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Post #256 Rules posted by Eric as of Feb 2020 Posted by epthegeek (1 year ago)

Post #510 R&M Options Posted by Morinack (1 year ago)

Post #589 Useful post for coin door comparison. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

Post #637 More code rules - Adventures full lost Posted by epthegeek (1 year ago)

Post #745 Club thread reminder. Posted by TigerLaw (1 year ago)

Post #748 Cards for the game rules and what not. Posted by Coindropper (1 year ago)

Post #751 Darker outline for instruction cards. Posted by Coindropper (1 year ago)

Post #976 TECH: PLAYFIELD. Wireform ball launch and coil adjustment Posted by timmmmyboy (1 year ago)

Post #1006 TECH:Pitch recommendation from Scott. Posted by TheNoTrashCougar (1 year ago)

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#289 1 year ago

This will help you get further with transformers. Sorry for going off topic.

Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

It’s probably not a keeper for me, I think... but i’ve only had it less than a year or so unless I really need to get rid of it for money I’m going to hang onto it for a while.
I enjoy playing it a lot.... the Music and call outs are very cool the sound is amazing (I upgraded the speaker system)
Sometimes I think I just focus too much on the characters to defeat instead of just playing and enjoying the experience.

#422 1 year ago

Heres a clue:
Its crass, disrespectful and not funny. There are many ways to give someone a compliment (if that's what you were trying to do). That's not one. No need to explain any further. Moving on....

Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Uhhhh...downvotes??? You know Im first in line..the fug is with the downvotes? Not that I care, just weird....

#426 1 year ago

This may sound like fun but people would hate that, especially in a tournament. You just earned points for the win then some function took them away.
No no... Little points is better since you weren't rewarded as much for the correct shots. Play better!

Quoted from rai:

Too bad meseaks can’t give you negative points instead of just little points?
Has there ever been a mode or shot in pinball that subtracts points?

#525 1 year ago

Pin Map is your friend. There will be bunch routed all across the USA and in shows (TPF, MGC, etc, etc). You'll find one.

Quoted from guitarded:

Man, I am so jealous of those people who get to drop their Quarters in one of these things.
I think I would have to drive to Seattle or Denver to see one in the wild.

#607 1 year ago

Were apron cards not included because the rules are still being developed? The 3 games in the wild I've seen pics of are missing the rules/price cards.
Game looks great! Apron looks naked

#641 1 year ago

Really fun rules Eric and I enjoyed your commentary during the stream. It appeared Purge and Pirates of Pancreas were quite difficult for the players. Maybe those would be considered the tough adventures? Excellent work on the video assets and looping. Game looks great man!

Quoted from epthegeek:

More rules dumping ... Just basics, no fine scoring details or what not.
ADVENTURE: Roy - A Life Well Lived
- Roy is a 5 decision deep branching narrative, if you make it through all 5, Roy's life ends. If you drain early; well, that's a tragedy.
- Shots lit Green make 'positive' choices, shots lit Red make 'negative choices'
- Roy's age is shown on the digit display in front of the scoop.
- Positive choices advance the age a bit more than negative choices do, and there's a bonus for your age at the end.
- Consecutive similar decisions (positive/negative) are multiplied based on the string (2x, 3x, etc)
ADVENTURE: Total Rickall
- Rick, Morty (they're the drops/ship), Beth and Summer (targets) are lit to kill parasites.
- Each hit kills at least one parasite, some shots kill more
- Every time you make a shot, the parasite value goes up a bit, then slowly falls - so keep firing!
- Kill all the parasites to decontaminate the house and end the adventure.
ADVENTURE: Whirly Dirly
- Shoot the right orbit, inner loop, or ship u-turn (if open) to advance the ride toward the edge of the Immortality Field
- The right ramp lights for a kill shot hurry-up when you're near the edge
- If you make the kill, or the hurry up times out, you go back to looping
- You get 3 attempts at the kill shot before the ride ends, and you need to make 2 of them to take out both Risotto and his henchman.
- On the purge planet, the locals move left to right and are indicated by purple inserts.
- To start, you have to keep them from getting to Morty on the right orbit. You have to buy enough time for Rick to build the communicator.
- If a local makes it to where Morty is, the insert will flash red and you have a few seconds to save him.
- If Morty dies, the adventure is over.
- If you hold off the locals long enough, the Summer target will light to call her and have her send the armored suits.
- Once the suits are summoned you have to stay alive long enough to receive them. If you can do that; party time.
ADVENTURE: Pirates of the Pancreas
- Shoot the ramps to spell out Pirates of the Pancreas to get the ride turned on!
- Each shot to the ramps adds 3 seconds to the timer.
- If you take too long, Rick may have to come rescue you from inside Ruben.
ADVENTURE: Pickle Rick
- Phase 1: shoot the pop or sling to kill roaches to work towards the first evolution of Pickle Rick
- Phase 2: shoot the targets to kill rats with your upgraded pickle-self
- Phase 3: shoot the ramps and loops to take out the goons at the consulate (phase 3 is timed).
More adventures still to come!

#702 1 year ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Yeah, I get it. Probably my most realistic options are to either sell my spot or farm the game out. Maybe I’ll keep it at a fellow pinhead’s house and rotate through some of their games on temporary trade. That sounds more fun than selling outright. Or find a local spot to route it?

Or you could play the game when the kids go to bed. Just keep it off when they are around.

3 weeks later
#1548 1 year ago

Probably the same as alice cooper pin. What was that about 230-250?

Quoted from wesman:

Haven't seen the info on weight anywhere....
250-300 pounds?

1 week later
#1840 1 year ago

I wouldn't do that personally. Its an RGB bulb, so it I don't think the comet bulb would work anyway.

Quoted from guitarded:

Nice, docQ
That bulb that is just about touching the back of the guide there...
I'd replace that one with one of the Comet Quick Link style bulbs.
It'd add a spot to connet additional lights (if you want it in the future) and keep it from making contact when the rail flexes.
I would be worried about stressing that lamp, socket and connection in that current position.

#1842 1 year ago

I think they use these RGB leds scott designed for pinball life

1 month later
#2752 1 year ago

Looks like there will be 10 adventures total (see inserts) and if I recall Eric said when you fill the card (10 adventures) you can pick your adventure, so maybe the second time around the adventures will be worth more points?

Quoted from jonesjb:

True, hopefully there are enough adventures that there wouldn't be repeats - even for a long game. Maybe a successful completed mode (instead of timing out or draining), could give a cursed item that could just be used on any future adventure instead of a hypothetical repeat.
Fingers crossed on some form of dimension hopping multiball though.

#2758 1 year ago

Ahhh, thanks for the correction. So maybe we'll see more than 10

Quoted from epthegeek:

The insert set of 10 is just to integrate with the adventure card from the show. It does not dictate how many adventures there will be.

#2807 1 year ago

Is there a whats new or changelog? Curious whats added

#2829 1 year ago

I started watching this last night, thanks for streaming but today when I wanted to continue what I missed its gone. Didn't the stream record?

Quoted from Troz:

Going to stream the beta code in about 30 minutes (4pm Pacific)

#2837 1 year ago

Very nice and helpful addition to the service menu!

1 week later
#3058 1 year ago

Watched some of the latest steam from Karl. Thank Karl for streaming and its fun to watch your pinball skills.

The game looks great and display effects are fantastic. Well done Eric. Excellent rules so far and building on a great March build. The pop up select a mode after adventure card full is neat and it looked like the second adventure card is white as opposed to the faded vanilla color of the first so you know right away you are on your next set of adventures. Not sure why the call out says 1 more to go when you have 8 adventures (should it say 2 more?) and at 6 stamps he says we're half way there and at 5 stamps he says 4 more to go nice to see you're taking it seriously?

Clever to see the Roy progress still bubbles onscreen to show your progress. Lots of helpful popups for shots and point values. You can see the amount of thought that went into the screen display.

Meeseeks mania is a fun MB. At the end if seemed like the meeseeks was talking in the video but there was no audio. Maybe not. Have to watch it again.

Get Schwifty was one of the few episodes I watched, so it was neat to see it unfolded in a game mode. It works so well with the rest of the chosen adventures. I guess the red/green sliding bar keeps track of your jackpots? It didn't seem to move, but the head was moving left and right as time progressed and shots were made. You can see the interest level and dedication in the whole team with the choices made.

I really enjoy the lighting effects, great control and fading. Just a super job guys.

#3063 1 year ago

Thanks for the info!

Quoted from epthegeek:

Some details ...

Morty gets to choose 1 out of every 10 adventures, according to how it works in the show. So you're really playing to 9 - not 10. Because the 10th one is Morty's choice.

That was an error - it's a beta. I had a whole list of things to fix after Karl's stream.

#3213 1 year ago

I remember it in Last Action Hero too. Very fun Eric! Good job.

Thanks for streaming the latest code Bowen, but also for your excellent rules commentary. It was nice to see the Meeseeks Mania running alone so you could see more of it and hear the rules for the new MB.

Quoted from epthegeek:

Yes, it's not new. TFTC had it and some other game I can't remember off hand.

#3255 1 year ago

I doubt death saves will ever be allowed in tournaments. You can do what you like in the home but it’s cheating in competition.

Quoted from PinMonk:

Recognizing the death save is a nice resurrected feature from Data East games. Will they be allowed in tournaments now?
That lower left pop by the flipper isn't very active at all. Does it turn off and on in code or something? WAY less action than a sling in this video.

1 week later
#3622 1 year ago

Curious if the stickers had a hole punch for the center stud would they be as prone to wear?

Quoted from delt31:

Any update on the target stickers or post rubbers being enhanced? I’ve read others having issues and it appears Kaneda too. Just curious if those will be enhanced like the loop shot was adjusted in factory.
Thanks and looking forward to getting mine

2 weeks later
#4135 1 year ago

Maybe Eric doesn't like grace periods for ball save or favors a shorter one than you are used to in other games.

Quoted from Kevlar:

Question, is the multiball ball save grace period more strict in spooky machines than other manufacturers machines? Say you're in multiball and the ball save is coming to an end but still active, all active balls head for the trough at the same time. The ball save times out before all the balls can be relaunched ( it was still active when they went into the trough ). To me I've felt duped a few times in this situation when I've only got one ball back and multiball has been ended, situations I'm sure I'd still be in multiball on other machines. I've experienced this on R&M and TNA. Am I imagining it?

3 weeks later
#4663 1 year ago

This is a different company and a different programmer. You can't apply everyone elses code changes to Eric and Spooky. They are making 1 game right now. one and it has all their focus. You'll see more to come for sure. Go spooky! and Eric!

Quoted from Makakka:

Indeed but you miss such setting is (normally) designed for a second layer.

Nothing to critisize atm but there is no certainty on code development it can stop any second the examples are endless. If everything runs like you say future seasons will be coded in that may happen that may not happen.

#4729 1 year ago

Nope pinball browser doesn't work with p-roc games.

Quoted from delt31:

OK interesting. How much could that really be to license? I would be willing to chip in.
At the very least, would be nice if we were allowed to inject songs into the game ala pinbrowser as that song is PERFECT for the end game.

4 weeks later
#5449 1 year ago

good job. I am sure he is very happy to be playing his game so quickly.

Quoted from KingPinGames:

funny enough, I do tech support on the weekends, and after hours for all the games I sell (and even some that I don't).
game is up and running now.

1 month later
#6708 1 year ago

The PD-LED needs a tight connection on the 5V power. Simply spread the 2 pins on the board power connector slightly to get the connector plug to connect tighter and this will fix your issue.

Quoted from gonzo73:

Scratch all that,
The light driver board, in the center of playfield, above the opto board is wonky.
We got it to light, by pressing on the power connector but it wont stay on, or sych colors.
And of course there are a zillion wires in the way. Shit.
[quoted image]

1 week later
#7105 11 months ago

Make it easier by switching to 5 ball until you get the hang of it. Then when you get your shots down, switch it back.

Quoted from rai:

I see all these guys getting 20 mega seeds and 9 adventures and wonder what’s wrong with my machine? LoL

#7179 11 months ago

I assume they are using the Multimorphic PD-16 boards for the coils/drivers like they used in TNA and ACNC. Here is the manual for ACNC on spookys site.
Fuses are at F1 and F2. 4A fuses slo-blo 5x20mm.

See page 18 for a picture/diagram/reference. Of course the coils/wire locations are different but its the same board.

Quoted from pinball_ric:

Sadly I dont think so. It would be nice to have a wiring diagram and fuse list at a very minimum

#7188 11 months ago


No manual for R&M. Maybe they will put one together eventually.

Quoted from pinball_ric:

How did you find this? I wasn't able to find any manuals on their website. Is there one for R&M?

#7273 11 months ago

Seem Eric releases a beta every couple of weeks, why not try the betas to keep the fun going.....

Quoted from Captchaos:

Anyone hear if a code update is coming?

#7400 11 months ago

While this is great news for long play don't you think there is a different issue going on here if the ramp is not possible after 30 minutes of play? I'd bet there is friction at play in the coil/sleeve/stop, etc.

Quoted from PinMonk:

Yeah, looking at the right flipper temps, R&M would be in the "Severe" fade category after 60 minutes of play. The fans wipe out that problem completely. I imagine anyone that plays their machine with any regularity will want a set.

#7428 11 months ago

Can you try this? Play for 20-30 min and when you notice the left ramp is unmakeable feel the coil. Is it too hot to touch? I bet so, but it would be good info to get a handle on the issue. then check the right one. Is it too hot to touch?

Quoted from arzoo:

Believe me, I've gone over everything with the flipper mech, coil stops, EOS switch, pf slope, flipper angle, and flipper shaft gaping (there's no binding), etc. 30 minutes was a guess on my part - all I can say is when first playing (cold) the ball clears the top of the ramp with power to spare (not a lot, but some). After playing for a while, the ball makes it to the top of the ramp but not over the threshold - which is SO annoying. I've never had a problem like this before with a new pin, and if it were an older pin, I'd just do a rebuild on the flipper.

2 weeks later
#8071 10 months ago

update your software. Last public release is 10-12-2020.

Quoted from rolandthoms:

I am having this exact same problem. Everything else is perfect. Frustrating when you’re in the middle of a great game. Solution?.

1 week later
#8702 10 months ago

Sounds like a great update! The last note in the changelog is important as I am sure some people are going to miss this and think something is wrong after updating.

Changed: I cut all the base volume settings on assets in half so that the in-game volume
control is hopefully more useful - so the game will be quieter and you'll have to
up the system volume a bit.

Quoted from Rum-Z:

Ah cool! I misread the original Spooky post on Bookface, so I fixed my post. Rick Potion No. 9 and Scary Terry are two of my favorite episodes. Can't wait to hear about and see details of them.

#8743 10 months ago

Good point. simple to put the instructions in the readme/changelog for the new owners.

Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

Maybe I'm not on the right page, but when I go to update the code from Spooky's GAME SUPPORT page (https://www.spookypinball.com/game-support/), I don't see any specific instructions on WHAT TO DO and/or HOW TO DO IT.
What I mean by that is, it doesn't say "To update your code, make sure to click on the CODE UPDATE link under the image on the left. Once downloaded, move the .pkg file to a USB key (and any other instructions required once on the key - for example, with Stern updates, you need to UNZIP the files and then upload the unzipped files to your key only). I assume we just have to move the .pkg file to USB key on its own, then stick the key into the USB slot behind the R&M translite, I assume? Shut the pin off before we do so? Then once done, we'll see something on the screen that says "Update complete" or something? Then we should shut the pin, remove the USB and then re-boot?
Most of what I'm writing above is "assumed" because I've done Stern updates, but I feel for those people who have never done a code update is that's the page they land on. Not very user-friendly.
Love all you do at Spooky but I would politely request a better EXPLANATION of what one needs to do in order to update their machine's code ON the GAME SUPPORT page (not here on Pinsider, which not every owner follows-- we know this) and maybe even a quick VIDEO tutorial they can also place on their YouTube channel and then embed onto that page.
The more information you can provide the end user, the less questions Spooky will receive and the easier it will be for everyone.

4 weeks later
#9685 9 months ago

Can you try plugging the game into another outlet that's not on the room light circuit?

Quoted from DanQverymuch:

Using the flippers on this game makes my room lights flicker more than any other game ever has.
Enough so that I would like to be able to do something about it. It's really distracting. Plus I have to think it's making coils weaker during multiballs, etc, dragging down the line voltage.
I have a big 'ol Best UPS that I could use, just needs a new battery, bet that'd smooth things out.
But that would be a hundred pound bandaid. Maybe a big capacitor on the game's high voltage line?
But maybe it's partly my cheap LED floodlights, they do weird things like glow dimly when the circuit is supposed to be off (on dimmer circuits), so maybe they're sensitive so slight variations in line voltage too. I just never had a problem with it before getting R&M...
Any ideas, opinions or similar complaints?

1 week later
#10035 9 months ago

Seriously? look at the assets in this game - tons. Listen to the hundreds of call outs. Look at the fun world that Eric/Scott/Bowen created in this game. No, the producers did not take any shortcuts with this game.

Quoted from Hjbondar:

So ... I am about 570. My son claims this game is overhyped, not fun to play and will devalue quickly. He has played it and I have not - but will do so Thursday. He is a much better player than I am. He also claims to have insider info claiming the producers took shortcuts that limited the potential of the game.
While I will make my decision after playing it on Thursday I am interested in the opinions of this austere group on his perspective? Thanks!

#10115 9 months ago

Latest code works fine. Eric wouldn’t release an update that doesn’t work. Op needed a different usb stick. There is a huge variability in these sticks. Some work right away and others are not detected for some reason. When you find one that works just keep using it.

Quoted from harryhoudini:

I think it'd be common for someone to want to revert if prior releases worked and latest does not. Not saying it's likely the issue but if prior upgrades worked and the latest doesn't then it seems like a reason.

2 months later
#12150 6 months ago

Last code update was March 11.

Quoted from guitarded:

This Code is only new to me. It is the last drop from Jan/Feb, I think?

1 month later
#13279 5 months ago

No need to take rails off to apply a cover. You can use the clear cling vinyl I use on all my games. Here is a similar product.

Quoted from MrCleanHead:

How hard is it to take the side rails off. Any tips and/or tricks? I wanted to add some mylar under/around the flipper buttons before its gets played.
Hopefully mine will arrive soon (#707 BSE), I think they are waiting to send some on one truck since I know there are a few coming to Ohio in the last 50 of the run.

#13477 5 months ago

software controlled - eos is optional.

Quoted from Rum-Z:

I can confirm that there are no Rick and Mortys with an EOS switch on the upper flipper. It was designed and built that way. I dunno why, that's just the way it is.

#13482 5 months ago

EOS is not needed with the upper flipper at all since you are never trapping balls and holding it up for periods of time. I don't know if Eric added EOS support for the upper flipper but I doubt it since EOS is not installed at the factory. I'm sure spooky support could verify.

Quoted from razorsedge:

You don't mean if an EOS switch is added to the upper flipper that the code supports it?
As far as I know it is not catered for. That would make it not optional?

#13549 5 months ago

If everyone waits before installing the unofficial update it won't become official. Eric needs some wide testing to shake out uncommon situations in the code. The more people that try the unofficial and submit comments the quicker things get tested/fixed and the code becomes official. Its easy to install updates just do it. IF you hate something about it you can always install the last official version.

Quoted from orlandu81:

So am I the only one waiting for the "official" update then? I figured it would be a day or two before it was available on Spooky's site but I'm losing patience. If not official by EOD, I'm thinking about biting the bullet and installing the unofficial 5/11 code. I just figured that the issues with the 5/11 test code would maybe be fixed before it goes official...but this is my first Spooky pin and I got it just a month or so ago.

#13709 5 months ago

Rarely do pops die. Probably a wire is off the lug so no power to the coil. Check it out

Quoted from Soulstoner:

My pop bumper has died suddenly. It registers hits, but the coil isn't firing during games or in the coil test. Anything I can do/try aside from asking Spooky to replace it?

#13786 4 months ago

You could probaby put a y adapter in the computer audio jack, one lead to your headphones, the other to the Amp. Then turnoff the amp when you just want to play with headphones. You’ll have to have a long cable on your headphones or an extension.

Quoted from orlandu81:

Has anyone figured out a clean headphone option yet? I know I can plug my wireless dongle into the amp and I get the signal there, but by plugging in there it doesn't kill the sound from the speakers which I want to do. My master bedroom is right above the arcade, so late night R&M games need to be played with headphones. I have the Kalaxian Crystal coin door and don't want to screw it up.
Would love it if someone were able to make a small component which would have a 3mm input and a volume pot on it, and it can be kept right inside the coin door or even snaked underneath the table and mounted underneath close to the player.

3 weeks later
#14413 4 months ago

Format your stick and take off the (2)before the pkg extension in the file name that’s probably confusing the update and it’s failing. The stick should have 1 pkg file on it. Use the the latest code don’t go back

Quoted from CashMoney:

Looks like its 3.2GB which seems correct. Going to try and use the previous beta code to see if that helps.
Using a Mac OS
[quoted image]

1 month later
#15291 80 days ago

Thanks for bringing it! My first time to play it!!!! So... looking forward to it

Quoted from sataneatscheese:

It's on full f bomb mode. I put a parental warning sign on it.

#15320 79 days ago

Thank you for bringing the game! What a fun game, we played it several times.
Question: How do you make the shot to the upper left hole (where the dimensions start?) Neither of us could make it from the upper right flipper.

Quoted from sataneatscheese:

329 plays on Rick and Morty in one day! Held up solid and glad I put mylar in the shooter lane before the Allentown show. 2 stuck balls in aftermarket toys I had to remove. Had to fix switch for flippers on right side and put in a new drop target spring but solid otherwise.
Anyone know the correct drop target spring size?
[quoted image]
It's there all day if you want to try it!

1 week later
#15524 72 days ago

I think spooky uses 1366x768 for the resolution for this game. It’s set in the os level so you can’t change it. This is to decrease the GPu requirement and processing required if I recall. You won’t see much improvement at the higher res with this framework so it’s not necessary to use the full HD . Other games use this resolution too with the framework.

Quoted from harryhoudini:

Looks pretty much the same from all angles. Deep black. I haven't touched the settings at all and it still has the protective plastic on it.

I didn't want to go telling people to buy as I just tossed it in there and hadn't done much testing since I just had it taped in place. It's all apart now as I'm printing brackets to get it to actually mount in there since it can't use the stock screen mount. It also needs a bracket to hold the controller PCB and it's keypad. I'll mess around with it this weekend and make a video on install if I get it all done.
Also, I noticed that it detected the resolution lower than what the screen and controller can handle so I wanted to check in to that before calling it good. I have a few other controllers I ordered that I can compare to and see if it is a limitation on the game hardware/software or a setting which we can't easily access/modify. Not that it needs more resolution but it's a 1920x1080 screen so might as well try to get that if it can.

#15621 68 days ago

When would you want to use the magnasave with a trapped ball on the right flipper? I guess this would be for a multiball situation?

Quoted from FatPanda:

That's your Magnasave on the right side. Up until now, you couldn't trap a ball on your right flipper, and use the magnasave at the same time because the power draw could blow a fuse, now that setting has been changed to allow you to turn that feature on, but do it at your own risk (with a larger fuse).

3 weeks later
#15972 42 days ago

check connections at the PD-LED board that handles those leds.

Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

I've had LED issue from day one, with a bunch of them presenting as light blue instead of white. Still yet to get a resolution from Spooky. Has anyone had the same issue?
[quoted image]

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