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1979 Bally KISS restore .Fire damage pin is now done

By tatman9999

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Got a Bally KISS in bad shape. Was in a house fire. I am doing Cabnet stencils, Playfield overlay, I got a new back glass, new plastics, New targets, new drop targets, have a lot of work to get it working. Game doesn’t turn of at all. I have New reflecter board, New Altec led board. Still need main board.

CACCA553-782A-40F9-9126-07270344E47C (resized).jpeg
6DCCEA73-A6DF-40EB-9B74-9DE2C2066538 (resized).jpeg
E6386A04-81CF-43AF-B355-835B9B69BD96 (resized).jpeg
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8773BC0A-DF8A-471D-BADA-CEBC9FF14961 (resized).jpeg
3A24B6F9-75F9-4C1F-BDD3-3D9D1A7B6C90 (resized).jpeg
51CFDF45-7AC8-4E5D-A0C9-3389473D23C3 (resized).jpeg
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5FDF2C75-D030-418B-B970-81EB7E0698BB (resized).jpeg
3F9086E9-88A8-4BF6-BA34-208003348B9B (resized).jpeg
395BF881-C1B9-4EC5-89C0-64A5031DD934 (resized).jpeg
0689B1F3-B68D-4933-9E5F-E6052C259401 (resized).jpeg

#2 3 years ago

More of the playfield

F2802841-20B3-4C00-9789-6361F115D13B (resized).jpeg

B412E875-7720-498B-AE04-BEE0E865C2B0 (resized).jpeg

13DBA05A-52AF-45BB-AC26-889B2C402BA0 (resized).jpeg

1CA24218-9D4D-48A2-8E24-6EE098B6B80B (resized).jpeg

45554B9B-9459-462D-892C-E960B8045D50 (resized).jpeg

#3 3 years ago

I removed all the inserts and sanded the playfield down. I glued all the inserts in and clear coated to level.

7DDFD3D1-3108-42B8-9DF4-9BC7032CA936 (resized).jpeg

353D91AF-99F0-4FA4-BCE3-32EBCE99ACE2 (resized).jpeg

017C42B0-89CF-4E93-AE9B-7396C5876AFE (resized).jpeg

653ED218-A37E-4CC9-BD77-610EA4318C97 (resized).jpeg

964D54D1-BAA0-4DAF-9B89-A237E02EF0EB (resized).jpeg

71FE6CC5-DA4C-46AA-B3FC-F04B849E47D4 (resized).jpeg

E6988B06-3576-4DC9-BC4F-A7238DAD3FA6 (resized).jpeg

5AA03CDE-6AE2-45FF-9CBA-BB704002373D (resized).jpeg

#4 3 years ago

I installed a overlay. Had to cut every hole in the insert.

1FA5F641-A2FC-4494-B3AD-E2CD38D1097F (resized).jpeg

A9F1C6FF-79B9-4440-A63D-7115CC54599D (resized).jpeg

6CEF2853-5B30-46EF-8EC4-6B51A5DDA5B8 (resized).jpeg

E40B289B-22BD-4435-A727-E63AEB00F061 (resized).jpeg

6D25D027-91E3-49D5-BB81-915785CAAA49 (resized).jpeg

07847E22-9134-4F93-9F8E-7B30DB27142C (resized).jpeg

A05FBC47-6DBB-4BC5-9E69-1F28A628EA67 (resized).jpeg

F20E5C48-A126-4A67-9D8E-4D47603DBBA8 (resized).jpeg

C80DC5EA-9A6A-4046-A429-6870A7323382 (resized).jpeg

#5 3 years ago

I then clear coated with auto clear over the playfield

EB21409A-416A-4D3A-804D-96E0FBD41ECE (resized).jpeg

9CE1E39E-D203-420B-BF2A-E4E32E40C9BB (resized).jpeg

85007BC8-B472-480D-8E62-C1A74CE835AD (resized).jpeg

A7946B53-BE0B-470B-AB2C-BF036CB89845 (resized).jpeg

E1468560-FEDA-4D60-8E32-CDAC2C87D59E (resized).jpeg

083284EE-EC2B-488F-BC36-B1FAF9F9AEE1 (resized).jpeg

34469979-4747-4FB1-A9B0-25309C9A6161 (resized).jpeg

#6 3 years ago

I have sanded the cabinet down and primered white.

793149C5-DA8A-4C8C-9BB4-2651795A0DDC (resized).jpeg

AB8F2719-161D-4FE2-AB1F-93A1B3536B81 (resized).jpeg

39C4BFA5-2B31-4865-81F8-DDD12DE3C566 (resized).jpeg

CD8F2E95-D601-4C1F-BEB4-21007705A341 (resized).jpeg

C37CAFD6-60A6-4243-AE96-770987CBBC8E (resized).jpeg

43175ACE-2345-4E60-B41A-F8AC7ED80995 (resized).jpeg

E4F91554-0CBD-4F42-9FA5-9B2BAF608822 (resized).jpeg

F3DEC183-0887-48AD-85DB-DDA6D7CB6658 (resized).jpeg

#7 3 years ago

I painted the white and did the first step orange with the stencils. I plan to clear coat it with auto clear then do the 2nd step (black) of the stencils. Pulling the stencil up did pull some white up. I will have to go back and sand and touch white up. That’s why I decided to clear before doing the black.

DCB5592D-011E-4AA3-930B-0A764341609C (resized).jpeg

AF2D6469-6F14-40DB-9EEF-23D23A6C500E (resized).jpeg

896A2E1D-B0DA-4A27-A26A-A8B6B55A3D5B (resized).jpeg

#8 3 years ago

I sanded and painted the apron.

EEADC706-DD8A-49D7-A1BC-65D7ED2631F8 (resized).jpeg

5AECA447-B9A3-40D2-B0A9-B290443EDE38 (resized).jpeg

F7A47D69-A8FD-49A1-B594-96431FCDBC7A (resized).jpeg

E03D4250-4117-41DB-A16F-4565370FB494 (resized).jpeg

C3D1B3DD-74F6-4D74-AA19-DDD0E138498D (resized).jpeg

966544BF-7BCC-47EB-B621-68FB65AD23ED (resized).jpeg

7D3C66BB-9B44-4EDD-80AD-403D498F7CE0 (resized).jpeg

0B5EFC7A-33E1-445E-87FC-F6A2974776AC (resized).jpeg

#9 3 years ago

Used pinball pimp stencils.

E05EE40D-253D-46EC-ABDC-5BDA41F81B37 (resized).jpeg

015C55A1-2CA9-4451-BD1D-14B12E711C73 (resized).jpeg

#10 3 years ago

Last stencil is on(black) I did 2 coats of clear. Will sand tomorrow and re clear.

4A7B6622-4996-4916-A86B-6C3FD0778D33 (resized).jpeg

C5147867-E32A-4846-BCC6-559D20CC2EE3 (resized).jpeg

E3C7F2B2-FA47-43AF-9DA6-526BCE2E5239 (resized).jpeg

7F7E8262-8336-4D72-A455-8F77F231B2AB (resized).jpeg

16A5264F-6C23-493E-B73F-01E510222F81 (resized).jpeg

5E5A909E-3DB2-4BE1-958E-8A649DA0494E (resized).jpeg

4718DC3A-6AAF-4D00-AC6D-D7ACA9F47D44 (resized).jpeg

28CD9B4B-8E36-4202-A471-84D9699D4A86 (resized).jpeg

#11 3 years ago

Excellent work!

#12 3 years ago

LOVE seeing restores like this!! Especially to KISS...the first pin I ever played. Fantastic work and looking forward to the finished product.

#14 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

LOVE seeing restores like this!! Especially to KISS...the first pin I ever played. Fantastic work and looking forward to the finished product.

Lot more work to be done.

#15 3 years ago

Second coat of clearin the cabinet.

DA1FFD28-9F55-41C6-875D-128D9940DAFA (resized).jpeg

33DAAED8-3B37-4C96-A2C0-B74104890652 (resized).jpeg

98193870-D07D-46DF-B2F3-AB2F814AD65A (resized).jpeg

34A1254D-3F5D-4E6C-9B0E-B73227F978B9 (resized).jpeg

FE27565B-9D9B-410E-B2FC-61AC769DF85A (resized).jpeg

#16 3 years ago

New side rails. Leg protectors, have new legs. Cleaned wire harness.

5C087DDC-A5D9-45C8-BE09-64CEE2A9908C (resized).jpeg

47F74281-73C6-43E6-A4AF-CC21009788D5 (resized).jpeg

0F70D3E7-F9C4-4B73-A020-1B1624008494 (resized).jpeg

F471C68C-E648-443F-95B6-DCEDF7D78EB2 (resized).jpeg

6509228E-709B-4AD3-85A5-195871CB735C (resized).jpeg

EA05CED6-CDF9-4E18-A9F4-2AF93B5C5F51 (resized).jpeg

5EB25E86-D287-4181-9F58-D29F7939F5DF (resized).jpeg

010571DA-C69D-4BDA-9752-5061DD967709 (resized).jpeg

#17 3 years ago

Nice job saving this classic! Not even a fire can stop you.

#18 3 years ago

Whoa. What a nice job. Very impressive.

Did you use the same clear on the pf and cabinet?

#19 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing , love to see how you restored a classic!

#20 3 years ago
Quoted from djblouw:

Whoa. What a nice job. Very impressive.
Did you use the same clear on the pf and cabinet?

I used the same clear DuPont chromo clear.

#21 3 years ago

Head is sanded and primed. Stencils is next.

99C3197F-E4BE-4F73-B0BD-EC7C58B10B0C (resized).jpeg

1880D1CB-76BE-4379-B7CF-25FB54E0FEB2 (resized).jpeg

A00D0F9B-8D82-43C6-9F8C-04A3ADD8628C (resized).jpeg

#22 3 years ago

New legs,bolts,levelers .

4555048A-A077-4E8A-8498-7F81609FAB79 (resized).jpeg

43774039-EB7E-4420-946B-4E0AEA0B5887 (resized).jpeg

F5695B28-FED5-49FA-9078-16F5EC4EA264 (resized).jpeg

18D6CE1C-E256-454B-A941-ECE1B588F491 (resized).jpeg

8DFDC48C-322F-41AF-AD0E-BBDC5086C0FB (resized).jpeg

C93B63C4-3BDD-4029-A03C-54B4B5A624D6 (resized).jpeg

3827AFA6-7E21-4C9C-A3D6-33319ED82D6B (resized).jpeg

#23 3 years ago

Beautiful work! Nice to see another classic rescued!


#25 3 years ago

Looks great! It'll look awesome lined up next to the Stern Kiss.

Did you use a Classic Arcades overlay for the PF? I was considering one for mine, until I noticed the difference in fonts they used in the matrix section, which kind of disappointed me. There's not really any other options at this time until CPR gets the Kiss playfield project out of the Boutique Zone and into production. I was able to get some help with mine and reproduce the original font using a rub-on transfer method before clear-coating.

Here's an original PF above and a Classic Arcades overlay below detailing the font differences.

000-pins5 (resized).jpg

#26 3 years ago

Yes it is a overlay from classic arcade. I have a playfield in order from CPR also. But I am happy with the overlay. I did not notice the font.

#27 3 years ago

First coat on orange

0675CFD6-E5F9-482A-A0F9-15CBA18520D4 (resized).jpeg

658D5DDD-93BB-46C6-BFD7-4C7A82D17E5F (resized).jpeg

315BBB62-5E0F-4CDC-ACC2-759E73F4F986 (resized).jpeg

6DF2F888-2DE7-402F-AA66-1C1F21A101F0 (resized).jpeg

#28 3 years ago

Looks like a machine that anybody would be proud to own!

#29 3 years ago

Back box installed. New back glass. 2 new boards altec.

3B5952B1-7FD5-4DEC-9AB5-FD54C0626321 (resized).jpeg

3A959B50-77BF-4509-83C0-DE2F05F22CF6 (resized).jpeg

5FCD0711-D999-4F24-8462-576954970937 (resized).jpeg

3B57BB7C-18C7-4553-8928-01E6FDCBEA17 (resized).jpeg

#30 3 years ago

Back box before and after

023DEE0C-248F-4961-A769-FBE0EEF857A8 (resized).jpeg

0E273C14-91F7-48F4-9DB3-F71641A3688D (resized).jpeg

CDA3AD05-C3AE-4461-AC20-36CEDC2EFD47 (resized).jpeg

A00D27B7-4CF6-4A95-821B-9191434D9EC0 (resized).jpeg

#32 3 years ago

You're a brave man Bob. Hard to believe this is the same machine you started from, progress is looking fantastic.

#33 3 years ago

You should feel very proud that’s really special

An inspiration

#34 3 years ago

Getting Playfield back together. Titan rubbers, new plastics, new drop targets.

54A606BC-4EC8-4136-9781-E0E9ED329898 (resized).jpeg

720A07E7-AF11-4DDC-A034-1EDBCB858136 (resized).jpeg

06FD4B6F-C33C-4E42-952A-66F1A8D037B8 (resized).jpeg

DAFBFCAE-3A0F-4A3C-9C9A-18E5DEC74A4F (resized).jpeg

44E67213-37B1-4D69-AB0C-740B081C61D7 (resized).jpeg

C32B6249-C149-4930-B1DF-087C558BA6ED (resized).jpeg

4C0985A9-0544-47FF-AEB5-9ECE27436A5B (resized).jpeg

1172F6A9-28D7-4B0E-9DB0-551CDA7848E9 (resized).jpeg

E8DC821C-BF59-4ED8-8D12-A23376725DA7 (resized).jpeg

0D72FF04-8FDC-4924-BF44-6AB75B71E871 (resized).jpeg

#35 3 years ago

Cleaning all the parts with ultrasonic cleaner and polisher.

E841AE71-7454-4AAF-9F13-8BCF3B13BA56 (resized).jpeg

28759101-DF9E-4172-B1E3-86A925497934 (resized).jpeg

#36 3 years ago

All new switches and targets next

4FBAE252-74DF-40A6-A561-08CB2A75E7DF (resized).jpeg

#37 3 years ago

I can smell that new paint from here.

#38 3 years ago

Looks gorgeous! Is this machine for your own collection or are you planning to sell it?

#39 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Looks gorgeous! Is this machine for your own collection or are you planning to sell it?

I will keep it for a little while.

#40 3 years ago

The metal rings under the bumper caps .. that doesnt look right. Should they be that low or something ?

#41 3 years ago
Quoted from allknowing2012:

The metal rings under the bumper caps .. that doesnt look right. Should they be that low or something ?

The bottom is not hooked up yet.

#42 3 years ago

Looking hot, keep up the great work!

#43 3 years ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Looking hot, keep up the great work!

Thanks Atari. You do some awesome work to.

#44 3 years ago

VERY nice work indeed! Makes me miss my Bally KISS

#45 3 years ago

Great work Bob! I hope I have a nice game for you to clear again one day!

#46 3 years ago

All new switches and targets installed. Stripped the spinners. Painting white the decals going on.

86715F38-E4EA-43DB-A44B-24512EE2497A (resized).jpeg

BCD00C00-27A2-45BC-975F-67C4EEB2682C (resized).jpeg

A5A30499-E0FF-4478-B382-6372FD5E3182 (resized).jpeg

4D9DDB9C-92DF-4358-B32A-10C02244E6D9 (resized).jpeg

54BA7BDA-6A84-4AE8-883A-8789473DC659 (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpg

#47 3 years ago

Apron installed

676B9763-5B1A-4E11-995D-CCE7E401FD21 (resized).jpeg

F0911197-4698-4131-BDBD-29455F4DFD89 (resized).jpeg

#48 3 years ago

I love watching this thread, looking great!

#49 3 years ago

Might be interested if you decide to sell......kind of missing mine

#50 3 years ago

That's one sexy Phoenix. Amazing effort

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