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Bally’s 1973 Space time

By Pezimist

5 months ago

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#1 5 months ago

The game resets but the outhole will not shoot ball to alley. when I manually push it to alley and ball hits play field no scoring and the drop holes won’t shoot the ball out .and flash motor and score motor start running and the coin door starts clicking like a coin is being dropped . Until I take ball out if drop hole . No scoring at all but slingshots work and pop up bumpers work . But no score . Like outholes and open upper & lower gate holes do not work ..lost on this one . Plus score motor has some wires that look cut or not connected to lugs total of 4 wires

6F1C46C5-3AD7-40F4-9EEE-AE302116094F (resized).jpeg88E0B551-EEDC-4619-BEF8-63D472136E6D (resized).jpeg9C9CA7AA-FD4B-4F14-A8FA-6E8841B91C27 (resized).jpegF031A776-D6D7-440E-9A63-D8ABD3F02554 (resized).jpeg
#2 5 months ago
Quoted from Pezimist:

The game resets but the outhole will not shoot ball to alley

Does the Outhole relay fire when the ball is in the outhole?
Space Time Outhole relay (resized).jpg
Once a game has started, the sequence should be:
- The ball in the out hole closes the normally open Outhole switch to close
- That causes the Outhole relay to fire and hold in its active position
- The Outhole relay starts the Score Motor turning
- the Score Motor causes the ball to get kicked into the shooter lane
- the Score Motor 10A switch opens which lets the Outhole relay relax
- the Score Motor stops

Quoted from Pezimist:

Plus score motor has some wires that look cut or not connected to lugs total of 4 wires

I've seen this before in a 4 Million BC. I chased it down at the time and convinced myself that the wires weren't necessary. Notice in your photo that you have an unused Score Motor switch too that doesn't appear to have ever been soldered. It could be that they shared wiring harnesses or switch stacks between games that were similar but just slightly different.


#3 5 months ago

The extra wires are for games with e.g. more complex coinage options, quite common in Bally EM games. No need to worry about those.

#4 5 months ago

when I start the game the game seems to reset but the ball never kicks out of outhole and the coin unit in door starts clicking like it’s getting coins until I shoot ball manually to alley . When ball is in play some things work but no score at all .. then if ball hits the drop holes in play field they don’t kick it out . Then if I drain the ball score motor starts up as well as the flash motor . The flash motor runs all the time it seems the after the ball is drained . I love the game. seems like tons of fun if I can get it working .payed $150 for it can’t wsit to get it running . This is my 3rd machine. I’ve got a Gaucho . & Hi Low Ace . I don’t know how to read Schematic but I do have schematics for all the games. I wish I could talk a class on how to read them . This is my main problem not knowing how to read this stuff .. I’m 53 really upsetting not knowing what I’m doing . I’ve read the start up game operation and seems like the coin door could be the main problem with lots of things to start sequence . Cuz it’s ball index is not working also

#5 5 months ago

You don't have your location setup on your account. Where are you and maybe someone local can help.

#6 5 months ago

The best way is to be methodical, patient, and logical. Use a solid understanding of how the machine works combined with analysis of the schematic to attack problems one at a time, and you can get it working. The schematics can seem very complex and intimidating, but in the end they are actually logical once you understand them, and even though they are big it is really can be broken down to a bunch of smaller circuits with various jobs.

You can try out my thread here to get some background of how the schematic works. It turns out that this Space Time is a similar vintage Bally machine, so even though they aren't exactly the same, the schematics are very similar in many ways. Many of the concepts in this thread will apply to your machine.


It is best to take things one at a time. The first thing to deal with is this: something is off with the startup sequence. Let's see if we can figure it out. The schematic is online at the pinball database so I have it. Next we have to get the problem(s) defined so that we can understand everything, then attack it. You have to get the startup sequence working correctly first and then go from there.

Are you putting coins in to get credits, or has this been modded for free play?

Either way, when you press the credit button, these things should happen:

- The score reels reset to zero.(If they are all at zero, manually advance a few of the reels to some random number so you can check this. If you don't know how to manually advance the score reels, check back for advice).
- The total play meter will advance by one (you have to observe it underneath through the open coin door).
- The ball count unit will reset, so you will be on ball one.
- The player up unit will reset so you will be on player one.
- The game over relay is energized, so the game over light should go off.
- The ball will be kicked from the outhole.

You already said the ball is not kicked out at the end. Do all of the other actions work as they should? These are all tripped by the score motor, so the score motor should be going through a cycle or two while this all happens, then stop.

#7 4 months ago

The ball is not being kicked out of outhole and also there are drop holes in the game that are on top of the playfield as well as a ball shooter on the left side of playfield that shoots the ball back into play none of them are working . I’m wondering if all of the drop holes and outhole are linked together of on same relay ....everything else seems to be working all score reels for all 4 players reset and the all 4 players scoring works . It’s just the outhole to alley and the dropholes and ball shooter not working that’s what happening now

BB415DAA-ADE1-4CA7-B0BD-C5DA5C1B1C2F (resized).jpegC225ECDA-4F04-4A0B-800F-EB022A8FAA73 (resized).jpeg
#8 4 months ago

The collect tunnel is not working . It shoots ball back into playfield . Drop holes not working that as far as shooting the ball out but the gates open

#9 4 months ago

Look at the bottom right corner of the schematic and you will see that these are all connected through one common element which is score motor switch 7B. That switch is NO or Normally Open. It needs to close when the score motor makes a turn in order for any of those kicker solenoids to work, so that’s the likely culprit, either that or a wire associated with it. You will need to get in there and check the adjustment of that switch. I believe it should be the second one for the top for #7 on the score reel since it is switch B.

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