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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#12262 7 months ago

Hello all, I purchased a BM 66 2 weeks ago and everything was working great. Until the bat turn mechanism broke off. Has anyone had any problems with this or know how to fix? I don’t see any screws it looks like it was just metal to metal break. I have a message into the distributor and will hopefully get a new part. Don’t know if there is a quick fix to keep playing, have a big family get together coming up and was going to have it ready.

096756E9-EB72-4066-A4BE-E9F4C559ADD7 (resized).jpeg61811035-7BC1-42ED-9DD4-F3E53A649C28 (resized).jpeg8BFD648A-3101-4296-A280-8D3A4B7380A8 (resized).jpeg
#12265 7 months ago

Yes while playing, had finally reached bookworm/freeze and on ball 2, extra ball, close to 1 bil! I was not happy. Could this be the doing of a shaker motor, installed 2 days ago? So I should not try to epoxy it till replacement arrives? Would it prevent proper function or damage things more

3 weeks later
#12432 6 months ago

I waxed the playfield on BM a few days ago and it is playing lightning fast. I can't get the bubble in the middle on leveling, with front legs raised all the way up, so it is tilted more to begin with. Any thoughts on adjusting to get the correct angle? I guess if anything it'll prepare more for my new Star Wars pro arriving in a few weeks.

#12485 6 months ago

Can someone explain the 3 minor villain wizard modes. I've played all 3, and haven't noticed much difference in scoring. Is one best for scoring?

#12547 6 months ago

I had a rubber break in the turn table and had to tear it down and replace. I had an amazing game going after, for $18bil. But I had 2 minor and major wizards. Seams I could’ve been much higher. I had 4x screen multiplier on king tut. I noticed I wasn’t getting batturn during my games. Also no play field multiplier. If in king tut 4x mode is that the play field multiplier? Or did I mess a switch or something up when repairing and it’s not registering? I swear I hit that damn batturn a lot during multi balls and the insert was flashing, as it does before a few more hits to start batturn. Any thoughts?

#12552 6 months ago
Quoted from Jahkub:

Mine sometimes doesn't register a atomic pile switch hit every now and then but not too often. Bat turn is ready when the insert is blue and playfield multipliers are ready when the atomic pile is pulsing red, if you're not starting either when you hit the target then there is a problem.

So I figured out the one of the tv wires was wrapped around the atomic pile switch and therefore not registering. 2 major and all 3 minor wizard modes achieved, with 4x King tut and an end score of $18bil, which isn't awful...but feeling very depressed thinking what could've been with playfield multipliers and batturn going.

1 week later
#12609 6 months ago

Has anyone had a villian video mode updating/needs updating error message on the tv screen on the rotating playfield? I don't remember the wording exactly, but can look tonight.

1 week later
#12675 6 months ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

“Playing Villain Escape isn't a great reward, so I'd recommend focusing on other goals”
Does this bother anyone? I enjoy locking up villians and edging closer to the wizard mode, but the scoring doesn’t seem to match this goal. Dream theme for me hands-down, but how many days until I finally tire of freeze/BW I truly cannot say. One day it might drive me as mad as the Joker, but not today.

I agree villian escape isn't as high scoring. However, I had my two high scores recently, 76bil and then 190bil (this was a crazy 1.5 hour endurance that I'll probably never reproduce). I got 35 bil villian escape on 76bil game and only 36bil on 190bil game. They key to villian high scoring is stacking. There is a great post earlier in this thread about how to do this and I have it printed at home. Simply, you are on major villian 4, but not closed out and have 2 minors completed. Get 3rd minor going and complete major villian and bat signal flashes, shoot up to scoop and now you're in villian escape (before multiball starts). Then finish 3rd minor and shoot to scoop to start minor villian wizard mode and blow it up. I find gas attack or batsui best. When you drain to 1 ball you are still in minor escape and can keep blowing up pre-scoring. You can also qualify and start another minor, like egghead, and hopefully have batturn going. Hope this all makes sense, and I think I have the order of things correct, it can get confusing. Check the thread posted earlier though.

#12676 6 months ago

Here is the better worded post:

Strategy was a little more than only Bookworm/Freeze:
- king tut complete (keep progress in minors for rest of the game)
- bookworm complete (started combined with a multiball for a sure completion, have your gadget and third lock ready when shooting the tv saucer for a free third lock)
- mr freeze complete (frozen timers), go in with some gadgets if you can
-->followed by a minor wizard mode (batusi) that is constantly run on 3x atomic pile multiplier with most of shot multipliers lit
- Then king tut again complete (season 2): main tv screen score is now 2x, with atomic pile multiplier on 3x and most of shot multipliers (we're having all shots then lit from 12x tot 36x).
- Then I tried to complete king tut (season 1) but failed.
I actually wanted to complete king tut season 1. So I would have had 3x on my main screen multiplier instead of 2x. Resulting in shots that would have been (3x+3x+shot multipliers) in the range of 18x to 54x.
- I completed shame 3 (multiball extended, more balls).
- At that time I had my 4 major villains complete and villain escape wizard mode lit
Here's the important part:
-I did not start villain escape immediately but qualified my tv lit to start my villain escape together with a minor villain.
-I choose mad hatter season 1. Now I'm running safe and can complete mad hatter in my villain escape wizard mode. Keep in mind that the first part is single ball mode. If I drain my ball, I have multiball kicked in for villain escape and can easily complete mad hatter...
But with mr freeze, I have a frozen timer so a good chance in completing that minor (mad hatter) that i'm playing without even needing the multiball. The only real important thing I need to avoid is drain my ball in this fase.
- I succeed in completing mad hatter during villain escape single ball mode and I can start my minor wizard mode (holy multiball).
This setup is not a bug, this is by design to work combined
I play holy wizard mode and build quite a huge jackpot value for villain escape, with main screen 2x, atomic pile 3x, and all shot multipliers assigned...
When holy is finished I'm back to single ball... if I eventually drain that ball, villain escape multiball starts with huge jackpot amounts
I scored 62Billion in villain escape. There were some superjackpots in there of 8B! Nice strategy and setup
Too bad I didn't have more king tuts completed. Can you image playing this at max king tut level of 5x (resulting in shots in the 30x to 90x)
I also had bat turn running (2B), played a shame mode 3 (again) afterwards (1.3B), etc...
fyi: 3 ball settings + 2 earned extra's, steep game, outlanes wide open (small post rubbers), tight tilt, harder multiball settings (think medium)

2 weeks later
#12791 5 months ago

Hope I can get some help, I had to take apart the center mechanism to replace my broken flat spinner assembly, where the batmobile sits. The flat spinner arm broke at the welding point. I got it all put back together and it's not rotating or registering. I've included a couple pics, I think I don't have the Driven Geneva Wheel (page 48 manual) in there correctly? There is no good diagram in manual on how this is suppose to go in, with the slots and such. Also, will have to check wiring as the Atomic Pile isn't even on, the lighting or switches registering.

Also, the plastic guard in the second pic, does the little extension at the bottom go on inside or outside of the metal brackets?

image1 (006) (resized).jpgimage2 (006) (resized).jpg

#12801 5 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I hope these help you.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

Thanks for the pictures! I worked on it a long time last night and it's working good now. I hope nothing ever breaks in this turn table again, it is a lot of work to get things done on this mech.

#12902 5 months ago

what are people's thoughts on the tv wizard modes, which do they prefer, go to? I've come up with a pretty good strategy. I get my Bookworm/Freeze, then do Tut season 3. I don't worry about closing out majors, unless I'm on ball 2 doing first wizard mode to get extra ball. My first minor wizard is holy, I don't think the scoring is as great. Then I go for Tut all day, Mad Hatter if I miss one to pick up where I left off. I then do Batsui and Gas Attack last. I found Batsui scores the best, especially with high Tut multipliers, 3x playfield, and batturn going. And if I miss it all up I have fun with it, such a great game.

#12944 5 months ago

So I'm new to the newer machines with code updates. When updating does it erase all high score information?

#12953 5 months ago

I was trying to think of other games that are similar in play, modes, feeling of shots and progression, besides the other Batman. Really enjoy the game and want something that feels as fun

#12978 5 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Agree with your assessment of a stellar game like Batman 66. Our family loves it!
Another game that has similar depth and theme integration is Star Wars Pre/Le and is very underrated by some because their vision of such an iconic franchise doesn’t match Stern’s stellar effort. The Steve Richie gameplay is unmatched and the code is deep with many different ways to play, just like Batman 66.
The table is not empty by any means. Just look underneath and see a menagerie of electronics that power things on the top and at the back. You have to look at the back of the table too to appreciate how much has gone into this table. Many bullet points and the flow is amazing. My daughter feels like she is a champion playing it, even though a novice because it plays so well. We fixed left out lane drain issue with a different post in the same area, which creates longer ball times. Fixed the DS shot by slightly moving right post enough so ball goes right up DS ramp.
Theme integration and depth is near equal to Batman and beautiful the way Steve laid out the play field to reflect the last big battle scene from the first movie. Should it have an xwing or two and couple more tie fighters? Yes and mods take care of that. Such a fun table and soooo underrated.

I agree with you, so much that I have owned the Pro for a few months! I think the game is very underrated. I went with the Pro, not settling for it as I had the means for Premium, because of the flow and I felt like I wouldn't miss out on the hyperloop. I may be in the minority but I think it is too obstructing at lower playfield.

#12979 5 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I highly recommend JJP POTC. Tons of ways to play it. 125 chapters (modes). Lots of multiballs. Lots of wizard modes. Non linear gameplay. You both may really enjoy it. My only complaint is that it can be multiball heavy at times.

I have struggled with this game and whether I would like it long-term. Yes it is very deep, but all the streams I watch it looks like you're not getting anywhere, I do like deep, but I like a beginning and an ending. Also, wide body isn't my favorite. Are the shots smooth? I really enjoy ramp shots, and combos and I don't get flow feeling in POTC. I'm actually looking at Wonka, theme is just okay, but I like the flow and shots. Now have to decide between SE and LE. I could live with the SE just as long as playfield isn't different (besides the wonkavator). Can anyone comment on JJP SE vs. LE playfields. Are there less inserts/lighting, etc.

#12983 5 months ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

funny questions for a batman 66 thread. I can think of 10 other threads for those questions.

You're right, my bad, I hate it when others get off on tangents too.

#13000 5 months ago

Gadgets are key for minors, I use them on the shots that are tough for me, right orbit mainly. Or bookworm, 1 on last 2 turntables, incase a SDTM happens

2 months later
#13669 88 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

What's your strategy to get a score like that?

There is some good topics on scoring in past threads..to really blow it up, complete minor villians, play the wizard modes. Get Bookworm/Freeze right away..then Tut all day. Tut increases your multiplier on main channel (if running wizard, bat turn, etc at same time have it on one that will score highest). And if you have freeze all your timers are frozen. And save some gadgets for wizard modes, works well with Batsui if you have only 1 shot left, then shoot bat signal, super jackpot collected, and it grows with each collection.

2 weeks later
#13959 71 days ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a call from Commissioner Gordon....[quoted image]

Where did you get the poster?

2 weeks later
#14113 55 days ago
Quoted from Scotty_K:

OK, here's one that I haven't seen before...
I was just playing a game when I sent the ball to the Batcave, and suddenly this happens:
[quoted image][quoted image]
Naturally, I immediately turned off the game, took off the glass, and removed the spinner to find this:
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
It would appear that the weld on the on the spinner arm snapped right off.
I guess I'll need to get in touch with my distributor and Chas about this.

This happened to me also. It's a welded part, so you do need a new one sent out. Make sure you send Stern pictures, when they sent out my replacement they only sent the batmobile, no the actual part. It should be in the manual, I've learned being very specific with these companies are key. I did JB weld mine and it worked for a few months before breaking and doing the replacement. Good luck on repairing, it's not as easy as you'd think.

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