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Bally Elektra Restore- She's got Diamonds coming out of her.....

By Aladdin

6 years ago

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#51 6 years ago

Fresh out of the Tumbler, still need to replace the fuse holders though.

#53 6 years ago

Hell of a tumbler!

#54 6 years ago

If you paint the inside of the cabinet aswell this will look the part in there.

1 week later
#55 6 years ago

I'm hooked on buffing now, it's so easy to get a shine. I used the denim wheel and Green Cut Paste. Here's a few shots of before and after of the coin door frame. The one on the left is the beforeIMG_3984[1].JPGIMG_3983[1].JPG-

#56 6 years ago

Nice and shinny. What colour legs u have on the machine.

#57 6 years ago

I think I'm sending the legs out to get chromed

#58 6 years ago

Check they cam in dark grey.

#59 6 years ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

I think I'm sending the legs out to get chromed

You realize the bally legs can be purchased in chrome for like $70 i think pinball life and steve young both sell them.

2 months later
#60 6 years ago

Hi Aladdin.

Interested to see what your colour selection is on your repaint of the cab.

1 week later
#61 6 years ago

Here's the color selection.
I used Dupli Color Deep Blue for the base. HVLP
I'm using Krylon Shimmer Metallic (Pink). Spray Can
Prob Krylon Yellow Spray Can

I really like the Dupli Color! Wear a mask though, that stuff is baaaad for you!image-747.jpgimage-344.jpg

#62 6 years ago

I bought the Dupli from Pep Boys and the Krylon from Hobby Lobby

#63 6 years ago

The Pink turned out nice. I do wish the Stencil wasn't so tacky as it pulled some of the paint off of the cab. That said, the stencil is spot on so far. Now for the yellow.image-700.jpgimage-962.jpg

#64 6 years ago

Looking good.

I am just waiting to see the diamonds. jk

#65 6 years ago

Looking great.

#66 6 years ago

Now the yellow. I stayed with the traditional colors but spiced it up with metallics. Now to shoot some clear over it.

#67 6 years ago


1 month later
#68 6 years ago

Getting closer! Not perfect but I'm learning. Cabinet done, next are the boards, then PF.image-996.jpgimage-416.jpgimage-569.jpg

image-569.jpg image-416.jpg image-996.jpg
#69 6 years ago

Looking really nice!!

#70 6 years ago

Looks great! I'm glad that someone in close proximity to me knows how to restore. I have a Taxi that I want give the same treatment. I may message you if I get in a bind.

#71 6 years ago
Quoted from Pindiddy:

Looks great! I'm glad that someone in close proximity to me knows how to restore. I have a Taxi that I want give the same treatment. I may message you if I get in a bind.

Anytime, I'm no Pro at this, but I'd be glad to help!

1 month later
#72 6 years ago

Now working on the boards and PF. She's not perfect, but looks a heck of a lot better than when I started. Learned a ton on this one.image-841.jpg

#73 6 years ago

Wow, that looks fantastic!

Great work! I like following these threads


#74 6 years ago

Just replaced all my Elektra boards with new Altek ones, nice work, keep us updated!

#75 6 years ago

Very nice!! I'll be starting mine this winter.

#76 6 years ago

Mmmmm nice. Those colours look great. This machine come with gunmetal grey legs (dark grey). I did mine with the metallic dark gray like you have with your paints. You should also look into changing those red flipper buttons. See this thread.

Money always is the killer. It's looking great. Keep up the good work.

1 month later
#77 6 years ago

cant wait to see the end result, you really did save that one!

1 month later
#78 5 years ago

Working on the boards now. I lifted about 3 tracers on the Stern 100 board. Only one of them needed sanding down to the trace. I think I learned that if you don't get the trace hot enough and remove the iron too quickly, you lift the trace as it sticks to the iron.
Is my polarity correct on the green and big caps?

1 week later
#79 5 years ago

Can you say, "Black Friday I will be buying a shitton of 555 LEDs!"

#80 5 years ago

Looks great so far! One thing worth noting if you're using LEDs, you need to modify lamp sockets or add resistors one way or another. From what I understand, basically any LEDs flicker in controlled lamps on these early Bally games.

#81 5 years ago

Comet Pinball is planning on LEDs with built in resistors to solve this problem in the Ballys but they won't be ready until after black friday so use it to Load up w/GI bulbs for now...

#82 5 years ago

Thanks guys, I'll focus on the GI for now.

#83 5 years ago

There is also LED adapter boards you can use if your lamp board is in good shape. I am planning on buying one to try it out.

Vid's review here:

1 week later
#85 5 years ago

Pre-order for plastic sets (interest) going on now by PPS!!

#86 5 years ago

I thought I'd add some Diamonds to the PF. Just took some plastic gems and drilled them.

#87 5 years ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

I thought I'd add some Diamonds to the PF. Just took some plastic gems and drilled them.

image-324.jpg 384 KB

image-842.jpg 262 KB

image-865.jpg 310 KB

Nice! I'd like to see how these light up on the playfield.

#88 5 years ago

Well, crud, changed out the R53 resistor and plugged her in. ZAP and a little fire burnt that little resistor up! That's the same resistor that was burnt at the beginning of my thread.

Any idea what causes that R53 to burn? I did change the diodes, transistors and caps next to it, but I didn't change out the High Voltage Series Pass Regulator next to it (Q21 on the left).

#89 5 years ago

Here's a pic:

#90 5 years ago

Very nice cabinet!!! I bought a Electra too two years ago (EEL1997, my year ob birth!!!) and invested a lot of time for repairing it. The machine was over 20 years not running. Every work on this machine is good work, it is fun to play...!

Greets from germany...

#91 5 years ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

I thought I'd add some Diamonds to the PF. Just took some plastic gems and drilled them.

real nice! can't wait to see this installed to see how it looks in the game

#92 5 years ago

OK, replaced the R53 Resistor, VR1 and Q21.
Plugged her back in and NO flames from the R53 this time.

PF isn't in the cab yet so not sure if that prevents the displays and sound from working? GI lights up on the backbox and you can see the green LED flash, then remain steady. (very dim though)

I guess I need to put the PF in the cab to test the displays/sound? Unless I killed some other component last night on the board? Maybe one of the transistors like Q22 or Q23?


#93 5 years ago

Just keep at it. You'll get it all figured out. Huge props to you for taking this on.

#94 5 years ago

Pushed the sound test button and got the voice overs. That's good.

#95 5 years ago

I put the PF in the cab and sure enough, she came to life! The Displays still aren't working, but I'll figure that out.
'You have been exposed to Elektra's Gamma Radiation!" Love the voice on this pin.

1 month later
#97 5 years ago

Putting her back together slowlyimage.jpg

2 months later
#98 5 years ago

How you making out? Great work so far, more than I think I could do but the machine is worth the price of admission!! Great underrated game. Keep up the pics as it's been nice to see your progress. I just acquired one at the beginning of this year and it's been a labor of love to say the least!! WP_20150216_17_30_43_Pro.jpg WP_20150216_17_31_20_Pro.jpg WP_20150310_19_41_22_Pro.jpg Sight_2015_03_23_182335_587.jpg

#99 5 years ago

Thanks for asking!

Sure enough, I worked on the displays and sound settings.
The pins on some of the displays were out of the glass.
This pin must have been dropped at some point in its life. That explains the major body damage when I got it.image.jpg

2 years later
#100 2 years ago

When cleaning the plastics on this game, I’m afraid I am going to rub the print off...simple green ok? If not, what to use? How careful do I need to be...theys pretty dirty

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