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Bally Fireball ii - Lifted up playfield, will not boot now help please

By CadeDudeNW

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I have had a working fireball ii pin for a few months now. I wanted to replace some lamps, so I replaced one on the top of the playfield (when it was off). Turned it back on, and the lamp worked. I then moved the playfield in the service position to replace more lamps, in that process, it slipped a bit, a little wood chipped. So I carefully put it back in place, and turned it on to make sure everything was ok. (note, the lamp on the top of the playfield was 555 but the one I took out was 444. I realized after the fact.)

When I turn it on, the MPU light turns on, the squawk and talk board makes a quick noise, the scoreboard lights light up, two playfield lights briefly light up and the squawk and talk board LED flashes green for a second. I then noticed a ground strap was not connected to the speaker (pic attached) so I screwed it on to the speaker and used a multimeter to make sure it was grounded. Powered it on, no difference. I checked the bottom of the playfield for damage, I did not see anything. I checked all of the molex connectors to see if anything came loose, no luck. I also re-seated some of them. Where should I go from this point?

Thanks in advance!

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#2 3 years ago

Hello, I've the same pin, mine is a Bally, it's a very good pinball from this era . Is yours a Bell Games as mentionned in the "Linked Games" section ? Or a Bally ? It may be important for the repair, I don't know if the Bell Game is technically different.

About this :

Quoted from CadeDudeNW:the MPU light turns on,
How many times the green mpu led flashs? It's supposed to blink 7 times.

Check the ground in the backbox? Maybe the screw went loose?

Last thing, it's not clear in my memories, but there is a lamp hidden under the playfield or under the apron. If this lamp is broken or taken off, the pin won't work. I must check this info, but I have to mention it in case you've changed this particular lamp.

image_2020-12-28_125132 (resized).pngimage_2020-12-28_125132 (resized).png
#3 3 years ago

How many flashes of the MPU LED?
If only 6 I'm thinking you accidently shorted the 43v coil bus to ground and that would blow a fuse and stop the game from booting.

#4 3 years ago

Good morning Guppy1977 its a Bally. I accidently set that as one of my pins, I changed it. Good catch. I did not replace any lamps under the playfield. I simply lifted it up. But, I did notice where a lamp missing. I did not see any lamps fall out. BigAl56 On the MPU self test I get one blink followed by 5 rapid blinks, so 6 in total. I will go ahead and make sure none of the fuses blew out.

I attached a photo of the ground strap. It is nice and snug. This is the ground strap, correct? It looks like it is just a braid screwed onto the ground. It is nice and snug. I gave it an inspection to see if it ripped as well.

Also, are the 555 lamps ok to use in place of the 444 lamps? They fit but I do not want to damage anything.

Thanks guys!

ground strap (resized).jpgground strap (resized).jpg
#5 3 years ago

BigAl56 Would the fuse be on this board under the playfield? I looked at them, and none of them look blown (no black tinge and the coils inside appear to be intact.


AS-2518-54 (resized).pngAS-2518-54 (resized).png
#6 3 years ago
Quoted from Guppy1977:

it's not clear in my memories, but there is a lamp hidden under the playfield or under the apron. If this lamp is broken or taken off, the pin won't work. I must check this info, but I have to mention it in case you've changed this particular lamp.[quoted image]

If you mean the solenoid expander board lamp, I believe if the bulb was burned out/missing the game would still boot (but after that the game would have problems firing certain coils during play or in solenoid test.)

I would pull the fuses and check for continuity to make sure, can't necessarily tell by their appearance.

#7 3 years ago

The 444 and 555 seems to be the same, except 444 is more resistant to vibration.

Your grounds is correctly screwed.

To test a fuse, you’ll need to get it out from card, then test it with your multimeter.

Quoted from BigAl56:

If only 6 I'm thinking you accidently shorted the 43v coil bus to ground and that would blow a fuse and stop the game from booting.

If a fuse (F4, I think ) is burned and blows again when replaced, check under your playfield, you will probably find the culprit. A unleaded cable, or something touching a metal part, or a coil...

Some usefull reading if needed : http://techniek.flipperwinkel.nl/ballyss/rep/index1.htm#pd

Good work with your FBII

#8 3 years ago

Having owned two of these, check the wiring running on the bottom sides of the PF. It's a tight fit and I had one fail to boot when it got pinched.

#9 3 years ago

Thanks tomdrum if a fuse isn't blown, i'm thinking a pinched cable or a loose connection under the PF may be the case.

One mention though folks, when you lift up the playfield, there is a braided ground cable close to where it slides when you pull it up. that was damaged but not 100%. I saw other parts of the machine that had solder on some parts of the braided cable. Looks like that may have happened and it was repaired that way. I put some soldier on the damaged part of the cable. Its all held in place well, I gave it a gentle jiggle to make sure it was on there good. I tested it with a multimeter and it was ok. But I am not sure if that braided ground cable shorted something out. I circled where I put solder. As you can see, looks like someone else did the same thing. They used a pretty big glob of solder.

tomdrum The cables are a tight fit. Is the cable I circled the ones you were talking about? A multimeter tested the same as you would on a non damaged part so I think I should be good.

Inkeddamaged braided cable_LI (resized).jpgInkeddamaged braided cable_LI (resized).jpgunder PF (resized).jpgunder PF (resized).jpg
#10 3 years ago


F4 fuse is blown. My eyes apparently are not as efficient as a multimeter when it comes to checking fuses. Lesson learned. I'm hoping I can snag one from home depot instead of having to order one. I miss Radio Shack

Guppy1977 you nailed it.

You guys are both gentleman and scholars. I appreciate the help! ***FIREBALL AWAITS YOU.......*** lol

#12 3 years ago

When I lookup AG fuses, they are fast blow. But this fuse looks like a slow blow. Maybe someone accidently put it in?

E-00133-0005 is the bally part number for the F4 fuse.

http://www.actionpinball.com/parts.php?item=FUSE5A I looked up the bally part number and saw this. Which is a fast blow. The manual for FBii describes the them as AG, which I believe is quick blow. Super confused at this point.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
#13 3 years ago

I put a low blow fuse in there and it fired right up. I just went off of exactly what the documentation asked. Which is 5amp 32 volts. Case closed.

Thanks BigAl56 Guppy1977 tomdrum frenchmarky for your help!

#14 3 years ago

It's confusing in deed.

Here http://techniek.flipperwinkel.nl/ballyss/rep/index1.htm#pd, one can read :

"F4 = 5 amp fast-blo (solenoids, if game has 2 flippers)
F4 = 6 amp fast-blo (solenoids, if game has 3 flippers)
F4 = 7 amp fast-blo (solenoids, if game has 4 flippers)"

So, there would be a mistake in the FB2 manual, it must be a 6 amp fast blow and not a 5 amp fast blow, because it has 3 flippers.

An explanation could be, your 5 Amp Slow Blow you've put in it is more or less equivalent to the 6 amp fast blow recommanded?

Anyway, good job

Have fun with your pin !

#15 3 years ago

Guppy1977 I was pretty tired when I posted. Correction, I put in a 5 Amp 32v fast blow per the fireball ii manual. I have the original documentation. So I went with that. I did see that the whitepaper you sent said 6 Amp fast blow.

Someone had put in a 5 Amp 240v slow blow (the one that I posted). So I was like, whatever, won't hurt to put a fast blow in place, and the documentation says that's what it wants.

I've had it for about 3 months now. Finally serviced it. Sqaulk and talk is recapped and working now, replaced about 20 lamps, all new rubber rings, cleaned the playfield and glass. I play this thing more than my new Stern that is worth 3x more. By far my favorite pin. Last thing I need to do is fix the fireball bonus. That's another rabbit hole I'll be diving into.

#16 3 years ago

Thanx for the correction, I now understand.

About the FBII, I can't agree more, it's a great pinball, as good as the popular Fathom. Centaur may be superior but I never had the chance to play it.

Have fun and stay safe


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