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Bally Mr and Mrs Pacman- now a club thread

By CNKay

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

Well here is the deal. Instead of B A L L Y lit in the pacmaze during attract mode i get A L.

also no red pac maze lights, no GI lights and also no expanded Solenoids work (the same beginning 12 will just repeat fire). Other than than i am golden. it sounds like a lot but i believe it is all tied together and it maybe easy for someone if they have seen this before.

when i first got the machine only the memory drops and such would fire the expander was always on. Also some red pacmaze lamps were locked on. Well i found out if you simply took the AUX lamp driver board out of the picture well all main game solenoids worked. It wasn't till later that i also found a lamp cord hack from the GI bus wire to a connector wire on the transformer power board. Well removing this and no GI. Well the hack shouldn't be there of coarse but also found that the GI are controlled by the lamp flasher board which is controlled by the A9 aux lamp board.

So that board seemed to be the main culprit of all that is evil. Well i have replaced all 5 ic(s) on that board and did a bunch of continuity checks like all the inputs to the A9 board. A bunch come from the standard lamp driver and one from the CPU.

But now i am starting to feel like maybe i am missing something fairly simple. Any thoughts?

Please help!

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#2 9 years ago

Oh and i did change the PIA u11 and checked pin 8 to pia the lamp strobe line seems good.

this game is a blast playing blind, like with a real ghost! if my name was AL i just might leave it.

#3 9 years ago

great game.

#4 9 years ago

yeah i got it as a junker fixer upper, and so far so good.

it is different, looks like the maze game is the "BONUS" so if you suck at the maze so does your bonus. i like the fact that it has 3 sets of drop target banks to shot for and all the basics for a good game. spinners, pops, capture hole etc. still need to get it 100% then start playing around with the settings. I like how there are 4 different choices for the sound and the speech is great for 82. That was cutting edge stuff at the time.

#5 9 years ago


still working on mine.

first time i turned it on.... it caught fire

#6 9 years ago
Quoted from CNKay:

if you suck at the maze so does your bonus.

That's the part I hate about this machine, it takes away from real pinball action. Otherwise it's cool.

Yeah, I picked mine up a few years back. Was a real beater. Spent more than I should have to get back into working condition... but got of invaluable pin repair experience out of it. I had to repin damn near EVERY connection. The one thing that really was tough to find was an intermittent scoring of a drop target. Took forever to fix because it only did it so often - turned out to be a bad solder connection on one of the diodes on a switch!

#7 9 years ago

I attached a repair guide that was given to me, it is from an older site so a lot of the links don't work. You can find this online as well, but it's often just as flaky. There is a section about the auxiliary lamp driver and points to the test procedure of the main lamp driver board to test it. Hope it helps.

#8 9 years ago

thanks so much, yes a wealth of info. Clay's guides are the best!

never printed or saved did not own a Bally and did not think they would disappear either. but i used to read and understand some of the upgrades and mods just in my free time at work to see what engineering mistakes were made.

i believe i have narrowed it down to the mc14175. i am picking one up tomorrow so hope for the best.

i have pulled the triac from the bottom and it tested good with a lamp and power supply on the bench so at least i have that going for me. Of course the lamp flash board feeds the triac which is controlled by the the aux lamp board. That board is a pretty big link the chain. it is to bad it was kind of brushed off in the guide.

Thanks again for the help!
i am in the home stretch i can feel it.

#9 9 years ago

Well i finally got a mc14175 from a friend of mine and "HELL YA~!" game is now at a 100%. Damn, that aux board controls a bunch. no more lamp cord hack to keep the GI on or anything.

#10 9 years ago

OK game play much better now that you have an idea of where the ghost is.

I can see from the twenty or so games that there are three problem areas where the ball seems to get stuck.

1 is by either 4 bank of drops in between the drops. i guess i could raise the drops a bit more but not sure if it will cause more air balls. they are already a bit above. i am thinking something needs to be put in between the drops.
2 is by the arrow in the top middle pointing towards the the left capture hole. it hangs on the rubber to plastic transition .
3 is by the one and only rollover switch in the game, and noticed in the large plastic that covers that area there is a factory hole. Like they knew it was going to be an issue.

Any suggestions i would love to hear them.

#11 9 years ago

After all that typing it just dawns on me that i never really leveled the machine correctly yet. So maybe no issues as i know it is leaning left a bit.

#12 9 years ago

Glad you got the problem sorted out. I find that I get the least stuck balls over the drops when they are as flat with the playfield as possible. (I was going to suggest leveling also! Hopefully that works out for you.)

Are you talking about the rollover switch just outside the launch area? Red plastic w/ White star in the middle?

#13 9 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Are you talking about the rollover switch just outside the launch area? Red plastic w/ White star in the middle?

Yes just pass the missed skill shot and before the upper flipper. does yours hang up there ever? like it said i noticed a hole in the large plastic that covers that area(mine are not on yet) and it just seems funny it is there.

#14 9 years ago

Does it look like this one? http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=1639&picno=47080&zoom=1 Mine doesn't have a hole. I'm pretty sure that rollover switch is used to determine if the skill shot was made or not. Otherwise you could go into the pac saucer and activate the maze without the qualifying moves.

#15 9 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Does it look like this one?

don't know the pictures that came up were playfields without plastics.


here is my plastic

yeah hitting the rollover or the right roll under wire form cancels the skill shot.
Pacman aggressive.
but a few times now the ball travels slowly up from the pop or flipper rebound goes over that star rollover and then gets stuck.

#16 9 years ago

I see what you're saying now! My rollover switch moves quite freely and I haven't had that problem. You can get a new one to try for $2! http://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=1238

It is interesting though that there is a hole in that plastic conveniently at that place.

#17 9 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Mine doesn't have a hole.

So no hole for you? that is interesting. I can see it with a huge run of 10K machines that some changes would be made.

I just found out that there are different score displays as well. Check out these two.

#19 9 years ago

yeah i did! but noticed no club so asked the Moderator and they changed this one from Tech to CLUB. I have my machine almost finished up. When are they really ever totally done?

Still need to put in some kind of instruction pricing cards. Know of any cool ones let me know.

Leveled it out and the ball hang ups seem to have gone away.

I seemed to have been having a bunch of switch bounce and when i would press flipper buttons for either direction or movement i could never really tell if i was going to move one space, two spaces or three spaces. Well i looked at the switch matrix schematics. As i knew some switches have caps others not. And more confusion?? According to schematics the left flipper button and P,A,C no cap the right flipper button and M,A,N have caps. I looked and yes MAN has caps, right flipper nothing, left flipper nothing. So for shits and giggles i added caps across both flipper switches and well much improved response. Only a few games so far but seems much better. I am thinking the caps act more for de-bouncing the switches than anything.

#20 9 years ago
Quoted from CNKay:

So no hole for you? that is interesting. I can see it with a huge run of 10K machines that some changes would be made.

Now that I know what you're talking about, the playfield plastic above the right saucer definitely has a hole over the rollover star switch.

The schematics say that the P-A-C back targets should all have .05 mfd caps but the M-A-N back targets don't. I definitely have these caps on both sets. When they aren't there, the switches need to be held for about a second in order for the game to recognize them as "closed". Not long enough for a pinball to cause this. I don't have caps on the flipper switches.. Sounds like an interesting idea.

Quoted from snyper2099:

Check out my shop out/restoration thread here:

Snyper, I love the powdercoated rails (or at least they look powdercoated) on that cab. Great work.

#21 9 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I don't have caps on the flipper switches.. Sounds like an interesting idea.

yeah like i said the right side is on the schematic not on the left. it made a huge difference in the movement and direction working correctly for me. yup the PAC on the left also all had the caps, the matrix schematic is obviously flawed.

i don't understand why none of the coin switches, start switch and a couple others are not labeled at all? Need to fill them in.

The hole in the plastic above the star rollover, well yeah had a ball still hang there since leveling. It may be there for testing switch as well but have a feeling it is for op to free stuck balls. Good thing i have the tilt sense real low.

i have yet to look into what exactly triggers that Red pacman special light to come on. it works in lamp test but i have only seen it lit once and i don't know that i knew what i did or what to do?

Right now set up for 3 ball with extra ball if you beat the maze before time up and extra balls at two thresholds. Which i am going to have to change as once you have more than two mazes the per ball bonus, then end bonus gets very large. But only at around 2.6M for best game so far but still tinkering and such so many 1 ball games.

#22 9 years ago

2.6 mil on mine would be a VERY good score. No EB's here though. Also, I removed the gate so you can't easily trap the ball on the right flipper over and over. Makes the game way better.

#23 9 years ago

so what is the red pacman special light? i did not really see spelled out nicely in the manual. the manual also seems confusing. one chart if i remember correct makes it seem like no 3 ball free play possible just replay or points.

i had an issue with the star roll over today, first time issue with that switch. where is was quickly giving out moves. What i pain that was to adjust and i still don't think it is working properly. I removed cleaned tested diode and put new cap on and remounted readjusted. Now it is missing much more, and that switch never had an issue.

#24 9 years ago

There are a few switches in the game that award 1 move. Are you sure they are all adjusted properly as well?

#25 9 years ago

yeah i went into switch test and it was the rollover for sure. number 25

#26 9 years ago

Missing as in not registering? The nipple part could have seperated.

#27 9 years ago

ya know when i took off the switch i did not give much thought to the white star. i mean it seemed OK, i just wiped the tip clean. it gets held up by the force of the upper leaf right? it comes in two pieces, threaded?

#28 9 years ago

if you ever need to match the MMPM exterior cabinet colors, here's some color references...

Pink = (olympic paints color sample from lowe's --> B33-2 Silver Strawberry)
Sherwin Williams matched this color.

Yellow = (olympic paints color sample from lowe's --> 200B-6 Desert Marigold)
Sherwin Williams matched this color.

Blue = (Sherwin Williams) 6783 Amalfi.
#29 9 years ago

wow thanks that helps a lot. yeah not doing an entire cabinet repaint but at least all the blue around the head facing player.

#30 9 years ago
Quoted from CNKay:

so what is the red pacman special light? i did not really see spelled out nicely in the manual.

On my game the red pac man special light in the middle will light after knocking all of the 8 white ghost targets down, spelling pac-man with the back targets (giving the player a 5th maze pacman life) and knocking all 8 white ghost targets down again. As far as what it does.. I have no idea and would love to know.

3 weeks later
#31 9 years ago

I just bought my 2nd Mr. and Mrs. Pacman machine. I'm hoping to come away with this with a fully restored pin and a players pin. Will keep you guys posted!

#32 9 years ago

does anyone have a good spare backglass for this game?

#33 9 years ago

There is one on ebay with a "Make Offer" option. I think the current price they are asking is outrageous, but perhaps they would take a reasonable offer.


#34 9 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

perhaps they would take a reasonable offer.

i thought that 100 was a fair offer but refused. so let it sit. i have a guy that offered to do photo and i found a place online that could print for less than 50 to make a translite.

5 months later
#35 9 years ago

FYI, I have two Mr. and Mrs. Pacmans on the market currently. One good one, one "player" one.

#36 9 years ago

I saw the one for 900. Looks decent.

#37 9 years ago
Quoted from Astill:

does anyone have a good spare backglass for this game?

I have a hi-res poster I made for a replacement translite, since it just uses a UV bulb anyway.

#38 9 years ago

I have a players condition available, little rough on the PF in some areas, particularly the pac-maze area. A few cracked plastics, but it does work 100%. I cleaned all the switches, recapped the boards where needed, new rubbers, new correct value fuses, reflowed solder on all boards for durability. All displays are good. Little flaking on BG. Metal parts polished. $650. I'm in Hillsborough, NJ.

I'll post some pics later.

2 years later
#39 6 years ago

Does anyone make water slide decals for the pop bumpers? Also any any Pacman stickers available for the yellow standing targets?

#40 6 years ago
Quoted from Antennaejim:

Does anyone make water slide decals for the pop bumpers? Also any any Pacman stickers available for the yellow standing targets?

I have the decals for the pop bumpers.

#41 6 years ago

Pm sent

2 months later
#42 6 years ago

What would prevent my MMPM from starting the next game? After a 1,2,3or 4 player game I get no match display and the game will not start a new game even with credits on.

9 months later
#43 5 years ago

Anybody have an extra transformer and power supply for sale? Thanks!

8 months later
#44 4 years ago

Joining the club just got this one a few weeks ago, dead sound, the start of flaking on the backglasses very very minor. Had some missing paint on the back box, I fixed that and blended it in. Can't tell from player position now and looks much nicer, luckly the side art imho is barely if any faded. Came from colorado now in Texas.

I am looking for pop bumper assemblies and the yellow cap.

Plans for the machine are to install the resistor network so I can led it, already has nvram installed, repaired the under playfield 3 pin connector for maze as 2nd set of leafa were not registering, recapped sound board as sound post amplifier was barely audible.

Considering a pacman topper... Not sure yet but I really like the game and it matches the other pacs I have (yellow pacman and blue ms pacman arcades).

If anyone has spare pop bumper caps please let me know.

Also why do some have the white with red ghost drop targets and some do not. All the ones with lower blue glass (early production) have the red ghosts... Same as baby pac

20190722_215350 (resized).jpg20190722_215350 (resized).jpg20190723_011349_HDR (resized).jpg20190723_011349_HDR (resized).jpg20190722_215348 (resized).jpg20190722_215348 (resized).jpg20190723_020018 (resized).jpg20190723_020018 (resized).jpg20190723_020025 (resized).jpg20190723_020025 (resized).jpg20190723_020033 (resized).jpg20190723_020033 (resized).jpg20190723_020236 (resized).jpg20190723_020236 (resized).jpg20190723_020241 (resized).jpg20190723_020241 (resized).jpg
7 months later
#45 4 years ago

Waka..Waka...Waka! I joined the club over the weekend. Can anyone post a playfield rubber placement diagram?

#46 4 years ago

If anyone else is interested in joining this club LMK

#47 4 years ago

Page 9 from the manual

Screenshot_20200302-220644_Drive (resized).jpgScreenshot_20200302-220644_Drive (resized).jpg
1 month later
#48 4 years ago


i have this pin without backglass someone has a scan from the backglass ?

thx Mike

#49 4 years ago

Hi All! We are exploring interest in a potential Hardtop for Mr and Mrs Pac Man.

Email us if you would be up for one if we could obtain the permission. [email protected]


#50 4 years ago

Have a couple working Squawk & Talk boards for Mr and Mrs Pac Man for sale $165 plus shipping.

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