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Bally Skill Roll

By bigduke6

3 years ago

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    #175 53 days ago

    Potentially have the opportunity to pick one up. Missing the front glass, coin mech and a lever or two. But from the looks of searching around. Levers are 3d printed and switches can be used. Anything else I need to check for, price seems right.

    The lower section looks all gray from the pic I saw though

    #176 52 days ago

    Snagged it this am.

    Missing 2 levers, and two are sink handles, so need 4.

    Coin mech
    “Lockdown bar” on the front wood is missing
    The top wood going horizontal was replaced, just doesn’t match.

    I found handles at shapeways.
    Gbresto May make a repro?

    Any manuals? Looking to see how I can get the coin mech replaced

    Also how are the levers secured down?
    499E65D6-A2F6-4BA3-99D2-E672A18B4B61 (resized).jpeg60F0D0D6-7E6F-4CCE-9BBF-AE1EDF605B5D (resized).jpeg7C994C1B-E7AC-41B4-B203-C8C2C72E85DA (resized).jpegBA58700C-63C0-4F95-B76F-36F9395DB81B (resized).jpeg

    Levers from shapeways

    contact as they may make them, info@bgresto.com

    pinrepairs tips

    Manual (pinrepair)

    Schematics (pinrepair)

    #189 49 days ago

    I have 1 gulmite screw on a handle that is left to remove. If someone can let me borrow the driver, I'll ship it back with the 2 gulmite screws I have.

    The replacement that works for me is a 10/32 thread 1/2" length.
    I went with philips for now as it will be in my house.
    For a replacement on route, maybe the snake eyes security screw for the best look, or the torx security.

    #193 44 days ago

    Shawn that is awesome! Everything works? What issues did you have with it?

    Has anyone swapped to led lighting?

    Are there stencils available?

    Can someone measure the dimensions of the 5c plate?

    #197 44 days ago
    Quoted from swinks:

    never seen these before, they look cool, had to find a video

    My game is missing many metal parts... you were one of the first people I thought of to help make replacements on shapeways :-p

    I can remove mine tomorrow and send pics

    #200 44 days ago
    Quoted from swinks:

    I saw one on there, is it not correct? if not I could possibly help?
    can you send pics of the mechanism - just curious but if you need a part I can entertain by at least looking at the parts and go from there.

    Ah, that is just the handle. Other metal parts that I can’t find are the 5c coin plate and coin entry at the top of the game. I was hoping to find someone with some to get 3d scanned or lots of pics with measurements to replicate in cad

    #203 44 days ago
    Quoted from Shawn1976:

    Seems one of the leaf switches wasn’t fully in contact.
    As for the lighting, I’m keeping that original.
    Stencils for the sides?
    Here are some photos of the 5cent plate.
    [quoted image][quoted image]

    My cab looks like they painted it gray bed liner and hand drawn some of the sides but didn’t do the front. :/

    #204 44 days ago
    Quoted from swinks:

    yes, send pics through and then we can add measurements etc and I can see if I can help.
    if possible post them with the millimetres against the part as I am a metric man
    and do you want the 5c as a decal or an impression in the plate - the plate itself is a easy one

    I guess I’m for authenticity and would go plate with nails? I think that is how it attaches? Have to confirm with an owner that has it stock.

    #206 44 days ago
    Quoted from gutz:

    Spiral nails, like what hold on side rails on ss and alphanumeric pinball machines.[quoted image]

    Can you tell what gauge and length those are gutz?

    #208 44 days ago
    Quoted from Gundam_Pilot_:

    There will be a Skill Roll on the free play floor at CLE-Pin this year.

    How do you free play

    #213 43 days ago
    Quoted from Gundam_Pilot_:

    There is no freeplay. I set out about $20 of nickels for people to play with. Its an honor system. Do people walk away with nickels? Yeah. But its part of the show experience. I like to bring rare and popular games. So games like Skill Roll, Williams Ringer, Ice Cold Beer, Slugfest, but also rare pins like Capcom Pinball Magic, Alvin G Mystery Castle, Gottlieb Diamond Lady, Have a couple EM arcades in there too like Midway Sea Devil, and Williams Match Race (1 of 4 made).
    Either way its all for the show.

    I was joking, but figured you'd have to do a bin of nickels. LOVE seeing these types of games at shows! Thank you for bringing them! I remember playing my first Ice Cold Beer at MGC. Only regret was not buying one at such a low price

    #214 43 days ago

    When you remove the spiral nails and then go to reinstall. Are people filling in those holes with wood filler/toothpics etc so the new nails have something to grip? Or does the spiral nail grip ok using the old hole.

    #225 43 days ago

    Anyone have good part replacement for the fluorescent tube tombstones/light holder?

    This is about as close as I could come, and it will require some bending or spacing

    #226 43 days ago
    Quoted from swinks:

    Thanks for the photos,
    it the top rounded part of the plate that is hitting the coin, and the handle attached to the the threaded section?

    You are correct

    8BAB511E-13F1-434D-A7A5-8DE2398F834F (resized).jpeg
    #240 38 days ago

    Replacing gulmite screws?

    #244 38 days ago
    Quoted from gutz:

    "Things are now in motion that cannot be undone"[quoted image]

    we need more info! are those new handles?

    #246 37 days ago
    Quoted from gutz:

    Yes sir. Reproduction handle and shaft prototypes

    .......if you need more testers is this one off or for "mass production"?

    #249 37 days ago
    Quoted from swinks:

    here is the art for the coin plate
    still needs to be sized, and just now need to find out if you want me to make it available on shapeways with the house and 5c recessed into the design - I know this isn't authentic but the best I can do ??? let me know
    [quoted image]
    [quoted image]
    [quoted image]

    Oh I’m fine with a recreation however as the one I have available is not near that, just a red 5c.

    If it was flat a vinyl could be made, if imprinted it could be painted.... I’ve never seen one in person, so I’m not sure how it was done originally.

    Quoted from gutz:

    Depends on the final cost the machinists gives me

    I was just looking into this today! Was looking at the shapeways model then powder coating or plating, or having some cnc’d. I was thinking of running up to a shop local and seeing what they could cnc. I heard they had a 3d scanner to, so if I could get the coin entry cad file or to borrow, could get those made too?

    Those look nice and shiny! I’ll have to figure out how to get that plate at the bottom too. That may be some highly polished scrap or something I find.

    Did anyone figure out the twist nail size? Is it pretty much the same as a pinball side armor or gottlieb cab?

    #255 36 days ago
    Quoted from ryan1234:

    Here is what mine looks like- and I am sure it is original- A little different font (they could have made many variations.)
    It looks painted on (most likely screen printed.) I think a stencil and spray painted would work.
    [quoted image]

    A vinyl could be cut from like a cricut! but a stencil and paint would be awesome to keep that look. I'm hoping to start cataloging parts, fixes, remakes so that people can get their games up and look as original as they want. If someone has their 5c tag off the game, throw it in a scanner, then we could make a stencil out. ALSO! someone started a bally skill roll on the visual pinball forums, so if we want a better looking virtual skill roll, scanned parts would be fantastic.

    I just went to a local cnc/hydro cut shop. They have one of my handles and are going to get me prices on making them. They did say the hardest part that will take the time/money is the two tabs on the inside. They will give me two quotes, one for original and one where they don't do the tabs but make holes and a roll pin to hold it in, which will be significantly cheaper. Also these will be able to be plated or powder coated if you want the "chrome" look. I'm glad the shapeways one is there, but I didn't like the print lines. I'm not a metal worker, so not sure what type of work is required to buff those out, then get it plated.

    #257 36 days ago
    Quoted from ryan1234:

    Cricut also cuts stencils - you just Remove the part you cut.
    We do it all the time and it works great.

    AAHHHH my wife has one, but obviously has never used it. So I didn't know what kind of paper/vinyl they could cut/make! This is awesome!

    #259 36 days ago
    Quoted from gutz:

    Mine are aluminum handles and steel shafts, connected by a roll pin. They won't work with factory handles or shafts, and will have to be replaced together. The top handle has been polished, the bottom is raw aluminum.[quoted image]

    Holy moly, that polished one is AWESOME. Umm probably a good idea on the new shaft too, also cuts out the security screw. Well keep us posted! I need all new handles and it would be great to have options for others too!

    #263 36 days ago
    Quoted from ryan1234:

    My wife is a Cricut wizard.
    They make a removable vinyl that we use for stencils. Create and cut vinyl, remove areas to be painted, apply transfer tape to top of vinyl- this keeps everything aligned, remove vinyl backing and stick on project surface. Remove transfer tape and paint. There are probably a hundred videos on it. Cricuts are very popular.

    Which is why I bought her one..... I may end up using it more than her do you have a link to that removable vinyl? or is it pretty common removable vinyl?

    #268 36 days ago

    I'm gonna get this old cricut out and see what thing thing can do. My wife was bugging me about the NEW one as it does "more"....I may end up getting it if it makes this easier

    2 weeks later
    #278 22 days ago
    Quoted from tstone:

    Check my post #54 in this thread for ideas how to get levers/switches working. I had a few that wouldn't spring back right.


    great tips!

    1 week later
    #284 12 days ago

    The weather is so bad here with rain and busy with work, I haven’t been able to bring my game home from work!

    My plexi pf cover came in the mail though!

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