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Batman 66 - Official Club Thread

By TigerLaw

7 years ago

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Post #366 Adding the Batsignal to LE Posted by docquest (7 years ago)

Post #402 Very detailed review Posted by MT45 (7 years ago)

Post #457 DocQuests Helicopter comparison. Posted by docquest (7 years ago)

Post #463 Docquest's vehicle comparison Posted by docquest (7 years ago)

Post #501 Version 0.65 Code released Posted by PiperPinball (7 years ago)

Post #564 Docquest's helicopter install. Posted by docquest (7 years ago)

Post #1159 Adjusting the Magnet Posted by PiperPinball (7 years ago)

Post #1234 Helicopter attachment. Posted by docquest (7 years ago)

Post #1314 Photos of Episode 111 Machine Posted by iceman44 (7 years ago)

Post #1322 Version 0.68 Code released Posted by ATLpb (7 years ago)

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#2413 6 years ago

Received my LE on Thursday so now an official member.
Episode 48 The Yegg Foes in Gotham

Also this card I'm more than happy with

IMG-20170428-WA0008 (resized).jpegIMG-20170428-WA0008 (resized).jpeg

#2437 6 years ago

Just noticed on my LE that the left and the right ramps are both chrome. I was under the impression that the left ramp was red.
Do I have a premium dressed in an Le dress??

20170430_233118 (resized).jpg20170430_233118 (resized).jpg

#2441 6 years ago

Yeah Jon I checked Neil's video and thought so. Well I may have a unique Le then. The only one out of 240 with two chrome wireforms. I'll get in touch tomorrow.

#2465 6 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

You should also ask for a different strength plunger spring (I think Green is the one you want - ill check tonight) as the one installed is way too soft (unless yours are already installed).
And if your Bat Car is only screwed to the spinning disc using Phillips head screws, you should ask for the upgraded one where the car is riveted to the disc. The screwed one will fall off.

Spring on the plunger feels pretty strong. Took the Batmobile off and it's certainly screwed onto the disc.
I'll add that one to the list when they get in touch.
Looks to me these were made quite early on but sat in a container for months waiting for Aerosmith and other pins to fill it up before being shipped over to the UK.

IMG_20170501_091732 (resized).jpgIMG_20170501_091732 (resized).jpg

#2486 6 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

It doesn't lay perfectly flat on the front side, but there's some tension to make the holes line up, so it lifts the front slightly (at least on the one I installed). I think that's what's being referred to. The difference in mounting holes is probably only 1-2mm, but it does make a difference.

Had mine in bits today trying to fit the cliffy but in the end failed as could i hell get the back and left side of that scoop surround to raise enough so I could fit it. Right side no problem but I loosened about 5 or 6 nuts around the crane and no way was that surround budging. Goodness knows what was holding it in there.

#2496 6 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

ordered the TDK one from Cliff.

When you go for the install neil do a video for it . I Sacked it yesterday trying to install the thing.

#2499 6 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I followed these directions and had no trouble.

Honestly was not as easy as that. Mine especially. Slackened off the ball guide locking nuts but boy it still wasn't shifting. Well wedged in it was.
Probably try again and have attempt no. 2

1 month later
#3011 6 years ago

Congratulations. It'll only get better as well. Superb choice

1 week later
#3198 6 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Good things!?
Oh man what a cliff hanger, Manimal your officially the biggest tease ever

I think he means the projector Jon

2 months later
#4485 6 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

If you are starting an intetest list for this to estimate demand you can add me to it.

Me and J85M will also be in.

2 weeks later
#4860 6 years ago

Bit of a curveball but does of you guys have an ac/dc in there collection. Looking for a scan of the stern rules card off the apron. Don't want a custom one online just a scan off the original.
Just getting my pins ready for the big move into the games room which..... if I have my dates correct the BM66 code will be released to celebrate the grand opening of it.......

1 week later
#5181 6 years ago

The scenario no doubt will be code gets dropped tomorrow. Then we all start downloading it at the same time. It's trickling down and going to take 4hrs.................... Website crashes....... Arghhhhhh!!!!!

1 week later
#5794 6 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Does anyone have a picture (bottom) of the Replacement Stern riveted Batmobile replacement? I can easily rivet them but wanted to see what I am facing for people that don't want a car. One option I came up with that would save money (buyer) as well as hunting for 100 out of production batmobiles is a threaded base plate that would bond (very well) to the existing car. So you could use the plate with stock holes, drill out your rivet heads and use my mount and your car, or use my mount and the car You like and save some $$. A picture would be Awesome if someone would share.

Here you go

IMG_20171023_220642 (resized).jpgIMG_20171023_220642 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#6536 6 years ago

Has anyone had air balls off the right ramp?
I'm getting a good quantity every game. If it's not centre it's hitting the ramp and jumping the guard.... Exit stage right.
I've had them hitting the playfield glass, jumping across and landing on the side rail. Got one that jumped across and landed in the wireform. Today it jumped and got stuck on the plastic behind the crane.
It's set at 6.9 degrees but was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.
Left ramp is perfect, no issues at all.

IMG_20171115_135952 (resized).jpgIMG_20171115_135952 (resized).jpg

#6538 6 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Do you have a playfield protector on? If so the ramp flap must be on top of the protector. Or the protector must be trimmed around flap.

Well spotted. It seems the ramp entrance cut out on the protector was too large a gap to the ramp flap. It created a groove and I could actually balance a ball up there. Seems that was the launchpad for all my attempted offline ramp shots. The way I was heading I would of had the playfield plastics smashed in a week. I've adjusted it and will give it a good playtest tomorrow. Thanks for the tip

#6582 6 years ago

Definitely option 2.I'll jump on the interested train also.

#6635 6 years ago

Any of you guys know what's going on here? Or has anyone else had this on the inserts.

IMG_20171119_082030 (resized).jpgIMG_20171119_082030 (resized).jpg

#6637 6 years ago

Any of you guys know what's going on here. Problems with the clear coat going on? This is the worst insert.

IMG_20171119_160053 (resized).jpgIMG_20171119_160053 (resized).jpg

#6887 6 years ago

Very Impressive Doc and even the step by step must of took as long as the mod itself.
We have some very creative people in this club and i for one am really happy to be part of it.

#6902 6 years ago

Dog got fed this morning and thought why not fire up a few games before I take her out.
I got the dilemma shot. Ball 3 and one villain locked 2nd villain 1st stage complete.. Do you go for 3x on the villain and continue or cash out and light extra ball.
Must say I bailed and got the extra ball which I made.

Can't stop playing it any spare time I have. Thank you Lyman

#6978 6 years ago

Don't know about anyone else but I'm too busy either trying to be greedy on the Gordon target or just keep on continuing to get the maximum x out of each villain. I have not got a hope of getting the 4 villains unless I go 5 balls and that isn't happening soon. .Bad enough trying to get two.I haven't tried stacking yet but that's because I'm really enjoying it the way it is.
Love a challenge and it definitely has one for me.

2 weeks later
#7354 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Can someone explain how to get modes/villains 'stacked'? Thanks!!

The other guys will correct me but there is an option in the service menu to turn stacking on.
I've not done it yet as I'm enjoying how it's playing at the moment.

1 week later
#7539 6 years ago

Regarding the playfield protector, I found it spot on. In comparison to my other pins it plays the same and no noticeable difference.On my original playfield which has now been replaced I had the mottling effect in a few places but thinking back I'm not sure if I waxed the playfield first before application. This time I waxed the playfield and also the protector and have no issues at all with mottling.
I was getting air balls at the ramp entrances due to the small gap I had between the protector and the ramp flap but a bit of trimming and adjusting has sorted that issue out.
This new playfield was made only a few months back so the protector just gives it a bit of added toughness.Piece of mind i suppose.
Anyway plays great and I'm happy.
We are having a big family get together next week so it'll be interesting which game gets the most plays.

#7545 6 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Don't want to take the thread off in to a mottling tangent, but can anyone tell me if the mottling effect can be repaired by cleaning the playfield and/or underside of the protector or does/would the protector have permanent (cosmetic) damage?

I removed mine,cleaned the protector both sides and put it back on my replacement new playfield and the mottling has gone.
The only thing i would of done different is use a plush/very soft microfibre cloth to clean and wax it first.I was that keen to put it back together and play it i just grabbed any microfibre.It put very faint swirls on it (like on your car if you wash it with a sponge).The led downlights i have shows these but no biggie as they are on a dimmer so they only show if i have them full on.
Thinking back i used Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner on the protector first.That removes any grease or film that may be on there.

#7613 6 years ago

Having a family and friends get together tomorrow night. Just installed the left ramp with an enclosed wireform round the top bend which I had a good friend sort for me.
Initial testing has been positive so a good playtest tomorrow then all it needs is painting.

IMG_20171228_174515 (resized).jpgIMG_20171228_174515 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171228_174436 (resized).jpgIMG_20171228_174436 (resized).jpg

#7623 6 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Pitch still flat on that one...would cause wobble as well as an occasional airball. Been playing Matt's proto for months w flawless, fast action.....just waiting for him to mass produce them....
(I feel bad that he's gone a bit dark...either busy making these or something else...hope all is well )

I've had no airballs from there as of yet and I spent a good while literally throwing the ball up the ramp. A tad excessive but a bit more force than a flipper could send the ball up there and I also had no rejects.
See how it goes tomorrow but I'm pretty. pretty confident it'll hold up well.

#7660 6 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

sutol maybe able to answer/confirm this, he and I probably have 2 of the most recent playfields built.
They came with the fixes, washers etc but I can’t confirm 100% as I am not near mine for a week or so now due to work but I am sure he won’t mind chiming in on this for people.

I've just checked on mine and it has capacitors fitted on both the node boards from the factory. Yours will definitely be the same Jon.
The cable tie fix for the core node stabilization wasn't done so we just missed out on that one.

IMG_20171231_111047 (resized).jpgIMG_20171231_111047 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171231_111024 (resized).jpgIMG_20171231_111024 (resized).jpg

#7661 6 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Can I Email Stern/Chas directly for my node board service bulletin parts kit or do I need to go thru my Distro?

As your in the US you can contact stern direct. For us outside we need to go through our distributor.

#7662 6 years ago

Party the other night went really well and the left ramp mod I had done worked flawlessly.
Attached a small video of me throwing a ball at speed up the ramp and you can see it works really well.
All that's needed is a paint and it's job done.

1 week later
#7951 6 years ago

Yeah, game play is the same on all three which is excellent fun. You definitely won't be disappointed. The long haul has been worth it for me.

#7996 6 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

cooked71 When you raise your playfield does your turntable kinda shift up and down slightly? Mine has some up and down play in it and I'm wondering if this is normal. Thanks!

I contacted stern about mine and was told that slight movement is normal.
However mine had movement forward and back. It had a big gap at the front of the turntable to the playfield and being flush at the back so it was rubbing. Lifting it from the back it sat correctly but as soon as i let go it fell back again.

Something obviously wrong with it. The new playfield i received the turntable is perfect. No issues at all.

#7999 6 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Woe, that's allot of movement. Almost looks like the adjustment screws underneath are loose. Great that Stern sorted it out for you.

My first correspondence about it with a video attached to the email got a reply which said..

The movement in the rotating playfield is normal. Ours here do the same thing.

The thing was rock solid underneath the playfield. Definitely something internal with it.

#8007 6 years ago

Here's a pic of me pushing the targets back as far as they'll go on my replacement playfield. Sure does look like it's been redesigned. More space in there.Nothing for the target to get stuck on now.
I'll compare it to the old one tomorrow which I'll be swapping parts off when I get it back out of its box.

IMG_20180113_002311 (resized).jpgIMG_20180113_002311 (resized).jpg

#8019 6 years ago

Had a few friends over tonight to play some pinball.Batman got the most plays. In fact you couldn't prize me off it. I swapped out the whole left ramp with the one off the other playfield I have and the left orbit shots tonight really flowed way way better than the one I took off. It was like night and day.
Previous one was a right pita to hit. Taking a look they are both cable tied up slightly different and this obviously makes a massive difference.
Anyone with bricking left orbits then that cable needs adjusting and re-tied.

#8023 6 years ago
Quoted from spandol:

I moved the tied cable but my shots still reject and are clunky. Sometimes it does make it. But it’s far from smooth.

Took a pic of both ramps and you can see they have been tied differently. The one on the game now is perfect as it's tied underneath with the cable routed further back.
The one I'm holding was tied to the side causing way too many rejections.
Pretty handy having two at the moment to swap between and compare.

IMG_20180114_101009 (resized).jpgIMG_20180114_101009 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180114_100843 (resized).jpgIMG_20180114_100843 (resized).jpg

#8025 6 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I'm surprised the new pf had the cable to the side and the older one was underneath.

Me too. Watching a few videos on you tube recently thinking to myself they make that shot look easy. I now know why. Major improvement. Out with the new and stick with the old.

2 weeks later
#8363 6 years ago

And st

Quoted from thundergod76:Batusi multiball!!! AWESOME!!!

And still only an increment of .1
Can only imagine what lyman has in store to get to 1.0.

1 week later
#8650 6 years ago

Looks like one of the lens covers off the led light's on the backboard to me.

#8731 6 years ago

So......I got the left ramp back from the paint shop.Went for blue and the job they did was brilliant and I couldn't be happier.Put it back in the game and it just doesn't look right.It was powder coated but that for me is where the problem lies. Compared to the right ramp it looks like its been on steroids due to the thickness of the powder coating.Also it really slows the ball up massively compared to how it was before it getting painted.
Question I've got is what process does stern use to paint the left ramp and make it durable as it's not powder coated?
Ive decided the powder coat is coming off and if I can't get it coloured I'll just get it chromed.At least that way I know it will definitely return to its former speed.

Just put a coat of wax down and it certainly flows with speed now. Amazing the difference.The way powder coating gets done though that's what's putting me off keeping it.The paint just looks too thick compared to the right.

IMG_20180216_172126 (resized).jpgIMG_20180216_172126 (resized).jpg
IMG_20180216_171943 (resized).jpgIMG_20180216_171943 (resized).jpg
IMG_20180216_171937 (resized).jpgIMG_20180216_171937 (resized).jpg

#8748 6 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Is Stern just using a thinner powder coat application in your opinion? Thanks for the insight.

I took the original prior to getting it done to a few places and was told it isn't powder coated.You could scratch the paint off with a key.One Paint company even thought it may have been anodised as it was that thin the covering.
I was contemplating getting the other ramp done so it would match up but the powder coat just doesn't have 'The Look' I want.
Going to do some more digging about to see if I can get the same look as stern.

Small video when I picked it up

#8850 6 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I cant justify doing more than 3 balls. How pinball is supoosed to be lol

Even though it can frustrate the hell out if me I'm with you. All my machines are set to 3 balls.
Just love the challenge and the sense of achievement I suppose.

#8870 6 years ago

So I decided to get the right ramp painted as red to go with the blue left ramp that got done last week.Looks great in the game with just the GI and inserts lighting it up.
I also thought it would look cool to get the ball deflector done to match the batgirl plastic on the left side.Turned out better than i expected.

IMG-20180224-WA0022 (resized).jpegIMG-20180224-WA0022 (resized).jpeg

IMG-20180224-WA0017 (resized).jpegIMG-20180224-WA0017 (resized).jpeg

IMG-20180224-WA0013 (resized).jpegIMG-20180224-WA0013 (resized).jpeg

IMG-20180224-WA0007 (resized).jpegIMG-20180224-WA0007 (resized).jpeg

#8872 6 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

What colors did you use?

When I took the original Left ramp he thought it was a candy red.
He did the candy colours so that's what I went with.
Right ramp though be warned as the powder coat makes the wireform too thick to fit back into the ramp.I had to cut back some if the powder coat to fit it back in there.

#8880 6 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Sutol Your wire forms look AWESOME!! Now that both ramps are coated does the thickness issue you mentioned earlier still bother you? Did you need to wax the red one also to maintain speed? I just noticed that your blue one drains to Robin's side and the red one to Batman's side. Does anyone care about that? I'm still on the fence about getting mine powder coated so I'm really over thinking this stuff lol. Again, your wire forms look fantastic!!

On the thickness issue I decided to measure it and found it was only 1mm wider than the stock so each wire only increased 0.5mm.
So I put that down to age and my fading eyesight and thought I'll get the right one done.
Once I waxed the playfield I had no issues at all.The ball really flows just like stock on both now so It was my mess up really. I'm really gappy how they both play. The right side really shifts.
On the colours I had this conversation with J85M as he mentioned like you the batman side on the right but when you play do you look at the playfield or the apron?
If you look at the playfield art then batman is on the left and robin on the right.That's why I went that way.
Also it can be changed if I get bored with the colours.
I would definitely get them done.

#8890 6 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

All this improvement in code and gameplay has got me seriously thinking about selling my MMr and replacing it with a BM66. Been playing .87 a lot at our league location and really like it, and have always loved the theme and look of the machine.
I know I'm going to get a biased opinion in this thread, but you guys are pinheads just like me so here goes: My present lineup is LOTR, SW Premium, and MMr.
I also love modding and working on pins, so BM66 is even more appealing.....

My totally unbiased opinion is do whatever you need to but fit a BM66
In your lineup.
It's code is still evolving too which means every few weeks we get more surprises in our updates.
Its also a great pin for modding.
Checkout Yelobird (mod couple) atomic pile which is amazing.Crikey he has a full range if mods.
Also the new Left ramp in production. Gonna be a great year for owning BM66

#8974 6 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Ok last health update on me here on this my favorite Pinside thread. After a successful “craniotomy” last Thursday (tumor removed) I got the call that I had been stressing about since my diagnosis.. my pathology report, It turns out my tumor which was the size of a lemon was a benign grade 1 tumor (not cancer) which was the best possible news I could have received. I was able to sit down with my Daughter and tell her that her dad didn’t have cancer which was a pretty special moment. I can’t begin to say how lucky I feel and considering that 1 week ago I was in ICU recovering from brain surgery and today I am resting at home. I am still struggling with my speech a bit as it can be difficult for me sometimes to put my thoughts into words and I am dealing with some serious headaches but all things considered I feel very very lucky!!
Fun fact I got off of my anti seizure meds 2 days ago and finally me and my Bat Dog (Noah) went and played my BM66 and I beat my all time high score! The thing is that I have never been a great pinball player and have always struggled with making consistent shots, it seems that this tumor was pushing on an area that affected my motor function because I am hitting shots and playing better and more consistently than I ever have!
On a side note I am probably going to have to think about a different hairstyle.

Absolutely fantastic news. You've certainly been through the emotions these past few weeks. Best wishes to you and the family. Made up for you man.

2 weeks later
#9123 6 years ago

Glad you liked them Jon.I was really pleased how they turned out.Now get them back in the game mate and show us all what they look like.

#9127 6 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

From what I hear he is open to cheap economy flights to the US

I'll pack my suitcase just in case,lol
Anyway props to J85M because it was his idea what to do with the ramp and how he wanted it to look.
I just know the right people who could bring it all together.

2 weeks later
#9351 6 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Joined the club, one of the best on Pinside! Already have a question. I put a playfield protector on before playing and had a turntable error after. Looks like the back of the turntable is touching the playfield. Any ideas on fixing this? I don’t recall pushing on the turntable. I assume dismantle it and make it true. Thanks for any feedback!

Looks very much like my first playfield that. Glass off,hand underneath the bat mobile spinner and lift it up.You will probably see it sits perfect with a gap all the way round.Take your hand off and it just sits back again on the playfield.
No adjustments underneath for that.
If you take the playfield up and do the spinner like above you'll notice everything is rock solid.It looked to me it was missing some bushes or something similar.
If it is like that then you'll have to contact stern.

#9352 6 years ago

This was mine.

IMG_20170526_133028 (resized).jpgIMG_20170526_133028 (resized).jpg

#9355 6 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Ok, will get on that. You guys are great! Stern hasn't answered yet...

I'm still sat on that detective one.Been farming parts between the two playfields I have at the moment.If you need to compare against it let me know.

2 weeks later
#9539 6 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

does anyone have or can take a picture of the connector to the Batman 66 display please?

Be home in 20.Give me a call neil.
Check your pm

#9643 6 years ago
Quoted from 82Trooper:

So while playing my premium today, the ball got stuck on the gap between the turntable and the play field. I know there has been discussion about "leveling" the turntable,...but I am not sure that is my problem. When I lifted the play field to investigate, the entire turntable seems to wobble in the brackets. Here are 2 short videos of the top and bottom....
» YouTube video
» YouTube video
Any ideas how to remedy this?

Here's the one I had

My playfield got replaced due to another issue and the new one was fine. I tried adjusting it but that never worked. Just feels really loose in the frame. I'd give stern a call or your Distro.

#9665 6 years ago

Finally got around to doing the lighting mod on Yelobird Atomic pile.
I went with sterns flasher out of the old pile for the bottom and then used MK6PIN idea and used the round flasher from hooked on pinball for the top.
In person it looks amazing and I'm really pleased I took the effort.
Thanks to @yelobird,thundergod76 and MK6PIN as I would never of been able to attempt it never mind do it without their help.Cheers guys.

Pic is with just sterns flasher in on the left and both installed on the right.

inCollage_20180417_074812822 (resized).jpginCollage_20180417_074812822 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#9784 5 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Don't forget the protectors for your art blades: » YouTube video
On SPIKE games, I take the playfield out. It's only 3 wires to unplug.

Got a set if these last Xmas.
J85M put me onto them and I must say they are superb.Well worth the small investment.
Big thumbs up from me

1 month later
#10087 5 years ago

Exactly the same as Neil is using and have had zero issues with it.

3 weeks later
#10221 5 years ago
Quoted from DarthSinex:

Just received my BM66 and have a couple of quick questions to those who've had one a while.
1) After a few plays, a couple of smallish some headed screws with small flat plastic washers seem to have come adrift from somewhere at the top, any ideas?
2) It seems that no matter whether I have qualified Riddler or Joker at the Batphone I seem to get Penguin? Am I selecting something, to switch between multiple qualified villains that I don't know about? Is it possible to qualify multiple villains and then select? Any clues appreciated.
3) Finally, I have a loud fan noise from the backbox intermittently. Admittedly we are having a once in a millennium mini heatwave in the UK but wondering where this fan is as I can't see it and whether anyone else has noticed a similarly loud noise?
Many thanks.

As Jon said Batmobile spinner for the screws but if yours is riveted on then my guess is they come from the plastic cover on the right ramp.
That's where mine tumbled down the playfield from.
Good idea is to go round it tightening everything up now and again. Be amazed how much works loose.
On the penguin mode make sure you don't hit the scoop before answering the batphone if you have another villain qualified. Penguin always overrides it if you drop in the scoop.
You can always let the batphone ring out then hit another villain shot.That will clear penguin and go for the batphone.

Great to see another Bm66 owner in the UK

1 month later
#10735 5 years ago

...*all due respect fellas from Pinside, I know that this is just for Batman 66 Pinball. I apologize but I have my toys besides and close to my Pinballs too.
Regards[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]</blockquote

Awesome room.Great pics.As I was scrolling through I was waiting for the last one to be a full sized Batmobile parked in the corner to match the colour scheme.
Vader is superb.No doubt he speaks too.

#10753 5 years ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

Thank you Sutol! There’s a company in Detroit that build Batmobiles 1966(Approved by D.C. If I’m not mistaken)...
The stairs besides the Batman Pinball takes me directly to my garage so a Batmobile there sounds nice lol[quoted image]

I'm glad you got to read it before I drained it. My post looked all messed up when it went up.
Crikey you'd never get rid of me if I paid a visit.

1 month later
#11163 5 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

sutol I think some of our fellow Bat fans need your ramp man!

Just got off the phone to him.Actually he did ours at his work with his mate doing the welding.
Tried to get him to do some more but he doesn't have the time.
Bit gutted as I'd of loved to get more out there.

2 months later
#11882 5 years ago
Quoted from airplanequartet:

I almost always have to give the machine a little nudge if it’s captured the ball with the magnet. I have a protector on it and I’ve always thought it might be catching on the slightly raised edge but it will release during a ball search.

I got a protector and had this issue.Only now and again though and I put it down to a ball that was magnetised.Found the culprit and swapped it out. Been fine ever since

3 weeks later
#12192 5 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

No, but you want to make sure you put a piece of thick paper or card stick under the crane ball and on top of the protector when installing it There is a sharp pointy part under the ball that will scratch the protector if you happen to drag it under the bottom of that ball while moving it in place.

Quoted from jfh:

Took off the housing, but not the entire assembly.

Definate agree with above. I may be one of a few who has taken the protector off at least more than once to get them cloudy marks up that can form underneath. Last time I took the front of the crane off. Unscrewed the earth cable so the front plate came off. Then taped the ball to the underside of the crane.Didnt take long at all plus I was able to raise the protector to clean all the way to the ramp entrances. No chance of damage. I wish I'd done that putting it on as it totally eliminates damage or scratching from that spike and gives you more room to apply it. Only took a few extra minutes to do so for me it's worth it.

#12194 5 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Thats an unfair estimate for most of us, we both know you could take apart and rebuild a BM66 blind folded

lol, you and NeilMcRae can certainly vouch for that.

#12198 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I don’t know if there are others but the one I used is from playfield protectors. Can’t imagine there is a better one. The link below is for the LE version. All three should be the same.

I had that one.its now on the floor ready for the bin.If I only knew back then what I know now.
Mine was cut too short for the ramp entrances creating a lip on both right and left. Me being clueless at the time thought that was how it was. Was getting airballs at an alarming rate. I even trimmed it all so I could raise it enough to fit under the ramp flaps.
In the end I ripped it off months ago and put this one on.


Way way better fit.Looks great.This one though has the hole cut out for the magnet so I had to raise it level with protector.I bought one for iron maiden from them too.

#12205 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

So the spots aren’t actually on the protector after the pf waxing? I was thinking I would have to replace the protector with a new one to get rid of the spots.

It is on the playfield.In fact if you press down on parts of you protector you may see it start to appear.Once you lift it up to give it a clean they all dissappear. Like at thundergod76 said use some naphtha.I also used cotton gloves as not to put gray finger marks on the underside.

1 month later
#12521 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Yeh, was sick of it never doing anything so soldered it to the same LED behind the backboard. I’ll take a pic when I get home tonight.

While I'm tempted (extremely)as are many others are to get the soldering iron out Lyman no doubt is coding it for more use when the next update comes.
Risk or reward?

#12525 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Yeh, I'm assuming it will be more active in future code, but until then soldering is an easy fix, and completely reversible.

Yup you know I'll be doing it tomorrow.....

1 month later
#12987 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The only inconsistent shot on my game seems to be the target inside the bat cave. Does anyone else see inconsistent hit behavior on this target?

Same here. I was wondering if there was any wires running behind the target stopping it from registering.That or needs gapping closer.Need to take the atomic pile off and take a look.
You can always bet it doesn't register when you need it most.

#13031 5 years ago
Quoted from Sako-TRG:

Anyone got The Docquest mini Batsignal mod.
Just wondering when it’s supposed to flash / light up during gameplay.
I know it works ok during game startup and during lamp flash tests in service menu but haven’t seen it illuminate in gameplay as of yet.

Have a read from here for a few posts


#13042 5 years ago
Quoted from beefzap:

So played my new Batman 66 tonight for the first time and the turntable suddenly stopped working. The motor is engaging but it gets stuck. See photos. Anyone else have this issue?
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Not sure if your still playing but you can move the gear assy round by hand so it fits back in to the slot on the plastic scallop.
Had the same issue and Thunderbird advised me to white grease the scalloped white cam edge and now it works great. It's not the greatest resolution but you'll see what mine was doing.

#13053 5 years ago
Quoted from beefzap:

So is this a common fix for this issue? No available tweaking or adjustments of the turntable mechanism itself? If not, grease here we come.

I was having all sorts of issues
With it.If I didn't play the game for a couple of days it was worse.
I never tweaked or adjusted anything. Just thought why not with @Thunderbirds white grease idea and it's been fine for months now.
Hopei t fixes it for you.

#13054 5 years ago
Quoted from beefzap:

And this, seems like a lot of play in the mechanism. Normal?

Looks ok.Mines exactly the same

#13058 5 years ago

What I did was manually move that clutch with my finger in the other direction so it fits back into one of the slots. It is connected to the motor so they're is resistance. But it does move.
When mine was jammed I had to move the clutch and plastic scallop together with two hands to turn the mini playfield past the sticking point.

#13075 5 years ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Would normally agree, but in this case, with no lubricant, my cam would often stall and would not properly turn. After applying the grease, never an issue from that point onward.

I'd have to agree with that. 3 months in and mine has never stuck since and works a lot smoother to boot.
If it ain't broke then your fine.But this advice solved the issue I was having.

1 week later
#13185 4 years ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

About to install Cliffs on Penguin and Bat signal.
Any suggestions on installation. Does ramp have to come off for Penguin? Do I just remove the one post.
How about Bat signal, do I have to remove the plastic above it? How about the small metal square? Do I have to make holes with the 3 screws?

Install is the same as BTDK for the scoop.Put the cliffy in from underneath the scoop. Some instructions below.


Also here too


2 weeks later
#13349 4 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Do the metal corner braces look like something that could be easily added to earlier games? I can’t really tell from the pics.

Yes as I have some fitted on mine which stern kindly sent over. Only problem though was the bolt that comes through the side armour on our early pins is not long enough to fit the corner brace onto and then put its nut back on.This has your ground braid attached.
Stern again sorted me out with a couple of extended bolts which I swapped out and all sorted.

IMG_20190525_112457 (resized).jpgIMG_20190525_112457 (resized).jpgIMG_20190525_112529 (resized).jpgIMG_20190525_112529 (resized).jpgIMG_20190525_112559 (resized).jpgIMG_20190525_112559 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#13889 4 years ago
Quoted from TronGuy:

Guess I’ll have at it. It looks difficult. If you know off hand....is it like 3 or 4 screws/bolts holding that thing in?

Right wireform is three nuts and one screw. The ramp assy is two nuts and also the three plugs for the cat lights and opto.
The hardest part is locating the two nuts you need to remove under the playfield.

(Can anyone tell me how to remove pics from post) Can't find in edit.

IMG_20190602_224904 (resized).jpgIMG_20190602_224904 (resized).jpgIMG_20190602_224820 (resized).jpgIMG_20190602_224820 (resized).jpg
#13890 4 years ago


2 nuts shown by red arrow and the unplug all cables from the orange arrow. Easy.

IMG_20190702_081624 (resized).jpgIMG_20190702_081624 (resized).jpg
#13908 4 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Sutol Are the 2 red arrows the nuts to remove the right ramp? I've tried several times to find them to adjust my playfield protector.

Yeah that's the two. It took me a while to locate them originally but I've had that right assy off a good few times now so it's now an easy find.

#13971 4 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Is this available for others now?

Quoted from TronGuy:

that is the first I' ve seen of these ramps. How much and are they currently available?

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Any chance of getting a ramp like that made for me? Or at least the plans to make it myself? Looks awesome!

Just to clear this wireform thing up.@NeilMcrae wireform is just his original with a "Enhancement" (buzz word at the mo).
@mk6pin had a custom one made and tried for months to get others done which was awesome but got let down big style and lost his original in the process.
I had a friend of mine who works at an engineering firm basically enclose the top bend.
He basically made a mirror image of the top bend and tig welded it on top.
2 wires bent to the same shape and 3 half circles for the anchor points. First 2 anchor points match up and the last one is just before the switch.
Extended the wire to the back of the catwoman plastic to keep the ball in there and that was it. Also made a template from the old plastic and he made a steel one to reattach the catwoman bracket.
I then got it stripped and powdered countless times because I wasn't happy with the finish.That bit has cost me a small fortune, lol
@Robertstone0407 was a great help in this part of it. My powdercoat guy has certainly learned a few new tricks.

It does shoot really fast with no rejects.One benefit is it takes a lot of flex out of there. Quite sturdy when put back in.

I tried to talk him into doing more but he wasn't too forthcoming but I'm sure there is someone out there who could do the same.

Screenshot_20190707_083315_com.google.android.apps.photos (resized).jpgScreenshot_20190707_083315_com.google.android.apps.photos (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_090004 (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_090004 (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_090421 (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_090421 (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_090126 (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_090126 (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_094024 (resized).jpgIMG_20190707_094024 (resized).jpg
#13977 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Thx sutol . Wonder if you could take a spare Stern stock left wireform, and cut it down to use as the top part of the curve. Not sure how to attach other than weld.

You could but the anchor points wouldn't match up. Your looking at 2 small wires bent to match and 3 half circles. Just finding someone to tig weld it.
I priced up a replacement ramp at marcos and they are $204 for the Le. $299 for the SLE (95 bucks for the color blue?) and $199 for premium.

1 week later
#14060 4 years ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

4. Penguin Crane --- this is really the only thing that can ruin you day with this install. I personally have never taken the crane out to install a protector. You can use the service menu to move the crane out from its resting place so that you can maneuver the crane through its associated hole in the protector. HOWEVER, before you even get close to this step, take a minute to feel the bottom of the wrecking ball on the crane with your finger. You will see that the wrecking ball can actually slide up a bit and whats hiding underneath is the end of the cable assembly which is sharp like a nail head. this will scratch the hell out of the protector during install if not properly dealt with. I'm sure others have their own way of dealing with this but what i do is take a small strip of thin, dense plastic and put it under the crane ball and then use painters tape that you wrap upwards around the crane itself to pull this piece of material snugly up again the sharp cable end. I usually do a couple passes of tape to make sure it doesn't pop loose while installing. What I used was actually a small strip of plastic i cut from an old damaged playfield proctor but really you are just looking for the thinnest piece of material that the sharp edge wont penetrate. Im sure there are more ways to deal with this issue and perhaps other members may have a simpler suggestion but I just wanted you to be aware so you don't find out the hard way

Very informative post and I definitely agree with you about the crane. I found out the hard way but what I've been doing with the wrecking ball is getting some strong Gorilla Tape and taping it to the crane arm itself. It's on a spring so it easily bends backwards and it's out the way.
Ive also dismantled it but that's a bit extreme just to fit the protector.

2 months later
#14632 4 years ago

I got a few green plastics made for the top corners. Certainly brightens the riddler plastics. Also changed the clear plastic for over the right catwoman ramp into a smoked black.
Turned out pretty good.

IMG_20191017_130713 (resized).jpgIMG_20191017_130713 (resized).jpgIMG_20191017_130548 (resized).jpgIMG_20191017_130548 (resized).jpg
8 months later
#15887 3 years ago

Busy fitting my speaker lights on me Le to look like the Sle.
Gone red on the rings but soon will have orange to swap out to if I fancy a change.
Bought the Sle speaker plates so I could use the 5.25' speakers which sit lower giving more space above for the lager bat logo.
Really happy how they look.

IMG_20200621_154058 (resized).jpgIMG_20200621_154058 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#16009 3 years ago
Quoted from Waxx:

Ok, I've been searching with no luck but I'm a new owner and the left loop switch seems to be in from the rail enough where not all shots trigger the switch. The switch is working fine but it doesn't seem like there is even a way to adjust it to improve the shot. Is there something I'm missing?

I'm sure I unscrewed the switch and reset it. Also make sure it is not catching on anything underneath too.
If it still doesnt register then remove it and bend the wire.
Lift the playfield get a ball and roll it round there and adjust as necessary. I had similar issues a good while back and I bent the wire I recall. Had no issues since.
Hope that helps.

#16012 3 years ago
Quoted from Waxx:

Sorry, hard to describe but I've added some photos. I am trying to make sure this is how it was designed and it appears yes. My switch works perfect but the way the switch sits in the lane the ball can miss the switch entirely it seems.
1st photo is a PF and 2nd is my game. Everything seems to line up.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks the same as mine.
Put it in switch test mode and manually run a ball round there.You'll probably find it doesn't register the switch completely when it hugs that side rail.
A bit of tweaking on that switch/wire and you'll get it working 100%.
You looked underneath yet?

1 month later
#16168 3 years ago
Quoted from Vimtoman:

Can anyone tel mee what screw size/thread the two screws used to hold the cats onto the brackets please. Thanks

SCREW, 6-32 X 1/4" PPH SEMS

#16171 3 years ago
Quoted from Vimtoman:

I think its smaller than that
Its the two that screw into the angle section. Not the ones with nuts

If it's the two small black ones you've got me there.
They are not listed in the parts diagram either which is weird.

11 months later
#16835 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

According to the original flyers, George and Lyman only signed the playfields for the LE/SLE versions. Maybe they had some extras left over for you lucky premium buyers. Or maybe they signed the playfields for all the Catwoman editions?
Any Catwoman editions out there who didn't get a George/Lyman signed playfield?

Well I know of two Le's that turned up in the UK without signitures as I had one.

2 months later
#16976 2 years ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:My left orbit is only registering about 1/2 the time...... ideas..??

The ball won't be activating the switch when it rolls over it. Had the same issue. Just lift the playfield. Remove the switch and adjust the wire. Easy fix.

1 month later
#17078 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:Question, during the crane mode sometimes the ball won’t be directly over the insert. Is that normal or is there an adjustment that I can make?
[quoted image]

Adjustment #136 or somewhere near.



3 weeks later
#17169 2 years ago

Updated the lockdown button surround and gadget selector badge.
I already had the excellent chrome candy surround but I needed something to replace the bat gadget selector sticker.
It was looking a bit tired.
Got a good friend to make me one out of actylic but the red was a bit off compared to the chrome candy lockdown button.
Ocd kicked in...
Anyhow he made one out of the same acrylic and it turned out great.

IMG_20220119_114740_edit_3143721050561 (resized).jpgIMG_20220119_114740_edit_3143721050561 (resized).jpgIMG_20220119_114815_edit_3111695136503 (resized).jpgIMG_20220119_114815_edit_3111695136503 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#17321 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

That looks horrible. but that display change would drive me nuts.

My eyesight is getting worse so I'd rather it be even bigger never mind getting smaller.
No intention at all of updating.

1 week later
1 week later
#17427 2 years ago
Quoted from adunaph3l:

Thanks for all your answers !
Mine is quite strange, it has a premium plate under translite, not a Catwoman signature. Is it normal or the Catwoman plate is homemade ?

It is a custom plate. RetroGamerJP was doing them but you'll have to message him to see if he's doing anymore.

1 week later
#17467 2 years ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Yes, its definitely truer to the series and if it was molded, might feel differently. It is a nice mod for sure.

Once modded as Thunderbird says it's certainly as bright as sterns if not brighter

Screenshot_20220306_055425 (resized).jpgScreenshot_20220306_055425 (resized).jpg
10 months later
#17935 1 year ago
Quoted from Mando:

Tried searching the thread but don’t see it , anyone know the exact powder color combo for LE ? Prismatic ?
Thanks !

This is the armour

7 months later
#18303 7 months ago
Quoted from chaz009:

Here’s pics of my penguin scoop switch. The vuk works fine when it does a search for a ball but the machine does not see that there is a ball in the scoop.
I’m tempted to take the electrical tape off and see what’s going on but I’m not that techy so if I can avoid doing that by moving the wires around that would be ideal (by seeing someone else’s penguin scoop switch photos).
Help would be great. I just got a B66 and can’t even play it! That scoop is so important to be able to play!

Hope this helps. That black tape is hiding something.

PXL_20230912_185340510 (resized).jpgPXL_20230912_185340510 (resized).jpgPXL_20230912_185354651 (resized).jpgPXL_20230912_185354651 (resized).jpgPXL_20230912_185551922.PORTRAIT.ORIGINAL (resized).jpgPXL_20230912_185551922.PORTRAIT.ORIGINAL (resized).jpg
#18320 7 months ago
Quoted from JStoltz:

I've been wondering this as well-- mine feels a little stiff and also doesn't consistently return to the home position like I've seen some others. I've never invested any time into checking that mech out or lubricating it or anything.. Curious if others in the club have?

Mine is like yours, spins a few times and struggles to center but a good friend of mine has a catwomam edition and on his machine the Batmobile spins really well and freely. .it's so noticeable I thought Stern had changed the innards of the mech.
I've asked the question to Stern and was told the design has not changed at all.
It does look a right pain stripping it down to see if lubricating it would help.

5 months later
#18632 48 days ago
Quoted from Vimtoman:

Just posted on forum for my new BM66 mod link below.
If your interested PM me or post on thread shown in above link.
Waiting for parts to arrive so will be a couple of weeks etc.

Seen this in person and it looks super
Really looking forward to getting hold of one and adding it to the crane.
Great price point too.

2 weeks later
#18640 32 days ago

Today I had a go at the spinning Batmobile on the turntable.

Screenshot_20240320-201512 (resized).pngScreenshot_20240320-201512 (resized).png

Was fed up with how it spun compared to a freind of mines Bm66.
Initially I was thinking of removing the turntable mech to get to it but glad I went from the top down.
Go onto the service menu/diag/game/turntable and move it round so the Batmobile spinner is facing you.
If your going to give it a go you'll need another person to help just to hold the posts of the spinner with the Playfield in the upright position whilst you undo the nuts on the underside.
We held a 3/8 socket on the post which was enough to hold it to unloosen the nut.

PXL_20240320_170520109.PORTRAIT.ORIGINAL (resized).jpgPXL_20240320_170520109.PORTRAIT.ORIGINAL (resized).jpg

You can manually move the spinner so you can get to the nut inbetween the frame on the underside of the Playfield.
I used a 11/32 magnetic nut driver which meant I didn't lose the nut once it was off.

PXL_20240320_114617735 (resized).jpgPXL_20240320_114617735 (resized).jpg

Once both are off you can remove the base of the spinner and lower the Playfield.
You will see a spinner bracket which is held onto the spinner shaft by a set screw. I used a hex key and my nut driver over it for leverage as it was a bit tight to loosen off.
After removing the set screw you can take off the spinner bracket revealing the thrust bearing which is sat between two wahers.

Screenshot_20240320-215520 (resized).pngScreenshot_20240320-215520 (resized).png
I took them out and used a silicone lube. I dropped them in the cap and give them a good coating.

Screenshot_20240320-195803 (resized).pngScreenshot_20240320-195803 (resized).png

That was it. Replaced everything back in reverse and now it spins real fast.
Make sure when you put the spinner bracket back on you have the set screw against the flat part of the spinner shaft. If you don't the batmobile won't be centered when you finally put it back on.

Wish I'd done this long ago.

Any questions just ask. It's not as daunting as i first thought and so glad I did it today.

#18645 31 days ago
Quoted from TonyScoots:

Thank you, I was thinking the same thing when I watched Eric, and man did he absolutely destroy Batman! This is so helpful going to do it tonight

Did you manage to have a go at it?

This was me just testing it out by hand after it was back together.
I wish I'd videod it beforehand as it spun nowhere near the same amount by hand.
It spins just as good when a ball hits too.

Also the Batmobile I use on the spinner is a die cast version I swapped so if you've still got the plastic one that came with the game it'll spin even more freely.

#18651 29 days ago
Quoted from TonyScoots:

Wow so much faster! It absolutely makes a difference
Thank you Sutol for the fix
Everyone needs to do this if there Batmobile spinner is slowing down

Glad to help Tony and great to see you notice the difference it makes straight away.
Anyone with early run games should give it a go. It's not hard to do and doesn't take too long either.
Certainly makes the bat turn mode more fun that's for sure.

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