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Bally The Game Show chaser lamps not working

By Brich

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Can't find anything on the chaser lamps in the schematics. The rows of lights at the back of the playfield.
Anyone else have problems with these?
Mine don't come on at all, all fuses good.

#2 7 years ago

First make sure the chase lamp board is there in the head. Missing on quite a few games since it burns up. Its located at the middle top. Then check for burnt connectors on it, and tha connectors on the lamp boards and for burnt GI connectors on the interconnect board

#3 7 years ago

The sound overlay lamp assembly board is there, top of head in middle
Is that what I'm looking for? Connectors look good.

#4 7 years ago

Check for 5 volts on the sos board at J3-1 that has the grey wire.J3-4 is ground.
Make sure the lamps are getting voltages as well.

I have an extra working sos board for this game if you want to try it.

#5 7 years ago

I'm more of a visual learner. Here's a couple of pictures of my Sound Overlay Lamp Assembly. Hope this helps.


#6 7 years ago

Thanks for the pic!
Totally helps!
I'll check voltage at the board at j3-1

#7 7 years ago

Follow the wires on the top of the sound overlay board.

The ones on the left connector (5 wires I think) go to the actual lamp boards at the back of the playfield. Check to make sure they are plugged into the lamp boards, check to make sure the connectors on the lamp boards aren't burnt.

The ones on the right connector are from one of the GI circuits on the interconnect board. These are usually the ones that are burnt up. The connector on the far right of the interconnect board is the GI from the transformer and is burnt up on nearly every system 11 game that has it. Just to the left of the connector are 4 fuses (pull those fuses and check them, do not check them while still in the socket as even if the fuse is bad you will get a good reading through the light bulbs and transformer.) Lastly there are the GI output connectors just to the left of the fuses, that is where those 2 yellow/white wires come from that go to the overlay board, make sure those aren't burnt.

#8 7 years ago

Good call!
Bad fuse at f2, replaced it, blew instantly.
Plug at top is SOS board looked good, so did plug at right of interconnect board.
Both plugs on chaser lamps looked good, not cooked and well seated.
Thoughts on blowing fuse?

#9 7 years ago
Quoted from Brich:

Good call!
Bad fuse at f2, replaced it, blew instantly.
Plug at top is SOS board looked good, so did plug at right of interconnect board.
Both plugs on chaser lamps looked good, not cooked and well seated.
Thoughts on blowing fuse?

Verify that pins J7 and J9 on the interconnect board are wired correctly (check the manual or better yet check the manual for a Williams game made the same year, same board sets but the Williams manuals were soooo much better).

Odds are someone replaced one or both of these connectors and wired up something wrong.

Also possible that the bridge on the sound overlay board is bad. IIRC this takes the 6.5V AC and turns it into DC voltage for the chase lamps. If this bridge goes bad the fuse protecting it is one of the GI fuses.

1 month later
#10 6 years ago

You are never gonna believe what it was.
We had a smashed bulb socket on the coin door, causing a short. These are the non frame grounded sockets, apparently tied to the same circuit as the chaser lamps!
Problem solved

2 weeks later
#11 6 years ago

This is very interesting. I have the same problem still with the chaser bulbs not working. I had my guy out to work on another issue in the coin door and while he was fiddling with it, the chaser bulbs lit up for just a split second. He's coming out this week and I'll pass on this info in hopes the issue can be solved.

6 years later
#12 7 months ago

I had the same issue. Chaser Lamps and Coin Door lights not working. I had 5v at the Sound Overlay board. My fuse was also good at F2, in fact all of the fuses were good. At some point in time someone had replaced the F2 fuse holder. The glue they had used to hold it down was no good and the fuse holder was just floating in space. I've seen fuse holders like that before. A continuity test "worked" but not well. It took some pushing down for it to prove that the wire from the fuse holder to the board was good. Long story short it was a bad solder joint at the F2 Fuse holder... I reflowed all of the headers while the interface board was out. Of course I did also replace the bridge rectifier on the Sound Overlay board first...and that did nothing. It tested odd in circuit and had some values that took a while to lock in when tested out, so I figured I'd just try replacing it. But the bridge rectifier wasn't the solution. It was the solder joint for the F2 Fuse holder. There is evidence that F2 had burned out at one point in time.

Coin Door lights and chaser lamps are considered part of G.I. so that's probably why F2 was the culprit. The other place to look would be the connector at J9 on the interconnect board. That connection goes out to the coin door lights and will turn on and off the chaser lights. That same connection also goes back up to the Sound Overlay board.

Thanks for posting this eons ago!

6 months later
#13 34 days ago

I just repaired the chaser lights on a Bally Game Show last night.

The issue for this one was the result of many smaller problems.

Starting with the interface board. The GI traces were burnt up, and whoever did the original repair didn't repair the traces properly. Following the diagram for the GI circuit on the interface board showed where the problems were.

Since the sound overlay board gets its power from the yellow GI circuit, it wasn't getting power. Setting your meter to AC and probing the 2 input wires will show this.

Once I fixed that and reconnected everything it immediately blew the fuse for that circuit.

Unplugging the sound overlay board prevented the fuse from blowing so I knew the problem was on that board.

Replaced the cap and bridge, and now we're golden!

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