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Bally Bikini - won't Coin up

By smohr

8 months ago

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#1 8 months ago

Hi All,

I've been trying to get this machine to COIN-UP but can't figure it out.

I powerup the machine - all is good, if there are any replays on the register it will count down to zero.

I drop a nickel into the coin slot and it drops into the coin box but the game does not start, the START RELAY COIL does not energize. I can manually start a game by tripping the START RELAY COIL. I did test the coil by jumping wire 30 to it and it energized.

I even tried flicking the COIN SW wire with my finger but still won't start.

I have traced and buzzed the wires from the COIN SW 48-2 and 90-9 to the back box and to CU SW 4D to 13-9 and 90-9.

Just as a note, if I manually start a game and have a winner, the game collects the wins correctly. I can then start another game using the RED or GREEN or BLUE buttons on the front door. So the START RELAY COIL will energize if there are replays on the register like it should.

Below is a snippet of what I have been looking/tracing/buzzing. The path in the greenish color is what I think the COIN-UP path should be. The path in red is where I think the problems is...

I have also tried to set the game to free play (both ways from bingo.cdyn.com) and none have worked, I may have not done it correctly but thought I'd try this to see if it would get around the issue temporarily.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Bikini-Coinup (resized).jpg
#2 8 months ago

if buzz = continuity test, you've found the limitations of continuity testing.

even if you take care to isolate the circuit so there's no other possible paths between the tester probes, continuity test just tells you there's a fairly low resistance path between the probes. Fairly low doesn't mean it will work, and what counts as fairly low is tester dependent.

if you have no credits on the game, the only open switch in the start relay circuit that goes thru the coin switch is the coin switch. Stick a continuity tester on the two terminals of your coin switch and see what happens ... it may buzz, it may not. Depends on whether the tester thinks the other two paths (thru the transformer and thru the coin lockout coil) are low enough resistance to count as continuity.

the best approach is use either a jumper wire or a voltmeter.

jumper wire
- jumper the coin switch terminals. If the start relay powers, the coin switch is bad
- jumper wire 30 from the transformer to anyplace along your red path to see where the start relay powers and where it doesn't. If you jumper to 10-9, you need to close the coin switch

the ideal thing is probing in a closed circuit. Stick one meter probe on wire 70, close/jumper the coin switch and poke around the red path with the other probe. Where the 50V drops a lot, you've found the problem.

Added 8 months ago:

oops. This "If you jumper to 10-9" should be "If you jumper above 10-9". i.e. if you jumper 30 to a spot in the circuit that has an open switch between it and the coil, you can't expect much to happen unless you close the switch

#3 8 months ago

I'm betting you have a bad Coin switch......... "weakest link in the circuit".........
"Baldwit" is the MAN........ we are Lucky he is here.

#4 8 months ago

I think I got it... Thanks for your insight.
I noticed a crappy solder joint on the Replay Register for 13-9. I reflowed that and it now coinsup. Video below.

Now I can move onto cleaning up stepper units and light issues.

#5 8 months ago

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