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Back Alley WOZ mods for sale!!!

By BackAlleyMatt

5 years ago

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#2 5 years ago

Are these the same castle walls (and other bits) found on the red 75th edition of the game? If so, are they any discounts for existing ECLE owners?

4 months later
#230 5 years ago

I really like the look of the walls, but 225 is simply a stupid price for a few pieces of plastic. I will make my own or do without. If each one is truly 'hand made' then I strongly suggest BAC invest in a Makerbot or similar production device, or make a mold for them.

But wait, aren't these going on 1000 ruby editions??

I'd love to see the BOM line item for these on the ruby red edition. Couldn't be more than $20 or so for the whole batch. Maybe if the price wasn't so stupidly high for us ECLE owners, you might sell more sets and ultimately make the same amount of profit.

#281 5 years ago
Quoted from BackAlleyMatt:

Yes they are all hand made. Each piece is hand mixed and poured into a mold, deflashed, sanded, pre drilled, epoxied together, hand painted/airbrushed.
Yes these are the same parts that are going into the 75th game.
$20 for it???? hmmmm I have more then that in the raw resin material, not to mention mold and other parts that go in it. China could not even make them for that amount. Sorry but $20 is way off the BOM on these.

Yea, I guess if you're going to hand-make a couple thousand pieces like that, they'd cost more than $20. Is it not possible to have them manufactured like the stock plastic walls? I really like the way they look, but still way too rich for me. Two thousand walls (ruby games plus sales to ecle owners) is almost a half-million dollars at the asking price, and that doesn't include the other stuff. Just don't see the value... good luck!

#292 5 years ago

The problem is that the insides of pinball machines are NOT the place for hand-made, custom pieces of art that are expensive and time consuming to produce. At $225, the walls alone are almost 3% of the retail of the entire 8K machine. These are pinball parts, on the BOM with a part number, like every other screw and bracket and whatnot. If a future 75th owner snaps the corner off one with a cleaning rag, are they going to have to spend hundreds on another hand-made replacement? Hell, will they even be able to buy a replacement? AFAIK we still cannot buy replacement Trumpers. What if an airball clobbers one, or if the mounting holes simply wallow out after a while? Are we going to have to pay $hundreds for what are basically fancy bumper caps? I shudder to think of what Smaug replacement parts will cost... might be cheaper to purchase a second game and part it out?

I would MUCH rather have a good-looking but cheap-to-make plastic piece inside the game, than some ridiculously expensive hand-made artwork. Make the new walls the same way you made the original ones. If one breaks, it can be easily replaced.

Also still annoyed that these are included on the red "Second LE" game, without even offering a bone of a discount to those of us with the "Kickstarter" ECLEs. Instead we get stupid-high MSRP. Thanks but no thanks.

#294 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

As long as they are available for cheap, forever after. Williams had a 13% parts over run, and until very recently with all the repo parts out there, look at what some things went for in the past. Banzai Run NOS plastic set on Ebay cleared $700 comes to mind.

This is Matt's project, not JJP's. JJP has a past history of throwing bones on things they made. Invisiglass sales for example.
LTG : )™

1. We're not talking about forever, we're talking about something in production now

2. Might be Matt's project, but they're going on production JJP machines. They will have a JJP part number. Are you saying they will not be available to purchase from JJP, ever?

#296 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

I was talking about your remark "I would MUCH rather have a good-looking but cheap-to-make plastic piece inside the game," not Matt's work.
To which I replied as long as long as they are available for cheap, forever after. There is no guarantee a cheap-to-make plastic piece will always be available or cheap.

I don't expect anything to be available forever, including the expensive hand-made parts. At least with cheaper parts you can buy spares (which many people do), and they're easy enough to remake down the road. An entire new CPR repro plastic set costs a little more than half what these walls alone do, and that's with an artist basically re-creating the vector art from scratch, and more limited production runs than the walls.

#314 5 years ago

That's the part I'm wondering. I'll just wait and see if they figure out a more efficient (and cheaper) process of making them when 1000 RRLEs are on the line. If not, no walls for me. To put in perspective, the $5 fans I just installed on the flipper coils will make the machine much more enjoyable than $225 decorative walls. To each their own... no more flipper fade after mega multiballs!

#319 5 years ago

They don't get mushy, but they do change over the course of a long intense game... shot timing alters because they do weaken a bit. I pressed my finger against the plunger after a 1M game and it was painful to hold it there for more than a few seconds. This isn't a WOZ issue... I've had to add fans to my Tron and AFM to keep the flippers more consistent, and STLE and LOTR are getting them soon. LOTR has Terry's coils, but while they can always make the ring, they also change over the course of a long game. Games with lots of flipping and strong flipper coils/programming just can't dissipate the heat quickly enough.

I'll get pic later.. all I did was cut a .75" wide strip of metal about 4" long and attached the fan down one side, gave the end a 90deg bend and drilled it so I could piggyback it to the flipper mount plate.

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