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AZ What's FS/FT

By 1iblind

4 years ago

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#32 4 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Looking for a nice HUO Star Trek Premium.
Let me know what you got.

Got a T3, Transformers Pro, Scared Stiff and a Maverick at the moment.

1 month later
#43 4 years ago
Quoted from Spitfiren8:

DW is not for sale, killing Daleks is too much fun!

Plus I got dibs. Suppose I should've asked first though. Hey Nate, can I get dibs on it?

1 month later
#47 3 years ago

There's a rough JD in Tucson. Was the guy selling the 5 machines on CL last week. He didn't have it listed. Needs deadworld motor rebuilt.

1 year later
#576 2 years ago

It's no secret on how to get those best Craigslist deals.

#1 watch CL like a hawk.
#2 have cash handy at all times.
#3 be ready to go at a moments notice and go immediately to see it. If you are not looking at the machine within an hour of it being posted you aren't going to be the one buying it. Even if you already agreed to buy it, if you schedule a later time to pick it up someone else will come in and snipe a done deal by offering more money. Some of those posting in this very thread have bid over me on a done deal and got the machine because they said they could get there an hour earlier.
#4 MOST IMPORTANT TIP: don't haggle over the phone/email/text if it it already deal priced. I have gotten so many machines by responding to the ad with "I want to buy your machine now for your asking price" rather than hemming and hawing and asking for pictures and saying you want to come see it rather than you want to come buy it. If it's a steal of a deal the seller already will have a dozen other calls and telling them you want to buy it usually puts you to the top of their call back list. And worse case scenario you get there and it's a turd simply back out.
#5 Ask the seller to pull down the ad if you agree to a deal (keeps the sour grapes from calling and telling them they are getting pennies on the dollar.)
#6 Don't be upset when you miss deals. It takes a lot of time to be a master CL picker. Plus It's only Pinball.

Luckily I have enough customers calling me to sell their games so I don't have to fight the hordes, and especially Dragdaily , to get these CL deals.

1 month later
#836 2 years ago

I have a couple of project pins that aren't on my website if anyone's interested

Working shopped Black Knight with the playfield LED'd. Very Nice playfield, Rough cabinet art, awful backglass $900. Wish I still had my last project BK, that one had a perfect cabinet and nice backglass and blown out playfield, would have made one near perfect game from the 2.

Cosmic Gunfight. Decent cabinet, nice backglass, rough playfield. Works but unshopped. Rare game $1600

Also picked up the 2 pins that were at Fantasy Island in Encanto park that I overpaid for. Absolutely awful shape. They were both outside (under canopies). The first was a working Comet from next to the snackbar that fell off of his forklift when he moved it. Missing the center ramp (there is a post blocking the lane). The backglass is in nice shape. Cabinet is the worst... ever! Would be great base for a custom machine as all the boards are there and work. Not for the faint of heart. Make me an offer to keep me from parting it. (keeping in mind what the boards are worth)

the other was a Pennant Fever that was next to the carousel. This one I'm holding onto for now as I may do a custom Cubs or Diamondbacks pitch and bat with it.

#839 2 years ago
Quoted from Sunsfan:

Firebird made the Craigslist laughs thread.
Come on bud you can't justify that 6000 for the Cubs machine

I'm a Cubs fan, it's my personal machine and that is my pry it from my hands price.
Also the last 2 that sold on ebay sold for $5000 and $4300. One sold late last year for $7800, so my price is in line since it's likely in nicer shape than any of those 3. (the pictures of the backglass reflecting off of the playfield are with the glass OFF!!)

It's not even a good playing game, so it's worthless to anyone that's not a Cubs fan.

#858 2 years ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

Bought a replacement ASLE from GAP, who gave me a great deal. It should be here Friday, since R&L isn't delivering.

Helped unbox a forklift speared walking dead today. Luckily the forks missed the game inside the box!!!

2 weeks later
#884 2 years ago
Quoted from Sunsfan:

Looking for a Rocky and Bullwinkle or Southpark

We are picking up a Southpark this weekend.

#888 2 years ago
Quoted from Spitfiren8:

Anyone interested in a nice original Tron arcade? Im looking for a non-em shuffle alley or a low/mid level pin to trade towards + $ from me.

Maybe, interested in anything I have? No shuffle alleys at the moment. We've had 1 earlier this year but it went quick.

#893 2 years ago
Quoted from Sunsfan:

Is it the one that's been on CL forever?
What you planning on doing to it you can PM me if you want to talk about it there

No, different one. Picking it up tomorrow. I'll PM you after I pick it up.

#898 2 years ago
Quoted from kbliznick:

Here is that project Comet. Pretty Brutal
phoenix.craigslist.org link

And.... it's gone. Same guy who got it had also picked up a project HGT from me about 6 years ago. That one was possibly in worse shape than the Comet, but fully working.

3 weeks later
#920 2 years ago

I have 2 fully populated playfields for sale

Bally Black Jack for $250

Williams Pinbot for $350

Archived after 11 days
Sold (amount undisclosed)
Parts - For Sale
Used, good condition “Populated playfield Not interested in Shipping at this time. Pickup in Phoenix AZ.”
Phoenix, AZ
250 (OBO)

Archived after 11 days
Sold (amount undisclosed)
Parts - For Sale
Used, good condition “Populated playfield Not interested in Shipping at this time. Pickup in Phoenix AZ.”
Phoenix, AZ
350 (OBO)

2 weeks later
#942 1 year ago

Listing a ton of boards on ebay, Have pretty much most of the 1977-1985 Bally line and they are tested, and working. The rest vary and are listed in the descriptions. Zaccaria, Capcom, Alvin G, etc.
Discounts for locals.
ebay.com link

#950 1 year ago
Quoted from SunMonkeyAZ:

I picked up a Fire! that was in storage for a long time a couple weeks back. Getting through fixing the issues but at some point the ball trough assembly was removed. Only the diodes and wires remain. Anybody parting out or have an extra they could part with?

Send me a picture of what's there and what's not and I'll dig the parts out of my shed.

4 weeks later
#969 1 year ago
Quoted from Darkwing:


I believe those are WOLFMAN's from STARFIGHTERS.

1 month later
#990 1 year ago


We're auctioning an Old Coney Island pinball machine, and we're donating the proceeds to help with the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Bidding is at $500 as of Saturday morning.

A customer recently gave the game to us because it wasn't working. While we were able to repair it, we're not offering a warranty on the game. It is sold AS-IS. Cabinet and playfield are clean and touched up. Rings and bulbs are good.

Email us or call if you're interested. Highest offer by Sunday noon gets the machine that afternoon, and United for Puerto Rico gets the money on Monday. We'll even round it up another hundred, with our own donation. Seriously, people, have you seen what's going on down there? The whole island has lost power, and it's not going to be restored for months.

Read all about it: http://firebirdpinball.com/pinball-for-puerto-rico

Kris and Leslie
Firebird Pinball

#993 1 year ago

We sold Coney Island for $750 in our charity auction. Thanks, everyone!

10 months later
#1248 11 months ago
Quoted from Darkwing:

Last reasonably priced pin I have seen was Motordome on Firebird Pinball’s site. $1500 isn’t bad, but man I watched that game on YouTube and it just may have the most annoying audio of any pin haha.

Absolutely, hate to bash on a game I am trying to sell, but the sound is AWFUL!! Worst sound in any pinball besides Panthera. Was going to pick up a motordome years ago when I first got into pinball and hearing the sounds in Pinmame unsealed the deal for me. I have owned, I believe, every single motorcycle themed pinball and this was the last one I never had. Unlike other versions of this game I have played you can actually make the ramp shot on this specimen.

#1249 11 months ago
Quoted from holmstarrunner:

Where do you guys get new playfield glass? I thought there was a place locally but perhaps that's no longer available.

We keep standard sized, modern widebody and B/W translite glass (F-14 to CC) in stock . We get it from Bob in bulk so you don't have to.

#1250 11 months ago
Quoted from Sunsfan:

Yeah I live in arizona I just work here. I left Sunday and those popped up monday.i can tell you my wife was happy that I missed out on that sale lol.
I haven't heard from drag on here in a long time wonder if he's still swooping stuff up

Playboy was picked up by a newer collector in Chandler. Same guy who is selling his (different) Space Shuttle. Not sure who got the other SS that was for sale. I ended up with a free woodrail from the guy selling the PB,SS and ST. Was the same crappy Williams Georgia that I had sold cheap 7 years ago only now it was dismantled.

5 months later
#1355 6 months ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

I’d love to find a pair of WPC B-listers in CQ shape—thinking Dredd, DW, I500, NGG, BSD,

Mike V has an NGG that he has been on the fence about selling. I500 too.

1 week later
#1371 6 months ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

don't forget to come to Zap con 4/21 & 4/22.

Zapcon shifted into May this year. May 4-5, 2019


#1374 6 months ago
Quoted from zene10:

Ughh! Pinfest May 3-4!

I think it got moved from the last weekend of April because there was another large convention that weekend. Texas PF maybe.

1 month later
#1444 4 months ago
Quoted from GarlandJenkins:

Ok, I’m dropping my prices for the pinsiders. $2500 firm for the Lola Taxi and $2300 firm for the EBD. Let’s make a deal this weekend.

Dang. I'm tempted by the EBD. Was that one of mine?

1 week later
#1473 3 months ago

Just picked up the closest to NIB Sopranos you'll find without the box. Came in a batch of 3 practically never played HUO pins (the other 2 are already gone). The other games (Sam system with the coincell batttery) had under 300 plays and this one has much less than that (but the factory batteries died so it's all zeroed out, I put in an NVRAM). There is no and I mean no marks on the shooter lane, no dimples in the pop bumper area, no wear to the drop target decal. No mark on the right side safe decal and just a bit of marring to the edge of the left side of the safe decal. If I had to guess I would say this game has under 30 plays on it.
Cab is perfect, characters are bright white and not jaundiced from location play. All paperwork and goody bag inside

Will LED the pin and make sure everything is working.

1 month later
#1511 79 days ago

We'll have most of our inventory at the show. Only game not being brought is our Sopranos with 30 or so original plays on it. Didn't want to change that number to 530 by the end of the weekend. Our restored Addams Family has less than that many plays on it's new playfield and WILL be at the show.

Show list of games for sale:
All fully shopped and 100% working, LED's etc...
Addams Family- New pf and nearly everything else new.
Cyclone- cleared pf
Space Shuttle- new pf hardtop
Bally Star Trek
Lucky Draw Cocktail Pinball made in Phoenix, AZ in 1979 by Mirco Electronics

Also will be bringing a few pins for a friend that are also for sale
Centaur 2
Laser Cue
Flight 2000

Couple non pinball items for sale
Golden Tee 2005
Pon Poko
Chicago Coin World Series Pitch & Bat (in an upright cabinet)

#1529 75 days ago
Quoted from Buzz:

Out of curiosity what will be the prices on Star Trek & Space Shuttle?

$1900 and $2400

Our Addams Family ended up with 498 plays by the end of the show. It was played literally non-stop for 14 1/2 hours on Saturday. It would have broken 500 plays if I didn't have to spend 15 minutes Sunday morning replacing a sticky coil sleeve. The coils never got a chance to cool down that a sleeve started to melt without a shorted coil or blown transistor!!

1 week later
#1545 64 days ago

Our cocktail pinball developed a weak right flipper while at the show. I had time this week and fixed it so it's good to go.

1979 Mirco Lucky Draw, $600. Made right here in Phoenix. They only made about 100 or so of these. Mine is serial number 79

Also we have a 2005 Golden Tee Fore. $700 obo Fully working. The screen went dim at the show but we pulled that one and put a nice and bright replacement one in there.

I really need these 2 out as they don't fit well in my shop at the moment.

Added 40 days ago:

both are gone

1 month later
#1560 30 days ago

Have a Devil Riders finished and ready to go. $1200 obo.

Added 23 days ago:


1 week later
#1569 22 days ago

Looking to maybe move my 90% complete Sexy Girl conversion, Just can't seem to find the time to do the last 2 parts.

Swap out into restored cabinet is complete and game is 100% playable. Just needs cabinet art and the LCD to finish the game.

CPR kit has been installed with original style gottlieb mechs like the original rather than running the playboy bally parts.
Full LED's, Red LED 7 digit displays, 7 digit conversion roms and NVRAM on cpu board.

2 weeks later
#1596 4 days ago
Quoted from Coindork:

Anybody local have an Indiana Jones that need the "lost plastic"?
This mounts to the back inside of the cabinet behind the rope bridge.
My machine already has one and I have a duplicate sitting around that is NOS, basically perfect and has never been installed on a machine.
Going through crap I don't need, so its free if you have the machine and can use it.
I'll let it sit in the local section for a week and if not one can use it, put it up in general for free plus shipping.
I guess this subform won't let you upload images, but here is a link so you can see a photo of it.

Hi Kent

I'll take it if you still have it. I don't have an IJ at the moment but usually get around 2 per year and they usually don't have that plastic.


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