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Bam! You get one arcade game teleported into your gameroom. Which one?

By SantaEatsCheese

4 months ago

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#1 4 months ago


You get one arcade game (not a pinball machine) teleported into your game room no strings attached. It is not a multicade. It is not to balance out your pinball room for guests, it is for you. You magically have room for it. It could be a classic 80s Galaga, a modern Star Wars Battlepod, a Daytona USA, or anything you want on original working hardware...

I'm choosing Ghosts n Goblins.

It's freaking hard, has great replayability, and I hate it so much I have to drop quarters in every time I see it.

What is your pick?

#2 4 months ago

Sit down Star Wars 1993. Vector Monitor.

Stereo sound effects are quite impressive on this one.

#3 4 months ago


#4 4 months ago

Asteroids (the original, not Asteroids Deluxe) or possibly Outrun (driving game from the 80's)

#5 4 months ago


#6 4 months ago

Space Duel

#7 4 months ago


#8 4 months ago

Daytona usa....offroad

Hard choice.

#9 4 months ago

I want to play shinobi again. I pumped a lot of quarters in that back in the day.

#10 4 months ago


#11 4 months ago


#12 4 months ago

Robotron 2084 Joust tie

Cockpit Sinistar

#13 4 months ago

The one with the most quarters in it.

#14 4 months ago

NATO Defense.

#15 4 months ago

Environmental Discs of Tron

#17 4 months ago

a toss up between Off Road or Gauntlet

#18 4 months ago

Buck Hunter Reloaded

#19 4 months ago


#20 4 months ago

Neo geo red cab. If I have to pick only one game from the library..... uh.... kof98, I suppose.

Wait, if I can't use multiple games in the mvs, then street fighter 3 third strike.

#21 4 months ago


#22 4 months ago

Hmm. Probably TMNT but wouldn’t object to killer queen.

#23 4 months ago

NBA Jam 4 player Tournament edition

#24 4 months ago

Turkey shoot

#25 4 months ago

720 or Smash TV

#26 4 months ago


#27 4 months ago

Track and Field

#28 4 months ago

Ivan Stewart Super Off Road

#29 4 months ago

Moon Patrol, OR maybe a cabaret PacMan

#30 4 months ago

Super sprint

#31 4 months ago


#32 4 months ago

SEGA Time Traveler

I remember going to the Redondo Beach pier as a teenager and that being the first machine I played all the time

#33 4 months ago

A second vote for both Robotron2084, and Environmental Discs of Tron

#34 4 months ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Environmental Discs of Tron

My son has this title in his game room in Phoenix in perfect condition ! .The massive cabinet is complete , untouched and has never been cut in half . Most all of the previous route owners cut the cabinets in half so it was easier to transport them and then joined the halves back together at the new location . Just an amazing game as you stand inside of it to play and then the whole Tron experience envelopes you …

#35 4 months ago

2nd for both sinistar cockpit and environmental discs of Tron. The 2 best ever.

#36 4 months ago

Too many games to choose from but here is the short list:

Crazy Taxi, Robotron, Tapper, Tron - Baby Pac would be a winner if it would stay working!!

#37 4 months ago

Neo Turf Masters!

#38 4 months ago

23, 46, 824, 315!

#39 4 months ago

Does it need to fit inside a room? Cause if not one of those multi-player Mario coin pushers would be neat, we don't even have them here in the states do we? So mind as well use all the magic on the horrific transport costs. Oh and also some of those things are like 35-60K.

#41 4 months ago

Battle Zone

#43 4 months ago

Robotron 2084

#44 4 months ago

Man. Hard to pick just one.

Does Super Chexx count?
2-player sit-down Atari Road Riot 4WD
Super Sprint
Golden Axe
Neo Geo 4-cart (sold one of these a long time ago, with a solid collect of desirable carts, $500 for everything. I'm an idiot.)

#45 4 months ago

Heavy Barrel! I have been on the look out for several years for one on sale on my side of the country.

IMG_1357 (resized).jpegIMG_1357 (resized).jpeg

#46 4 months ago

Mr. Do! in original Universal cabinet.

Mr_do_arcade (resized).pngMr_do_arcade (resized).png
#47 4 months ago

Time Pilot

#49 4 months ago

Ghosts & Ghouls.

At least you know you'll spend the remainder of your days trying to beat it.

#50 4 months ago

Ferrari F355 or Top Skater. It'd be a toss up.

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