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Bally County Fair Bingo - It's alive and has a heartbeat

By smohr

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Hi Everyone,

I finally powered this machine on, and it actually functions but not 100%. Below is what it does....

- The machine had 235 credits on the counter. I turned the game on, the credits then decremented back to 000. From what I read, that's a good start.
- The game is set to accept quarters. I insert 1 coin and the replay counter increments to 5, I press the red button and the balls drop from the playfield and the first ball is lifted into the shooting alley.
- I shoot the first ball, it goes thru the ball arch gate, the next ball is lifted into the shooting lane. The first ball lands in a hole and the number is displayed on the default game card.
- I shoot the remaining balls, if a ball drains it is lifted again to shoot again. When 5 balls are trapped on the playfield it sounds like the game cycles thru looking for a winning line.

I do not know the actual game play, Im trying to figure that out from reading things online and the game cards on the playfield.

I may not be understanding the game card but, it says to insert additional coins to be able to select OK ABCDEFG. I insert 10 additional coins but I am not able to select <- -> the change the card.

Also, I noticed that there are a few bulbs that are out the illuminate the numbers on the card. It seems like it may be a pain to replace them, Any advice/steps on how to replace them?

Thank you for any input/assistance and/or direction on this
If things are easier to describe on the phone, I'm OK with that.


#2 1 year ago

Hey Steve, that's good news! Since your game has been modified to accept quarters, you'll need to play off the replays by pressing the red button additional times to try to get the game to award the magic screen.

Of you have abcd or more lit, after shooting the first ball, you can move the screen with the left and right buttons on the footrail. This will reveal different colored sections corresponding with the red, green, and yellow odds displayed on the backglass (highlighted by a lamp).

Odds are awarded for 5 in a row, 4 in a row or 3 in a row (listed in descending order on the backglass).

In the section, instead of shooting for 3 in a row, you can get 3/4/5 in a single section, and they don't have to be contiguous. Big advantage!

The yellow button allows you to play a replay in exchange for potentially receiving an extra ball. Up to three extra balls can be awarded. You have to light #, extra, and ball before an eb is lifted.

Changing the card lamps isn't as difficult as it seems. I think baldtwit has a great write-up on his site, IIRC.

If not, you should remove the backglass, open the back door, and looking at the back of the screen unit, you'll notice two spring loaded little clips on the right edge of the track that houses the screen that rotates.

Pop these slightly aside and then you can press the solenoid plunger beneath the screen unit and gently, evenly, pull the screen around and out of the track. Do this for several segments and you'll have access to the glass card with numbers. This is held in with several screws. Remove these and set the clips aside.

Now you can get the lamps out but note that these are 17V lamps and not 6V. You need 1464 or equivalent to put in these sockets.

Reassembly is the same, but backwards.

#3 1 year ago

Congrats Steve. From your description so far its working properly.

#4 1 year ago

I'm not surprised......

#5 1 year ago

Hi Bingo, Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

Quoted from bingopodcast:

Since your game has been modified to accept quarters, you'll need to play off the replays by pressing the red button additional times to try to get the game to award the magic screen.

I was able to get the magic screen to move by eating replays with the red button. Thank You. Im looking at the schematic, is there a jumper/plug that will allow the game play to change from quarters back to nickles?

Thank you for the heads up about the 1464 bulbs and the steps to replace them.

I still have not been able to add replays with what I thought was a winning card. But I'll continue a few other combinations.

I will continue on...


MagicScreen (resized).jpg
#6 1 year ago

The third button (marked 'R') on the footrail registers your winners. This circuit is very complex, but pressing that should cause a series of clicks, clacks and whirrs that result in the thunka-thunka sound we all enjoy.

See if that works. It will be locked until you shoot your fourth ball.

#7 1 year ago

I gave it a try, it is locked until I shoot the 4th ball. Below is a video link. It sounds like I am getting a series of clicks, clacks and whirrs but no thunka-thunka.

My thought is i need to trace from the "R" button, unless this result is telling us something specific.


#8 1 year ago

Hey Steve, things are going to start getting a little complex, and you'll need to view the back of the machine to make sense of what is happening.

There are a few units you need to know the position of -

The Timer Unit - this unit is making the occasional THUNK during the normal whirring after shooting the 4th ball. Eventually, it will time out the game (and throw it into a hard tilt).

The Control Unit - the big motor in the bottom center of the head. It has a motor on the left side and a series of cams. At the end is the "search disc".

The search disc is held in place by the search magnet. You can hear the "POP" when you initially press the R button.

The problem is that this disc is not rotating around. This is possibly (probably?) due to gummy clutches, but I want you to observe and see if it is rotating or not.

If it IS rotating, then the problem is getting power to the search relays at the upper left of the back door.

If it IS NOT rotating, then the unit will need to be disassembled (at least past the search disc wipers) to clean and re-lubricate the clutch washers.

To observe what the heck is going on, you don't need to be in front of the machine.

With the game running, in the back, you'll see a metal plate above the search magnet relay coil (on the right edge of the control unit). Press this armature down and see if the wipers make a full revolution and then land back in the default position.

If they do - then you've got a different problem (probably dirt on the search disc rivets/wipers or the slip ring wipers out of place). But from the sounds made, it sounds like gunky clutches is the issue.

There is a typical problem with searching that involves the timer unit, but that problem prevents it from stepping normally, and you do not have that issue, so you're left with the clutches, probably.

#9 1 year ago

bingopodcast it sounds to me like the search index lock magnet is not pulling in to let the search disc go. Steve, set a winner and go to the back of the game. At the far right of the control unit as you look at it from the back there is a coil with a plate that holds the disc from rotating. Pushing the R button is supposed to activate this coil. Push it down by hand and see if the machine tries to do anything. I would do that before messing with the clutches for sure.

#11 1 year ago

This is what I know so far, I will do more in the morning.... with the machine running, I did press that coil plate and the search disc rotated 1 full turn. Note, this was WITHOUT a winning card. I will try that with a winning card tomorrow and report back. Thank you bingopodcast and thank you okorange for that quick test to try once I set a winning card... I'll let you know

thanks again

#12 1 year ago

bingopodcast I have a lack of reading comprehension. I see it now! LOL.

#13 1 year ago

Success! It now registers replays on winning cards. I tried 3 different winners and it's working. What I did was to release the metal gear stop on the unit mounted on the top back door and it started to register replays. Sorry about not knowing the units proper names, i am still trying to label everything. Pic below is what i was refering to.

update #1: there are a few instances that it would not give replays unless I pressed on the coil plate on the control unit. Im was gonna pass a business card thru all the switches on that unit and also the unit on top of the back door.

update #2: seems more and more that I need to press the coil plate to register replays

Thanks for everyones help/ assistance. I will test out other winning cards and continue on.


20200901_065424 (resized).jpg

#14 1 year ago

I cleaned up/adjusted the "Front Rail Collect Score R Button" switches. Working much better. But I did notice that 2 of the contacts within that stack are almost non-existent and you need to really press the button down hard. I don't think I need to apply that much pressure. I will rebuild that stack and see if that resolves this.


#15 1 year ago
Quoted from smohr:

Success! It now registers replays on winning cards. I tried 3 different winners and it's working. What I did was to release the metal gear stop on the unit mounted on the top back door and it started to register replays. Sorry about not knowing the units proper names, i am still trying to label everything. Pic below is what i was refering to.

the unit on the top of the back door is the mixer and spotting unit. The metal ratchet/gear is the spotting index ratchet, the coil/release arm above is the spotting index unit, and the stuff to the left is the spotting disc and wipers.

the only way I can think that releasing the spotting wipers made the game pay is as the spotting wipers spun some score units stepped up, then a win would have continued paying up to the new amount.

if you are debugging and want to repeat payouts, manually reset the replay counter unit for the color of the winner by pushing the reset solenoid plunger.

replay register = thing that shows you credits
replay counters = the units with the copper printed circuit traces that step up as credits are added to the replay register.

Quoted from smohr:

... rail buttons ...

if you have to mash a rail button down hard to get it to work, you need to adjust the switch blades up so the switch closes with a little overtravel before the button is all the way down. When the playfield glass is installed the rail is usually raised up a little, so allow for that if adjusting with the rail installed with no glass in.

with the playfield glass out and rail in, if the switch blade the bottom of the button is pushing is adjusted to be barely touching the button shaft when the button is up and the rest of the switches adjusted to work right when the button is pushed, you're good when the glass is put back.

Quoted from smohr:

... search ...

if you are holding down the search index armature plate (manual page 92) to get the game to pay, that's testing that the replay cams will add credits and the replay counter will step up, but it's not testing winner detect or payouts stopping at the right amount.

the sequence for an inline winner is:

1] before 4th selector lock trip relay trips after 4th ball is shot
2] the R button will then release the search wipers to spin
3] as the search wipers spin, search relays are turned on/off. If three+ adjacent search relays power at the same time, the search index coil is powered to hold the wipers at that position
4] replay cams are released to create pulses to step up the replay register and appropriate replay counter unit ... not necessarily at the same rate.
5] when the replay counter unit wipers step off the trace selected by the winning colors score disc, the circuit is broken.
6] the search index coil loses power and the search wipers continue to spin. More wins can't be detected until the replay cams are locked in their home position.

section scoring is handled a bit differently, but get the inline stuff working for all colors first and then all the shared circuits will be ok.

if you have a winner but don't get paid, the things to look at are:
1] is the search index coil showing any sign of trying to power
2] are the search relays - especially #3 - powering. Which relays power depends on which holes the balls are in.
3] is the replay counter for the winning color reset

county fair has the advantage that you can manually step up the timer unit all the way to turn off the motors, then you can manually release the search wipers and spin them without the motors turning on. Manual pages 86-89 can be used to determine where to position the wipers for the win you have, then you can see which search relays are powering and what the search index unit is doing.

on games where it's not possible to turn off the motors that way you either need to hold the search wipers at the desired position or stick paper between switch contacts to turn off the motors.

if you have a non-payer, post what the screen position is and what numbers are lit and someone can help ya figure it out if it's not making sense. It can be a little confusing to work thru just from the manual and schem.

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