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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

4 years ago

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Post #457 DocQuests Helicopter comparison. Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #463 Docquest's vehicle comparison Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #501 Version 0.65 Code released Posted by PiperPinball (4 years ago)

Post #564 Docquest's helicopter install. Posted by docquest (4 years ago)

Post #1159 Adjusting the Magnet Posted by PiperPinball (4 years ago)

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#164 4 years ago

Premiums "probably January" from my distributor. Looking forward to my first NIB.

2 weeks later
#177 4 years ago

This will be my first pin ever; what specifically should I put over the magnet area (and how far around the magnet itself) to keep things happy? Should I get the rounded side rails to protect the cab around the flipper area? What else should I do before I get too many plays on it? It'll be in a totally sun-free room, so fading isn't a concern.

I also have concerns about airballs hitting the bat phone, but game play will bear out if that concern warranted.

1 week later
#186 4 years ago

In case some of you missed it in the deadflip stream, Lymon said that they would be releasing new code every couple of weeks "until we get you there".

Also, there were a few interesting rules notes about (in the future) stacking minor villains with major. Examples given were Mr. Freeze stacked with a major villain will disable all timers. Bookworm would do something like re-light previously completed shots for double scoring. Should be some interesting strategy options.

#187 4 years ago

Thanks for the cliffy's tips. I'm generally a guy who prefers things in "original condition" so I doubt I'll mod it any more than I must to keep it in good working order.

I'm a litttle fuzzy; does the new stern mag mech eliminate the need for Mylar around it or should I still install some?

Will be HUO, 100% out of sunlight, premium.

#190 4 years ago

Having the Codename game would be pretty special.

#255 4 years ago

Wow, those SLEs look amazing; I need to see one in person.

#281 4 years ago

Are these black rubbers on this game the ones that everyone removes because they're messy? I have some green that I might try since they're on hand.

#318 4 years ago

calprog I'm sorry to hear about your issues. That's a huge bummer; keep us posted on progress.

#320 4 years ago

C'mon Premiums!

1 week later
#526 4 years ago

Gameplay is the same across all three editions.

1 week later
#916 4 years ago

I have PDI, trough and shooter lane protectors, fresh pinballs and keychain, but no game. Seeing the current code helps me stay patient. There's a lot of promise here, but obviously a good distance remains. TiltThru podcast mentioned how out of whack Bonus is in the current scoring. Selecting bookworm and racking up bonus x can give scores that are massive according to them.

Still. I'm ready.

1 week later
#1198 4 years ago

Premium arrived today and now I'm an official member. As others have noted, CAT right ramp needed some screwing action and the Batmobile needed the same. Flippers needed a minor tweak to make them even. Outside of that, it's perfect.

Code .65

#1200 4 years ago

Ok, Perfect was a bit of adrenaline statement. Ball search sucks a kangaroo's butt and too many spots for the ball to get stuck. Fixable, but annoying to lose your two balls locked for MB.

#1204 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

It seems like an easy software fix for that would be to do a "level 1" ball search first (move the crane, turntable), then if nothing found do a "level 2" ball search and release/trigger everything including the locked balls.

Yeah, there are some things going out of order and too quickly. It frees the ball sometimes and then keeps the ball search going because the freed ball doesn't even have time to hit a switch.

TONS of promise on the code, but it has a long way to go.

#1239 4 years ago

To which defect are you referring Hawkmoon?

#1254 4 years ago
Quoted from stangbat:

Regarding the rubber pads at the ramp entrances, it stinks that Stern used those thin ones. BDK originally had thin ones and they don't hold up well at all. They later released a thicker version that holds up great. They are also angled down to prevent airballs.

I have one (left side, left ramp) that is angled upward and I'm getting some flight; any special way or tool needed to cut them back to the correct angle?

#1262 4 years ago

My lock shot bounces out 95% of the time; I'm planning to add some drop dead foam or similar.

1) Does anyone have a similar off the shelf product from the big box hardware stores.
2) Is anyone else having this problem? Right orbit into lock just ends up in the top lanes then pops. I've only started multiball once. ONCE.

#1266 4 years ago

Thanks taz for the link; I've been trying to watch what's happening back there more. I think one time the post was still up even though the gate was open. I haven't seen that again, but I constantly have cleanly hit shots bounce out. I'll try one of those products and see what happens.

#1268 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Had a quick look at the one way gate at the back of the PF on the outer loop (above the rotating mech), and it looks like the gate has a lift coil. So maybe we will eventually get a full loop shot around the right loop when locks aren't lit, instead of ending in the pops.

Super skill shot does this already; I would love to see more 'true orbit' shots from this game.

#1291 4 years ago

iceman44 yes the car has code in .65 hoping for new code this week.

#1293 4 years ago

My prem shipped with .65; it's a playable game on .65, but it's not awesome. Some stuff lights and does nothing, some stuff doesn't light and does stuff.

#1303 4 years ago

Bummer iceman44; I'm sorry that your game isn't working. You can't even get far enough for the car to start falling off and the ramps to rattle.

#1341 4 years ago

.68 installed and running without an issue; minor progress but certainly progress. It's really nice to have the mystery actually tell you wtf is happening, and it has the widest range of callouts in the game. It's a great indicator of what could be in the rest of the game. There's potential for this to be one of the funnier games around. The small things, like lighting the villain you're about to battle before answering the phone, are nice polish on existing features.

The bug fixes also make a pretty big difference, in particular adding to the number of shots it takes to start a defeated villain a second time. This helps in a number of ways, including score balancing. However, the bonus is still stupid at this point.

Overall a real step forward, but I'm really looking forward to more gadget and TV villain enhancements.

#1349 4 years ago

Right orbit should be possible. It's a fun shot as the super skill shot and I'd love for it to be available in normal play. It would add a lot of speed to this game.

#1420 4 years ago

For .68 code, I'm not worried at all. The progression from .65 to .68 added some more risk/reward elements to it already. Gadgets and TV villains will add more strategy as well. We also got the update from 65 to 68 on schedule. Not worried at all. At the moment, it certainly does not compare to any complete game. I'm also not worried because of the changes I've seen to Mystery alone. The fun and varied callouts with new graphics are a major improvement. Once that level of polish - and more - comes to the rest of the features, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Right now, it's very basic play, there is no question about that. If you want a slightly different game, go to the game adjustments and enable villain stacking. This adds a level of difficulty as pointed out by PinMonk to complete multiple villains before hitting the scoop.

While I'd rather the game shipped with totally complete code, it's making it a lot easier to figure out the game bit by bit.

Quoted from hawkmoon:

Also,when you hold down the left flipper,when you plunge,all the white arrows lite up,and the ball goes all the way around to the left flipper! It doesn,t stop at the top for skill shot,and why does the lite flash on the auto-plunge during game play??? It doesn't seem to do anything??? Thoughts???

The action button flashes white to indicate that it will plunge the ball when you press it. Yellow button means a gadget is ready.

If you do not have a major Villain mode running, the super skill shot will allow you to start a villain with a single shot as indicated by the colored inserts. If you DO have a major villain running, the super skill shot adds a gadget as indicated by the inserts turning yellow. (90% sure on that)

I almost always get the "GA" in gadget and the lowest TV hit from the slings. I never shoot them intentionally. I shoot DG intentionally and the ET are almost always done with bricks from trying to hit the left orbit. TV 1 and 2 are usually bricks from trying to hit the far right position of the crane or from the slings.

In terms of challenging gameplay and strategy, right now the best route I've found is:

Light the shot multipliers at Gordon; hit the turntable to enable double scoring on the turntable; enable shot multipliers again and hit the penguin scoop for 3x. Begin the villain mode and lock 2 balls before finishing the mode. Ideally, get the villain mode to 1 shot remaining. Enable 2x playfield scoring by hitting both the computer and analyzer and lock ball 3 asap. Now, with 2x playfield and 3x a the scoop, you will earn 6x super jackpot if you can complete the villain and hit the scoop before 2x playfield ends.

Plus, you're now in multiball where the scoring increases with every shot; 15 shots in MB lights the jackpot for MB at the atomic pile.

Doing what I've described above is extremely difficult for me. If you stack major villains, it adds even another layer of risk / reward on top. Having 6x jackpots on two (or three or four!) villains would have some serious points associated with it.

That's just with today's .68 code and fun form me to attempt right now.

#1422 4 years ago

The consistently wrong things are:

* Check the turntable under the PF FRIST to be sure your wires look OK and not wrapped around the mech in a bad way.
* CAT signs; tiny black screws are loose.
* Right side CAT sign post not attached
* Batmobile on the spinner.
* turntable not level
* magnet not level

My flippers angles were wrong, but nobody else has complained that I've seen.

Good luck!

#1425 4 years ago
Quoted from ngg:

But at least with TWD there seemed to be better, more interesting shots even at first
I really hope Im wrong.....

Indeed TWD is a pretty unique layout. The layout and shots in Batman obviously won't change; it's a fan layout with different geometry than a lot of fan layouts - particularly the orbits - but it is what it is from a shot perspective. The only thing that will potentially come later is a right to left full orbit.

#1437 4 years ago

Magnet behavior does seem pretty random. Sometimes it grabs, sometimes it ignores completely, sometimes it can REALLY fling the ball around in crazy ways. I've only had one SDTM though.

#1480 4 years ago

It keeps the ramp safe and unbent from the 50,000 shots that will hit it.

#1481 4 years ago

I've been trying to figure out how this game is going to have some of the same attributes of other games that I love like IM, MET, MM, GB etc: The stacking, the brutality, the risk / reward and the fun.

Pure speculation ahead:

It seems to me that Lyman is taking a slightly different route on this game from the others I love. Batman offers crazy bonus levels, the ability to keep driving up the bat phone value with the gordon target, player-controlled shot multipliers and playfield multipliers that are pretty easy to enable. While I've complained a little in the rules thread that I hope they tone down some of the multipliers, I'm starting to think that multipliers ARE the strategy for Batman and I think they may even go higher than they are now instead of lower. This would make a game that's relatively easy to play, difficult to blow up, but has the potential to have an extremely wide range of scores from top players to beginners who essentially accomplish the same goals in the game.

Instead of attempting to stack major modes in an efficient order, as in Iron Man, Batman seems to be forcing the player to decide when and how to stack the various multipliers in the game to maximize the score. For example: If you have the skill and ball control, you can get up to 6x at the jackpot scoop, double the playfield, hit the mystery for 3x playfield and get 18x jackpot. Of course, playing the major villain for as long as you can increases the jackpot value, so the player has to decide when they want to try and cash in vs rolling up the score.

If I'm right, I hope that the Batsignal wizard mode scoring is related to the amount that has been scored in each villain mode.

#1500 4 years ago

With the phone that size, you should find a Shakespeare bust to put next to it, or even a desk for the whole thing.

#1506 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Uh, did you look at the pictures? The bust is right there! LOL!

LMAO. See it IS a good idea.

#1596 4 years ago

A few things not in code yet that are coming as they're in the 'game settings':

Minor Villain Multiball
Batusi Multiball

So, it looks like there will be a bat signal wizard mode for completing all 4 major villains, a minor villain wizard mode for (I assume) completing all 3 minor villains and potentially the final wizard mode is "Batusi" for completing both Major and Minor Villains.

#1650 4 years ago

rlslick Is that for the entire turntable or the batmobile spinner?

#1655 4 years ago

rlslick thank you so much for that pic. You rock.

#1660 4 years ago

I'd been having a problem where the JOKER targets wouldn't register and then magically fix themselves. Similarly, my 2x playfield and multiball super jackpot shots wouldn't register.

I think I found the cause of all problems. You can see in this image that the left edge of the right of the two stand ups is pinned on a metal support. This is forcing the switch to stay closed. Both stand ups are the same switch so when this one is closed hitting the left one does nothing.

I suspect that the switch for the 2x of multiplier is the same switch.

I haven't decided how to fix this yet, but I know otheres are having Joker problems and wanted to share.

IMG_2834 (resized).JPG

#1685 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

This pin a downright addicting! Even with early code is shaping up nicely. Logged another 1 hr on it.

I agree man; the Gordon shot is so critical for huge scores, but so dangerous. This game is already falling into the 'easy to learn, difficult to master' category.

#1696 4 years ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Since the update to .69 the magnet sometimes grabs the ball and won't let it go. I have to take the glass off to move it or turn the game off. Anyone have any idea how to stop it?

I've not had this problem yet.

#1720 4 years ago
Quoted from tonyoz:

Really enjoying the game.
Only problem I am having is that the ball lock on the turn table does not always hold the balls and sometimes when the turntable spins it brings those balls into play, before all 3 balls locked. Anyone else had that?

I've had a couple problems with this even in .69;

Problem 1: Locked Ball 3 will hit the switch in the turntable and bounce up before the white post comes up. The diverter closes trapping the ball between the post and the diverter, but outside of the lock area. This causes awful ball search. No fix for this yet, but I'm working on it. This is VERY rare on my game, but should be fixable with software and adjusting the timing and the awful ball search.

Problem 2: Well struck balls pop out of the lock area and back into the lanes. FIX: A 1/4" wide strip of 1/4" thick neoprene foam on the wireform between the lanes and the turntable. Now, every good shot bounces out, onto the foam and back into the lock. I've considered foam inside the turntable, but I'm concerned about how it might affect other things.

#1743 4 years ago

I haven't been able to hit Gordon without slowing the ball significantly. Spinnerville otherwise.

First: Take 3 shots at Gordon, double the turntable value; THEN start the phone ringing and crank up the value at Gordon and cash in.

#1830 4 years ago

At this point, anyone who says B66 is a TDK re-theme is either trolling or has not played the two games. They share some layout; that's it.

1 week later
#1899 4 years ago

That's pretty damn cool.

#1920 4 years ago

My Joker targets also stuck a lot; I put a small bit of neoprene back there and I haven't had a problem since.

1 week later
#1988 4 years ago

Gadgets at least have SOME use; They 'make' the next shot in 3 of 4 villain modes and award the most valuable shot in Penguin. It's not much, but it's something. I'm not sure there's going to be a lot more too it than that though.

#1997 4 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Or, it could be Gomez, the originator of "every two weeks" Batman '66 code update statement that never once came to pass, talking out of his butt again.
I like your version better, but remain skeptical. We'll see next week, one way or the other. At least we have that.

I hate it when you're right.

#2011 4 years ago

While I really wanted TV Villains, this adds a lot of depth, difficulty and risk/reward now. Wiz Super Jack is tied IN ORDER to the value of the Villain Super Jackpot for each villain capture and adds the next VSJ. Love it.

#2019 4 years ago

I played a few and I didn't hear any new callouts where callouts or sounds existed prior.

Double Playfield has a sound and visual now; an explosion thing. It's a nice heads-up that you made the shot.

I was one shot away from qualifying wizard mode, but didn't make it.

I did notice that one ball search thing has been fixed. Sometimes you'll hit the lock shot and the white post is up for some reason and the diverter closes pinning the ball between the post and diverter. Now, the FIRST thing that ball search tried was to lower that post and wait. Big bug fix.

I've run into a couple oddities, but it's tough to say if they're real bugs or not yet.

#2034 4 years ago

Be prepared for a "Winter is Coming" inspired Strobe when you qualify Batsignal Wizard mode. Ouch

#2036 4 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Still yet to get my hands on a GOT is the strobe what I've heard so many refer to as GOT retina blowing lighting? Would love to see this in action with my own eyes

I'll call it "Winter is Coming Lite". In a dark room, it was not so fun.

#2062 4 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Seems like the scoring is lower again on this version compared to .69. Maybe even lower than .68. I had to work awfully hard for 640 million. Also, nice to see the batsignal flasher in the PF is now being used.

The bonus award for a combo dropped from 500,000 per combo to 250,000 per combo. That's a pretty big drop and will lead to lower scores overall. I'm glad this happened as it was basically a scoring exploit if you could get the bonus up high enough.

#2064 4 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Could someone with the 0.70 code possibly list all the current High Score tables there are in the game/attract now?


And they all look exactly like the previous HS screens.

#2067 4 years ago

There is a combo champ setting, but it's not in my attract mode yet. I think it's coming.

#2097 4 years ago

Anyone else having odd Gordon target non-registers after upgrading to .70?

#2099 4 years ago

With the .70 update, it shows Villain mode high scores in attract, but even when my Villain capture says "Penguin Captured, 132M" it never asks for my initials. Anyone else?

#2101 4 years ago

Is your fan working?

#2115 4 years ago

Sethman I put a small piece of sticky-back neoprene back there. PM me if you need some more info.

#2140 4 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

One of my fav callouts is "Super Jackpot is lit...or is it"?

I loved this one too; there's room for a ton of variety in the callouts in everything. There's a cool supercut of Alfred answering the batphone in dozens of different ways on YouTube.

#2155 4 years ago
Quoted from 82Trooper:

Does anyone know is there a adjustment to prevent the prior high scores/settings from resetting when running a code update? I don't recall that happening on my Avengers Pro (but then again it's been a while for any update). But on my BM66, the newest update wiped out all my "hard work"!.
Does it do this by default? Or is there a way to run the update and preserve the prior scores/settings?

I wonder if the "incremental update" option does this. I too have a few settings that are annoying to reset. I did the 'full update' from 69 to 70.

#2167 4 years ago

Vic kept up with the first 3 software releases and bug threads and has been posting in this thread for awhile. Be cool man.

In either case, he's right to point out that Stern isn't doing what Gomez said.

#2212 4 years ago

Why it's late or how much time or % of time Lyman is spending on the game is irrelevant. Stern had full control of their release schedule and have known the date of their 30th anniversary for 30 years. The 'pushed it up 5 months' excuse was their choice. It wasn't some reward for us to have this game pushed forward in the schedule.

Stern isn't treating this as the high-end experience they sold it to be. They created this situation for themselves. Everyone has a pretty good reason to be displeased with the progress.

I'm enjoying my game a lot, and it's been largely trouble-free. I do think that when it's done, it'll be a classic. It already has a lot of the elements making for a very fun high-risk, high-reward game to get huge scores while being pretty approachable and easy for modest scores.

Based on the number of little hiccups and bugs I see when playing (having multiball, TV Villain, Mystery and hitting the scoop with the spinner spinning for example), I suspect that the dev team is struggling to get through some pretty basic stuff when changes are made. Just speculation though.

#2230 4 years ago


4) No roadmap, but you can certainly infer where this game is going after .70 When it happens, is anyone's guess.

5) Enjoyment: 6 / 7 because I enjoy the risk/reward of trying to really blow it up and get the multipliers. If you're just trying to complete each mode, it's currently less enjoyable.

6) I think an 9 is likely with all of the potential with the minor villains leading to LOTS of new stacking combinations; gadgets can do more; there are two more wizard modes to come.

7) Playability/flow out of the box: 5; with minor adjustments (7) with new parts and pieces (7)
callouts - when first released (2) now (3) what you can see is in the code but not yet accessed (7/8) I don't have any problem with the left orbit as designed. Hit the shot earlier and it's smooth as butter. My adjustments were mainly related to the ball lock area.

9) Randomness/Brutality of the game for an average player: This game is easy to take the safe shots and complete most modes. This game can be brutal when you go for huge scores. I'm an average player (IFPA Rank over 5000) and that's why I like it so much. There are few really punishing shots, but getting control of the ball can be very difficult. I have my outlanes wide open.

10) Ball times/game times? What are you finding is the length of a typical game? 3-4 mins on average for my adult players. Short games happen too. The more skill you have, the longer the ball times. That sounds pretty obvious, but ball control skills can dramatically extend ball times.

11) Game speed? How fast is the game (7)

As I've said before, it's a pretty straightforward game to just plow through objectives and get to a wizard mode. It isn't particularly fun that way. Adding in all the different multipliers and earning layered scores that build into the wizard modes is fun for me. Having a shot at 2x, one at 3x and another at 4x adds a lot of pressure to not drain.

#2232 4 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Yeah, we were playing it in "make your own fun" mode...

This is a pretty fair statement.

I'm also relatively easy to entertain when it comes to pinball. I've yet to run into a pin that I wasn't able to enjoy on some level.

#2236 4 years ago

My flow comments are more related to a few shots that are designed to bounce back at the player or slow the speed:

Gordon targets, bat computer / analyzer targets and bat phone don't really 'flow'.

Through the atomic pile and into the penguin scoop slow play a bit. The ramps are quick the right orbit is quick, and combos can really pick up speed. Right / left ramp combos flow all day like MET can. Actually, in terms of 'flow' it's a fair amount like Metallica. You need to hit some things that don't flow; sometimes the orbits stop the ball slowing play, but sometimes it just whips back at you.

I don't consider it clunky.

#2238 4 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Has anyone else noticed that the Gadget button does nothing to help you during Penguin mode? It does however use them up.

During penguin mode the Gadget will complete the most valuable lit shot. It doesn't advance the mode, but it does complete a lit shot for points.

1 week later
#2253 4 years ago

It'll be fun when Egghead does something.

#2256 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

I'm guessing a code update this week.
I'm assuming it will start pulling in the minor villains.

At this point it has to be either more gadgets or some minor villain work right? Aside from scoring tweaks and some other bug fixes, is there anything else to do?

Major Stuff Left:
Minor Villains
Final Wiz Mode (Batusi)
More Gadgets
Minor Villain Wiz Mode?

#2261 4 years ago

Totally agree, it needs a TON of polish. I was thinking more of playfield things that don't do anything.

1 week later
#2333 4 years ago

I won't lie; I'm jealous, and a little irritated, that the guy joining the club 7 days ago got an auto'd card and those of us with games for 4 months didn't get one.

That's an awesome card Squizz, a great autograph and location. I hope you enjoy the hell out of your game. I know I am.

#2336 4 years ago

Yeah, lots of ways it happens. It's cool, and I was really hoping to get one. I did pick up an original Topps black bat card for $1 on the 'bay. Trying to decide if I like it better than what shipped with mine or not.

#2351 4 years ago

.71 Code Posted

Interesting changes; a new mode that I didn't see coming; changes to the wiz mode and more.

#2361 4 years ago

It can self-center, but I don't think it's always supposed to. If it is, I'm sure they'll re-write the code to make it so with the little mag.

#2372 4 years ago

I'll keep the .71 bugs and features thread updated as I find stuff, but it looks like few bugs on our list got fixed.

Major Villain champs don't seem to be working properly. In attract mode, but not taking initials or displaying them.

The new Villain Escape mode (what I'd been calling Bat Signal Wizard Mode) is a nice change. New clips in there too.

The bat spinner mode is fun, but not super clear what you're supposed to be doing. Also, once I completed it once, it didn't seem to be able to be qualified a second time. I need to verify this with some more play though.

I haven't tried the new ball lock gadget. I kept forgetting that it was an option.

Nothing looks different regarding the TV villains.

#2375 4 years ago

I could only look at the display briefly, but something didn't seem right with the display during the multiball portion of the Villain Escape mode. Also, the sounds were like phase 1 with the glass-break sound. Anyone else?

#2378 4 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

It was weird, like the lights were off in the room in the video and there were just some Christmas lights on in the back. It got lighter toward the end. No idea what's up with that.

That sounds similar to what I saw. Lots of black screen with the biff boom bam overlay. I drained to quickly to see much else.

#2390 4 years ago

Docquest's explanation is thorough and is certainly what I was seeing; however, it was not a great pinball experience.

#2401 4 years ago

Trying to jack up the value of the Bat Turn mode then start it with a PF multiplier and then quickly get into multiball is a fun stack to try to achieve for big points.

#2406 4 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Any reason you posted my MMR help videos in a Batman 66 thread ?
LTG : )

He didn't; his link is to an edit screen that takes whomever clicks the link to their own videos.

#2424 4 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

I would like to see bat turn go by spins not hits,just think it would be more fun to get rewarded for a solid hit that spins a lot
Just a thought

A solid spin increases the starting value of the shots in the mode, so you are rewarded for it.

#2429 4 years ago

Wall climb could be a combo mode similar to Lady Justice in MET

#2431 4 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I am not hugely familiar with MET rules, how does lady justice work? Speaking of justice I would love Stern to bring out a DREDD pin!!

Basically alternate shots to each side of the game ideally in combos. Right orbit shot will allow you to hit another right hand shot in a combo. Kinda like walking up a building left, right, left, right...

#2436 4 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

can anyone explain how the X shots and X lights work? makes me think of multi kill

The Batman rules sheet that I maintain here and should go into this, but I'll put it here too.

If you hit Gordon 3 times, all x's will begin to flash. The next shot you make will be doubled. If you hit gordon 4x more (after selecting your doubled shot) x's will begin flashing again and you can shoot a DIFFERENT shot and make it 3x. Later rinse repeat up to having a shot 6x'd.

When you have shots multiplied, the little x will flash a number of times to correspond to the multiplier value. It's kinda fun to see it all flashing. This is obviously insanely valuable and great to have in multiball.

#2475 4 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

No wizard mode per se. I guess you could generously call Villain Escape a mini-wizard mode. Basically this is what's in there now:
1. 4 Villain modes. Light them up, hit the batphone, hit some shots, put them in jail.
2. Load balls in the lazy susan for multiball via the right orbit when locks are lit. When you get 3 loaded you get a bat-melee multiball.
3. When all 4 Villains are lit (you've already put each in jail by completing their modes), hit the saucer via the left orbit for Villain Escape mode, which is a Multiball and kind of retard mini-wizard-y. Not hard to get to.
4. Bat turn mode was added, where you can hit the spinning batmobile to build points, and hit the white shots to collect the leftover parachutes. This is pretty fun with great video integration.
There are some multiplier rules and mystery awards other minor things, but that's everything in the game, mode-wise. Not much there yet. You can see everything in about 15 minutes if you're a half-decent player.

While I'm more positive on the game than vireland, he's accurately summed up ther major accomplishments. Details of the rules are in the Batman 66 rules thread here or on Tilt. I've been pretty detailed with everything in the game so far and it's only about 9 pages and a lot of that is bullet points. There isn't a ton in there yet. We'll see what next month's drop give us.

1 week later
#2512 4 years ago

The music on Batman 66 is fantastic. New music is added for every mode and it's really fun to hear the new music. When they get the callouts in there on top of it, the sound package on this game will be unrivaled.

1 week later
#2549 4 years ago
Quoted from Rasavage:

A couple of questions for the group.
First, does anyone have an interactive undercab LED and/or backbox kit, and if so what's their impression?
Second, what are the rules for the jail break wizard mode? I saw a 30 second counter on the screen but after that I was focused on the playfield and it was utter chaos.

Jail Break starts with a 30 second 'frenzy' to build your jackpots. Then, a multiball starts where you can collect those jackpots by re-capturing the villains. If you successfully re-capture the villains, you can hit the saucer to start again.

1 week later
#2589 4 years ago

.75 adds a thin layer of complexity and a large amount of polish to Joker and Riddler modes. It also adds some polish to the shot indicators via the RGB LEDs, and some light polish to the Villain vision but it's mostly redundant information from the main LCD. Like, ball save and tilt.

The big fix is the ball search fix that (claims) not to dump the locked balls. I haven't run into needing to observe this bug yet, but it's supposed to be fixed.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that Catwoman and Penguin will get a similar treatment to Riddler and Joker before we see the TV villains implemented.

#2620 4 years ago

Batphone hurryup is after you qualify a villain, but before you answer the phone.

Keep bashing the Gordon target without answering the phone. This will add time and points to the batphone hurry up. It also enacts the multipliers. My personal best is 122M when I used the 3x shot multiplier on the phone in .71.

I think the default Batphone Hurry Up Champ is 25M

1 week later
#2683 4 years ago

The new callouts are nice, but Bat Turn mode is one of the best additions to the game so far.

#2696 4 years ago

A few questions for the group:

1. Is anyone having issues with their cabs splitting yet like AS has? I can't find the thread dedicated to the cab complaints.

2. Has anyone been able to get a Penguin Champion score? I've been over 100M on Penguin a few times now and it has yet to ask for initials. Wondering if this is a bug.

3. Does anyone know of a way to adjust the position of the wrecking ball in one of the spots? The second from the right position isn't where it should be.

#2705 4 years ago

Thanks thundergod76 I'd drained that thread. That thread had pics of what I needed for the metal brackets, so I don't need any more info about the cabs. Cheers.

#2759 4 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Thanks I just came to ask the same question, linked the post below for reference but it really needs marking as a KEY post.


#2761 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Thanks. I have a wonderful song in mind to replace the insanely (imo) misplaced cat woman mode music. Slow jazz for a mode with super fast ramps? No thanks!

That jazzy riff makes me think of hips swinging back and forth, like hitting the alternating ramps.

#2774 4 years ago

They just showed boxes and boxes of "Bat Signal Topper Kits" on the Stern live stream.

#2828 3 years ago

I suspect Seasons and Minor Villains are the same thing. Defeating a minor villain from one of the seasons should light the corresponding lamp since there are not lamps for minor villains directly.

#2830 3 years ago

That's very strange wcbu64; A right orbit shot will open the gate for a full orbit if it's part of a combo (code .71 and up). Are you saying that a right orbit shot opens the gate EVERY time? I've never heard of that problem. That would require the game to think it's a combo, activate the coil and lift the gate. Without power that gate stays down. Very strange indeed.

Again, as of .71 you can combo that right orbit as much as you want off of a ramp shot.

#2941 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheese_WizardPQ:

Hi guys
I just installed 0.75
We're on something!
Question: 90% of time my magnet will not grab the ball on batphone calls. It's really annoying. Is it only on my game or futur code will resolve this?

It seems to be purposely random how strongly the mag grabs on batphone answers. I perceive it to be less in .75 than in earlier versions.

#2993 3 years ago

Aerosmith was impressive because:

1. Everyone thought it would suck before they saw it.
2. See #1 3000 more times.
3. It was delivered in a very complete shape compared to most recent stern releases.
4. It has a lot of redeeming qualities and is fun enough to shoot.
5. Surprise, it's not awful.

B66 gets hate because of the price, the release method and it's incompleteness. Basically, it's the opposite of AERO, but B66 will easily be a better game in the long term.

#3003 3 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

You can't look into the future and know what BM66 is going to be. You are just hoping that it will be that way.

I'll agree that predicting the future is difficult, but I love the direction of BM66 so far and I don't think it's difficult to see the major path that it's taking. I like where it seems to be going. Plus, I've already been pleasantly surprised by the addition of the Bat Turn mode. If you want to nit pick about my sense of certainty in a club thread, so be it. When playing .68 and .69, I was less sure of how awesome I think it will be. After 75, I feel much better.

Quoted from jgentry:

People like AS because it's a really good game, not because of anything else.

We're agreeing here. However, this Pinside sentiment was overwhelmingly anti-Aerosmith 'more old dad rock' before the game came out. Then pics leaked and it was still bad. Then it landed and it was a surprise to the vocal pinside crowd as it was a good game and it was very much complete. Low expectations for Aereosmith made it a pleasant surprise to many.

Personally, I enjoy Aerosmith plenty and I'm not trying to knock it in anyway. I'd enjoy having one.

Quoted from jgentry:

No game is going to be for everyone but when buying a game you had better buy based on the current state, not based on what you hope it becomes. I hope BM66 does turn out awesome, thats certainly not a sure thing though. AS is doing well because it's already really good. If you like that style of game you don't have to hope it works out with AS.
Stern just needs to get the code knocked out and the sales the start to pick up. Until then not many premiums are going to sell. I'm a buyer if they can get the code in great shape.

Again, we agree.

#3043 3 years ago

I'm expecting simply deeper Catwoman and Penguin modes (with Gordon / TtBP) and a few bug fixes and probably another revision to Villain Escape in the next release, whenever that is. Probably some more Penguin callouts too.

#3045 3 years ago

Another example of why I love (and believe) where this code is going. I was so wrong about the mode scoring for Joker. I usually play it first b/c of ball save and thought I understood the scoring.


Tonight, I decided to start with Penguin and just go with it from there. Joker was 3rd mode with about 350M in score and only a 3.5M Batphone answer. My Joker shots were worth more than when I started Joker first and had a 20-50M Batphone score. Now (.75) it seems that there's a strategy to which villain you play in a particular order. Of course, once Catwoman and Penguin get the same treatment, it may change and equalize them again. So far, there's already more strategy to the game than I even realized in the current code.

I think those of you with "stack major villains" enabled are really missing out on a lot in this game. There's a lot more risk / reward with it in the default mode.

#3099 3 years ago

no-code (resized).jpg

#3114 3 years ago

This is a total guess, but I'd bet we're 13 days from the next legit chance at code. It wouldn't surprise me if Stern is closed Monday & Tuesday giving only Wednesday to tie up any loose ends for a Thursday (7/6/17) release. That's also assuming the right staff is in the office to do a code release on the 6th and 7th.

It's certainly possible that something wasn't quite ready and can be buttoned down before Thursday. However, the 13th seems more likely than a holiday shortened week.

#3203 3 years ago
Quoted from frg:

Codewise it looks by far more sophisticated at this time than the current status on BM66.

By about a year.

Quoted from frg:

So please Lyman - implement those special moments in the BM66 code

Working up to a 6x shot multiplier with 3x playfield is pretty great.

#3277 3 years ago

Ok folks, I disconnected all of my streaming gear; I folded all stands; I wound all cords; I put everything neatly in all the boxes, and I put all the boxes neatly in the closet. That should virtually guarantee a code drop tomorrow.

You're welcome.

#3290 3 years ago

trollyoday (resized).jpg

#3403 3 years ago

Played a bunch of SW yesterday. While it certainly does have a lot more code and clips than Batman, it's not nearly as complete as I thought. Lots of bugs and holes in the code that make zero sense or don't have a reason for why things happen. SW is super fast, but holy crap is it obnoxious with dozens of sounds seemingly playing at once and the light shows need a lot of work to make some sense. It's almost like they SW started with damn near everything in the game and they need to scale back and fix a lot and polish. With Batman, we're seeing less, but it's getting polished as we go and not getting anything new until existing code is rounded out.

I'm less impressed with SW code than I was after watching the videos. That said, it's a fun game and I'll dump a ton of quarters into it. However, I wouldn't even consider trading Batman for Star Wars at this time.

#3418 3 years ago

disappointed rant starts in 23 minutes.

#3425 3 years ago

I haven't opened my goodie bag to see what's in there. Someone told me it would help resale to keep it shut, but I really don't think this game is going anywhere.

{Insert profanity laced rant about code releases that gets me a temp thread eject here.}

#3497 3 years ago

My best yet.

IMG_0311 (resized).jpg

#3507 3 years ago

My first goal was to double the bat phone, then 3x it (which is how I got 200M plus). Next, I want to 4x it. That might get it to almost a billion on Bat phone alone.

Oddly enough, I actually bricked a shot and the bat cave targets locked in 3x at the turntable without answering the phone. This allowed me to jack up the bat phone a few more times before cashing in at 3x.

#3518 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Anyone else had "TILT" frozen on the Villain Vision screen that doesn't clear? I had to go into the system menu and then out again to clear it.

TILT and WARNING won't clear from the VV on ball 3 drain for me until I start a new game.

#3524 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Definitely a bug then. Thanks for the confirmation. The RGB arrows were locked, too. Same for you?

PinMonk I haven't noticed the RGB lock, but I'll tilt out tonight and see what happens.

Quoted from Bamatami:

MK, where did you get your PDI glass? Do you really think it is worth it? I'm guessing yes! I finally got my LE today and I love that "new" pinball smell! I'm looking forward to doing some of the mods we talked about!

In my home environment PDI glass brought out the vivid colors in the game. I also found that I was able to get the PDI glass quite clean easier than the standard glass. This, of course, also makes the playfield pop a little more. Of course, YMMV as everyone argues in every PDI/Invisi/Regular glass thread. I'm happy with mine.

#3557 3 years ago

I previously believed that I was the biggest "the Batman code situation is fine and will be great" fan boy; Good to see that I've relinquished that title. Last week was a gut punch without code. If we don't have some this week, it'll be a swift kick to the boys.

#3560 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

I will gladly take the title, and you will thank me later............lol

I still have complete faith, but my annoyance level has risen exponentially. I'm on the bandwagon, but will let you drive for awhile. lol

#3565 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Its less like a club and more like a support group.

Hi My name is Brewin' and it's been 63 days since my last code update and 8 seconds since I last refreshed the page.

#3578 3 years ago

FWIW: Lyman went 35-25 today to end up in 133rd.

#3647 3 years ago

I was about 3 shots from a Billion on the batphone tonight. I had 129M value and was ready for 6x shot multiplier on the Batphone. So. Freaking. Close.

#3653 3 years ago

Piling on vireland isn't going to get us new code any faster. Stay on target.

#3733 3 years ago

Well, KISS got a little tiny bit of new code. That's something for them. I hope we're next.

#3740 3 years ago

The turntable is pretty great. I wish I could stop getting airballs off of the targets though. My switch 'through' the batmobile is kinda flakey too. When it all works, it's awesome.

I wouldn't say that it's "only on Thursdays" for new code; I think it's more "not on Fridays", making Thursday the last hopeful day.

#3776 3 years ago

After playing a lot more this week after a hiatus from Batman, I've moved from the "I wish we'd just get short updates" camp into the "just give it to me when it's done" camp. There are so many things in .75 that bug me that I'd like everything that comes next to be polished and consistent. Even if some things aren't done, I want the things are done to be done done.

#3826 3 years ago

Zdoor There was a Yellow powdered around here somewhere. I can't remember whom, but they sold it yada yada. Anyway, there should be yellow pics in this thread.

#3869 3 years ago

bat coin door could suffice

#3985 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

On another note does anyone know which cards Stern used for the Adam West Signatures? I'd like to try and get one from the same set/series as the one in my LE signed by Burt.

1989 Reissues of these:

1 week later
#4149 3 years ago

The word "soon" is not quantifiable. It's obvious that it's not stopping at .75, but FFS the silence is stupid.

#4210 3 years ago

Oh man, a purple VUK would be perfect. I hate you guys.

#4293 3 years ago

Awesome Zdoor . The Batphone bugs me as well.

#4312 3 years ago

I'm OK with the non-incremental releases. Every time something small was added, it made the game even more inconsistent. For example: Penguin HS table just doesn't work. Others do. Riddler's Gordon target behaves differently than Joker's. The list goes on and on. I'll wait, but I'm not OK with the complete lack of communication.

It's not difficult to say "Hey Batman '66 owners, we're sorry that it's taken this long to get the code where we want it. We think it's going to be amazing when it's done. We're still working on it and the absolute earliest it will be available is mm/dd/yyyy. As we get closer to that date, we'll give you some more information and let you know if we're on track or need to give you a new date. Again, we're sorry."

That's it. That's all it takes. Then we all stop hoping for "this Thursday" and can cool our jets for awhile. We can wish it was sooner, but the weekly disappointment cycle ends.

#4414 3 years ago

I can't upvote MK6's post because it's just hogwash. While it'd be awesome to know the exact day and time, most of us are reasonable and understand that's not how it usually works. That isn't a reason to give zero updates on progress.

"Hey we're still working on it. We really have no idea where the end could be. Think months, not days. We have to finish it, do a code review and then put it through QA and play testing."
"Hey we think it should hit QA in the next 30 days; this release is so large that QA could take another 45+."
"Good news, it's actually in QA now. Next, play testing!"
"Play testing is going well. We expect you to have this in the next 30-45 days if things go according to plan."

Absolute dates and total silence are not the only options.

#4418 3 years ago

MK6PIN I know you're not being a fanboy. My comments were directly at the message from Stern and were not directed at you at all. I apologize if I wasn't clear. Hell, I was the biggest B66 fanboy for the first few of months. I had faith, they'll do what they said etc. Count me among the burned and jaded now.

2 weeks later
#4698 3 years ago

They basically MUST release whatever they have or it's going to be an extraordinarily uncomfortable Expo.

#4715 3 years ago

We're getting off topic into the Expo section, but what else is there to discuss?

An equally plausible reason, or contributing factor to not releasing a new game at Expo is that they simply don't need to do so. If SW, MET, ACDC 1.1, GB and SMVE are filling the production lines for the next few months, why divert the market to yet another game? Re-launching Batman gives them another 'free' game (maybe with an alt translite on 2.0 Prems, just imagining things now) to possibly keep the production line full with some new orders of a 'done' game. Maybe they just don't need another game right now.

#4720 3 years ago

Exactly; we know for a fact that "it's not ready" isn't a reason for Stern to delay an announcement unless for some reason there is a delay with getting lic. approval, but that seems pretty doubtful.

2 weeks later
#5295 3 years ago

I'm angry for the first time. This is stupid.

#5603 3 years ago

SLE art is pretty great.

#5632 3 years ago

Doug, I think you're pretty safe from Stern reading anything in this thread.

#5809 3 years ago

Everyone's come around to PinMonk graphs. I haven't enjoyed my decent from Fanboy to cheerleader to disgruntled owner. Graphs make it all better.

#5966 3 years ago

Initial Review:

* No update problems.

* Seems like there are lots of bugs. In particular, Bat Turn mode is all kinds of wonky as to when it ends, when it continues, what's flashing etc. When you take bat turn into base mode and start a new villain things go very sideways for awhile. Another bug appeared allowed me to skip Riddler 2 and go directly to Riddler 3 by pressing the button again quickly. I need to verify that one.

* Scoring is WAY up. Maybe because of bat turn running for so long. Not sure.

* There are lots of new things flashing. GADGET flashes a lot; unsure how to make it stop.

* Continuing the major villain mode is little confusing as to what to do next. I was shooting Catwoman 3 for awhile with nothing flashing white and SJP not lit.

* "To the Bat Poles" is a little confusing now too. The 2nd shot on Riddler still isn't orange.

* Tons and tons of new video and callouts. Major improvement in this area. Penguin sound finally!

* Minor villains have not changed a bit.

* The new major villain continue / stop is a nice risk/reward addition.

* Catwoman is no longer the easiest mode in all of pinball.

* Lots of new menu options.

* Menu is now Yellow. Was it before? I thought it was red before.

Overall, it's better, but the bugs are disappointing as it really hinders comprehension of wtf is happening. I'll keep playing and try to avoid bat turn and see if it helps. However, when going for a 3x villain, bat turn is much more 'in the flow' than in .75

#5968 3 years ago

[Edit: Redacted my gordon notes, it's changed in .80] I'm unclear if gordon resets your batcave timer.

"going to the batcave" aka 'to the batpoles' is supposed to give you 2x scoring for that villain mode.

#5975 3 years ago

Can you pick the other (batman) file, or is Kiss the only option when -/+ ?

#5978 3 years ago

Unless you're just dying to do it JFH, my thread pre-dates yours by 35 mins. I did the last three versions; but if you want take the torch I'll cede to yours.



I love the new flash on the gordon target informing you how many shots to it remain. SO nice. I haven't quite determined what happens if you hit Gordon 3x before you start the bat cave mode.

However, I did learn that bat cave mode timer doesn't start until you make the scoop shot. Basically, it's a combo, not a hurry-up. Scoop -> Timer Starts -> Left Loop

#5980 3 years ago

Utility belt / Bat junk close up is very strange. Happened to me too.

I discovered that the 2nd and 3rd time through a villain, when the GADGET flashes, that's the shot you're supposed to hit to progress through the mode.

#6069 3 years ago

"Shoot the Bat Signal" "Shoot the Bat beacon" should both be the Riddler saucer above which is the bat signal.

#6076 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Has anyone else noticed the left orbit shot not registering at the start of the Riddler mode? It seems to be even more noticeable with the new 0.80 code. I checked the switch in test and it always registers.

Yes, Riddler has two main bugs:

1. "To the Batpoles" 2nd shot doesn't work
2. The SJP doesn't light and it continues through to the next mode for levels 2-4.

#6085 3 years ago

Batman has a nice balance of flow, intentional 'out of control' situations with the Gordon shot and some slower sections like the scoop and through the atomic pile shot. It's not TZ, but it's also not IM. Somewhere in the middle.

#6196 3 years ago
Quoted from Bamatami:

Since the code drop, I'm having trouble with the Award Lock not locking the ball and also, ball(s) are getting stuck in the 2:00 position of the spinner by the lock gate instead of locking the ball? I hope I'm making sense. Is there an adjustment I can make or a test to make sure it's working correctly?

Award lock doesn't physically lock a ball, it just awards a solid Lock Lamp at the right loop.

If your ball is getting stuck between the the long gate that provides access to the physical lock and the up post that holds the balls in the lock as the turntable turns, then you should test the post. On my game, when this happens, the post is the first thing to move down in ball search. The ball then comes to rest on the switch in the turntable and a new ball is put into the shooter lane.

#6286 3 years ago

I thought I was crazy about the MB multiplier. Glad to see it fixed.

#6325 3 years ago
Quoted from taz:

By the way what is the goal of multiball? Is it just points? I played it a couple of times and all lights seemed to stay the same (green ?) no matter what I shot.

Yep; just shoot the green arrows for points. Shoot 15 of them and the turntable turns to the pile for SJP. It's nice to have a shot multiplier on that SJP when you hit it. SJP as of .75 was supposed to also Add-a-ball, but it never did. I'm unsure if that's still the plan.

#6334 3 years ago

That's a fun idea that attract mode changes based on in-game achievements.

#6337 3 years ago

Add-a-ball is the first mystery award (I think every other award actually) at the Riddler saucer in Villain Multiball.

#6340 3 years ago

Using ramps to move the crane would be cool. Except, you could probably not get it right of the right ramp unless it was backwards (hit the right ramp to move the crane left and vice versa). Maybe from the left flipper it's a clean shot. This is a fun idea.

#6370 3 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Been meaning to ask the group....balls coming out of the right orbit, slow to medium speed, do they mostly hit the top edge of the slingshot plastic or do the balls typically feed nicely to the right flipper bat?
Fast shots definitely feed the flipper, but most other shots on my pin will hit the top of the slingshot quite consistently. Wondering if that’s normal on BM66 or do I need to bend the ball guide out?

Coming down the right orbit, next to the riddler scoop, I have to give it an Iron Man style nudge to get a clean feed to the flipper. It always clips some part of the sling rubber if I don't - but NEVER the plastic. If your ball is hitting the plastic, you need to adjust the sling plastic somehow.

#6400 3 years ago

.81 makes a big difference. I still have lots of sound level issues though. Fewer, but still many.

I like the idea of shooting the GADGET targets as a shot because that just sends the ball into crazy town.

#6465 3 years ago

Does the shaker add much to Batman so far? I don't have a shaker, but thinking about it. Mod Couple's stuff is also so freaking tempting.

#6469 3 years ago

I was totally fine with the pile and spinner until I saw the pics of it installed. Now I'm a somewhat sad panda. The phone and TV still bug me a bunch too. Yelobird what's the deadline to order the pile mod and spinner mod?

1 week later
#6727 3 years ago

They said something would happen, and then it did. Awesome.

#6730 3 years ago

20% downloaded. I'm really happy with .81 Adding minor villains is going to be great.

#6749 3 years ago

Quick hits after a few games:

1. New mini tv screens are great.
2. Earning TV Villains on purpose is difficult.
3. Egghead and Freeze are Season 2; season 1 and 3 are disabled now. No mistake about what you can choose.
4. Egghead is a frenzy with a twist. I like it. Needs some sound work but pretty nice.
5. So many clips and callouts in 81 and 83 that its really great. I still keep noticing little details.
6. Nice changes, but right now I don't see how egghead is a 'power up', but Freeze certainly is.
7. Capturing 3 seasons of TVV is going to be very difficult.

#6763 3 years ago

The little screens are good to help you know if you've made a shot related to the mode. Having the major villain animations happen in the little screens is pretty easy to see - except for Riddler - since they're mostly static and then it's usually a close-up of the major villain doing something.

#6771 3 years ago

Has anyone gotten the Egghead thing to work? I can start Egghead, but I can't use the gadget button to light a shot to collect. I know the button works fo r other gadget uses.

Also, Gadgets now count as a Penguin crane hit even if you haven't cleared the flashing purple shots.

#6775 3 years ago