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Back To The Future Restoration

By Lonzo

5 years ago

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#101 5 years ago
Quoted from mario_1_up:

Yea it sucks when life gets in the way of fun stuff.

Oh well. I will probably be able to get some artwork done in the evening.

1 week later
#102 5 years ago

Been working the last 2 weeks so not much progress but was able to get all the trim painted today. Eventually I will powder coat but I don't have everything set up yet. I ran into a problem with one of the side rails. As I was sanding the surface for pre paint, the finish kept chipping off and the under surface was slightly rusted. I had to strip the side rail to bare metal. The other one was ok but I went ahead and stripped it so the finish texture would match the other.

Here are they are ready to paint.
pre paint.jpg

Here they are all painted. Textured paint and then a black enamel finish. After they have cured I will clear coat them for a durable finish.
post paint.jpg

Hope to clear coat the back box the first of next week. Also, the playfield is almost cured and ready for wax and re-assembly.

#103 5 years ago

Finally got some time to clear coat. I was able to clear all the trim pieces and to put the first layer of clear on the backbox. Now I will be able to fix all the chips and corner damage with Bondo.

They have a little more shine than normal but I might just leave them that way. They turned out really nice. Hey, is that an Apollo 13?

Very happy with the way the paint is matching up. Also amazing how the clear makes a lot of the scratches disappear.

#104 5 years ago

I was able to work on the back box today. Got it sanded down and ready for some body work.

Got all the stickers off the back and sanded it down. It looks like something was sitting on it when it was folded and created some water damage. It was kind of sticky. The stickers were scanned and replacements will be made.
stickers removed.jpg

Here is the first application of Bondo on the areas that need filled and the areas that wood was missing. Also building up the corners that were chewed up over the years.
bondo on.jpg

Here is a shot of that big area that the outer wood layer was missing. This was after the second Bondo application and sanding.
wood chunk.jpg

Here is one of the corners that was missing. This was after the second application of Bondo and sanding.

This was most of the work that was needed but there are a few spots on the front and a couple more on the sides that will need to be filled and sanded before paint. I hope to get the rest of the areas fixed tomorrow and get it ready to paint.

#105 5 years ago

Some more boring cabinet work today.

Finished the backbox and it is ready for paint.

The main cabinet was sanded and it is ready for touchup paint. I don't plan on paining all the blue since the lower cabinet is in pretty good shape. As of now, I plan on touching up and then clear coat.
cab left.jpgcab right.jpg

The back of the main cabinet was pretty chewed up. It also had a bad wood spot. I sanded it down and also removed the backbox lock sticker. The sticker will be replaced with a new one. The bare wood areas were sanded and primed and ready for paint.

I hope to work on the main cabinet touch up tomorrow.

#106 5 years ago

It's looking amazing, I really wish I had the painting skills you posses. I would be doing this to mine! Great Job!

#107 5 years ago

Looking forward to the next update, really interested to see how the cabinet turns out.

#108 5 years ago

I was able to start working on the main cabinet touchup yesterday. I was able to get most of it done. Still have a little work to do but it is shaping up. Most of the work is just touching up the main blue area but here are a few of the other trouble areas.

The front indicator light inserts were raised so I had to heat and level them. They were really tight and took lots of heat to get to move.
front lights.JPG

This is the picture of the big scratch in the U on one side.
U scratch.jpg

Here is the same area after the touchup. I think this is about the best I can do since the orange/yellow area is printed in Half tones (yellow dots on orange) to vary the color. This is pretty much impossible to do with hand painting. I am still working on a possible decal for this area but here is the painted part.
u after.jpg

Here is a long scratch on one side.
long scratch before.jpg

Here is the same area fixed. There is a little bit of reflection in the new paint but the color should match perfect after clear coat.
long scratch after.jpg

Here is the scratch on the front of the cabinet.
front graphic.jpg

Here is the fixed area. I still have to touch up the blue outline but it is looking a lot better.
front after.jpg

#109 5 years ago

Looking good !

#111 5 years ago

I was able to do some more touch up today. I think I am about done with just a few small touch ups left. I also got my buffing wheel out while I was waiting for some paint to dry and polished up the ball guides to a mirror finish.

ball guides-857.jpg

Primed the bare wood areas on the back of the backbox.
backbox back-186.jpg

Here are a few more of the areas that I touched up today with before and after pictures.

The left clock area before.
clock left before-331.jpg

The left clock area after.
clock left after-242.jpg

The right clock area before
clock right before-136.jpg

The right clock area after
clock right after-292.jpg

Doc's thigh area before.
doc thigh before-84.jpg

Doc's thigh area after.
doc thigh after-593.jpg

Here is the front with the blue outline fixed.

Probably wont get much else done before next week. Got a two day trip tomorrow and If I am not working Saturday I hope to head to the TPF for the day. If you see a red head running around say "Hi", it just might be me. If not, you should have said hi to the guy anyways.

I have a few days off next week and I hope to get the main cabinet painted on the back and clear coated. I also plan on getting the backbox blue painted and then clear coated. Starting to hit the downhill side of this project.

#112 5 years ago

Amazing work man, can't wait to see the finished product!

#113 5 years ago

I was able to get the first coat of paint on the backbox and the back of the cabinet. I started by laying Friskit on each side of the backbox and then tracing around the graphics.

Setting up the booth.
backbox booth.jpg

Here are some pics of the backbox after coat one. The paint is matching really well.

You can see the black primer just a little but the paint went on very well and should cover on the next coat.
backboc back coat 1.jpg

Top. pretty even
backbox top coat 1.jpg

Sides turned out pretty nice. The bondo areas show just a bit but should cover on the next coat.
backbox left coat 1.jpgbackbox right coat 1.jpg

Here is the back of the cab, once again, you can see the black just a bit but it should cover on the next coat.
cab back coat 1.jpg

Went ahead and painted the insides of the cabinet.
cab inside side coat 1.jpg

I guess the filter is working well.

I plan to paint the second coat tomorrow. For those that are interested, I used the smaller detail gun to paint the cabinet and backbox.

#114 5 years ago

I got the second coat on today and am very happy with the results.

backbox back coat 2.jpgbackbox left coat 2.jpgbackbox right coat 2.jpgbackbox top coat 2.jpgcab back coat 2.jpg

I will take the Friskit off later tonight and I hope to clear the backbox and cabinet Friday after the paint fully cures.

#115 5 years ago

I pulled the Friskit off tonight and I am really happy with how it worked. I came off real clean.

backbox left friskit.jpgbackbox right friskit.jpg

Here is a good shot and the inside of the cab. Lots better than the original paint.
cab inside.jpg

Some slightly used Friskit for sale.

#116 5 years ago

Just finished the backbox locking sticker and some new S/N cards.


#117 5 years ago

What are you using to reproduce the s/n stickers?

#118 5 years ago
Quoted from theseadoomaster:

What are you using to reproduce the s/n stickers?

I used a scan as a pattern but I created it from scratch.

#119 5 years ago

I was able to get the cabinet clear coated today and I started work on the playfield last night.

Last night I finally added something together instead of tearing it apart. Go side rail.

Now its time to put the underside back together.
under playfield.jpg

Getting ready to shoot.
ready to paint.jpg

Here are the after shots. Pretty happy with the results. I will let it cure for a day or so and then do a little sanding and buffing.
left cc.jpgright cc.jpgfront cc.jpgbb left cc.jpgbb right cc.jpg

Probably wont get much done as I am working the Masters for seven out of eight days starting Sunday. I might be able to get some playfield work done during that time.

#120 5 years ago

Since you have the pin tore apart. How long and what size are the apron bolts? My bttf has none. Thanks.

#121 5 years ago

2-1/4 long. My guess is 10/24 thread. Less threads than the 10/32 that I have.

#123 5 years ago

keep it up, almost there..

#124 5 years ago

Looks like it's going to be brand new!

#125 5 years ago

If can get them to hurry up the Masters, I could get back to work.

#126 5 years ago

You mentioned paint for the cabinet earlier in the thread but what kind of paint is it? What is the normal application for it. I have two identical guns and am wondering what you had to to thin it so the guns could spray it.

#127 5 years ago

It is all surface enamel from Sherwin Williams. I am still working on an exact formula but I thinned about 20% minimal Spirits. The guns are pretty good but seem to require a little more air to use. That was also using the 1.4 mm tip. I have not shot the 1.8mm tip.

#128 5 years ago

looking great!

#129 5 years ago

Worked on the Cabinet a little bit today and decided I am going to clear it again. I have a few spots on the front that I want to touch up and going for a little better finish. I Hope to do that Monday.

I always try and hook the playfield up and check the inserts and GI when its on the rack and before I put too much together. I would rather fix any problem areas before I get it all back together. I usually do this by placing the cab next to the playfield and plugging it up. Since the cabinet is not ready yet I used my board test/repair kit. . My test kit has a System 11 power supply in it so I can not test the GI on a DE game yet.

Its Alive.

Here is the board on the kit.

#130 5 years ago

Coming along great!

#131 5 years ago

Got a lot done on the playfield today. Thought I would show a few of the ways I do things.

Lots of people tumble or us a vibration cleaner for their hardware. I have done that before but wasn't all that impressed. I like to keep all my parts organized so I don't like to put everything together and have to figure it out later. I always replace nuts and wood screws because they are cheap. What I do with all the other parts is I use a grinder and a fine wheel and polisher. Its fast and does a real good job. I want every thing to look new.

Here are the metal posts before and after.
post dirty.jpgpost clean.jpg

I even clean the rim of the screw posts because they might be visible. Here is a pic of one that has been cleaned and one that is not.

Another thing that I see a lot is the black rubber in the new rubber kits is dirty. I clean those before I install them.

Only thing left is the top left and right plastics and the main ramp. You can also see the colored rubber post sleeves. This is the first time I have experimented with using colored post sleeves instead of black. I welcome your comments. I will probably make the decision on whether to keep them when I see the game together. Also you will notice that the pop bumper decals are not on yet. I will get them put on when I get everything together.

I plan on shooting the final clear on the cabinet Monday.

#132 5 years ago

looks awesome to me, I added the new super band red rubber post sleeves to my diner and think they look great, but they are way bouncier making for a bit more of a challenge when playing.

#133 5 years ago

Made some progress on the cabinet over the last two days between working. I sanded the cabinet and it is ready to buff tomorrow. Here are some pics

Wet sanding is a messy operation.
cabn wet.jpgbackbox wet.jpg

Here are a few pics after all the sanding. Ready for buffing.
cab front1.jpgcab side.jpgbackbox side.jpg

Old glass comes in handy for all kinds of things.

Its really coming together. I am going to have to work with the buffer to try and control the shine.

#135 5 years ago

WOW! Very nice. Thank you very much for sharing your progress, this is great work you are doing.

#136 5 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

WOW! Very nice. Thank you very much for sharing your progress, this is great work you are doing.

Thank you. I have learned a lot from Pinside over the years so I thought someone might learn something from my experience. And maybe someone would see what I do and tell me I should do it different.

#137 5 years ago

The cabinet is done except for a coat of wax. I just decided to go with a gloss look. I used a 4 step buffing system and I will follow up with a coat of Carnauba wax. Not perfect but pretty happy with the results. Always learn something that will make the next one a little better.

Time to buff.
time to buff.jpg

Here are some pics of the finished cab.

front done.jpg

side done.jpgbackbox done.jpg

Should have the boards back in and the cab put back together in a couple of days. Work getting in the way of my Hobby.

#138 5 years ago

Ok, here is the last of the cab pictures. I got it all waxed up and ready for assembly. Most of the hard work is done and the rest is just putting stuff back together. Only bad part is that I leave on a 5 day trip Monday so I probably wont have any time to work on it until next weekend.

left cab wax.jpgcab right wax.jpgfront crab wax.jpgbackbox wax.jpg

#139 5 years ago

Really enjoying seeing the progress, looks killer!

#140 5 years ago

Starting to look like a pinball machine. I was able to get the cab back together before I leave for my trip tomorrow. As you can see the flipper buttons are clear and will have orange LEDs in them.
cab backbox.jpg

I bought some poster board and made a little fold over protector for the outside and inside of the cabinet so I don't scratch the cabinet or side rails as I complete the rest of the assembly.

I also ordered all the parts for the Custom interactive topper than I am going to add. I will post the construction of that on this thread as well. I also plan on having orange under cabinet lighting that will either be on all the time or I might make it interactive, I haven't decided yet. I might even add a shaker motor.

I will also be doing a sound mod that will cut out all the background noise on the sound board. This machine wasn't all that bad but I will be adding another power supply to run the extra LEDs and the topper mod so I am going to go ahead and do it. I tried it out on a Rocky & Bullwinkle and a Star Wars and they both were quiet as can be.

Well, off to work tomorrow.

#141 5 years ago

my bttf was quiet after i fixed the broken ground plug.

#142 5 years ago
Quoted from dementedwarlok:

my bttf was quiet after i fixed the broken ground plug.

I think the DE DMD games seem to be worse. This one was pretty quiet but I will probably modify it anyways.

#143 5 years ago

lookin good !

#144 5 years ago

Well, I got a little time to work on it this evening but have to go on another 3 day trip tomorrow. :/

I was able to get the playfield plugged up and test all the GI lamps and everything is working correctly.
I am using Cointaker Warm Retro for the GI. I have also tested Pinball life's warm retro and they seem to be a little brighter out of the top of the bulb (makes the plastics brighter) but don't put out as much side light for playfield illumination. Sometimes I mix and match based on what type of lighting I am looking for. One thing I don't do is use colored LEDs for GI. They make the plastics look pretty but put almost no light on the playfield. I have played a few games this way and I cant see the ball. I also don't like how the colored GI gives the artwork on the playfield and the plastics the color of the LED. I want to see the colors in the artwork. I know it is a personal preference so no hate mail please.
GI test.jpg

I had not put the ramp on yet because I wanted to test 3 different pop bumper LEDs. You can see from the picture above that the 3 pop bumpers all look different. I was really happy with the top left bulb reflected with the ridges that are in the caps. It was a cointaker 4 light colored LED.
pop led.jpg

Now that I had the pop bumper LEDs selected, it was time to put on the custom vinyl pop bumper decals that I made.
pop decal.jpgdecal off.jpg

Here are the pops with the decals and the new LED bulbs
decal on.jpg

Then I installed the ramp and put the backboard on. The playfield is now finished and ready to install in the cabinet.
playfield done.jpg

I received all the items I needed to make the topper. I plan to finish the game and then make the topper.

#146 5 years ago

You don't want to print out a few more sheets of those decals and sell them to us pinsiders? Or tell us how you made them?

#147 5 years ago
Quoted from Tseamans:

You don't want to print out a few more sheets of those decals and sell them to us pinsiders? Or tell us how you made them?

I cut them on my vinyl cutter. When I get some time I will make some available.

#148 5 years ago

Looking AWESOME !

#149 5 years ago

Got the playfield in and everything hooked up.
playfield in.jpg

Had a bad socket in the backbox speaker panel. Had to put a jumper wire to the center socket spring pin.

Fired up and working. Since I don't have the coin door in yet I have not been able to test the coils and flashers but should be able to do that soon. Here is the test fit of the topper too.
full top.jpg

I plan on printing the backbox stickers and then make the custom coin door inserts before I install the coin door. I also need to wire and test the topper.

#150 5 years ago

Well it finally got too hot and muggy to work in the garage so I had to erect my air conditioned igloo.
I have a 1/2 garage area that is my shop. In the winter I work in the area with no problems. the summer I close it up and turn the AC on and it is very nice and dry to work in the area.

the width of the work area is about twice as the blue area. The wall opens up where you see the blue wall meet the wall. I can fit two machines in there or 1 machine and its playfield removed and on the rotisserie.

Portable AC unit.

Installed an exhaust vent into the door. When not in use the duct is disconnected and the door operates normally.

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