villian Escape? Just recapture them again? Is there another wizard mode after second time capturing four major villains?

There is no final wizard mode yet. There should be though imho.
Something that connects minors and majors together.

My idea: a final wizard mode to have played all majors and minors, but jackpot value multiplied with the nr of phases you played in the majors, and the nr of minors you captured..

#12686 7 months ago

Yes, it repeats (or should at this time). It just alters between seasons for the majors (different rules/soundclips) but I think wizard mode is the same.

2 weeks later
#12783 6 months ago
Quoted from Sako-TRG:

How bad is it?
Got a pic ...... maybe worth sticking a pin in it to flatten out?

Ik have the same on both sides, it's like a little wrinkle that runs towards the siderails.

#12886 6 months ago

Advice to all about the penguin scoop.

My friend has a batman 66 on route since the beginning batman 66 was released.

He said, no cliffy is needed because the dark knight it's scoop that is on route too is still perfect.

Now 1,5 years have passed and his scoop on batman 66 is starting to loose artwork around the edges, especially in the front (1/4 inch).
So I can only advice you all to install a protector.

#12930 6 months ago

Few big rule updates in this one... only increased egghead scoring and correcter gadget behaviour in some modes.

Looking forward to the next updates

1 week later
#13006 6 months ago

I think I'm going to hold on playing the game until the bookworm/freeze combo is fixed.
There is no end goal / ultra wizard mode yet in the game now and that combo overpowers all the rest regarding scoring.

#13020 6 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Sounds like a good plan since there isn't really anything else to do in the game.

Enough to shoot for, but it's only that one combination that can give you those big scores... After a few of those games in the >50 billions, I would rather wait for balancing than shooting bookworm/freeze every game before anything else

#13023 6 months ago

I know he was. Some will understand me. Others won't, and that's fine.

#13098 5 months ago

My factory default ramp works perfect, no air balls, no rejects, no flexing on high speed balls

1 month later
#13782 3 months ago

Time to get rid of the mr freeze/bookworm powers imho...it makes the whole game unbalanced.
(+ light shows + final wizard mode )

#13833 3 months ago

No you're not alone
The reason why I sold my b66... the unbalancing is really present and every wizard mode present now it's path is quite short to reach it..
The freeze/bookworm(/tut) importance is just too big. In which mad hatter, shame, egghead only get interesting once the others are completed
Will this be fixed...? Yes, it sure will! No doubt, but I stopped playing my game because of this. It stood there for the last 3 months..

Every high score table achievement gets even unbalanced with this because with bookworm/freeze combo you finally play it at a constant 3x and it outscores all the other attempts.
And yes you can try to ignore that approach and enjoy the game, but once I got past that 'content exploration' phase I wanted the strategic part to be as good too...balanced.

I give an example... Is there a reason to play ann egghead mode without completing freeze and bookworm first? My idea is no: it doesn't give you any benefit.. your obtained points in the mode are quite low, bonus doesn't carry over, etc... You only get a tv season completion.
If it would for example give you double gadget awards, then it would have a strategic benefit.

Fixing the frozen timers to 'slower' timers and adding a high value wizard mode for playing all minors and all 8 majors would fix all this. In which the value of that wizard mode would depend of how much minors were completed and how much major levels were played...

You can flame away all you want now, but this is a an honest opinion after lots of games and trying to approach the game in a lot of different ways.

#13844 3 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

A fair summary that I agree with. There's still a bit of polish that BM66 needs like jail graphics for minor villains and tweaking minor villain (Tut) insert colors (not using white which is Catwoman). Sorry to hear that you sold your game.

Yes and next to the bookworm/freeze balancing this:
- lots of light effects
- at minor completion and info screen what benefit is earned
- status info about which minors are played/completed and which benefits you have running
- egghead bonus value
- nr of gadgets available
- more crane variation
- a final wizard mode that directs you in a way to play all modes

No doubt all will be fixed!
I have MET and SW now in place so won't be bored

#13845 3 months ago


3 weeks later
#14051 3 months ago

It's a double thing...scoring that huge is a rush but after having a few games with that 50B scores, every other game on that machine start to feel different in a bad way...

Anyway, Batman is a super fun/funny game and I can only guess (or hope ) more balancing will be introduced in the future.

2 months later
#14475 34 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

I thought we had a code update incoming.....?

Elvira is incoming

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