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Bally Capt Fantastic home edition ball kick-out

By BigUgly

4 days ago

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#1 4 days ago

Quick lowdown
-Not new to electronics, certainly not an expert just not completely green.
-First pin, paid $200, didnt do the most thorough homework before purchasing, guy was in a rush, of course, and I'm a sucker. Dont regret it tho, good little starter machine to get the hang of these things I feel, and if I trick it out and spiff it up, I'll have gotten my money's worth through having experienced it.
-Machine's in great shape tho, 9/10 BG, and 7/10 PF, and 8/10 Cab.
After first ball drains, wont kick out again, as if it doesnt register the drain. Switch is good, and obviously the solenoids good so i went through and reflowed ALL the joints on the logic board. Going to reseat the CPU when I get home from work today(where I'm writing this cuz now I cant focus on work..) and reflow all the joints on the power supply board. I didnt do that first cuz it fired up and almost everything else works on it so I figured it was getting the correct voltages everywhere.. haven't actually checked yet tho.
-The 1's digit on the l.e.d. display doesnt show at all. And the 10's digit flickers a little if u hit a bumper.
-The right spinner doesnt register points. I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that'll be an easy fix as the kickout is my primary concern.
-The tilt doesnt work, as in no voltage to either the plumb bob or the ring it would sway into.

I've got the Bally home edition fix it manual with all the schematics and logics thanks to Ken Layton, thanks Ken, and an oscilloscope arriving tomorrow. I was just hoping to reflow some would be cold joints to fix this thing without having to do a real deep dive, but it's looking like that's what's going to be required. Unless anyone has any other quick fix tips.. I also already went to a local electronics store and grabbed two or three of almost all the transistors and caps that may need to be replaced, so I've got those on hand as well. Hoping to not have to replace the CPU Mostek 3870 as having to do so would really piss me off and i would then defenitely be unable to justify the purchase to myself or my wife as its already a stretch to do so.. Any and all help, advice, or personal opinions of the purchase are welcome, thanks everyone.

#2 3 days ago

You are off to a good start. With the home pin everything starts at the power supply and you are on track checking the voltages.
You say the game is booting? and you can launch a ball? Is everything working otherwise except for the switch problems you describe?

Your problems appear to be with the display and switches. It's been a while but at least you have the schematic and support manual.
Read through it and try running the self tests.

I glanced over the matrix diagram and it appears all the switches you are having problems with are on the same row of the matrix. That's an important clue and could indicate a bad connection to the mpu board or a faulty driver chip.

I would start by trouble shooting the simplest a loose wire or bad connection at the board. If you have the same schematic I have the matrix is shown in figure 2A. Mx0 wire appears to be common to all the switches that do not work. Since the problem is split between the tilt and the playfield I'm guessing if it's a wiring issue it's gong to be with the MPU connection.

Bally home pins are indeed excellent starter games to learn on. Overall not much value but in working condition a good starter pin for a young family.

#3 1 day ago

Thank u so much for your reply big al. I noticed what u said about a lot of those problems being on the same line of the switch matrix as well a day or two after my original post. I swapped out M1 for a new transistor, tip-115 i think it was, and it solved every problem I had on that line, ball 2 kicked right out, i was stoked. Then as far as the 1's digit not working on the display, i just went through the logic board and reflowed every single joint on the board and that seemed to do it, all 6 digits on the led display worked, stoked again. All that was left at that point was the right spinner not registering and the bulb under the right thumper bumper not lighting. So today, i removed the top playfield, reflowed the joints under the right spinner switch and removed the right thumper bumper coil so as to better the bulb connections that looked to be shorting on the bumper coil assembly. I bettered the bulb joints, covering them with heat shrink so they wouldn't short and then put the coil assembly back in place and the playfield back on. When I pushed the start button, the right spinner worked and the bulb actually came on and stayed on. then I hit the left flipper button and the right thumper bumper and various other coils started going off at random, then I heard one, i believe the right tb coil, stay on. I immediately hit the off switch, pulled the playfield back up and decided the right tb coil diode looked too black for my taste and swapped it out with a new in4004. I hit the breakers in the back, and fired it up. Now the display doesnt work at all, neither do any of the other lights on the logic board, AND as soon as I hit the left flipper button coils start firing and one of them, the right tb coil, stays on for about 3 seconds until it blows the breaker in the back or I can hit the off switch, whichever comes first. I don't know what I did? I didnt take a pic of the coil diode before I swapped it out so maybe I put it on backwards? I read that if so it would immediately blow the diode and probably the transistor and maybe more but when I pull the logic board off I don't see any damage to anything and I checked all the transistors with my DMM and they check good. I havent turned the diode around yet, dont know if thats the problem almost too scared to turn it on at this point. I don't know what to do. I was down to solving my last problem than this happens.. any help would be appreciated, thanks big al.

#4 21 hours ago

Did you accidently bridge some solder joints? Remember, these primative electronics have no protection. So one mistake can take out several things.

With these old pinball games I always start at the power supply board since a lot of problems originate there. Recap and replace any burnt/corroded connectors.

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