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#251 1 year ago
Quoted from ifpapinball:

Stock roms have no multiplier. Home rom version has the 2X/3X for multiball play (2 balls/3 balls).

Where can i get the home rom?

#252 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Where can i get the home rom?

Shoot me an email.

#253 1 year ago

put my name in the hat to, hopefully cpr make the PF's Last time I got on a list, after waiting a couple years, I finally just sold the machine that I was waiting on a PF for

Cabinet is high end restored, just got to make the playfield look good.


2 weeks later
#254 1 year ago

Are there any known bugs in the Barracora code?
My buddy's Barracora will end player one's game and go straight to player two for no reason every once in a while. It only does this in multiplayer and only rarely.
We have replaced all the boards with known working boards and that has not fixed it. So it is not the power supply or the circuit boards.
I swapped in my complete playfield to see if the issue was on the playfield and it still did it. I haven't noticed it on my game but I rarely play multiplayer.
I am thinking it may be in the code. He is not running the home ROM but may switch to it to try and solve the issue.

3 weeks later
#255 1 year ago
Quoted from Dayhuff:

To me the colors of the glass look a bit off, the reds and the flesh tones I think.....but it's hard to tell sometimes until you see it in person.

Could someone that has purchased the CPR repro Barracora backglass please post a side by side shot to compare colours? The lower sky appears to be a shade of purple rather than blue...

#256 1 year ago

I'm sure somebody could post the pics but I don't and wont have a CPR glass. Sorry.


#257 1 year ago

@dayhuff is that because of the colors?

#259 1 year ago

Barracora (resized).jpg

Here's a side-by-side. Both backglasses are on a table and I used my cell phone in daylight. No colour corrections were done.

My observations:

- Overall the colours on the repro are more vivid and there's more contrast. Note though that my original paint is loose, hence the blacks are rather greyish.

- Overall magenta is more dominant on the repro. Blues get a purple flavor, oranges are rather red. Could be that my original backglass is faded over the years. Or there might have been multiple runs of the original backglass: indeed my original backglass doesn't have a "SHOOT AGAIN!" top left. It is known that different runs could have colour inconsistencies, perhaps CPR based their colours on another run.

- So overall I don't really bother about the colour. That is a personal appreciation obviously, but since my original backglass is in a terrible condition the repro is a huge improvement.

- My only concern, and that is a mistake by CPR imho, is that the colours on the Williams logo aren't correct. It looks as if the drawing has not been cutout under the green logo, but that it was rather overprinted. I assume that originally the logo was a separate spot colour and CPR simply overlooked it when they adjusted the artwork to CMYK printing on their new machine. And that is a huge bummer, because it is a mistake and really doesn't look good...

#260 1 year ago

Thanks, g94 for the comparison shot!

#261 1 year ago

I wouldn't buy that repro to save my life....it's horrible, as is a lot of the other CPR glasses. I'd rather have a bad original then to put that CPR glass in my game. There I said it.
I have a extra original Barracora glass for sale if someone local needs it. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT ASK ME TO SHIP THIS OR ANYTHING ELSE....I'm not bitter but UPS has ruined it for me forever.
God I'm cranky today........LOL.


#262 1 year ago

g94 thank you for posting the side by side shot so quickly That's made my mind up ...like Dayhuff I'll be sticking with my original which is really only suffering in the black areas (like all Barracora backglasses I've seen). It's a shame that the colours are off as everything else looks really good except for the Williams logo as previously mentioned.

Maybe with the new digital process CPR can get the colors right....I'll wait until then

#263 1 year ago
Quoted from woz:

Maybe with the new digital process CPR can get the colors right....

Actually I'm almost 100% sure that this backglass was already printed with their new digital printer. They only announced it recently, but I reckon they have been testing it since a while.

The original backglass was screen printed with something like 10 to 12 spot colours: a few yellows, oranges, reds, blues, black and white.

This CPR repro on the other hand has been CMYK printed (only using 4 inks: cyan, magenta, yellow and black- each colour is obtained as a combination of these 4 colours), and obviously white finish. That is a very different approach and it's important to keep in mind that the color gamut of CMYK printing is limited - some spot colours simply cannot be obtained with CMYK. In other words: it is not possible to print exactly the same colours in CMYK. They could slightly adjust the level of magenta (making oranges more orange and blues less purple), but it will never be the same as original. It's also possible that some spot colours, like the purple used for the title, or the green for the logo, are simply "out of gamut".

I saw many enthousiast reactions on the CPR announcement thread. But actually that is something that people should keep in mind: from my understanding, all these new CPR playfields, plastics and backglasses will be CMYK printed. It will have consequences on colour accuracy. If people expect the new products to be exactly like original, then a lot of them will be very disappointed.

#264 1 year ago

Just wanted to throw this into this thread. K's Arcade now sells the Swemmer System 7 MPU replacement along with a driver board replacement. The beauty of this board is that it doesn't have built in ROMs selected by DIP switches like some replacement MPUs do. This allowed me to install in Barracora and install the home ROMs onto the board. The game is rock solid now. All of those nagging stability issues from bad connectors and sockets are a thing of the past.

Considering the number of 7-digit mods and home ROMs available for older games, all of the MPUs should be able to run the original ROM chips instead DIP selecting.

#265 1 year ago

john_i , No kidding. I have used multiple repro boards and Swemmer is hands down the best - bar none. fretto1 , can't thank you enough for your contributions to the hobby, sir!

2 months later
#266 1 year ago

Just joined the club! Dirty, but great bones. PF has minimal wear. Will likely clean, clear, and repaint long term, but for now just need to get working. Power works and sounds work, but it isn't booting. Before going down the Swemmer route, I was just gonna replace all the sockets and possible recap the boards. Any other work folks recommend. This is my first System 7.

I'll hit up pinwiki later and read though that troubleshooting guide.

3 months later
#267 9 months ago

Can anyone provide info on red side art on Barracora?

3EF1C9C6-B78D-4E7C-82D2-FB87A45ED75E (resized).jpeg4E2506E0-96C4-4DD8-8F4B-CFD5405781A6 (resized).jpeg6ACC477D-0958-4D05-BE8A-1C72E2B689B7 (resized).jpeg9C702D6E-0648-4ED3-9606-D61DC29082E1 (resized).jpeg
#268 9 months ago

Anybody have a decent used plastic that goes behind the spinner? Mine is missing a chunk.

34FBB32F-1F84-4C6C-86FE-024363E9F321 (resized).jpeg
#269 9 months ago

Anyone looking to trade their Barracora for an EBD?

#270 9 months ago

Red cab on a baracora? Must be proto or sample game.

#271 9 months ago

Serial number 506267 on this pharoh sticker inside....


3A56D362-132C-4304-87CF-15F48DC5A5DC (resized).jpeg

#272 9 months ago

Cabinet stamped 516389

#273 9 months ago

That’s a pharaoh sticker. Even stranger.

#274 9 months ago


#275 9 months ago

Does anyone happen have a scan of a nice barracora playfield. I wanted to make some stencils for some parts of the playfield that need restore.

Just curious if anyone had this and was willing to share?

#276 9 months ago

I just finished restoring mine and will scan it shortly.
PM me your email address and I will send you the scans once done.

BAR_1304 (resized).jpg

#277 9 months ago
Quoted from g94:

I just finished restoring mine and will scan it shortly.
PM me your email address and I will send you the scans once done.

I PM'd you. That play field looks AMAZING, btw.

1 month later
#278 8 months ago

And the restoration has begun...

20190224_130052 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#279 7 months ago

Welcome back home Miss Barracora! So happy to be rejoining the club. Shout out to Mike, (PINNUT,) who was nice enough to offer her to me at a lower price if I would finish up all the work. All the displays are missing their 5th and 6th digit until the game warms up for a game and then they work fine. Flipper relay was a little tight and needed some manipulation before it responded. Only 1 bad area on the backglass and thankfully its in the black area. Playfield looks pretty nice but after seeing some of the examples in this thread I might join the cpr preorder page. The cab is solid with just a few gouges in the center of the left side. It did come with a bunch of complimentary wrapping tape all over the side rails and lockdown bar that required some goo gone. The legs look their age and the feet are rusted in. I ordered some new feet and will attempt to install them but new legs might be necessary as well. I would order them from pinball life but they offer chrome ones and these are black. Anyone know where to get the right legs? 20190312_161220 (resized).jpg20190313_214707 (resized).jpg

#280 7 months ago

I think the correct Sys7 legs are chrome. But not like your BK, I think your BK legs are WPC legs.

Check out IPB:


And, nice score on the game!

#281 7 months ago
Quoted from Crispin:

Welcome back home Miss Barracora!

Congrats, and welcome back to the club!

#282 7 months ago
Quoted from BobLangelius:

I think the correct Sys7 legs are chrome.

Thanks Bob! There's only that one pic with legs and when I 1st looked at it with the shadows they looked black but now that I looked again I can see the reflection of the cord in the right leg. OooooK now I have to order 2 sets of legs!

#285 7 months ago

Anybody get a Mirco playfield yet? I’m on the fence about getting one or waiting for CPR. I’m on the CPR preorder list, but could they cancel production if enough people back out?

#286 7 months ago
Quoted from shimmydisc:

I’m on the CPR preorder list, but could they cancel production if enough people back out?

CPR IS moving forward with production......

#287 7 months ago
Quoted from Cherries_Jubilee:

CPR IS moving forward with production......

That'd be great if CPR could confirm...AND provide and estimated timeframe for production.

#288 7 months ago

Got mine 6 days after ordering.
Beautiful job.

IMG_20190322_121033_01 (resized).jpg
#289 7 months ago
Quoted from Crispin:

I would order them from pinball life but they offer chrome ones and these are black. Anyone know where to get the right legs?

28½" long/plain chromed legs with a slight rounded bottom feet... are Williams legs.
If your legs are black and pointed it could be Data East.
If your legs are dark charcoal grey and have pointed feet, then they are Bally

#290 7 months ago
IMG_20190325_184754445 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#291 6 months ago

Repainted cabinet as well. Need some board hack repaired and she is done.

15546741675311318603488 (resized).jpg
#292 6 months ago

Done. Yes. Pretty.

IMG_20190409_211557_01 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#293 6 months ago
Quoted from Jjsmooth:

Done. Yes. Pretty.

I like the light blue cliffy posts

For a finishing touch, add a bulb to the right outlane plastic to balance it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 11.07.54 PM (resized).png
#294 6 months ago

I forgot to post a quick set of my topside shop out on Barracora last Spring:

* added bulbs where plastics were dark
* went purple in the middle
* added comet strip under apron
* added comet self-lighting posts near flippers
* went lightning flippers
* went cliffy orange posts on upper
* went cliffy return frame on right, and original on left, quite odd that the factory has this set so poorly
* swapped out white bonus lights for blue and purple
* blue outhole (plastic and lamp I think)

other stuff I forgot... enjoy!
20180421_barra-shop1 (resized).png20180421_barra-shop3 (resized).png20180421_barra-shop4 (resized).png

#295 6 months ago

Beautiful pics...such a beautiful game to look at!
I'm in need of a set of bumper caps, can anyone point me in the direction of the best quality ones? Thank you.

2 months later
#296 3 months ago

Just joined the club. Cab is good, glass decent but that playfield has seen better days. If I end up loving it I'll grab a new playfield

IMG_20190713_133011900 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#298 53 days ago

Working on a swap for a friend. Going very smoothly. Looks great on the rotisserie after a fresh coat of wax

IMG_20190825_163439525 (resized).jpg
#299 53 days ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

Working on a swap for a friend. Going very smoothly. Looks great on the rotisserie after a fresh coat of wax[quoted image]

You DID use Blitz, right?

Looks great, Cheddar !

#300 53 days ago
Quoted from Jerol:

You DID use Blitz, right?
Looks great, Cheddar !

I use California Gold!

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