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AZ What's FS/FT

By 1iblind

6 years ago

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#30 6 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Looking for a nice 2013 HUO Star Trek Premium.
Let me know what you got.

Take the plunge and get a NIB delivered to your door! And invite over TPL to help unbox it, set it up, and test it.

#31 6 years ago

Also, Copperpot has his Avengers LE up for sale. It is pimped out and one of the best looking machines. You probably played it at Zapcon, but it may have been overlooked due to SM.

#34 6 years ago

Sounds like some nice games available in AZ!

#36 6 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

What happened with your LOTR ? Did you sell or keep?

Keeping LOTR. Came to my senses (at least for now.)

7 months later
#62 5 years ago

I know that D&D Pinball has one -- you may want to contact them.

2 weeks later
#70 5 years ago

Definitely D&D -- great collection of games (around 25-30)

#71 5 years ago

IMVE has been sold to a pinsider in Phoenix.

1 month later
#88 5 years ago

Where the DH and WPT the ones at Zapcon last year?

#91 5 years ago

I really enjoyed the games you brought to Zapcon last year, JDawg. Thanks for bringing them out. I'll be bringing a HUO Nascar (cab has some dings, but otherwise a very low play game) or a players NGG, and would be interested in trades as well. Don't know if those are of interest to anyone.

1 week later
#94 5 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Star Trek Premium still for sale...


Such an awesome looking (and playing) game!

2 weeks later
#111 5 years ago

I'll have my NASCAR for sale at Zapcon. HUO, LEDs, very nice shape and low plays. $2500




1 month later
#132 5 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Looking for a new style Stern lock down bar with the double latches , with no launch button.
Anyone ?

PBL carries them: http://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=4173

2 months later
#146 5 years ago

I have a nice NASCAR for sale in Tucson:

Archived after 13 days
Sold off Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Price Reduced: This game is in very good condition and looks to have relatively low plays (probably never on route). It has been recently shopped, all lights replaced with high qua...”
Tucson, AZ

#150 5 years ago

AZ needs more machines for sale. Total pin drought on the market here.

#152 5 years ago

I have a LoTR that I'm considering selling. Need to take some pictures and post a proper pinside ad. It has not been on route (but was at Zapcon two years ago), so almost HUO.

#157 5 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Looking for a nice Scared Stiff within a good days drive. Let me know what you got .

Excellent addition -- hope you find one!

3 months later
#211 4 years ago
Quoted from dragdaily12:

Pin market is dry here for sure.

I see what you did there.

#218 4 years ago

Can only say great things about Pinlawyer's pins -- top notch!

1 month later
1 week later
#328 4 years ago

GB is a hard game -- one that I think would be great in a home environment. Lots of depth, great theme/sounds, and some very fun shots and modes. But it can be brutal! (GolfingDad, thanks for letting me get some time on yours.)

1 month later
#426 4 years ago

Pinlawyer's games are top of the top.

1 month later
#624 4 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

I thought this game looked familiar
I would sell it for $4500 , considering.

Nice catch! Basically, a flip for a $1k profit. If he can do it, more power to him. For a 4h drive to/from Yuma, that comes out to $250 per hour.

#632 4 years ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

Nice catch! Basically, a flip for a $1k profit. If he can do it, more power to him. For a 4h drive to/from Yuma, that comes out to $250 per hour.

After posting this, dragdaily12 has been hounding me by PM. I keep asking him to chill (and that flipping is fine), but this guy is over the top. I've never met him and he may be a standup guy in person, but this is a big red flag for me.

Drag: Paid 3600 pin wasn't in yuma and was 220 miles 1 one not that that matters. 140 ish i to leds cliffs stern leg protectors led back box light full superband kit with post puts me in the game 4050. Owned the pin 3 months not sure how calling that a flip but other than voicing this in a sales chat I will keep the childish drama out of pinball.

Me: What? What you described is a flip. You bought a game, cleaned it, put LEDs in it, and listed it for $1k more three months later. Good for you. Seriously. But a flip is a flip.

Drag: Buying a pin with no intent to sell and down the road listing isnt a flip. If you sore heads paid closer attention to local adds maybe other wouldn't be making a 2 hour drive to Tuscon or anywhere for that matter to "getting lucky" buying a CL pin first in your area.

Me: No idea where you are coming from. Tone it down, relax, and let's meet up sometime to play some pinball. Congrats on the deals, but a flipper is a flipper. You definitely act like a flipper: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/documented-huo-ripleys-believe-it-or-not

Drag: You definitely act like a child. Postings followup dick comments that have nothing to do with anything other than being a sorehead you miss out on local deal. You don't know where this comes from? "Basically 1k flip 250 a hour" act like a adult and keep the childish vile comments out of buy sale and trade postings

#636 4 years ago
Quoted from DesartPins:

Seems like Chris is getting tired of the endless smart a $$ comments over local deals. Lyonsden what does nice catch mean? Dig'n through achived adds to see what someone paid ( stalker much) If I was him would have pm'd you close to the same thing if not worst. Hes a soild guy and nothing but generous with his home/collection.

I like it when people catch someone flipping. I have no problem when someone flips (and I am happy to pay finders fees if someone finds me a game that I'm looking for.) Glad to know he is a solid guy. His PMs to me didn't come across that way. For example: "..than being a sorehead you miss out on local deal". I never said anything about missing out on a local deal. I never called on any of the games he got and I don't care that he got them. As I said "Good for you. Seriously." and "Congrats on the deals". But he flips games, and I have no problem with that. If he picked up a game that I want and I think he flips it at a fair price, I'll give him a call (we'll, probably not after those PMs). However, I'll still buy him a beer and play some pinball with him. Especially if it helps him calm down a bit.

#669 4 years ago
Quoted from dragdaily12:

There's nothing to work out. Keep the chat fun light hearted and everything is fine. Repeatedly calling me a flipper and I will take it to heart. With lyonsden I went stright to him. Pled my case and said lets keep this out of the chat room. He put pms together of mine not showing the accurate build up. Then after he said lets chill out... pm me another posting calling me a flipr? Thats why his post is in quotes not screen shots.

I posted all of the PMs -- exactly as in my record. If I could upload a screen shot to this thread I would. You went on a strange rant, I told you to chill. You went on more of a rant. I told you to chill some more. You ranted again and I posted it to the thread. If you flip games, you flip games. Just be a man and own it. Nothing wrong with flipping.

#670 4 years ago
Quoted from dragdaily12:

As far as the Salty comments go. I find it crossing a line when.
1. The ad where I bought a game in Jan is linked to my sales ad.
2. Repetitive "gets lucky" is I heard on a weekly basis.
3. 4 times in the last month Im told theres a bid on a game Im buying/bought/pending agreement or at there house. T2 Sof FG and this morning with the HS2. To be clear.
If the glove are off fine everyone for themself he with the most money gets the pin.

Love this! You admit to buying games cheap and then sell them at a higher price soon thereafter, and then get bent out of shape when called a flipper. If you come to this thread, brag about getting deals and then list those games on pinside at a higher price, people easily notice it. Especially the locals who are checking out what is for sale locally.

#705 4 years ago

I'll be bringing a Black Belt and will have it for sale. Getting thoughts on its value in this thread: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/price-check-bally-black-belt-1

1 week later
#727 4 years ago
Quoted from Triplecdad:

There is a Farfalla and Devil Riders for sale in Scottsdale. Anybody here know about these machines? You can see it on Craigslist . . . unless Drag has already gotten there . . (Too soon, too soon?)

Never too soon.

#737 4 years ago

Pinside discount on my Black Belt for sale at Zapcon so I don't have to drive it back to Tucson: $800

#740 4 years ago
Quoted from holmstarrunner:

WoZ is sold and got to meet a nice pinhead in the process.

Thanks for WoZ and it was great meeting you too. Hope we meet up and play some pinball soon.

#744 4 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

I like how it still drove back to Tucson, even though it wasn't with you.

Me too! Also, it is good to know that if I need a pinball dose of backwards facing flipper action, I may be able to find it.

#760 4 years ago
Quoted from Squeakman:

I'd be the troll.

That is an awesome CL post!

1 week later
#798 4 years ago
Quoted from patrickvc:

Don't worry golfing dad i know what you meant

Me too.

2 weeks later
#870 4 years ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

Id love to buy just the Pinduino kit.

PinLawyer, PM me and I can help you out. Also, I updated the code for it recently and will get a video up soon so you can check it out. I think it came out really well (and major thanks to HanScorpio for letting me borrow his WPT -- such a ridiculously fun and good game!)

3 weeks later
1 week later
#918 4 years ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

I have a Pool Sharks up on CL: tucson.craigslist.org link

Now listed on pinside ($850 obo): https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/51475

1 month later
#966 4 years ago
Quoted from HankScorpio:

Just listed my modded MET Pro LED on CL. Open to cash or trades (listed in ad). Bought it NIB and looking to switch things up a bit.
tucson.craigslist.org link

Played this game -- outstanding HUO example (and the one I used to make the Pinduino kit for Metallica.). Wish I had the space, but good luck with Trade!

2 months later
#1016 4 years ago
Quoted from HankScorpio:

Selling my X-Men Pro. Here’s a link to the CL ad. I should have pics up in the next day or so.
tucson.craigslist.org link

Seen and played this Xmen--outstanding condition. Hard to find a better game for under $4k.

3 weeks later
1 year later
#1317 2 years ago

Thinking of changing up the collection (or thinning the herd) and have the following games:

Tron Pro: HUO
Theatre of Magic: Great condition
No Good Gofers: HUO
Xmen LE: HUO
WoZ (HUO Standard 7.5V LED boards)
Dialed In LE (HUO)
Pinbot (Good condition)
Sufers (1967 zipper flipper -- works 100%, but the roughest game in my collection. Backglass is perfect. Cabinet has flaking paint)

I've got NGG listed in the marketplace:

Archived after 29 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
No Good Gofers Archived
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “I'm the third owner of this NGG. As nice as one would expect for a 20 year old HUO game (pictures speak for themselves). Comes with all original paperwork (minus sales receipt). ...”
Tucson, AZ

#1319 2 years ago
Quoted from ToucanF16:

Really looks like you’re mixing it up! What are you looking to get to fill the void?

After spending a year in Washington DC with a fantastic pinball scene and getting a chance to play every new game. . . I honestly don't know (but I do find myself feeding quarters into JJP POTC compulsively).

#1322 2 years ago
Quoted from jester523:

I'm not sure that there is a single JJP pinball in the state of arizona at this point. The grid had WOZ, but no longer.

I've got a WoZ and a DILE. Ping me if you come down to Tucson and want to play. There are a few places to play in Tucson that are worth checking out if you want to make a day out of playing pinball.

1 month later
#1353 2 years ago

Have a XMLE ($5600) and DILE ($8300) available. Both HUO with some mods. Both, of course, have Pinduinos: (ramps in XMLE and side lighting in DILE).

3 months later
#1517 2 years ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

I really loved that Champion Pub! Whoever brought that, ty!

Pretty sure that is Zach's, one of the organizers of ZapCon.

Overall, great job with ZapCon this year! I liked the expansion with the new spaces for the lounge, comp area, and the escape room (which I think Zach also had a heavy hand in designing). Thanks to everyone who brought games and the people who made ZapCon happen this year.

#1521 2 years ago
Quoted from Coindork:

Yep, that was ours.
Thanks for the compliment, a lot of work goes into bringing that much stuff and it’s nice to hear it appreciated (although maybe not by my back).
Glad to hear you got a chance to play it.
If you ever get up in the Cave Creek area and I’m around hit me up if you wanna play it again and maybe brink a few beers.

Thanks for bringing that entire row of games! I think I put a GC on your Indy, and your CV is absolutely stunning (as are all your games.)

1 month later
#1558 2 years ago

I have a DILE that a I bought new in box. Unboxed and has stayed in the same spot. $8k

4 months later
#1699 1 year ago
Quoted from copperpot:

Looking for a GB premium or GOT to fill an open slot. Anyone looking to move one of these out?

Solid vote to get GOT pro over GB pro/prem or GOT prem. Good luck with the search and someone, please sell Wes a GOT pro.

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