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Baby Pacman Club...waka waka waka

By ForceFlow

6 years ago

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#572 2 years ago

Hello... Huge Baby Pacman fan here.

Here is my Baby Pacman 100% controlled by PinMAME $100 worth of boards from Ultimarc.com and a custom driver board I built. Thought you guys might be interested. I modified the PinMAME source to allow it to control the Ultimate IO board. The solenoids will be triggered by an Ultimarc PacDrive board, which will connect to the custom solenoid board. I found there was a problem controlling the solenoids directly from the Ultimate IO, so I am changing that.

Here's some videos:

Ian demonstrating Baby Pacman game play:

Building the custom solenoid driver board:

Testing the custom solenoid driver board for the first time:

This may be the most reliable Baby Pacman machine in existence!

I'm happy to share additional info and source code if anyone is interested.


Brad O.

#574 2 years ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Wow, what an impressive first post! Welcome to the club!
That’s an incredible feat and you sir, have problem just saved a good many Baby Pac’s out there! Now there is an option, albeit very involved, that allows one to remove the god-awful Vidiot board, as well as circumvent the terribad connectors that cause nearly all the faults! It’s wonderful!

Thank you! Yes, part of the reason for my post is to potentially save any Baby Pacman machines out there whose hardware is beyond repair. I believe someone stole the hardware out of my cabinet to fix another Baby Pacman. The total cost is around $200 - $300 plus a whole bunch of labor.

#576 2 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Let me know when you start selling this product so that’s in plug and play. I’m in.

This will never happen... at least not by me. That will have to be done by someone who is willing to do the incredible amount of work considering that such a thing would probably only sell only 3 or 4 units.


Brad O.

#577 2 years ago

I believe I have things reliable now (time will tell). We now control the solenoids with a PacDrive connected to the solenoid driver board and use the Ultimate IO for the input switches and lamps only. Here is a video of it working:

Here is the PinMAME source code and binary in case you want to try it out.



#578 2 years ago

Here's a correct link for the source code for PinMAME that controls the UltimateIO and PacDrive:


2 years later
#821 8 months ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Baby Pac-Man happens to be the exception among Bally’s and you don’t have to do anything special to use LEDs. They just work! I prefer Comet but PL LEDs are fine too.
It’s a great game. I would highly suggest changing the rules to “carries over arrow memory” from ball to ball. And also make sure that your life doesn’t end when the ball drains. And only 3 lives!
The “extra baby” arrow memory feature improved the game for me immensely.

I think the default is that energizer memory is off while center arrows memory is on. I reverse that so center memory is off and energizer memory is on. It makes it more likely that the player can actually use their energizers decreasing the frustration there, but making it more difficult to get an extra ball... and provides motivation not to lose your ball to see the center arrows reset. To me, these are the perfect settings. I think when I played in the arcade when I was a kid, the energizer memory was off, so I'd think I would still want to keep it that way, but just too frustrating to lose energizers after you've worked so hard for them.

3 months later
#853 5 months ago
Quoted from Sirgubster9:

normally i like all original but that looks super cool!!! if you end up figuring out the extra things needed I may end up copying you

Every time I do something non-original like that thinking it is cool, I end up hating it and having to revert it back to original later... so now I just don't do that anymore. I agree it does look cool though.

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