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#2294 9 months ago

So I’ve spent most of the afternoon dialing in #65. I have things at an ok place at this point (still have some more tweaking to do) but is anyone else having issues with clean shots to the horseshoe going straight down the middle? If the shot rattles at all it’s fine but hard shots rocket back SDTM. Game is level and at a 6.7 degree pitch.

#2314 9 months ago

Personally I am on the fence regarding making some of these more drastic changes. I did remove the screws from the ball guides but do not plan on shifting the whole ball guides and drilling new holes. Not because I think there is a problem with that, it's your game I say definitely do whatever you want to make it more enjoyable for you, but I am OK with having shots be tough and "perfect" shots rejecting sometimes. I can think of countless games that have 1 or 2 very hard shots. I'm sure you could make every single one of them easier by moving the ball guides, opening them up, etc etc, but aren't you then changing the intentions of the designer? If something was making the shot impossible to make then that is a different story but I don't need and/or expect to be able to hit the inner loop 5 times in a row for it to be enjoyable. It is absolutely a make-able shot leaving the ball guide as is. The garage shot is definitely tougher but that was Scott's intention. I actually find it easier to hit when comboing it with the inner loop and it is honestly an awesome feeling when you nail it. Just the 2 cents of a very average pinball player.

#2325 9 months ago

I don't think it's about making the game too easy, it's understanding that I don't need to be able to combo the inner loop 5-6 times for the game to be fun. I also understand that shots reject out sometimes, even perfect ones, that's just pinball. Scott's been designing this game for what, a year+? How can anyone say changing the geometry is what his "intended" vision was unless he comes out and says the final CAD was messed up or something and all the playfields were drilled incorrectly. Again, people are free to do with their games whatever they want but I can think of a bunch of "clunky" games that are universally regarded as amazing.

#2328 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

It Is possible what Scott designed is not how it was assembled? None the less the game is fun and sharing solutions so others can fully enjoy it is harmless. Don't think anyone would say this is a bad game in anyway.

I'm assuming the playfield was cut and dimpled based off the final CAD that Scott produced which was based off the year+ that he worked on the whitewood... At that point, it's just screwing things into the pre-dimpled holes. I'm not sure how something could have gotten messed up during manufacturing. I'm sure Scott has put many games on the production pins as well and would have noticed by now if something was truly messed up.

#2332 9 months ago

I guess my ultimate point is, I was freaked out as a lot of other people seem to be reading about all these issues before I got my game. I thought the shots were going to be impossible to make, especially if you're not Bowen or something. Just from my own personal experience now, the shots are all make-able (but challenging). If Scott comes out and says, actually I meant for the guide rails to be widened more and something got messed up along the way and we're making changes going forward than that's great. I just hope people understand if that doesn't happen and the game is as intended out of the box today, it's still a great game and every shot is definitely make-able.

#2335 9 months ago
Quoted from Palmer:

I think you are confusing shot rejects based off of bad shots and ones that should be made but don't because of imperfections in guides.For example, you own JJP POTC. I do as well. The loop shot up top was smooth for awhile on mine but now has developed an occasional rattled shot. I need to get under the black pearl to fix this problem which is common. I can shoot the same shot 10 times and 3-4 will rattle and slow up. This is an inconsistency. This is not a deliberate design in the game.

I'm saying pinball isn't a video game, where if you perform the correct button pushes in the correct order you get the same result everytime. If I nail a shot and it rejects out 1 or 2 out of 10 times I chalk that up to being pinball. When I first got into the hobby I used to love watching Bowen's PAPA tutorial videos and there are countless examples of him nailing a shot perfectly and it bricking out. He didn't get pissed, that's just the nature of the game. I'm not saying it's not annoying sometimes but for some games it's also what makes me push the start button again. That desire to get revenge.

#2337 9 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Understood, but if you make a clean shot and there is a reject due to clunkiness, this may be more akin to playing a videogame with a controller with inconstant button responsiveness.
You shouldn't shoot a clean inner orbit or garage shot, and feel relief when it successfully works as expected.

I definitely get what you're saying, I do. It's weird though, for some reason missing the inner orbit does not piss me off that much, maybe because it never results in the ball draining. Nailing that shot however is so incredibly satisfying and getting it 2-3 times even more so. Add on nailing the garage shot at the end of that and it's freakin an awesome feeling and I don't mind that I may only pull it off once every 4-5 games at this point.

#2338 9 months ago

That's different than something like the Gem shot on Tron for me or the sim card shot on Dialed In. I used to dread that shot with a passion because you had to have it to progress. I also felt like if I made that shot it was by pure luck not skill

#2359 9 months ago

I’m hoping the horseshoe ball save is coded in the next code drop. It looks like there is an option for it currently in the settings but it doesn’t appear to do anything yet.

#2361 9 months ago

Are anyone else’s post rubbers getting obliterated extremely fast? A couple of mine are already turning black and getting torn up after 2 days...

#2364 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Mine lasted around 500 games. Then I replaced them with Cliffy post sleeves...really loving them.

Are all of them easily accessible? In particular the ones next to the lock under the huge plastic by the ship? It looks like a PITA to remove that plastic and I’d like to avoid if possible.

#2368 9 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

The harder ones to get at I was still able to loosen the plastics (not taking them completely off) and gently lift the plastic high enough to slide the post sleeves off and then replace them. The post rubber had to bend but that was no problem.

Cool, that’s what I was hoping for

#2395 9 months ago

Only 1 person can resolve this for sure and that’s Scott. I hope he chimes in one way or the other. If the guide placement/alignment is wrong it seems like a fairly easy fix. I wouldn’t worry about drilling new holes as I’m assuming they’ve already produced all the playfields and they’ll all have to have new holes drilled. I’m fine with just holding off until there is a definitive answer.

#2401 9 months ago

epthegeek Eric while you’re here, does the horseshoe loop and scoop ball saver in the settings currently do nothing in the most recent code? If so, is it going to be functional in the next version? Thanks!

#2463 9 months ago

Couple of thoughts unrelated to ball guides and hole drilling, I didn't really understand how megaseeds factored into the rules and structure of the game until I started playing it but I think it's one of the best parts of the rules by far. The modes are great but even the best mode can start to get repetitive over time. Collecting megaseeds is so damn addicting though. It also makes going to different dimensions more than just a novelty and adds so much to the replay-ability factor. I am also really digging how the antigravity gun isn't just a gimmie ball save like other "magna" save type setups. At first it was a little frustrating because you're used to just enabling a magna save and it saving the ball everytime. That is definitely not the case with this one but it adds a whole other layer of skill.

#2581 8 months ago

For people interested, I just got Brian Allen’s alt R&M backglass and I think it looks amazing. The art style is definitely more “stylized” but I think that makes it pop so much more. It’s all personal preference but I’m a big fan.

5E5F0C75-CC48-4333-8A9D-DB9CF27584ED (resized).jpeg6D2D2AB3-224A-4165-B074-A64ADC084BC3 (resized).jpeg84EF415A-7010-4009-822D-B48245107663 (resized).jpeg
#2589 8 months ago
Quoted from Flipper-airbrush:

Im loving it, where i can order this?

Brian had them for sale on his website,


I don’t see it listed any longer so maybe email him?

#2592 8 months ago

I’m curious, considering there will be a minimum of 10 adventures (modes) I’m assuming and hopefully many more than that (fingers crossed) is there any thought to eventually making what adventure you start user selectable instead of always random? It would help a lot with strategy to be able to start total rickall with multiball for example as opposed to roy. It would also allow you to redo adventures and/or avoid other ones. What are other people’s thoughts?

2 weeks later
#2822 8 months ago

The scoop and horseshoe ball saves are lifesavers . Also like the extra grace period on the slam save.

#2861 8 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Whirly Dirly is a little easier now because the center horseshoe shot can be also be used to progress through the mode (unless you got locked balls in there).

It was setup that way in the previous code as well. I wish those shots were still available if balls were locked though. Makes the mode much easier to complete.

#2863 8 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

It's a theme integration thing. You're on a ride the loops. If the lock/targets are up, it's not a loop. But the new code does at the loopback as a shot, so there's another option (granted, not necessarily an easy one).

Interesting, well definitely makes sense now as to the logic of it and I appreciate the thought that went into it. It's not just a Ropp-fest light and hit every shot to complete the mode

1 week later
#3015 8 months ago

Oh shit, the new attract video is awesome! Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers

1 week later
#3238 7 months ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

Quick question for the club here. Is anyone having a good amount of air balls off the ramps? As I inspected the screws on my ramps it looks like they might be a bit too big as they don’t sit flush with the ramp. I’m afraid to screw them down any further as the screws are already showing through on the underside of the playfield. If the left most screw on the left ramp were to be screwed down any further it would not allow the ball to Travel through the subway. Here are a few pictures. I had to remove the right screw bc it was really bad on the right ramp.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I had a lot of airballs off the right ramp. I noticed my ramp flap was slightly bowed up in the center. I just unscrewed the ramp, bent the ramp flap flat so it sits flush with the playfield and I haven’t had 1 airball since.

#3246 7 months ago

Did you bend the ramp flap down? I can see it looks like mine did. Pretty sure the screw is not the issue. Bend the flap so it curves the other way and I’m almost positive it will solve your issue.

#3393 7 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

This mode very specifically mutes almost other audio, so the song can shine. Sound effects, call-outs. The only thing that should make noise is the tilt warning.
I very much don't like when pinball audio fights with songs with lyrics (ie: all the music pins) so I decided to try this route.

I would prefer an “on key” note that goes with the song to play or something with each successful shot. It’s just odd to have no audio cue play when you make a shot. Maybe that’s just me though.

#3500 7 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Why aren't the target decals made from the same lexan material everyone else has been using for years? They don't wear.

I was wondering the same thing. These definitely seem to just be like paper stickers. Almost all of mine are worn thru in the center now. There is definitely a market for someone to make higher quality ones.

#3503 7 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Dang, I might pass on those then...or request them separately so I can mylar them. Even aftermarket mod decals I've seen have mylar/lamination on them.

This game also seems to obliterate the post rubbers. It doesn’t help that they use clear “slimmer” style rubbers but mine were not just noticeably dirty after even maybe 50 games but also chewed up to hell. It’s strange because ACNC uses the same post rubbers and I do not have that issue. I’m not sure if the game may be really roughing the balls up because of all the exposed ball guides that the ball constantly whacks.

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