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Batman 66 by Stern new info


4 years ago

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Post #1 Flyer announcing Batman 66 Posted by GAP (4 years ago)

Post #4163 Photo of the Batman 66 playfield via Stern Posted by dmbjunky (4 years ago)

Post #4193 Photos of the SLE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (4 years ago)

Post #4194 Photo of LE Cab Posted by cavalier88z24 (4 years ago)

Post #4264 Clear photo of the entire SLE Posted by DCFAN (4 years ago)

Post #4449 Video from the Stern tour at Expo 2016 Posted by KingBW (4 years ago)

Post #4974 Batman 66 Product and Feature Matrix Posted by KLR2014 (4 years ago)

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#405 4 years ago
Quoted from Evoga:

I don't understand if Stern are celebrating 30 years why they have to partner with Ka-Pow?
Are they short of money or am I missing something?

Because Joe Kaminkow already has the 66 Batman license from his slot machine or he had the right connections to get the license extended to Stern.

I think having Joe part of this is big plus. He's a huge bat-fan so I'm sure he'll make sure the theme is presented well and integrated well with the game. The fact that he owns a 1966 Batmobile (not sure if its an original Barris version or a replica) shows you he how much he loves the show.

#408 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I assumed they brought in the license. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope the pinball license allows the use of the whole rogues gallery of villians and other supporting characters. The slot machine apparently had access to everything from the show according to the linked article below. It also says Joe Kaminkow and his team watched all 120 episodes looking for good video clips to use in the slot machine. Hopefully Stern has the same access to use these in the pinball.

#409 4 years ago

Thats interesting. I didn't know there was some bad blood between Joe and Keith. Even if there is and even if its justified, it seems a little tacky to attack others in your profession on social media.

How's that saying go, if you don't have anything good to say about someone.....

#448 4 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

But hey, you get free admission to the Epic Party

I asked that question to my distributor and was told that the VIP pass was just for the adam west meet and greet from 3 to 6. You still need to buy a separate ticket if you want to go to the evening party after that.

#489 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I was told its a refundable deposit until we can see and find out more. I was also told the deposit will likely have a commitment date after which it becomes non-refundable.

I heard that as well. Once full pricing and pics are revealed there will be a window of time to back out and get your deposit back. Once that window is past the deposit is non refundable.

#769 4 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

First pics of playfield?

That playfield pic is from an EM re-theme being done by pinsider Drano. The big circle in the center is a roulette wheel with a captive ball in it.

#772 4 years ago

Maybe this is the new Stern layout?

bman (resized).jpg

#778 4 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

I would hope instead of six nobodies at the drop targets they would have included the Egghead (Vincent Price). Whether real or not, Vincent Price should be on any BM66 game before King Tut.

Blasphemy, King Tut was the best! He had the best lines of all the "B" list villains.

He was also one of the few villains to appear in all three seasons played by the same actor. Who knows the others?

#782 4 years ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Lee Meriweather was only in the movie. Only Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt appeared in the series.

Lee Meriweather was also in an 2 episodes of the TV series but not as Catwoman. She played a millionaire heiress who is captured by King Tut. He thinks she's a reincarnation of Cleopatra. She also has a romantic interest in Bruce Wayne at the end and invites in to her room for a nite cap of warm milk. Which he accepts, pretty risque for a 60's show.

img905 (resized).jpg

#784 4 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Blasphemy, King Tut was the best! He was also one of the few villains to appear in all three seasons played by the same actor. Who knows the others?

Quoted from Mr68:

Quick, to the Bat Computer.

Hint, its a pretty short list.

#823 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

She played in the Time Tunnel also I believe.

Don't forget Star Trek too. She was in that 3 times (well one episode but multiple versions).

Lee-Meriwether-as-Losira-TOS-That-Which-Survives-6 (resized).jpg

#828 4 years ago
Quoted from erak:

Not sure if this has been mentioned as I just skimmed through this thread after coming back from holidays.
But I guess Stern is now trying to charge premium prices for a pro.
Because there are Batman 66 premiums being made (rebranded pro to make more $)
250 LE's (or is it really 250 premiums)
And 30 super LE's (30 actual LE's)

Unfortunately my fear is this "new" model is what is going to be the norm.

There are also rumors that the premiums will be limited in number as well. Not sure if that's true or not but if it is this, I think this game is not the new Stern pricing model going forward for all new games. Perhaps this game is meant to be a special "one off" 30'th anniversary celebratory type of game? If they limited premiums to 500 games that's only about 800 total so in that case they would all be LE's compared to previous releases due to small number available. Pure speculation on my part.

Quoted from erak:

Remember X-Men only had a limited # of LEs
250 Magneto's and 300 wolverine
So was one a LE and the other a Super LE?

They were both the same game and features but art package was different so they were equivalent LE's no Super LE there.

Quoted from erak:

Because Batman 66 is one of my dream themes. But I guess I'll find out at expo.

My dream theme to! I'm hoping we get more details way before expo,like in another week or to. If the other rumors regarding a commitment date when pre-order deposits become non refundable then you would think that would happen before expo. You can't become non refundable before showing the game and they don't want people going to the meet and greet then just backing out afterwards so I think the full reveal will happen prior to expo.

#835 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Anyone recall the Mr Freeze episode where they were in an icey cell, I recall there was a cute chick with a bikini but can't find any pictures, but as a young kid, and that being TV I was intrigued by the amount of skin they showed.

You mean this? She was Ms Iceland in the show and Mr Freeze kidnaps her and tried to lower her body temp until she agrees to marry him.

otto-preminger-dee-hartford-in-e28098batman_-tv-series-november-1966 (resized).jpg

#852 4 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

how do you guys all just 'Happen' to have these pics lying around? lol

The interwebs are your friend.

#858 4 years ago
Quoted from Iaintnobodydork:

I could see them making the crane appear to be the bomb that Batman carried in the movie and have the chain be a lit fuse that counts done to the bomb.

I was thinking that too but that still seems like a bit of a stretch. That scene was great in the 66 movie but it seems weird that you would have to keep defusing the bomb over and over again.

Since I started my own Batman retheme I looked at a lot of potential donor games to try and find one that would integrate well with the theme and be fun to play. After we found out Stern was doing this game I looked at the Dark Knight layout and tried to figure out how to use the layout with the 66 theme.

I can't figure out how the crane mech would fit the theme. Besides the bomb, the other idea i had was that each of the crane positions would represent a different villain. So the crane ball would "point" to the current villain you are battling. That still seems a bit weak though.

Looking forward to seeing what Stern comes up with.

Any guesses on the "iconic art"? Will it be photo likenesses of the actors or hand drawn art style like the Batman 66 comic series.

#871 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It literally has nothing to do with the license. Gomez just wanted a crane for some reason.

If you go to the pinball news link above there is a link to download the mp3 of his talk regarding the design of Dark Knight. I.just listened to it over lunch.

He says he added the crane because after he added the batmobile ramp was put in he only had 6 shots instead of his desired 7 shots. To add more shots he used the crane which adds a lot of shots if you consider it can stop in multiple positions. His crane design is an evolution of what he did for dracula in monster bash and the blocker in NBA fastbreak. He also said in its original form, the crane was also a ramp that the ball could roll on. I wonder if he envisioned it to act like the iceman ramp in xmen LE?

Other interesting comments include his original ball lock design. He wanted to lock three balls (ala dead world in judge dredd) then spin them quickly during multiball to throw them out. He described that as an example of a bad idea that didnt make the cut. Other self described bad idease included having batman climb down a rope and the batmobile smashing through things. Many some of these concepts were further refined and will appear in the new game?

He also mentioned some ideas that were removed due to cost. That included a set of inline targets representing 3 joker cards and the bottom arch being backlit. Maybe we'll see those in the game?

During the Q and A someone asked him if he realized that all the modes in the game were identical. George disagreed and thought they were different from one another. He also suggested that if Lyman was there he would also agree that the modes were different from one another.

#872 4 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

New Batman '66 info from Gomez himself via C2C podcast:
- The Penguin will be driving it & wreaking havoc on Gotham
- Mildly modified but roughly in the same place on the playfield
- Will have recognizable behavior, and its corresponding inserts will be in the same place as BDK
- Left ramp & right ramp that criss-cross
- Lots of the same elements on right-hand side as BDK
- Left-hand side has been redesigned
- Completely new feature on left side of game that provides 3 distinct interactive modes for the player & also acts as an additional ball lock.
- Way more shots than BDK (less "stop & go")
- Shots have a combo system now
- Approximately the size of a medium laptop (15"x6" I think he said) on a hinge speaker display panel
- Will play clips from the old show
- Will be a combination of TV & comic art with live-action imagery
- Will be more sophisticated than what was shown in the flier

Looks like i need to take another lunch and listen to this. Thanks for the heads up.

#880 4 years ago

Interesting comment regarding the LE number for each game. He said there would be something unique on each game regarding the LE number. This was done previoulsy via the plaque.

Wonder if this will now be something on the playfield instead of or in addition to the plaque. Would be to difficult logisticaly to incorporate the number on LCD display or have it as part of playfiled art.

My guess is a plastic or toy on the playfield will have your LE number on it. Maybe the sign outside the batcave that says "14 miles to Gotham City" will now show your LE number as the miles to Gotham City now. Something along those lines.

Gotham14miles (resized).jpg

#1029 4 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

All this 10K for the LE is way off.
Street pricing (not MSRP) prediction:
$7000 premium
$8500 LE

Considering how fast they sold out why would a distrubutor sell it for less than MSRP?

#1152 4 years ago
Quoted from Mojosan:

I just have a notebook.
The HH has 3 levels.
- The small upper play field was going to be the villains lair with the bad guys on the targets.
- main play field was going to be Gotham city with the various buildings and police headquarters.
- lower play field was (of course) going to be the bat cave.

That sounds awesome ! This is the third Batman TV show retheme I've heard about.

Are you still going to do yours since Stern announced theirs?

I'm still deciding if i want to continue with my Batman retheme or chose another theme.

#1181 4 years ago

So is it time for people to start making bets yet as to when the first pics will be released?

My guess is sometime late next week to coincide with media hype for batman day on the 17th.

#1228 4 years ago

So 120 US LE's and 120 overseas LE's? That would allow each set to have a unique episode number. If thats the way they do it i'd probably be replacing the artwork to use likeness of the TV villians.

For example in episode 1 instead of the cartoony looling riddler Id put this in instead. Im assuming Stern doesnt have the rights to use actor likenesses for all of the villains. That would be a logistical nightmare.

jsj-con-riddler (resized).jpg

#1230 4 years ago

Id feel bad for people.who got episode with the lesser villains like nora clavicle or minerva.

#1233 4 years ago

How about a poll with best villain moll. Lots more variety there. My vote would go for Penguin's moll finella.


#1293 4 years ago

So maybe each LE will get either an episode numbered plate (120 episodes made) or a bat gadget plate or similar?

I guess there's enough material to do 240 of those. But we already saw an "episode #1" plate and "bat gadget #1" plate so the number doesn't necessarily correlate to the LE number directly.

Those plaques do look about the size of an LE plaque though. Since the bigger bat gadgets number is 8, it seems likely there would be 8 of those on a playfield so they must be LE/SLE plaques.

#1303 4 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Unconfirmed rumor from a friend that this is one of the backglass / translites

That pic is from the Batman '66 meets the Green Hornet comic series. It was done by famed comic artist Alex Ross. It was a six issue series and he did covers for all of them.

Although the art looks great, like others said it seems highly unlikely this would be be used since it features green hornet.







#1304 4 years ago

If Stern contracts out an artist to do the back glass, the obvious choice would be Chris Franchi. He did the cover for the new animated 66 film coming out next month and has done a lot of other batman stuff for posters, models, advertising, etc.

3642b6797e8534e7e8bf258f693456ba (resized).jpg

953_BCTV_Penguin_PKG_FACINGSMALL_zps9prempif (resized).jpg

1534349_792861820728932_37978473_n (resized).jpg

christopher-franchi-batman-tv-show (resized).png

#1313 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Did the meet and greet require a $500 deposit? Probably not, simpler times.

At conventions he usuallys gets about 75-100 for autpgraph or picture of him with you. Signed picture with you and him is even more.

#1329 4 years ago

All they are missing is the bat cycle.

Wonder if they are using those for reference or if they are actually going to be on the playfield somewhere.

Looks like a larger batmobile in the background. Possible topper?

#1341 4 years ago
Quoted from dasvis:

What about the Alf-cycle?
» YouTube video

Forgot about that one. Alfred was great, hopefully he shows up in the game somewhere.

A lot of people hate the 3'rd season because things just got way to silly. One of the good things about the third season is that Alfred was given a lot more to do in some of the episodes compared to season 1+2. After all, he was the only one who knew Batman and Robins secret identity as well as Batgirls.

#1343 4 years ago
Quoted from awarner:

I really hated the 3rd season as a kid but Batgirl makes it all fine as an adult. The 3rd season also switched from two part episodes to one. That was a bad idea as well.

The two part episodes were definitely the better format. I think it was cool that they would do part one on wednesday night and then part two on thursday night. I don't think any other shows did that 2 shows a week format again.

My biggest disappointment with season 3 was the music. For some reason they replaced Nelson Riddle and it doesn't sound nearly as good.

#1350 4 years ago

Another vague irritating update on the Stern facebook page that offers no useful information. All it says is: "The details matter. Youll understand soon"

14207746_10154486207724244_390957448736394921_o (resized).jpg

#1388 4 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

I would suspect at the epic Friday night event during Expo.
LTG : )

I'd be surprised if they waited until expo to show pics of the playfield and feature matrix. My guess would be a reveal before expo. Probably no game play shown, just pics, price, and features described. Then there would be a window of time after that where the deposits became "non-refundable". I put that in quotes because I'm sure there are some dealers who would probably allow a refund if they think they could sell it to someone else.

I would also guess that the window to commit to purchase would close before expo. I say that because Adam West is still a big draw at shows and conventions. He usually charges around $$75 to $100 for an autograph on one of his photos and if you want an autographed pic of you with him its even more. Plus when Adam goes to a show I think there's an appearance fee that also needs to be paid for.

Stern's details on the meet and greet from their facebook page:

"Meet TV legend Adam West! 3-6pm Friday, October 14th at the The Westin Chicago North Shore during the 2016 Pinball Expo! Meet & Greet includes an autographed photo of you and Mr. West! VIP PASS REQUIRED. Contact your stern retailer for more info on how you can get one of the limited passes!"

So in addition to holding a machine for you, your LE or prem deposit is paying for the autographed photo of you and Mr. West and his appearance fee. Stern wouldn't want people to put in a deposit, get their signed Adam West photo with him then ask for their deposit back.

So the deposit needs to be "locked" before expo but I don't think Stern would require buyers to commit before pics, prices, and features are shown so that's why the reveal will probably be before expo. This is all just conjecture on my part but it makes sense to me.

#1392 4 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

And they know the way they sold out, and that the limited number means they won't be stuck with them. Maybe even charge more on ones that become available.
LTG : )

I guess it depends how well its received. If its a home run out of the gate att and layout wise then price might get higer if any become available. If its not well received then maybe not so much. I have high expectations and think Stern will knock it out of the park on this one.

#1405 4 years ago

I looked at sterns facebook page to see if there were any batman 66 updates and saw this comment which was was funny. I thought Stern deleted anything that was consodered a negative remark against them? Looks like its been there since saturday. Maybe they are finally going to use social media the way it was intended? Or maybe they just didn't notice it yet?

rps20160912_114450_344 (resized).jpg

#1431 4 years ago

You can now fill out an application on sterns facebook page to try and get a batman SLE. Requires a short essay and a video as to why you deserve an invitation.

#1436 4 years ago

I guess they couldnt get 30 VIP friends of Stern to buy them all now so they are offering it to the commoners. Still no price listed.

#1456 4 years ago

Another funny example that showcases Sterns "mastery" of social media. On the Stern Facebook page where Stern posted a batman 66 related image someone left a comment wondering why Sterns has a new Batman 66 machine coming in Nov while they have been waiting 6+ months for theGhostbusters premium they ordered. Stern's reply stated they never announced or advertised a Batman 66 machine.

Stern's quote:
"With all that said, we have not "officially" even launched or advertised a new pin since Ghostbusters, except for the PABST Can Crusher. The graphic some have seen was a leaked image sent only to distributors and not intended for the public, hence why we have never posted it here and there has been no official press release yet."

So just a few hours later what do they do? They have an online application to get a Batman 66 pinball machine. What a train wreck.

#1469 4 years ago

I'd think a better approach would be to offer a Batman SLE for free to a "super stern fan" as a thank you for helping Stern stay in business for the past 30 years. That would make the whole application approach with no selling clause a lot more palatable.

#1471 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

How would they enforce that or even know if you sold it? People sell games locally all the time without using eBay, Pinside or anything that offers proof of sale.

You need to take a picture of the machine every morning with a copy of that days newspaper in the shot to show the machine is still there alive and unharmed.

#1837 4 years ago

So it looks lime the SLE will have a topper, unique art, multiple translites, and upgraded speaker package.

What are the guesses for differences between a LE and premium, besides a numbered bat gadget or episode number plaque?

Althought the mrsp difference between LE and premium is 1400, I think the actual street price difference will be even more. I imagine there will probably be more wiggle room on premium price than LE price. Maybe no wiggle on LE price if distributors have people on a wait list for an LE like spooky does with RZSSI.

If premium and LE have same game play features what would stern need to add to make you want to spend more for an LE?

#1977 4 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

How does the cost of producing animation to show on a DMD compare to the cost of animation for an LCD? The cost of the hardware isn't the only factor.
In my uninformed opinion it seems likely LCD animations would also be cheaper due to more people being available with the required skillset and more software available. I'm interested in learning more. Is there much overlap in the skillsets? How does the time investment per minute of animation compare between the two formats? Is it significantly easier in one format to utilize existing images, perhaps using an existing clip as a starting point and turning that footage into your pinball machine animation?

If you have seen or played the Batman 66 slot machine there are all sorts of video clips from the TV show in that game. Since that game was developed by Joe Kaminkows company and he's also on the design team for the pinball maybe they were able to use some of those existing assets. If this is the case then they have a huge head start with all the animations needed for the LCD displays on the pinball game.

#1988 4 years ago

So has anyone talked to a distributor to see what the "street price" might be for a premium vs an LE?

#2003 4 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

Street prices are looking something like:
$9599 LE

So a full 2k more for LE. Stern already posted on their facebook page that premium and LE playfields for Batman are identical. So extra bling on LE is all cabinet and box box.

What do you think they could add to LE to make is worth 2k more than premium?

Maybe they will do what they did on Tron LE by adding a mode or two that is not included in the premium game?

#2107 4 years ago

I was really hoping they released something today since today is "Batman" day.

Maybe on Monday? I hope some additional info (leaked or official) shows up before expo.

#2380 4 years ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Buy a LE and receive an invitation to the Stern party

I think they meant to say people who preorder an LE will get a ticket to the adam west meet and greet and an autographed photo
People who preorder a premium should get one as well.

The Stern party is a separate event. People who preorder batman 66 do not get a free ticket to the party.

Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

The new machine will feature voiceover from Batman himself, Adam West.

Custom speech by Burt Ward as well.

#2463 4 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

First villian art post from Stern's FB page:

Very nice!

Thats chris franchi's artwork. You can find him on facebook as metaluna 5.

He is the definitive artist for classic batman stuff. I was planning on using his stuff for the translite on my batman 66 retheme.

#2487 4 years ago

Looks like they are using the same art that was used on the moebius model kits which looked great.

riddler (resized).jpg

16BMB06_Penguin-Kit (resized).jpg

12187659_1265556403459469_8220433128722136135_n (resized).jpg

13962765_1429706527044455_3264145142536269130_n (resized).jpg

#2488 4 years ago

Lets hope they don't do something stupid like only have this art on the SLE while the premium and LE buyers got the style of art that was on the flyer.

#2490 4 years ago

Chris Franchi has also done Batgirl lets hope she makes it into the art package as well.

10887435_1054770074538104_6393226679752276547_o (resized).jpg

#2500 4 years ago
Quoted from erak:

Not to rain on your parade but that's Photoshop.

Why does everyone keep crapping on Photoshop?

Don't they realize its just a tool to manipulate existing artwork which could be hand drawn or photographic?

Do people realize that the Ghotbusters art on the pinball machine was probably composited and edited using photoshop (or equivalent digital editing software).

Photoshop is a tool and like any tool it can be used with amazing results or horrible results depending on the skills of the user.

#2525 4 years ago
Quoted from Meph:

What they are referring to though is Sterns history of just cutting artwork or digital images from other sources and pasting them on to a playfield.
As for Ghostbusters.... "All models feature beautiful and unique hand drawn art by renowned illustrator Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti."
He drew the assets for the machine, not cut and pasted them from other sources.

I'd be very surprised if this version of the art was not created specifically by the artist for this game. As someone else mentioned the poses are not exactly the same so I think its more likely that Chris re-did some of his previous art just for the pinball machine.

Chris uses original photos of the actors and then recreates the image in the style you see. I noticed that he does reuse the same poses on various pieces. If people think its just a simple copy and paste job to make them then they are underestimating the amount of skill it actually takes to make it look good.

Here's an original photo of Frank Gorshin so you can see where he got the source pose from. I think they all look fantastic and don't care if the pose of the character was used previously or not. As long as the art matches the game layout style its all good.

But this is pinside so I guess people gotta complain about something.

frank_gorshin_riddler1 (resized).jpg

tv guide (resized).jpg

movie poster (resized).jpg

batblog (resized).jpg

#2538 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I wonder if they will remove the Riddler's staff from his hands?.
I only remember John Astin (Gomez from Adams Family) using it?

John Astin was great on Addams Family but his Riddler was not very memorable. Glad they got Frank Gorshin to come back for season 3.

#2564 4 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Stern rips off previous artist rendition-cuts and paste onto a pinball and then all of the sudden it's "Hand drawn Art"

If that was the case I dont think the original artist would link the Stern Facebook post on their own website.

#2568 4 years ago

So do you think the released art clips are from the playfield or translite?

Speaking of translites, does Stern do real backglasses on the LE's anymore or is it all just translites now?

#2571 4 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I was not implying that they were stealing anything just that it is not custom art. For $10-$15k a pop for the Batman66 I am not sure if they could have had the artist do his rendition for Stern or not?

Sorry my mistake. I misread your post.

We don't know where the released art goes. It might be on premium only and LE and SLE is getting something different. Or the other way around, who knows.

I hope the art style on the vintage trading cards they showed earlier isnt on the game. Not a big fan of that look.

#2629 4 years ago
Quoted from mamawaldee:

Predicting "Star Trek 66"

Quoted from vid1900:

Now that would be badass!

That backgass would be for star trek 79'. Need this backglass for a true star trek 66' theme.

PPS-GT-408-35PTL (resized).jpg

#2672 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Surfy, Jazzy, cool stuff:
» YouTube video

I used to have that on vinyl when I was a kid. I like the fact that it has dialog and sound effects from the show in it. But at the same time I wish some of the tracks were music only without the sound effects on top of it.

If you like that CD you should definitely seek out this one:

This is a full soundtrack from the 1966 Batman movie by Nelson Riddle. This was put out by film score monthly and is 65 minutes of audio gold for classic Batman fans. I think its out of print so youll have to look for used ones.

If the Stern game doesnt have enough Nelson Riddle in it I will be adding it (assuming pinball browser will work with spike 2.0).

75_646239 (resized).jpg

#2753 4 years ago

So is everyone gonna freak out when they find out their 15k machine is using pre-existing toys r us stuff that costs $29.99?

Batman-6-Inch-Classic-TV-Series-To-the-Batcave-Batman-Figure-677x316_c (resized).jpg

#2754 4 years ago

In the pic with Eugene Jarvis playing i can see a black metal apron with triangular holes to hold backlit light panels and a kick back hole.

14470628_10154528590409244_200502485078199221_n (resized).jpg

#2756 4 years ago
Quoted from erak:

You mean this stuff?

No the pic they put on their facebook page with Greg Feres and the batcomputer toy.

#2758 4 years ago
Quoted from erak:

The batcomputer toy is in the back of my display case. Along with all the other batman66 figures and toys. Expect for surfing joker and batman.

I missed the computer back there. I thought you were talking about the batmobile.

I bought the batcave set myself. I was going to use the mini shakespeare bust and red batphone in my Batman 66 retheme project.

#2920 4 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

Premium street price is around $7599.

That sounds about right. has it listed for $7999 with free shipping and they are usually on the high side.

As was expected, the LE is listed there at full MSRP of $9,999 + shipping is NOT included.

So MRSP difference between Batman premium and LE is $1400 but if you look at actual street price difference its more like $2,400 or so. Stern already said on their FB page that playfields will be identical between Batman premium and LE. So what do you think could they add to that would make it worth an extra $2,400?

#2940 4 years ago

Little bit of the Batman 66 whitewood visible in latest facebook post.

14500476_10154541196244244_579019012252708169_o (resized).jpg

#2950 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Is that Ed Robertson? Getting a little inside info?


#2952 4 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Doesn't look like an LCD on/in the playfield from that angle

I was assuming the lcd would be on the playfield in the area where the joker toy is on BDK so I that case you wouldnt see it in that pic.

Trying to figure out what is behind Gomez's arm on the cabinet wall. Maybe something that lights up like Star Trek LE?

#3008 4 years ago

For those bat-fans who arent going to the adam west meet and greet at expo you can meet him at the stan lee los angles comicon at the end of october. Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, and Lee Meriweather will all be there. Not sure how often all of them are together at a single event.

#3228 4 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

...slap in a bunch of library stock images.

You are incorrect sir. See comments from the artist, Chris Franchi, from his facebook page.

Screenshot_20160930-124538 (resized).png

#3229 4 years ago

So where do people think the latest villains images are on the game? At first i was thinking side art because each image appears to have a bottom edge to it where the art gets cut off. But then I noticed the tv antenna on the bottom on each picture. If the art stops there why have the antennas but no TV under them?

#3247 4 years ago
Quoted from nman:

Less popular villains, huh? I wonder if Louie the Lilac will make the cut. If so, i hope they at least keep the cigar.

Maybe Lola Lasagna will make the cut. I dont think Ethel Merman has made it on a pin yet.


#3249 4 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

OK, I stand corrected. Still looks shitty in my books, but that is just my personal taste. I don't like the needs something to blend, which is the same thing I have said about many of the Stern games.

Yeah its not for everyone. This artist loves the outlines, he does it on most of his stuff. I like it.

12512345_1306307886050987_3571253333944924498_n (resized).jpg

1534349_792861820728932_37978473_n (resized).jpg

12932552_1328340443847731_494004208447293111_n (resized).jpg

1888760_976972768984502_1212049127490550837_n (resized).jpg

13002358_1338594419489000_7533932263131840751_o (resized).jpg

#3318 4 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Friday night -
Friday 3pm to 6pm meet and greet Adam West, no games ?
LTG : )

The meet and greet is supposed to include include an autographed photo of you and Adam. Wouldn't it make sense to have a game there to stand next to when you get your pic taken with him?

If Stern brought a box of the LE plaques they could slap whatever number is yours on it temporarily for the pic, then you would have a pic of you and Adam with "your" game. That would be a logical reason to have people commit to buying before the meet and greet.

#3364 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

That answered my question. Thanks.
Now back to Julie Newmar...

For you Julie Newmar fans Hallmark has released a batman 1966 Julie Newmar Catwoman ornament. It went on sale yesterday. Its supposedly a limited run so once existing store inventory is gone they wont be restocked.

BATMAN-CLASSIC-TV-SERIES-CATWOMAN-Ornament-root-1595QXE3091_QXE3091_1470_1.jpg_Source_Image (resized).jpg

#3377 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I missed the last 150 posts or so. Are there going to be backglasses at the meet and greet for Adam to sign?

That would be great if they did but no one has indicated that would be the case.

I was hoping the LE and SLE versions would have adam and burts signatures on the game somewhere as part of the bling upgrade but who knows.

#3399 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

That makes me want a Love Boat pin. If they can make a B66, surely The Love Boat isn't a stretch.

Then its gotta have a Charo "cuchi cuchi" multiball.

4277329165_99ce925351_o (resized).png

Charo-triplets (resized).jpg

#3428 4 years ago
Quoted from Meegis:

It has been reiterated to many, the pre-order is NOT refundable.

Check with your distributor. Sounds like some are saying no refund and others are letting you back out. Probably depends if your distributor has a waiting list or not for people waiting for an LE.

People who were told no refunds by their distibutor should just wait until after the reveal then if they like how the game looks they can just order a premium.

#3490 4 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I heard that as well. Once full pricing and pics are revealed there will be a window of time to back out and get your deposit back. Once that window is past the deposit is non refundable.

Thats what I heard initially. Since then, I asked my distributor and they said if I didnt think the LE bling was worth the extra 2k I could downgrade to a premium since they had others waiting on deck if an LE became available.

#3517 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Yep....mine said I'd be on a will call list at the show.....

Quoted from LTG:

You might check where that is, or have your distributor on speed dial on Friday.
I never heard of a will call at Expo and Expo can be chaotic.
LTG : )

My distributor also said that there would be a list of people instead of physical tickets for meet and greet.

#3540 4 years ago

Update from stern facebook page

14570471_10154567668229244_5516616276391761016_n (resized).jpg

#3541 4 years ago

The post states you recieve a wrist band and a time slot after you check in. Doesn't say anythig about a photo or autograph so I hope they are still doing that. If there is a machine there it would be cool to get a pic of adam and yourself next to the machine and get it signed.

#3566 4 years ago

Fans of the old show may already be aware, but there is a the new animated batman movie "Return of the Caped Crusaders" featuring voices of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar. It comes out at the end of the month but this coming monday it will be shown at select theaters for one night only.

There are already working on a sequel and the villian in that one will be two face who will be voiced by William Shatner.

#3622 4 years ago

The producer of the original series, William Dozier (also was the narrator on Batman), wanted to make a wonder woman show as well to capitalize on the comic hero popularity created by Batman. It never made it to full pilot but a short concept video still exists. Weird stuff.

Diana-Prince-Pilot-Gallery-580x233 (resized).jpg

#3793 4 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Has Stern confirmed the 50 additional SLE games? Are we sure that Gary didn't misspeak in the interview?

After the interview came out stern facebook page they said they would have an announcement regarding the SLE's this week before expo. Since Stern isnt denying it right away i'm assuming its true.

Screenshot_20161010-143834 (resized).png

#3796 4 years ago
Quoted from Air_Pinball:

80 SLE's now....but at a lower price.

Is that just a guess or do you have inside information?

#3838 4 years ago

Any of you bat-fans check out the new batman 66 style animated film at the theaters today?

Looks like they really captured the tone of the show.

#4318 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I'm curious what the cards on the apron are from or are meant to represent.

George Gomez said its an actual topps trading card that can be removed if you want to read the back. Some will be landscape orientation some will be portrait. The first 500 games built will be signed by Adam West so im assumimg all SLE an LE games will have them then whatever is left goes to the premiums.

#4327 4 years ago

This $5 batsignal shown below and the hotwheels batmobile, boat, cycle, and batcopter are on the SLE version. So all easy mods to make your own ghetto SLE. link »

182c89444753a77fd45f6c8eba6a7f15ca73c1a3 (resized).jpg

#4456 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

There's $1400 price difference between Premium and LE. Do you think you could get powder coated armor, topper, and the non interactive toys for less. Stern sells on their site toppers for $500, custom armor for $250, and inner side art for $80.

MSRP difference is about $1400. Real world street price is more like $2k. Distributors are discounting the premiums more than the LE's.

#4649 4 years ago
Quoted from Ramjet:

I did hear from my distributer today that a topper will be available to purchase for the premium but it will not be the same as the one on the SLE & LE.

Stern person at booth said they think the topper for the LE/SLE that was at expo is exclusive to those models. The premium would have another topper avail as a separate purchase. They thought the premium topper was a cityscape of gotham instead of batman and robin in the batmobile.

#4711 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Stern said from the get go they weren't making many of even the premiums.

Who said that? Im pretty sure at expo George said they would make as many premiums as dictated by demand.

#4716 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Have we seen any gameplay yet? Today at Expo?

No playable batman66 at expo

#4727 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Both he and George conveyed exactly that to me....I believe the passion is real....very surreal to watch/ listen to them talk about it....

Lyman is a big fan as well. He knew the names of all three actors who played Mr. Freeze right off the top of his head. Since he is a fan of the theme, I'm confident he will deliver a fantastic rule set.

#4739 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I'm really interested to see how they incorporated Adam West and Burt Ward...this game has the possibility of being really funny due to the source material having the original Batman and Robin doing voiceover.

At the show Joe Kaminkow said something about Adam West recording a custom voice message for each of the SLE buyers. During the game the batphone will ring and then Adam will personally call you.

Not sure if that meant the game sends you message to your phone or does the game just play the message when you shoot the batphone?

For non SLE buyers you might win one if you register your game here.

#4797 4 years ago

For those who want the bat vehicles from the SLE on their LE or Premium you can still find them at walmart for $7.97.

batvehicles (resized).jpg

#4835 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

The playfield art IS hand drawn. It's hard to tell from the photos, because it's done in a photo-realistic style.

I guess people are critical of it since some (not all) of the art was used on previous Batman products. I love the art package and it is all hand drawn. See pics below for examples of Chris Franchi hand drawn sketches early in his design process.

I was at the Kevin O' Connor seminar at expo and didnt realize he did some art for Batman 66 as well. He said he started with some playfield and translight art but Stern decided to go with Chris Franchi art instead. One of the main reasons being that Chris Franchi is a frequent collaborator with the license holders so the approval was a lot quicker using his stuff. Kevin's work is still on the game. All the heros and villains are Franchi and some of the other non character stuff is by Kevin. Maybe someday we will see some of the earlier concepts of Kevins Batman 66 work before they switched to Franchi.

12745595_1282855615062881_4931168888138657634_n (resized).jpg
10476410_928284607186652_1924966320477383573_o (resized).jpg
10858364_1055320324483079_1475917386816163648_n-1 (resized).jpg

#4945 4 years ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

I like the Batman topper for once, as usually it's the same as the backglass. Never understood why all the aftermarket toppers are exactly the same as the backglass with imagines and not creative enough for the price.

I think they nailed the topper for this one as well. Batman and Robin just chilling in the batmobile with the rotating beacon. It's too bad the topper they showed is only for LE and SLE.

George said that the topper would be available for purchase fro premium buyers and I assumed it was the same one they showed at expo. Then at the booth when I asked someone there they said the premium buyers could buy a topper but it was a different design. He said it was a Gotham skyline view.

I also though that the bat signal projector was built into the topper. It is not, it is an add on that is included with SLE. If you get an LE you still get the topper but the bat signal projector is not included with it. George said the bat signal projector can be purchased as an accessory through Stern.

#4947 4 years ago

Since Stern hasn't put out an official feature matrix for Batman 66 yet so lets document what we know so far. Here are what I think the model differences for Batman 66 are based on the Expo videos and talking with George and others at Expo. If I missed anything or got anything wrong please chime in:

All 3 models, SLE, LE, and Premium have exact same game play features and code. There are a few add on toys between the modes but they all have the same base playfield. No mention on if the SLE or LE playfields will be signed or not by the designer like they did with previous LE's

The first 500 games made will include an Adam West signed batman trading card on right side of apron. The cards that were shown were reprints of the original 1966 Topps "black bat", "red bat" and "blue bat" cards. Topps reissued these a few years ago. They are identical reprints front and back of the original 143 cards from 1966. You can buy these fairly inexpensively so I'm sure Stern is using these new reprints instead of original cards from 1966. They feature hand painted art by Norm Saunders (did iconic attack from mars cards as well). Since Stern had 500 signed by Adam West and there were only 143 card designs, some machines will have the same card. I hope Stern sorted the cards to only feature batman on the Adam West signed cards. It might look out of place to have a drawing of riddler, penguin, robin, etc with an Adam West signature.

The apron has screw holes to hold the card in a portrait or a landscape orientation. After the 500 signed cards are used then unsigned cards will be put on the machines. So if they build SLE (80 machines) and LE (240 machines) first then they should all get a card and the first 180 premiums built next should get a signed card as well. Since you can rotate the card holder portrait or landscape you could put your own favorite card in there or trade with someone else.

So what are the main differences (besides cost) between Premium, LE, and SLE models:

Habitrail on left side is chrome
Legs, rails, lock down bar, hinges are standard matte black
Cabinet decals feature Batman and Robin
Backbox decals feature Batgirl
Plain matte black finish on speaker panel
Plaque on speaker panel is plastic and says "Batman Premium Edition"
Translite art unique to premium model with batmobile in lower right, says "holy pinball wizard"

Habitrail on left side is metallic red powdercoat
Legs, rails, lock down bar, hinges are a glossy powder coated black with silver flake
Cabinet decals feature the four main villains
Backbox decals feature an angry Batman and Robin
Plain matte black finish on speaker panel
Plaque on speaker panel is plastic, will be 1 of the 120 episodes or 1 of 120 different bat gadgets
Batman and Robin riding in Batmobile topper with rotating red beacon light
Translite art unique to LE has Batgirl featured in lower right and also says "holy pinball wizard"

Habitrail on left side is metallic blue powdercoat
Legs, rails, lock down bar, hinges are a glossy powder coated black with silver flake and red pinstripe accents
Cabinet decals are a metallic embossed foil and features the Batmobile
Backbox decals are a metallic embossed foil and feature Batman and Robin
Glossy black silver flake powercoat similar to rails on the speaker panel
Speaker panel has red backlit speaker grills and red backlit bat logo
Speakers are upgraded Jensen 2 way (upgraded sub woofer as well?)
Plaque on speaker panel is metal has Stern 30'th logo, Batman logo, and says 1986 for Sterns anniversary year
Batman and Robin riding in Batmobile topper with rotating red beacon light
Bat signal projector mounted on back of topper projects batsignal, position and size of projected image is adjustable
Hot Wheels Batmobile towing the Batboat mounted above shooter lane
Hot Wheels Batcycle mount on top of bumper cap
Hot Wheels Batcopter mounted above left habitrail
Batsignal search light mounted on upper right plastic, is lit and flashes during gameplay
Inner side blade art features Gotham skyline with "pow", "bam", etc printed on it
Red edge glow plastics on slings and lower ball guides
SLE translite has unique design and says "holy super limited edition"
4 translites included, the 3 designs already shown and a 4'th that has not been shown yet
Personalized voice message from Adam West so he can call you via the batphone

Some of the items will be available for individual purchase:
Inner side blades that were on SLE
Batsignal projector
Red edge glow plastics on slings and lower ball guides
A new topper not shown yet that features Gotham skyline

#4959 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I thought the LE and SLE had the same armor? with the webbing and flake powdercoat?

Same armor with silver flake powdercoat but the SLE adds pin stripping to side rails and lockdown bar. On Expo the pinstripping was easy to peel off and damage. I would hope the production models have the pinstripping clear coated or protected some way to prevent that.

#4960 4 years ago
Quoted from Mojosan:

The SLE also is supposed to include a personalized voice mail greeting recored by Adam West that will be integrated into the game in conjunction with making shots that activate the Batphone on the playfield.
They didn't know if Adam was going to be physically up to doing it after signing all the cards and such (he's 88) but Jared (Jason?) from Stern confirmed to us that he felt good and recored all the voice mails.
Which is hella cool.

Yes i heard that as well. Very cool. I added it to the list of SLE features.

#4961 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I'm pretty sure there are 30 different year plaques for the SLE...1986, 1987, etc.

That would fit if there were only 30 but since there are 80 do you think they would still do that?

#4972 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

wish the SLE had some extra gameplay modes added, like the Tron LE daftpunk multiball.

I hope they don't do that. Why spend resources coding up unique modes that only a small fraction of people will ever be able to see or play.

I hope the future pro/prem/le models all have indentical playfields and game features. The only difference between them should be cosmetic bling. Thats what they did with the black spiderman edition and it still held its aftermarket value for collectors. Doing that also makes code much easier to develop and test since there is only 1 version of code instead of 3.

#4980 4 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Depends on the game. Neither TWD or GB Premiums came with shakers. Sometimes even the LEs don't.

I knew they would release an official feature matrix after I posted the differences.

Glad to see shaker and playfield slide support rails on the list.

However the dreaded foot note is there: "subject to announcement".

Didn't the original star trek matrix say the premium came with shaker then they changed it later to not include it?

I didnt see anything listed there regading the inner side art or the personalized voice message from Adam West.

#5034 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Trying to work out the different modes available on the new rotating centre thingo.

the Bat cave/Bat computer looks like a mini TOTAN lamp style rotating spinner with the bat mobile on top. (Edit:maybe wishful thinking ...might not be a spinner - the circle looks just painted). And maybe something behind it if you shoot through it? Can't quite work that out:

Yes it does spin similar to TOTAN lamp. the bottom part and the batmobile top part spin together as one piece. I saw a close look of that piece at a sub assembly station during the tour. After his expo presentation, George also said it has a magnet built into it re-center itself after its spun. So when its done spinning you will always be able to have a clear shot through the center of it. He jokingly said that he learns from previous designs so maybe he's referring to the tesseract spinner from Avengers?

Quoted from cooked71:

Then the TV "Villian Vision" is a couple of angled stand ups, with a physical lock mechanism to the left. Which is a bit weird because the lock shot inserts are on the right loop:

The lock lights are on the right loop because that's where you shoot to load the lock from the back. Pic below shows a diverter that will move the ball into lock mech or allow it to complete the orbit when lock is not lit. Not sure if it will allow the first ball to be loaded from the front or not when the white post is down. Also not sure if when lock is not lit and white post is down will ball just pass through the lock area and into the pops.

Quoted from cooked71:

The whole mechanism is pretty complex.

It certainly is.

I think people who are saying this is just a re-hash of BDK are underestimating how much this clever rotating mech will add to the variety of shots and modes to the game.

back3 (resized).jpg

#5211 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I thought this was a special celebration pin so it should really have more color changing inserts than AcDc premum which came out 4 years ago. Don't you think? Just checking AcDc has 16 tricolor inserts.

Maybe tbe designer decided he only wanted 6 color changing inserts. Do we know which inserts are the color changing ones? Have any of the newer sterns tried color changing GI yet?

I don't think the number of color changing inserts is linearly proportional to the quality of gameplay.

#5314 4 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Hopefully you SLE owners can give the rest of us some insight on how the Hot Wheels cars are secured to the playfield. It looks like the Batmobile and Batboat are on a plastic platform? I got my set ready for my Premium.

Batcycle is mounted on top of a bumper cap. Looks like a bolt from above probably attaches to a nut under the bumper cap.

Batcopter is on a wire. One end of wire goes under a nut holding one of the plastics. Other end of the wire is probably held in with a screw into the bottom of the Batcopter.

Batmobile and Batboat are mounted on a separate plastic that is not on Premium or LE machines. That plastic is attached via 2 standoff posts above an existing plastic. Batmobile and Batboat are probably attached to that plastic via screws like light cycles were on Tron.

You can find all the vehicles at your local walmart.

cycle1 (resized).jpg

cycle2 (resized).jpg

copter1 (resized).jpg

boat1 (resized).jpg

boat2 (resized).jpg

20161017_121652 (resized).jpg

#5334 4 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

What exactly are the differences on the playfield between the three? Other than the cars on the SLE, I can't see anything.

Left ramp is blue powder coated on SLE, red powder coated on LE, and chrome on premium.

SLE also has red edge glow plastic protectors on slings and inlanes. They are supposed to be avail for purchase via stern for LE and premium

#5356 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

but if you added to that a numbered plaque and collector card Don't forget about the meet and greet with Batman himself. That would have been cool too.

The meet and greet was not just LE and SLE premium preorders also got it. And signed trading card will also be on first 180 premium models.

#5358 4 years ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

Oh, and does it make sense for Adam West to be autographing cards depicting the Riddler and, presumably, other villains?

There are 143 cards in the full set. Stern is using reproduction cards that came out a few years ago , not original 1966 ones, so the cards are cheap and plentiful. I think you can buy the full 143 repro set for $20.

Since there are only 143 cards in the set, Stern will have some duplicates out there to get a total of 500 signed cards (as well as all of the non signed ones that will follow). Since there will be duplicates anyways, I was hoping Stern would have filtered out all of the non batman cards and have Adam only sign cards that had batman on them.

Since they have this pic on thier facebook page Im assuming they didnt filter out the non batman cards.

Since the pic below is from a premium maybe they will save the non batman featured cards which were signed on the premium models? There should be 180 premiums with a signed card (first 320 signed cards go to SLE an LE buyers).

14681967_10154621578564244_7194203817450653504_o (resized).jpg

#5360 4 years ago

On previous LE models with signatures on the playfield, it was assumed those playfields had an extra clearcoat. First coating , then signature, then a final coat.

In this pic it looks like there is no clearcoat on it yet. So no extra cleacoat for LE and SLE?

14856116_10154642446374244_586119497297691420_o (resized).jpg

#5363 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

It's $1500 diff

$1500 difference only in MSRP listed prices.

Street price difference between prem and LE is at least $2000.

#5368 4 years ago

As a reminder to classic batman fans, adam west, burt ward, julie newmar, and lee meriweather are all at stan lee comicon on saturday. Im gonna ask julie if stern asked her about doing custom voice calls like adam and burt did. When i asked george at expo about custom call outs by julie he said it was a possibility.

#5375 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Uhhh no
GBLE was $8k street
BM66LE is $9500 street
Math is easy on that one

Quoted from Flato:

Thought he was referring to street prem of bat which is 7600

Yes, thats what I meant.

#5407 3 years ago

I was at the Stan Lee Comikaze this weekend and asked Burt Ward (Robin) about his involvement with the Batman 66 game. He said he recored a a lot of custom callouts. He estimated in the neighborhood of 300 or so. I asked him if Stern was going to give him a game. He said no free game, he wants one but he has to pay for it.

I asked Adam West if he was gettig a free game and he said that it was still a topic of discussion.

I wonder if back in the Bally/Willams days getting a free game was a standard perk or was it negotiated? I heard all the STTNG cast got personalized games when that came out.

I asked Julie Newmar if she was approached about doing voicework for the pinball game and she didnt know anything about it. Thats too bad it would have been cool to get some custom callouts from her as well.

Besides Stan Lee himself, I think Adam West was the biggest draw at the show. His autograph line was always the longest compared to all the other celebs there.

#5420 3 years ago

Any idea why the batman66 topper would need 2 control boards?

If you listen to the pinball news recording if the stern presentation from expo (about 46:30 mark), George says the boards above the spike board are for the topper.

Ghostbusters didnt need any extra boards for its topper.

273f30b897a8340800d6b5d5f0ad240e6cb6f8fc (resized).jpg

Screenshot_20161031-225352 (resized).png

#5426 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Umm...a bit more than that....believe the topper is truly interactive w different effects ( bat signal that can be rotated, and whatever)....hence the need for more control

I don't think the bat signal projector is motorized for movement or focusing. I saw George adjust the projector at the show and it was manually postioned and manually focused.

Maybe one board is needed for the projector and another to drive the beacon lights?

The beacon looked like it didn't actually rotate. I think is has several LED segments that alterately light that simulate a rotating beacon.

#5428 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

The same as the GB topper. It has 2 of the LED panels

And ghostbusters didnt need and extra board to do that.

Maybe batman is using up all the drivers on the spike board and needed another board(s) added to handle the topper lighting effects?

Or maybe the code was soo premature they needed to add those boards to control the topper and they wont be in the production version?

#5430 3 years ago

The hard part about motorizing it would be the variety of angles it can be positioned in. George pointed out that it can be positioned to face straight up to the ceiling or straight back to the back wall or to either side or anywhere inbetween. This was smart on Sterns part because everyone has different gameroom setups. It also has a focus ring on it so you could get it to focus regardless of the distance to whatever wall or ceiling surface you were pointing at.

I tried to get a decent pic of it at expo and it looks like its attached via a u shaped piece that is similar to telescope mount. It can swivel around (is that yaw?) And tilt up or down (pitch?) Then you rotate the whole tube part to orient the image point straight up on the surface (roll). Once positioned i'd think you'd want it to stay there.

It would make sense though for the game to flash on or off at the appropriate times during game play.

I like that the signal image is true to one from the tv show. A lot of the car mod led door projector things you see on ebay are a generic batman logo or from the nolan batman films. I've never seen one that used the tv show version like thos one does.

20161101_174915 (resized).jpg
14711626_10154621559694244_9113216220175541068_o (resized).jpg
35a46c75fe82f71eb08c75f709cda3c16c428f24 (resized).jpg
14715698_10154591169349244_2017335222557008358_o (resized).jpg
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#5432 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

But doesn't it appear the entire assembly is sitting on a substantial housing? I'm not suggesting it has a programmable machine code, but certainly has a potential for something inside there. I guess in the actual show it only a single position skytracker.....would be cool if it actually was triggered on and moved to a couple presets, though....

I was assuming the metal thing its bolted onto was just a spacer to get it at the right height. If its high enough you could potentially aim it out towards the front so it would project onto the wall behind the player.

All we can due is speculate until Stern gives us more details.

Its too bad the projector isnt included with the topper for the LE. George said you can buy the projector separately for LE and Prem buyers, I'm sure it wont be cheap though.

#5436 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Fair enough....dream crusher....

Well there is still the question of why there are two boards needed in there for the topper. Maybe it will do something cool that they haven't revealed yet. I hope so.

#5439 3 years ago
Quoted from someoneelse:

It has the boards for the same reason the GB topper has these two boards. The BM66 topper is just to small to fit them inside the housing.
It astounds me how much hope you guys still put into these kind of toys. Every time a new pins comes out pinsiders dream up the most ridiculous theories of what certain toys might do, just to be completely disappointed when reality catches up with them. Every single time!

That makes sense. I never saw the inside of one of the toppers.

I haven't had a stern spike game yet but I read they use node boards to act as a communication point between boards using cat5 cable? So you need a board for each topper to take the cat5, handle whatever their communication protocol is and then have drivers for each of the light effects within the topper.

Since the projector and the topper could be bought and installed separately they each need their own board to do all of that.

#5445 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Back on topic....I WANT SOME BM66 FLIPPING VIDEO!!!!!!

If by flippin you mean a guy on the factory floor manually rolling the ball on the playfiled then yes that video exists.

Its part of the factory walkthrough video that was posted on the stern facebook page today.

It looks like a premium cab though. I thought LE's were first followed by SLE's then premiums last.

#5450 3 years ago
Quoted from Gritty:

Has anyone heard what games will be made first? I thought I might have read somewhere that it would be LE's then SLE's.

At the expo talk gary said LE's, then SLE's, then premiums. But he is old and drinks a lot of vodka so who knows for sure.

#5526 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

...for the Batman '66 premiums, it doesn't make any sense for them to be so out of line with traditional pricing. There's nothing extra (in fact, they're stripped down from a standard premium), there's no limit to production, and there's no special one off aspects to it that would drive up production price.

Maybe people are underestimating the licensing cost. Batman66 probably isn't cheap and there is also the "cut" that goes to Kapow pinball. The Batman66 based slot machine had a lot less villains than the Stern game does. It didn't have Penguin or the second tier villains like Bookworm, Shame, Egghead, etc. Since the Stern version has all these extra villains maybe the licensing cost went even higher than what it was for the slot machine.

Quoted from jar155:

I wish it was just standard and LE/CE, with no differences in gameplay or code. JJP has it right in that aspect, as does Spooky.
We're never going to unwind what's been done, but I'd love to see premiums disappear and Stern can do a standard and collector's edition. Pack bling into the CE and overcharge for it. Leave the standard to be on par in regards to play, but drop this three model stuff. Simplify the production lines, simplify code development, and speed up game development process overall.

Isn't this pretty much what has happened with Batman66? At the factory tour George really emphasized that the base playfield is the same for all 3 models and the code would be the same for all three models. All the extra money buys you is some cosmetic enhancements and some exclusivity via the numbered editions. This is what an LE and SLE should be in my opinion.

Some people balk at the price increase for LE and SLE because they think they deserve more actual value (features, toys, enhanced gameplay etc) for the LE/SLE versions. I think its better to have the extra money just be for bling and a limited number only. The collectors with lots of money to burn will still pay up for that and it makes the multiple models much easier to manage if the game layout and code is the same for all of them.

I think we should give Stern some credit from saying that some of the LE/SLE features will also be available for separate purchase like the art blades and the bat signal projector. This allows customers to buy the lower priced model and still enhance it later if they want to bling it out a little.

I like how they approached the Spiderman Black and Elvis Gold limited editions. Same exact game play just revised art, backglass, trim etc. Lets hope they adopt this approach going forward with future games.

#5531 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Not when they're using off the shelf trinkets that can be had for a few bucks at Walmart. It's pretty scummy, actually.

The stern accessories that will be available for sale by Stern are the topper mounted batsignal projector and the inner art blades.

I think you are confusing the topper mounted projector with the batsignal thing on the SLE playfield (that is a $5 trinket).

The topper mounted projector looks custom made. It has an omni directional mount and a focusing lens in front to adjust size/position of the signal.

The art blades look nice and definitiely arent an off the shelf piece. Im sure some of the other pinball vendors will make a non licensed version of them though.

Im happy Stern is offering them for sale vs saying its just an LE/SLE only item.

#5536 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Kapows "cut" is not increasing costs IMO
Whatever Stern paid Kapow is likley less than what Stern would spend on making their own animations, sounds & art.
Kapow just resold some shit to Stern they already sold once before so odds are Stern got a deal.
Disclaimer: I'm just making shit up like the rest of you.

Just in the attract mode screens that have been shown so far there are lots of clips that were never in the slot machine so its not all recycled stuff. Even clips that were in the original slot machine would need to be re-processed to fit he Stern displays (the big one and the small ome) for size, resolution, and aspect ratio. If there really are thousands of clips (as claimed at expo) thats a lot of work.

I donr see how it can't cost more than a usual license because in addition to the main licensee, Warner Bros, there is also a middleman thats not usually there, ie Kapow pinball.

#5537 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

This is not a favor to you. It devalues the LE/SLE features while they can squeeze a few more bucks out of the premium buyers.

I see it as a favor since there will be a lot more premium buyers than the LE/SLE buyers. They arent squeezing more money out of people if its an optional purchase. If people want to buy it they will, if they dont' think its worth it then they wont.

The projector is a pretty cool gimmick so I think it will sell well as an accessory. Owners of one of the three previous batman machines might get one. Some people might put it in their gameroom even if they dont have a batman game just because it looks cool.

In my opinion, I dont believe it devalues the LE/SLE at all. If the signal projector was standard on all 3 models they still would have sold 80 SLE's and 240 LE's no problem.

#5546 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Still hoping SLE has extra gameplay code

Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Have on several occasions said this is not the case. The play fields are identical.

Well they said the SLE buyers get a personalized phone call from Batman himself. So I guess that would count as custom gamecode for the SLE? Still not sure how that feature is gonna work.

phone (resized).JPG

#5557 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

This doesn't make your point. All this does is illustrate how freaking greedy Stern is being here to "celebrate" 30 years of pinball. The whole pricing structure is a downright joke.

Stern is a for profit company whose goal is to maximize profits. If they price their products too high the market will respond accordingly. I dont think Stern adjusting their prices for what the think the market can bear makes them greedy, it makes them business men.

I also wish NIB prices were lower but they are what they are.

The great thimg about this hobby though is that you can have just as much fun with a decades old sub 1k game as you can with an 8k NIB one.

#5565 3 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper: link » Dc Comics Batman Bat Signal Kits Books Mega Mini Light Up Projection Toy Usa
Get your bat signal here, get it while its HOT, BAT SIGNAL HEEEEEEEERE!
There are like 100 different versions of projection bat signals ranging from $1 to $100, some elaborate old time BM66 style/era and others like a laser show. any one who buys a PROMIEUM can get one cheap and better looking than what Stern is offering. I built a dark night arcade and used the laser ones under the control panel to project on the ground in front of machine. so the options and applications are endless.

If you want that batsignal light you linked on ebay, you are better off getting it on amazon instead for only $5. This is the same one mounted on the playfield of the SLE. link »

It wont replace the topper projector thought as this one is not nearly bright enough. This is meant to be more of a desk trinket than a projector.

Some of the ebay ones might not be bright enough. The Stern one at expo was very bright and projected a nice strong image that was pretty far away in a bright room. Most of the ebay ones are designed to project from the bottom of a car door sill to the ground which is only a few inches. Not sure if they have the lumens needed to go 10 or 20 feet.

When I looked earlier I couldnt find one that used the same shape as the batsignal from the TV show that Stern uses on theirs. If the Stern version is priced to high I'll probably just try and make my own.

The other nice part about the Stern one is that it will be interactive with gameplay.

#5575 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I don't blame them for trying to capitalize on what appears to be an undervalued product for what people are willing to pay.. but they've gone over the line in several dimensions leading them into a risky spot... not just a increased margin.

They're doing exactly what you said above. The free market will determine if they are priced to high or not and have "gone over the line". If they are, then Stern will react accordingly. I hope they continue to thrive and grow as they have over the last few years.

I just don't get why some many people have their panties in a bunch about all of this. If you don't like Stern prices or their recent marketing strategies then buy a NIB from one of the other manufacturers of buy one of the hundreds of thousands of used game out there at all price ranges.

Why come on the "Batman 66 By Stern New Info Thread" and whine and complain endlessly about how awful everything is. Seems like a lot of people on this thread are getting way too emotional and about a luxury toy purchase. As Joker from BDK wold say; "Why So Serious ??"

#5603 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Too many people just do not have a clue how a free market economy works.

Yeah lots of armchair quaterbacks here who think they could do it better. I agree with others that Sterns marketing strategies could be better but the fact they have been here 30 and just quadrupled the size of their factory last year says something.

#5612 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Really? How many people here have said they think they could do it better? I never hear that from people here. There are not many people that could do it at all. Very few could even attempt to make pinball machines. Does that mean that we should never complain when someone does a suck job? (I am allowed to say suck job because the replacement playfield in my Game of Thrones is now starting to ghost at one of the inserts, and that sucks implying that in this case, the job done on these playfields sucks in my opinion).

The earlier post was more in regards in regards to the business mangement decisions, especially pricing, rather than the actual manufacturing of pinball machines.

I think a lot of the complainers in this thread arent even customers of Batman66 (especially the SLE which everyone keeps highlighting) so I dont get why they care about how much stern is charging for it.

You should definitley complain if you got a defective product. If you didn't then nothing would get fixed. Fortunately, it appears Stern is taking steps to take care of the people who are having playfield issues. Hopes yours gets taken care of as well.

I've had to contact Stern 3 times in the past for my Tron LE, Trek Premium, and an IJ4 and in all 3 cases they went above and beyond what I would have expected to resolve my issues. If they are any issues with my Batman66 I'm not at all worried about Stern not taking care of them.

#5651 3 years ago
Quoted from Mojosan:

Been told by multiple sources "by Christmas" for SLE. Hope it works out that way.

Thats what Gary said at his expo talk for US SLE buyers. Overseas might be after xmas due to the long boat ride.

1 week later
#5706 3 years ago

No sign of the batman66 game in the latest stern factory video. But just before the 5 mimute mark you can see them working on some topper pieces. Looks like the backlit topper pieces of batman and robin are printed on a single sheet of plastic. In the "dead" area between batman and robin there is a bunch of bat logo circles. I wonder if thats the bat signal projector light mask?

#5709 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I'd like to know if Batman has a factory date, when is it expected to be on the line.

Supposedly sometime in November. Still 2 weeks left but there is Thanksgiving next week.

#5717 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Considering Aerosmith is expected at CES first week of January, something has to be moving along with the BM66 by then. There's no way they'd announce their next game and not have any deliveries of the previous one, would there? I think that would be unprecedented.

At expo gary said LE's first, then SLE's, then premiums. So 240 LE's should build quickly, like 1 or 2 weeks?

He said US SLE buyers should get them by xmas.

So if they start production by end if Nov then US based LE' s (and maybe SLE's) could potentially be delivered before xmas.

All speculation on my part. I have no info other than what was said at expo talks.

#5785 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Has anyone heard if Stern plan to sort out the Catwoman art issue with the ramp flaps over the top half of her head? Tried posting on Facebook and via private Facebook message and clearly just being ignored, even went so far as to mention I was asking purely for some confirmation so I could pay up for an LE

I hope its fixed. But since they were signing playfields 2 weeks after expo (pic was posted on 10-27) it might be in the final game. Unfortunately you cant see enough of the playfield in yhe pic to know if its been revised or not.

So unless they knew about the issue before Expo i'm not sure they could have had altered art and printed all the playfields in 2 weeks. If the problem was known and fixed prior to Expo you'd think they would have mentioned that when people saw the issue on the 3 prototypes at Expo.

This assumes they would need to move the art on the playfield down to fix it. Maybe its possible to shorten the flap and still have it work?

14856116_10154642446374244_586119497297691420_o-1 (resized).jpg

#5812 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

ahhh man... i need to get my hands on that.

Bestbuy has Batman the complete series bluray set on sale for $50 this week. 13 discs, all 120 episodes, fantastic A/V quality, and some nice special features.

#5818 3 years ago

There's also a big 256 page hardcover book coming out next week all about the 66 batman show. Looks like it will have a lot of good stuff in it. If you use the code "holidaybook" at amazon you get an extra $10 off. link »

bman1 (resized).png

bman2 (resized).png

bman3 (resized).png

bman4 (resized).png

bman5 (resized).png

#5833 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

no and latest rumour is that none of the machines are going to ship until after christmas!

Where is that rumor coming from? Definitely not looking good though for a Dec delivery at this point.

The Johns Arcade Stern tour video released this week unfortunately didn't show any Batman66's on the floor yet. They were making some harnesses for it though. "Shark" is the Stern internal code name for the game.

shark2 (resized).png
shark3 (resized).png
shark4 (resized).png

#5842 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I would bet it was code named "Shark" after one of the greatest Batman moments ever!

"Robin! Hand me the Shark repellent Bat Spray!"

Lego announced a bunch of new mini-figs to go with the new lego batman movie coming out in Feb. Look what Robin's accessory is.

LEGO-Bat-Shark-Repellent (resized).jpg

#5866 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Went out to houston the last few days.
Did the shopping thing there on Black Friday.
At a mall, a hallmark store had just opened today. And they had this.
Wasn't even on the shelf yet. I saw it in the aisle box that I thought I'd thumb through a little. I asked a guy there if I could get it. He said, yeah excellent grab, said the other stores don't have any left that he knew of, and this last one was in their opening day stock planned a few months ago. He said they only got 1.
Wow. Hope this fits nicely in the pin somewhere

Those went on sale Oct 1 and each store just a fixed amount since it was a limited edition. Once they are gone they are gone. Still easy to find online via re-sellers though for a slight markup. They did a joker in 2015 and batman in 2014. The batman one is based on the famous batman life magazine cover. Some people used the ornament to make a nice shadowbox display with life magazine cover behind it.

joker_ornament (resized).jpg

batman ornament (resized).jpg

batman life (resized).jpg

#5871 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Honest question: Besides paying a LOT more, what is special about this? How is the "best possible way" to own a pinball machine?

It special because in addition to the premium and LE versions it also has: limited to 80 machines worldwide, special embossed metallic "Hyper-Chrome" side art, 4 translites, red cerise pinstripping, unique front panel with back lit bat emblems, upgraded speaker package, bat signal projector mounted to topper, extra toys on playfield, headphone jack and volume control on front of coindoor, and some type of personalized voice message/call from adam west.

I agree with you that for me this is overpriced for what you get. However it appears there are somewhere between 80 to 400 people who think its worth it to them and are really looking forward to getting it since they love the theme and want the version that has all of the bells and whistles. I think its cool to see people so excited about this theme and can't wait to see some unboxing footage for the lucky buyers.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Most pin heads think a Ghostbusters, AC/DC, Metallica, or Tron at about 5K is a good value but 99.8% of the rest of the population would think you would be nuts to spend anywhere near that much on a box of blinking lights and switches.

I thought you said in your last podcast you were going to stay more positive?

#5889 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Not sure I follow... I sent my deposit to my local distributor. Nearly certain I'll be picking my game up from my distributor's warehouse. There's still very much a middle man.

For SLE?
I think its just the SLE's that were direct from Stern. The LE's and premiums are still bought through distributors.

#5909 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Ok that's neat!!
I was thinking WWE not sure how that worked since I've yet to see a WWE

Was hoping to see a post turkey day update from Stern today with some type of batman66 news but so far zilch.

In the meantime, Chris Franchi who did the art on the pinball machine had some nice things to saw regarding his work on that project.

Screenshot_20161128-133314 (resized).png