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Batman 66 by Stern new info


4 years ago

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Post #1 Flyer announcing Batman 66 Posted by GAP (4 years ago)

Post #4163 Photo of the Batman 66 playfield via Stern Posted by dmbjunky (4 years ago)

Post #4193 Photos of the SLE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (4 years ago)

Post #4194 Photo of LE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (4 years ago)

Post #4264 Clear photo of the entire SLE Posted by DCFAN (4 years ago)

Post #4449 Video from the Stern tour at Expo 2016 Posted by KingBW (4 years ago)

Post #4974 Batman 66 Product and Feature Matrix Posted by KLR2014 (4 years ago)

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#61 4 years ago

kind of interested, but wish there was more info to go by before I place an order

#65 4 years ago

Actually, kind of OK that there is not a pro, but wish it was "ALL NEW" instead of Gomez BTDK redux.

#68 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

It sounds like a Vault Edition but they are trying to avoid the same pricing backlash that happened with SMVE. I think it's working too. No one's complaining about price just that there's no pro.

If it's a VE (like SM) than I'll gladly pass. I suspect you are 100% correct, only can hope they do a Tron down the road because I would like a 'better/slightly different' version.

Take my money.

#319 4 years ago

I'd be more excited about this title if it were a new design top to bottom, the layout and code preferable Borg and Lyman.

I'm kind of meh about the first BTDK, it's not like they are recreating a bonifide hit like SM.

#357 4 years ago

My prediction, Stern will make a VE/LE of Tron with LCD and color changing inserts and (better) than the Tron LE toys/art and sell it for an even $10k MSRP $9K street price.image (resized).jpeg

#364 4 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

He may be good, or the best Stern have, but he's pumped up way too much here.
Let's take a look at his last 3 games:
AC/DC - interesting modes. terribly, terribly unbalanced scoring. bugs. been waiting an age for rebalancing and fixes.
Metallica - good all round. essentially finished.
Star Trek - responsible for re-doing the ST modes / code. Made it much better, but has been left with several game breaking bugs and numerous other irritating ones. been waiting an age for final polish and fixes.
Are we really saying that he's done better with recent games than the likes of WOZ, Full Throttle, Hobbit or even BOP 2.0?

Lyman not on ST that was Sullivan who stepped in to clean it up.

You forgot TWD

#469 4 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

Correct, if enthusiasts are aware what is going on in the industry.
"Super LE" is just another meaning for the same thing as the original LE.
"LE" is just another meaning for premium.
"Premium" will be just an upgraded Pro with LEDs.
"Pro" is whatever is determined people will accept with with reduced features, which keep getting cut.
The list is very long now, but most don't even know what was removed.
SMVE is a good example, however of what buyers were bamboozled with overall.
It is a 9 year old license pro game with a new art package, some different dots and sounds, for another bump of $2000.
Most original SM have stayed fairly consistent in value in comparison to other titles based on interest.
It should never have been at the same level of cost as a current premium game.
You can change a name of anything to make it "more exciting", but it is still the same game.
As long as people keep throwing money at manufacturers, "teepee for my bunghole" methodology will continue.
If a person wants to complain about prices whether NIB or used secondary market, look in the mirror.
People are pricing themselves right out of the hobby now, across the world.
Just read the multiple posts in this thread, ludicrous, even if a person is talking out of their a$$.
I just no longer have empathy in these situations to help with regarding education.
"The only way some people learn is by getting burned."
The market is churning, making butter, and eventually will be overchurned into something else that is very sour.

I see several types of pins

ones like WWE, Avengers LE etc... titles sink like a rock (XMLE, Mustang, TFLE).

Ones that are about even plus/minus once they are out of production (STLE, TWD, Met)

Ones that sell for more than original price (very few) this might be Tron LE, BSM and AcDc LE.

So three times the LE is worth more and Tron an exception because so far no premium or VE.

AcDc it can be argued that Luci and premium both have done better than keep even.

ST, TWD Met not out of production yet so still keeping the secondary market down.

But overall I see more argument for Not getting the LEs.

The LE, pre order is hurting the buyers as just a few really sold out quick maybe Met, AcDc and GB the rest IMO you could get a few months or many months later.

#726 4 years ago

My concern is that this is more of a warmed over TDK pin. If it was all new they would not have worded the announcement as they did, they said designed by Gomez and coded by Lyman as was TDK, the crane stays so that's another clue that this is a refresh. Gomez is retired or doing other things besides full time pin design and it would save them time and money to reuse the framework of the rules like SMVE did. Not exactly the same but more like putting your coffee in the microwave for a few seconds is easier and cheaper than making a whole new pot of coffee.

I can't say that it will be a bad pin, but as TDK is never thought of as one of the best pins out, that leads me to think this will be like lipstick on a pig.

#825 4 years ago

Anyone recall the Mr Freeze episode where they were in an icey cell, I recall there was a cute chick with a bikini but can't find any pictures, but as a young kid, and that being TV I was intrigued by the amount of skin they showed.

#829 4 years ago

Also what does the crane have to do with Batman, was it even in TDK movies? Is it in the TV show? I mean as prominent part of either show or movie?

Anyway I'm interested, but (to me) I think they should provide some more details before I decide to spring for a LE. Likely Stern wants to get a jump on the Pat Lawler pin by locking up as much pre-order money as possible. Smart buisness move, but as pins breach $9000 I'm getting more picky it's not as was when you could get a Tron or IM for $4600 it's now nearly twice the price (for the full boogie pin).

#840 4 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

You mean this? She was Ms Iceland in the show and Mr Freeze kidnaps her and tried to lower her body temp until she agrees to marry him.

Must be that. Those were good shows IMO

#843 4 years ago

I'm slightly worried that is this is a super low production run, how much will Stern care about the code?

On the other hand, you'd expect Stern to always put its best effort into every pin as every super flop can put a bad taste in the mouth of a prospective buyer.

#897 4 years ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Heck why bother even having a theme at all? Why not just put a bunch of random things in there. Maybe nuclear homer can be driving the crane and have Gandolf do the call outs.

suppose this was a Star Wars game, and they put a crane in it. Not a Death Star, not a Millennium Falcon, not ATAT walkers, not TIE fighter they put a crane in the pin. Well heck it's a fun toy what's the big deal? I'm sure there was a crane somewhere in the building of the Death Star or maybe one of the storm trooper has the last name of Crane so that's it.

But the point is, a crane is not part of Star Wars or Batman.

#914 4 years ago
Quoted from Air_Pinball:

Seriously, dude. Scarecrow is Dr. Crane.
Already been said.

Yes but is Scarecrow in the Batman TV show? What's your point *this pin* is about the TV show and Dr Crane is not in the TV show and the Penquine (not Dr. Crane) is driving a crane/wrecking ball?Frasier_Crane_at_KACL_radio_station (resized).png

#949 4 years ago

I'm interested but with this being the first Big LCD game from Stern I want to see it in action and hope it's great but I'm also looking forward to what Alien and JJP #3 look like.

It's going to be an interesting end of the year pinball season.

I'm sure Stern is glad GB was so well received after people had been looking for a LCD for a while, ST is almost 3 years old and some were hopeful that would have had a LCD display

#972 4 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Why revealing a new game for november with no pic? Still conception time?

I guess to beat JJP #3 for the big fish dollars.

2 weeks later
#2642 4 years ago

What's the price?

#2649 4 years ago

I really do love Stern pinball machines but I'm fed up with their lack of code even bug fixes. It's like once it's 95% done they don't care. Maybe an exception now and then. I really don't mind paying a large sum of money but not if the code sucks for a year and may or may not get finished but probably still have some missing features.

Not the end of the world stuff but Tron pro is missing simple call outs such as supper spinners that should be there, Stern doesn't care.

1 week later
#3094 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It's $10k and you have no idea what you've bought lol

Quoted from pinlink:

You have to submit an application to buy something that you are not even allowed to see. Cool, Stern.

Reminds me of Jpop games with non disclosure and deposits, super limited super secret super expensive
IMG_2447 (resized).JPG

#3223 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I can't really put a line in the sand on " too much" as long as I can comfortably afford it, in regards to toys. That's all these things are ...bottom line. I spent $50k on an H1 Hummer several years way you can rationalize or justify that fiscally....was just fortunate to have the means, enjoyed it for about 6 years, and sold it for $55k. I was lucky.
Hard to put a price on enjoyment ( activities or toys) when you have very limited free time. I'm not paying $15k for the SLE, simply $9500.00 for the LE. I buy when I can, am a hoarder ( don't "flip" anything), and truly enjoy the hell out of the hobby. There are friends I know that drop sick money on bass boats, golf clubs, etc. ?..I don't judge them, it's their money, but I wouldn't pay $50 for a set of clubs.
When I get lost in the zone, it's the best release I have at the moment. If that changes ( fuck it) I'll sell them all and move on to something else.
I have no inside information regarding the game, but seems like a safe bet if you love the theme ( as I do), and given the high profile nature of the release, game is not going to suck. Why would they do that? Don't buy the cash grab argument, they get plenty of cash from running titles. Think they want to make a statement with this one....we'll see.
I truly believe WOZ ended up costing more to make than what it sold for ( counting development, etc.). Jack had a passion for an " ultimate" pin, and like the theme or not, it's truly a landmark machine.
Would like to think Stern also has passion in their craft ( shows more on some titles than others). No way this hype leads to a dog...period. If I lose 2k, even 3k after several years of, could have spent that easy on commodity based shit that vaporizes over that time. Suspect they are circling the wagons on this one....I'm happy to be in on an LE.

Well said. I sent $70k on a M3 loved it but at the end of the day I'd rather have had $30k on a STi or whatnot and had the extra money for whatever. But it took me spending the money to realize this.

One thing I'd disagree with is that this is a high profile theme etc. so they can't mess it up. But they did with other high profile titles like TF, TAV , XM and to an extent TWD with the no voice actors, GB with insert fiasco.

What line do you draw and say this is a prime title and this is not a prime title?

Plus Stern should strive to make all it's pins great but they don't always put in the full effort.

#3372 4 years ago

Apologies if I have not read every post in this thread.

I am a target buyer as I've bought STLE and XMLE however I have sat out of the other LEs. What I mean is that I could buy LE from time to time. But not every single one.

But (this is my impression) from reading some posts here and there.

Super LE is limited to 20-24 some number I don't qualify so it's not important

LE Limited to 240 units each one somewhat different (that's cool) price is (??) something like $9K (?) with a deposit that is not refundable (?).

Premium (?) unlimited number price is $7700 (?) maybe more (?).

This is being sold so far sight unseen(?) meaning you are supposed to put a deposit before you see it or see any video of it being played or know much of the layout or even the LCD placement. Meaning the second LCD could be a 2" variety like TH or it could be more substantial like Alien.

My issue is with both price of LE and the questions of QC Stern has had with GB and with (?) no refund on deposit. I just can not imagine placing an order with so little information revealed.

Perhaps the premium is a possibility as the price is high but not out completely of the ballpark and likely this will a limited edition no matter how fantastic it is, with the combination of no pro, low numbers of LE plus other desirable titles looming like Alien, Star Wars, JJP3 and AFM remake. As well as the usual suspects in the $8-10K range such as previous pins (TBL, WoZ, TH, Tron LE, BIBLE, MM, restored classics).

To me, it's just too way unknown at this point in time to commit to a non-refundable deposit on a LE.

I find (in many cases) I enjoy a $4800 pro with mods similar amount to a $7-8K LE plus mods. I do appreciate the extra bling like the lighted side rails on STLE but overall I don't find the LEs to play much better than the pros and exactly the same as the premiums and the premiums are less risk because they come later and can be played first and see if they are good.

#3749 4 years ago

Hitler video anyone?

#3751 4 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

This is such a money grab... it makes me want to puke. Forced and faked collectibility with pure greed as the cherry on top.
True rarity is a beautiful thing... something that's made rare by the passing of time or unfortunate / unforseen circumstances.
But this Stern money grab is just pathetic. I hope hobbyists let Stern know by keeping their wallets closed.

Quoted for truth.

#3752 4 years ago

So what happend did Stern raise the number of SLE to 80? (lol) this is first world problems, Jpop did this with MG too except he didn't actually build anything Jpop took the rarity thing to the extreme.

#3753 4 years ago

$15K give me Tron, IM, and Met pro.

IMO this means Tron SLVE sometime in the future $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Low BOM + high price = winner

#3769 4 years ago

Tron is (like IM *was*) selling for a healthy premium from the initial $4600 ish when they were new. Unlike SM which you could get as many as you wanted. Tron is a bit more in demand and IM was a darn sight in demand before the VE.

Also Tron is an easy lisense for Stern unlike ACDC.

Plus there is a real demand for a *better* Tron. I mean people would generally rather have the LE and I think LEs go for $9+

So if they did a (Batman VE) not a total remake of the Tron LE which would piss some people off but something like Tron with nicer armor maybe lighted, nicer Eli ramps, color changing lights, LCD or two and maybe an expanded or reworked ruleset.

My gosh people would be sending in checks today if they had that in the pipeline.

#3774 4 years ago

Pinside is not a small fraction of the collection population

Tron LE only 400 total and 203 owners on Pinside is that a small fraction?

XMLE only 550 and 236 owners on pinside

AMH 150 made but 95 owners on Pinside

FTH has 36 owners on Pinside and no one I know even wants one period. I know 8-9 people who own or owned IM and no one that ownes FTH or wants one.

I'd guesstimate FTH = AMH plus or minus because maybe more on location but I'll tell you there is Zero buzz about the game.

#3903 4 years ago

I halfway don't mind how much Stern is charging for the LE these days. But I do mind that Stern can, may does give up on certain pins. Regarding the code. Let's say ST there is a bug, ACDC there are features not implemented and or the scoring usage of the lower PF could be better. XM while it had improved a lot over the initial release is still buggy and could use something to improve it. I'm sure that every pin has a but it could have been better if they did this one little thing. Tron example does not call out supper pops or supper spinner or double scoring (the LE does but not the pro) so IMO Stern could do better. But some titles get more than others even the best might suffer with inferior code for 2 years.

This has turned me off from buying these initial release pins. If they are the bees knees I can pick up one either new or second hand in a couple years.

#3940 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Watch what comes next.
Service pack code updates
They will short us on code and charge for an update like CCC

I would pay to update my pins, a lot cheaper than buying a whole new pin and it could give the pin more lege or just make a good pin a better pin. But IMO Stern should already be doing this free of charge like JJP is doing.

#4154 4 years ago

If this is same/similar to BTDK I called that from day one.

Hopefully Stern will complete/polish their back catalogue with the profits.

#4162 4 years ago

I'd be more interested at lower price points. SMVE all over again.

#4213 4 years ago

I have a lot of Stern pins, while STLE was the most costly. I think they are better buys in the $5k range, and tougher to justify near 5-figures price.

Also they're hit or miss on code too much for me to take on faith anymore. Fool me twice (but not three times).

#4220 4 years ago

IMG_2499 (resized).JPG

#4238 4 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

I hope I get to play this soon. Sounds great in the video Stern just posted.....on a side note: When did Cat woman start wearing a nut cup?

Here people were obsessed with Dick-beard from LotR, now Catwoman is transitioning?

#4251 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

The embarrassing thing about the misspelling is that it is correct just a few inches below the wrong one.

That is a hard word for me to spell too but I think I'd use spellcheck before I put it on a production machine.

#4302 4 years ago

SLE = $10k by Xmas

#4333 4 years ago

Probably if they didn't have a 500 limit on GBLE people would have hung back and waited to see the code progression

I mean XMLE sold *mainly* because there were no premium and so people got scared if they missed it, could be like missing Bible or Tron LE. The threat of scarcity helps goose sales.

Also if they threaten to not release a premium that's another tactic Stern has employed or have a horrendously ugly premium option.

Stern wrote the book on sales tactics

Also I'd hope that small LCD is interactive like tspp or TH not just video loops.

#4391 4 years ago
Quoted from forensicd:

so, I have never played TDK, but comparing the images side by side there really is not much of a difference. Is this really how Stern is marking their 30 years, with a a rehash of a generally unpopular game. Very minimal effort, no original art, a few toys anyone can buy from amazon, and a 20 dollar lcd thrown in. I have pretty much bought into all things stern, but this one bites my bat nuts.

If you were paying attention to Stern that's probably what you'd expect. A perfect celebration of 30 years.

#4393 4 years ago

Can't believe how lazy this art package is.

#4408 4 years ago

When does JJP 3 reveal?

#4433 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Stern wont bring the game to expo or leave it out long if they do
Too risky
If it starts ghosting @ expo they're toast

ghosting will be a unique feature every pin will be unique like a snow flake.

#4482 4 years ago

This pin would probably sell like hotcakes if it were priced ~$5-8K street price

As with SM VE, is Stern happy to sell merely several hundred of a high priced pin wouldn't it be better to sell several thousand of a middle priced pin?

IMO these pins should be

pre = pro $5500
LE = premium $7000
SLE = LE $8500

this would still be the most expensive Stern 3 model lineup to date and may set the price structure going forward with Star Wars etc..

#4529 4 years ago
Quoted from taz:

Wow, what an amazing turn of events. This thread was a real Debbie downer by the price police and then JJP #3 was announced a little while ago and now Pinside is in wild fire mode in 3-4 different threads where people are self-immolating over JJP's new "Dialed In" game. It's looks and price actually make BM66 (non SLE of course), look like the Belle of the Ball.

Ha you're correct that JJP3 (theme and cost) is crap in a box. But still does not change the fact that BMVE is too expensive IMO.

This theme by JJP is purely unbelievable in that JJP needs only hits it's not like B/W or Stern which can get away with a shitty pin like WWE was. It's like if pin 3 is bad they need to wait another year for the next to come along. And WoZ is probably near the end of the line and TH is meh.

I'm really dissapointed at both JJP and Stern for these offerings.

#4538 4 years ago

My prediction is ~ 1000 of BMVE (all versions) because people will think the pro is actually a premium due to the LCD screen and less than 1000 of JJP3 because it's priced too high and IMO cell phone theme doesn't work.

if JJP had licensed the Note 7 Samsung and had fire coming out of the game that might have got my attention.

Whoever buys the $12k LE version of phone game will be sitting on a rare pin indeed.

#4541 4 years ago
Quoted from teekee:

Is there really someone out there that dumb?

Well someone green lighted that pin so my answer is going to be yes.

#4565 4 years ago
Quoted from tatapolus:

So kudos then to JJP to present an original, playable (!) machine. The light show already looks great. Not sure why Stern didn't manage to have a playable version ready for expo and their big party??

Looks like it was a rush job especially the art/photoshop like they did it over the weekend. Metal ramp flap covering Catgirls head? Wtf? Guess we're lucky it didn't cover her face completely but we still have the banana in her crotch?

image (resized).jpeg

#4582 4 years ago

I guess they can change the tranny Cat woman and move her image down below the ramp flap while they're at it.

#4608 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Or wait till the next sharemarket crash and watch it all disappear. Like a Jpop pin.

The only way for your money to disappear is for Apple to go bankrupt (out of business) which is as likely as Coke or Exxon going out of business. Apple is the most valuable brand name in the WORLD. January 2016 Apple reported $18.4 BILLION in profit for one quarter ($50 Billion for a rolling year on $225 BILLION in revenue). Apple has something like $200B in cash equivalents, quite a low PE, is buying back shares and returning cash in the form of dividends.

I am not suggesting that the stock will go to $150 anytime soon but it would not surprise me at all.

For most people I recommend a low cost index fund or ETF that holds the S&P500 or more companies. Which spreads the risk around more than a single company.

#4617 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

And 1000s of other companies around the world that disappeared after 2008.
You can bet your life that Coke and Apple will cease to exist within our lifetimes. Maybe 10 years, maybe 50 years. Who knows. May as well go play the roulette wheel.
Anyway, back to Batman!!!

I don't know where you get 1000s of companies that disappeared after 2008 but if that's the case, those weren't companies that on a *down* quarter will make $12Billion in profit. Are you comparing Apple now to Lymann Bros in 2007? That's just coo-coo.

You could take away all their iPhone sales and Apple would still have multi Billion dollar profits every quarter. I'm saying if Apple cease to make iPhone (not likely) but if they did they'd still have computers, watch, App Store, tablets, cloud storage. Apple has sold 1 billion iPhones or some such number and brand loyalty will mean many of those will be upgraded in time.

I'm not even sure if you can wrap your mind around the numbers, Apple is pushing a trillion dollars in valuation.

Can you understand that these iPhones cost around $400-800 and they have sold more than a billion of them?

Apple market cap is more than the bottom 100 companies in the S&P500 index.

#4620 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

AIG is still around and they are one of our biggest clients.

Merrill Lynch too, they were acquired by BOA for $38B

I think RD just likes to hear himself talk.

#4765 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Just noticed this. Not a big deal, but did no one tell the 5 artists working on this about ramp flaps. LOL.
(Or maybe they told just 4 of the artists and not the 5th Cat Woman one.)

I'd be surprised if that makes it to production.

#4828 4 years ago

So is everybody loving the clip art or should a milestone pin with a milestone price have hand drawn art like GB?.

#4836 4 years ago

My bad if they are hand drawn, I am talking about the back glass where there appears to be a bunch of images drag and drop with for example an image of Robbin overtop of an image of the Penguin. With different sizes and perspectives just a collection of individual images rather than a cohesive image like you'd see on a comic book cover for example.

#4865 4 years ago

I wish Stern would go back and complete all the old codes including bug fixes.

#4871 4 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

IMO - if this game plays well - it's a homerun
At least for those of my generation that grew up with this show.

If the pro/premium costs $7700 (idk if that's the cost) but IMO that's still a lot of money.

I guess it'll sell ok, but I'm curious if people forget Met/Tron/IMVE/TWD pro was $4700. Part of the reason SMVE didn't sell well was that people were expecting lower price.

#4914 4 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

X-Men LE had no premium. Pinside owns 235, almost 50%. Pinside IS the market for LE's.

Tron LE 204 owners on Pinside out of 400
IMG_2503 (resized).JPG

#4915 4 years ago

IMG_2502 (resized).JPG

#4989 4 years ago

I'd bet the rules will look a lot like TDK.

Kaneda_large_8728 (resized).jpg

#5035 4 years ago

I'll admit the game looks kind of cool, I would consider one down the road.

#5184 4 years ago

It's been beaten to death but as many people like/prefer Met pro as like the premium. IMO they're both fine. I dare say some people prefer the pro. I could give a f about the snake jaw, some people don't care for the hammer, my friend has one premium nib from day one he's had nothing but trouble with the coffin lock. He'd just as soon never have seen the coffin lock. I'm sure it *can* work well but it's not a sure thing.

No doubt the light show with color changing inserts is great, but like a car with heated steering wheel or Satellite radio against the same car without, I'm sure most people would prefer the heated steering wheel or Satellite radio but it's not the essence of the car, it's an added feature. People prefer Tron with the better arcade (mod) more than Tron with the basic stock arcade, but at the end of the day it's the same pinball. I wouldn't call a Tron with stock arcade garbage or one with the upgraded arcade far superior. Only folks with Met premium seem to argue that that pro is garbage.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have reviewed Metallica and the results are even. Dare I say this is the closest race since the Gore/Bush Florida election of 2000. I'll keep this picture here in case the premium folks decide to submarine the pro by giving lots of bogus votes as can happen here on good old Pinside.

image (resized).jpeg

#5204 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

On another related note; I see stern spared no expense on their price hikes giving each BM66 model 6 whole color changing inserts! Prices are now justified

I thought this was a special celebration pin so it should really have more color changing inserts than AcDc premum which came out 4 years ago. Don't you think? Just checking AcDc has 16 tricolor inserts.

#5209 4 years ago

Strikes me as funny that if Stern wanted to make more money than GBLE why not have 500+ LE editions?

They might not sell out as quick but if it's any good wouldn't it be better to sell 500 LEs?

#5217 4 years ago

While I do consider myself 'lucky' to have been born in the US and in middle class family with a good brain. I know countless others who were born where I was with similar brain, but they didn't work as hard (IMO) I put in a lot of hours at undergraduate, Med school and residency to get to my status which takes 12 years post-HS of education/training.

I'm not saying that it's so hard doing what I do, but it is a load of work to get here.

#5218 4 years ago

PS Batman is a theme for me as well, I was born in 1965 so I saw the re-runs. But IMO Stern didn't put too much (if any) more effort into this than any other pin (Met, ST, GB etc..) and in fact they show the PF with Cat woman's head covered by the ramp flaps. Maybe they'll fix that but I always believe to put your best foot forward. Don't rush it out and fix it later if you get around to it.

I would have considered the LE if it was in the $8's

Can someone tell me how much an LE is selling for? Is it really 9-something?

#5219 4 years ago

I think this is balderdash but here is a study:

Two-thirds of Americans would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover a $1,000 emergency, according to an exclusive poll released Thursday, a signal that despite years after the Great Recession, Americans' finances remain precarious as ever.

These difficulties span all incomes, according to the poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Three-quarters of people in households making less than $50,000 a year and two-thirds of those making between $50,000 and $100,000 would have difficulty coming up with $1,000 to cover an unexpected bill.

Even for the country's wealthiest 20 percent — households making more than $100,000 a year — 38 percent say they would have at least some difficulty coming up with $1,000.

#5227 4 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

The LE is approximately $9,600 street price. How can this not have 100% RGB color changing inserts? Insane to me. My Game of Thrones LE looks like a bargain.

Exactly since Stern said there were no pros (wink-wink) there is only one version to code and so it's easier to drop in all color changing LEDs.

I found them very nice in AcDc (16 I believe they said) and STLE/premium all color changing. I find it a hard sell for me to pay for a LE/premium anymore if they just have 6 arrows that change color. In fact ST pro has 7 color changing inserts (woop-do doo) Stern can only find it in their heart to put 6 in their flagship so special it can't be a pro game.

#5279 4 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

wow people still whinging about the price.

It's atrocious

IMG_2507 (resized).JPG

#5281 4 years ago

Does the premium cost as much as STLE?

IMG_1854 (resized).JPG

#5311 4 years ago
Quoted from Farhan:

I'd love a Batman 66...such a great theme.

Yes great theme.

What may feel stripped especially since this is a premium pin at a premium price is that it only has 6 color changing inserts same as the $4700 ST pro. The LE is double the price of a pro. The premium costs as much as STLE did which had full color changing Inserts, had premium lighted side rails and lighted shields on the head box.

I know this does have an LCD which is great but it just seems a lot of money for a premium version.

#5312 4 years ago

My mother in law works for a guy (millionaire) who is married to another millionaire. He had a Rolls Royce with a driver. He had an actual movie theater, not a typical Home Theater room but a movie theatre in his house. He had a pub room which was just like a real pub and actually had a classic Harley Davidson motorcycle in the pub as a decoration and it was a real nice HD I wouldn't be surprised if it was $40k type. In addition he had another room that was like an Italian wine bar / cafe. Had a full salon, pool with a full guest house by the pool.

I could not estimate the price of the house but likely several millions of dollars. He could have a game room with as many puns or arcade games as he wanted. Some people like these will buy a $500k car and not even blink.

Myself I'm fairly well off but not rich so I have to look at the cost. I have owned a very expensive car but at the end of the day I just thought it was too expensive to keep. I really love cars and if I was rich I'd get something exotic and with pins if I was rich I'd probably get a SLE if wanted. But currently I've just enough to keep me in color DMDs and the occasional new pin every so often.

#5385 4 years ago

I'm waiting for ST 60's VE with LCD

#5388 4 years ago

I fail to see how the LE is $1800 more than the premium?

What exactly does the LE offer above the premium?

It's not as with Tron LE which had drop banks, moving recognizer, Lighted ramps, chrome armor, extra code (that was an LE).

STLE offered color armor, etched and lighted side rails, lighted shield emblems in the head, metal lighted speaker panel.

What exactly does the BM LE have that the premium doesn't? Is it just the topper and the side rails and the different art package?

#5398 4 years ago

Here's a link of a guy buying a $4,000,000++ Lamborghini (sight unseen).

#5417 4 years ago

this dude spent $9M for a license plate (number 5).

I could think of a lot better ways to spend $9M

161031052722-dubai-license-plate-1-780x439 (resized).jpg

#5524 4 years ago

I Like Anne Hathaway cat woman the best.

IMG_2519 (resized).JPG

#5604 4 years ago

Imo as other people said the SLE doesn't bother me one bit. They could have made 8 or 80 or 800 copies and it would be the same to me.

I don't really care a bit limited ness of a pin, but moreso the art or extra features like STLE or TWD which I really like the cabinet art. I don't have TWD LE but to me the different art on the LE is really nice.

If someone has enough money to spend twice the cost of a previous LE for a stupid whatever it has then they really have more money than brains. Most likely to these guys who can spend $15k because the pin has nicer cabinet decals like $15K to some people is like $15 to other people.

But it's the higher price of the LE that really has me puzzled since to me it's just for the topper, the armor and a few trinkets.

It's also the higher price of the premium that I can understand although that's the only sane price of the bunch. But to me the addition of a color LCD does not equal to a $1000 bump over prior premium costs. And I'm thinking Stern is laying the groundwork for the new price structure going forward.

#5637 4 years ago

Looks as if the main difference between the SLE and LE is the nicer armor and foil type decal? For an additional $5000 (?).

IMO the foil type decal is nice but you can get a BM66 LE + TWD pro or Met pro or IM for similar price of the step up to the SLE. To me, that's a no brainer.

#5670 4 years ago

I think the pro/premium looks the best.

1 week later
#5853 4 years ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

Did anyone skip the Nov 4th $2000 deposit deadline and get a pay in full by Dec 1st to confirm your SLE email from Stern today??? I just got one, looks like I still have the honor and privilege to drop 15k if I want haha..

I'm doubting many people are going to drop $15K on this. however we have no way of knowing but my guess is Stern *said* they'd increase the number to 80 in order to get some more people to buy the LE. By saying that they're increasing the number might get people to think there was a big demand.

That's just my guess.

#5900 4 years ago


If this was a 'special' game I'd expect for more than 6 color changing LEDs. I realize Lyman has yet to have a full color changing PF but he had AcDc which had a number of color changing inserts used to good effect.

ST pro for crying out loud has as many color changing inserts as the flagship anniversary nee plus ultra SLE edition which instead relies on $5 trinket toys to differentiate the PF.

Not even lighted etched side rails like STLE a clear money saving decision.

I'm not totally down on this title because it looks good but for a premium that now costs what STLE did this is ridiculous. Look at STLE then look at BM premium it's insulting they cost the same. If BM premium is really a premium and not a pro why'd the remove the $5 toys?

#5902 4 years ago

I see, the small LCD I suspect is like those $100 jobs you can buy for other games like tspp tv.

Why'd they remove the hot wheel $5 toys? Seems like a petty thing to remove for the savings of a few dollars. Usually the premium is not stripped such as the asteroids on ST premium.

I don't totally think the price of the premium is rediculous but just wish the game was more loaded with things that can't be added such as color changing inserts.

#5903 4 years ago

I think it's going to be a nice pin but the price is off beat for other premium pins and the artwork with Cat woman art under ramp flaps (hope they will fix that).

#5908 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

The Villain Cam LCD mounted above the BM66 playfield is larger than Sparky's Micro Display Mod, and it's also interactive with gameplay. When George Gomez was describing the game at EXPO, he mentioned the villains mocking you during gameplay. (Sparky's MDM just plays a single loop of video, with no audio, and it's not interactive.)

Ok that's neat!!

I was thinking WWE not sure how that worked since I've yet to see a WWE

#5979 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

For $15k, $5k over the LE, I would hope that the SLE looks the best, lol.

It's funny I paid $5200 for a like-new Met pro plus color DMD and full chrome legs and rails.

I realize rich people don't care about money the same way but to me the SLE has very little value. Even if I was rich I still can't see why I'd rather have a SLE instead of a LE plus a Met pro.

#5996 3 years ago

Personally 99% of the options in a Porsche catalog are overpriced maybe all of them. I'd just as soon get a Porsche less optioned and save money. However I wish some basic features were standard such as Bluetooth and Sat radio.

If I were getting a 911 the ceramic brakes would be first on my list of options to skip. I don't track the car so not necessary for basic street driving. I'm not worried about impressing other folks which some people with flashy stuff seem to be.

I'm not saying I can't afford SLE but I'd far rather get what $15k would buy in two pins or else maybe a premium or LE and save / invest the difference as investment assets grow and pay dividends forever.

I've bought stocks that have paid dividends for a decade, the dividends alone have paid the purchase price and more and the stock itself has doubled or tripled as well and will pay me for as long as I'm alive or until I sell them.

#5999 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Now this is my problem, I am clueless about stocks and shares, I work hard and spend hard and when it comes to saving well lets just say Stern certainly do not help

You don't have to be anything special to save / invest money, try to set aside something every paycheck as if you never earned it.

I like to say 10% but whatever you can afford.

Say your paycheck is $5k (try) to take out $500 or even $250 straight away and invest in (stock/ETF maybe bonds).

I bought a number of shares of MO for $18/share they're now worth $64/share plus pay me $2.2/year in dividend. That's freaking amazing, probably much better than if I had bought BBB for $5k when they were first sold.

By now MO could totally disappear (unlikely) and I'd still be way ahead.

That example probably is an outlier, most stocks won't do that well but usually darn well better than buying consumer goods or pinball machines.

#6000 3 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

when you can buy a pin for 8000 play it and then resell it 2 years later for 7000+, whats the big deal?
those 15,000 sle will probably hold their value 90 percent or even go up higher if the pin plays really good. if it sucks well look at what happened to kiss and wwe.
I don't think this pin is gonna suck and I think the code will be really good. it would really be embarrassing for a 15,000 sle pin to be released with weak code especially after all the problems with gb.

The problem with hoping SLE will go up is Stern took away a lot of the headroom.

This is not a $5000 Tron LE or $6600 BIBLE the 'going up' price is already priced in.

#6047 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Here's the real question.
Would anyone be buying this game if Lonnie were on code?

Not in a million years.

1 week later
#6272 3 years ago

SLE will probably settle a small bit above the LE I'm thinking $9-10k

Lots of folks don't care about the limitless and won't see any value above a LE or a pimped out premium.

Lots of folks would rather have let's say a BM pre and a Star Wars pre than a single BM SLE pin, I don't think demand will be anywhere near $15k

Sure there are lots of deep pockets but probably they will drop in for the Star Wars SLE while the typical buyer will be satisfied with LE or premium.

A lot of the SLE is hype / fluff, wait a year and this thread will be on page two with XM or ST thread most days mark it down.

#6273 3 years ago

As this has come back to my wheelhouse of bitching about the SLE price, heck there are probably 80 or maybe a few more who will pay that much. But Stern really screwed the SLE buyers by going up to close to the limit of number of people who care a bit about the SLE. There's no indication that many more people want $15K Stern pin, I'm sure if there was a huge demand we'd have seen 166 SLE pins.

80 is not some hallowed number it's a number Stern could sell. Then they made up some BS marketing spin that it was 30 + 50. Why not 30 years of Stern plus 50 years of BM plus 86 the year Stern began 1986 (?) 30 + 50 + 86 that's just as good a reason as they're giving for 80 units. It's just they probably didn't find another 86 people *smart enough* to cough up for the foil edition.

So in order for someone to think they'll be worth more seems to assume there were a lot more big pocket buyers who are crying they missed out. But guess what if they did, then they got a LE they're not going to want to sell that plus add $5000 to get a SLE which is essentially the same exact pin with different cabinet art foil.

Plus as I've said if there is another SLE like Star Wars (etc..) people would far rather get that hype pin than last years old news.

I just saw the best looking LOTR and beat looking Tron pro both for sale in the $7-8k price range. I mean top of the top for these games. Either one is as good as BM 66. But I could buy both of those for $15-16k. There is nothing special about BM66 except it's the flavor of the month, it's this months GB LE it's this months TH SE.

If it does turn out to be a milestone pin like LOTR than Stern will be able to sell a lot of premium pins.

We don't even know if the early pins will be issue prone like ACDC cloudy window issue so likely waiting will be no worse than getting the absolute first pin off the assembly line.

#6276 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

For the prices Stern is charging for Batman, the machine better not have any issues.

I wouldn't like a pin with major art being covered by ramp flap. Maybe Stern fixes this (?) but it's totally bush league in the first place like misspelled words on GB. Did any misspelled GB games go out? I think it's far worse than misspelled word (It's like the scene from Platoon where King spells dear as dere and he said it don't matter his girl don't read too good neither).

But art covered by a ramp flap should never have seen the light of day. I'd lmao if the early pins were delivered with screwed up art and later pins were corrected.

Stern should be embarrassed at Catwoman head covered by ramp flap and they should have the new fixed pictures up on Facebook like yesterday. Also it's likely a small matter of a computer fix to drag the Catwomam image down an inch or so.

It really bothers me with Stern's track record of not fixing issues like XMLE Wolverine position, they just take the easiest way out, arm in the way just shave off the bottom, claws in the way of the ramp just reposition the toy so it's blocking a major shot. No big deal. Stern's motto should be we cut corners so you can get the games quicker (you're welcome).

#6288 3 years ago
Quoted from twenty84:

It is exciting when I see this thread has bunch of new posts... until I read them. Maybe the title should be changed to "Batman 66 by Stern NO new info."

image (resized).jpeg

#6346 3 years ago

I'm going out on a limb and predicting that Stern will not fix Catwoman art on initial machines.

It's been 2 months and they have not shown a corrected image, they said it will be fixed which is Stern speak for saying *some* machines will not have messed up PF art.

#6357 3 years ago
Quoted from chris_brim:

what is the problem with the cat women art

There are some other pictures, but this is one I found. I believe the other ramp flap is even worse.

batman (resized).jpg

#6360 3 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

nice legs, a good full hip is always appreciated, her head being cut with the flap needs to be fixed

is it just me or does Catwoman have a banana in her pants?

#6361 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

It's just carelessness and a lack of attention to detail and something similar has probably happened on a past release, but when your looking at charging almost double a pro and asking 10k - 15k for a pin, that attention to detail matters.

I wouldn't turn that artwork in on a 7th grade paper.

Stern is so arrogant and people are buying the pin either way, they could just as well say we are not fixing the art and so many people would still buy the pin.

Look at the BG ramp on TWD LE, Wolverine on XMLE, Hulk on Avengers (so many little details Stern just doesn't give a darn about).

I got burned on XMLE. It was a decent game, but there was ZERO reason to preorder that pin. (I can say that about every Stern release since) basically the only LE that has been worth ordering was Tron and AcDc and on AcDc you still have to contend with the cloudy window.

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