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#508 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

I highly recommend: ebay.com link » Addams Family Pinball Bookcase Decal Set Mod

I have a few extra bookcase decals and thing box decals if anyone is interested. PM for info.
Thanks Eric

1 week later
#520 3 years ago
Quoted from kpull:

When the Thing lights are lit and you shoot the Thing shot, he will pick up the ball then put it back after Gomez yells at him.

Thing taking and returning ball is a 5 million bonus because you lite up THING on the speaker panal.

2 weeks later
#536 3 years ago
Quoted from Ckykedworld:

First time waxing a playfield. Used blitz.

Looks Great ! Blitz? Did you machine buff, or hand polish?

1 week later
#548 3 years ago

Happy Birthday Raul..Gomez..wow been gone that long already? In his honor I was already planning on rebuilding both lower flippers today, now I'll knuckle down and get it done.

Quoted from labnip:

Little known info about Gomez

Great Picture Thanks!

#558 3 years ago

There are several switches that could use a good cover!

#586 3 years ago

There's the classic "smoke" cloud, put on 99% of Addams at production. The Australia guy when he had rights before planetary pinball, made the black cloud, and clear. The original smoke much harder to recreate.

#589 3 years ago

Yellowish??? Humm, ....I'd say that's sun damage like my destroyed Hurricane Topper. Best way to describe the original smoke cloud topper is....looks like you have to take it off and clean it because it's really dusty on the inside.

#590 3 years ago

This add of an original smoke cloud topper is in the marketplace right now. You can seen what I mean by dirty and dusty look.


#592 3 years ago

Agreed trab, it's called "smoke".

1 week later
#618 3 years ago

Same here, ramp diverter always made that noise as long as I can remember. I seen a few with black sticky felt quite it down a bit, but I like it loud, wakes thing up to make his shot into swamp. Side note I've always pulled my hands away from flipper buttons till shot is made, the twap of diverter tells me when.

#642 3 years ago
Quoted from b_vest:

Hi, this is my first post on this forum.

Welcome to the family branlon8!
Modding out Addams is the one pin it's fun to get creative on. You will see many ideas going back and looking at this forum club.

#645 3 years ago

I have a set, 2 pieces , of upper cab only TAF cabinet back box decals. Amazing new condition. Next generation Mr pinball, made about 2 years ago. Only the 2 pieces, the other 3 went on a cabinet that already had head done.
$125 including shipping.
Pm me if interested.
Thanks Eric

#650 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

guys can someone explain how when the pop bumpers stay lit in this game? Just joined the club and my pops work fine but they stay on during certain times, off others. what's the reason behind this?

Well, is there a pattern or reason for pop bumper lighting???
Damn good question and I look forward to other opinions.
First ball testing your question, only one blue lit before I shoot. During this ball, it seemed that once I got couple mansions, hit cousin it, and quick multi ball. Once I hit it once, yellow turned on, missed quick multi ball, ended ball with yellow and blue lit. Ball 2 , 3 are lit before I plunge. Red is also on now. At first was thinking success on one mansion lit yellow. Was thinking completing a mansion lit a pop bumper, I don't think so. Each new ball lights a pop bumper, maybe,...It's not thing lit up on speaker panel, I have 3 lit pop bumpers and only , T and H one in speaker panel. 5 letters in thing, 5 pop bumpers, not finding a match on that theory.
Ball 3 was no help, made several mansions, but then when I got multiball through the vault, all 5 pops lit up during multi ball. When it ended, 4 where on.
So in conclusion, I have no idea, thought of same thing for a few year's now.
Anyone else have an idea.
Document a game , I want to see other patterns and figure this out to.

#651 3 years ago
Quoted from RussMyers:

Read through the rules; they explain how and why the pop bumpers are lit.

Thanks Russ, I've read rule sheet before, but mind more open to see it this time.
So each of G R A V E lights each pop bumper.
I will test it when I get home.

2 months later
#759 3 years ago

Color DMD designed for the Gold roms, I feel that's the best reason to have the Gold roms installed!

#764 3 years ago

Color DMD works with both roms. However , there are more animations with the gold set installed. Only known flaw with original roms is sometimes the jackpot reward Clip blink or go to black and white, gone in a flash so hard to notice.

1 month later
#1018 2 years ago

That's not a bad price if it's ready to go.
Call, drive, go now!

2 months later
#1170 2 years ago

There's talk of making the aprons. But don't hold your breath. Be at least middle of next year.

3 months later
#1288 2 years ago

Navram....you have to install socket first, or is this plug and play? I really want to get rid of all my batteries. These past posts making me do inspections. It's amazing how fast a couple years fly by without checking batteries.

#1304 2 years ago
Quoted from Bronty:

Saw TAF on an antiques roadshow episode today!

How much did they quote for price?

1 week later
#1317 2 years ago

Both Colordmd rock. But I prefer the LCD for Addams, the smoothing function just makes it look like a real cartoon. Very smooth.

#1338 2 years ago

I have had a lot of pins now. Addams still my top 5 at my house. Not going anywhere, also my most modded pin. 20 plus mods and counting.

1 week later
#1348 2 years ago
Quoted from Bronty:

. Here's a pic of the art

That pencil original? Or copy?
What arcade said. That is awesome piece.
I was in rare art and still am 15 years before pinball. That needs a triple Matt, nice black frame asap.
If I had found that I would have snapped that up so fast!

#1349 2 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

I'm looking for a $3,500-ish Addams Family.

Rob- Cheapest beater fixer I've seen in last 3 years was $4500. I've been on the market past year for family friend. Best I found down here was $5500 needed all new boards and ramp plastics dome, the whole restore enchilada. Passed because it added up to 7K when it would be done.

3 months later
#1439 2 years ago

Cpr better step up production.
The Micro playfields are amazing quilty.
Now they have production clients too.

#1440 2 years ago

Brand new clear Addams ramp with staircase decals. Sockets and blue steal attached. NIB, New reproduction thicker plastic.
PM for details. Paypal only.

20170517_184013 (resized).jpg

20170517_183924 (resized).jpg

20170517_183949 (resized).jpg

20170517_183959 (resized).jpg

#1442 2 years ago

No, thats the going rate. Exactly what i paid. Your forgetting the free shipping. To large for parcel post, priority mail for size and weight.
I could lower it to $150, with $25 priority mail. I just skipped that step. MARCO'S has it to for slightly higher with $10 ship.
Not trying to make a buck or rip people off, just get back what i paid.
Your third example is the smoke version, not as popular.

#1451 2 years ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Can you point me in a specific direction? I need to place a bulb order soon as I ran out of a few colors for inserts.

Frosted warm retro bulbs. Comet has them. Also good practice to aquire some neutral density ND theatrical lighting gels. If any bulb is bright, cut little square over bulb. Can also take gels and cone a bulb to add direction of beam.

1 week later
#1460 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Well, accomplished it yesterday... Not sure yet how or why it triggers... I didn't have any balls locked, but had just completed the THING lights on the speaker panel..

You hit the ramp twice when it was lite. You have to accomplish a mode, go through pops around clockwise than get the ramp when stars are lite, very hard, light is only on for maybe 2 seconds. Ive only done it a couple times in a 1000 plus games.

#1461 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Just installed and I hope it works like a charm!

I need to get one of these.

#1463 2 years ago
Quoted from Ordinal:

Those callouts will last longer than any of us this thread.

"Who says you cant take it with you!"

1 week later
#1472 2 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

I am looking for some help. My TAF went from working

Unplug machine from wall, a must for this one. Now open powerbox, ie, what your on off switch is connected to. You will have to pull glass and open her up.
Inside power box ia a thermistor and a varistor. Replace both, there 25 plus years old.
Problem fixed, been there done that, exact symptoms you described.
Not to be a now it all, but if there is a pin i own that i know every square centimeter of, ots Addams.
Dont let my time on pinside judge me, ive been around the block on this craft.

#1473 2 years ago

The red wire with grey disk red wire on left side is the thermistor, the green disk is varistor. Originally i found this on pinwiki.
Marcos has both, 5 bucks for both.

IMAG0376 (resized).jpg

#1474 2 years ago

The grey disk wears out and wont hold power flow properly. Since your in the box, not always easy to unscrew and get out and off, might as well replace both.

#1477 2 years ago
Quoted from Bronty:

I sincerely hope for your sake that someone far more knowledgeable than me will chime in, but I wonder if its an opto issue?

Whats not working?
Feeling lucky today?

Quoted from jbovenzi:Salute to Eric! What a diagnosis!
Very well done sir!

Thanks man. I am pretty confidant on this one. Happened to me on a Gilligans Island first, then an Addams, then a Fish Tales. On the third time in say 2 years, I knew then the target time on this part was about 25 years. I keep several varistors and thermistors in the tool kit now. There all going to need it eventually.

#1478 2 years ago
Quoted from Bronty:

Does anyone one have a spare thing motor and gearbox assembly they might want to sell? (part 14-7966). I can't seem to find any online except for one on ebay that doesn't ship outside of the US. The major parts dealers are either out of stock on their website, or out of stock when you ask.

The thing motor rarely goes bad. Its moving right? So you dont need a motor unless its frozen or smoking. Do you smell a burn smell?
Its a switch, not opto. Has the problem gone away since last reporting?
Trick is in testing modes. Switch test and motor test, in motor test if the speakers make a ding noise when its going back and forth, its not the switch, the ding noise is the switch.

#1481 2 years ago
Quoted from Bronty:

Welp, the latest is that the thing started making an unholy noise when operating. I immediately shut it off. Started taking stuff apart, disconnected the motor from the gearbox and hand tested whether the gears turn smoothly. In one direction they do in the other they stick. Didn't feel confident drilling out the rivets and monkeying around in the gearbox so planned on just replacing the part which pfinny was kind enough to order for me (seller wouldn't ship outside US).

Well there you have it Thing!
Sounds like tbe motor now based on your info. Ive been super busy this week or i would have responded sooner. I almost pm you to offer same solution on getting you a motor.
Let us know once shes back together. If you have the gold roms you can turn off thing and still play the game till ypu get it.

#1484 1 year ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

Got the parts today,installed and the game works like a champ. Thanks Eric that saved me a lot of headaches.

Good news. Whenever I buy a pin, its the first thing I check, these are old mechanical devices. Start from wall and work your way to boards. Easy fix with basic solder knowledge.

4 weeks later
#1524 1 year ago

Im lost what is it?

Quoted from JohnnyPhantom:Print job finished, but looks like the printer was misaligned at the last 5 minutes took like a hour and a half to print

#1535 1 year ago
Quoted from LitzDoc:

I joined the TAF club today. I'm very excited. Bone stock pinball machine.
I will add some LEDs this week and a few tasteful mods but that's it.

Welcome Honored Guests.

1 week later
#1571 1 year ago
Quoted from slvrballer:

The image posted is 2,048px × 1,536px zoom in its very obvious.

Thats a proto. Finished project will be all press bent to form, no welds.

1 week later
#1578 1 year ago
Quoted from mjenison:

My Uncle Fester mod keeps wanting to fall out of his chair. Tried double stick tape and hot glue. Any tips?

Velcro, works great. He moves every once in awhile, but no big deal. Gives you a reason to wipe playfield down.

#1589 1 year ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

What do you guys think of these alternate cabinet decals from RetroRefurbs?

I think that red looks horrible. It's not Dracula.

2 weeks later
#1618 1 year ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Hey Bro! You got toys in your kitchen....
That's the one and only sacred place my toys aren't allowed. My wife would go nuts if her kitchen looked like that lol

I had 6 lined up in kitchen once for about 2 months while i was working on a project. Wife hated it. I kinda liked it.

1 week later
#1634 1 year ago
Quoted from Cloud7:

Finally got an Addmas Family!! One of the most nostalgic pins for me!

"Welcome Honored Guests"

#1635 1 year ago
Quoted from Aflacjack:

Joined this week

"Welcome Honored Guests"

1 month later
#1695 1 year ago
Quoted from jzdziarski:

Hey there. Recently bought a TAF table for our game room. I’m curious what the “Install 5-Ball” option does other than change some minor behaviors. Can you actually load two more balls and have 5 ball multi ball? It seems to be different than simply 5 balls per game, which is another setting. The manual doesn’t go into too much detail. Thanks.

No, its a 3 ball game. Trough only registers 3 balls. 5-ball , 3 -ball is how many balls played during game.

#1723 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

finally finally bought a TAF ..my dream machine. Can't wait to get it. I spent hours, literally hours at the arcade on this game when I was 15-16. Amazing sounds, lights, multiball.. awesome!

Welcome Honored Guests!

1 week later
#1741 1 year ago
Quoted from Westcb:

Finally got mine about a month or so ago. Been slowly changing out worn targets, broken plastics, rebuilding flippers etc. Once I got those knocked out started adding a few mods like cabinet decals, plastic protectors, cliffys etc. Speakers were shot so replaced with flipper fidelity speakers, armor had surface rust so bought some steel ones and had them powder coated. Coin door was rough so changed it out and added a LED color dmd. It’s cleaning up nice and I have been trying to hold off on over modding if there is such a thing
The problem is the more I do to it the more I want things like all new cabinet art etc. and if I do that then I’m sure I would want a new play field so figured I’ll leave a little wear on it. The shooter rod is a little dinged up so I think that might be one of the last things I want to do but haven’t decided on which one yet. I saw a few posts up that original rubbers were more of a a purple color but I I’m guessing those are no longer produced but now I sure do want them. I did have a 5v reset issue of some sort but after plugging in one of those kahr boards it immediately fixed it, so I haven’t been as motivated to track down the original cause but it’s on the list for now. On someone else’s pic I saw little covered that his the switch I the stair case ramps, is that a add on or did the game originally have those?

Welcome Honored Guests...

#1744 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

Anybody catch the season finale of Ray Donovan tonight?
There was a dialogue between a few of the characters ('Bunchy and his bartender') referring to Addams Family representing to pinball what the Mona Lisa was to the Renaissance.
Thought that was kinda cool.

Great metaphor!
Wonder who the writers are?

#1750 1 year ago

An Addams Family night. Game was on last night, 20 plus played.
Happy Halloween Addams owners, Honored Guests!

1 week later
#1756 1 year ago
Quoted from mikusm:

A little help fellow TAF owners. When I purchased my TAF it was missing the thing eject solenoid and bracket. I ordered the bracket from Australia (thanks previous blog) and the solenoid from Marco. The book calls for an AE-30-2000 and the Marco coil received had the same part number on the tag, however, after installation the coil isn't strong enough to get the ball out of the hole. It's making contact and moving it. I have tried changing the angle a bit with spacers to get the shaft more lined up with the bottom of the ball but no luck. Any ideas? Could someone also send a picture of the outhole and shaft with a ball sitting in so I can see where exactly it's supposed to hit?

Did you install a coil sleeve in solinoid? Is there a spring on the metal shaft?
And to clarify, your talking the coil down at the thing big metal box?

1 week later
#1770 1 year ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Back in the club! Huge thanks to PinWillie for the trade!
Rob Bell


#1773 1 year ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Thanks Eric! Super happy to be back!
I hope all is well!

Rob- Thanks, best to you and family.
This weekend lets all be Thankful we have Addams to join us at the table.
WELCOME Honored Guests!

#1790 1 year ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

My latest upgrade... finally!!!

Nice job Alex.

3 weeks later
#1836 1 year ago

Try contacting mantis metal fabricators for pinball.

#1855 1 year ago

My ball flies everywhere, part of the charm of this title.

2 weeks later
#1916 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Has anyone retro fitted playfield slide assemblies?

I wouldn't!
They are an inch and a half off. That is the bolts the swing catch latches onto. Thus, not a perfect fit. Just stick with tilt up playfield for Addams.

1 week later
#1927 1 year ago

Im sure its nothing to most.
But, my ball one record is 365 mil, only did that high once. Glass on, lol.

2 weeks later
#1952 1 year ago

Led thing board. Mine just sucks, no brightness at all. Installed to add colordmd, they are very dim. Threw in old one original last night, just fine lights up bright in all tests.
So, is my thing led board just old original design, 3 years old now, is there an upgraded newer style?

3 weeks later
#2047 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Order placed for a “Gold Class” playfield!

They still have them?
2 days, figured the golds would all be gone by now.

#2049 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

His post was 10:52 last night (EDT). Just over 24 hours later, the website was showing in stock. We’ll see...

If I already hadn't waited 2 years and picked up my very nice silver, looks like a Gold. I would go buy another.

#2053 1 year ago
Quoted from GKW:

Does anyone know where I can get a wireform? Ball guides?

Can i ask why...really?...its scientific...

1 week later
#2067 1 year ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

They are brighter for sure, but I think the CPR look great!

I really have no complaints on the CPR i got.

1 month later
#2159 1 year ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Gold roms installed; last three letters of Thing already lit?

I see colordmd. So someone installed new Thing board. Cable on backwards. Also, how many arw lit at start of game based on diffulculty in settings.

Bu the way.
"Welcome Honored Guests"

#2166 1 year ago

If thats a z-connetor you may be able to reverse it. Looks way different than mine.

1 week later
#2195 1 year ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

Get ColorDMD LCD. Change the lightboard to the new led design ($40) and the ColorDMD will fit fine.

Available where? Only place Ive seen it is Mezel mods , Sold out.

#2197 1 year ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

I got mine from Mezel awhile back. Didn't know they were sold out. Found this one in a search seems to be same one...

Thank you very much. Been looking.

3 weeks later
#2222 1 year ago
Quoted from biscoseattle:

Hey all!
New to pinside and considering buying my first pin. I’ve really had my heart set on Addams Family and I found one in my area at a reasonable price. All working condition, play field with slight wear but it has magnet burn (which I think is pretty typical). I’d plan on getting the fuse kit as many have suggested but how worried should I be about the burn as a signal of pin condition? Any thoughts or guidance?

I wouldnt worry about it. I see the burn circle. You can buy an overlay decal to make that vanish. Install fuse kit on all 3 magnets so that wont happen again.

#2227 1 year ago
Quoted from biscoseattle:

I'm not to concerned with the look as long as its better than the burn but can the decal cause other issues down the road?

Indeed, its a stick on.
Decals cause no issues. You just want to make sure there isn't any wax or novis on playfield area.
Wet apply, meaning , just a little windex to slide it around and get it on perfect....dont touch. Wait about 5 hours for that to dry.
Now, wipe playfield down and appky novis 1 as a base coat wax for playfield. Good to go.
I have the mansion overlay on mine and it doesnt bother me or effect gameplay.

3 weeks later
#2246 11 months ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Installed my latest mod last night:

Light speaker panel, hinge magnets.
Very Nice!

3 weeks later
#2270 10 months ago
Quoted from PTHermes:

Is there supposed to be a post in this hole? Seems to be OK without it....

Same as Lloyd, no hole no post. Doesnt need it.
Is this a New Cpr or Mirco new playfield?

1 month later
#2351 9 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Does anyone else have an issue with the ball dropping off of the main habitrail?
This was an issue with some frequency and then after cleaning and buffing the pf, it was happening all of the time. I will have to check the pitch but aside from that has anyone else had this problem?

Very common. If there is speed ball can fly off, and fly off right into swamp.
Who would be interested in a new wire form with extra guard rail opposite player to hold ball on? Just curious. I DONT have them yet.
Try also making sure pitch is at 6.5 deg.

#2353 9 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

I would be "IN" for that one Eric!!!!

Thanks Hawkmoon, that was fast response.
Hope Houdini treating you nicely.
These two titles compliment each other. I play several Houdini, then kick ass on Addams.
The wire form ive been toying with for over a year. This may just happen in 4th quarter.

#2363 9 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Hi Eric.
I will check the pitch to be sure, haven't gotten around to playing it in a couple of days.
The ball often falls off on the front side so a far side rail guard wouldn't help me at this point. I would however be interested in knowing if someone is planning to run the spiral TZ habitrail. I think that would be cool!

The TZ spiral was a cool mod. Only about 20 were made. I did have the pleasure of trying it out once. It wasnt always 100% making the loop, its flaw was not enough downward pitch.
Ball coming off front?
Wow, maybe your pin is to steep?, opposite of what i get. Full cage wire form would look odd on game visually, just so used to factory look.

2 weeks later
#2400 9 months ago
Quoted from jdoz2:

Picked up a project Addams family from a cool pinsider last week and I couldn’t be more excited. This is a club I never thought I would join because of what these go for.
I’m redoing the cab now and a playfield swap over winter probably. I couldn’t help but paint this guy though
[quoted image]

"Welcome honored guests"

1 week later
#2419 8 months ago
Quoted from Paul_from_Gilroy:

Leveling the bookcase is tricky. Here's what I found. First, you have to step away from it. Maybe take some phone calls, or play a different pinball machine. Then quietly sneak up on it, acting nonchalant, like you don't really care. Adjust the washers and nuts one last time. Suddenly it will be level.

Isn't this pin supposed to be Haunted?
Mine does some things I can never explain.

2 weeks later
#2451 8 months ago
Quoted from mario_1_up:

Hi all, just found this thread. I was able to finally buy an addams locally from a guy that bought it in 98.

Welcome honored guest!

#2453 8 months ago
Quoted from TicTacSeth:

As of today, I’m Creepy and I’m kooky! But actually pick it up tomorrow. This will be my first pin that I actually want to mod up!

Welcome Honored guests!
Mod away, mines a hot mess of mods!

1 week later
#2511 7 months ago
Quoted from TicTacSeth:

So here’s a question, I’ve been playing this Addams a good many times in the week we have had it, and am noticing the shot to the middle ramp seems to always go to the left flipper and never across the wireform to the right flipper. Does the player control this somehow or is it just not working?
Assuming not working haha

Does the diverter work in tests?
Bear ramp = wire form to right flipper.
Thing flips = to mini flipper.

#2514 7 months ago

Sweet, love an easy fix.

3 months later
#2656 4 months ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

I bought a cheap pillow. I've also seen some use real thick cushions.
I'm going to be shopping out a TAF in a day or two. I'll take pics.

Yup, my wife tried to throw away a big memory foam pillow that was old. Works perfect for the pins. Lay on lock bar reciever, pull table up and out, I rest on transformer at back, lay down on pillow.

#2673 4 months ago

Count me in for a pop at switch on.
There was a guy in Australia working on a pop eliminator.
The project became a lot like the Stern Book, no news in a year now.

#2677 4 months ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Indeed. Rather strange too because I would've assumed if priced reasonably it would sell very well.
I know the pop doesn't do any damage but it doesn't sound great. If I could buy a plug and play board that just splices in without any fuss (like the WPC 5v daughter board) I'd be all over it.

Quoted from jp1985:

I heard somewhere it’s something discharging that makes that sound.

I also get the "pop" when I turn some wpc games off.

3 weeks later
#2746 3 months ago

Anybody getting the CPR mirrored backglass for Addams, 3 versions available.?

#2748 3 months ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Considering it, but would like to know how complete it is. From the sounds of it you still need to buy and fit trim all around? For the price I'd like to think it would be supplied ready to install.

Agreed, I'm curious about how well it fits.
I got an EATPM 2 years ago that was just a little to big. Pain in the ass to get in and out. Only trim i could put on was the bottom lift channel.

#2750 3 months ago
Quoted from Coyote:

If you're meaning the plastic parts on the original glass that hold the translight in and the liftbar? Or are you meaning something else?

Yes, we are both referring to the 4 piece plastic trim.

#2754 3 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

If its actual glass and not a translite, you dont need plastic trim. Only need a lift channel.

Its Glass.


The Black and White is interesting.

1 week later
#2798 3 months ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

Hi guys could anybody tell me the wire gauge for the switch wires that plug onto j208? I think its 22 but just wanting to be sure before ordering the plug. Also the plug spacing.
Any help is appreciated.

Its considered 18-22 gauge actually.
Not sure what you mean about spacing.

1 week later
#2837 3 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I was lucky enough to score this recently. What a treat. Crown jewel of my collection now.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

"Welcome Honored Guests"
Great score Bryce!

2 weeks later
#2927 74 days ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Bah! Now color dmd is doing black and white and random dots. Anyone know what might be wrong ?
I pulled all the cables and reseated everything
[quoted image][quoted image]

Does the game reset and cycle like normal?
Is the game randomly resetting?

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#2938 56 days ago
Quoted from Lhyrgoif:

I'm in the club
Cab is pretty worn and the PF got some wear but everything seem to work as it should. It's already led's, cliffy's and a rottendog fliptronics card in it. Oh, previous owner also swapped to a new clear ramp plastic
Already ordered overlays for the PF (mansion and magnets above), new apron stickers, star posts, rubbers and some other stuff. Will also add the magnet fuse kit to be on the safe side. Currently going through the whole game cleaning and polishing everything; It will be great when fixed.
I have to do something about that abomination of a coin door; the ugly metal brackets have to go but I don't want holes left so I am considering getting a brand new door.
[quoted image]

Welcome Honored Guests!

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#2970 33 days ago
Quoted from Lhyrgoif:

I'm guessing trying to flow some solder over the missing parts

Quoted from fiberdude120:

I would try re flowing the solder on the board first.

Quoted from pinballinreno:

This works surprisingly well

Best Advice. Flow solder over silver worn area. Works like a charm and I have done this to many times to count. Had to do it to almost every light board on a Gilligan I fixed up.

#2989 27 days ago
Quoted from shriver187:

hey guys, can you help me out. what would a HUO be worth with 651 plays?

A keeper!
Location, location, location followed by
(Most important).
Condition, Condition, Condition!!!!!
Throw in some good timing.....

2 weeks later
#3033 8 days ago

Parts - For Sale
New “Brand spanking new, only out of shipping tube twice. Free shipping.”
8 days ago
Anaheim, CA

$125 shipped!

#3036 8 days ago
Quoted from Durzel:

What is going on with that translite? ☹️

He needs my new one maybe.

#3045 6 days ago
Quoted from WhiskeyTango:

I did that at first and while it barely fit, You could see the shadow of frame of the display when the game is on so I went the mod route.

I bought some sort of thing board couple years back. Well, its so dim and barely visible anymore its time to modify original board as seen above.

#3056 6 days ago
Quoted from Lhyrgoif:

Its identical to the other two targets. Perhaps the metal backing on this particular target has been bent so many times the metal got fatigued. Its easy to bend that target , not much force is needed.

Maybe my experience here over time will help.
My addams has at least 27,000 plays over the years. Im only responsible for about 5000 plays. Over time the swamp and cousin it targets take a beating. Ive replaced all at least once, and several a couple more. Left and right swamp hole, they have been replaced at least twice.

#3068 4 days ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

I’m inclined to agree with you. To each his own.

So hard to get any decent photos of Led's in backglass's.

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