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Baby Pacman Club...waka waka waka

By ForceFlow

7 years ago

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#797 1 year ago

Just got my very own baby pac earlier today!! So excited. Definitely plan on reading through this whole forum at some point. As of right now everything basically works which is awesome oh except the coin door lights which is annoying but of all the things I'll take it. Any who so excited to be on team baby pac just have one question... What the heck are the two brackets under the control panel doing that I believe are not connected to anything at all.. Picture provided let me know. Thanks.

Screenshot_20210307-224715_YouTube (resized).jpg
#800 1 year ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Agreed. You twist them and they hold the playfield down. Your playfield in the first picture isn’t totally flush yet. I think most people rarely use them.
Also be careful with the lockdown bar. When you’re working on this game, if the playfield touches the lockdown you will blow your fuses. Which explains why when I bought mine the control panel lockdown was removed.

Ok thanks guys, makes so much sense.... I didnt even think about it keeping the playfield down because they wherent twisted at all they where just like sitting there confusing me ha ha.
So keep the lockdown bar (which is operated with the key) far away from the playfield if I have the game powered on then right? if its off I should be able to live my life freely right?
Finally if yours didnt have a lock bar what kept the control panel up so that you could play?... speaking of when you go buck wild on the joystick i feel like the lock bar starts to loosen any advice on that front besides not going buckwild of course?

#803 1 year ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Yes, just make sure that when it’s on if you’re working on the game, such as replacing lights, don’t get the lockdown anywhere near the playfield. Lay a rag over it or remove it.
The playfield easily slides forward and can stand up with the drop target bank resting on the bottom wooden panel. It’s very handy.
When playing it, it was awful without the lockdown! We had to hold it down with our free hand and be careful not to go too hard in the game!

ok so Im half way through the forum.. take that back, just checked I'm on page 10. Its so fascinating reading through this and I'm not able to play my brand new baby pac so this is curbing that urge a bit...Obviously a bunch of the stuff doesnt make sense to me because Im super new to pinball stuff. I understand arcades a bit and i do have one other pin but in my brain i thought this game would be more arcade and less pin so i thought I would be able to handle it, obviously I was wrong, but luckily its working good for now knock on wood until I need to come back on here and ask you guys all sorts of questions. So ya thanks for all the info on here so far.

#804 1 year ago
Quoted from Lithonion:

I put weather stripping tape on my control panel on the top edge that sits on the glass. I think I used 1" thick weather stripping from Home Depot. They make lockdown bar gasket that you will pay a premium for but all it is, is weather stripping.

oh nice!!! great idea, i will pick some up. i feel like its practically spinning the lock and almost turning the key... maybe I need a new cam lock as well.

#805 1 year ago

I did it, I read all the way through and I'm so scared for when something goes wrong with my cab, because Im afraid I will have a super hard time fixing it if i ever can, but in the meantime while its practically working perfectly can you guys help me with something very tiny... coin return lights don't work, not the bulb, read through this whole thing and the whole manual and I couldn't find anything that pointed to it, strained my eyes on the manual, it might and probably is on there but I couldn't find it. is it a fuse down at the bottom of the cabinet floor?

Also I saw a section on here about a tinted piece of glass that is between the monitor and the glass marque, is that standard? because mine didn't have that and honestly don't know if it it even needs it. thanks guys

#806 1 year ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

For avngrhulk
Here’s how I usually work on my game. The lockdown bar is pretty annoying in this one.
I take it off when I’m working on it. This was out on location for many years at Fun Spot, and their techs always removed it. They also wrapped the bottom coil because the slightest touch will blow the fuse.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Where is this bottom coil you speak of?

#809 1 year ago
Quoted from Lithonion:

Here is my post on me replacing the plexi between the glass and CRT as well as a link the the actual plexi I purchased. It's almost an exact match. You will have to cut it and drill the holes.

Oh ya I saw your post actually, but thanks for referring to it again so I don't have to go back. Sadly my monitor doesn't have the brackets for the plexi like some other people have posted on here, didn't realize it until I opened it up the other day.

3 months later
#851 10 months ago
Quoted from Templewd:

Got the lit joystick added
I made do with what I have
I need to add a inch or so on the joystick and a new centering gromet
But it is lit, and works and it’s a leaf switch
[quoted image]

normally i like all original but that looks super cool!!! if you end up figuring out the extra things needed I may end up copying you

#852 10 months ago

oh question guys, Im guessing my cabinet has been altered but are your front and back leg levelers the same size? and if so, are they smaller than the standard pinball and arcade levelers or are they the same?

#857 10 months ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

It’s been ages since I looked. I’m pretty sure they should be pinball sized, the cabinet bottom has circles cut out for them. Use the smaller 2inch ones.

The back two on my cabinet use the standard size pinball levelers, but the front are smaller and the pinball ones wont fit and Ive had trouble finding smaller levelers...thought maybe it was a standard baby pacman thing.

7 months later
#872 84 days ago

what material is on the wood for this cabinet? its not just a normal vinyl sticker right? that yellow feels super cool and different than all my other cabs.

#876 81 days ago
Quoted from Lithonion:

I recall reading somewhere it's a type of laminate they did on this cab as well as some arcade cabinets. There was also someone that was making resto cabs with the laminate years back but no longer available.

oh good enough, let me know if you recall anything more, because ya this laminate is significantly different than anything on any of my other arcades.

#878 80 days ago
Quoted from Lithonion:

I found this old forum thread I saved and this guy restored three arcade cabinets and he re laminated them all. It's the same stuff they use on laminate counter tops. I really want to do this to my BPM at some point as the cab needs some TLC. After putting a Mylar overlay on my BPM never doing it before and it came out great I figure I can't make the cab any worse than it is now as the paint job is terrible. (I didn't paint it). Only problem is I can't do it till our last dog is no longer with us so that's a few years out. She is blind and I can't do any work in the house and the pin is in her safe space. No outside shop so I do everything inside. lol Ok I am rambling here is the thread url.

your a good guy man, poor dog. thanks for the link. and if and when you do decide to give this a whirl, let me know how its goes. my cabinet is still in super good shape except the very bottom is pretty water damaged all the way around, even prevents the t molding from staying put and that bums me out. the last guy had nailed it in which also bummed me out but i now see why he did it.

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