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#47 11 months ago

A few pics that I can share from pre stream now that over.

Thanks for watching all. Game is SUPER fun.

26F7AAF0-7BC8-4AEC-86C8-30BC92F8ADC1 (resized).jpeg3971FC24-5908-4D5B-AC18-7077F35458EF (resized).jpeg6579D060-ADC0-4FCB-8CC6-1370D27D2960 (resized).jpeg9F5A66BF-BFC1-42DA-BBA2-3C3BA3071C52 (resized).jpegE2FB36D1-C908-4F46-B2DB-7D16CFF593B1 (resized).jpeg
#60 11 months ago
Quoted from Coyohtay:

423 here, looks like maybe a turkeyday surprise? Or Xmas?


Mine is #420 should be the same batch!

#115 11 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

If you're shooting from a trap or really concentrating on making the left ramp you can make it pretty consistently. You have to hit the ball on the sweet spot and on this shot it is slightly off of where it typically is on other games so you have to adjust. The stand-ups on the left also visually mess with the shot. I think the bottom right flipper is plenty strong enough, you just have to focus and hit it accurately.
As for the upper loop I know Hilton was making some slight adjustments to it after the stream and before I stepped up to it which may have helped. You still have to hit it clean, but it zips around really well and you can loop it multiple times in a row. After playing the game that shot no longer concerns me. It may require you to do some light tweaking of the spinner and loop switches to dial it in but the shot itself is fine and really fun to hit!

Heading down with new code to install this morning .

Eric already squanched most of the bugs from stream. Dude is a beast!

#123 11 months ago

Left ramp is fine.

Stats tell the story. Slightly tougher than right ramp.

I also am making a physical tweak to right flipper to ensure no power stolen from bushing burr.

Stats from past day with left ramp at 181 shots to right at 219. Nice comparison.

2ED5CD77-09A3-4932-AAA0-52F8A0692753 (resized).jpeg
#127 11 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Spooky please post game support code updates on website.
I want to update game when I receive it. Thanks

They will post stable updates when they hit benchmarks. Eric (and the early adopters) will squanch all the bugs in short order .

I updated new code and took care of the few we found yesterday.

Don’t worry, code is cruising quickly.

Also, in regards to right flipper I fixed the busing spacing and now even better. I hit 5 of 5 from trap. Shot is good, and totally makable, just have to hit it straight.

#135 11 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

You sure? I can rip shots at that ramp on the fly. The ball rarely rolls back down when the shot enters the ramp, but I did see this happen many times on R&M.
Hilton saying he's already made adjustments to the game concerns me a bit.
Not looking at things to gripe over here, I'm just head over heels excited about this theme, and I really hope the gameplay is up to snuff with everything else that is awesome about this game.

No need for concern. Minor adjustments on the second assembled game are normal. This game geometry is spot on. Trust in the designer and get out and play the game.

Look at the stats from past day of play. The left ramp is only slightly more challenging than right which is ‘easy’

5FC7597B-7877-453F-9616-84DDAD282F1B (resized).jpeg
#137 11 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

No need for concern. Minor adjustments on the second assembled game are normal. This game geometry is spot on. Trust in the designer and get out and play the game.
Look at the stats from past day of play. The left ramp is only slightly more challenging than right which is ‘easy’[quoted image]

to add for those not familiar with audits.

This shows 181 successful shots to L ramp and 219 successful to right ramp.
We can likely assume that the right ramp is shot at more often since it is both a natural forehand and back hand shot.

We can make some reasonable assumptions that people had zero problem finding the left ramp after they got in some plays and hence why is was made nearly as often as right. If you want more power from your right flipper then you could always do that in the settings, but honestly... it just is not needed and kind of cheating by allowing you to force a dirty shot up rather than hit a clean one.

Game is honestly a blast. I was excited to get new code this morning so I could run down to install ... and "play test" for an hour

#144 11 months ago
Quoted from brucipher:

Thanks for the updates and info! I'm curious, how many shots were made to the garage from the upper flipper, and the upper flipper loop shot (if it tracks those)?

Unsure if it tracks those but I did not look before updating code this morning. Either way, plenty. Shots are very fair and feel great.

#151 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Agreed yet I rather appreciate that one of the first owners is obsessive about tweaking as that will greatly help everyone from the start! Tweak away Mr Hilton do your thing lol.

I speak/text with Luke and Charlie almost daily on suggestions and tips. I (and others) do this for every game. They value the input and adjust quickly.
Being a guy that helps maintain 50 games on route, has rebuilt countless, and is somewhat over analytical... it is a good thing for all to let me nit pick any new game. Companies that are focused on the feedback and wanting to adjust are great!

I think Ben describes me as an asshole, but a smart passionate asshole

This is the best spooky build to date and shows their continued focus on improving. The whole team has tons of personal accountability and wants to get better all the time! This attitude makes it fun to try and help out.

I am honestly blown away by the pf quality. Game likely has over 200 plays already and I cant find a dimple.

#152 11 months ago

Wanted to mention that I was gifted this cool bottle yesterday from someone as a thanks for hosting the stream. Super cool and thanks!

3A7F1B33-1CF4-435C-A88C-CAB03FF12EDC (resized).jpegDAE6E6EA-AC13-4CD7-9531-F4D3DAA4EC8C (resized).jpeg
#271 11 months ago


but Hamilton is a pretty cool name also.

#338 11 months ago

Another code update.

Eric is squantching any bugs and more new fun stuff!

2E220628-11C7-4DBA-A2C7-3AA7951FD498 (resized).jpegD8F3515D-97DA-47D5-81D7-E3700AE0E531 (resized).jpeg
#348 11 months ago
Quoted from dts:

Found a distro for BSE #93, but $1000 more (deposit $2500). Man I want one of these, but $8500?... Any other distros out there?

Is the another GAP flip?

#375 11 months ago
Quoted from KingofGames:

I was not planning on adding the coin door.
But now im wondering what you have in store for us. I will add it if your mod is interesting.
Can you tell us a little more?

I will be adding it to my personal game just so I have the option of headphone jack that fits in there.

#378 11 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Many plan on using the slot for a headphone jack.

Granted I would love a plumbus mod that goes on the headphone BDV plate. That way i stick the 3.5 jack into the plumbus.

would be great!

#384 11 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

What's the general consensus for shaker motors in Spooky games? Is the effect and implementation similar to a Stern or different? I know Eric mentioned that shaker code isn't implemented yet but I'm sure it will be at some point. Are the cabinets pre t-nutted if you decide to add one later? Thanks.

with the sub, I see zero need for a shaker.

Granted I also personally hate shakers. They cause unneeded shaking of parts (loosening of crap) and add little to the game.
There are a few games which require them (earthshaker) but most it is just a waste. I would rather add special glass for the cost.

#387 11 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I'm gonna have to disgree with you there! A well implemented shaker adds to the experience. TWD and TNA (as examples) both implement the shaker extremely well. There are some games where it isn't implemented well (XMLE) and shakes just to shake, but there are games where it shines. I'm getting one for my game, and with Eric on code, I think the shaker implementation will be good.

yeah, totally personal preference.

To me the sub on TNA and R&M does plenty of player feedback vibration.

#428 11 months ago

Just a work in progress (things will change) but I wanted to share.

Shirts will come and likely stickers.

If this does not get me to the front of the squanching line, nothing will.

6360911B-B315-48F8-99E5-4986CCD8B33F (resized).png
#442 11 months ago
Quoted from CKrueger:

There's a post that goes up and down in the back. It's in the up position in the drawing.

yup, up post is part of the mech

Quoted from kermit24:

Missing some optos....

Yeah, if being absolutely specific that is correct. (would need long throw in front and regular opto behind each ball).
However, for a stylized design I think this is pretty cool and less clutter is cool and wearble.

I did think it would be really cool to do an exploded diagram showing all the components (mechs above and below the pf layer) but that would be crazy amount of time.

#462 11 months ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Super struggling to decide on powder coated coin door or not. I really like the look, wifey thinks the black looks better and matches the black of the cabinet flows in better.

Purple is so fricking good in person!

#567 11 months ago

Eric is an animal! Squantching and more new stuff!!!

28ED26C7-1D6C-4253-805B-5D8BE493F03B (resized).jpegB6FF42B8-5A39-4EFD-81E1-DB7B33C6EC4E (resized).jpeg
#646 11 months ago

IO Arcade bar even made up some special drinks for this week!

304D41C0-D26C-45CB-8E5F-94DB22B1B02A (resized).jpeg67D924C3-0AB8-495A-A6E9-C4B516CC54B2 (resized).jpeg
#670 11 months ago

Everyone at the local IO Arcade monthly tourney is loving it!

32 player digging the R&M

024381C0-A3D8-4E71-84FC-6732FCF4ABBA (resized).jpeg
#690 11 months ago
Quoted from FYMF:

I'm curious as to how different/more effective thisnmagnasave is versus Black Knight SOR.. that magnasave does nothing bit frustrate me as it slows the ball but never saves it from outlane drain...

Magnasave in R&M is bloody perfect!

A skill based ability and totally fair and doable. I save lots of balls with it and in may different ways/styles of use.

BKSOR is a joke in comparison.

#697 11 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

How'd things wind up with League Night?
I imagine the machine is all dialed in and shooting dreamily by now?

fantastic! I won lol

that rarely happens as I rarely play in league.

R&M is playing great. It was a great opportunity for me to see people learn the game. At start of the night people were getting 1 mil games. By end of night, people were finding shots and putting up 5-9mil which appears to be a solid game (multiballs, multiple modes, etc...)

Everyone appears to be liking the game as people were clamoring to play between rounds.

I genuinely like this game. It has been a while since a game had me this excited to go play.

#721 11 months ago

Final design

Would people want this on a shirt?
I honestly did this just cause i thought it was a cool idea for me and to surprise Scott when he said I could.
But if people like it, then I would be happy to do a small run of shirts; IF there is interest.

Snip 1 danesi (resized).JPG
#731 11 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Seems like a missed opportunity to make the arc the top of the "2" heh

Hey dude. I said final design.

Yeah, I am far from a design dude.
Paid a buddy that does this stuff and I think this one turned out pretty cool and he executed just like i saw it in My head.

#741 11 months ago
Quoted from flecom:

sorry everyone is just super aggressive against anyone with anything short of super positive to say... I spoke to them initially about the way the numbering was going to work and they mentioned locations and events would get priority, I told them that I WAS a location and got no response

This shit does not belong in the club thread. Take it elsewhere please.

Your whining in the non club thread is enough for all of us.

#749 11 months ago

Awesome work and huge thanks!

#782 11 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

I got to play R&M today. Location play, and I don’t think the table was setup in a way to enable the game really shine.
Not to gloss over all of the pros, but the most notable con is the inner orbit/spinner shot, which was a clunk-fest with the spinner, itself, causing rejects. It proved to be frustrating.
For those of you that have game in possession, was yours this way out of box? We’re you able to make some tweaks to get good, strong, flow through the area?
The other clunk area was the turn around loop between the right ramp and the Kinetic ball post. Although I only hit it once.
Left ramp is super smooth. Really would like to play this game in a home environment with the Playfield pitched, waxed, and coil strengths amped up. Seems like there’s a ton of opportunity for fast ball movement.

Zero problems. Those are all easily adjustable and honest if you can make the U-turn shot then it is you and not the game.

#793 11 months ago
Quoted from dts:

Hilton, what are you liking the best at this point? Flow, video integration, music, the whole package?

honestly, this game is the whole package.
What I like broken down a bit >>

Intergation: Best theme integration since TAF. Lights, sounds, callouts, annimations, music. All combining to bring your IN TO the game. World under glass gets over used, but this game really makes you like you are part of the experience. Very few games capture this.

Geometry and Risk v Reward: The game is on par IMHO with TWD for unique geometry that is challenging but very doable. The game has both flow and control needed and the software compliments it perfectly. The game is exactly what I would expect from Scott D, Eric P, and Bowen combination and we are just seeing the foundation at this stage. I know some of the things that are coming in code and I can hardly wait. I think TWD is the best comparative for 'feel' of this game and TWD is one of my favorite Sterns ever made. TWD you must be able to hit all three drop targets (top 2 are easy but bottom can be challenging). R&M you need to find the ramps (right is easy, but you have to find the left). When you make shots in each game, you need to be ready for both offense with a quick return that requires you to shoot on the fly (flow) or the possibility of a need to gain control. This game keeps you on your toes. It is for sure a players game. TLDR of this point> the game fucking rocks to play and is challenging but rewarding. This is exactly what I look for in modern pinball.

Light show: WOW o WoW! Seriously the best lightshow in all of pinball

Animations: David is by far the best animator in the business. He just gets 'it' for pinball. He has great assests to use with R&M but his layering and understanding of theme integration in a way that the player readily understands what to do is amazing. Most modern games have so much shit going on with the screen that it takes me months to even know where to look and what it is telling me. R&M (and ACNC) are good because David has it figured out. Appealing to the eye and easy on the brain. He seems to understand that the screen is entertainment for onlookers, information gathering for the player, and should also keep you engaged when you have down time (waiting on mode start) in the game.

Callouts: are fucking hilarious! Tons of them. From the show and unique. I can not stress how important real voice actors with actual pinball call outs are for theme integration. This game is not simply a R&M pinball. It is part of the R&M storyline and if anyone has not realized, it has continuations or extensions of the storylines in cool ways. It is like the "what may have been" if the episodes were longer or they revisted a storyline. I dont think any pinball has done that yet?

Sounds: Fantastic. Scott D is great here obviously and his real passion. It shows. This game is a mini dance party and light show combined. I can hardly wait to have my personal one and late night jam out sessions with the wife while sipping on good boubon and in a dimly lit pinball room. Going to be a blast.

Comedy: Pinball has sorely been missing comedy. It died with MM and AFM for some reason. DP had a poor attempt at some 1 liners but they all feel forced. R&M is just plain funny shit and the callouts and timing of those callouts are enough to pull you out of your own head while playing. What good comedy in pinball is supposed to do. Serious , "what did it just say?" moments and LOL times where I am giggling to myself as I walk away and the game just kicked my ass.

Build quality: Best built spooky ever and they keep making improvements. Better mechs. PF is best ever. While some companies are using thinner gauge metal to save a nickel on each build, spooky is going the opposite direction and asking themselves what can they make better. They are even making brand new mechs (in pf trough for staged ball).

1 con: This really only applies to the first batch as I think all aspects will come out of the factory much improved with each successive batch. There are some fine tunings that need to be done for the game to shine. Sadly, many pinheads are not comfortable with this and will be disjointed. They walk in to a bar and that example is not exactly how they think it should ( it may not shoot exactly as intended if not leveled and pitched accurately) be and then think every single game "has a spinner that rejects shots" (Granted, many of these guys are pissed they missed out and also ragging on the game because they want one; they also suck at pinball and like games where they can close their eyes and hit a shot on the first time because it is always in the sweet spot of the flipper). To be clear, these fine tunings are 1/64' to 1/8' adjustments for how a ball guides sits. This game has so much in it, that the physical placements are important. Factory workers are not pinheads and don't think about these things until they are laid out.

Fine tunings I suggest for each owner of the first 40 that were built if you are interested in fine tuning the game:
To be 100% clear, these are all MINOR adjustments. These are normal things I do for every game I touch. These are things that have been fed back to factory and they use this feedback for future games. Spooky is always improving.
I am hesitant to even write these as a few douchebags will fixate on them. Dont be a fucking Jerry. I am sharing these to help those operators that complained till they got and early game, but then need the help to learn how to make adjustments.

-Ensure the right orbit feeds the ball smoothly so it rides down the upper right flipper in direct parallel to the flipper.
-Adjust your upper right flipper angle to ensure it feeds cleanly to the upper spinner orbit and the left garage portal shot (too low and spinner shot is wrong; too high and portal is wrong)
-Ensure the inner spinner orbit guide rails have a little curvature (not a flat spot at entry) that extends the length of the entry for the shot. This will make this shot easier for noobs/complainers as increased curve will change that later movement into vertical and push the ball through the inner orbit. Go ahead and balance and juice your spinner if you think it is slowing your ball. On my route game, the shot is correctly balance and when you hit it clean, then it will come around so quick you have likely missed it. When you hit is somewhat sloppy, it will still make it around. When you bonk it, then you suck and it is not the game.
Another good indicator you have this shot tuned is a right orbit with diverter to spinner should hit the tip of the UR flipper.
-Check the height of your center scoop. This is designed to sit high to protect the pf wood. Basically a built in cliffy. If this is sitting too high then it will increase rejects. Lower it or bend your scoop hood to tune yours as you see fit.

To be 100% clear, these are all MINOR adjustments. These are normal things I do for every game I touch. My list for TWD was 2x as long and that is my favorite Stern. Again, don't be a Jerry.

This game fucking rocks!

#801 11 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

I was thinking the same thing! This game needs Pinside reviews. There is only one brief review that though positive in tone overall also implies that the game is “clunky” due to geometry.
Hilton - thanks for taking the time to post such an awesomely detailed review! Please take another minute to copy and paste your review to the ratings section for R&M!

I will rate when back and CPU.

My rating won’t count for Pinside since I removed all my other ratings but I think the text will show up?

#806 11 months ago

updated my rating with text now

Also rated some of my other favs to surpass the pinside threshold for approval of ratings.

#814 11 months ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

This game sounds like it’s hitting on all cylinders, it could end being a timeless classic like the venerable medieval![quoted image]

Gav on top of Jay.

Guessing than ain’t a first

#856 11 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Really great review and I enjoyed reading. One can give constructive criticism without being an ass. You sir, did a great job at that.
Your thoughts are consistent with my first impressions playing the game on location as well. The game that I played (Hilton's #2 BSE) was tuned pretty well. I also experienced the same launch ball and backspin into the turnaround lane (which we saw a lot of on the stream). I wonder if a piece of rubber at the end of that wireform would stop the backspin that was happening and cleanly feed the upper flipper. Hopefully something that can be tuned out somehow without too much work.

just as a heads up

2 second adjustment is all that is needed.

Bend end of shooter lane wireform down so ball hits it squarely and drops.

On stream, there was 4 cameras mounted and i could not properly reach in to bend it.

#858 11 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Speaking of streaming, when will the next one be? Does IO allow any one to come setup? Do you have to call ahead?

you would need to coordinate with me if you wanted to.

I think Jack and crew may be coming back this Saturday for the official launch party

#861 11 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Ive been canvassing twitch streams and the majority say if you call ahead and go when its not busy that you can do it any where really.

coordinate with me if you want. Happy to help arrange if someone wants to stream

#872 11 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

While a mod guy could fix that, it should be properly adjusted and tested at the factory to perform as intended, in my opinion.

If they have the ability at the factory, then I would like to see them add a second wire loop stacked on top of the single loop at the end of the shooter lane wireform.

This would be a permenant fix.

#879 11 months ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

So is this thing a sweet shooter with the tweaking or what? Just looking to hear they like to shoot it as much as the craftsmanship, innovation, value, programing, sound, lights, art, and so forth... its legits right? There is a JP premium on location that i go back to every few weeks because those shots are just “there”. We getting that here?

oh yes!

#880 11 months ago



Official Rick and Morty Launch Party is this Saturday.
Team spooky will be there (Bug has been practicing and will wreck us all )

All invited. Open to the public.

Fun times to be had and a chance to play along with some of the team.

#882 11 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Please tell me you’ve invited Bowen. No disrespect to everyone who played in the last stream, but I’m really looking forward to seeing a top shelf player familiar with the game take it on in a focused session.

this is a launch party. All are welcome.

BTW, I am a top shelf player and tossed up 9+million on stream

If you are equally as awesome, then come on by. We may even be streaming the event, so you could be the pickle rick to show the rest of the world.

#920 11 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

The hype for this game is strong, and keeps growing. Hopefully Hilton is able to stream the launch party and demonstrate the few concerns have been squanched.

Bugs appear all squanched from the 6? updates provided in the past week. Stable build went up on spooky site yesterday.

I am not sure what other concerns people have, but our game plays really well. Ball launches to skill shot, all shots are dailed, makable, and correctly challenging/satisfying.

If any early batch owners have specific issues then feel free to PM and I am happy exchange numbers and chat.

#924 11 months ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I drained out while playing the mode that had completed it so not really sure, to be honest. I was mostly stacking modes with multiball, and making an effort to change dimensions as much as possible. The game is an ass-kicker but makes you want to come back for more. The only thing I haven't enjoyed is that damn screaming dimension, but I don't care much for the invalid mode on JP either. Two games that have amazing sound and then one mode to just destroy your eardrums. I get the humor but holy shit is it grating to the soul.

that is a hilarious to me

Exactly what it is supposed to do and rare enough to love it.

#937 11 months ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

Since you have self-appointed the role of ambassador, I think it's reasonable for you to demonstrate the simple quick fixes if they are indeed that simple. Don't dismiss folks who are new to this. Just take a quick tour at the start, less than 5 minutes and no fancy camerawork, just to point out "here on the pf is the adjustment you can make for the plunge shot. Over here is the other adjustment for X. If your ball gets hung in this spot a lot, adjust this part. If your spinner seems sticky, check this alignment and then play better. Check out the service menu for other settings, we recommend XYZ".
We shouldn't need a "early" game number pass to get this secret info; lots of folks talking about it and Spooky can differentiate themselves further ahead of Stern by acknowledging the concerns and sharing the info, and you would probably earn some personal goodwill too. Win-Win.

I am just a pinhead with a game. You have decided in your head whom to self-appoint. That is all for you to determine.

I already ran through all the small tweaks I made for the info of all. I am not sure what else you are looking for.
They were clearly pointed out in text in my review post.

I am not sure why you are so confrontational. No secrets here. My time is valuable, but I understand that some people are not as comfortable with understanding how to make adjustments. Hence why I offered to walk things through with them on the phone for the things I have done.

I assume any tweaks are already done on all future games. Only the first batch likely has similar things that owners 'may' want to adjust.

Do you have a game and some sort of concern. I am happy to chat if so.

#941 11 months ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

But it seems confusing that while you have been Spooky and R&M's biggest cheerleader

I am someone that they trust to hold them accountable. I support all pinball and esp those companies that want to continue to improve and request feedback and make improvements.
I am far from a cheerleader and I find it confrontational and insulting for you to insinuate such.

I am not in charge of streaming anything. Any additional streaming is because people are asking for more of it (understandable as not all can travel for the launch party)

I have not heard back from Jack yet, so if anyone would like to make arrangements and come to the launch party and stream gameplay then please reach out.
Happy to get more content out there for people to see. I am also happy to arrange for early entrance so you can get set up. During launch party, you can let the stream roll but this is a launch party. People will be having fun, competiting, drinking beers, and high fiving. It will be a location based bar stream.

If a streamer would like, we can use a camera and do a close up overview of the entire pf and my personal adjustments to help others with early games that need a video explanation instead of just text details.

#946 11 months ago

Talking with Jack and trying to get a stream set up for the launch party...

stay tuned.

Confirmed that Bug and Chuck are for sure coming. Likely bringing some prototype parts to add to the swag basket.

For TNA he gave us a proto backglass to use. For AMH we had Ben's actual ghost model.
Hoping for some fun stuff

Hope lots of pinsiders come.

#963 11 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I didn't realize the ball launch dropped the ball onto the playfield. Does it have mylar there?

wont need it.

Seriously. I will try to grab some photos.

I have no idea what spooky did but this pf is not dimpling like others at all

#972 11 months ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

Hah, OK I know what you're talking about but don't know what it's called either. Speaking of, I only just recently realized the little gauge / fork tool is supposed to be used to shim the gap between the pawl and bushing *beneath* the playfield... I always put it between the flipper and bushing up top but folks have always complimented my flipper rebuilds for their action, so I guess it ends up the same way when you pay attention to the plane alignment of the plunger in the coil manually. Then my dumbass realized "oh, THAT'S what the gauge is for"...


#974 11 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Just curious what number was yours? Wondering how far along they are!

pretty sure he was #1 and for good reason.

They have built 40-50 at this stage is a good guess.
Possibly up to 60?

I know people in the 80s getting final build sheet requests so that means they are 1 month out or less

#980 11 months ago
Quoted from Mitch:

To anyone who owns this game, is it possible to shoot the ball back up the left inlane into the portal. And if you do what happens.

It kicks back out

Not really possible but can happen I suppose. Guessing there is a jam opto that registers the stacked ball?

Would be funny to have a special call out when it does happen

#982 11 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

How does it kick just one out? Is the staged ball held back?

Honestly I have no looked. Guessing the power setting is just right

#995 11 months ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Your right a steel ball rolling over a unsupported wire thousands of times wont cause it to bend down at all.
Sorry to have suggested a minor upgrade which shouldn't cost much at all during production but help longevity and reliability of the game.
I guess nobody should ever make suggestions to help make the game better.

your suggestion is valid. It is sometimes hard to deliver criticism the right way. Trust me I screw it up constantly.

I agree, that if possible (they likely have all 750 game specific ball guides built and coated already? since games are sold out) beefing up this wireform is a reasonable suggestion.

That said, the longevity of the piece could also be better as-is. No additional welds that are getting hammered by a ball on every plunge.
I have not lived it long term, so could see both ways working.

In this case, the adjustment Luke shows is perfect and takes just a few seconds to perform. It is a non issue.

On a game with probably 1000+ plays I have had to adjust it once post release stream, and it has held fine since.

#1019 11 months ago

I can’t believe I forgot to post this before

1F744377-CF27-4529-823C-E48590557EDC (resized).jpeg
#1050 11 months ago

Staring to get the hang of this game. My typical game is now around 3mil with more regular big games near 10mil

Still have not been able to string together a blow up yet, but it is coming... I can feel it

#1052 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

Hoping to make it over to the launch party... unfortunately I have nowhere to practice playing RM so I probably will suck at it if I join in on the tournament.
[quoted image]
I heard Pulp Fiction is a rumored game out there... man that would be awesome if Spooky could obtain the rights to that one!!!

Please say hello and help me put a face to a name/ online name.
Always great meeting new pinball people/ making the connection to online and IRL.

The launch party is all about fun!

If you get there at the start/ before the start, then plenty of time to get a few in and get the hang of it before things get busy.

In my experience, these launch parties start out pretty chill and if you are there at start, you can get a few games in short order before the line gets linger.
Also, this is not a hardcore competition. All about fun, but IFPA for those that want to grab a few points also. Should be a casual but competitive for those that want it sort of thing.

Best part is getting the Spooky crew to relax and enjoy in the good times. Always puts a smile on my face to see the team seeing other enjoy the fruits of their hard work. It really is a special thing to experience in the community and I feel fortunate to have spooky so involved and part of the greater pinball family. They take this all to heart and are genuine pinheads. It is all about the feels.

well, outside of my goal to do better than Bug He will likely crush me, but i think I have a shot.

#1067 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

I will definitely say hello!!!
Looking forward to meeting fellow pin heads!
What time does the tournament start and what time can I get there to get a few games in?

bar opens at 11am.

Tourney qualifying form noon-4pm
Playoffs to follow.

Depending on if stream is happening, we may be doing some gear set up (hopefully done well before noon)

#1075 11 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

kettchxxii is the owner of the game and I'm sure he'll sort out the spinner rejects. I had the same stuck ball on that game as well. I'd be curious to hear if it is happening on others as well? Not a huge deal as you can nudge it off but it does seem like it maybe sticks out further than it should.
Make sure to grab a burger while you're at Blue Moon! Some of Madison's best.

yeah, just nudge it loose. Already drained

I have seen a few stuck balls like that. Spooky uses nice protectors under the apron holder tabs. Does a nice job of making sure metal does not scratch pf, but a slow roller can hang up. Nudge and all good. Pretty rare.

Burgers are DANK!

#1076 11 months ago

Any pro-streamers want to come to I/O on Saturday to stream the launch party?

Deadflip has another obligation so cant make the trip.

I would welcome any others. Please PM if interested.

#1083 11 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

The burger is fantastic. It said best burger so I had to order it.
Nice lineup of games here but I'm getting partial to r&m. It's between that and Wonka.
BTW even when my Morty is good enough to make the loop past the spinner much of the time it's hitting something at the top of the loop that catches it and makes it come back out the spinner. Then most of the times it drains down the right outlane.
The callouts are choice.
I think I'm just gonna camp here for a few hours and then io bar if anyone wants to watch a real amateur suck at pinball.

That stall at top is just a need to bend the guide rail down a little above the spinner so it "exits" at a slightly lower trajectory to not hit the divertor edge in back.

Jim, I need to tweak mine just slightly more (super fast balls can hit it that spot) so if I get time, I can take some pics for you.

#1094 11 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Doesn't seem to be binding, seems just like it doesn't have enough hold power to block the ball. I know DE JP had some issue or some prevention for an issue with the raptor pit slamming the ball in to the flippers. Don't recall exactly what the situation was.
Just had the end of game match happen without audio, that was weird.
Hitting the loop twice is like winning the lotto.
kettchxxii I'll have your game paid for in a few more hours of this. Better come clean out the bill hopper. I'll head to IO bar in a bit and clean out the rest of my wallet.

Honestly, these games are getting the snot played out of them.

I would guess Jim's game is up over 1000 plays already also.

That is a ton of plays in a short time!
People are seriously loving this game.

You will see when you get to IO, I need to rerubber posts already. lol

no joke, if this trajectory holds... it will be the quickest pay off on a pinball I will have ever seen.

I thought for sure once Madison saw a second and now 3rd R&M show up in town that we would see things slow.

I hope this holds for a few months.

#1102 11 months ago
Quoted from ghostbc:

Your plastic protector broke?

more accurately it appears MY plastic protector broke.

I oddly did not get a text to learn this... just a pinside post

Ill swing down to fix it in a bit. Please shut off the game.

New code to upload also so it will be a 2fer trip.

#1113 11 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Doh sorry, it hid itself so I was thinking it was ok for now.
That machine is dialed in, love it.

All good and thanks

#1120 11 months ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Why do these post look like they were burned. [quoted image][quoted image]

because the game is getting the shit played out of it on route.

The ball transfers dirt/grime/metal bits to them over time and chews them up.

#1122 11 months ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Yes I understand this. Lol. Just looks different from most wear post I have seen. Could be just the pics. Looks like a match was held there. Burned. I’m sure it’s just wear and dirt.

guessing most posts you are thinking of are either cliffy stlye which dont wear, but only get dirty?
or Stern style which are harder (almost plastic like rubber) that are black so you dont realize.

These are a silicone type material. A bit softer but nice feel to them.

I prefer a cliffy type material for route, but those are thicker. Wish cliffy made a slightly thinner OD style.

#1130 11 months ago

Purple cliffy looks nice!

39FB23AE-4846-43AA-9242-0DC824BEE75C (resized).jpegBD413CD4-6368-4CF7-AF6F-D700B5BEECBF (resized).jpeg
#1142 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

You mean Purple Titans?

Nope. Cliffy post sleeves

#1180 11 months ago

Just wanted to confirm that Scott D (and maybe Scarlet from TNA???) is planning to come on Saturday also.
Charlie and Bug confirmed also.

Maybe a few others?
Most importantly >> all yall pinheads!

Hoping to meet and see lots of folks at I/O Arcade bar.
noon-4pm qualifying
playoffs to follow
prizes, high fives, and good times to celebrate this great game!

720 Williamson St
Madison, WI

Oh yeah... also all the money that goes through the coin box from launch party will be donated to local rescue place

good people and if anyone wants to add to the cause then I can take donations or donate directly on behalf of spooky/yourself.


#1190 11 months ago
Quoted from ReallifePin:

Any takers to do a stream?

Nope. Not at this stage.

All good though as plenty of launch party fun And now none of it can be documented so we can get silly and not have to worry about cameras

#1195 11 months ago

First time Scott is ever dropping a quarter in this game. Wanted to capture the moment.

729EA328-C877-499A-A124-5F271370F500 (resized).jpeg
#1215 11 months ago
5CB79071-B26D-4952-84F1-97E3EC2292CD (resized).jpegA0E8524E-AC20-46C7-A6CF-82666BF4ACFC (resized).jpegAFF9DBC1-F206-4F4F-8ECD-9D849422566B (resized).jpeg
#1216 11 months ago
image (resized).jpg
#1235 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

I also had a great time at the RM launch party today!
Everyone I met from Spooky was super nice and so was everyone else that was there for the launch party.
windraidor and whysnow ... it was cool to meet some pinsiders! I had a good time talking with you guys and playing RM
I/O Arcade bar is an awesome place!!! if you're nearby there ever & have the chance to stop in and play... I highly recommend it!
I can't really review RM yet as I don't think I played it enough to do that but I can say that I definitely enjoyed it and I'm SO happy that I'm in on owning one, even if its not for another year!
I wish I could've played it a bunch more times than I did... especially one player games on my own. I only had a few 1 player games while placing for the tournament. All the rest I played were 4 player games and for me, personally, I always feel like I never play well in that scenario. I'm not sure if it's just in my head or it just gets me out of any grove I might have going... I had one decent game (my second game I think) where I scored 3+ million. It was great! For the 6/7 games or so that I played today I was able to make the house portal shot from the upper flipper and the steep left ramp shot multiple times.
The game is super fast and a lot of fun! Especially because of that pop bumper above the left flipper! I LOVE that pop bumper in this game! It adds a whole different element of game play. This pin plays/feels soooooo nice! All the shots are makable & work fine you just have to be dialed in on them to make them more often and I'm sure that will happen with practice. Anyone worried about gameplay from watching a stream or what TWIP said (also just based on first their first impressions from watching the stream ) that's just silly!!!! You just need to play the game and you will know that it plays great!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Great meeting you and thanks so much for coming!

I personally had a blast yesterday. Probably the most fun I have ever had at a launch Party!
It was just the right amount of everything and plenty of time to hang with old friends, new friends, and team spooky also.
It just puts a smile on my face in so many ways.

Seeing people get hands on the game for the first time, seeing them meet pinball people and then realize they are the most down to earth folks around is great.

Special thanks to Liz for scorekeeping and keeping stuff running! I really appreciate that and it was a huge help for me!

Thanks spooky team and all that came to make it a special day.

See you soon.

#1236 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

The RM at the launch party also reset multiple times but it seemed to happen more when we were Starting new games and adding credits. Hilton, Scott and Eric were on it though and I’m sure they have a fix for that bug soon!

Pretty sure Eric will have me new code by end of day. Also for clarity of the masses, I run beta code to help Spooky out. Pretty much constantly testing out the latest before the stable builds go out. If you want to play the newest code, then I/O is the place. That does also mean that you may find a few bugs along the way

It is all about making the game better for all and I am happy to lend a hand.

#1241 11 months ago
Quoted from garretswinning:

I was playing r&m yesterday and a problem we were having was after the ball drained from a tilt it would do a hard reset.

Tell your OP to be on the look for new code in the next day or 2. It has been diagnosed and likely fixed

#1250 11 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

New build posted on the beta page - Anybody running the betas (especially on location) should update.

updating now

#1257 11 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

No matter how many hangups are identified and sorted... ther is always one! Lol
I wonder if Eric can deal with such a rare occurence by having the ship coil fire to dislodge that ball during ball search?

not needed. Odd place to think a ball got stuck and honestly should not be possible unless something got in the way.

That would be in the horseshoe and not a flat spot to get stuck on.

Hopefully the guy just let Tilt know and they likely fixed it in 2 seconds rather than hope they found it on a pinside thread randomly from a pic of a friend of a friend, lol.

#1317 10 months ago
Quoted from pballinhd:

In season 2 episode 1 (A Rickle in Time) Rick saves himself from death and calls out "Not today Bitch" . Would sound great for completing a mode/adventure or ball save.

a death save call out would be awesome

or a double danger followed by hitting a jackpot in short order

#1347 10 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

I would appreciate you pinheads with those first games, to ferret out all bad code and PF problems before I get mine!! Thank you very much!!

um... just so the internet does not take a statement and run... There are ZERO playfield issues. Have you heard of any?

R&M appears to be like new after even thousands of plays on route. Seriously amazing!

As for 'bad' code, there is just early code and very quickly the bugs have been quanched. We took delivery of the game ~3 weeks ago and I think I have seen/loaded at least 10 updates which have all made huge improvements in killing bugs. Sounds like the stable build went out yesterday which means I am assuming/hoping more new content coming.

Eric P is amazing for code on this game! Super dedicated.

#1349 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

So that begs the question....what's different? I ask because i was basically told there was no guarantee that all manufacturers were facing the same playfield issues. Is it just a matter of luck of the draw?

process, product (wood, ink, clear, etc...), and attention to detail.

In short, when spooky had that run of TNA pf and had some chipping at posts, they took real action.

I doubt they would tell specifics (some things are industry secrets for good reason), but whatever they did... they seem to have figured it all out.

I know yall think it is just fan-boi-ism, but I wish all others could figure it out like Spooky did.
Really and genuinely impressed with what R&M is for pf quality!

#1442 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I seriously doubt this. The number of 'bolted to the floor' and turn around and sell it in a few months around here is astounding....and if things continue to go downhill, there'll be a lot of people trying to cash out of pins in the short term.

wait... are you really now using the fear mongering of covid19 as a way to scare people into thinking they should sell pinball machines?

That is funny

If the 08 housing scare did not make people sell off games, then a virus which forces you to self quarantine is not going to.

#1448 10 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Is everything now fear mongering in the right/wrong one sided world? I'm simply being a realist. In a bad scenario, that is exactly what will happen.

sounds good. Please PM me a sweet price for your haunted house and your funhouse. You are likely going to need to sell those first. Rudy is a vector and haunted house... well just bad mojo to add to the freak out.

I will pay 50% of market and you should be thankful. They are going to be worth 10% in another year.

#1475 10 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I think really the most accessible shots are the scoop and the horseshoe. Those are all somewhat 50/50. I felt the other shots, shooting and aiming wise, felt like 30/100 shots, as in not guaranteed when aiming for.

Wait? Are you saying you can only hit the scoop and horseshoe 50% of the time?

If so, sorry to tell you that the game is not your problem.

#1481 10 months ago

I am a pretty casual player TBT.

Based on stats, games are now close to 3 min (like the majority of games).

Some people are having super long games also. This game is alot like other modern games where you hit levels and then your play levels up.

Once people get the hang of the game, they are getting through 2 modes and a multiball on most games played.
Good games will be 4 modes and a dimension or 2 and maybe a 2nd multiball.
Great games are almost a card completed for adventures, some of the special modes, and multiple multiballs.

Honestly the horseshoe shot is wide open. If you are getting bounces then it is because you are hittin posts and the silicone posts are bouncy. Maybe change them to cliffy sleeves or the hard plastic style to help you out. Honestly, my advice if that is a tough shot is to just play a few more games in a row and work on it. Those shots are both easily fore and back handable.

For scoop, if you are getting rejects, then adjust your scoop hood either up or down slightly. A small fine tune to a scoop can turn it from reject city to directing the ball in.

For the ball hang up on edge of the center scoop, just nudge it up and it will come off easily. For the owner, you could file the front edge if you want, or drop the scoop just slightly, but that metal edge it to protect the hole. Honestly a non-issue as a small nudge will free it if it does get stuck there.

#1514 10 months ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Things in life have come up and regrettably I need to sell my spot.
I'm number 148. If interested pm me a offer.

put up an advert rather than this hidden auction BS.

Or hell, call your distributor or spooky (wherever you purchased) and ask if they have the ability to return your deposit.

If you need money quick, either make an advert or just ask the seller for a refund.

#1519 10 months ago
Quoted from Mitch:

Sorry I forgot you were in charge again.

I am not in charge. It is a pinside rule.

Game sales over $2500 must have an advert made.

#1522 10 months ago
Quoted from Mitch:

I do have one and had one before your first post. But thanks again for sticking your nose in.
I must have missed when you became a moderator.

glad to see you set a price and seems pretty fair based on what they have been selling for online and your low number.

hope it works out for you.

#1570 10 months ago

and look whom is first to the down rating

all in hopes to hurt it so he can eventually find one for cheaper

Pathetic and no surprise that this same guy serial stalks and downvotes me.

pasted_image (resized).png
#1575 10 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Maybe his review is based on his experience with the game. Usually when someone tries to torpedo a game they end up giving it a 0 rating. If you use the whole 0 to 10.0 range, 5.7 is above average.

I may believe that if he had not made hit rating immediately after the game hit #2 slot.
I may also believe it if he did not also have the game on his ISO list.

#1582 10 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

I had the chance to buy one last week and passed. I'm keeping my spot for now since its not in the first 250 to see what happens. I'll make certain to take it off my wish list for the conspiracy theorist. Not going to give this rating any more time. If you dont like the rating kick rocks. I do update my ratings as games are updated and improved.

the entire and obvious point was that your whole reason for rating the game now was to try and sway the ratings system.

Of course you had a chance at one last week. We all did... people are trying to make 4k profit on a spot, lol.

#1594 10 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

IIRC that has been there for weeks.
He put it up almost as soon as the Club Page opened. I think I even inquired about it?

nah, he put it up pretty much immediately after seeing the game popped as #2 on the list.

You can see my screen shot showing "1 hour" in the upper left.

#1598 10 months ago
Quoted from titanpenguin:

Not sure why you’re surprised or even let it bother you. He has been crying non stop since 12/16. Multiple people have explained to him multiple times the situation. He is just pissed he is in the 500’s. He thought being a previous customer guaranteed him an early game. It’s not like he didn’t get one, he just didn’t get his way. I think that’s what irks me about the complaining. He knew enough to have to join the fang club which means he knew the deal.

yeah, I dont really care at all.

Was just point it out

#1602 10 months ago
Quoted from FYMF:Deleted post

wrong thread?

#1621 10 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

New public release update on the https://spookypinball.com/game-support page
Proper change log (since the beta notes got posted instead):
Build 2020.03.17
- Added: Sound Test
- Added: Burn-in test for the minions on the line.
- Added: setting for LED state when in service menu: 'ALL OFF', 'GI ONLY'(Default), and 'ALL ON'
- Added: Service menu utility for emptying the ball troughs.
- Added: Largest Bonus vanity high score
- Added: Some new lightshows for 'Adventure Lit'.
- Added: SLAM save sfx
- Added: SLAM save during ball save now awards the SLAM save bonus also
- Added: New setting for closing the diverter on inner loop shots for smoother transitions.
(Enabled by default, disable it if it causes problems)
- Fixed: A really terrible stacking-loop of ball searches if you tilted a game before it ever hit the shooter lane.
- Fixed: Error that would prevent the trough from re-trying if a ball sat on the edge between trough and shooter-lane.
- Fixed: Last second shots in Gromflomite Battle could result in MB LED indications staying on.
- Fixed: Adjusting volume during the "last scores" display at game end could put the game in a black hole.
- Fixed: Roy shots wouldn't randomize if you always hit the "Rick" shot.
- Fixed: Meeseeks multipliers weren't applying to ball locks
- Fixed: Several small errors in FACTS screens.
- Fixed: Replay credits were counting as normal credits as far as bonus credits were calculated.
- Fixed: erroneous description on the mega-sl4m dimension.
- Fixed: Start button lamp handling wasn't always behaving as intended
- Fixed: Pickle Rick wasn't starting the adventure ball save timer
- Fixed: Grenade light in Purge wasn't going off during victory laps at the mansion.
- Fixed: Switch scoring modifications were not resetting properly at the end of a ball (Meeseeks, mostly)
- Fixed: Ship lock status LED indications could get out of sync since the LED system change.
- Fixed: Swearing quick toggle didn't save right away, so if you only change that and exit - it would revert.
- Fixed: Crash on second kill shot in Whirly Dirly due to an error.
- Fixed: Hitting the inner loop during skillshot award would show the multiplier increase display
- Fixed: During tilt the scoop and shooter lane will clear much earlier than ball search timer
- Fixed: Add-a-ball didn't handle tilting when active well. Now unloads properly.
- Fixed: Error in replay tracking would only allow one replay per player number between reboots.
- Fixed: "Player Up" display would trample on FACTS if ball was in shooter lane.
- Fixed: Pirates 'infinity' timer wouldn't stop if player drained without making the last shot.
- Fixed: Player encouragement voice over timer resets on adventure start and multiball release for timing reasons.
- Fixed: The 'family' target lamps would hold their state until the next ball/player caused an update.
- Fixed: Antigravity battery LEDs weren't fully shutting off at end of ball.
- Fixed: Left/Right ship inserts weren't lighthing up for the second phase of Pirates.
- Fixed: Adventure qualified state wasn't coming up properly on a new ball
- Fixed: Purge was using the wrong target for 'Call Summer'
- Fixed: Logic for not registering shots while the ship clears at multi-ball release re-worked.
- Fixed: Interdimensional cable clips would only play properly the first time in attract mode.
- Fixed: Add-a-ball wouldn't unload if the last 2 balls in multiball drained together.
- Fixed: Match logic could get into a state where it would always match.
- Fixed: Hitting start during a particular window of time during the game over sequence could end up confusing things badly.
- Fixed: If you made it to the last phase of Pirates with no letters, shot in the last phase were 0 points.
- Fixed: With one ball locked and the second lock open, often the ship would re-show "lock 1" if you juggled the ball.
- Changed: Pressing start with no credits and inserting money now use separate callout pools.
- Changed: Updated video assets for Pickle Rick phase 1
- Changed: If the horse-shoe is 'OPEN', it can be used in combo-chains.
- Changed: System/OS changes to attempt to correct video error based resets.
- Changed: Whirly Dirly should use the u-turn as an available shot during multiball.
- Changed: Updated scoring in a bunch of places
- Changed: Interdimensional cable clips in attract mode default setting is on instead of off.
- Changed: Whirly Killshot hurry up time made longer in all phases (initial value, countdown, floor value hold)
- Changed: Added a Short grace period on the shot a local just left in Purge
- Changed: Adventure/Multiball ball save timers no longer stack; the larger of the 2 settings is used if started together.
- Changed: If Replay is disabled, the Replay page just acts like you've already gotten a Replay and shows
the GC score information.

Nice!!! Someone has been busy in isolation!

#1744 10 months ago

that was awesome!

love the dad laugh when the little punk rocks the super jack like it is no big deal....


#1754 10 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I adjusted it a bit after talking to whysnow I'm not sure if i made it better or worse tbh. I didn't play many games on it after adjusting though so I'll see what happens. I tried to close up the metal guide, but that didn't work as well, so I opened it back up again. I also removed the next screw going up the rail and tried to increase that curve a bit more. I might have kinked it too much. Prior to adjusting, if I could get a clean shot, it would loop around very quickly. I could get 2 loops, then a 3rd whatever shot, because at that point it was going too fast.
I could probably hit it 1/3 of the time, but again, I'm attributing that to my playing skill.
Conversely, on my XMLE, I can hit the Storm shot probably 3/4 of the time, the Rogue shot is probably most similar and I can hit that maybe 2/3 of the time.

bust out the slow-mo on the camera and see what impact your adjustments are making. That is the best way for me to better understand what my tweaks are doing.

#1765 10 months ago

This is more of the (slightly over accentuated) bend I would move to.

The basic idea is a desire to provide more curve in the area of the rail where a ball will hit with a 'sloppy shot'
This basically helps you translate that horizontal movement into vertical movement to carry the momentum of the ball around the inner loop.
again, over done in that red line, but you get the idea I think.

I personally would make the front of the rail line up with that side of the post on entrance. The ball guide is intended to... well... guide the ball
Morty Rail bend 1 (resized).jpg

#1769 10 months ago

following up.

The green lines show the initial sweet spot width on my route game.
The blue lines show the sweet spot width post adjustment.

Again, this is all just stylized... but hopefully helps anyone making and adjustment think about the geometry, physics, and maintained inertia of the ball dynamics. Small tweaks can make a big difference. This goes for every pinball machine!

Morty Rail bend 1 (resized).jpg
#1771 10 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Wouldn't moving the rail that much require some rail bending which Eric said to not do ?

bending = bad. you dont want to kink your rail

changing the curvature = good (assuming this is the sort of tweak you like to make)

I also dont prescribe to everything Eric says

#1776 10 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Is yours moved far enough away from the post that that the edge of the metal rail can be hit by the ball?


ball will hit post, not the end of guide rail

#1797 10 months ago


#1801 10 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

If you’re alright letting a company charge you that much for a game and having to make fixes more power to you.

game is fine out of the box.

These are owners talking about adjustments and small tweaks. As plenty of others have said and you seem to continually ignore, they game plays great already.

#1812 10 months ago

I would say that people need to keep in mind that the first 40 were likely built before any were delivered.
The next 20 (they sound like they are batch building 20 at a time?) were built as feedback was just starting to roll in form the first 40.

Once lockdown stops and production starts back up, then they are likely starting on batch 3.

Spooky listens, adjusts and makes improvements. It is huge to have them actively in the conversation!

#1815 10 months ago

removing screws will have zero impact on long term or loosening. That whole rail can easily be held with 2 total screws and zero concern. It is overbuilt with the 4 (or is it 5) total tabs.

pretty sure the guide is just fine.

any factory adjustment is just as simple as being aware of the placement/curve as set at the factory.
I think people are really making a mountain out of a molehill. Shot was fine even on game #2 to leave the factory. I like to adjust and fine tune games. All games are different and a different playerbase. The factory could do nothing and it would be fine as it is. This is supposed to be more difficult compared to other shots.

That said, they always listen and tweak overtime as they like to make even subtle improvements. I am sure the next batch will be even better. It is what they do and why so many are willing to try and provide the constructive feedback

#1817 10 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

But is there any downside to readjusting the screw holes and modify the curve, even if it's just one of the screws?

no idea

I trust in Spooky to use their judgement on any feedback/suggestions of tweaks.

#1835 10 months ago

great picture tutorial!

thanks for sharing!

2 weeks later
#2097 9 months ago

only was able to tune in for a few min, but looked like all were having a blast.

Jack was killing it per usual.

#2130 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I’ve tried adjusting that. But the ball does all in my post without me adjusting anything. It’s just very erratic at launch.

toss on slo-mo on your phone and video tap the launch. Focus down by shooter and also where wireform meets shooter lane.

My guess it that you just need some adjustment there to ensure you are not getting any rattle/wobble/ side-to-side motion from plunger tip hitting off center on ball. That will create inconsistency in ball launch on any game.

You will NEVER see it with naked eye. But slo-mo video will make it crystal clear.

#2131 9 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

rubber stop at the end so that it absorbs all of the momentum and stops the spin

could a cliffy sleeve be sliced and stuck on that wire for a simple fix?

#2138 9 months ago

I would like to see either a modification or aftermarket option for a wireform end like this with some modification.

Basically so the ball hits 2 wires and the end. The top wire is slightly closer and directs the ball consistently down to shot delivery.
The wires that the ball rolls on and the single stop ring will need adjustment over time and allow for some inconsistency/ need for tweak by end user based on the pitch and level of their game and shooter delivery speed.

pasted_image (resized).png
#2155 9 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

whysnow how does your right orbit to inner orbit shot return, yours is set up quite well... Does it return to right flipper or next to the Meeseeks target?

When diverter is closed and you hit right orbit, the ball comes around and comes to upper right flipper tip
*depending on speed.

There will always be some variation, but I think all that matters is that it does not go to right outlane.

#2156 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Not sure if this will help but by design the loop exit is directly at the Meeseeks target on a Full speed straight line. As the playfield is sloped downward with gravity added it will by design not hit the flipper.[quoted image]

by design it was supposed to go to flipper tip/ general area.

Again, I think all that matters is it does not go to outlane. That shot is not intended to be a repeatable return to flipper that you slap back to spinner or anything.

#2198 9 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Just to help picture my relatively minor concern...
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Padded and unpadded proven wire ramp end designs.
[quoted image]
Rick and morty wire ramp end.
The guage isn't the main issue I am seeing. Mostly it is that the ends are unsupported and can bend with airballs or Harder launches, and also vibrate with the nature of the game of pinball. Coupled with the "adjustment" which is likely, fatigue is going to eventuate, the question being time. I fear the wires could later crack at any of the four red marks. I imagine a very simple solution can solve all the existing and potential issues, that would be to add a final half hoop to the end of the wireform, scribbled in purple. It can then be made so that it maintains correct manufacturer (functional) "adjustment" for the life of the game.
[quoted image]
I understand the intention may have been to give a minimalist feel, or to improve visibility?. But, I think the small additional obstruction to the view is needed, more than the tiny amount of extra ball visibility.
Also, for production, the rubber at the end. I wonder if it could be an idea that Spooky might dip the tip of the end hoop in purple dipping plastic/rubber coat? ... this might be to protect from powdercoat chipping as much as anything...

just some feedback that this post comes off much more constructive than your last few.

I agree and think a minor adjustment would be great if possible (unsure if spooky may already have all 750 wireforms made and coated?)
If not possible, I think it is important to note that with literally thousands of games on the one we had on route, I had adjusted the wireform 3 times in total. Minor adjustments and then a bit more. Since the last adjustment I had not needed to touch it for over 700 games.

That is more games than most homeowners will put on their game for the next few years.

TLDR > it would be great to see a factory improvement if possible. If not, then I see a ripe opportunity for anyone wanting to go make an aftermarket and powdercoat to match.

#2205 9 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I'm sure it's just coincidence, but I put up decent scores after I added the second rubber to the end of the wireform. I cut them at an angle as suggested before and though they still shift around, they seem to be doing their job. I didn't have a single ball "walk" into the return shot. The wireform didn't fall apart either

Every time I treat a game nice, I find it gives me a new great game.

Wiped down Flash Gordon the other night and BOOM 1.5 mil

#2213 9 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I have not been critical of spooky or the game at all but I was thinking the same thing

problem is that many read things that are tweaks and think the sky is falling and it MUST be fixed.

These are just suggestions for adjustment and things we would like to see if possible.

Similar example would be on JP2 to talk about how on many games the ball launch does not make it all the way through the loop and instead rattles and then trickles back towards the S shot entrance. This is not a fatal flaw. This is a need for some adjustment to make it work more predictably. Over time, stuff gets out of alignment on JP2 also and needs to be fixed.

pasted_image (resized).png
#2232 9 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Absolutely, we need a Bowen R&M video soon. For that matter, during these shelter at home times I wish he would redo some of his older videos for games that have had code updates as well. Tron, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Iron Man could all use new videos from him with the more modern HD cameras on the new rules.
So, what are people doing for cards for R&M? I think Spooky should sell some high gloss professional looking ones...would look way better than what I generate on my color printer. Maybe even some type of molded cards.

pretty sure cards now come with games?

#2289 9 months ago
Quoted from Troz:

I'll be tearing it down again before Saturday's stream to do some additional tweaks and will get better pics showing the changes I made to post here. Not for the faint of heart as old screw holes are visible.

looking fwd to your adjustments.

Quoted from Yelobird:

I did not post pics as I did Not want to promote drastic changes but last week I removed the post right of the Meeseeks target and slide the rail All the way back over a half inch basically to the edge of that target now.

Understand if you dont want to post due to the way people run with stuff. Please PM to me.


#2312 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I agree. Spooky is a top notch company and team. These really are not major adjustments and my bet is the will make adjustments as they get back to production. Before everyone jumps down their throat do remember aside from operator machines there are literally only a handful of private owner games out there where general tinker feedback comes from. Private owners just like to tinker lol. I would trust and give them a chance to refine production tweaks as they resume. Haven’t personally seen many instances where Spooky has let down a customer.

not to mention, the game is honestly totally acceptable out of the box.

Many people that dont have or have not flipped the game understandably read all these posts and think the sky is falling.
I will say that our route game needed no where near that amount of movement to make it shoot better, and what came from the factory was on par with every other NIB game I have purchased in the past 5 years in regards to adjustments I do to make it play how I prefer.
I did minor bends and adjustments.

I am glad this level of adjustment works for you guys, but I see that as 100% own personal choice.

#2344 9 months ago

Gotta love people that have not even played the game telling me that I am wrong.

This game is 100% the same amount of tweaking needed as seriously every single NIB I have opened over 5 years. Only difference is people care enough to share the tweaks on a spooky game because they will actually listen and adjust how they see fit.

I could hit every shot the first game I played. Stop whining and play better. FFS

#2346 9 months ago

I have been very clear and open since D1 of the small suggested tweaks.

Some of these guys are going whole hog and WAY beyond anything that is needed.

Totally their preference but in your typical fashion you are being extreme.

I assume spooky will have made many adjustments already as that is what they do.

As for moving rails just name a stern in the past 5 years. The vast majority have needed adjustments.

Shit, elvira was such a complete and utter mess that we dumped that turf after a month. Stuck balls required full removal of the house and bending shit all over the place. Ball lock issues. Lockout issues. These are all very well documented and you are being purposefully dense if you deny it.

#2352 9 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Maybe some people are worried that if there is an improved version of Rick and Morty released, those who already have a Rick and Morty will have the 'lesser' version of the pin. I'm not sure anyone would admit this, but it's not an unfathomable human response.

Lol. I have a personal game coming later in the build.

I already assume spooky will have made adjustments since the first few batches. It is what they do.

I am merely pointing out that people moving rails 1/2 inch is insane. Totally their choice to do whatever they would like with there game. I sure hope spooky is not moving any guides to that extent. It is so far in the other end of the spectrum and there is a happy middle imho.

Initial games needed tweaks.
No game needs rails moved to the extent that some are doing to make the game much easier than designed.

#2380 9 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Modifying the layout so drastically to make so easy?? ... not the path I'll be going. But that's just my preference. People can do as they desire with their games, ultimately.


I was able to fully tweak our route game without drilling new holes or changing overall game design geometry.
It may be needed for some to enjoy the game, but I do not believe that was the intended nor how it should play for my personal games.
It may be needed for a particular game because of how a rail was originally installed.

If anything, I think the root cause is inconsistency of rail placements on the first batches. Wonder if a dimple machine could be in Spooky future?
Seems like the proof positive way for a designer to ensure precise placement for their design and removes the ability for the assemble team to become inconsistent.

"Makable when shot cleanly and challenging when not" is my preference.

R&M was not intended to be a Stern auto-shot, where you can close your eyes and flip. I am 100% positive about that. The upper flipper shots were meant to be challenging to hit. Out of the box, they were all makable. With minor adjustments they are smooth and repeatable.

Some of the adjustments people are doing have effectively opened up the shot lanes so far that they appear to be double the original effective lane width.
Again, your game and do what you want. For me, that level is neither needed or desired and I sure hope spooky does not take it to that extreme.

Granted, I would rather play 10 games on a challenging game that keeps me coming back rather than a much easier game where the shots become gimmies and I make it deeper into the game each time I play.

#2388 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I guess I’m just a little puzzled by your opinion “Flip”? In post 1769 You were the one that posted these diagrams of change which if you compare to what was done is Exactly the Same! Lol. Odd that your changes are the Same yet now you say the game is 100% perfect out of the box. Rather confusing. These are YOUR pictures lol.
[quoted image]

Not the same.

I made a drawing to show the idea behind bending a ball guide to ensure you have a curve in your ball guide to help adjust the game. This can be done with using the normal slots in the ball guide. Simple adjustment and why the tabs are there.

You moved the ball guide 1/2 inch and drilled new holes. Totally your choice.

There is a difference from making a fine tune adjustment and a whole sale rail movement a 1/2 inch to completely change the geometry.

Your game and do as you wish but game was completely fine out of the box with typical minor adjustments

#2398 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

So with your engineer view, can we agree that the #whysnow game Hole is in a Completely Different location to the (3) games we have? Seems pretty obvious to me?

Wholey shit, lol.

I used pictures of games that others posted and drew lines on them.

You guys need to settle down with your conspiracy theories.

I did NOT drill any additional screw holes.

You guys can get really weird at times. Lol

#2485 9 months ago
Quoted from kklank:

You certainly have all the answers.

Quoted from kklank:

Quoted from TigerLaw:
The first production game has been delivered. Club thread now opened. Abide by club thread rules, keep drama in the hype thread and out of this thread. Stay upbeat and positive. Thanks

Lol on those back to back posts.

#2504 9 months ago

Green looks sweet!

#2512 9 months ago
Quoted from bemmett:

That's all I been waiting to hear, 5 pages of people ranting back and forth with opinions. I assumed Spooky was taking note and making adjustments as needed but good to hear confirmation!

that is one of the bets parts about Spooky! they listen, take ownership, and adjust where needed.

1 week later
#2633 8 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

If any of you guys hitting crash problems throw a thumb drive in your game to grab a log and send it to me I'd be able to check what caused the issue and fix it.
It's highly probable that it's already fixed, though. Work hasn't stopped in the meantime, just no new release yet.

pro tip >> get a 6ft or 8ft USB extension cord.

Makes code updates easy and code dumps for log files easy also.
Wire it to be right inside the coin door.

#2660 8 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I'd say him going on about it, again and again, is quite frankly an over reaction. Customer was an asshat. Try not to compete with them. Rise above and such.
Doesn't seem funny at all to me. I wouldn't want to be that customer, as irrational as they were, they deserve that situation to just lie where it is, not be a banner to be mocked onward and onward.
I only know a bit about the situation, but as an outsider, it doesn't strike confidence in me. Strikes more immaturity and a lack of empathy.

you are not paying attention and take this all way too seriously.

It was Fing hilarious and still is!

The person threw a shit fit about the most insane thing ever. Spooky made nothing big about it at all and took the game back and gave them a full refund.

The COMMUNITY then made fun of the the asshat by repeatedly posting 'unboxing pics" of just the lock tab. Spooky then fed into the lore that is pinball and continued with the fun. I would say anyone that is trying to make a big deal about this is likely in need of a sticker also.

#2699 8 months ago
Quoted from rai:

(Kenada) said were not great geometry

stopped reading with that...

sorry but that guy is a Fing mornon. Does he even own a pinball machine?
He definitely does not play pinball and is not the guy to look for opinions on anything besides how to man handle a woman when you have insecurity issues to make yourself feel better.

1 week later
#2946 8 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

Email usually comes about a week before they get put up on the line then its about 2 weeks to make its way all the way through the line to a box. once in awhile final boxing gets a touch backlogged and its 3. That's the rough concept anyway
Also i think you guys are going really like whats coming off the line right now. They play very nicely.

nice and as expected!

one of the great things about spooky! You guys listen, adjust, and always looking to improve!

#2965 8 months ago


#3006 8 months ago

So happy to see more deliveries!

Enjoy all!

#3053 7 months ago

when/where can I watch season 4?

we have a free 1 month account on hulu and I dont see it on there...

#3056 7 months ago

thx guys. Tending to a sick dog and will be nice to binge season 4

#3062 7 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Amazon Prime has them as well. Hope your Pup gets better soon, Hilton.

thx and thx for the tip

#3091 7 months ago

I am only disappointed with the lack of coin door lock pics

#3257 7 months ago

Is the death save Animation triggered by outlane switch followed by any other switch in play?

Curious of the logic you used to trigger it.

#3260 7 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

The game is also coded to let you restart by holding the start button after ball 1, but that’s not allowed in tournaments either. Your logic here is odd.
The death save thing is just for fun, because it seemed so ‘on brand’.

The important question...

Is there a death save leaderboard?

#3271 7 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I'd like to see a more active one on the next stream then. I was disappointed with what I saw of it on the 10 minutes of stream I watched. Good to hear it was an anomaly.

There are times when the pop is programmed to NOT fire. Are you sure it was not just that?

#3328 7 months ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

Seems to me like another tweak they ought to do at the factory.

scoop works great!

Bend it up or down slightly if you have issues.
No need to lower the whole unit, which will expose the edge of pf wood.

If you have a bunch of rejects then you could also round the metal edge slight to make it less squared/level w pf so balls drop in.

#3333 7 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I wonder if after lowering the lip with washers, it would also be helpful to wrap a strip of Mylar across the playfield wood and over the lip of metal. It would help protect and smooth.

I would

I for sure wont lower the scoop and expose the edge of the wood like that.

#3348 7 months ago
Quoted from Troz:

I took slow-mo video from the game here before I dropped it with washers AND bent the scoop hood down ever so slightly. I tried to just bend the hood down first but it wasn't until I dropped the scoop also that the rejects stopped. I was not willing to file down the inside edges of the scoop but understand how that could help. Not worried about wear as the hard edge of the wood is still covered by the scoop edges. YMMV

Looks like just bending the hood of the scoop down would have taken care of it also. ???

That is the very first thing I do on any scoop I am adjusting.

#3353 7 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

I'm not sure I follow how bending the hood would help reduce rejects?
When you say hood you're talking about the curved top piece of the scoop right?

Correct. The curved piece directs the ball into the scoop. In the slomo shots the scoop hood is doing nothing. Ball is rattling on sides then popping out.

Literally 5 swipes of a rasp on the edge of scoop hole to bevel it slightly and bending hood down takes 30sec and often does all that is needed

#3364 7 months ago
Quoted from Troz:

1 minute of slow-mo scoop action, post-adding washers and bending scoop hood.

It appears if you now bend the hood back up and introduce a little more curve then you will be golden.

By moving the whole scoop mech lower w washers, the ball is now hitting the hood early and rebounding down to pf in front of scoop/front edge.

One more small tweak and you will be all set.

#3379 7 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I wonder how R&M will end up with 750 built if it'll be considered a reasonable number somewhat like AMH or TNA both have lower builds but don't seem like they are especially rare as opposed to a Tron LE or JJP PotC is up for sale.

I dont really care from a $$$ POV as I will never sell, but honestly think R&M will longer term be one of the most broadly sought after pinball machines of this era.

750 is an insanely low number and the game is just that much fun, with great integration, and of course the huge license.
Like all games there are a certain % that people bought just to flip (it is part of our collector hobby), but when the dust settles I think this will be a keeper for many.

#3384 7 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I don't know what the average is, but if my info helps you, I paid my invoice for #81 on June 1st but the pin hasn't shipped yet.

I think in general terms... they build ~10 per week. They build batches of 40 (I think that holds true?) at a time. So, in broad terms (in a non-Covid world) assume 4 ish weeks on average.

Covid obviously threw the world for a spin.

#3404 7 months ago

Just posting on page 69 of this thread!


#3439 7 months ago

we need an auto filter to just blank out every dumb ass comment the guy makes and someone regurgitates here

#3542 7 months ago

Trick for pf glass rattling.

take a small ziptie, cut off and just use the zip part. Push that thin plastic piece between the plastic glass guide and the cab wood along the side of the cab in a few spots. it will hold tight with friction and give that plastic just a few bumps of snugness to hold the glass. Pretty much eliminates any glass rattle from bass.

#3544 7 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Nice trick! I'll have to try this.

use the tinyest of zip ties.

Really just need the smallest bit. Do it in like 5 spots along each side.

Goo trick for any game.

#3553 7 months ago

how long till #420?
and dammit!!! where are my cheeseballs??? none came in game #2

I bet Luke ate them.

#3555 7 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Mmm. Cheese balls!
[quoted image]

this will be the new thing when people sell the game

"comes with unopened cheeseballs"


#3557 7 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

It's a good thing I'm never selling mine My kids attacked those cheeseballs within minutes!

I agree!

I fell like #420 should come with a doobee along with the cheeseballs

#3616 7 months ago

Luke sent me some pics of his recent vacation.

0DFB32C9-3AED-4939-86BE-FF7C887B7D35 (resized).jpeg90DC90A2-F628-4E90-A023-6E337F3223B5 (resized).jpeg99FB835C-E27D-4AEA-B145-3C2224D9CEB7 (resized).jpeg722AE8E6-FBE6-4023-A072-18C6FF9A7815 (resized).jpeg
#3620 7 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Any update on the target stickers or post rubbers being enhanced? I’ve read others having issues and it appears Kaneda too. Just curious if those will be enhanced like the loop shot was adjusted in factory.
Thanks and looking forward to getting mine

If you want more durable post sleeve material, then I think that is something to bring up to PBL? Pretty sure this is the silicone product they offer and that is what Spooky uses on all games.

I personally swapped out to Cliffy sleeves which hold up forever, are easy to wipe clean, but unfortunately are a bit thicker than stock.

I would like to see PBL offer a sleeve thickness of stock on R&M but a material more akin to what cliffy uses (durable, slick, and easy to clean)

#3626 7 months ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Why would he do that? Current owners are sharing their experience. Spooky should be bringing it up to PBL. The target decals are not holding up either. Is delt supposed to follow up with the company that made the stickers?

My personl opinion is because Spooky uses PBL to source the majority of parts to build games it appears.
The sleeves they use appear to be PBL silicone, so I would go to the source to fix this/provide feedback rather than just complain to spooky about something that they are likely married to using PBL products.

Spooky has obviously heard the message loud and clear that post sleeve material needs improvement, but I dont see them breaking their contracts over a post sleeve.

I am a root cause/source sort of thinker.

Has a bigger impact to let spooky AND PBL know. We have obviously all let Spooky know... so probably valuable to them if we pass that feedback to Terry also. There is a legit market for a cliffy type material in a thinned OD.

#3630 7 months ago
Quoted from DruTheFu:

So if your TV screen decides to hit the crapper, are you going to contact the manufacturer AND the specific screen manufacturer they sourced the glass from?

false equivalence

Just a realist here. I agree that post sleeves are acceptable but could be improved; the silicone is too soft and after around 500 plays needs spun or replaced IME.
Spooky has heard it directly from beta people, from current people, and on social media like pinside.
They seem tied to PBL for these (understandable), so seems logical in our small world to also let Terry know.

#3635 7 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Are we really complaining about adding a little bit of mylar to the decals and having to change out the post sleeves? That's like $5 in parts. If it was something major like cabinet splitting, or bubbling clear, yeah, I get it. Maybe coil stops literally falling apart. But guys, it's 5 mins worth of work to do this stuff.

it shows that pinside likes to complain... and there is so little to complain about that this has been the current focus


#3656 7 months ago
Quoted from Dantesmark:

Any1 put pin stadiums on theirs?

no, just no

#3682 7 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

For folks that replaced their posts with better ones, can you provide the link so I can buy the same? Also were any of them tough to replace due to plastics, etc?
Sounds like target stickers are already being resolved by spooky which is great.
I also agree that neither are a big deal.


super easy. took like 3 min to swap out.

I bought like 100 of each color and keep them stocked for use