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Batman 66 for $89? I dont know what I'm really going to get

By rikity

4 months ago

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“What will I get for my $89?”

  • The real Batman 66 by Stern 15 votes
  • A Chinese Knockoff Version 2 votes
  • A miniature replica 38 votes
  • Parts to a machine 10 votes
  • Nothing will ever arrive 131 votes

(196 votes)

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#1 4 months ago

Someone sent me this, the site looks bogus and has spelling errors.. but it advertises a Batman 66 pinball by Stern for $89. Too good to be true i'm sure, but I used a credit card for the 0 liability factor. I've been getting messages from the shipping service that its about ready to be thrown on a boat. They describe the size and weight of a real pin, and a 14 day refund policy. So If I dont get a real pin, i could easily charge the money back from my card. But the $89 wouldnt even cover the shipping!

What am I really going to have show up on my doorstep though?

The Link: Batman 66 Pinball

#4 4 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

If it's not a complete scam where you get nothing, maybe some sort of minature, perhaps.

If it actually turns on and does something, I wouldnt mind that

#9 4 months ago
Quoted from Bowlingpin:

Best case, you get a BM66 for 89$.
Worst case, you get identity fraud.
They do have your name/address, credit card/bank info.
A lot of credit cards are being used by..
you guessed it(not the card holder) best to keep an eye on your transactions.

They already have all that info. Equifax and Chase lost all of that info in data breaches, all three of my reports are locked/frozen

Untitled (resized).png
#40 4 months ago
Quoted from okgrak:

The real question here is how long until you need to cancel that credit card and order one with a new number.

Using a credit card is the most secure method to buy something online, you are not responsible for any fraudulent charges whereas on a debit you do have a $50 liability.

Update this morning, the mysterious "thing" is on a flight getting ready to depart Chiiina. Hahaha

824 (resized).png
#41 4 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

$118 Canadian, tax included. I want one, but just can’t pull the trigger for some reason[quoted image]

I volunteered to be the Guinea Pig for you guys. I'm really not expecting much here, I was more curious than anything. Amazon once mis-priced some stuff online and sold some fairly expensive items way below what they shouldve been priced. But considering this is for a Stern pinball coming from China, the odds are extremely low I'm going to get anything worth even $50..

Its like a real-life loot box from EA

#76 4 months ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

That sounds great and all, but anyone who has ever filed a claim knows it's a pain in the ass and a situation to be avoided if possible.

First thing I did to celebrate this New Year was charge back $1400 worth of purchases on Roblox made by my daughter. The CC company made it very easy on me

Update on status: Tracking says the plane is still "departed" and theres no update on ETA or anything. I've also read reviews on this Chinese shipping/tracking, this stuff could take weeks to actually arrive, who knows..

#83 4 months ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Seriously though. Op has you guys on the hook and if he were to do just this...post pics of an actual machine...how many of you would fall for it?
Op has 13 posts
Be careful

he has a point! I wouldnt believe me either. Most of those 13 posts are from this thread too. It would of course be much easier if I did this with an Iron Maiden machine though since I have that one already. $89 is really low though, I mean one could easily get a $200 itunes gift card instead right?

Update since I'm here... Chinaweenie Tracking says this thing is in Los Angeles.

123123 (resized).png
#103 4 months ago
Quoted from jackd104:

The digital equivalent of inserting your manhood into a mysterious glory hole in the restroom of a Tiajuana strip club.

Just the tip though

#111 4 months ago
Quoted from Taxman:

No idea who originally posted this pic, but I saved it for today.
[quoted image]

OMG this is the best

#125 4 months ago

I got an update over the weekend, still says its in the sorting center stage in Los Angeles...

#126 4 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

To be fair Sun City is a huge retirement community and most people drive golf carts.

I actually live in Surprise but Sun City West is literally across the street from me. Most electronic location things, including the pinside map, puts me in Sun City instead of Surprise. Yes, lots of golf carts and blue hairs driving around though. I sell cars in Wickenburg up the road and a lot of them come up to buy from our store. At least you know when one of them shows up to buy a vehicle, they have the ability to pay for it or get a loan to do so. So in the 2nd half of my life, I appreciate them much more than when I was in my 20's

#182 4 months ago

They have been emailing me when there is a change in status and i've not had one in a week. I just checked it and its the same status it was as of Aug 30. I'm sure many of the people saying I'll get nothing at all are probably the heavy favorite on the actual outcome. If SWAT shows up, I hope its while I'm home so we can all play a few games on my Iron Maiden pin.

Someone mentioned a Kitchen Aid in the thread, I picked one up off of ebay a couple years ago for $250, they're sold from an actual account named Kitchenaid that currently has close to 32k feedback, so I think it could be a part of the actual company. The difference though from the $350+ mixer is the bowl drops with a manual crank handle instead of the head onlocking and rotating up to take the bowl out. AvE on youtube has dismantled one similar to the crank one and it seems like its ok. I've been using mine almost 2 years and it works pretty well, though it seems quite a bit louder. I use it mostly to mix up bread dough, which is pretty hard on the machine compared to most other purposes. It seems pretty skookum so far.

I'm not worried about $89 if i end up never getting anything and for whatever reason cant get a refund. Its all on me, the tequila made me do it. I just hope I get something thats entertaining

#204 4 months ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Well, it has not climaxed yet, you gotta be patient.

No update at all.. same status since 8/30. zzzzz....

#211 4 months ago
Quoted from WinterMillennium:

On the bright side, I figure there's more chance of you getting your $89 back than there is of me getting the time I took reading this thread back...

and i knew this from the beginning

#219 3 months ago

Sorry everyone, literally no update since August 28th. I'd be excited to get a box full of packing peanuts with a picture of a Chinese middle finger flipping me off at this point

#226 3 months ago

Yea literally nothing has happened. No extra charges on my card. Nothing nor no-one has shown up to rob the place. Yawn

#233 3 months ago
Quoted from AFM95:

What's your next step? How long do you plan on waiting it out?

I might not even charge it back, the amount isnt really worth the effort of getting a new card. I could ask them for an update or a refund to see what they say...

Here's an interesting development though, the website I did the purchase on used to only list Batman 66 as the only item they sold. They now have a ton of other products there like baby strollers, couches, sunglasses and this golf cart thing with a picture of some dude poppin wheelies. Batman 66 is no longer on the site though

golf1 (resized).png
#254 3 months ago

There were two email addresses associated with this, I emailed both.... They said to wait

I'll give it until 10/16, which at this point I'm sure nothing was sent at all and I'll charge back the $89 to them. I just looked at the charge on the statement and it reads: 08/16/2019 SUNCORP BRISBANE 5908 -$89.00

There are no other charges on the card that I didnt do. Nobody's shown up and kicked in the door. No inquiries on my credit except for the car I bought last week.

1 week later
#264 3 months ago
Quoted from okgrak:

At this point your not sure if they shipped something? It was a website selling a pinball machine for 2% of the actual cost, which now sells baby trolleys, that claimed they shipped with China Post, but charged your credit card in Brisbane Australia?

Yep, it was all for the Pew Pew. I'm going to throw in the hat and send a request to chargeback tomorrow

#266 3 months ago
Quoted from swillie:

About fricken' time! If they did send something it will be free at least, lol.

I just finished up and submitted the dispute. Figured theres no point to waiting another day. Just checked the tracking or fake tracking system and it still has no update since Aug 30. Its a bummer they didnt send anything at all though, I understand a real machine would be out of the question but a mystery box would've been kind of interesting

#274 3 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

It's a disappointing end, but a fun ride!
FYI, there is an $80 bally paragon on eBay if you want to try again!![quoted image]

In defense of the ebay seller, it is a starting bid of $80, maybe they have a $800 shipping charge just to make sure

It was a fun ride for sure. Its a shame it couldnt have been like one of those "youtuber buys a mystery box on ebay for $20,000 and heres what he got" deals but oh well. Some of the theories on here cracked me up, like I ran the website and i was using this thread to promote it, or the most recent abused child that nobody spoke to so I made this all up for attention. Certainly $89 worth of fun happened here for me and I will probably get the money back in the end anyway

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