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Bally Boomerang indefinitely resetting FIXED

By futurepinhead

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I am trying to help a friend with his Boomerang. It is constantly trying to reset and never stops. I have received several tips but I wanted to put a feeler out here too. Someone said the zero switches aren't reading in the backbox but I advanced the score reals by activating the coil by hand and they all stop at zero while resetting so I do not think that is it. The score motor in the cab is arcing quite a bit and someone told me to take that out, clean it and tighten all the screws. I can do that but I assume since it is arcing, it is getting a connection and shouldn't be the issue. I got it to start a game once and not any other time.

I have posted this on a group on Facebook as well incase this sounds familiar and you are a member of that group.

#2 3 years ago

Hi futurepinhead
in Your collection I see a "Surf Champ" and "4 Roses". I guess You are familiar with EM-Pinballs.
ipdb.org -> (Boomerang): http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=354 -> schema: E-9 / F-9, there is the symbol of the Score-Motor. A wire (colour RED-YELLOW) runs downward. A group of switches on the right-hand-side. A group of switches on the left-hand-side.
A switch closed because of a"faulty-pulling" Relay lets the Score-Motor run forever --- OR ---
A "Faulty-bend" (and therefore closed) switch on a non-pulling Relay lets the Score-Motor run forever.
Question: (Some replays on the counter) Line-cord pulled (unplugged) -> Line-Cord plugged-in -> Main-Switch turned-on -> Replay-Button pushed (to start a game) -> Game starts resetting -> ->
At WHAT TIME does the Score-Motor starts to turn ?
AA: After Line-Cord is plugged-in ?
BB: After Main-Switch is turned-on ?
CC: After Replay-Button is pushed ?

Your answer gives a hint: Which switch(es) shall be examined ? Greetings Rolf

#3 3 years ago
Quoted from futurepinhead:

The score motor in the cab is arcing quite a bit

The infamous "big blue spark." Old trick to find a switch that needs adjusted/repaired. Turn out the lights, press start, look for "big blue spark. Be advised there will be "tiny blue sparks" which is OK. PinballNinja repair guide addresses this.

#4 3 years ago

Hi futurepinhead
I forgot: after "BB" and before "CC" You push ("B-C") the left "Flipper-Button.
Therefor my question, the Score-Motor starts to turn -> After AA or after BB or after B-C or after CC ?

Please look in Your "Surf Champ" -> The AX-Relay is a "Interlock-(Type)-Relay".
In Boomerang the "Game-Over-Relay is also an "Interlock-Relay". Do the test (see above) once:
"Game-Over-Relay" is switched "this way" --- and --- (another test)
"Game-Over-Relay" is switched "the other way". Greetings Rolf

#5 3 years ago
Quoted from rolf_martin_062:

in Your collection I see a "Surf Champ" and "4 Roses". I guess You are familiar with EM-Pinballs.

Sadly, no. These are sitting in my workshop awaiting me to be smart enough to repair them. This guy dropped this game off and begged me to fix it so it is giving me the courage I need to try and repair this. I actually rebuilt a stepper this weekend which is awesome.

The game goes into reset after I hit the start button. So if I hit the start button, the score rotates back to all zeros and then the never ending reset starts.

I'm going to pick up 2 arcade games tonight but I'll look at it some more Wed. I'll start with that big motor in the bottom, if you think of anything else, please let me know.

#6 3 years ago

Hi futurepinhead
Do not touch the "big motor in the bottom = Score-Motor". The Score-Motor turns because some OTHER place a relay / switch ... is faulty. (Think of man beeing sick and having temperature - His (raised) temperature is a "hint" - somewhere is a malady / sickness. Soon I will write more - Just this: "To look at the Score-Motor": Yes. --- "To work at the Score-Motor": The last thing in a long line. Greetings Rolf

#7 3 years ago

Tighten the screws on the switch stacks on all score reel assemblies first. Be sure to tighten the ones on closest to the contact points first. Then tighten the ones closest to the wires.

#8 3 years ago

Hi futurepinhead
We do not need to look at the Game-Over-Interlock-Relay. The Score-Motor starts turning AFTER You hit the Start-Button.

Warning / Danger ! 110 VAC / 50 VAC / 6 VAC may harm You -> WHENEVER You "just look at" / "work at" the pin - First: unplug / pull the 110 VAC Main-Power-Cord (NOT: just switching the Main-Power-Switch). Plug-in the Main-Power-Cord ONLY FOR TESTING.

I want You to understand what / why "we are looking at".
To have a look at the schema: I must make a copy onto my computer: "Right-hand-side-Mouse-click" in ipdb.org -> "Save target" -> Your computer.
The connection "50 Volt "POWER"": transformer (C-2) -> 10 ampere fuse -> wire BLACK -> to the right -> -> one-side-of-Score-Motor (E-9).
The "returning connection": transformer (B-2) -> wire YELLOW -> -> a "Branch-off" at B-4 / B-5, but keep on straight / horizontal -> at B-9 upwards towards the Score-Motor through one ore more "Switches at" Outhole-Relay / Bonus-Score-Relay / Lane-500-Relay / Top-Hole-Relay. All these switches are O.K. as the Score-Motor NOT starts turning when You turn on the Main-Power-Switch.

The error must be on switches (to the left): Coin-Relay / 2nd-Coin-Chute-RELAY / 3rd-Coin-Chute-RELAY / Reset-Relay. The error can NOT be (a bit to the left) "Score-Motor-Switch-1-D (as the Score-Motor NOT starts turning when You turn on the Main-Power-Switch).

futurepinhead, please look in the boomerang for 2nd-Coin-Chute-RELAY / 3rd-Coin-Chute-RELAY. When You start a game: Does one or both start pulling ? Please report.

Maybe the fault is on the Coin-Relay (switch) - I assume (more likely): The Reset-Relay starts pulling (thats O.K.) - BUT it never lets go (the fault). Why does the Reset-Relay "never let go" ?

Schema B-11 / C-11 / D-11 / E-11: I see Reset-Relay / Game-Over-Relay-Latch / No-1-Score-Reset-Relay / No-2-Score-Reset-Relay.

futurepinhead, please look for Reset-Relay / No-1-Score-Reset-Relay / No-2-Score-Reset-Relay - after You start a game: Does the Reset-Relay keeps-on pulling and the No-1- and No-2- relays are pulsing (on -> -> off -> on -> off ...) ? I assume "Yes" - please report.

On C-11 I see switches: "16 Drum Units Zero" / Bonus-Zero-RELAY / Score-Motor-Switch-8-E. If one (ore more) is "faulty-closed-(forever)": Your "Boomerang-Problem". You must check all these switches - lets start with "Bonus-Zero-Relay": Look schema-F-4: the Coil of Bonus-Zero-Relay. This Relay can pull (it must pull) when "switch on Game-Over-Relay" AND "switch Bonus Unit Zero" (both) are closed - that means: As long as there are some bonus on the Bonus-Counter: Bonus-Zero-Relay is pulling - when (truely) there are no bonus on the Bonus-Counter: Bonus-Zero-Relay does NOT pull.

To end this post - futurepinhead, please look in the Boomerang for the Bonus-Zero-RELAY -> when the Score-Motor is (faulty) turning: is this relay PULLING ? (it should not).
Have a look at the switch mounted on Bonus-Zero-Relay, wire "YELLOW" and wire "RED-YELLOW" are soldered-on. (When the relay is not pulling) - Is this switch "faulty-closed" ? Do the solder-lugs have "faulty-connection" (blades bent / a solder splash in between) ? Please report. Greetings Rolf

P.S.: We might have to look at several places - eliminating "this is NOT the fault" -> "this is NOT the fault" ...

#9 3 years ago

Sorry guys, I haven't worked on this since my last post. I picked up an Asteroids and Galaga arcade super cheap so I was getting an inventory of parts needed for Asteroids and I got Galaga working. I hope to spare a couple of hours on it this weekend.

#10 3 years ago

Played my first game on her tonight!

I took off the backbox and pulled out each of the score reels. There were two or three that seemed they just stayed closed no matter what number was displayed. The fuse holders are shit. The playfield lights don't work and I only got to play one game now I can't get it to turn on at all so I suspect the fuse holders. I'll rebuild those this weekend and share results. Thanks guys.

#11 3 years ago

Did you tighten the screws on the switch stacks on the score reels?

#12 3 years ago

I did tighten those screws first, that didn't fix it but one was very loose so that'll help in the future. I replaced the fuse holders and it fired right up. All lights work now and it resets with no problems. I still need to replace that burnt coil on the bonus stepper and this game 'should' be golden. I can play it right now but once it hits one of the bonus targets that coil gets locked on. The left flipper is quite loud and I would love to know how to fix that

#13 3 years ago




#14 3 years ago

Hi futurepinhead
in Your post-12 I read "can play the Boomerang" - great.
I am confused about "burnt" coil <-> hitting one of the bonus targets -> the coil (of the bonus-unit ???) gets locked on". To me a "burnt coil" either does not work or makes a short (and a fuse will blow).

Question: At start of a new game: Does the pin gives You One bonus ? Stepping the "Bonus-Unit" from Zero to One ? In the (ipdb.org) schema I see at "F-5" the "Bonus Unit Step Up Solenoid" and upwards towards "J-5" the switches:
AAA: A Normally-Open switch on Bonus Advance Relay (to close if You make a bonus).
BBB: A switch on Bonus-Unit-Zero-RELAY (drawn closed), Score-Motor-Switch-7C (that closes when the Motor is turning), a switch on Outhole-Relay (when the ball shall be transported Outhole -> Launching Lane: Outhole-Relay pulls and this switch is (then) closed).
CCC: A switch (closed on 9th-position) and a switch on the Spinner-Relay (to close). I guess: Spinning around a whole circle will reward You a bonus.

Again my question, please report -at start of a game: Does Your "Bonus Unit" steps from Zero to One ?

You wrote (post-12): "Once a Bonus-Target is hit - the Bonus-Unit-Step-Up-Coil gets locked-on".
I believe we must look at "AAA" -> You hit a Bonus-Target -> Bonus-Advance-Relay gets active -> Bonus-Unit is stepped up -> Bonus-Advance-Relay must get inactive (again) !!!

Question: Does Your Bonus-Advance-Relay sticks ? keeps beeing "Locked-On" ?

Schema-F-12 shows the "Coil of the Bonus Advance Relay" -> (upwards) -> the "Self-Hold-Switch on the Bonus Advance Relay" -> (upwards) -> the "Bonus Unit END-OF-STROKE switch".

Question: The plunger in the Bonus-Unit opens (should open) "at the end of plunger-travel" a switch - Your Boomerang (that End-Of-Stroke-Switch) ? Greetings Rolf

#15 3 years ago

The burnt coil still works but the plastic sleeve inside it has melted so bad that it has closed the hole completely. When it tries to fire, there is an end of stroke switch that deactivates that coil. Since the plunger can not go through the hole, the coil stays active and starts to smoke. It only gets turned on when a bonus 1000 switch is hit. There are 8 rollovers and 2 inlane switches that cause this bonus coil to get activated. Any other 1000 point switch and the game still runs fine, just the bonuses. I have a new coil ordered and every test I have done makes me think this coil installed will have this have running 100% but we will see.

#16 3 years ago

Hi futurepinhead
replacing (broken down) parts is good. Strange to me is: The "Bonus Unit steps up (Zero -> One) at the "start of a new game / a new ball" = the "bad" coil does NOT lock-on. But when a "regular step-up" is done: The coil does lock-on. (Strange to me).
The E.O.S.-Switch on Bonus Unit does open the curcuitry of the "Bonus Advance Relay" -> the "Bonus Advance Relay" returns (should return) to "not pulling" and by that the "Bonus Advance Relay" opens a switch -> circuitry of "Bonus (Unit) Step Up Coil" is cut.

Again my question - You hit one of the 8 rollovers -> Bonus-Advance-Relay pulls -> Bonus-Unit-Step-Up-Coil fires -> E.O.S.-Switch opens -> Bonus-Advance-Relay must quit pulling (Switch-on-Bonus-Advance-Relay opens and then the Bonus-Unit-Step-Up-Coil must loose electricity). Question: Does the Bonus-Advance-Relay QUIT pulling ?
Please check the "Switch on Bonus-Advance-Relay" (with wire "colour Green" and wire "colour Brown-White" soldered-on): does this switch securely opens ?
And when You are sure "this switch securely opens": do hit one of the 8 rollovers and afterwards manually open the "E.O.S.-Switch on Bonus-Unit".

In the schema "G-H-J, 15-16" I see the switches for the rollovers - I doubt that one of these switches is "faulty". Greetings Rolf

P.S. - At the start of a game: The E.O.S.-Switch (Bonus Unit) is not needed - Outhole-Relay / Bonus-Zero-Relay / Score-Motor-7C will cut "Circuitry of "Bonus-Unit-Step-Up-Solenoid".

#17 3 years ago

This game is now fixed as far as I can tell. I installed a new coil in the stepper and now the EOS is being opened correctly and its not getting locked on. I played a whole game, not one coil was hot afterwards. I will play a 4 player game as soon as I get all the bulbs in. The backbox is missing quite a few so I want to make sure they are all lighting up correctly.

Thanks again for all your help in my first official EM repair.

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