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Ball Count Stepper Issue - Williams Bowl A Strike

By rfordut

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

I just purchased a 1965 Williams Bowl A Strike for a good price. The only issue I can tell - other than some PF wear - is the ball count unit continually runs after the startup sequence. I can play a game without issue, but it will go on forever as the ball count unit always counts up to the max. The knocker continually cycles, which is very annoying, as much as I like the sound during normal game play.

Does anyone have a schematic for this game (or its replay cousin Lucky Strike)? I'm going to dig into the ways the ball count unit is triggered tonight. I think it's probably a closed switch somewhere.


#2 8 years ago

chk the coin switches, and the coin relays. sounds like a stuck switch.

#3 8 years ago

Thanks. I'll look into that. For what it's worth, this game has the coin mechanism completely removed from the door and a start switch has been wired. It doesn't look like a poor job, but I haven't dug into it.

#4 8 years ago

Make a video please!

#5 8 years ago

Update - I moved the post below from a different sub-topic.

I dug further into the ball count unit issue I'm having with my recently purchased 1965 Williams Bowl A Strike. For now, I'm looking for some quick insight since I don't have a schematic yet. I'm hoping someone might own BaS or Lucky Strike, it's replay cousin. I believe this is the only issue on the machine. I will try to post a video tonight, but for now, my explanation will have to do.

I've narrowed the issue down to a reset failure on the bank of switches for the ten bowling pins. Each pin (PF rollover switch) has a corresponding latching mechanism under the PF. I'm trying to figure out what is responsible for firing the 115V reset coil tied to these latching pin switches.

First, I am 95% confident that the game play sequence should go like this...

Rollover ten pins (i.e. obtain spare), 1st "spare relay" fires/holds, reset coil fires, all ten pins reset,
Rollover ten more pins, 2nd spare relay fires/holds, reset coil fires, all ten pins reset,
Rollover ten more pins, 3rd spare relay fires/holds, reset coil fires, all ten pins reset
Ball count unit steps up, knocker coil fires for free ball
Any spare obtained afterwards is a free ball

When I start up the game, the score reels zero properly, the spare relays reset (different reset coil than pins), and the ball count unit steps up to five (momentarily). I say momentarily because when the switches in the bank are all fully engaged/latched at start up, the spare relays (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) fire in succession and then the ball count unit (and knocker) continually fires forever. The game thinks the player is continually getting spares.

If I manually reset any or all of the switches in the bank before startup, the game appears to reset normally. The issue doesn't then arise until I trip all ten switches for the first time during gameplay.

Can someone with a schematic tell me what is responsible for firing this reset coil? I believe the coil is good, as it reads 9 ohms, doesn't look fried, and doesn't seem to bind. I need to know the sequence to get the bank to reset after a spare is obtained.

Any insight would help. Thanks!


#6 8 years ago

OK, so the pinball Gods were with me on this one. I went to take a video and just started exploring more. There is a fuse feeding the reset coil and mine was blown. I replaced it with the wrong amperage, but the game appears to fully function now. I just need to go through it and make sure I have the right fuses throughout the game, clean it up and install rubbers. Should be good to go.

#7 8 years ago

Great news! Gotta have a slow blow in that puppy! Still like to see a video of it in action! Let's start a Bowl- A -Strike, Lucky Bowl fan club topic!

4 months later
#8 7 years ago

I am restoring 2 Lucky Strikes and a Bowl A Strike. I love these machines !!!
I am going through them completely cleaning and servicing all the steppers,score reels etc. A lot of them are sticking from dirt and sitting.
Good Luck with yours !! I am hoping to have my Bowl A Strike ready for "Free Play Florida" down in Orlando in November.

#9 7 years ago

If you are still needing a schematic I got my Lucky Strikes & Bowl A Strikes schematics from Steve @ The Pinball Resource www.pbresource.com
I was able to get just about everything I needed for my machines from them.
Hope this helps some !

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