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#3272 7 months ago

Just picked up a TAFG and could use some advice on how to best install the pin blades I have for the game? I also have the felt strips that go down the side of the play field but looking at the setup, it looks like I need to fully remove the play field. Am I wrong or is there a tip/trick?


#3283 7 months ago

Okay so in the process of swapping out for all LEDs and I'm looking for someone to explain to me why I'd want to invest in an OCDLED and OCDGI board set? I don't see anything "wrong" with the LEDs at this point? Am I missing something?


#3286 7 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Hi Jeff. I am a FIRM believer in using BOTH these boards. I'll admit I am very anal, however the WHOLE point of these boards is:
1.) to mitigate/eliminate the sharpness that is inherit of the LED bulb. They'll act like incandescents instead.
2.) Remove led ghosting
3.) Allow the game lighting to act normal in certain games. Example funhouse lights dim during a certain mode. Without this board they're on full blast.
4.) Ability to custom program an individual bulb
I just bought a TAF with LEDs. I freaking hate it. Just a super sharp on/off seizure inducing mess. All my other machines use the LED boards and they are awesome to play. I will absolutely be installing boards into this one as well. Herg is the man!

Interesting... Would it be possible for you to somehow make a before/after video? I've seen some for other games but nothing for Addams unless I've simply missed it...


#3287 7 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Don't your GI LEDs flicker during Seance mode? I think the GI OCD would be the only thing (if anything) you need, if you want all the modes to function with the lighting effects as intended.

Haven't noticed anything specific so I'll try to pay more attention next time I'm in Seance mode.


#3289 7 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

GREAT CALL! My gawd is that mode just seizure inducing with LEDs. I literally cringe when that mode comes up. I

Basically any video of a machine running before and after will give you the full picture.
Title is more or less irrelevant. Again, I dont have these boards on my TAF "yet" and dont much feel like jockeying the boards between pins

No worries at all. I've seen some video's but for whatever reason my eyes don't seem to notice a difference so I'll keep looking...


#3292 7 months ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Here is my TAF with GI and LED OCD. Not the best video I'm afraid, but gives you a sense of what it does. It basically makes LEDs work like incandescent bulbs, or like the bulbs in newer machines.

(sorry for the vertical video)



#3299 7 months ago
Quoted from jp1985:

I just ordered an LED OCD for my TAFG (didn't order the GI board). I'll be sure to take some before and after videos in the next few weeks.

Any reason why you didn't get the GI board as well?


#3312 6 months ago

Okay so I'm at a crossroads here... My TAFG came with a full LED kit and some had already been swapped out but during seance mode last night I finally realized what you guys have been talking about... Thought I was going to have a seizure...

The LED kit I have is based on the ultra bright white bulbs where I prefer the more warm white bulbs... I'm pretty sure the kit that came with my game are "ghosting" LEDs which seem to play nicer with the OCD boards. However, I'm sort of thinking about abandoning the kit that I have (at least the bright white GI bulbs) and going with warm white non-ghosting LEDs which I think look more natural to begin with but don't seem to play as nicely with the OCD board(s).

Perhaps the middle ground here is keep the kit, but buy warm white "ghosting" LEDs for the GI and use the rest of the kit in all of the inserts and such combined with both OCD boards... I don't know... LOL


#3316 6 months ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Ghosting and Non-Ghosing Warm Whites should be the same color, assuming you get them at the same time, from the same seller.

Yeah, it's more so whether or not I go with ghosting or non-ghosting... I have an email out to PinballBulbs who provided the kit I'm working off of to find out if they ship ghosting or non-ghosting LEDs. That'll help with my decision making...


#3321 6 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

With all due respect, the "kind" of bulb you get shouldn't matter. The OCD boards do remove ghosting but the real selling point is getting rid of the sharp on/off nature and allowing natural fade. All I can say is DO NOT buy these boards if you have more than one pin. You'll seriously hate LEDs without it.

According to the manufacturer, it does. They clearly outline on their website the differences in control they have with ghosting vs non-ghosting LEDs. Based on their guidance, while non-ghosting will work, for maximum compatibility and control it's pretty clear I want LEDs that ghost. Is it a huge difference? Probably not. After seeing Seance mode the other night and almost having a seizure I can appreciate the need for the boards but I'm trying to balance it all since I already have this complete kit.


#3323 6 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

What I meant to convey (and poorly did so apparently) is regardless of bulb type, the board is capable of altering an LEDs inherit sharp nature. Nothing further meant. Herg is a super cool guy. Drop him an email and ask him your questions. Hear it from the horses mouth and then decide.

Fair enough. Thanks!


3 weeks later
#3334 6 months ago

I came up with a "new" Fester mod if you will (granted I haven't seen this before but that doesn't mean someone else hasn't done it)... I had the chair painted by Modfather (the Thing hand as well but not shown here, great work on both BTW) for starters. From there I took the wire that it came with originally inserted into the hands, removed it, pulled the copper out of the wire, found some micro LEDs on Amazon and ran those through the wire to maintain that look of Fester holding the wire. I then added some gold sparks to the end via the ends of gold pipe cleaners that I trimmed off and coated the wire as an additional layer of short protection (the wires on the LEDs were already coated). I then drilled a hole in each side of the chair for the wires to go through in order to make it look like Fester was holding the electric chair wires and wired both LEDs to the "Power" like so they only go off when it goes off. Looks really neat when the game is running and the lights are flashing and still looks cool when the game isn't running due to the gold sparks. Took some time and effort putting it together but I really love the finished product...


IMG_0602 (resized).jpgIMG_0603 (resized).jpgIMG_0605 (resized).jpgIMG_0606 (resized).jpgIMG_0607 (resized).jpg
#3341 6 months ago
Quoted from SlowEssy:

Sorry man I didn't like it. Intentions were good but at first it made me think that this Uncle Fester of yours is audictioning for a cheerleader spot... and he's even wearing lipstick... well, to each his own...

He came painted that way, I didn't paint him... But whatever... Why post something negative if you didn't like it? It's fine if people don't like it but why make a point about it?


#3344 6 months ago
Quoted from SlowEssy:

Dude chill, no need to get stressed out... That's just one man's opinion.... What's the point of being in a forum if you can't express your own opinions (or read about somebody else's)? And why do I have 2 upvotes on my post and you have none (0)?

Stressful day. Fair enough.


1 week later
#3361 5 months ago
Quoted from Ambro:

I read about the LCD OCD boards on this thread, did the research and bit the bullet. Now my TAF lightshow feels like it should. Pricey bit of kit but I would say it is in the top 3 mods to do, maybe even number 1. If you think your LEDs are a bit harsh or things don't look right give this board a go - you won't be disappointed.

Did you get both boards?


1 week later
#3369 5 months ago

Got both of the OCD boards in my TAFG and now I fully appreciate what they do and their value.... . Blew a few of the little 2A fuses trying to get the flashers in the backglass to work correctly but I think I got it now...


2 weeks later
#3393 4 months ago

Just curious as I hope I didn't miss it in the thread from my searching but do any of you have any sort of protector on the "Thing hole"? (not sure how to describe it but the place where the ball sits for Thing to pick it up) I don't see a Cliffy for it and mine is showing a very small amount of wear around the hole from general use which seems to be common. Anything I should think about doing there?


1 month later
#3446 3 months ago
Quoted from J67ab:

Took the plunge and added in a mirrored backglass, switched up some brighter LED’s to adjust from the translight. Pretty happy with the setup![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I have the mirrored back glass on my TAFG and REALLY like it... Totally worth the cost.


4 weeks later
#3511 74 days ago

I just followed these instructions and it turned out PERFECT... If you can solder, you can make this on your own.


I am interested in the possibility of adding a shaker though...


#3512 74 days ago
Quoted from WhiskeyTango:

I'd be interested in a couple at least. I have LED OCD & GI OCD boards installed, so ghosting probably won't be an issue on mine.

I can say that I had ghosting on my homemade thing board (using the ColorDMD instructions I linked to above) until I put in the OCD boards, now it's prefect. I'd expect the same outcome here as well.


#3514 74 days ago
Quoted from Durzel:

The OEM panel ghosts if you use LEDs, as does the rest of TAF - as it predates the fix Bally/Williams put in on TZ.
I, like many others, have a LED OCD in my TAF so I would very much like a THING light board without any kind of anti-ghosting tech/filter on it, or at least the option to disable that somehow.

Not if you have both OCD boards... I have no ghosting on my THING board custom made from the original using the ColorDMD instructions. Not sure if thats what you meant though... If not, my bad...


1 month later
#3618 17 days ago
Quoted from metahugh:

The only downside to GI OCD and TAF is the insert panel blinking bulbs no longer blink. I saw Herg’s post about customizing LEDs by adding an internal capacitor but I haven’t tried that yet.
I wish someone in the USA sold the Noflix bulbs since they work out the box without mods.

I'm not sure I follow here, unless I'm misunderstanding... All of the bulbs that should blink in my TAFG blink and I have both the GI OCD and LED OCD boards on my TAFG.


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