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Bally Campus Queen: Tilt on Gaming Up

By Odie3

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I am having a random problem that is slowly getting worse and I have misplaced the schematic

When starting up a new game it will sometimes go straight to 'tilt'. Push the game up button 1 (or more times) and we carry on. So far it only does this when starting up a new game on the player 1 cycling up and does not happen during game play or even when continuing to add player 2, 3, or 4. While my daughter and I played last night we had a few games were we have to give it 4~5 tries and I thought to myself this might become a real problem soon.

I was hoping as we played more games it would get better and clear itself up - wishful thinking on my part

Thoughts / Suggestions?

#2 3 years ago
Quoted from Odie3:

and I have misplaced the schematic

At the risk of locking the barn after the horse has escaped, keep the schematic in a folder or envelope inside the game.

#3 3 years ago

Some easy items to check would be all the tilt mechanisms. Check the tilt bob, ball tilt and slam switches to see if they are adjusted properly. Sometimes the slam switch on the coin door and cause a premature tilt. Also, check the switches on the tilt relay to see if they are clean and adjusted properly... Maybe someone here has a copy of the Campus Queen schematic or the 2-player version of the machine, Sheba.

#4 3 years ago

thanks for the reply (and for the schematic tip, good idea in hindsight).

#5 3 years ago

Hi pinsiders
I happen to like to "work" in MS-Paint / paint.net - putting together snippets to get an complete schematics - freshening up stuff. I happen to have an "hard to read" PDF of "Campus Queen" - one of the worst parts You see in the first JPG --- the second JPG shows the area after my "work". Where I could not freshen-up: I put an "burgundy-red question mark" - about 8 question marks in the whole schematics. PDF and JPGs are big in size - many MB data. Such stuff I do not post in pinside - IF YOU want me to send You copies: Write me an personal message with an EMail-address and I will send You the copies.

Hi Odie3
I am not so good in "Bally pins" - Bally did some strange (/ funny) stuff --- and Campus Queen has some***. From the schematics I say: When a player shakes the pin too much - a Tilt happens --- THIS player can no longer play (he has his Game-Over - Tilt) - the other players can play the rest of the balls = the Campus Queen has FOUR Tilt-Relays (Tilt-TRIP-Relays).
At that time Bally wanted to save money - they did a strange / funny wiring - much like we are used to have in Gottlieb-Pins - an (Tilt- ) Hold-Relay - this Hold-Relay usually stays pulling all the time - tilting makes this Hold-Relay quit pulling. Funny - Bally did not have an Tilt-Relay to pull-in to open a switch to cut "Self-Hold-Current on the Hold-Relay" - no, no, no --- Bally used an resistor (to NOT make the fuse to blow when creating a "short") --- see the third JPG - the "plumb bob tilt switch closing" opens a "freeway" for the electrons - all electrons rush through the closed switch (third JPG, encircled red) - none of the electrons travels through the windings in the Hold-Relay --- the Hold-Relay quits pulling ...

See (encircled red) in the second JPG --- the "Hold-Relay quit pulling" makes the Tilt-Trip-Relay(s) to trip.
Then (third JPG, encircled green) - as the Player-Unit is stepped: The traveling plunger on the Player-UP-side closes an "End-of-Stroke-Switch" - the Hold-Relay is made pulling again.

Troubleshooting (?) - want to have an look at: Start-Trip-Relay (three-bladed Make-and-Brake-Switch) and "Player-UP-Unit plunger and End-of-Stroke-Switch" and "Self-Hold-Switch*** on the Hold-Relay".
"Self-Hold-Switch***": From one side of the "Coil on Hold-Relay" runs an wire to a huge resistor - the other side of the resistor has a connection to "Switch mounted on the Hold-Relay" - THIS is the switch to check --- truely closing when the relay is pulling ? contact-points clean ? wires truely soldered-on ? Greetings Rolf

P.S.: Some*** strange stuff --- DANGER - this pin has many relays etc. operated by 110VAC !!!

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2 months later
#6 3 years ago

Thank you for the reply - I hate this site does not email on new replies. I’ll give this information a look!

Thanks again!

3 years later
#7 1 day ago

After having the pinball in storage for a long time, I revisited this today as it was getting even worse before my eyes. So I disabled the Player one Tilt (there is one for each player). After this what I found was the ball selector was dragging returning to 1 on new game - not sure how I missed this. I removed the spider arm, then cleaned everything up and then gave the spring one extra turn. Now after it counts up to ball 5 and on new game the arm returns to Ball 1 lighting fast.

I then re-enabled Player 1 Tilt and all is great on new game start up. Hasn't failed to engage ball 1 / game on without titling after 20~30 test games.

Just thought I'd follow up after 1,337 days

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