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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#11991 1 year ago

What was the original cost of an LE ?

#12000 1 year ago

My distro charging an extra $100 for a premium with a signed card so he either has a way of knowing what’s in the box or it is a loose card he hands you.

#12012 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

what a scumbag!

No, he is a good guy. I didn’t ask for an explanation but assuming he was charged more by Stern. I’m sure Adam West charged Stern for his autograph.

#12040 1 year ago

I saw Bowen’s tutorial as well. If he is confused, then just may rethink buying this pin.....

#12051 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Don’t commit the biggest mistake you will make in your pinball life and pass on BM66.
In all seriousness it’s not complicated at all, it’s just super deep with multiple paths and strategies, I’m probably a below average to average player and BM66 is my favourite pin in my collection.

Thanks! I appreciate the input and glad to hear I can bang around on it and still have fun. I played about a dozen games in a barcade recently so didn’t get the full immersion and really didn’t know what I was doing. I grew up absolutely loving that show ( 7 years old) so this will be fun on a lot of levels. I’ll report back !

#12079 1 year ago

Trent has some for sale in Ohio...

2 weeks later
#12283 11 months ago

I WILL buy this game. Are there any build issues that would have me wait until the next batch is made in March? Penguin crane?, left ramp?

#12290 11 months ago

Thunderbird, what is your build date?

#12292 11 months ago

Do you mean January 2019?

#12301 11 months ago

They are making more in March

#12331 11 months ago

My table coming in March....having fun shopping for mods. Feel free to give me your “ must haves” so far I have ordered the Chrome Candy bat plaque and for sure, the Atomic pile , Cliffy’s and will do some scoop lighting. What else? It doesn’t take long to spend $300 !

#12335 11 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

The atomic pile is the only must have for this game, the rest aren’t really a must imo.
I know a few people are having issues with the cliffy on the scoop, I have used super hard clear nail polish on scoops for years with no issues, my old TRON had no protector and after a few thousand plays still looked new, anytime the polish chips (which rarely happened) simply reapply and fill in the chip.

Ordered the Atomic Pile, computer upgrade and Penguin umbrella crane from Mod Couple. Also went with Cliffy’s just in case. Any opinions on shaker and extra lighting upgrade that this specific title needs?

#12342 11 months ago

What supplier do you all recommend for art blades? Ease of application is a big plus with me.

#12360 11 months ago

I am debating installing a playfield protector ( from Playfield Protectors) on mine arriving in March. I have never done it and am not very handy. Is it a difficult task? I couldn’t find a “how to video” on YouTube.

#12366 11 months ago
Quoted from taz:

This metal Bat Gadget Selector beats the heck out of the sticker that came with the game. It's very quick to install and an obvious appearance enhancement.[quoted image]

Thanks, I agree....it just arrived today!

#12383 11 months ago

My game coming in March....psyched. Can someone explain how / when/ why the collected gadgets get deployed... what exactly is their purpose?
I have never seen them used/ explained in the gameplay videos that I have watched.

#12386 11 months ago

Thank You !

#12390 11 months ago

According to a distributor I recently spoke with, BM66 sales are flying. If this is true throughout the system, it should be a lesson not to abandon a game ( Ghostbusters) . Rather, work to improve code to extend a game’s lifecycle. I was always attracted to this theme but Lyman’s incredible dedication to code improvement translated into a sale..... and apparently many more than just mine! Stern should look into giving coders and designers a “ per game sold “commission as part of their total compensation.

#12429 11 months ago

What mods did you buy?

#12436 11 months ago

Game in March, Received my Cliffy’s today. Is there factory Mylar on the playfield where the ball drops down off of the left and right wireforms or will I need to do that?

#12441 11 months ago
Quoted from Marvello:

My October 2018 Premium has mylar.

Thanks ! I just didn’t want to open the game, be all ready to play and discover the lack of Mylar protection.

#12453 11 months ago

By mid March I’ll be at BM66, Beatles and two Em’s with an eye on another new release from either Stern , JJP or American. We’ll see how that feels for awhile.

1 week later
#12581 11 months ago

You should enlarge and frame those pics and hang them near your game

2 weeks later
#12670 10 months ago

Sometime this month.... one of them is mine!

#12679 10 months ago

I’m excited to get this pin but think I might be way over my head!

1 week later
#12719 10 months ago

What did he mean by another package exactly?

#12728 10 months ago

I was supposed to get my BM66 in March as well, now told first or second week in April.

#12736 10 months ago
Quoted from treborlicec:

I don't believe the March run was pushed. From my understanding the March run sold out very fast and they are doing an April run as well. I was too late with my payment to get in on the March run, so I was advised mine will be from the April run. That was the last I heard.

Hmmm. I sent my money in February and told mid March delivery.... now told April.

#12756 10 months ago

Who’s to say the new art would be better than the existing art? I’m not sure I want to give up my game now for one that may never happen,or again, is different but not necessarily more appealing. I like what I see now!

#12822 9 months ago

Mine just arrived....unboxing after dinner. Should I play a few games before installing the mods?? Hard not to !

#12827 9 months ago

Brand new game. The tv on the turntable was missing two screws on top and thus was sticking out a little causing it to get stuck on the left ramp the first time the turntable moved. After fixing the tv, now the turntable won’t rotate at all....it’s stuck in the position where the bat phone is in front. Did I strip gears? How do I reset and get the turntable to rotate again? Thanks

#12829 9 months ago

Thank you! Back in biz!

#12831 9 months ago

I’m going to install Cliffy’s today. I’ve never done this on a game... any advice / tips particular to this game is appreciated.
Also doing the art blades, bat signal and atomic pile ..... so chime in please!

#12833 9 months ago

It would be cool to be able to buy the various unsigned cards to put on the apron.... change them around from time to time. Is that possible?

#12845 9 months ago

Ok so I’m lazy and haven’t downloaded the manual yet as I just got mine last Wednesday. How the heck do I dump those preprogrammed high scores and begin to record my own? I tried messing with them in the adjustments but they keep showing up. Dumb question, I know, but I can’t figure it out.

#12847 9 months ago

Is there a way to allow for the Penguin crane hits to record easier? I’m hitting the ball but the umbrella lights don’t always go out.

#12853 9 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Go into adjustments and reset High Scores 1,2,3,4 to something super low. Ditto for Grand Champion. Then go to reset menu and reset high scores and reset GC.

Thank you! I had tried the first part of the solution you give .... I lowered the high score awards to 1,000,000 but didnt go to the reset menu.

#12879 9 months ago

Can do all but #4..... Budman is out of beer!!!

1 week later
#13038 9 months ago

Downloading the new code update.... slow!

#13112 9 months ago

I have to say that the cool music , great sound effects and The Joker laughing make this pin fun to play regardless of my poor scores. Adding Riddler giggles would be great!

#13122 9 months ago
Quoted from Sako-TRG:

Hi Batclub,
Anyone had any issues with ball overshooting the batsignal / riddler hole switch?
Ball goes over the switch and sits at the back of the hole and Pin has to go in ball search mode?
Was thinking of sticking something at back of the hole to make ball fall back central in hole to activate switch to get launched back into gameplay....

Yes, happens to me alot

#13134 9 months ago

What is a blue wedge spacer?

#13163 8 months ago

Both my auto and manual plunger suck right out of the box. Auto plunger is eradic and the manual feels rough and weak. So, you increased the auto setting and changed the spring? What spring do I buy and where?

#13165 8 months ago

Mine was just built...April 2019

#13188 8 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Looks like for Penguin hole, you remove the ramp and look loosen the ball guide, then install cliffy on the topside of pf, and reassemble everything?
For the Batsignal, it's a little unclear.
Looks like VUK has to be removed to put that square protector in, and from the tap in screws, I'm assuming I'm screwing new holes?
Also, what about the protector you see from the top of the of, how does that go in?
Cliffys instructions are terrible.

Totally agree. I need better pictures and a lot more detail in the instructions and a video! Heck, I would pay someone $100 to put them in for me. I recently installed the Atomic Pile from the Mod Couple and had some troubles due to my fat fingers and less than adequate pics from the instructions.

#13192 8 months ago

Thanks man, this will no doubt help!

#13232 8 months ago

More Joker, Riddler laughing, light show

#13248 8 months ago
Quoted from AJB4:

Believe it or not, I have the Atomic Pile mod. I just haven't gotten around to getting it installed yet....

Just a heads up before you install. The pics on the instructions could be better. To identify the correct wires to disconnect, with the playfield up, simply tug a little on the wires above the playfield while looking into the turntable under the playfield. I had disconnected the wrong wires before doing the above! I initially had it placed backwards on the turntable as well! Suggest a second pair of hands as the screws and spacers can come loose at critical times during the process. It looks great, don’t let my installation experience deter you from buying this mod. It is an absolute must and I suck at anything mechanical.

#13256 8 months ago

I cleaned the playfield( Novus 1) and changed out balls. I am pretty darn certain that they are carbon steel, not chrome. The very first ball that hit the magnet stuck there until I shook it loose.
Even if it was chrome, would it magnetize that fast? Or is there a magnet adjustment I can make?

#13259 8 months ago

Has anyone changed out their auto plunger spring for a stronger one? If so, has it improved the plunge and what is the part# ?. I am currently set at the factory default and tried increasing the power which made it worse... now back to default but could be much better. There is a bit of loose back and forth play in the coil plunger as well.

#13282 8 months ago

I just received new carbon steel ones from Ball Baron today. I’ll change them out again and report back.

#13317 8 months ago

Agreed but be aware that you may have to place a little rubber piece on the switch to make up for the gap created by the emblem.

#13320 8 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I really like the Mezel Mods crane and work strobe detail kit. Gives the game a nice touch.

I bought both crane mods and combined them...purple umbrella top and the yellow bracing for under the crane.

#13327 8 months ago

Ball Baron for carbon steel balls
Atomic Pile by Mod Couple to replace that silly stupid pink thing on the turntable , is an absolute must and #1 mod.
Penguin Crane looks so much better with the pink umbrella mod and the undercarriage bracing.

#13332 8 months ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

so go with the carbon steel balls at $1.15 each?
reading earlier in this thread, I seemed to see some guys talk about magnet problems. I assume you are telling me to get these based on that knowledge?
edit: seriously I have to buy the $180 shipped mod? hahaha. I was (just remembered the name) thinking vengeance mod like on star trek. $20 .
2nd edit: and when you say "penguin crane" is that the $50 crane mod from mezel mods?
3rd edit: so I went with the shooter lane protector, crane upgrade, and plastics protector from mezel mods.
I'm going to hold off on the high end mod until I get the pin.

Good choices!
Yes, you want the more expensive carbon steel balls versus the cheaper ones. , not the chromium. Chromium will magnetize quicker than carbon steel. I order 24 at a time. Change the balls out of the game regularly....everyone is different. I change every 250 games or as needed ( scratched/ dented).
I would advise not using the balls that Stern sends with the game.
I bought the 50.00 crane mod that gives you the bigger yellow light cap for the top and the yellow undercarriage bracing that snaps in underneath... gives it a beefier, more realistic crane look. I didn’t snap on the light cover piece on top. Rather, I bought the pink umbrella from ( ? Mod Couple I think).
Atomic Pile would really finish it off. If you have already spent $7500 for the game, what’s another $160.00? Heck, forget the crane mods for now and put toward the Pile.

#13370 8 months ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

For those of you who had swapped out the Dog chew toy phone for the Mod couple's upgrade phone, did you guys pull the whole turn table to reach that dam plug? I read the instructions like six times and cannot reach that plug no matter what. Yes bat computer plugs etc are all disconnects as well.

If the phone mod is harder than the Atomic Pile to install, I’ll pass. Famous last words, “ easy to install”

#13372 8 months ago

A YouTube video would sure help a guy like me.... their pictures really are not clear quality and thus not very useful.

2 weeks later
#13602 7 months ago

Atomic Pile from Mod Couple....without question.

#13612 7 months ago

I’ve noticed skid marks on mine on lower part of playfield. What do you all do to remove them?

#13617 7 months ago

Skid marks was probably not the best description! More like scratches from the ball skidding on the playfield from the flippers.

#13691 7 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

When you guys installed it did you adjust your switch to account for the extra height or did you add something on the bottom of the button actuator to extend it a little?

I had to adjust mine. The thickness of the badge was just enough to prevent the button from actuating the switch. I bought a package of those small clear rubber bumpers that you put inside cupboard doors to prevent slamming.... simply stuck two on top of each other on top of the switch.

#13766 7 months ago

I can’t even get your 5 billion!

3 weeks later
#14039 6 months ago
Quoted from Alamo_Pin:

Congrats. Paid for mine on May 20—still no delivery. Probably should have asked for my money back a month ago.

Wow is right. “Something is rotten in Gotham!”

#14052 6 months ago

Does anyone have insight as to when Lyman will be dropping a new code update on us?

1 week later
#14190 6 months ago

I had trouble as well. It just sort of snapped in there as I was wrestling with it.

#14235 5 months ago
Quoted from Navystan:

So, update on my recent addition of BM66 and questions for the community:
1. Had my BM66 for about a week now. Playing almost every day since and for the first time today, played a different pin (DI).
2. First thing I did was install playfield protector. As everyone knows, lots of air balls and the playfield takes a beating . All the more reason for the protector.
3. Installed shaker. Love it. I think the code uses the shaker just enough, but doesn't over do it. I think it adds to the game experience.
4. Installed flipper fidelity speakers. Not sure I see a huge difference in overall sound. The manufacturer suggests cranking up volume, but I was hoping for a more rounded experience even with lower volume. Compared to my Dialed In, it's not as good of a sound package. DI has more "stereo" sound. I have not tried to tweak code settings for audio, so maybe that might help. Any suggestions or is this about right from everyone else's experience?
5. I have Stern blades coming Saturday. That's the only major "artistic" mod I've done to date. I'm not too interested in "pimping." I do have a free spotlight coming, so I will add that too.
6. I'm on the fence of getting pin stadium lights. I think they are great, just don't know if I want to add another $280 to the overall cost.
7. Has anyone used any of the shooter/eject protectors? Worth it? What do you recommend?
I don't see BM66 leaving anytime soon. Like many have said, great code, great theme integration, and great pin in any line up.

Atomic Pile is a must have mod !

1 week later
#14341 5 months ago

I have the same issue, but intermittently. If it is an auto launch, mine will take a couple of tries before it gives a good launch. I tightened up the mech under the playfield but still is not fully working.

#14374 5 months ago

Good stuff right there

2 weeks later
#14448 4 months ago

My auto plunger often can’t get the ball halfway up the shooter lane. It often takes two, sometimes three attempts before it sends it far enough. I tightened it all up but still happens. Any help would be appreciated

1 week later
#14473 4 months ago

Maybe another Multiball that is easier to achieve. I have to admit for a very average player like me, hitting that right lane for the current mb, is not easy.

#14477 4 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Lower your left flipper 2 mils, or two dots (see dots at end of flipper on PF) and you’ll hit it with ease.

Thanks, I’ll try it!

3 weeks later
#14614 3 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Update: my buddy was able to come over and give it a much better try. He managed to get the screws out with some elbow grease and a prayer that they didn’t completely strip out. Thank you all soo much for the info and tips!
Here is a photo of the games now
One last question. Does anyone know the type of screw, side etc that is suppose to go into the tv on the spinning mech? My tv had both screws completely missing. It was just hanging down when we unboxed it. It’s the two on top of the tv when looking down at the playfield on each side of the the antennae.[quoted image]

I had the same issue. I recall buying the same size screw that holds the antenna in place.

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