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Back to the Future Pinball by Deeproot?

By snakesnsparklers

1 year ago

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    #34 1 year ago

    Gremlins: problem is I haven't heard anyone talk about that title
    Goonies: Where in the movie is there smoke and sparks?
    Big trouble in little china: this IS a movie that keeps getting brought up, and there IS sparks and smoke in that movie

    Big_Trouble_in_Little_China_017 (resized).jpgThunder's_Breakdown (resized).png
    #36 1 year ago

    With that said, I am ALL in on a BTTF pinball. The data east I own is shallow, but I LOVE the theme.
    I hope they try to impliment some of the ideas from pinball FX (spinning license plate, flux capacitor toy)

    If they were smart, they'd take a cue from data east time machine
    1885 - raw sounds like wood creaks, maybe horses clopping in the background
    1955 - bell chimes, 50's music
    1985 - early solid state beeps, cheesy rock and roll
    2015 - Full blow stereo sound package

    #81 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Can’t believe BTTF can get made for, essentially, the third time

    I'm not aware of any other BTTF pinball besides data east unless you're counting digital. If that were the case, Star Wars has been made about 2 dozen times.

    #112 1 year ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    Yep, I contacted the guy who is the head consultant for FOX on all BTTF merchandising and licensing a couple months back, very cool guy super passionate about the franchise and he even owns a DE BTTF, at that time (unless of course he was playing coy) no pinball company looking at licensing had come across his desk.

    my dreams are crushed.. it needs to happen

    1 week later
    3 weeks later
    #189 11 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    why else would he be overly concerned about relationships with the IP holder unless they already have the licence and as such have a responsibility to protect that IP?

    Universal owns more than BTTF, what if Robert wanted to do an ET or Jaws themed pinball? Can you picture that meeting? "Oh, deeproot. Yes, I saw an image shared on pinside that was BTTF artwork. Why are you claiming licenses before you have them?"

    #200 11 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    Universal are not looking at Pinside.
    Besides the Internet is full of plagiarism, which I’m sure Universal has dealt with time and time again.

    it starts with pinside, then you get some uber fan that starts contacting the IP holder if its true because they cant wait and see, and it turns into a mess. just look what happened with predator (though that was for a different reason).

    #205 11 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    I just hope DpR or anyone for that matter have BTTF licensed, I’d love to see another BTTF pin, hopefully this time a good one with all parties involved.

    agreed... it's one of the most recognizable 80s movies by kids and adults (fact). The fact that there's been 4 star wars pins (data east, sega, williams, stern, 5 if you include the hankin empire strikes back ) and only one BTTF pin makes no sense. With that said, I just don't want to see it get ruined by people trolling with photoshop bombs.

    #208 11 months ago
    Quoted from yancy:

    Worldwide total franchise box office gross:
    BTTF: $961,613,516
    Star Wars: $9,299,479,675 (10 times as much)

    BTTF: 3 films over a 5-year span, newest one 28 years old.
    Star Wars: 10 films (11 if you count Clone Wars) over a 41-year span, newest one 6 months old, with more on the way.

    true, but if film count is justification for good themes why is there only the one gottlieb freddy pinball? He made 9 movies (and rumored to be coming back for a 10th). They made 18 laurel and hardy movies, they only got prospector. If highest grossing movie is what justifies a good movie, star wars is ranked #2, gone with the wind is still number 1 (adjusted for inflation). Where's my gone with the wind pinball?

    Good theme should be about recognition, which is why they made AC/DC pinball. Beatles is the highest selling artist (hence why we have it now, but took 10 years to get the license), followed by Garth brooks. AC/DC is all the way down at #10.

    And yes, BTTF is only a trilogy because the directors agreed it doesn't need any sequels which is respectable, compared to Disney churning out whatever they can make money on. I don't follow star wars, but friends that are say the latest ones suck and have tainted the entire series because of the direction they went. However, like Ben heck has said, I do think a reboot of BTTF would be interesting now that we're in the future, and speculating what the year 2045 is like would be fun. Everyone driving electric cars through underground tunnels. Maybe teens are so socially awkward from only communicating via text that Marty has to coach his future grandson how to be a person.

    #221 11 months ago
    Quoted from Rascal_H:

    I vote Cop Land

    sly_lethal_weapon (resized).png
    #229 11 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    How about the Fast and Furious franchise?

    I'm sort of amazed there isn't one.. the arcade got a game.

    #236 11 months ago
    Quoted from benheck:

    Teenage boys don't buy 6k toys.

    The first F&F film was in 2001.. Wasn't it you that said nostalgia has about a 20 year trailing? The teenage boys that watched the first film are now between 31-35, perfect age for disposable income. In a couple years they'll be clamoring for one.

    #254 11 months ago
    Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

    Saw an youtube video of a 2013 BTTF slot machine.


    However, slot machines are expensive, and they bring in a TON of money so licensing is never an issue for gambling. Just about any movie you can think of, there's probably a slot machine (complete with the soundtrack and every actor's likeness)

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