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Batman 66 by Stern new info


4 years ago

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Post #1 Flyer announcing Batman 66 Posted by GAP (4 years ago)

Post #4163 Photo of the Batman 66 playfield via Stern Posted by dmbjunky (4 years ago)

Post #4193 Photos of the SLE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (4 years ago)

Post #4194 Photo of LE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (4 years ago)

Post #4264 Clear photo of the entire SLE Posted by DCFAN (4 years ago)

Post #4449 Video from the Stern tour at Expo 2016 Posted by KingBW (4 years ago)

Post #4974 Batman 66 Product and Feature Matrix Posted by KLR2014 (4 years ago)

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#257 4 years ago

So, SLE is way forward?

Put me down for an Aerosmith Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious LE

#351 4 years ago

Stern has Lyman.

Repeat to infinity......

#528 4 years ago

Kudos to Stern.

Looks like SLE and LE will all be sold out without people even seeing pictures of the game

Maybe it is old fashioned to play a game before buying.

#878 4 years ago

Well it sounds like a re-skin lite

Screen sounds nice size.

#1011 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Things may have changed, but as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.
No doubt that Hobbit's are rolling off the line at a pretty good clip these days, but couldn't the same have been said for WOZ prior to Hobbit?
All we have to go on is history. Based on JJP's history, guessing that JJP's pin #3 won't be shipped for 18 months from now is actually a bit optimistic, if anything.
Having said that, nobody would be more happy to be proven completely wrong than me. I love my Hobbit LE and am really looking forward to seeing Lawlor's pin.

Well, I have a hunch JJP3 will be revealed at Expo and a few may have it in their homes by Xmas ......this year!

They have had years to develop a single game and finally Stern have moved to LCD. And AFMR will take a ton of money off the table so really expecting a finished game, taking orders at Expo.

#1104 4 years ago
Quoted from Magic_Mike:

Why should that matter?
You're not buying it for an investment.

Because pinball has been one of those crazy hobbies where people always hope to cash out for 'what I am in it for' or a small loss or profit. Crazy really.

So, if people start taking big losses, it will affect the market big time.

1 week later
#1531 4 years ago

Dear Father Stern,

I weally, weally want this new toy as I have been a very good boy this year.

Please, please let it be me.

#1712 4 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Way more than a promotional event. Jared is running it. So it will be huge.
Entertainment, free pinball machines to play all night. Etc. Etc. Stern had to rent the venue and pay for the entertainment and workers to haul it all over there and set it up.
Jared running it makes it worth the money alone. He makes things happen.
LTG : )

Could be funny seeing Gary get roasted

#1734 4 years ago


#1983 4 years ago

So no LE's for Spooky in game 3......

Spooky Pinball official house game #3...
Let's just toss this out right away. We are throwing the kitchen sink at this one, rolling RZ money into more talent and expanding the building, moving the number up to 500 units, and the price will be $6250. No LE's... just 500 bad ass awesome games. Might be an alternate backglass available to all, but that remains to be determined.
Not gonna say another word until it's ready to show and announce officially (gonna be several months). Hate to raise the price at all, but trust me... that $250 is ALL going towards cool interactive toys and the engineering it takes to make our games better.
We're waaay beyond the 1/3rd mark on Rob Zombie shipped and getting faster all the time. We want to have the best games we can possibly make, and do what we can to keep them affordable... pinball is crazy expensive any way you slice it.
Speculate away...

#2103 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Ah, I miss the days of the real mirrored backglass. Now the mirrored translight ink is just not the same at all. A real mirrored backglass is a worthy LE upgrade, but such an item does not exist at this moment.

100% agree.

I have my NGG next to the TWD Premium - the NGG backglass looks so much better than the translite.

At these prices it is crazy that there are no backglasses.

I would expect a mirrored proper backglass for a retro title like this, with the crazy prices that have been released.

Maybe there will be??

#2186 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

see, there is marketing to benefit your company, but sometimes you push the envelope too far and piss off your market. When you do that you shoot yourself in the foot, and sometimes you can't recover because people just stop buying altogether. Toy market had it happen when they kept making "revisions" to figures to exploit the toy collector. Finally a bunch of us got fed up, and said screw you and sold off our entire collections, never to look back. Think it can't happen to stern? Sure the hell could. In fact, you don't even have to leave pinball to do it. There are soooo many titles out there, that you could go the rest of your life without ever buying a NIB and still be content.


Last NIB I bought was STLE.

I will never buy a Stern NIB again as apart from QC issues, prices are just way too high.

Every decade has fantastic titles so if I get bored, just dip into a different decade.

#2195 4 years ago
Quoted from SimonBaird:

Homepin can really put pressure on especially once they have their core component manufacturing completed. I would say they would be aiming for less then 5000usd maybe even as low as 4000usd. However I still think that for companies such as homepin or even spooky to really take it to stern they need to have a strong design and programming team in place. I belive homepin will be able to get the manufacturing side right, they are already shipping multiple containers of cocktail tables a month, so they know how to get product out the door. However one of the main reason stern is so popular is they have great designs in Borg,Ritchie , Treaudu plus some amazing programmers such as Lyman. Just like with the golden days of Williams/Bally, the really key is game design and rules. If these companies only try and develop games with their own in house design teams, then unless they have the next undiscovered Lawlor or Ritchie working for them, there is a good chance the games won't threaten Stern. We hear a lot of people say "making pinball is hard" maybe they should also say "designing and coding pinball is hard".

I personally don't think designing p/f layouts is that hard.

The genius comes in the coding. Stern have a ton to thank Lyman for. He is the one person they couldn't afford to lose.

#2771 4 years ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Good for you, that is unbelievable. You (not you personally) have to submit an application to buy something that you are not even allowed to see. Cool, Stern.


We really are in a bubble, top of the market, etc etc. We may look back at this Expo as the time just before things went POP!

2 weeks later
#4087 4 years ago

Does look great.

Screen is going to make dmd's look sooooooo yesterday. Perfect size for pinball.

Just a shame prices have gone batshit insane!

#4108 4 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Besides the art and display isn't this just a bdk ve?

It would seem so, but nice n shiny and bright!

Seems like Stern blinked first by releasing before JJP3?

#4559 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I don't know why its so hard to understand this part. It's a big winner for the 80 people that got one, and SLE with 400 people on the list.
And yes its a big win for Stern too, because while somewhat sleazy, they executed it 10x better than Jack.
It's also a big win for the 240 LE's. Why? Because few are backing out and there is a line there too.
You may not agree with price, I don't either, but NONE of that matters when it sells out huge. Price matters when it doesn't sell, like JJP#3

That is why Stern are the great survivors and everyone else is an also ran.

1 week later
#5179 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Life isn't fair.
I just came up with that one on my own.

2000 years ago, Buddhism says the first noble truth is -

Life is Suffering.

And buying at these prices kind of hurts

1 month later
#5971 3 years ago

Look good and if money was no object would buy the SLE.....because I could and wouldn't care about the price.

Not sure though that I like the speaker panels on the LE. Guess it needs to be seen in person.

Still think the 95-97 B/W games had the best aesthetics of any modern SS game.

1 week later
#6162 3 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

How did it shoot?

Pretty similar to BTDK I would guess

#6328 3 years ago

Surely Stern are going to drop some big code updates pre Christmas?

Been the worst year ever regarding code updates so will be stunned if nothing before the end of the year.

2 weeks later
#6822 3 years ago

So far, my favorite thing about this game is the high score, newspaper LCD. That is pretty awesome.

Take away the bling and LCD and the game just looks average - so far.

Lyman could change everything of course.

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