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Batman 66 by Stern new info


5 years ago

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Post #1 Flyer announcing Batman 66 Posted by GAP (5 years ago)

Post #4163 Photo of the Batman 66 playfield via Stern Posted by dmbjunky (5 years ago)

Post #4193 Photos of the SLE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (5 years ago)

Post #4194 Photo of LE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (5 years ago)

Post #4264 Clear photo of the entire SLE Posted by DCFAN (5 years ago)

Post #4449 Video from the Stern tour at Expo 2016 Posted by KingBW (5 years ago)

Post #4974 Batman 66 Product and Feature Matrix Posted by KLR2014 (5 years ago)

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#35 5 years ago

I would be very interested in this theme/machine if it weren't for the playfield issues and no resolution in sight for them. What's to say their playfield manufacturing process has been fixed? Good luck to those who pull the trigger. I look forward to seeing how this machine looks and plays, the biggest benefit is Lyman on the code. Other then that, i'll wait for reports on how the playfield holds up - or doesn't hold up - before even considering a purchase this time around.

#39 5 years ago
Quoted from ianwho:

I'm glad I don't care about this machine at all to purchase it NIB. The add seems to indicate the price tag is going up.

Stern noticed what premiums people were paying for resold NIB GBLE's, so they are probably using this machine as a test with limited LE numbering and controlling the supply more to see if they can sell at higher prices, in less volume. This will be interesting to say the least.

#70 5 years ago

I find it interesting Stern's past two releases are joint efforts- the Pabst partnership and now Ka-Pow Pinball. Could it be that they are also transitioning to manufacturing for other companies so they have less upfront capital risk when releasing a new theme? Kind of how their deal with PPS for MMr is working?

#134 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Nope. Nope. And nope.
What an awesome theme. I used to love the Batman TV show. It's some campy fun. However, this just feels wrong. I never cared for the crane on TDK. It feels the same as Mick on a Stick to me. But it is the outright gouge of getting rid of the Pro version and replacing it with a Super LE. That just feels wrong to me.
And yes, I get it that Stern wants to cut down volume while increasing profit. And getting rid of the Pro versions is a great way to fix their supply issues. Increased profit per machine means the same money from less work. Good luck with that.

Pro versions eliminated from now on? Premiums are the new Pros, LE's are like a Hobbit LE, and Super LE is like a Hobbit Smaug LE.

So basically they are taking a page out of JJPs book then. Standard, LE, and special LE.

#231 5 years ago

How many people willing to bet that the Special Super Limited Edition will have an Adam West signature on the translite?

I say translite and not the playfield because assuming Stern hasn't resolved the playfield quality issues with chipping and ghosting yet, it would be a risk having Adam West sign potential defective playfields and then need to sign replacement ones later.

Just an idea- im confident if there's a problem they would replace your playfield, but having a bunch of spare Adam West signed playfields wouldn't make sense either. Or maybe it would, I don't know. What I do know is John Trudeau is going to have to sign a lot of replacement GBLE playfields

#233 5 years ago
Quoted from clg:

I hope you are right as that means stern is doing the right thing!

Yes I definitely am confident they will. So far I've had a great experience with them and they are going to make it right. When they do, I'll have to find some room for this game if it plays good, because it seems like a very interesting theme. It just needs to be better then BTDK because I wasn't a fan of the layout and rules.

#288 5 years ago

I'm going to pass on the Super LE because of the rumored backglass, not happy with the crotch shot of Adam West front and center:

#341 5 years ago
Quoted from Air_Pinball:

B66 LE's are already sold out.
I guess you showed them!

Jokes on everyone who preordered ! Stern hasn't officially announced this machine is actually their new Spike system that runs off 8 AAA batteries in order to save wiring costs. Since the entire playfield is direct print plastic, the ghosting issues have been resolved.

The super duper LE will come with a batman cape and keychain I hear

IMG_2645 (resized).JPG

#535 5 years ago

$10.5K for an LE ? That doesn't even have invisiglass, widebody, or who knows what else?

ray liotta goodfellas laughing (resized).jpg

#760 5 years ago

First pics of playfield?

91938b379626c93cf16a6da93b27622e02e9b2fe (resized).jpg

#1178 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Funny you mention this. It is so true, and it is a very large part of the reason that my plan to sell off nearly my entire collection in order to finance another hobby (off road vehicle) is pretty much on hold. I can usually recoup 90% of what I pay for a pin, whereas the substantial money paid for the large number of modifications that are required in the off road hobby are the complete opposite: nearly a 90% loss.
We all bitch and complain of the high prices that we pay for pins (and rightfully so) but this hobby is actually one of the least expensive hobbies that I have ever been involved in in terms of retaining value/getting your money back.


Exactly why I love this hobby.

What other $8K toy can you buy and play for months, maybe years, and recoup 90% of the cost, or in some cases 100% or more?

#1296 5 years ago

Unconfirmed rumor from a friend that this is one of the backglass / translites

IMG_2711 (resized).PNG

#1430 5 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

A couple weeks ago I made a complimentary comment about how much I was enjoying KISS "aside from incomplete code." Comment deleted and I was blocked.

That is such bullshit. Way to treat a customer who has spent thousands of dollars on your products. I was blocked last year for just asking if Ghostbusters was really coming out and if it was only a rumor. Block/banned from Facebook and Instagram for that. Who ever runs their pages is a complete asshole.

#1552 5 years ago

Heres my application, anyone think i'll get picked? I sure hope they will take my money

2016-09-13_1526 (resized).png

#1554 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

And/or there are plenty of haters that are just pissed that they can't afford or simply won't pay that much for a pinball machine
Bottom line is plenty of people are willing to pay up for the LE and "super collectible" or whatever the heck it is.
I'm one of them for the right pin like Batman66
Stern has got it right. Satisfying all segments of the market
The whiners and complainers will always be out in force no matter what they do

Honestly you are right iceman. I bet they will easily sell those 30 machines too. I just have to laugh that they are actually doing it, straight up copying the Ford GT program. At least Ford revealed the design and details prior to releasing the application, thats the funniest thing about this. It's kind of a joke really.

#1556 5 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

So you put it on location in someone's house. The person you flipped it to. They pay you 30k with option to buy after 18 months.
Flippers suck but that contract clause is pointless.

haha. Imagine if someone paid $30K for a pinball machine. Hilarious these numbers are being tossed around before anyone has seen pics or played this thing.

#1559 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

What do you think that HEP King Kong is worth?
There are games I'm sure people have put that kind of money into...

Yeah but that game has been around almost 30 years and people know what they are getting and playing, and pricing is based on how great the restoration and condition is. My point was the numbers being tossed around here is outrageous considering the only thing we know is the theme and its a new machine from Stern. So games are now valued solely on how 'limited' they are, and how new of a Stern release it is? Crazy talk

#1562 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

It would seem that Stern is doing both invitations and now the contest.
For the record, I requested and my name was submitted well over two weeks ago for the SLE. Long before this contest announcement.
I'm waiting for final approval but the two top dogs at Stern have personally told me my chances are very good. I'm on this list because I got off my ass behind the scenes and put some energy into it. Meanwhile, I watched as everyone else sat on Pinside bitching about exclusivity and bad marketing policy.
Now comes an opportunity from Stern for people to fill out an application and get in on something they thought wasn't possible. It wasn't long ago many people were complaining how only exclusive people would get in on the deal and how unfair that was.
If you want to pass on this opportunity, that's fine whatever your reasons are.
Sounds to me like a lot of people would rather continue to sit on Pinside and bitch. That means chances will improve for those making an effort as the field has been narrowed.
Reminds me of the guy sitting in a dark room complaining about the darkness. Someone suggests he turn on a light and he say's "Nah, I'd rather sit in the dark".
You can make your own good luck once you know how.

Out of curiosity, given you have never seen or played the machine, what is the desire and driving factor wanting to own the Super Ultimate Limited Edition of this theme? I am not trying to make fun or anything, I am just looking for an honest explanation. Thanks

#1596 5 years ago

Well, that was quick.

Already got my response back from Stern regarding my application for BM66

-moderator removed: "While your humor is appreciated (and welcome on the site), the vulgarities are not. You are welcome to re-post your joke without the profanity. Thanks."-

#1600 5 years ago
Quoted from Magic_Mike:

Maybe if more collectors spoke with their *wallets* instead of posting on Facebook, they would listen!
The 'I'm not going to buy another Stern' threads are old and pointless!
Ghosting playfield issues have not been resolved but yet the anonymous Batman 66 is already sold out.
Anger and dissatisfaction in this hobby only lasts long enough until the next "grail pin" is announced.

Honestly Stern is going to replace my ghosted playfield and they are making it right. After personally speaking with Gary multiple times, I'm stoked they are really attempting to make it right.

My comment you quoted was specifically regarding whomever deletes and censors customers comments on their social media pages and accounts. Non-transparency in today's social media age is complete BS. I like Gary and am not at all upset with Stern anymore, but they really need to have a sit down talk with their social media guy and tell him censoring comments actually hurts the online image of Stern, and does not help.

People want to see responses showing Stern cares about customers complaints and issues, not that they attempt to mute and block/censor their customers who spend a lot of money on their products.

I got blocked for asking to confirm a rumor about Ghostbusters, a game I was interested in buying and did end up purchasing. Now that's some bullshit right there. That's the point, and that is why many people have complaints here about how they administer their online presence.

#1650 5 years ago

Interesting time at Stern right now.

*Orders of GB LE's and Premiums are still not filled

*Pabst Can Crusher pin announced, none built/shipped/or delivered

*Batman66 Pin flyer shown, no playfield or game pictures- sold out any way. Application for right to buy Super LE, no pics shown.

*Spiderman Consumer/Home version announced, no ETA on actual build/delivery date

*Huge backlog of games ordered Feb/March of this year and still not built

Anyone else think Stern is biting off more then they can chew? Perhaps their design and marketing department is running full speed, and the manufacturing process is running at a slower speed and being pushed beyond their capabilities?

There's definitely a ramp up happening, but it just doesn't seem like all the moving parts are in sync here.

#1658 5 years ago

Hitler reacts to Stern's Application Process for BM66 SLE:


#1751 5 years ago

That's one way to get consumer confidence back after the ghosted playfield debacle: raise prices across the board!!!

Maybe Samsung should take a page out of Stern's marketing department. After the Note 7 battery fire issue, simply raise prices on the Note 8 next year. That should do it.

#1908 5 years ago
Quoted from clg:

To be fair to Stern they are not targeting this at operators with this game. They are after Iceman and his mates!

I agree, here's a recent pic of Iceman!

Burning-Money-cropped (resized).jpg

#1922 5 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Holy S*#t, and I though JJP was costly!

Yeah, and I bet even though there is an LCD I am willing to bet Stern's graphics and interface sucks compared to JJP's awesome animations and UI. That would be hilarious if their jump to LCD is just some half ass animated dots.

#2039 5 years ago

A lot of people are complaining about the price increase, and rightfully so. Those who think it is too expensive (myself included) simply do not need to buy it, and those who want it, will purchase. All of that is fine and dandy.

Now you have to ask, why (!!) have they raised the prices so much? Is it because the cost to build the machine itself went up, or are they simply exploiting the fact some people like to pay a massive premium based on the fact this title will be in limited supply?

I honestly think the reason the price is so high is because of the Stern Pinball / Ka-Pow partnership on this game. I am willing to bet that Joe Kaminkow had a lot of influence to build this machine, and may have brought the license to Stern. I am sure he demanded a pretty penny as well. Perhaps they are just trying to milk this game so Stern still retains their profit margin, and Joe will be paid. If that's the case, I would avoid purchasing the machine alone for this very reason- its a bad deal for consumers, period. This just going off of the business logistics behind the scenes, you are not getting more machine for your money most likely- but you are paying a premium because Joe is involved here.

Whatever your case might be, you will buy it sight unseen any way and have your reasons I am sure. When this Batman 66 hype dies off soon, perhaps when pics and gameplay is actually shown and emotions subside.. i'll be waiting for Stern's Iron Maiden to be released and hopefully prices will normalize a bit since there wont be two companies in cahoots with that pin (I hope)

#2199 5 years ago

Limited Edition / low build numbers aside, you have to think- "what am I really getting for my money" versus how much money you are giving someone in pure profit?

Taking a look at this 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 you can just look at this machine and think, wow, there are some expensive parts on this machine and it probably cost a pretty penny in parts and labor to assemble it. Combine that with a factory warranty that if there are defects you roll it into a dealership and they fix it at no expense to you. Hell, even if the headlights "ghost" they will fix it no problem!

Prices of pinball machines have now gone to the extreme phase, and are only exploiting those upper ends of the collectors market while subsequently telling less financially fortunate hobbyists that they dont have the money to buy their products any more. I get you dont "need to buy" - but the sad thing is many people would love to buy it, but they simply cannot afford the machines at these new inflated profit margins at Stern. They are only allowing the upper end of the successful pinball collector now, where you can only collect if you are rich enough. That sucks as we know Stern isn't putting more money into the machines - if anything they are now saving cash on the bill of materials - but are only raising prices because they are now targeting the richer end of the collectors.

At the end of the day you they are just alienating their core group to line their pockets with more cash, while offering the same if not cheaper built product. Just look at the recent playfield issues and the fact they wanted to save money with the Spike system by putting the power switch in the backbox... then they jack the prices up.

Any way, this is an example of what a $12-15K product should be. Not a Batman pinball machine, sorry.

2016-09-18_0923 (resized).png

#2203 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

you know there are things to enjoy and buy that is not NIB. In fact, the older stuff and the enjoyment of restoring and making a rough game, look and play like new is what this hobby has been about for the last 2 decades. I know a majority on here are just NIB sluts and don't care about anything they can't bling out with a shitton of mods, but thats not what this hobby was about. Enjoy the masterpieces of old and the hobby is a lot more rewarding.

I'm with you on this man. My next pin wont be new in box unless its a JJP machine (assuming they dont raise prices either!)

I think I want to go with some older titles next, and opt out of NIB's. NIB purchases are risky now with questionable build quality, and lack of prompt return policies and warranty remediation. It is seriously a lotto play at this point. Who wants to drop $8K, let alone up to $15K for a surprise brown box that you cross your fingers and "hope" you get a good example out of the box? Now they want an application for this "opportunity" to play the quality control lotto? F**K that, sorry.

When you approach $10,000 or even $15,000 for a toy, you shouldn't need to cross your fingers you get a quality product brand new out of the box. If you dont? You have to escalate to the owner of the company and be told it will take months to get a replacement playfield, and nothing in writing.. just once again 'hoping' it all works out.

This is not to toot my horn, brag, or pat myself on the back- but I can afford those new higher prices and could drop the coin on NIB's still if I wanted.. that's not the problem. The problem is at these prices I would not be getting a product worth the asking price, and I refuse to pay more for the same thing but at a price that is clearly only putting more money in the pockets of a company just "because" - while offering the same product. Nope, I draw the line somewhere. If I blew money on overpriced products then I wouldn't be where I am financially to even be in the position to own a single pinball machine to begin with.

The window sticker price doesn't match the product it's on anymore Stern, sorry.

#2298 5 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're REALLY new to buying pins, right? Cause it's certainly looking that way.
Stern is/was having issues with the playfields. You (among others) have been promised a complete replacement.
So now, to come on here and post that "NIB purchases are risky now with questionable build quality..." is complete horseshit.
You're SO ignorant to buying pinball machines, that you keep stating that you're going to be JJP exclusive from now on.
You know what? WoZ is the only machine I ever bought that STARTED SMOKING and burned itself out THE DAY I GOT IT HOME.
Jack was awesome, and agreed to replace it with another NIB WoZ, and the team at JJP was great to deal with, but the point is, ALL PINBALL MANUFACTURERS HAVE ISSUES. Nobody is going to get things right all the time.
Heighway Pinball's Full Throttle was a complete bust too! Once again, they agreed that the one I got was a dud, and I got a full refund.
So nothing against these other manufacturers, but quality control isn't a Stern-only issue.
The important matter is whether a company backs its products or not.
At the moment, Stern seems to be the only company that's dealing with playfield issues, but rumour has it that even that has been resolved. Time will tell of course, but I'm betting this is now a thing of the past.
With respect to your comment about the "application form", once again you seem to take everything to the extreme in order to make Stern look as bad as possible.
Stern decided to make 30 very limited edition versions of their newest pin. It would appear as though they made more than they could sell to their closest friends at the price point, so they decided to sell the left overs to the public.
Now, they have only a few (30 at most). So how should they decide who gets them?
Someone could easily come along and buy one up, then flip it for more money, knowing they're in limited supply. Then you'd have true blue Stern/Batman fans crying about how they're being gouged for a game they should have been able to buy themselves. Stern wasn't pleased to see that in the past with Metallica so they've decided to do something a little different this time.
But again, Pinsiders all start to bitch and moan, claiming that they're insulted at what's taken place.
You know what? There's no pleasing Pinside. Look around. CrazyLevi is quite possibly the most vocal Pinsider on the Ghostbusters thread, and he HATES the game. It's a perfect example of the mentality that's considered "normal" around here.
Honestly, and without prejudice: sell your game and go buy a motorcycle if that's what you prefer. I was at a friends place last night for dinner and we all (wives included) played a bunch of Sterns newest games afterward. Nobody complained about ghosting inserts, or the price of the games, or any of the bullshit that's constantly brought up on here. You know why? Because the majority of it doesn't matter. If my friend and I don't buy a Batman, or an LE, or an SLE, then what difference does their application process make?
It will all boil down to whether or not its a fun game with good code. If it's as fun as ACDC, or Metallica, or GoT, or Ghostbusters, or Walking Dead, then we'll probably buy one, even if at the increased prices.
Anyway, I'm probably just adding more fuel to the "crazy-fire" by sharing my thoughts but it's honestly time y'all STFU and either dropped the hobby or just turned off your computers and played the pinballs you have that you like playing.
The constant non-ending whining is so anti-pinball, you look pathetic for remaining a part of a hobby that clearly makes you all so unhappy!
I'd love to stick around and throw more stones, but I have to go clean up a little, and then squeeze in a few games of Walking Dead before heading to a friends place tonight to play GBLE. Sure hope our evening isn't ruined by application forms!

Thanks for the great story, I hope you releasing all that aggression and anger when writing that long post has affected your life in a positive way. Take some deep breaths... now release.

#2300 5 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I bet he was bangin the hell out of that keyboard as he was typing. He probably was huffing and puffing and had sweat dripping off of his forehead and everything lol.

Seriously man, I feel bad for his keyboard right now, it took quite the beating!

#2397 5 years ago

Did you guys see Stern announced Iron Maiden too?? Same BS as Batman '66 with no pics and applications needed to purchase


#2441 5 years ago

I have a feeling this might backfire on Stern, given the way they are marketing this thing. A lot of controversy over this whole thing, from the pricing to the application form.. it's setting up very high expectations for this pin, and honestly it's not even as massive as a theme as Ghostbusters was. There are plenty of Batman machines already, and there wasn't a single Ghostbusters.

If the game is finally shown and it isn't mind blowing and the LCD isn't executed well, I can see this being a huge misstep from Stern. Unbelievable the LE's sold out without showing the machine- who says they all stay in when it's actually shown publicly? This whole thing is so strange. I can't think of a single company that starts collecting deposits and asking for an application to purchase something that has never even been shown in even prototype or concept form.

#2467 5 years ago

Very fitting artwork!


#2476 5 years ago
Quoted from c508:

I like the guys, but think Catwoman could look better... Kinda "jowly" in that drawing

Would you kick a face like that out of bed?

I sure wouldnt

#2591 5 years ago

Alright, this is getting out of hand! Stern just announced via Instagram that there is a "Founder's Edition" limited to 7 machines being built. Crazy.


#2597 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

These animated GIFs show how the images are actually different from the model art. Redrawn or Reworked? You be the judge, but it's not just re-arrangements as scale, dimensions, and points of interaction all change.

Your image posting crashes Google Chrome

#2606 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I'm looking at it on Chrome - its not the image, its Pinside's image preview stuff. Click the blue arrow at the bottom and it will open the image w/o the preview.
Like this - https://images.pinside.com/e/1f/a6/e1fa6d3d9268f69e672b206fbe24f471c41954e2.gif

Leave it to flynnibus post to crash the Pinside forum, lol... delete the image man

#2608 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

That's the internet telling you to stop using IE. I've tried it on multiple browsers.. they don't crash.. not all like showing the preview tho. Just click on the blue expand icon in the footer and you'll get the full image
I also edited the post to shrink the image further (its only 180k now and less than 400px)

Trust me it crashes browsers, kind of a pointless GIF anyway, clearly the removal of the border around the image and a slight perspective with the free transform tool in Photoshop is the difference and that's it. No point to even posting it.

#2622 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Then you need your eyes checked. Look at the chin and shirt for instance between the images and how much they differ. The hat does significantly as well.
I'm done doing other people's homework.. clearly the pinside reality distortion field is the preferred reality. Go back to making fake signs.

My feels are hurt Flynn.

Just delete the stupid GIF already, no one really cares about the point you are trying to make with it.. but what it does is piss people off when they can't scroll down the thread without a Flynnibus malware crashing their shit

#2775 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I was just now told my deposit goes non-refundable immediately without seeing anything of the game. My distributor is a good guy and he said this was a directive from Stern. I told him I understand but I was insulted and I just dropped out.

Unbelievable. They are asking for money sight unseen, then when you do finally see it- and are possibly not happy with the product they are selling- they keep your money? That is ludicrous. They could essentially reveal a pinball cabinet with a literal steaming pile of goat shit instead of a playfield, and keep your deposit then.

Anyone else find this to to be a problem? This is worse then a Kickstarter product.

I don't quite get this hobby sometimes. I don't expect this type of sales tactic from the #1 pinball company in history, - a business with 30 years of experience to pull something like this. The customer essentially has to risk a deposit and gamble if they will like what they see or not, and if they don't, Stern profits and their loyal customers lose.

I know spots can be sold or whatever, but this just doesn't seem right for a company like Stern.

#2778 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Not an insurmountable problem.
Make sure you pay by credit card.
If the game is crap, initiate a chargeback.

I thought about that too, I just don't know why Stern would even bring it to that level and have that even been something a customer would need or want to do.

It just seems like the marketing and sales department is running at 150MPH, and the designers and programmers are running at 30MPH. They are sticking their hands out asking for money and don't even have the product to show yet. They should have waited to reveal the machine THEN start collecting money.. I feel the management at Stern really slipped up here and it looks very bad on their part, especially with the playfield quality issues still in question. Have they been fixed? Who cares right .. because Batman!

#2834 5 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

You need to get out more..

I don't know man.. it says he lives in Fargo, and based on the movie it's just a snowy abyss out there, and Steve Buscemy killing people. Maybe he just should stay indoors and play pinball instead lol

#3006 5 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

it's true. while we barely have anything to go off of so far, i am also left shrugging. A stark contrast to the confidence I had based on the combination of Gomez statements and the flyer verbiage.
Still- we barely have anything to go off and if the changes are indeed more small than moderate... well they can add up to a big difference overall when cohesive pkg comes together. Now we Continue our boring wait and see for 16 more days and fill it with bat woman discussion and gouging exchange rate stuff to pass the time

Well, why do you think they have chosen to collect non-refundable deposits and not show the product first? Seems kind of strange, no?

I think the next phase of discussion here is going to be how many are disappointed it's pretty much a re-theme with only a couple layout changes and LCD's once it's revealed, and now those who are no longer interested in a re-theme product now need to sell their spots on Pinside because they cannot get their deposit refunded. Win/Win for Stern.

#3037 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Thanks, buddy!

It used to be so fun to find "cheap" games non-stop! It was so plentiful, we all passed up on deals all the time back then - cuz it was just a given that they'd be around. I remember Super Auctions' final Fullerton auction...there were a few $400 Dr. Whos, $700 Whitewater, $400 Roadshow, $1500 GnR, etc....and I didn't get anything! Still, I did alright with great finds like a $500 LOTR and tons of other less-than-$1k DMD games. Pinball Molly beat my $500 LOTR though, she got one FREE in a dumpster!!!

Those aren't THAT great deals man.. let's be honest.

What is an awesome deal, but not many will have the chance - is to be one of the lucky and fortunate few to be to spend only $15,000 for a one of a kind, once of a lifetime machine.. a Batman 66 SLE machine! Now that would be a deal if you were approved and accepted to buy it from Stern.

#3040 5 years ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

I'm loving that you can't let this go!

I wonder if everyone has now just let it go and is like, screw it, i'm all good with $15K pinball machines now.. its been a couple weeks, let me bust out my credit card and charge it. Based on the flyer and conversation here, must be awesome!

#3075 5 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

100% agree. It's a slap in the face to customers that have been supportive for years. And, as you've pointed out, this isn't Stern's first money grab move. Raising prices several times in recent years, minimums price requirements, controlling the mod side of things.

It's all good really, Stern is releasing a money grab pin and JJP is releasing a brand new design - not a re-theme - designed by fricken Pat Lawlor. To top it off, it will cost less then BM66 LE, have a REAL LCD with proper a proper graphics design UI (I doubt Stern's LCD and graphics will look anywhere near JJP level), Invisiglass, shaker, and of course- wide body. Guess what else.. it will probably have monthly code updates like whats happened with WOZ and Hobbit. Ghostbusters code hasn't been touched in 6 months and its their latest and greatest, yet Hobbit has seen major updates every 5-6 weeks or so since it's release.

If anything, Stern is basically handing opportunity to JJP right now. The guys priced out will definitely be more interested in JJP's offerings.. its the perfect storm for them, and Jack is probably licking his lips at what is happening. Limited or not, people paying $15K for a machine simply because its "Limited" and not because its fully packed and built like a $15K machine will be getting much less then JJP's 3rd machine as far as value goes.

#3078 5 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

Agree with all that, except Lawlors game is not a wide body.

Interesting - is that confirmed? I wouldn't mind if it was wide body or not to be honest. I am really looking forward to it though. I wouldn't also mind if the screen went a bit down in size.. more importantly is how awesome the graphics interface is on JJP machines and the sound.. it blows away my Stern pins. I'd love to see what they could do with a standard body machine.

#3110 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Stern isn't dropping the ball on this one. I agree
I get the idea that some people are calling this a "money grab" but I've never heard an answer as to what you think they should do?
If they sold BM66LE at $8k and then watched people flip it for $9500-$10k what would you do?
I don't like having to pay extra on this one but that is why we have to.
And it's the whiner gnashing his teeth over whether or not he should lock in his $2k down payment that is ridiculous. That guy is just trying to figure out whether he can flip it for $11k
I don't buy pins to flip and I know I have an instant loser on this one. I can live with it

Thats not how it should work.

This happens all the time in the automotive market with new cars released to market. When the C7 Corvette came out back in 2013, anyone who didn't order one had to buy in the showroom, and dealers were asking $20-25K over sticker price. Plenty of people bought them at $85K when it had an MSRP of $65K.

So with Stern's logic, assuming they were in the car business- should they then release the next model year with a $25K price increase because some fools paid too much for the car because they couldn't wait, and there was limited market demand?

People are paying $20K over sticker for the Ford GT350... should Ford raise prices on Mustang's now?

People are paying $30-40K over sticker for the new Porsche GT3 RS... guess what.. Porsche wont raise prices to those levels either.

Sure, cars have gone up in price over the years- but car manufacturers add new compelling features and raise the performance bar all the time, you are getting more bang for your buck, plain and simple. Stern is raising prices and offering the same shit in the same wooden box, but raising prices- just because people are flipping machines? If anything they are lowering their cost and taking away certain features with the Spike system. Yeah, no thanks.

A couple of guys may think I am beating a dead horse, that's fine- remember, Stern hasn't even shown us what the horse looks like yet... so there's plenty of beating left in it

#3122 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

See Nissan GTR - its price increase has been steady and quite significant while mostly being the same car. They realized the intro price point was under priced.
Prices are increased when a company realizes they missed the mark. But customers are very sensitive to price increases, so typically you use tricks to get the same effect without people seeing a 1 to 1 price increase. Introduce a new model at a higher price point and slowly or coyly remove that prior model. Etc
When the company seems the market is EAGER to overpay for your product or a competitors product.. you will evaluate your own price points.
They aren't going to look just at the corner cases, but this kind of comparative analysis and evaluation of price strategies happens all the time.


The GTR changed every single model year since its inception in 2008 as a 2009 MY. They had significant transmission issues for that model year too, and it only had 480HP when it was first released in 2008.

From 2010 - 2013 the horsepower incrementally jumped and is now at 545HP. Powertrain, cooling, and other enhancements were made including better wheels and other interior features. You were definitely getting a better, faster, and more feature-rich car as those prices went up. I am one of those who feel it went up too much for its own good, but still- a car worthy of its price tag.

When it first was released in 2009 it was around $70K. You couldnt get much of a discount back then as it just came out. I met a guy about 6 months ago who bought a 2015 for a huge discount, loaded - for $85K. Factoring inflation from 2009 to 2016, he didn't really spend much more for his 2015 that is massively improved vs the first model year GTR in 2008/2009.

So.. tell me how the Stern pricing increases are justified from a build quality, feature set, and bill of materials standpoint - not just "limited numbers" which is a cheap ass way of increasing prices - while offering the exact same product and materials- in my opinion.

In summary:

Auto industry price raise mentality: Lets build a better, faster, more feature rich, and higher quality car and raise prices!

Stern's price raise mentality: Lets build the same machine, just less of them- and raise prices!

#3151 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

'changed' in the specs were tweaked.. but it's still the same platform and has not gone through a major model revision. For 2007 to 2010 its main specs were virtually identical. It's received two engine bumps in it's current cycle (now to be replaced in 2017) but the car was virtually unchanged (relative to the auto industry). The pricing and editions released were to boost the ASP of the vehicle and make up for under valuing the car initially.
The saga of it's price point has been well covered..

You've never met a guy who told you he got the best deal ever? Even if he did get a car for that amount... please refer to 'corner case'. And ultimately it isn't relevant to the discussion anyway... Nissan still raised their prices SIGNIFICANTLY (nearly 15% in less than 2 years, and nearly 30% in under 4) on essentially the same car because they realized the car was under priced for the market. That's the point that matters - pricing strategies include the potential outcomes that your products are under valued and you can raise prices without even really justifying it with new value.

I'm not going to support some argument you made up by failing to follow my post. The post was in response to your idea that the prices shouldn't change simply because there was signs of excess demand (even if you wanted to limit it to short time window) when its the same product. I gave you a real world example of how pricing strategies evolve not only based on YOUR product, but how your product fits within others and the shifting demands.
If you are under priced - most businesses will raise their prices... even without adding value to justify it. It has nothing to do with me 'justifying' the price/value.. but everything to do with pricing strategies.
Do people actually think Louie vuitton bags actually justify their price differences vs gucci or prada, etc? Or how about Universal Studios Pricing vs Disney? These are examples of segments where people price RELATIVE to each other more than pricing in vacuum.

Nope, the latter is exactly what they did with the GTR... and other companies do all the time.. even without artificial scarcity. Products aren't priced in a vacuum.

The difference between a 2009 and a 2013+ GT-R premium is very significant. A 2009 GT-R has 65 horsepower less, is slower, less reliable, and the interior wasn't nearly as nice.

The 2009 GT-R was $70K. If you are comparing to a 2014 model, factoring in 1.59% inflation per year, that 2009 GT-R was really $78K

If you subtract the $96K (2013 GT-R) from the inflation adjusted price of the 2009 GT-R, it is only an $18,000 difference for what many would consider significant performance and reliability upgrades, and a better quality interior and infotainment system. That is about a 23% rise in cost, mostly due to a better built car and the fact it was a first model year and Nissan likely took losses on their 2009-2010 models just to get them on the road.

Please, show me where Stern pinball machines have risen in value, features, and build quality over the period of 2009 -> 2016. Then I will agree that Stern pinball machines deserve to have risen 30%+ during that same period- while not offering any additional hardware and value. They have simply been raising prices this whole time while lower their cost of the machine in order to profit more- not offer any additional value to the customer.. that is.. unless you put a significant value on the limited numbered nameplate on the machine itself, which Stern is clearly aiming for here.

#3158 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

That's not even what those posts were about jezus... you guys are so single tracked you can't process anything. It's not about Stern JUSTIFYING the price.. it's about companies capitalizing on what the market will bear.
I don't think the prices are justified at all... but people like you keep paying them... so my opinion doesn't mean jack shit to Stern.

Ok, so it's not about Stern justifying their asking price? Gotcha.. no wonder why arent on the same page, you are the guy who likes to be bent over by corporate america and just take it.

People like me keep paying them? Yeah, not any more at these prices. That's exactly why my opinion SHOULD mean jack shit to Stern, so my opinion is worth something here- and according to you, yours is not. So why waste your time typing it.

#3161 5 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

No, I made the mistake of trying to help you understand what and why things happen. But fool me twice I guess.. just like when I tried to tell you exactly how your GB playfield issue would pan out... but you kept spinning in circles wondering why the world didn't change to the color YOU thought it would. Same thing here I guess.

Because I'm intelligent enough to recognize we can have a discussion about product marketing without me deciding if I'll participate or not in the purchase. I can talk about something without focusing only on ME as the customer.
I'm not a customer at these prices... but I know there are plenty more to replace me.. because I haven't been a buyer at those prices in awhile. I'm cognizant enough to realize that and that Stern doesn't revolve around ME as an individual.

Thanks Flynn, and with all due respect, I personally don't need you to help explain things to me that are based on your personal opinion. I appreciate the efforts and hard work you have gone through to do so, however. That is very nice of you to take time out of your busy schedule to 'help' me here. I feel as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders, and my daily struggles may now subside.

Also, I commend you on your intelligence levels. I see you are highly skilled in product marketing and have really enlightened me in life, love, and overall appreciation of humanity. Please, excuse me while I now go off and do something awesome with my newfound intelligence that I have been given as a gift from Flynnibus on Pinside. You know, I truly love this community. I feel like a better man already bro.. thank you.

#3168 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I just went to lunch today at my favorite spot Willies and they raised the price on my Chili dogs with cheese by a buck
Cash grabbing m fers

Did you try their new Super Limited Edition chili dog?

It's the same thing as their regular chili dog, but it comes with a limited numbered stamp on the bun since they will only make 30 of them. It's about 50% more expensive though.

#3187 5 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Artwork teasers on Stern's FB page. Let me be the first to throw up just a little. They are failing on all levels on this one........

I have to say, I take back everything negative I've said about this machine.

This artwork is absolutely stunning! Whomever artist they employed did a great job. The talent I see is simply phenomenal and surpassed my high expectations. It looks like at LEAST 4 photoshop layers deep of images they manipulated... and wow... the use of the color saturation tool really shows off how well they enhanced the graphics files they used from the licensor! Man I'm blown away.. I hope to one day possess such amazing graphic design skills.

#3191 5 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It's high quality art that looks odd for pinball. Photorealistic images make it look like a photoshop job where they apply a filter to a photo.
Also, they need to lose the thick outlines. Makes them look like decals.

Honestly if they just removed those outlines it would look so much better, and not so layered and copy/pasted.

#3212 5 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Lol at "deserve!"
Do people here really have so little clue about how businesses operate?
Stern doesnt care about your opinion.
Stern doesnt care what you think they "deserve"
Stern is ONLY influenced by how people SPEND MONEY.
That's the only "vote" that counts.
Everything else is fluff.


Your words:

"Stern doesnt care about your opinion.
Stern doesnt care what you think they "deserve"
Stern is ONLY influenced by how people SPEND MONEY."

yep that's the funny part about this

#3404 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

She's looks to be doing fine , I'd say.

Here's another one.. does this one do it for you too? haha

#3508 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I'm starting to realize why this game is going to cost so much money.
Pinball has never seen the likes of her before.


#3734 5 years ago

When Iceman changes sides like this, Stern should listen.

Seems like they have, Air_Pinball is replying on their behalf already

#3762 5 years ago

Breaking news: Stern sells out of the now-80 BM66 SLE's and is now releasing 130 total SLE's!!

There is a new application process, the requirements to apply are the following:

1) Must have $15,000 to spend
2) Must have a heart beat, or at least legally considered "alive" and/or "living"

#3869 5 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

This is all just so stupid. What a crock of crap. All of this LE and Super LE non-sense. Many moons ago (several years past) Nate Shivers joked about a Super LE version of some game and it sounded so silly... and here we are. People worried about LEs and Super LEs.
This reminds me of what happened to baseball cards back in the 80s. Baseball cards got uber popular - truly rare (old cards that survived attics and shoe boxes) cards got super expensive and new young player cards from newish standard run of the mill yearly releases were gaining value. Think of those newer players as the Trons and IMs (pre Vault Edition) of the pinball world.
Know what happened?
Companies got greedy. They started releasing special sets, sets with foil cards, extended rookie sets that captured rookies that had unexpected good rookie years... all kinds of craziness...and prices skyrocketed. Things got super expensive.
New companies started popping up (Fleer and Topps were challenged by Score and others).
Collectors started buying complete sets in the box and storing them - keeping them mint and untouched.
And guess what happened?
Well, for one, the card collecting craze ended. And all of the nonsense manufactured during those boom years is completely worthless. None of it ended up being special in the long run - it only felt special during the "forking over more money" and immediacy of the "fear of missing out" limited nature of card run IN THE MOMENT. There's nothing special about the special cards made during those years because it was all a completely manufactured limited nature....and too many collectors bought and mummified the regular run of the mill stuff.
Don't believe me? Go call up a card shop (if you can find one) and tell them you have a complete set of Topps 1988 cards - never opened, Mint - see what they say.
Sound familiar?
Just step back and look at the crap that modern pinball companies are starting to pull... there's an end game coming to this nonsense, and these LE and Super LE games are not going to deliver on their faked limited nature. Go ahead and trick yourself now, if you must, but a wake up call is in order IMO.
The very essence of pinball collecting and playing has been completely overridden by an industry that is creating a false market of demand...and they are tweaking that false market right before your very eyes to make more money.

Probably one of the best posts I've read on Pinside, ever. Man, you nailed it. I didn't even think back to the baseball card craze and think about comparing them until I read your post. You are exactly right. It totally feels this way, and if anything, this whole BM66 debacle may be signaling we are at the top or nearing the top of this craze. Pricing machines simply based on limited availability versus actual higher build quality and features that justify the price tag is just ludicrous, and not sustainable.

#4430 5 years ago

JJPs LCD and graphics interface from WOZ in 2012 looks more advanced then this. Sure, its color- but wow, you have to admit JJP beat them 4+ years ago to the market with an LCD and it is still more advanced then Stern's offering here.

#4462 5 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

This doesn't even come close touching WOZ's tilt bob.
Sorry Stern (and, now that I think of it, 50% of Pinside ... but, hey.... we're all friends here)

Exactly. Imagine this sitting next to a WOZ or Hobbit with its sweet LCD and graphics interface. Although they are older games, and cheaper then the $15K SLE, they will look better built and more expensive for sure - even those come with Invisiglass. Kind of crazy for that price there's not some type of anti glare glass standard. It's a very expensive vault edition with an LCD and topper for $15K, in my opinion.

But to each their own.. whomever is a buyer.. enjoy! I'm sure it's fun.

1 month later
#5828 4 years ago

Been a while since I checked this thread.. has Stern released gameplay video yet for this thing?

#5835 4 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

no and latest rumour is that none of the machines are going to ship until after christmas!

Interesting. When it was announced, they stated it would ship in November.. and here it's almost Dec and not even a single gameplay video. Not surprised I guess

#5841 4 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

In the 70's this show was in heavy syndication. As a kid this show was the COOLEST thing on tv. Until the 80's there was no other live action Batman program to watch. The colors, villains and Batman & Robin taking off in that kick ass Batmobile was the s**t! Years later when I was an adult I got a whole new appreciation for the show's adult comedic campiness that was lost to me as a kid. Some of those lines still have me laughing out loud. Everyone has something special like this from their childhood that means a lot to them. For many of us this show is it. BM66 is the icing on the cake for us. It's the two best things from our childhood and adulthood rolled into one. Regardless of your age I hope everyone gets their dream theme made eventually. It's a pretty awesome feeling.

Although this isn't my personal "dream theme" I agree with you. My dream theme was Ghostbusters and it really is awesome to have a pin based on it, so I can see how fans of the show are dying to get this machine. I watched many many reruns of Batman as a kid and really enjoyed it, and the theme song will forever be embedded in my brain. I'm sure the game will play great, I just hope Stern can deliver it in a timely matter without the many unfortunate delays, playfield issues, and embarrassing code bugs and issues that currently plagues my GBLE.

I actually would have been interested in BM66, but the issues I had (and still have with no ETA on when they will be resolved) simply cannot allow me to spend that kind of money with them at this time. Instead, I ordered an MMR last week that is currently in route.

I cross my fingers that they have fixed their issues at the factory and everyone's BM66's are delivered without issues

#5846 4 years ago
Quoted from 82Trooper:

You young whipper-snappers need to try to understand the impact this television series made on "pop culture" at the time. According to "Batman facts and stats from the classic TV show" by Rian Hughes and Y.Y. Flurich.....the TV show premiered on January 12, 1966 and secured 49% of the audience share. Part 2, which concluded the following night increased to 59%!!! 59%, think about that. It was literally one of the most successful television debuts, ever. It brought to life the characters, the villains, the Bat Cave, the Bat gadgets and the Bat vehicles that had only been visualized in 2 dimensions previously (comic books).
It was so popular, it had stars begging to be cast as villains or guest appearances. The series featured 32 "bat climbs" which featured guest appearances by the likes of Sammy Davis, Jr., Dick Clark, Van Williams and Bruce Lee (the Green Hornet and Kato) and even Ted Cassidy (Lurch from The Addams family). Robin delivered some 400 different "Holy this" or "Holy that" utterances. It is hard today to find someone who has not said that themselves.
The show also launched a merchandising bonanza....toys, clothing, books, action figures, lunch boxes...just to name a few. Pretty much you name it, they made it, and it is likely trademarked "Batman 1966" by N.P.P. (National Periodical Publications).
Yes, as someone mentioned above...we (the Bat fans) are lucky to see this theme come to life. Every pinball fan should be so lucky!

This young whipper snappers grandpa (George Chandler) was actually in an episode of Batman, I don't remember which one.. but he played a Grandpa. He also played Uncle Petrie on Lassie, and also had small roles Twilight Zone, Green Acres, CHiPS, etc and was treasurer and president of SAG. It was definitely a great time in TV back in the 60's... I can see myself getting one of these later on in the second hand market down the road. I am actually hoping to see a gameplay video soon to see what video clips they use and how the sound and music is coded into the game.

#5849 4 years ago
Quoted from 82Trooper:

Holy totally cool fact!l....Season 2, episode 55..."Black Widow Strikes Again"...aired March 15, 1967. "Grampa" was the character. Also looks like he appeared in episode 56..."Caught in the Spiders Den"...which aired the following day.
Brief synopsis here...under #47 a and b:
He has over 450 credits for various appearances...he even played Superman's foster father, Jonathan Kent in a 1975 Superman movie.
Check him out....

Thanks !!! I don't remember him much, since he died from cancer when I was only 5 years old or so.. but he was a great man and my family has always spoken very highly of him. He was very close personal friends with Ronald Reagan too. Going to check out that link thank you !

#5885 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

It all depends what happens with the next release.
If they return to the $5000 pro, $6500 premium and $7500 LE (ish prices) then who cares if they have a SLE at $15,000. Someone will buy them. The same people pay $5000 for a handbag and $20,000 for a watch. They may as well cash in. They'd be silly not to.
However, if the Batman range is the template for "how it is now" moving forward, then I don't see too many new pins joining my lineup.

I agree 100% man.

If there really was 400 applications to spend $15K on this, Stern might even toy with a $17-20K Super Duper LE model then. I'm sure people who literally shit money will line up to buy it and not care if they need to sell it for half that down the road. Why not even make a $30K machine and test those waters too. There are always fools with too much money in a collectors market.. same thing with the rare artwork scene.

Look at the results of a Christie's auction- people pay $5m for a piece of shitty Japanese artwork that they may not be able to sell for half that later on as there are so few buyers. But man will they feel good showing it off to their friends.. and in this case, showing off their uber expensive pinball machine to Pinsiders to get the ultimate bragging rights.

Let those people spend all their hard earned money, hopefully they will take those profits and give people like Ritchie, Dwight, Trudeau, Lyman, etc raises so we get better game designs and code in the future, and those crazy expensive games keep Stern from raising the prices on us "Poor people" (or should I say the financially savvy) with their Pro and Premium offerings.

It's a win/win for everyone.

#5912 4 years ago

The more I see pics of this machine the more I really want to play it, or at least see some video already! Stern, c'mon.. let's see some action...

#5968 4 years ago

I have to say that SLE looks pretty damn amazing. Not $15K amazing (at least to me) but I have to hand it to Stern, it really is pretty damn sick overall.

#5990 4 years ago

No one can put a price on a hobby, especially this one. That's why I wouldn't blame Stern at this point to put out a $20K "Super Duper LE" because I am confident there would be buyers for it.. just don't keep jacking the prices of the 'regular' models for us 'regular' hobbyists. People who are into hobby's will spend big money as it puts a smile on their faces. Some people would literally shit themselves if they knew how much money I have blown on vehicles and other hobbys.. but you know what? The appreciation and fun I have had has been totally worth it.

Some people will think anyone spending $15K on this machine is stupid or they could have bought many other things instead.. but to those buyers spending the money they are super excited and feel like a kid on x-mas eve waiting for it. Buying a $8K premium + another $7K machine wont do it for them.. they want the $15K SLE and that's that. Let them spend their money on it and put a smile on their faces. Let Stern sell a $20K machine to that same person.. who cares what people blow their money on.

#5991 4 years ago
Quoted from Mojosan:

- Why upgrade to ceramic brakes on a Porsche 911 (for $8500.00) when the standard brakes work fine?
- Why do hundreds of millions of people use iPhones and iPads when alternatives exist for a fraction of the price?
- Why spend $65.00 on a NY strip from DelFrisco's when the $19.99 NY Strip at Outback is the same weight and provides the same calories?
- Why spend $85.00/mo on a daily Starbucks coffee when you can make it at home (in a paper togo cup with lid) for about $12.00/mo?
Everyone makes financial choices in life to upgrade to premium products. We all probably do it 25 times per day without even realizing it. What may seem like a waste to me might make perfect sense to you and vice versa.

To answer your questions:

Q: Why upgrade to ceramic brakes on a Porsche 911 (for $8500.00) when the standard brakes work fine?

A: Carbon ceramics provide much better cooling characteristics for track use, and outperform standard brakes exponentially as they will not fade. Also, they can heat cycle many times before needing to be replaced- where standard steel brakes will need frequent replacement and will actually cost a track driver more over the long haul.. of course, unless you use your 911 for mall trips and weekend drives along the beach.

Q: Why do hundreds of millions of people use iPhones and iPads when alternatives exist for a fraction of the price?

A: Because other devices suck and do not work as well as their iPhone's and iPads

Q: Why spend $65.00 on a NY strip from DelFrisco's when the $19.99 NY Strip at Outback is the same weight and provides the same calories?

A: Because the $65.00 steak is likely a Prime cut that wasnt frozen, and was seared to perfection by a Chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.. and the $20 Outback steak (Choice cut, mind you) was thawed and pan seared by a guy who just was hired for a slight pay increase from his former Sizzler job.

Q: Why spend $85.00/mo on a daily Starbucks coffee when you can make it at home (in a paper togo cup with lid) for about $12.00/mo?

A: The prices of lids and cups are at least $15/month - and coffee is likely another $15-20/month. That means you are in $30-35 per month in costs of materials to make your own coffee, and for $50 more you get the pleasure of having a morning stop and someone else conveniently making you a cup of coffee.

Q: Why did I waste my time doing this?

A: I have no fucking clue

#6010 4 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Mike and his assistant Nancy are Top Shelf!! Never an issue with any of the NIB Sterns or PPS games I have bought from them. BTW: I just got a great Holiday price on a Ruby Red WOZ from him I couldn't pass up. JJ in Colorado and Mike at the GAP have always done me right too, but Automated cant be beat it seems. Nice to know others feel the same. Merry Christmas!! A Ruby Red-Batman LE Christmas as good as my Hot Wheels Track set Christmas 1970....LOL. Big Thanks to Automated Services, Stern and JJP for making Christmas dreams come true....2016.

Another vote for Automated here.. although i just bought a NIB MMR and went to them first, and Game Room Guys still gave me a better price though or else I would have bought from them again.

#6014 4 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

He always seems to have the best number on JJP.

Agreed! That's why I bought my Hobbit from him

#6020 4 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Ironman has an echo effect all over it's playfield, but it's one of Stern's best games!

Thats a good point.. IM is one of the best pins, ever.. IMO

1 week later
#6232 4 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Over 6200 posts and not even a gameplay video yet, pathetic.

"Stay Tuned!"

-Stern Facebook chode

#6240 4 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I'll put it on the record. The SLE will go for more, but the LE and Premium will drop. That's my guess.

I can see the SLE dropping. Wouldn't it be easy to pimp out a Premium for $7500 by putting side artwork, topper, powdercoated armor, and an aftermarket speaker panel and a bunch of other things? That's probably around $1500 in mods at most. For $9K with everything, I don't see why there would be anyone willing to pay *over* $15K for this machine. I think its only selling right now because its the latest and greatest and the demand is high now. Not to mention when the agreement to not sell the machine for XX amount of time runs out, I think you will see several machines hit the Pinside marketplace.. all of which will be machines with hundreds if not thousands of plays, and by that time there will likely be the latest and greatest SLE offered by Stern with operators standing by taking orders.

#6249 4 years ago

IMO, the only reason people want the $15K BM66LE right now is because they always buy the top-of-the-line Stern upon first release, no matter the theme. They just want the latest and greatest.. in a couple years, I don't think there will be big demand for a $15K price tag. That's crazy.

Anyone think people would be buying a Walking Dead SLE right now for $15,000 because it had a cool topper, side artwork, and some bling powdercoat? Really? REALLY? I don't think so. Seriously sit and think about that.. if TWD had an SLE that was $15K in 2014... and all it had was a limited 80 pin run.. and some extra bling that could be purchased on any pinball mod site for a few hundred bones to put on a $6500 Premium... would YOU pay that $15K or more still, right now in almost the year 2017. No.. FUCK no.

It's current market value of $15K is only driven by hype and the fact it's new. Like a car dealership that marks up an MSRP +$25K for "market demand" and cheap ass aftermarket parts. So impatient fools with too much money pay over sticker to be the first one on the block. Same thing will happen to these SLE's.

#6252 4 years ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Regardless of what you think, they would have had very little trouble finding 80 people to part with $15k for a Walking Dead SLE, just as they had little trouble finding them with this one and I fully expect they will not have any trouble finding another 80 people for the next one.

That's not my point. That's good for Stern, you are right - but im talking specifically about resale value down the line. I'm responding to those that think the SLE will hold its $15K value or even appreciate.

#6281 4 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

I really wanted to get in on that 30 years Stern book but the whole kickstarter idea kinda left a sour taste in my mouth. Not to mention all the other crap Stern has been pulling the last year. The least they can do is show some damn gameplay at this point.

I really hope for the $15K SLE owners they get that book thrown in as a thank you to those people.. maybe even a blumpkin from Gary Stern himself

#6301 4 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Just four BM66s a day? With a new factory they have been in for what 18 months? I don't mind waiting but the way Stern operates and manages its business, from the outside looking in, is sad. Who the hell is running the operation? Stern has people wanting to spend outrageous money but cant produce, over and over again, to meet reasonable demand. Sounds as history is repeating itself as how Bally got in the game, back in the day, if I recall correctly.
If Stern or JJP or CGC PPS could produce machines in a timely manner, made in America, Life would be better for all of us.

Why are we even speculating production and delivery dates on this machine, when Stern hasn't even released a gameplay video - let alone a livestream with Dead Flip like they did with GB?

#6372 4 years ago

I specifically remember the Stern Facebook guy replying to someones comment about the misspelling of "reinforcment" on the playfield of GB. The reply was that those were prototype playfields and that error would be corrected on the production version.

We all know how that worked out, right?

#6387 4 years ago

I have to admit, that SLE looks amazing. Whoever did the graphic design is really proficient at Photoshop, a true talent indeed. The cabinet work looks awesome with the foil decal work. Not to mention the Jensen audio system - that's an audiophiles choice right there. Great job Stern!

#6396 4 years ago

Looks like Stern posted a pic of production playfield.. flap still covering the head.. but I think its positive change, and will detract from the small amount of the head you cant see

BM66 (resized).jpg

#6514 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

I don't feel you are a true Batman fan. You are admittedly off to a good start, but you'll need more heart to convince Gary you deserve to even buy a premium BM66, what with Sterns new purchase policy in 2017. All prospective buyers are required to submit a video to even be considered a chance to buy a Stern. This applies to premiums and pros. This is tied into the new marketing plan titled - you'll buy it when we tell you to, you'll like it once we delver code within the next 3 years or there will be no soup for you, next in line.
A few things I've done to my cave lately in hopes of being offered a chance to purchase BM66LE. Of course I'll likely need to make a video, but you get the idea. I have given up on finding an SLE, because my wife says I have to really tear the house apart to prepare a proper space.
Remember what Confusions said - you must think big thoughts to have big toys. He may also have said you will be (good in bed) at your business meeting today. He is attributed as saying, "No first you wax on, then you wax off. Sheesh, what a moron".

That tire looks flat.

#6516 4 years ago

edit: nevermind..

#6581 4 years ago

I have to admit, the game looks fun.

But for the price they are charging, where are the color changing RGB inserts and even GI lights like what JJP offers, or even RGB's that are on Stern games like GOT, STLE, etc? The lighting looks pretty basic to me. It doesn't also appear to have dual GI lighting like MET or TWD, which Lyman has shown he is great at coding great light shows with that type of GI lighting.

The LCD looks cool- but shouldn't there be more information then just showing movie clips and scores? How about showing some type of information on your progress of that mode or ball locks? Seems like their UI on the LCD is very underutilized and not very impressive in its current form. In fact, what I see now I would rather have a ColorDMD with some solid dots, rather then basic video clips and scoring overlay with simple game info.

I know everyone is all hyped up on the game because its new and everyone who purchased it is super excited to get it, and I understand that- but if you disagree with me that is fine, I would just like to hear why a pin this expensive doesn't need all the above extras? I would much rather have better lighting then some powdercoated armor and foil decals... something just doesn't seem very premium about what I see in that video, other then a color screen. I don't mean to offend anyone here of course, as it still looks like it will be fun.. but it just seems like a Pro machine that has a modded cabinet...

#6585 4 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I totally put that to being the very first version of it. They are just writing code to handle it. I'd expect the LCD to improve over time.

I hope so, there's a lot of potential there. With Lyman on code I think there's a safe bet it will improve, unlike GB that Dwight hasn't improved on since it's release- but that's a whole other subject. I really like the sound of it, seems like it will be fun to play for sure. I really like the theme so that helps too.

#6588 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Looks killer as usual.
Laughing my ass off at people continuing to bring in the amateur boutiques when complaining about stern games and prices. Totally different ballgame - pros vs Joes and you all know it.

I know man, seriously.. just waiting on the pro's to send me a replacement playfield for my $8K GBLE.. clear coat has literally chipped off in many spots, and 11 inserts are ghosted.

#6591 4 years ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

There are about 8 or 9 RGB LED seen in this video. All the "shoot the arrow" shots can be seen in various colors in this video. They are not all RGB LED, but there are some in this game.
For anyone to make a real judgement on things based on this video is silly. Wait for the Deadflip stream to see how it all comes together in a real game situation.

I think the best way to judge it would be to play it, the Dead Flip videos kind of suck, because its a top down shot and hard to see what is going on- at least based on his other streams. To me, it looks like a pretty simple layout that should work well with Lyman-style coding. I am going to wait to see how it plays out with the code and see how it progresses, and if they truly fixed their playfield issues. Once I see that happen I can see myself owning one of these in the future.

#6722 4 years ago

Damn!! I've been somewhat scepticle of this machine and how the LCD would look- but I have to say I'm really impressed with that video, even with obvious early code.

The game looks like a lot of fun, and that rotating platform thing looks great. I think I'll end up with one of these at some point for sure.. can't wait to play it

#6824 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Well, Data east was first with a dmd so they (now stern) get some slack!
It's kind of irrelevant anyway nobody really cares about LCD. It's a pretty insignificant "innovation" in the scheme of things.

Randy @ ColorDMD would tell you otherwise.. he's made a business of selling the shit out of LCD's for pinball machines of all ages.. there are very few people out there who would rather have a DMD versus a ColorDMD and colorization ROMs.

#6829 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It's a clip show, man. I'm REALLY hoping for custom animations in updates, because right now it's the laziest thing ever.
People saying that Stern has to raise prices to "account for development cost with the LCD" aren't looking at what the LCD is actually doing. It's removing the need to create art. Instead some intern can just chop up video into 3-4 second clips and they throw it on a solid state drive. An LCD is also cheaper than a DMD to produce. If the LCD is going to be just a bunch of video clips and there's no custom animations or clever uses for the display, it's a step backwards for pinball.
The high score newspaper thing is neat. It's just 32 years old. But lots more of that style of integration would be nice. That's easy stuff though. Let's see some animations. Let's see some custom art.

JJP, Spooky, and Dutch Pinball have all shown good amounts of custom art in their games. I just hope that we don't backslide to the easy out and just beat players over the head with lazy video clips.

You really do have a point. I have to say its much easier for Stern to create content for their version of an LCD implementation. It's basically a bunch of editing video clips with some pasted scoring and info bubbles. No need to create custom dots or other unique artwork. They have found a way to cut costs with development time in the display it seems. Hopefully it will only get better with time.

#6859 4 years ago

My problem with the current LCD implementation, which will hopefully be resolved with future code updates, is this particular clip of the Joker mode. It literally repeats the same Joker video clip over and over, where he's flapping his gums and nothing is being said. It's like there is something wrong with the video and keeps skipping back to the beginning.. super annoying. They need to do more then just repeat video clips over and over with no audio.. maybe sync callouts to video clips or something.. but overall, I would consider this the worst LCD implementation on pinball so far (as far as interface and content goes) BUT.. I do like the size of the LCD and the location, so, my opinion could definitely change down the road..

#6868 4 years ago
Quoted from CobraClutch:

It seems like 99% of the clips are lacking audio. I know people will say "early code" but shouldn't the video and the audio be linked? Are they going to add in the sound clips later? Seems like the two should be implemented at the same time.

Yeah, that's my thoughts- why add in the video clips but not the audio with it? One would think they would do it at the same time.. it almost makes me think they do not have any plans to do that since it's not there to begin with. That's a pretty big deal to not have completed by shipping..

#6875 4 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Quick tour of the playfield. Videographer I am not.
» YouTube video

edit: n/m.. I need glasses

#6918 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

why are you so engaged on pinside but not yet validated?

Grandma-Finds-The-Internet (resized).jpg

CK (resized).png

ck2 (resized).png

AIR (resized).png

AIR2 (resized).png

JY64 (resized).png

JY64_2 (resized).png

#6965 4 years ago

Interesting thing to note with the BM66 release... seems all (or mostly) everyone posting their machines are home customers. When GB released, their last major release, seemed operators were the first people showing off their machines.

Could it mean that most BM66's were purchased by home collectors vs ops this time due to the price raises?

#7001 4 years ago

Went to the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA today and got pics of this bad boy.. was used in the actual seasons of BM '66

IMG_3555 (resized).JPG

IMG_3557 (resized).JPG

#7033 4 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Just unboxed my topper. You just can't make this stuff up. Anyone notice anything wrong?

Gary Stern told me that the Topper Replacement Program is in effect and you'll have a new one soon... Which means by 2019 at the earliest.

#7066 4 years ago

so much better then the topper for Aerosmith

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