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Official Rick and Morty Club - "Dad, am I evil?” ”Worse. You’re smart."

By TheNoTrashCougar

3 months ago

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#172 50 days ago

Stoked to have the club open for business! I’ve officially abandoned the original hype thread. #485 is on board with this as the new R&M Pinside dimension.

#258 49 days ago

Aw Geez - Justin dislikes catch phrases! So what? (Gets out tiniest violin to play a first world nitpick concerto.) A Rick and Morty pinball club thread is probably one of the most positive and fun loving uses of a silly catch phrase out there. Don’t like catch phrases? Stick to non-verbal forms of entertainment. I like the club name and think we oughta keep it.

#266 49 days ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

I didn't say I didn't like it, I just believe in the power of information. I doubted any of us knew this and thought it might have some bearing. Or not, but ignorance is never defensible. I'll forego suggesting a different "sticking."

I’m totally with you on the being informed and squanching ignorance part.

#434 48 days ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Just a work in progress (things will change) but I wanted to share.
Shirts will come and likely stickers.
If this does not get me to the front of the squanching line, nothing will.[quoted image]

I suddenly need one of those in sticker form for my pintech toolbox.

#662 46 days ago

So....the "family" adjustment is only for the callouts, right? No video censoring? I expected lots of blood and guts, but the repeated stabbing thing in purge mode might not fly with my wife/kids.

#665 46 days ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Cartoon stabbing cant be even close to what these kids see these days that we're not aware of, unless they are quite young. I'm not worried about my teens, i'm sure i'm naive about that they know/seen.

I agree for older kids/teens. Mine are sub 10 and definitely aren’t at that level of violence desensitization yet. This would be a jump forward on that scale. Maybe I need to leave it in the box for a few years? I would definitely deserve some kind of patience award for that. Keeping it elsewhere (like at a friend’s house) is probably a more reasonable approach. No way it’s in my house and the kids never get to play it. That’s just weird. We’ll see how this plays out....

#673 45 days ago
Quoted from MikeS:

...there wouldn't be a way to censor it (video) other than possibly putting in an option in the menu to disable certain modes completely.

For those of us who are in on this and excited about it but have young children, this would be a freaking AWESOME feature. Maybe a menu in settings that could toggle individual modes on or off? epthegeek is that possible? Pretty please?

#683 45 days ago
Quoted from Oaken:

My kids would love that!

Mine would, too. And it would amuse the hell out of me to watch them play that version of the game knowing what awaited the minute they went to bed and I flipped the adult switch....

#687 45 days ago
Quoted from calfdemon:

Trying to make a "kid friendly" version of a pin themed on an adult cartoon is asking quite a bit. This was an adult theme going in and they have made efforts to try and tame the language, but while I completely respect folks trying to protect their kids from the violence/language, asking them to completely censor just about every video aspect of the game is too much. People should have known what to expect when they bought the pin. It is an adult cartoon and the game pays tribute...

I totally agree that it’s a lot to ask. And yet I am a pinball addict. There. I said it. I’m hooked. I’m also a parent. I thought it was worth asking/suggesting since I know I’m not the only one in my shoes. It rarely hurts to ask.

#700 45 days ago

Nice to see games are popping up on location. I wonder how long until we have another stream for R&M? No offense to those who participated in the deadflip stream, but I’m looking forward to seeing a top shelf player who’s had a chance to learn it flip it.

#701 45 days ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

This reminds me of the people who were at the most recent star wars movie with their kids. One with light up shoes and the other one was crying half the movie.
We got a sitter so we could go see it. You know what happens if we couldnt? WE DONT GO SEE THE MOVIE.
I think it applies here. Pin is too graphic? DONT GET THE PIN.
Just my $0.02. Or keep it in the box and sell it for 10k later. Its your choice. I think the friends house is your best bet. Thats where mine is going. Bro in laws house a couple miles away. 100% fucking swearing.

Yeah, I get it. Probably my most realistic options are to either sell my spot or farm the game out. Maybe I’ll keep it at a fellow pinhead’s house and rotate through some of their games on temporary trade. That sounds more fun than selling outright. Or find a local spot to route it?

#707 45 days ago
Quoted from Oaken:

Agreed. I got myself into this mess and is pretty selfish to ask for kid mode extras. Would be pretty happy with a video or screen on/off toggle in settings though. Kids can play blind, they don’t need the rules/status anyway.
Still think Jerry Mode would be hilarious. Hell I would probably play Jerry mode more than the kids.

My nine year old is actually pretty damned good at pinball. He has learned how to use stats to track progress on games and accomplish complex modes. He has managed to melt the witch on WOZ more than once. (For those less familiar with WOZ, this requires first going through all of the witch hurry ups and fireball mode, a munchkin mode at the spinning house, emerald city multiball and rescue multiball. Melting the witch is a two ball mini wizard mode where you have to make all of the key shots in sequenced pairs. Lose one or both balls trying to melt the witch and it’s over.) He would likely hold his own in the top half of the pack in most leagues. With him I either explain a whole bunch of stuff or just don’t have it in the house.

#710 45 days ago
Quoted from chad:

New thread title Bump!!

I like how this thread is only 700ish posts long and has had what? Three or four titles already? Scott’s going to set a new Pinside title change record to go with the quick sellout record.

#729 45 days ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Final design
Would people want this on a shirt?
I honestly did this just cause i thought it was a cool idea for me and to surprise Scott when he said I could.
But if people like it, then I would be happy to do a small run of shirts; IF there is interest.[quoted image]

How about stickers? I also have way too many shirts.

#798 43 days ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

honestly, this game is the whole package.
What I like broken down a bit >>
Intergation: Best theme integration since TAF. Lights, sounds, callouts, annimations, music. All combining to bring your IN TO the game. World under glass gets over used, but this game really makes you like you are part of the experience. Very few games capture this.
Geometry and Risk v Reward: The game is on par IMHO with TWD for unique geometry that is challenging but very doable. The game has both flow and control needed and the software compliments it perfectly. The game is exactly what I would expect from Scott D, Eric P, and Bowen combination and we are just seeing the foundation at this stage. I know some of the things that are coming in code and I can hardly wait. I think TWD is the best comparative for 'feel' of this game and TWD is one of my favorite Sterns ever made. TWD you must be able to hit all three drop targets (top 2 are easy but bottom can be challenging). R&M you need to find the ramps (right is easy, but you have to find the left). When you make shots in each game, you need to be ready for both offense with a quick return that requires you to shoot on the fly (flow) or the possibility of a need to gain control. This game keeps you on your toes. It is for sure a players game. TLDR of this point> the game fucking rocks to play and is challenging but rewarding. This is exactly what I look for in modern pinball.
Light show: WOW o WoW! Seriously the best lightshow in all of pinball
Animations: David is by far the best animator in the business. He just gets 'it' for pinball. He has great assests to use with R&M but his layering and understanding of theme integration in a way that the player readily understands what to do is amazing. Most modern games have so much shit going on with the screen that it takes me months to even know where to look and what it is telling me. R&M (and ACNC) are good because David has it figured out. Appealing to the eye and easy on the brain. He seems to understand that the screen is entertainment for onlookers, information gathering for the player, and should also keep you engaged when you have down time (waiting on mode start) in the game.
Callouts: are fucking hilarious! Tons of them. From the show and unique. I can not stress how important real voice actors with actual pinball call outs are for theme integration. This game is not simply a R&M pinball. It is part of the R&M storyline and if anyone has not realized, it has continuations or extensions of the storylines in cool ways. It is like the "what may have been" if the episodes were longer or they revisted a storyline. I dont think any pinball has done that yet?
Sounds: Fantastic. Scott D is great here obviously and his real passion. It shows. This game is a mini dance party and light show combined. I can hardly wait to have my personal one and late night jam out sessions with the wife while sipping on good boubon and in a dimly lit pinball room. Going to be a blast.
Comedy: Pinball has sorely been missing comedy. It died with MM and AFM for some reason. DP had a poor attempt at some 1 liners but they all feel forced. R&M is just plain funny shit and the callouts and timing of those callouts are enough to pull you out of your own head while playing. What good comedy in pinball is supposed to do. Serious , "what did it just say?" moments and LOL times where I am giggling to myself as I walk away and the game just kicked my ass.
Build quality: Best built spooky ever and they keep making improvements. Better mechs. PF is best ever. While some companies are using thinner gauge metal to save a nickel on each build, spooky is going the opposite direction and asking themselves what can they make better. They are even making brand new mechs (in pf trough for staged ball).
1 con: This really only applies to the first batch as I think all aspects will come out of the factory much improved with each successive batch. There are some fine tunings that need to be done for the game to shine. Sadly, many pinheads are not comfortable with this and will be disjointed. They walk in to a bar and that example is not exactly how they think it should ( it may not shoot exactly as intended if not leveled and pitched accurately) be and then think every single game "has a spinner that rejects shots" (Granted, many of these guys are pissed they missed out and also ragging on the game because they want one; they also suck at pinball and like games where they can close their eyes and hit a shot on the first time because it is always in the sweet spot of the flipper). To be clear, these fine tunings are 1/64' to 1/8' adjustments for how a ball guides sits. This game has so much in it, that the physical placements are important. Factory workers are not pinheads and don't think about these things until they are laid out.
Fine tunings I suggest for each owner of the first 40 that were built if you are interested in fine tuning the game:
To be 100% clear, these are all MINOR adjustments. These are normal things I do for every game I touch. These are things that have been fed back to factory and they use this feedback for future games. Spooky is always improving.
I am hesitant to even write these as a few douchebags will fixate on them. Dont be a fucking Jerry. I am sharing these to help those operators that complained till they got and early game, but then need the help to learn how to make adjustments.
-Ensure the right orbit feeds the ball smoothly so it rides down the upper right flipper in direct parallel to the flipper.
-Adjust your upper right flipper angle to ensure it feeds cleanly to the upper spinner orbit and the left garage portal shot (too low and spinner shot is wrong; too high and portal is wrong)
-Ensure the inner spinner orbit guide rails have a little curvature (not a flat spot at entry) that extends the length of the entry for the shot. This will make this shot easier for noobs/complainers as increased curve will change that later movement into vertical and push the ball through the inner orbit. Go ahead and balance and juice your spinner if you think it is slowing your ball. On my route game, the shot is correctly balance and when you hit it clean, then it will come around so quick you have likely missed it. When you hit is somewhat sloppy, it will still make it around. When you bonk it, then you suck and it is not the game.
Another good indicator you have this shot tuned is a right orbit with diverter to spinner should hit the tip of the UR flipper.
-Check the height of your center scoop. This is designed to sit high to protect the pf wood. Basically a built in cliffy. If this is sitting too high then it will increase rejects. Lower it or bend your scoop hood to tune yours as you see fit.
To be 100% clear, these are all MINOR adjustments. These are normal things I do for every game I touch. My list for TWD was 2x as long and that is my favorite Stern. Again, don't be a Jerry.
This game fucking rocks!

Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Dont forget to rate the game!

I was thinking the same thing! This game needs Pinside reviews. There is only one brief review that though positive in tone overall also implies that the game is “clunky” due to geometry.

Hilton - thanks for taking the time to post such an awesomely detailed review! Please take another minute to copy and paste your review to the ratings section for R&M!

#802 43 days ago

I actually don’t care so much about ratings, but I am a bit concerned that with most early games going out to locations and the first batch of owners not posting reviews yet that the rating herd momentum could be skewed to a negative bias by players frustrated by what’s sounding like a harder than average pin. Clusters of opinion tend to generate its own momentum even if untrue. The only rating thus far has R&M sitting at 33 between Ghostbusters and Creature. Not shabby but not where it sounds like this game belongs.

If you’ve got one and like it, say so in a rating. Tell others outside of the club what you think. If future code updates and/or factory assembly adjustments make it better or worse, tweak the review.

#881 41 days ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Official Rick and Morty Launch Party is this Saturday.
Team spooky will be there (Bug has been practicing and will wreck us all )
All invited. Open to the public.
Fun times to be had and a chance to play along with some of the team.

Please tell me you’ve invited Bowen. No disrespect to everyone who played in the last stream, but I’m really looking forward to seeing a top shelf player familiar with the game take it on in a focused session.

#885 41 days ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

this is a launch party. All are welcome.
BTW, I am a top shelf player and tossed up 9+million on stream
If you are equally as awesome, then come on by. We may even be streaming the event, so you could be the pickle rick to show the rest of the world.

Ha! I am nowhere near top shelf (and live waaaay far from you). I like watching A+ players, though. It’s fun and improves my play. Looking forward to the stream. Show me what you got!

#909 41 days ago
Quoted from bkerins:

I live 1000 miles away but I’m not above raising money for travel

C’mon, man! Go old school. Stick that thumb out and catch a cross country ride. Think of the stories you’d be able to tell!

#1034 40 days ago

What’s that, Sonny? Mice? You gotta speak up. I can’t hear crap. What? I don’t have lice. Huh? Oh! Nice!

#1047 39 days ago

Oh my God! A R&M thread first?!? 4 hours without a post???

#1245 36 days ago

Does anyone in the greater SF Bay Area or greater Sacramento region have R&M incoming soon?

1 week later
#1525 25 days ago

Maybe I don’t fully comprehend the various issues and opinions in play regarding the plunge since I have zero in person experience on the game. My impressions from watching video of gameplay is that delivery of the plunge is a bit clunky but if tweaked correctly, serves its purpose.

My question regarding the plunge is not so much about the skill shot but about ball save launches. If there isn’t an opportunity to hit a skill shot on a ball save auto plunge, I’d really prefer the auto plunge to launch fast and hard into an area that rapidly feeds into gameplay rather than the rather awkward clunk of the drop and roll to the upper flipper.

#1579 21 days ago
Quoted from estrader:

I had the chance to buy one last week and passed. I'm keeping my spot for now since its not in the first 250 to see what happens. I'll make certain to take it off my wish list for the conspiracy theorist. Not going to give this rating any more time. If you dont like the rating kick rocks. I do update my ratings as games are updated and improved.

It’s not just your rating for this game, you are overall an imbalanced rater who seems unable to differentiate between utter turds and games with minor weak spots or which do not speak to your personal style. And yes, if your rating for a game equates to #378 on the list that is supposed to reflect your opinion of the game relative to everything else on the list. If #378 is not your firm opinion at this juncture, you are using the system wrong (and illustrate one of the many significant flaws in the Pinside rating system).

#1590 21 days ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

estrader's ratings are here: https://pinside.com/pinball/community/pinsiders/estrader/ratings
What and how his ratings fall in line with the total list and Pinside average ratings for all games is irrelevant. He's free to rate it as he wishes. Not really a big deal right?

Quoted from wesman:

Yeesh. What a buncha mularkey. You don't need to justify your review, other than maybe flesh it out with some text.
Guys...leave the dude alone. Don't witch hunt a dude because of a rating. It's not fair, it's not fun, and it's gang mentality.
It's a rating for a game. Period. And overtime, with enough reviews, things will balance out, and ultimately people will make their OWN decisions on how they feel about a game. Case in point, I don't agree with the top five, yet other people seem to. So be it. I can still play "lesser" games, and feel value in them.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't single someone out for their rating behavior and don't mean to pile on gang fashion. This case provides some insight into the many and various ways in which the Pinside rating system is flawed. For one, it illustrates how ratings can be perceived as being or actually weaponized in a foolish attempt to sway opinion and/or value. Of course, there are other gaping shortcomings in the pinside rating/ranking system. The fact that nobody rates with the same weights is problematic. It is also problematic when someone with fairly binary opinions engages with the system. Or when someone makes s*** up just to be a trolling ass. Or when someone rates something overly high to sway public opinion/price or out of an initial flush of temporary enthusiasm. Or when someone rates a game after playing it on location or at someone's house only 10-20 times. Or when users post ratings without explaining their thinking for context. It's a system that was designed, implemented and soldiers on in a broken state.

For these reasons and more, I never take Pinside ratings too seriously. I generally think the top 100 as an overall mix (irrespective of actual order) is pretty solid, though there are some games in the 100-150 range and even an occasional title over 200 that I would personally put in the top 100, though towards the end (80s-90s).

I do think it's interesting to see R&M sitting at an initial spot of #2. I wonder how often a difficult pin (not particularly friendly to beginners or lesser skilled pinheads) with unpolished, incomplete initial code has done this? I've always thought that MM sitting at #1 reflects a popular majority desire for a game with a big fun toy, funny callouts and a risk/reward difficulty level that is forgiving of sloppy play. Personally, I find MM kinda boring since both castle shots are SUPER easy to exploit indefinitely. Just get your timing down for those (especially from the left flipper) and you can play a single game for a really long time. I tend to like games that are fast, tough motherf*****s. Besides the theme, that's ultimately what drew me into R&M. I gambled on it being a fun challenge. So far, that bet seems to have paid well.

1 week later
#1719 14 days ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

So that means we all have to go look at our pinballs and make sure the lockdown bars are engaged?

Check! I’m definitely in lockdown. (Day 10 in all seriousness.)

02C8C7EF-8FEC-4060-9C06-40E3D53BC32F (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#1906 7 days ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

I wonder if something like this could improve it (used borygard 's photo and added my own blue text and line...)
[quoted image]
EDIT well now that I look closer I see my suggested "gap flap bridge" could block the fasteners used to attach the diverter to its pivot. Bah. Unless such a flap were made with a friction clip to slide over the diverter gate at one end. Actually, that might be an easy way to test this theory...

Is it possible for the ball to hit those diverter fasteners??

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