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AZ What's FS/FT

By 1iblind

5 years ago

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#163 3 years ago

Hey fellas I'm looking to reacquire a Creature from the Black Lagoon. Any leads would be helpful. Thanks.

1 month later
#183 3 years ago

I've got my AMH in the marketplace

1 week later
#189 3 years ago

I've got an AMH

#192 3 years ago

Yes got my Creech. Looking to trade the AMH for some system 11 stuff and or a nice Dredd

#195 3 years ago

Ohhh I miss Taxi and Diner!

#204 3 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised by how fun a Roadkings was at Zapcon this year. Good luck on selling.

#227 3 years ago

I still have the AMH. Will take 6800 for it. I still have the box.

2 weeks later
#249 3 years ago

I've got a Party Zone I would trade for a Dredd. I also still have AMH

#257 3 years ago

AMH? More ghostly than monsterie

#259 3 years ago

Still has the gray rails. Bone stock except for leds and protectors. I would need 6500 out of it. I also ordered new glow in the dark titan rubber not installed

#261 3 years ago

I don't recall any issues. Mine seems ok. Same as when it was new

#278 3 years ago

I wouldn't mind adding LOTR, Judge Dredd, Radical or trying out a Ghostbusters Premium if anyone has one in a collection I can get a feel for it. I still have AMH and may put up a very nice Addams Family. I passed on Lebowski so I'm looking for a few new faces

#280 3 years ago

No. I was on order, but 10k was a little hard to swallow when I really thought about it

#290 3 years ago

I'm looking to trade my Party Zone if anyone is interested. I'd like a Judge Dredd again. Anything else let me know what you have.

#293 3 years ago

I wouldn't mind a Sorceror. I've got a Party Zone I'd like to trade. What other pins along with the Sorceror are you going to list?

#297 3 years ago

I tried a Ghostbusters pro yesterday and liked it. Thinking of giving a premium or le a try when someone tires of theirs let me know.

1 week later
#316 3 years ago

I'm sure this is a little premature, but is anyone willing to temp trade out their GB premium or LE for a game in my collection? I'd like to put some time on one to see if I'd like to sell a game to buy one

#317 3 years ago

I've got a F14 and a Stern Nineball for trade. Looking for a Fish Tales

#319 3 years ago

Glad to hear. I played the pro at Tilt and found it fun and not as hard as I expected. I would like to see the magna slings and the ramp differences in action. I was not fond of the right ramp on the pro.

1 week later
#346 3 years ago

I have a couple friends looking for a pin. I will have them look up Roadkings to see if it's a theme they'd like. Seems priced right to me. I'd take it if I wasn't eyeballing a GB

1 week later
#354 3 years ago

Looking for a nice Fish Tales

#360 3 years ago

Those are real machines, unfortunately they are really beat up.

#362 3 years ago

I'm afraid to look at the Fish Tales. I'm sure it's beat too

#365 3 years ago

I've seen 5 or so of these games. I love cleaning up and restoring pins more than I like playing them, but the prices need to be reasonable and reflect condition

#371 3 years ago

AMH is out on loan right now, but will be back up for sale next month.

1 week later
#387 3 years ago

275 shipping is bs right there. Normal is 400 give or take a couple bucks

#388 3 years ago

I believe this is a scam. I've seen these pics before. I believe a guy looking at a Whitewater here had an issue. Beware

1 week later
#433 3 years ago

My Banzai is up in the marketplace at 5000.

#436 3 years ago

Thanks Chris. Also AMH is back up in the market $6400. It will be available in 2 weeks

#441 3 years ago

AMH price drop and will accept partial trades. Also still have Banzai. Will negotiate a little

#463 3 years ago

Who wants to be King of the Hill? Banzai still available. Trades considered.

#465 3 years ago

No. I like LAH but my love is the late 80s early 90s Bally Williams games

#468 3 years ago

Isnt that the truth

#474 2 years ago

I would be interested in trading my Banzai for a Diner and Judge Dredd

#475 2 years ago

Or Ghostbusters Premium

#483 2 years ago

Still looking to trade my Banzai for a diamondplate Diner plus cash or Judge Dredd plus cash

#495 2 years ago

That's why I don't really look anymore on CL. Except for the Addams and Roadshow I grabbed a couple days ago. While I'm here might as well bump Banzai Run. Looking for trades Diner and Judge Dredd wanted

#497 2 years ago

How am I funny tell me what's so funny about me ha ha Ha

#505 2 years ago

Banzai bump price drop to $4700. Looking for trades Diner, Earthshaker, Radical

1 week later
#523 2 years ago

I'm still looking to move my Banzai Run. I'm looking for cash or trades.

#533 2 years ago

Banzai still available. Price negotiable. It will be at Zapcon for sale if not sold sooner. Will accept system 11 trades. My posts show what I'm looking for thanks Pat

1 week later
#550 2 years ago

Banzai Run for sale bump. Just shopped out, full leds, playfield waxed I'm still looking for system 11 trades Diner, Earthshaker, Radical, Taxi, bk2k

#552 2 years ago

I agree. I see better deals on the east coast. It's cool when you can 2 for 1 ship.

#560 2 years ago

I think all the guys are saying is sometimes letting someone else at least have a chance to get a good deal is fair. Not everyone can check their phone every second or be so available to grab a game right then. I do understand as a seller you being a buyer that doesn't need a picture of every inch of the game. That's nice. I'm like you if it's a title I want at a price I'm willing to pay im going to make it easy as possible on the seller.

#575 2 years ago

Someone pounce on my Banzai Run. I'm looking for other games too.

#582 2 years ago

Chris is cool. I don't think anyone is really upset over it. Best thing we can do as a pinball community is keep the games within the community. A friend told me once the minute you ship a game that game gets taken out of local circulation. Best to sell or trade amongst us. Anyone willing to bring in new inventory hey that's cool

#590 2 years ago

Looking for a players condition or nicer Guns n Roses. I still have the Banzai. Will trade or purchase

#594 2 years ago

Thanks for the heads up guys.

#612 2 years ago
Quoted from Darkwing:

Well now I'm tempted to offer him $3800 heh... j/k, other than the multiball trick, I wasn't a huge fan of Stern Indiana Jones. I'd still really love a Whirlwind, Earthshaker or Police Force.

Nice wantlist. Police Force is pretty fun. I'd like another Earthshaker, Taxi and a few others.

#696 2 years ago

My Banzai Run may be available

#706 2 years ago

We need a Zapcon thread for this with less than 2 weeks away. I'm bringing Banzai, Party Zone, medieval, fish tales and swords of fury

#707 2 years ago

A friend of mine is looking to move a Ghostbusters pro. Stock machine 100 plays for 4800.

1 week later
#725 2 years ago

Those machines belong to a friend of mine they are in very nice condition

#729 2 years ago

Hey guys I'm looking for an Earthshaker and Diner

#733 2 years ago

Banzai has sold. Looking for Diner, Taxi and Earthshaker. Cash in hand

#748 2 years ago

Still on the hunt for a Taxi or Diner

#752 2 years ago

I found my Earthshaker. Still looking for a Taxi and Diner.

#756 2 years ago

Congrats Enjoy, it's my favorite game of all time.

#783 2 years ago

Still looking for Diner and Taxi

#788 2 years ago

Metal leg protectors and the felt protectors as a backup cut just smaller than the leg is how I roll. Plastic leg protectors only get used when the artwork is damaged and used to conceal the damage.

#791 2 years ago

Found a Diner, still looking for its older brother Taxi

#797 2 years ago

Don't worry golfing dad i know what you meant

#801 2 years ago

Maybe he bought a pinball machine for his mom for Mother's Day.

#804 2 years ago

You didn't get mom one for Mother's Day? What kind of a son are you

#806 2 years ago

I think most of us here are just bustin balls. If I was just starting my collection I wouldn't be happy. Finding local pins and driving to check them out is really fun and exciting, but having the rug pulled out of most any decent deal that pops up where you don't get a chance to have that fun part of collecting in your hometown is a bummer. Most of the time I ship pins in from other places.

#807 2 years ago

Gotta say I feel bad for guys just getting in the hobby now. Back 15 years ago there were an abundance of pins, most relatively cheap, no real buying competition. Those were the days

#816 2 years ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

Anybody have Aerosmith and not liking it, I'm looking.

Don't you have a replacement coming?

#847 2 years ago

I'm glad I was too young to bet in 1993

1 month later
#913 2 years ago

Douche bag Billiards? What a joke those guys are. I feel bad for the sucker who pays those prices

#914 2 years ago

Putting out the feelers on trading my very nice original Addams Family for a decent AFM. I'm not looking to sell Addams or add cash to any deal. This Addams is probably the nicest original game I've seen

3 weeks later
#927 2 years ago

Anyone in Az own a champagne Fire! I know it's a stretch. I'm interested if someone wants to sell or trade. Same goes for Radical!

#930 2 years ago

He does and I can pickup his if a champagne doesn't work out. I'd really like the champagne though.

1 week later
#947 2 years ago

Check eBay. The trough parts are listed used for sale page 3 or 4

1 week later
#956 2 years ago

I'm putting my Addams up for sale. This machine is in above average condition. It is bone stock. The ramp is either new or a very nice original. No broken plastics. No wear at the vault. The playfield is Mylar from day 1. No mansion wear. No insert wear. No magnet burn. The fester hole is not worn. I did re paint a very small chip of paint from the hole edge and covered with Mylar. The insides are clean. Boards are clean. I'm asking 7k. This is the nicest unrestored Addams machine I've ever come across. The machine is currently at a fellow pinsiders house so pics will take a few days. You won't be disappointed

#957 2 years ago

I will entertain possible trades for Radical, space station, space shuttle, bk2k or champagne fire

#959 2 years ago

I re acquired a Dinervs few months ago and waited out a diamond plate version. It is worth waiting for

1 week later
#961 2 years ago

I'm looking to sell one of 3 games to bring in another machine. First Addams Family. Nicest original I've seen, great cabinet, Mylar day 1 no insert or mansion wear, no magnet burn, no cracked or broken ramps. All around beautiful original. Very very minimal electric chair wear. Mantis protector. No need for a cliffy to cover wear. Game 2 Bram Stokers Dracula. Clearcoated beautiful playfield. New plastics, clean ramps, red titan rubber, blood red lightening flippers, no cabinet fade. Leds in the inserts. Coin taker back panel color changer strip for back glass Game 3 Stern Seawitch. New back glass, touched up cab, repainted legs and coindoor, new displays, altek CPU, new rectifier, new speaker. All new flipper assemblies, new drop targets.

Looking to sell one of the 3. Possible trades plus cash on the TAF or BSD. Straight cash if Seawitch goes.

TAF. 7k
BSD. 5500
Seawitch 2200

Games of interest are Radical, Space Shuttle, Space Station, champagne Fire!

#964 2 years ago
Quoted from Squeakman:

Pat, is that Donnies old BSD?

No it's one I restored years ago

#965 2 years ago

I would really like to trade my Addams for a Space Station plus cash or either Space Shuttle or Radical. I would like to keep the BSD

2 weeks later
#975 2 years ago

Does anyone here have a Space Station, Space Shuttle or Radical they may be interested in selling or trading?

1 month later
#1000 2 years ago

I'm still looking to add a Radical to my system 11 lineup. More than 1 guy in the group has to be getting tired of theirs.

#1010 2 years ago

I'm looking to pickup another game soon, I may be interested in selling my BSD with a cleared playfield, new plastics and no fade $4500 obo. Space Station nice shape fully working, new display and speaker system $2200 obo.

#1013 2 years ago

If anyone local is looking for a nice original Medieval Madness let me know.

1 week later
#1020 2 years ago

The add was relisted

#1024 2 years ago

I'm looking to sell my Party Zone price dropped to $2500, my Space Station to $2000 and my restored BSD to $4100

3 weeks later
#1046 2 years ago

Yeah that Creech looks great. Too bad it’s a scam.

#1054 2 years ago

Yeah I got the free shipping on a military truck response too. They asked for my number and email. Hmmm I don’t think so dude.

#1058 2 years ago

With those prices I’ll buy all 3

#1069 2 years ago

I’d like to do a temp trade for a Ghostbusters premium or LE. I’ll be looking to move a Bride or Pinbot and a Party Zone to get a Ghostbusters in January or near Zapcon. I’d like to borrow one in the meantime

1 week later
#1071 2 years ago

I’m looking to trade my nice original MM for a Ghostbusters LE. I will sell the MM outright if anyone is interested. Looking for $7750 or a GBLE straight up

1 month later
#1107 2 years ago

I’m still on the hunt for a Radical if anyone has leads

#1110 2 years ago

I’ve got a clean, unfaded cabinet, nice playfield Bride of Pinbot machine up for trade. Looking for trades only at this point. Thanks

#1111 2 years ago

I forget if you order Marco parts before the show will they bring them with?

#1113 2 years ago

Anyone interested in doing a temp trade or possibly permanent I’m looking for TSPP first and wouldn’t mind Stern Star Trek also

2 months later
#1151 1 year ago

Does anyone know where there may be Iron Maiden’s on location? I was busy Zapcon weekend so I couldn’t give it a try. Thanks

#1153 1 year ago

Thanks I figure if anyone had one they would

2 months later
#1217 1 year ago

I play pins at least once a day. My form of stress relief. Darkwing I’d be interested in looking at that DP Radical! If you decide to get into other things.

2 weeks later
#1238 1 year ago

Star fighters had one last time I was there. I like the look but not the game. Not really interested in the theme either

1 month later
#1262 1 year ago

I’ve got a Space Shuttle I just did a playfield restore on. Touch up, clearcoat. New sleeves, plastics, flipper rebuilt. Clear coated shiny new Shuttle, cabinet has been cleaned and painted inside, front cab cleaned up. Rest of cab and head is decent. Backglass is decent. Looking to trade only for other classic games. Order of interest is Lasercue, Party Zone, Black Hole, Space Station, Grand Lizard any other interesting classics I may be interested.

4 weeks later
#1277 1 year ago

I think I saw a BBH in the marketplace yesterday from AZ

2 weeks later
#1300 1 year ago

I wonder if the HH and BH were my old ones. Did you buy them at the same time?

1 week later
#1309 1 year ago

I’m going to be listing my semi restored Space Shuttle for sale, but checking if someone here has a Party Zone they’d like to trade. Let me know

#1316 1 year ago

I’ve got my Space Shuttle with a original restored playfield touched up and cleared, new plastics and Shuttle, rebuilt flips and new sleeves on mechs and all cleaned. Cabinet is faded in the reds but solid. I’m looking to fund a Maiden. Price 2k

2 weeks later
#1336 1 year ago

Hey guys, I’m thinking of changing up things a bit. If anyone is thinking of moving their Iron Maiden or Aerosmith premiums or LEs in the near future let me know. Thanks

#1339 1 year ago

I only have room for 1 at this point so Iron Maiden it will be. Looking for one

2 months later
#1415 1 year ago

So this is what happens when a for sale thread has nothing to sell

3 weeks later
#1446 11 months ago

That’s a nice playfield in that EBD. Great seller buy with confidence

1 month later
#1501 10 months ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

Do you like the Metallica pin over Maiden, curious to know. I like Maiden more as a band, the pin is fast and ton of shots but I wanted more in it.

In the case of Maiden less is more my friend

#1505 10 months ago

Looks like an LE may be available Brent, go get it

2 months later
#1568 8 months ago

JJ at Game Exchange of Colorado is a great place to buy NIB Sterns even though they aren’t local

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