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Bally Skill Roll Restore

By Trizel

72 days ago

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#51 24 days ago
Quoted from Trizel:

Interesting wife got a cricut for christmas and I got an engraving tool for it. Then today I had an idea to engrave the logo on the coin cost plate. Kind of cool!!!
[quoted image]

My wife got the newest one this year.Before that she had the original one with the keypad...man have those machines come a long way.

1 week later
#52 18 days ago
Quoted from Trizel:

Repro parts finally came in.
Cabinet paint update:
Base coat pictures came in, I think it looks awesome. Stencils and paint coming soon.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

How did you achieve the splatter look on your gray base coat? I agree, it looks great!

#53 16 days ago

Ohh man i didn't enjoy this upgrade, very time consuming but easy. I am super excited to never deal with the original sockets again. Special thanks to northvibe.

Out with the old. In with the new.

20210110_125019 (resized).jpg20210110_231502 (resized).jpg20210110_231521 (resized).jpg
#54 16 days ago

Finally stained the playfield frame this weekend... not what I was going for but I'm starting to love it.

Note that top bar seems to be poplar based on previous chat here. But in my case the sides and bottom while all the same was a different wood from the top bar.

I may sand it a little but still need to finish it with poly.
20210108_162459 (resized).jpg

#55 14 days ago

Cleaning handle rail mounts this game has been really dirty.
20210112_214221 (resized).jpg20210112_214230 (resized).jpg

#56 13 days ago

Never seen the rails removed like that, interesting design. Are those tubes welded to the long metal strip?

#57 13 days ago

dudah no not welded, I'm not savy in the lingo but its almost like a rivot. I can spin the posts around but they won't come off.

20210113_223846 (resized).jpg
#58 13 days ago

I've been sleeping on this one because well let's face it.... its sucks. Dismantle clean, lube and adjust the playfield switches.

To dismantle i reccomended first popping off the circlular clamp. (Do this with extreme regard for the fact that done incorrectly it will turn into a missle and fly away.) Then take the swinging arm out and in my case steel wool everything lube and reassemble.

I don't like to do anything partial, minimal or half donkey so you could get by without this. I will say.... these have a VERY NICE snap back after this process.

Geez there are alot of playfield switches!!!!! Breaking this task into multiple days.

For anyone paying attention we are nearing the end of my todo list and approaching reassembly time. Super excited!!

20210113_212509 (resized).jpg20210113_212514 (resized).jpg20210113_212746 (resized).jpg20210113_212751 (resized).jpg20210113_212907 (resized).jpg20210113_213010 (resized).jpg
#59 13 days ago

On the example I'm restoring, the top switch where the nickel drops had a fairly deep groove from the impact. I changed it to the bottom position that sees little use after cleaning up the burrs. Very soft, maybe aluminum.

#60 11 days ago

All playfield switches cleaned and put back in bed. Replaced all the wire clips as they were sugar candy brittle at this point. Score light is back in place along with the other back playfield items.

I also rust washed all the screws before I put them back in.

Coin catchers plates inbound, then the Back door is next

20210116_005035 (resized).jpg

#61 5 days ago

I light sanded and restained the playfield frame and I love it. I didnt grab a picture of it so you will have to follow along for that later. If you recall the frame is nailed to the cabinet from the front and sides...... I don't like that and am not reinstalling it that way. After considering options I decided bracket mount it to the cabinet. Just above and below the handle rails. I used two on each side and it gave me a great seal on the sides. Now that's its done great decision.

20210118_145146 (resized).jpg20210121_160909 (resized).jpg

#62 5 days ago

Before I installed the handle rails I decided to clean them similar to how you clean a gun barrel. Glad I did alot of gunk and rust came out. After that handle rails and glass frame reinstalled.

Then I reinstalled the handle plates back on

Then the score light mounts and coin mech.

20210118_142718 (resized).jpg20210118_153232 (resized).jpg

20210121_161354 (resized).jpg

20210118_154016 (resized).jpg20210118_175912 (resized).jpg20210118_211815 (resized).jpg
#63 5 days ago

I purchased probably one of the last playfield plexi from shawn1976 ( he may make more i might have some made who knows) and I mulled over installing it before or after installing the playfield to the cabinet. Knowing how you have to slide it down and in if the playfield is installed I quickly opted for pre install to limit scratch potential. As light passes through the plexi all imperfections are hugely highlighted. Thanks again Shawn. Per his instruction I started in the middle and worked my way out switching sides up and down. Some holes seemed like they may not line up but they all did in the end patience is one of my attributes thankfully.

Once that was done I installed the playfield into the cabinet while installing the playfield tube light as well.

Then finished it up with the handles

20210118_214534 (resized).jpg20210118_231938 (resized).jpg20210118_233417 (resized).jpg

#64 5 days ago

After that I took a screw stuff in break and foamed up the light score box with some 1/4 Inch Wide 1/8 Inch Thick, Weather Stripping thanks edward472 for the idea . You might think its overkill but thats how I do stuff most of the time, all or nothing.

20210121_163344 (resized).jpg
#65 5 days ago

Sometimes you want something done but put it off, i had previously done this with score light socket replacement and now I have been doing it with back door parts reinstall. So.... doing that now.

When I took the screws out I wrote a note on a sheet of paper (you can see in picture) and then placed the screws there and taped them down relative to their location on the board. This was a super amazing idea now in the reinstall phase it made life so good.

20210118_234600 (resized).jpg

#66 5 days ago

I got the door back on and now its time for glass.... I bought the decal from mopar awesome guy and awesome decal get one while he is doing it!!! Didn't grab an installed picture so that will be in the final pics. Here is the decal uninstalled.

20210121_152212 (resized).jpg
#67 5 days ago
Quoted from Trizel:

Cabinet paint update:
Base coat pictures came in, I think it looks awesome. Stencils and paint coming soon.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Great job documenting your restoration! Posting the color matches is very helpful. I’m not seeing one for the cabinet base grey/splatter....do you have those colors?

#68 5 days ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Great job documenting your restoration! Posting the color matches is very helpful. I’m not seeing one for the cabinet base grey/splatter....do you have those colors?

Yeah going to post that info with final pictures. The color matches are nice but unfortunately only apply to wet paints sold still any info is good info.

#69 3 days ago

Ok since my game isn't working and before the big reveal I'll share the cab painting process.

Reading the main BSR forum and looking at tons of original paint photos. The general consensus was some type of truck bedliner paint was used. I started searching the web for grey splatter bedliner paint.

I found this paint which seemed to hit the mark on desired outcome. (Post using it, great result)

Immediate negatives
It Is 150$ a gallon and it requires a special sprayer to apply.

Because of this I hired a local specialty painter.


I sanded my cab down as you saw but I was told later that wasn't really necessary. Light sand was all the painter cared about but you want to do all your wood repair before paint obviously.

I am working on making stencils available for purchase but that hasn't happened yet. I'll post here and in the main thread when it does probably looking at a few months.
20210124_102634 (resized).jpg631645342_20210106_120347 (resized).jpgIMG_3124_20210106_113034 (resized).jpgIMG_3127_20210106_122812 (resized).jpgIMG_3133_20210106_160517 (resized).jpgIMG_3136_20210107_131309 (resized).jpg

#70 3 days ago

Drum roll please!!!!

My paint guy did phenomenal! He talked me into having the side and front lines not stop at the corner and painted them through the edge. I think it looks amazing. Its been a long journey but im glad it's over. Time to just enjoy the game. Who knows how many skill rolls are left but this one was brought back from the edge of death.

Thanks for everyone who has been following me with this restore and helping me along the way.

Now its time to play with these freshly cleaned buffalo nickels!

20210116_102337 (resized).jpg20210121_094045 (resized).jpg20210121_140416 (resized).jpg20210124_105343 (resized).jpg20210124_105358 (resized).jpg20210124_105558 (resized).jpg20210124_105706 (resized).jpg20210124_131306 (resized).jpg20210124_131406 (resized).jpg
#72 2 days ago

ugh baby, that looks SOO GOOD. So good, great job!

#74 2 days ago
#75 2 days ago

Nice job. I was keeping mine original but yours looks so good.

#76 2 days ago

Thanks for the kind words everyone this was my first full restore.

Here's a lite up shot less than 30 games and I got the star!

20210124_200753 (resized).jpg
#77 18 hours ago

Beautiful work! That paint guy really did knock it out of the park.

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