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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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#2573 2 years ago

I'm new to this forum and have question. I have a premium 66 pinball that is still in the box, it came with the .70 code. I went to the Stern website today to get the update and all I see is the new one (.75) did I miss something, am I able to get the other update. Sorry If I sound stupid, I am an old guy with a new pinball.

4 weeks later
#2968 2 years ago

I ordered the Topper and add on Beacon also, have not received it yet.

I just went to the website and the add on beacon states for "LE",
the one with the stand states it fits all 3? I am wondering if you can only use one or the other without another node board?

#2971 2 years ago

I agree, very confusing. I will be in the same boat next week when mine arrives, let us know what you find out. I plan on calling them Monday

3 months later
#5731 2 years ago

Very cool, count me in.

1 week later
#6136 2 years ago


Impressed again! I received my Atomic Pile today, pictures don't do it justice, great job. Looking forward to your next project.

2 weeks later
#6553 2 years ago

On the fence, maybe I just need to see it from further away. Creative as usual and love the idea.

#6618 2 years ago

J85m pm

#6787 2 years ago

Looks like they are out of purple now

#6884 2 years ago

yelobird plz answer pm

#6900 2 years ago

I just bought a Cliffy set, but it didn't come with the Horseshoe piece or screws, did you request that extra?

#6922 2 years ago

Need some help. I realize I am electronically challenged. I am handy with most things not this.
I am trying to connect my premium topper and Yelobirds speaker light kit. I have a Z adapter, the problem is the topper has 4 wires and the adapter only three slots to attach. Tried pushing two wires into one of the slots, dosent work. I can either plug in the topper or Yelobirds MOD into the CN6, but not both together without connecting the two.

IMG_4697 (resized).JPG

IMG_4700 (resized).JPG

IMG_4701 (resized).JPG

#6926 2 years ago

As I explained I’ve already tried that. Would have sent a pic thru email but unable. There are two pieces of plastic sticking out of the topper plug preventing me from attaching it to the adapter unless I start shaving the topper plug. I assume u were saying to attach this way (bottom pic), plugging your mod into the board. Really don't want to start cutting on plugs.

ECA8A4F4-A18F-4C69-82F3-A43E6492E05C (resized).jpeg
C679E4E6-1DC6-4569-8EC4-FEB3826C0087 (resized).jpeg

#6932 2 years ago

Thanks everyone for your help! This board is great. Doc where can I get the breakout header.

#6948 2 years ago

Ok, I ended up cutting the prongs on the adapter rather than the topper, plugged all together as suggested......dosent work. The speaker ring will light, but not the topper.

Topper is in top position on the adapter, mod plugged into board, thru the adapter. Individually both work when plugged into CN6. Any ideas? This is getting frustrating.

IMG_4714 (resized).jpg

#6953 2 years ago

I checked both the mod and topper, when plugged in individually both work and the ground is at the top as marked on the board. When I combined them with the z connector I lined up all black on one side and red the other, plugged the mod into the board with ground at top. Mod lights, not the topper. Topper will only light if plugged directly into cn6. Gotta be a better way, I really like the speaker lights.

#7122 2 years ago

Much better!

Can you show how the connections go in the node boards. I am considering the same thing

#7124 2 years ago

I have the premium. I had to swap out the node boards from the projector and install them into the back box of the topper. Was not too difficult, but then again if the swap involves soldering etc, Im out.

#7260 2 years ago

Anyone have any issues with a node board. I turned my game on and I get the following message, when the pin comes on the lower right side of the pin does not light?

IMG_4751 (resized).JPG

#7264 2 years ago

great, so now what, is the board under warranty?

#7267 2 years ago

I called C
haz last week and he said he would send out the parts , but it would "be a while." Checking the connections now.

#7270 2 years ago

Ok, thanks everyone. I Checked everything. I pushed in all the connections, unplugged the machine, left power off for 5 minutes, then plugged back in and presto, it seems to be working. Bizarre. One of the Cat5 seemed a little loose, idk.

1 week later
#7496 1 year ago

I'm sure it has been talked about, but I am newer to the community. Curious how many use playfield protectors? Are they worth it and which would you recommend?

#7498 1 year ago

Great, Thank you!

#7532 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Played it several times again tonight.
Shutting her down until the next code update!!!
My atomic pile mod lighting is F ed up (nothing) and had a couple of poles fall off into the cab to boot, one I can't even find
When new code rolls around I'll be ready to crank her up again. In the meantime, other pins to play and alcohol to drink!!!

I had to tighten the poles on my atomic pile the other day, they were loose. I snugged them pretty good when I installed them, I wonder if the table spinning and all the play there is causing them to loosen up?

1 week later
#7654 1 year ago

Can you give me Chas's email, he never sent mine.

1 week later
#7930 1 year ago

Ok, Received the repair kit from Stern today and installed it. Also updated to the new code. Turned the game on and neither of the slingshots light up, looks like the lower half of the board is missing some lighting. Game works, no error codes? Checked everything plugged in. Any ideas? Sorry bout the bad pic.

IMG_4788 (resized).jpg

#7932 1 year ago

I only received one Capacitor, unplugged it from Node 8 and plugged the original molex back in, still nothing. Is there a fuse for that section? The lights on top of the slingshots flash when game is off, just none of the bulbs on either side work.

#7935 1 year ago

Ok, I will try that. I looked underneath and have two small flashing yellow lights on node board 8 and 9, I think it is right at CN11? No idea

#8042 1 year ago

I ordered a set also, several pieces for Batman 66. He is very easy to deal with, just gets busy. Best time to Email him is in the morning. Highly recommend.

3 weeks later
#8559 1 year ago

So, what kind of wax should I use on my 66 premium playfield ? I saw some stuff called Millwax, but was told it has silicone and to avoid it.

#8564 1 year ago


1 month later
#9077 1 year ago

How does one tell if you have the same name as one of the SLE owners and what is "PB."

#9160 1 year ago

Did Franchi also have translites? would love to have one of those

1 month later
#9936 1 year ago

Just installed Pinstadium lights, wow really adds to the game!

I am still learning how to adjust via the App and was wondering what your favorite settings are for those who have one.

3 weeks later
#10064 1 year ago

where are the you tube videos?

3 months later
#11072 1 year ago

I have also had problems downloading the code, never had any issues in the past. I was able to download, but pin wouldn't read code. Anyone else having similar issues.

2 months later
#11879 11 months ago

Lookin good

#11903 11 months ago

Has anyone powder coated their right ramp? Looking for pics to help decide if I want to have it done and recommendations on who to use.

#11906 11 months ago

Looks good, I like the Blue.

3 weeks later
#12189 11 months ago

Which protector did you buy

#12206 10 months ago

I Like the one mentioned JFH, looks like it ships from Germany though?

#12235 10 months ago

Big thanks to Steve at Pinball Refinery for doing an awesome job powder coating my right ramp (wire form) purple.

IMG_8134 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#12409 10 months ago
Quoted from Metaluna5:

Correct, Stern did NOT produce the gadget blades but I DID. I made 5 sets. 1 pair are on my ESLE 1 of 1, 1 pair is on Joe Kaminkos game, and 3 other lucky people who nabbed a set from me at an expo got them. No more exist. All gone.

What ever happened with the 66 Movie posters you were making last summer? We
never heard back.

#12471 9 months ago

Looking for a little help. I want to connect a mod to an open spot on the power supply I have. The harness came with the same molex connection thats on the power supply (individual pic). I need to convert it to one like the second pic (with red and black wires) so it will work. Or find another way to connect. Any suggestions would be appreciated, not that great with electrical.

IMG_5708 (resized).JPGIMG_5709 (resized).JPG

IMG_5710 (resized).JPG
1 month later
#12952 8 months ago

Played the game with the new code, I like it. I have a question though, prior to this update if you had zero credits Adam West would call out " better put some money in the game." It apears that feature is gone? Anyone know how to get it back

3 months later
#14032 5 months ago
Quoted from bajm:

For those that want batgirl Backbox decals (instead of Batman and robin on the premium Backbox)... I reached out to stern about them. At first, they thought I was asking for cat woman and gave me a lame warranty response but then apologized and said I can get them through my distributor...
“My apologies……….I was thinking of the new Catwoman version, not Batgirl. You can purchase those decals through one of our dealers. Here is a link to find the nearest dealer to you. The part number for the right backbox decal with Batgirl is 820-78I0-02 and the left is 820-78I0-01.”
I reached out to my distributor and they ordered them for me. They were $28.50 for each side (plus tax). I held my breathe until I got them (not entirely sure what I’d get). Get them while you can![quoted image]

Does anyone know if you can order Catwoman panels? I ordered the Batgirl, was thinking it would be cool to put Batgirl on one side and Catwoman on the other, Thoughts?

3 weeks later
#14290 4 months ago


I grew up on Batman 66 also. B & W for the first season then we got a color TV, I was allowed to watch it each week in color from then on, good memories. I have the pin and it is amazing, almost as much fun as re watching when the Blu ray came out.

1 week later
#14366 3 months ago

Sent my armor to Steve as well, did a great job and very reasonable.

1 month later
#14586 66 days ago

Curious about the knocker kit as well. Anyone have a pic of where they put
theirs and is it difficult to install.

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