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Post #589 Useful post for coin door comparison. Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #637 More code rules - Adventures full lost Posted by epthegeek (2 years ago)

Post #745 Club thread reminder. Posted by TigerLaw (2 years ago)

Post #748 Cards for the game rules and what not. Posted by Coindropper (2 years ago)

Post #751 Darker outline for instruction cards. Posted by Coindropper (2 years ago)

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#156 2 years ago

Thanks for the compliments about the stream. I really wasn't sure if that was going to be too much or not; but the one thing that usually bums me out about streams like that is lack of attention paid to the chat conversation/questions because everybody is busy playing.

/back to work

#180 2 years ago
Quoted from ThePinballCo-op:

I like how we're throwing ideas out. I'm sure the Spooky team already has ideas but it doesn't hurt, right?

I just hope everyone bears in mind that "(NAME OF THING) mode!" is very simple to post on a forum, but may or may not be possible to turn into a viable fun objective in the game for various reasons. There's quite a bit that goes into it, and all the parts have to work.

Also, don't expect me to react much about what is or is not something we might do. There's a lot on the drawing table already and we're working on things all the time.

#238 2 years ago

*Pending a licensing deal with the BBC


#249 2 years ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Watching the streams, it didn't look like anyone was able to get past more than one or two modes.
I'm guessing that the ultimate objective is to fill that card to 10, but if guys like Jack and Bowen aren't getting anywhere, how's it going to be for us mortals?

Mike is on the right track; Almost everybody on the stream was playing it for the first time. We didn't really go over rules before we started, so there wasn't much "serious" playing going on. Everybody was having fun, or distracted, or drinking, or whatever. Once you have a few runs at it in a more serious setting, you can get more done.

But I will say that we're definitely always evaluating things as far as how hard things should be and still tweaking a lot in that regard.

#256 2 years ago

This thread needs some key posts. Here, I'll do my best:

Some, but not all of the current game junk as of Today:

- Regular skill shot is the "Noob Noob" target between the Inner Loop and the Garage.
- Super skill shot is the garage.
- Hitting the Inner Loop will multiply the skill shot up to 9x

- There's an insert by the pop bumper pointing to the drain. If that's on, you have a slam save.
- If the ball hits the pop and then drains immediately, the slam save returns your ball.
- To re-light the slam save, you have to complete the "S-L-A-M" in/out lanes.
- The Slam save is not used if your Immortality Field is still running
- The Slam save is disabled during multiball.

- Added by hitting the Meeseeks box target on the right just below the upper flipper.
- You can also get a Meeseeks as a Mystery award.
- Up to 3 Meeseeks at a time can be on the PF in normal play.
- Having a Meeseeks on a shot, BEFORE it goes bad, will multiply the value of whatever that shot gives you
- Having a Meeseeks on a shot, AFTER it goes bad, will divide the shot
- Those multiplier values are indicated by color on the "2x 3x 4x" lights in the middle. Blue = Multiply / Purple (bad) = Divide
- More Meeseeks = More multiplier, so 3 active Meeseeks is how you get the 4x
- Meeseeks do not go away until collected, but reset when the ball drains.
- There is a vanity high score for most Meeseeks used.
- More fun Meeseeks stuff coming soon.

- You have to charge up the portal gun (vertical stack of inserts in the middle of the PF) to open the portal.
- Any "loopy" shot will add a bit of charge (ramps, orbits), but the spinner adds the most.
- A combo shot from the inner orbit to the garage is always an instant portal.
- Once the portal is open, you have to get to the garage to change dimensions.
- For the first several, you can get there from the right orbit as well as the garage shot.
- When you change dimensions, overall things about the game change and Megaseeds are lit to collect.
- There are all different kinds of dimensions, some are silly, some are cool, some add scoring, some disable game features. Endless possibilities.
- The Megaseeds are what you really want in the other dimensions. Every seed you collect is 5% of your total ball score in bonus, and they last the whole game.
- The portal gun will slowly drain while you are in another dimension - making shots/spinners can fill it back up.
- If you fill it completely (or collect all the Megaseeds) you can jump to another dimension without going back to C-137 first.
- If you jump dimensions, that new dimension will have 4 seeds instead of 3
- Remember to look for orange flashing lights, those are your seeds.
- The last 2 digits of the player score shows you how many Megaseeds you have at all times
- There is also an instant-info page about what your current bonus value is
- There is a vanity award for both "Most Dimensions" and "Most Megaseeds"

- Locks are lit with the "flooble crank" (remote captive ball between the Right ramp and Rick's ship)
- Lock 2 balls and the scoop lights to start multiball.
- During the Battle, all shots light for jackpots.
- Collecting jackpots is how you light the Super - first super takes 1 jackpot, 2nd takes 2 and so on.
- Collecting the Super will reset all the other jackpots.
- The Super Jackpot value is a base value PLUS any collected jackpots, so getting more before you collect the super is valuable.
- The Super Jackpot is in the garage. For the first one you can get it from the right orbit, after that it's garage shot only.
- If you hit the inner loop (where the spinner is) before you hit the super, you can multiply the value.
- There is an add-a-ball on the flooble crank during the battle.

#270 2 years ago
Quoted from stevevt:

When you have multiball running, can you start a new adventure? I assume the answer is no. Is it possible to use the upper playfield numerical display to count down the number of jackpots needed to light a super? I understand this will interfere with adventure info, but maybe it can display this info if there's no adventure running.

If you have an adventure ready or already running when you start multiball, you can stack them together. If you start multiball first, then you can't start an adventure, and if you finish a running adventure while in multiball you can't start another one.

Because adventures use the upper digit display, there would be stacking concerns and it would be weird for it to sometimes show you the jackpots to super and sometimes not, but I could absolutely put that on the screen (and will).

Quoted from jonesjb:

I think you mentioned on the stream that there can be a max of 3 Meeseeks, I'm wondering how this works with the insert lighting:
3 good meeseeks: 4X is blue
2 good meeseeks, 1 bad: 3X is blue, 2X is purple
2 bad meeseeks, 1 good: 3X is purple, 2X is blue
3 bad meeseeks: 4X is purple
If you have 3 bad meeseeks, is it possible to add additional good meeseeks (there look to be 8 or so meeseeks targets)? Or do you have to clear one bad one before adding a good one?

The "Good" value in normal play is always the total number of meeseeks - the "bad" value is only the number of bad meeseeks. So your "2 good, 1 bad" example would be 4x good, 2x bad - the shots with the good meeseeks are 4x, the shot with the bad meeseeks is 2x. There's a small delay on the step down, so you can actually get multiple shots at the 4x if you're quick about it.

The "3 meeseeks" is a hard total on the number good or bad, during normal play.

#304 2 years ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

I get the math but not the specific application. Especially when "2x" could be purple (divisor) but "3x" is lit (multiplier) at the same time. Does that apply as "some shots are now divide (what?) by 2 while others multiply (what?) by 3"... or is it like an algebraic equation (multiply all by 3 then divide that by 2)... or something else?
Also, if you can only have no more than 3 meeseeks at a time, and the oldest ones age out to divisor-mode first before disappearing, is it even possible to get a 4x divisor?

3 bad meeseeks = 1/4 score on the shot you hit with a bad meeseeks.

No meeseeks = 1x (aka, normal points)
1 meeseks = 2x
2 meeseeks = 3x
3 meeseeks = 4x

Whatever color is on the multiplier/divisor, if you hit a shot with that color meeseeks, that's what you get.

Quoted from BoJo:

I believe you get to pick your adventure however there will some that are only available once the card is full.

This is accurate. You can choose a normal one if you wish. There may even be incentives to do so; but that's all pending.

#307 2 years ago

There IS part of the game (still coming, not in yet) that has entirely different rules for the Meeseeks. Was actually given away on the stream at some point and almost nobody noticed. One guy in chat mentioned it and that was it.

#309 2 years ago
Quoted from EasternBloc:

Kirkland's brand meeseeks?

Nah, that might get us in trouble with Costco.

#411 2 years ago
Quoted from KingofGames:

I heard on the stream the shaker has not been programmed.

Yet. The controller code is there; what's not there yet is the calls to make the vibration. It will be there soon enough.

#450 2 years ago
Quoted from Alwaysbrokenpins:

Better name for this thread would have been Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Club

I'd vote for "No jumpin' in the sewer!"

#534 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Sounded like Justin to me. I think it's the same style he used in the "how they make a plumbus" segment from the interdimensional cable show.

The tilt-plumbus IS Justin.

Quoted from f3honda4me:

It's not justin. It's a radio/podcast guy, I don't remember his name, they mentioned it on the stream when talking about the tilt.

The Roy narration is Jeff Parsons.

#637 2 years ago

More rules dumping ... Just basics, no fine scoring details or what not.

ADVENTURE: Roy - A Life Well Lived
- Roy is a 5 decision deep branching narrative, if you make it through all 5, Roy's life ends. If you drain early; well, that's a tragedy.
- Shots lit Green make 'positive' choices, shots lit Red make 'negative choices'
- Roy's age is shown on the digit display in front of the scoop.
- Positive choices advance the age a bit more than negative choices do, and there's a bonus for your age at the end.
- Consecutive similar decisions (positive/negative) are multiplied based on the string (2x, 3x, etc)

ADVENTURE: Total Rickall
- Rick, Morty (they're the drops/ship), Beth and Summer (targets) are lit to kill parasites.
- Each hit kills at least one parasite, some shots kill more
- Every time you make a shot, the parasite value goes up a bit, then slowly falls - so keep firing!
- Kill all the parasites to decontaminate the house and end the adventure.

ADVENTURE: Whirly Dirly
- Shoot the right orbit, inner loop, or ship u-turn (if open) to advance the ride toward the edge of the Immortality Field
- The right ramp lights for a kill shot hurry-up when you're near the edge
- If you make the kill, or the hurry up times out, you go back to looping
- You get 3 attempts at the kill shot before the ride ends, and you need to make 2 of them to take out both Risotto and his henchman.

- On the purge planet, the locals move left to right and are indicated by purple inserts.
- To start, you have to keep them from getting to Morty on the right orbit. You have to buy enough time for Rick to build the communicator.
- If a local makes it to where Morty is, the insert will flash red and you have a few seconds to save him.
- If Morty dies, the adventure is over.
- If you hold off the locals long enough, the Summer target will light to call her and have her send the armored suits.
- Once the suits are summoned you have to stay alive long enough to receive them. If you can do that; party time.

ADVENTURE: Pirates of the Pancreas
- Shoot the ramps to spell out Pirates of the Pancreas to get the ride turned on!
- Each shot to the ramps adds 3 seconds to the timer.
- If you take too long, Rick may have to come rescue you from inside Ruben.

ADVENTURE: Pickle Rick
- Phase 1: shoot the pop or sling to kill roaches to work towards the first evolution of Pickle Rick
- Phase 2: shoot the targets to kill rats with your upgraded pickle-self
- Phase 3: shoot the ramps and loops to take out the goons at the consulate (phase 3 is timed).

More adventures still to come!

Added 23 months ago:

ADVENTURE: Get Schwifty
- You have to make shots while the song plays to impress the Cromulons and save earth.
- Each shot will move their sentiment toward the positive.
- If you hit nothing for a while, their opinion of your skills will start to sour.
- If things get really dire, all the shots will light and you can hit ANYTHING to get back on track.
- The shots are in groups: Loops, Targets, Ramps (The "Ship" shots vary their group based on current state) and will be lit purple.
- You get points every second you're in the "positive" and points for every made shot.
- If you get the meter to the top, points drastically increase.
- End the song in the positive for an additional "vote bonus"

Added 21 months ago:

Adventure: Blood Dome
- Four shots on the right side are lit
- Each lit shot will only work 3 times max, then it will disappear.
- Each time you hit a new one of the 4 shots, the shot value increases by 50,000
- It takes 7 shots total to any of the 4 lit shots to light the scoop to complete the adventure.
- You have a max of 25 left flipper flips to finish the mode - get to zero and it will end early.
- If You complete the mode with left flips remaining, you get a bonus based on how many remain.

Added 13 months ago:

ADVENTURE: Goodbye Moonmen
- Five shots are lit in the color of "Fart"'s orbs.
- Shoot the blinking colored shots to collect the orb and make the light solid
- Collect all 5 color orbs for the big payout!
- You can collect orbs more than once, and also more than one full set!
- The mode lasts a set amount of time until Rick has had enough and interrupts.

#723 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Final design
Would people want this on a shirt?
I honestly did this just cause i thought it was a cool idea for me and to surprise Scott when he said I could.
But if people like it, then I would be happy to do a small run of shirts; IF there is interest.[quoted image]

Seems like a missed opportunity to make the arc the top of the "2" heh

#764 2 years ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

Doubtful. Print would have to be extremely small to fit and we still don’t know how many total adventures they will throw in when it’s all said and done. Might have to make a wall poster like someone made for BM66 (which I will definitely make) once we see where it goes.

The adventures have their own 'instant info' page; so if you're ever not sure what's up - hold a flipper. If you're in an active adventure, first page is details about the adventure.*

* This is in the next code update - the first public release didn't have it. Thank you, drive through.

#836 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Quick question about the rules... I noticed when I lit the adventure mode start (via ramps), sometimes the mode start is the center shot but other times it's the right orbit or left portal shot. How is the mode start shot decided, is it meant to be different for various modes?

Quoted from kermit24:

I think that some adventures need the garage to start. Like Pickle Rick.

Right now it's just Pickle Rick, because it made the most sense thematically - Bowen requested that it start from the garage. There's one other adventure planned so far that will likely start from the garage, I think.

#853 2 years ago

The shop is testing a new update today that should hopefully cork several of those "Cons". Still plugging away at some others.

#864 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I figured it would easy, but I wonder if the ball hitting the wireform repeatedly would cause it to bend out again. For me, not a big deal to have to take the glass off occasionally to adjust (at home), but it was just something that happened when I played yours.

Maybe one of the mod guys could design some kind of a 3d printed thing that adds on to the wireform to make the stop more reliable? The designed intent is for the ball to come down to the upper flipper for a shot -- going the wrong way around the loopback and coming out away from the flipper is a huge bummer.

#869 2 years ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

While a mod guy could fix that, it should be properly adjusted and tested at the factory to perform as intended, in my opinion.

And they'll do their best, to be sure. But if it's the kind of thing that gets worked out of whack over time, perhaps something additional wouldn't be a bad thing.

#876 2 years ago

For any lucky early-birds - todays new build is on the SpookyPinball.com site now. The change log just isn't updated yet, so here's that:

Build 2020.02.22
- Added: Post adventure 'card' update video clips and callouts
- Fixed: If an unwanted 2nd ball sneaks into the lock, the game can now deal.
- Fixed: Ball search wasn't completing a full cycle properly due to an error
- Fixed: logic improved for launch power ramping up to clear excess balls in the shooter lane
- Fixed: It was possible for the music to stop on a scoop shot with no actions
- Fixed: "EASY" setting on Antigrav charge speed was broken
- Fixed: Adventure card on playfield was lighting 1 too many inserts
- Fixed: Display error if changed back to FREEPLAY with partial credits available
- Fixed: Roy intro callout was not playing
- Fixed: In a tilted state, there was a broken call to ball search that could cause a crash
- Changed: Adventure start pauses ball search
- Changed: Tilt video now has audio

#925 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

harryhoudini I have seen the lights in person, and the effect is subtle but still effective. However, I think a reflected video screen of portal could definitely be a worthy mod and add to the effect. If done right it could be an impressive feature and would likely be a popular mod.

There is also a large green flasher under the subway pointed up that I'm not sure if I have wired into the code yet because the one on my janky whitewood doesn't work.

Quoted from Tsskinne:

Finally got a good one. Filled up adventure card and visited enough dimensions to get an extra ball![quoted image][quoted image]

Great game! But unless you were playing on yesterday afternoon's update you really only had 9; there was a bug filling in one too many lights

/not that it matters, I don't have "you finished the card" stuff built yet.

#931 2 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Alos is that code posted publicly yet?

The most recent update was posted on spookypinball.com's support page yesterday afternoon.

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Didn't the Jack Danger stream show games starting with 5 adventures completed? What's the default setting for # modes lit now and how many adventures are currently in the new code release?

How many are filled in to start is a setting; defaults to 3 - but the error made it look like 4.

#999 2 years ago
Quoted from Coindork:

Me too.
I almost didn’t recognize the thread this morning and was like “oh damn” and scrolled back up.

Remember to click like and subscr... wait, I mean the "Favorite" star!

#1127 2 years ago
Quoted from kettchxxii:

intermittent flipper weakness, seems to happen when the light show is going full blast.

There's some system level stuff coming in the next update that will hopefully help this condition.

#1133 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

You mean Purple Titans?

Did Cliffy sell off the post sleeve business? Still has his own site - https://www.passionforpinball.com/colorsleeves.htm

#1139 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

Any Rick and Morty machines in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs yet???
“I’m asking for a friend”
I can’t find any...

Brixies should have theirs <emphasis>VERY</emphasis> soon, I heard.*

*That is unless Rob doesn't put it out right away - I really don't know his plan. I just heard about his pick-up.

#1249 2 years ago

New build posted on the beta page - Anybody running the betas (especially on location) should update.

#1261 2 years ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

I wonder if Eric can deal with such a rare occurence by having the ship coil fire to dislodge that ball during ball search?

The ship does move during the ball search. It moves with the 'up-post' in the back of the lock, which does fire. Sounds like the new-to-pinball friend just didn't know to wait for the ball search. If you're not familiar, why would you?

#1308 2 years ago

New update on the beta page for anybody running those. Doing what I can to get us to a nice stable place so we can get back to working on content!

#1318 2 years ago

New public release on the https://www.spookypinball.com/game-support page!

Build 2020.03.05
- Added: Tilt heckling from Rick and Morty
- Added: Meeseeks placement priority logic - the game will try to put them in useful places
- Added: Added 'Defraculation Grenades' to Purge.
- Added: Portal eject and Garage flashers now do things!
- Added: New setting for "auto light adventure on ball number x if player has no adventures played".
- Added: New setting for how many adventures only require one ramp to qualify
- Added: New setting for whether or not to emphasize the skillshot by disabling surrounding inserts.
- Added: New setting for left ramp fail compensation: If you fail the left ramp 3 times, and
it's the only one left for and adventure start, the 'lit ramp' will swap to the right side.
- Fixed: The FACTS page about bonus was using the wrong score amount for math
- Fixed: Purge would crash in the victory kills phase after a certain number due to a counting error.
- Fixed: Completing more than 10 adventures would cause a crash -- because I didn't build that far yet!
- Fixed: dimension changing with Pickle Rick start would play music through Pickle Rick intro
- Fixed: Some text display issues in Pickle Rick
- Fixed: If end game music was playing when you started a new game, in game music could fade out
- Fixed: The player encouragement audio didn't stop in tilted state
- Fixed: Volume setting wasn't saving through updates.
- Fixed: "EASY" antigravity charge was only half-fixed in 02.22. Now all fixed.
- Fixed: The time/date set utility could crash based on timing of when numbers changed.
- Fixed: Pressing start during end sequence with no credits on coin play was a black hole.
- Fixed: "Start multiball" and "Pickle Rick Evolve" happening together would go .. badly.
- Fixed: Resetting Rick's car lights after certain light shows to make them be on more often.
- Fixed: There was an error that could occur if a ball failed to clear the wireform on a launch
and rolled back to the switch quickly that would put the ball counting out of whack,
resulting in no new ball launched after a ball lock.
- Changed: Tipping adventure selection a bit more towards variety and not just pure random.
- Changed: Several changes to coin up handling and display due to DBA issues.
- Changed: No longer forcing arbitrary delay between shots in Pickle Rick
- Changed: Tilt now has a 10 second minimum wait before proceeding to next player
- Changed: Multiball start lightshow reverted to single searchlight version
- Changed: Changing dimensions via the garage shot gets you extra megaseed lights.
- Changed: Trying to make ball search recover from a missed drain during watchdog timeout
- Changed: Right flipper use cuts the antigrav magnet to avoid a fuse problem
- Changed: MASSIVE re-work to general LED handling for efficiency sake.
- Changed: FACTS pages will auto-page slower now, alternate flipper still pages

#1373 2 years ago

New build up on the beta page, for anybody running those!

#1378 2 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

im surprised at what you found under the hood. just 3 weeks ago, during the madison reveal stream, eric says you can stage the upper flipper.

I was just going on what Scott told me. It may have ended up different on the line.

#1388 2 years ago
Quoted from iepinball:

I'll double-check next time I'm at AYCE Gogi but I'm fairly certain I spied a single leaf switch through the gap on the right. Perhaps spookyluke or spookycharlie could chime in? Or any of the owners?

I can tell you that in the machine config, there are 2 separate switches for the 2 flippers - so if it really only did get one switch on the line, they must both be wired to the same switch (which could be re-done).

#1392 2 years ago
Quoted from genex:

Anyone having the machine reset a lot on current code? we can barely get past a full game (haven't been able to for the last four games). And/or is older code revs available somewhere?

Current code is not this unstable. I’ve been jamming on it all weekend testing. It’s highly likely that something else is going on. We had one incident of a short in the speaker lights causing resets, for example.

Of course if whoever owns that game can get me the logs I can look into it more.

#1469 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

This makes sense. As long as there's a combo champion I'm happy. Well who am I kidding, I'd be happy either way, this pin is so much fun.

And oh man can you jack up the combo if you're accurate. I mean, you could : right ramp > left ramp > inner loop (any amount of times) > garage ... (repeat)

#1551 2 years ago

New code just posted to the beta page - Anybody having random game reset issues (which isn't everyone) should give this build a try.

Edit: Also flynnibus and knockerlover have reported an out of control ball search in a Tilted state -- I haven't been able to re-create this yet; It just searches & stops normally for everything I've tried. If anybody comes across how to re-create that, let me know!

#1561 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Edit: Also flynnibus and knockerlover have reported an out of control ball search in a Tilted state -- I haven't been able to re-create this yet; It just searches & stops normally for everything I've tried. If anybody comes across how to re-create that, let me know!

Yowza. Never mind - I found it. And it really is terrible. Will be fixed in the next beta.

#1619 2 years ago

New public release update on the https://spookypinball.com/game-support page

Proper change log (since the beta notes got posted instead):
Build 2020.03.17
- Added: Sound Test
- Added: Burn-in test for the minions on the line.
- Added: setting for LED state when in service menu: 'ALL OFF', 'GI ONLY'(Default), and 'ALL ON'
- Added: Service menu utility for emptying the ball troughs.
- Added: Largest Bonus vanity high score
- Added: Some new lightshows for 'Adventure Lit'.
- Added: SLAM save sfx
- Added: SLAM save during ball save now awards the SLAM save bonus also
- Added: New setting for closing the diverter on inner loop shots for smoother transitions.
(Enabled by default, disable it if it causes problems)
- Fixed: A really terrible stacking-loop of ball searches if you tilted a game before it ever hit the shooter lane.
- Fixed: Error that would prevent the trough from re-trying if a ball sat on the edge between trough and shooter-lane.
- Fixed: Last second shots in Gromflomite Battle could result in MB LED indications staying on.
- Fixed: Adjusting volume during the "last scores" display at game end could put the game in a black hole.
- Fixed: Roy shots wouldn't randomize if you always hit the "Rick" shot.
- Fixed: Meeseeks multipliers weren't applying to ball locks
- Fixed: Several small errors in FACTS screens.
- Fixed: Replay credits were counting as normal credits as far as bonus credits were calculated.
- Fixed: erroneous description on the mega-sl4m dimension.
- Fixed: Start button lamp handling wasn't always behaving as intended
- Fixed: Pickle Rick wasn't starting the adventure ball save timer
- Fixed: Grenade light in Purge wasn't going off during victory laps at the mansion.
- Fixed: Switch scoring modifications were not resetting properly at the end of a ball (Meeseeks, mostly)
- Fixed: Ship lock status LED indications could get out of sync since the LED system change.
- Fixed: Swearing quick toggle didn't save right away, so if you only change that and exit - it would revert.
- Fixed: Crash on second kill shot in Whirly Dirly due to an error.
- Fixed: Hitting the inner loop during skillshot award would show the multiplier increase display
- Fixed: During tilt the scoop and shooter lane will clear much earlier than ball search timer
- Fixed: Add-a-ball didn't handle tilting when active well. Now unloads properly.
- Fixed: Error in replay tracking would only allow one replay per player number between reboots.
- Fixed: "Player Up" display would trample on FACTS if ball was in shooter lane.
- Fixed: Pirates 'infinity' timer wouldn't stop if player drained without making the last shot.
- Fixed: Player encouragement voice over timer resets on adventure start and multiball release for timing reasons.
- Fixed: The 'family' target lamps would hold their state until the next ball/player caused an update.
- Fixed: Antigravity battery LEDs weren't fully shutting off at end of ball.
- Fixed: Left/Right ship inserts weren't lighthing up for the second phase of Pirates.
- Fixed: Adventure qualified state wasn't coming up properly on a new ball
- Fixed: Purge was using the wrong target for 'Call Summer'
- Fixed: Logic for not registering shots while the ship clears at multi-ball release re-worked.
- Fixed: Interdimensional cable clips would only play properly the first time in attract mode.
- Fixed: Add-a-ball wouldn't unload if the last 2 balls in multiball drained together.
- Fixed: Match logic could get into a state where it would always match.
- Fixed: Hitting start during a particular window of time during the game over sequence could end up confusing things badly.
- Fixed: If you made it to the last phase of Pirates with no letters, shot in the last phase were 0 points.
- Fixed: With one ball locked and the second lock open, often the ship would re-show "lock 1" if you juggled the ball.
- Changed: Pressing start with no credits and inserting money now use separate callout pools.
- Changed: Updated video assets for Pickle Rick phase 1
- Changed: If the horse-shoe is 'OPEN', it can be used in combo-chains.
- Changed: System/OS changes to attempt to correct video error based resets.
- Changed: Whirly Dirly should use the u-turn as an available shot during multiball.
- Changed: Updated scoring in a bunch of places
- Changed: Interdimensional cable clips in attract mode default setting is on instead of off.
- Changed: Whirly Killshot hurry up time made longer in all phases (initial value, countdown, floor value hold)
- Changed: Added a Short grace period on the shot a local just left in Purge
- Changed: Adventure/Multiball ball save timers no longer stack; the larger of the 2 settings is used if started together.
- Changed: If Replay is disabled, the Replay page just acts like you've already gotten a Replay and shows
the GC score information.

1 week later
#1756 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I also removed the next screw going up the rail and tried to increase that curve a bit more. I might have kinked it too much.

Not advisable to bend the rails; they'll never be the same shape again. The 'quick fix' is to pull out screw #2 and screw #3 after the first front screw. Gives the rail a bit more give so the ball doesn't bounce off as much.

#1899 2 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I can rip the spinner shot regularly, but there are still times (30%) that it rattles at the top and trickles down back to the entrance. Then I hear the diverter activate. I have the most recent code. Is this the diverter blocking it, or is the guide blocking it?

The diverted closing is intended to help smooth the shot, it’s a setting if you want to try turning it off.

2 weeks later
#2101 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

One request I have for Eric is that when you're in MB and a mode stacked, there are not Jackpot callouts. Would be nice to still have Rick give us Jackpot callouts so that we know when we've hit shots.

Because of the stacking, this is problematic. In the next update there are light shows that go with the jackpots, and the callout will play - IF the shot doesn’t trigger something else for a stacked adventure first.

#2134 2 years ago
Quoted from newovad:

Stacking the multiball into the Roy mode just seemed odd. One mode is about precision shooting and the other is about hitting all the jackpots. Plus, the chill music of Roy coupled with multiball craziness hurt my brain.

It's almost as if the Rick and Morty universe is a crazy and chaotic place.

#2219 2 years ago
Quoted from JustEverett:

This has been discussed before, and they aren't going to do it. I'm pretty sure epthegeek said it will be way too much of a pain to code in.

The swearing has 1% and 99% and in between 10 and 90 it’s 5 or10% steps, I can’t remember which off hand.

There’s a quick toggle in the service menu between (your setting) and (off) via the launch button. Also there is a timed override where you can set an auto on and off time for the override of your setting to off. There’s a key post about it in one of the R&M threads somewhere.

#2248 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Do we know how many dimensions they plan to have in total? I listened to one podcast and Scott said there would be a TNA dimension. I’ve still be avoiding the streams, best I can.

If the question is about "planned" number, then I can't answer, because we don't know yet.

Right now, there are 17 dimensions. 2, possibly 3 more in the next update - and more to come I'm sure.

#2397 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

removing 2 small screws will not do any of what you describe. Sorry, a bent arch of steel fastened at its ends (6” apart) to a board will not suddenly become a shock absorber.

I shouldn’t be getting in this fray; the hardware is not my end really, BUT ...

In the case of the garage shot, if you pull screw 2 and 3 the next attachment point is very far in the back and it 100% becomes a shock absorber.

#2406 2 years ago
Quoted from jhoward1082:

epthegeek Eric while you’re here, does the horseshoe loop and scoop ball saver in the settings currently do nothing in the most recent code? If so, is it going to be functional in the next version? Thanks!

Yes - broken in 03.17, fixed in the next update.

Quoted from Yelobird:

Totally agree on that rail. No question as its very long and that does help. We are discussing?? the center loop.

Ah, my bad. Carry on then.

#2412 2 years ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Do we know any more about the defraculation grenades in Purge? ... how are they used?

It’s the inner loop shot. Lit arrow is blue if you have any. Make the shot and it kills the farthest right local with a bit of bonus points added in.

#2419 2 years ago

For all you guys drastically changing your loop rail, make sure your loop switch above the spinner still registers roll-bys

#2422 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Nothing drastic and the switch is on the Inner right side of the loop which is unaffected by correction.

Yes, but people are pulling the outside rail away, which changes the arc and path of the ball. I’m just saying you should make sure that as the ball rolls on that outer rail it still activates the switch. Software needs the ball to register there in either direction to work right.

#2492 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

All good. Dam Awesome game no matter how you set it up. Need to watch a few more vids to better understand the multiplier.

Good meeseeks X is 1+ total number of active meeseeks (good or bad, as long as the one on the shot is good).

Bad meeseeks / is 1+ total bad meeseeks.

2 good active, shot is 3x
1 bad, 2 good active, shot with good is 4x, shot with bad is divided by 2
2 bad active, shot is divided by 3

Multipliers re-adjust after each shot with a small lag.

The light display above the flippers should always show you current values of both, but the good indication has some errors in the current release and may not always be accurate.

#2497 2 years ago

There is not currently any way to move a meeseeks once it exits; but the game does a lot to try to put them in the most valuable spot at the time they are summoned.

#2499 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Thanks Eric!! Ok I am a bit slow on the good vs bad Meeseeks? I think that is what was tripping me up if anyone knows.

To clarify the good vs bad - they all start good. After a set amount of time, if you haven’t collected them, they ‘go bad’ (like in the episode) and their light turns purple.

#2571 2 years ago
Quoted from N80G80:

Is the shaker motor not really integrated yet? I installed mine today, works in test, don’t notice anything in game play.

No code for it yet. Correct. Do I need to shame walk through the town square?

#2595 2 years ago
Quoted from jhoward1082:

I’m curious, considering there will be a minimum of 10 adventures (modes) I’m assuming and hopefully many more than that (fingers crossed) is there any thought to eventually making what adventure you start user selectable instead of always random? It would help a lot with strategy to be able to start total rickall with multiball for example as opposed to roy. It would also allow you to redo adventures and/or avoid other ones. What are other people’s thoughts?

If you turn on the 'Tournament Mode' setting, it puts the Adventures (and dimensions as of the next update) into a fixed order so that you can plan and play with purpose and a plan ('even though planning is dumb' - Rick) for maximum benefit.

The way the 'Morty card' thing works (again, starting with the next update) is that when you complete 9 adventures, you get to pick the next one. Eventually, there will be at least one (hopefully more) adventure that you can only get via the selector at the 10th stamp, but you can also choose any other adventure. You can set your card to start with up to 8 full, so you would have to play 1, then the next one would be Morty's choice. There's also a setting for if the 10th adventure is 'lit' immediately after completing the 9th. When you hit the scoop for the 10th stamp, you get an interface (think Metallica Crank it up kinda) where you can pick your adventure.

#2599 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Does the owner/operator get to set the tournament mode order? That would be nice. So you can mix it up every now and then and one tournament mode on a given pin would be different from another?

Not currently - but we could certainly add a settings interface eventually that allows for that sort of thing. That would be a ways down the line of things we have planned, but definitely possible.

#2614 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Jerry simulation

This is already a dimension in the next update

The dimension mechanic was already part of the plan before I got brought in. I'm just implementing.

#2616 2 years ago
Quoted from garretswinning:

Can you say what happens in that dimension yet? Or when that update is coming?

What happens is what you would probably expect to happen; and no.

#2622 2 years ago
Quoted from N80G80:

Had my entire game lock up in the middle of a multiball today, not sure exactly what happened or why....a reboot fixed it, anyone else have this happen?

Quoted from dnapac:

Yes. A couple times. Seems to be related to hitting the scoop during a certain part of the multiball. I was also in a mission. Can’t remember if it was Whirly Dirly or Total Rickall.

If anybody figures out how to reliably recreate the problem, let me know.

#2631 2 years ago

If any of you guys hitting crash problems throw a thumb drive in your game to grab a log and send it to me I'd be able to check what caused the issue and fix it.

It's highly probable that it's already fixed, though. Work hasn't stopped in the meantime, just no new release yet.

#2669 2 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Hey epthegeek I’m going to order one of those USB extension cables whysnow recommended for easy updates. Just looking at my shipping options... when do I need it by??!

Points for creativity, but I still can’t answer this question.

#2677 2 years ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

Did anybody ever find a fix for the weak flipper hold? I turned mine up to High from Medium, but the flippers still slightly lose hold for a moment when taking a hit from a fast pace ball. Flipper power seems fine, all the screws are tight. Starting to wonder if it is more of software issue, oppose to hardware?

There's a change in the next release to flipper hold behavior that should help.

#2688 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

As long as you both mask up for everyones safety feel free to shoot me a PM and you can swing by (about 25 minutes away) and see if you both like it. Play as many games as you like and decide for yourself.

This is awesome. Kudos to you sir.

#2707 2 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

Karl is amazing!

On topic side bar: Karl sent a picture of an over 100 million game (48 megaseeds at the time) to show that, due to a late font change, the 9 digit score didn’t fit properly in the box on the screen. Which has now been fixed back up. Thanks Karl!

#2717 2 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

Eric, is that the highest score you've seen so far?

Highest legitimate score, yes. And Karl got that on the current release code too. Some scoring stuff has changed in current work that makes certain things score better, so scores will go up on average.

#2736 2 years ago
Quoted from iepinball:

Yes. It's possible to get the same adventure twice in a row due to the random selection, at least on the current code, regardless of the pre-set adventure number.

It wasn’t supposed to be possible to repeat and adventure until all of them have been gone through. There were some issues in the selection logic that could let that happen though. Those have been addressed for the next update.

#2747 2 years ago

What is this crap doing in a club thread?

Edit: hmm. Not sure if stuff got pruned or I’m losing my mind.

#2755 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Looks like there will be 10 adventures total (see inserts)

The insert set of 10 is just to integrate with the adventure card from the show. It does not dictate how many adventures there will be.

#2766 2 years ago

Here we are again. Take the generic covid19 complaining and jokes elsewhere. Damn.

#2800 2 years ago

Are ya ready kids?

Ooooooo who all remembers the code Beta page?

(sponge-bob square-pants)

You might want to check it to see what's to see ....

(sponge-bob square-pants)

#2810 2 years ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

-4(?) new dimensions
-LOTS of other additions, fixes, call outs, animations and rule changes
it's a very big update. and makes it even more fun than before.

No new adventures or multiball in the beta a this time, Jon. Those things are still waiting for some asset approvals. AHEM.

#2813 2 years ago

Ah crap - The beta I posed has a debug switch flipped so you can't actually start a game. Hold on, fellers.

Edit: new file is up.

#2818 2 years ago

Second verse, not the same as the first, doesn't rhyme for shit and a whole lot worse.

Corrected zip is up on the beta page now.

Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Is there a whats new or changelog? Curious whats added

We don't really post change logs for betas because everything is still flexible at this point.

Quoted from schwts:

anybody want to share a link?

We also don't really want EVERYBODY to grab/run the beta -- the public update will be out as soon as it makes sense.

#2831 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I started watching this last night, thanks for streaming but today when I wanted to continue what I missed its gone. Didn't the stream record?

I specifically asked Karl not to archive the stream. Since it’s a beta, things are very likely to change. Also its a precaution just in case there was any content still in the code that should not have been.

#2833 2 years ago
Quoted from N80G80:

epthegeek the beta is a much improved and much appreciated update! Can’t wait for the new modes!

Trust me, I'm with all of you guys on the "MOAR PLZ" angle. I'd love for you guys to get to play the new content. We just have to follow the rules.

#2834 2 years ago

Since Karl didn't show it on the stream last night, and I talked about it on Poormans with Drew & Ian - this is the updated switch test interface (I posted this on the poorman thread over a day ago and nobody noticed

IM_FUNBUCKET (resized).png
#2842 2 years ago
Quoted from guitarded:

This sucks. Karl broadcasts in HD and it is impossible for me to watch his stuff live. I was planning on watching the recap this morning.

Well the option was to tell Karl not to stream it at all, so ...

#2860 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

New code seems very stable, I have had no issues at all.

Me: (uploads new build with 2 crash bugs and 3 other things fixed)

#2862 2 years ago
Quoted from jhoward1082:

It was setup that way in the previous code as well. I wish those shots were still available if balls were locked though. Makes the mode much easier to complete.

It's a theme integration thing. You're on a ride the loops. If the lock/targets are up, it's not a loop. But the new code does add the loopback as a shot, so there's another option (granted, not necessarily an easy one).

#2886 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

OK,a lot of us are confused with the numbers of pins already in service!! When everything got shut down,Spooky was in the 10th week of production! 10 pins a week x10 is 100! We now are hearing that #34 is soon to go out???What??

Butter cabinets got held up a bit; also - chill, maybe.

#2892 2 years ago


DCA27202-94D0-411F-BB30-E253C80810B6 (resized).jpeg

#2928 2 years ago

New build up on the beta page for any beta users with a shaker. Also fixes the mid-game-forced-reset crash; but really - shaker go BRRRRRRR.

#2937 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

That's one of the quotes you hear when start a new game by pressing start before finishing the game you are currently in. The accompanying image on the LCD when you do that is pretty funny as well.

It's also used in Meeseeks Mania ... he said without further details.

#2994 1 year ago

Pssst, New beta version posted. Time to Get Schwifty.

#3005 1 year ago
Quoted from FYMF:

How manynpinballs are supposed to be in RaM?


#3019 1 year ago
Quoted from FYMF:

So any longtime owners know what what/how to use a defragulation grenade in purge mode?

Grenade is the inner orbit shot; lit blue triangle if you have any.
When your shoot it, it will kill the farthest right local, if any are available.

#3021 1 year ago

Fixed file for today’s build is up

#3028 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Slam save animation .. thumbs up Eric.. way up!

All credit for the animations goes to David Vaness. He's amazing.

Also .. wait until you see the rare one.

Quoted from zucot:

Is there a changelist for the new code?

The beta page has running a running change log - but we don't really post it publicly until a new public update is out. A lot of the stuff in the beta change log is static because it's me fixing bugs with things that got added, so in the public update those fixes won't be listed.

#3043 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Megaseeds are not only located on the megaseed inserts...

For the first dimension they only appear on shots with dedicated inserts, and not the garage or meeseeks box.

Second dimension it adds the garage and meeseeks box to the options, but still all have dedicated inserts.

From 3rd and on, all the targets and the pop bumper are also included.

#3050 1 year ago
Quoted from Krsmith9:

Without spoilers, I liked the season finale, but I hope they use something else for the final wizard mode. They said they were waiting for end of season to decide what to do for the wizard mode.

I'm not sure where you heard that, but these things are not related at all. The one thing I have said (not sure about anybody else) is that there will be at least one (and hopefully more) adventures you can only pick once you fill the adventure card. There aren't currently any plans for a "final" mode at this point.

Edit: Also, that episode was fantastic. Right down to the blue hair streak nod to Community.

#3060 1 year ago

Some details ...

Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Not sure why the call out says 1 more to go when you have 8 adventures (should it say 2 more?) and at 6 stamps he says we're half way there and at 5 stamps he says 4 more to go nice to see you're taking it seriously?

Morty gets to choose 1 out of every 10 adventures, according to how it works in the show. So you're really playing to 9 - not 10. Because the 10th one is Morty's choice. The callouts were all aimed at 10 originally, so I had to cut them up and re-arrange some things since 9 is really the target, so some of them are a little awkward.

Quoted from luvthatapex2:

At the end if seemed like the meeseeks was talking in the video but there was no audio.

That was an error - it's a beta. I had a whole list of things to fix after Karl's stream.

#3061 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Now that Season 4 is over, did Adult Swim give you a timeframe on when you'd have access to the audio/video content for that season?

This would be the $800 'answer' in a Jeopardy category called "Things we can't discuss".

#3067 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Get Schwifty was one of the few episodes I watched, so it was neat to see it unfolded in a game mode. It works so well with the rest of the chosen adventures. I guess the red/green sliding bar keeps track of your jackpots? It didn't seem to move, but the head was moving left and right as time progressed and shots were made.

Oh, I forgot this bit - You're on "Planet Music" an American Idol type show for the Cromulons. You make shots to 'impress' the Cromulons and get votes. The head on the gauge indicates the current status of the votes on how you're doing. In the red: You failed, Earth is doomed. In the green: They're pleased and you win. Any time you're in the green, you get points per second based on your current vote status. Also you get points for every made shot. Each made shot moves the vote up a bit, and then over time if you shoot nothing it slowly moves down.

#3068 1 year ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

epthegeek Sorry if you answered this already but my game is arriving today. What version of the code is the game shipping with? The last non beta?

I don't actually know because I'm not at the shop. I think games going out now might actually have one of the beta releases installed because there have been some improvements/changes that the production line asked for.

#3069 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I'm not sure it's in the works or not, but a "Replay" callout would be nice. As of now, when you achieve it, you get the knocker and not anything else. It's especially apparent when you get a Replay during Bonus countdown, and all you get is a knocker and it's oddly quite for a few seconds. Thanks Eric!

We have a replay animation -- it's just not cleared quite yet. Hold tight!

#3077 1 year ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

A cool edition to the human music dimension would be to change the entire switch sound bank to be all bloops and bleeps... so you are actually performing along with the human music while you play.

It's the "Jerrys Simulation" dimension - not just Human Music. Human Music plays while the switches play sound bits from Jerrys Sim

Edit: 'fun' fact - The voices in Jerry's Sim are Jack Danger, Jessica DeNardo and Brian Dye

#3080 1 year ago
Quoted from Krsmith9:

Why wouldn’t you want to put a final wizard mode in the game at some point?

At what point did I saw we would not? I just said we don't have a plan YET.

And what I meant by "these things aren't related" is that even if we were waiting for the end of season 4 (apparently, according to what Bowen said) it wasn't because we wanted to use the finale of season 4 AS the content for a final wizard mode -- that was the correlation being made.

#3129 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thanks that’s what it sounded like. Just curious why the main theme of TNA wouldn’t be selected since it’s the most recognizable and people would be like TNA is in R+M! Would be great if the music selected was a random TNA track from that amazing soundtrack

The dimension uses a reactor active light show, so it’s a reactor track.

#3144 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

stevevt I'm not sure if this is meant for "mass" public consumption as it's beta code. epthegeek will chime in I'm sure.

Yeah, we don't want EVERYBODY running it -- just enough to get a decent amount of feedback/reports. Public update will be out as soon as it can, I promise.

#3209 1 year ago

Nice little highlight from Bowen's stream last night: https://clips.twitch.tv/ClumsyHumbleSangHoneyBadger

Full thing available too - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/641526390

#3212 1 year ago
Quoted from davisjl1979:

Has this been done before? Very cool!

Yes, it's not new. TFTC had it and some other game I can't remember off hand.

#3226 1 year ago

Hey Guys - New public build up on the Spooky Game-Support page.

Bowen ran across a crash bug during the stream last night and that's been fixed up, along with some balancing tweaks to Pirates scoring.

If you're updating from 06.04 you only have to install one time -- otherwise the double-install still applies.


#3239 1 year ago

You could also turn down the power on the left flipper. Crazy, I know.

#3249 1 year ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

Of course I understand you can turn down the power of the flipper, this wasn’t my issue.

Sorry, wasn’t intending sarcasm. Most people would just never dream of turning power down for some reason. There are some changes to flipper control in the latest update that has the general effect of making the flippers kick a bit harder. When I put those changes in on my janky white wood, it started air-balling off the right ramp into the side wall when it never did that prior. A tweak down of the power made it stay on the ramp again. So I was just making the assumption that it would help here as well.

#3252 1 year ago
Quoted from WolfManCat:

Does the update take a while to install? Feel like my game has been stuck on the please wait screen for about 15 to 20 minutes. Will it tell me if the update failed or has it been known to freeze?

That’s definitely too long. Power cycle it and try again.

#3259 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

It's cheating even when the game is coded to recognize it? It's literally IN the game's rules. Cheating is generally accepted as meaning operating outside the rules.

The game is also coded to let you restart by holding the start button after ball 1, but that’s not allowed in tournaments either. Your logic here is odd.

The death save thing is just for fun, because it seemed so ‘on brand’.

#3261 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

The important question...
Is there a death save leaderboard?

No. Just an Easter egg. Would ya’ll quit making me regret having fun? Sheesh.

#3388 1 year ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

epthegeek loving the new get schwifty mode. Are there any plans to add call outs to this mode when you hit a purple shot? I feel like it just needs some feedback when you hit a purple shot as it is tough to look up at the screen to see where the meter stands.

This mode very specifically mutes almost other audio, so the song can shine. Sound effects, call-outs. The only thing that should make noise is the tilt warning.

I very much don't like when pinball audio fights with songs with lyrics (ie: all the music pins) so I decided to try this route.

#3400 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Not true because there is a knocker sound isn’t there? Have you ever got a free game on a pin with no knocker you get a funny sound from the fake Knocker. It can either be a real knocker or fake sound but it’s still on all machines.

Man, git outta here wit dis trash. R&M ain’t got no fake knocker noise. No knocker - no knock.

#3407 1 year ago
Quoted from FYMF:

I always feel like they sound more like "Clack!."
Petition to change name to Clacker


Quoted from jonesjb:

Could be a kinetic/it’s alive dimension that’s a combination of vibration, knocker, extra powerful pop bumper and activated topper.

No to all of that.

Quoted from Whysnow:

Just posting on page 69 of this thread!


#3412 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Dumb question from a non computer guy... when I did the install/update it worked perfectly no issues. Why did it need to be installed twice? Never seen that before? Part of me wondered if it was just a gag to see if we would do it lol. Just didn’t understand the double install.

Definitely not a gag. The first pass makes system level adjustments to the OS. If you try to boot it without doing the second update, you get a message that says to install the latest update again.

#3418 1 year ago

Those look like they're probably scoop eject impacts. Could always dial down the power on the scoop so it doesn't fling out so hard.

#3423 1 year ago


#3448 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

Coming out of the re-entry lower left scoop the ball often hops over to the outlane. Is it designed that way?
GOOD GOD is this game fun.

No, the intent is to stay in the in-lane. There is a portal eject ball save you can turn on until/if you figure out if you can adjust it to not do that to you.

Could try lowering the eject pulse 1 ms at a time and see if it helps? Maybe the game angle is too low?

#3473 1 year ago
Quoted from CKrueger:

Wish I could have come up to visit you Spooky guys today with Mike. I had hoped to come pick my #88 up in person, but with the kids being home for the summer now the road trip wasn't an option. Give mine a hug on the way out the door! My wife bleach-wipes everything that comes into the house, anyway.
The good news is, Kingpin will be bringing mine to me very soon! Can't wait!

Mike wouldn't pick it up for you? Cold.

#3476 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

can you post a picture of the decals? I can't decide if I need them can't seem to find a good picture.

It's a $10 add on and puts art from the show on plain color targets. Easiest decision ever?

#3491 1 year ago
Quoted from budroosker:

Spoiler Alert !!!!!

Don't worry. Cheeseballs don't spoil. Might go stale eventually though.

#3495 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Pics coming soon, though no pics with it powered on, as when it boots, the re-entry VUK just keeps firing over and over. Trying to do some troubleshooting but also reached out to spooky.
Much to my chagrin, the coin door lock mechanism was firmly in place...

Switch 2 or 3 stuck in the secondary trough? Or maybe the jam opto blocked?

#3539 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I agree that it doesn't really need it but my preference would be to have less bass in the cabinet speaker and more in the external sub because of how much the cab speaker rattles the cabinet and glass. It feels like a shaker when it's turned up.

If that's your goal, just swap out the wiring on the amp and don't use the cabinet sub?

#3565 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Beyond the flashing strobe lights that are already there?

I think he means some static LED up-lighting to show the art when the topper isn't on.

#3726 1 year ago

New public build going out today. Is now on https://www.spookypinball.com/game-support

- If your build is earlier than 2020.02.17, reset your settings after you update.
- If you are updating from 2020.03.17 or earlier you must run the update TWO TIMES.
- For best results always use the USB 3.0 (blue) port on the CPU
- A USB 3.0 thumb drive is also highly recommended.
- Make sure there is only ONE pkg file on the USB stick and that the ".pkg" extension is correct

Build 2020.06.19:
- Added: Another reset line from Rick
- Added: Dimension: H4+ch - 3x Scoop Scoring!
- Added: Dimension: d3d-F4m - Family targets disabled!
- Added: Extra ball lit for completing Morty Card - *IF* you played at least 4 adventures before selector.
- Fixed: Hitting the portal while Pickle Rick start is lit during a tilt - game wouldn't clear the 2nd ball
- Fixed: Meeseeks FACTS page was wrong since the addition of the second mania setting
- Fixed: The mystery award wasn't doing the pop-up version during schwifty
- Fixed: Depending on timing, music could play under adventure start clips
- Changed: Drop targets should now re-raise if knocked down during a 'trap' attempt
- Changed: Default setting for "Auto light adventure on ball #" changed to 1
- Changed: Default setting for "Number of easy adventure starts" changed to 2
- Changed: Multi-color main shot inserts don't fade anymore - hard on/off to make colors more distinct.
- Changed: Roy "Negative" inserts use orange now. For easier color recognition for players with
red/green color vision deficiencies and to make negatives visible when stacked with GMB.
- Changed: Extra Ball and Super Jackpot insert flash are now a rainbow fade to grab eyeballs.
- Changed: Service menu coil test uses more descriptive 'label' text now for items.
- Changed: Meeseeks Mania multiply/divide rules were only applied to the jackpots themselves,
they are now applying to all points on the specific shot.
- Changed: Sling handling changed to prevent hammering
- Changed: If you're in a dimension that takes over music when starting an adventure that ALSO takes
over the music; the dimension will be forced home.

#3754 1 year ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Is anyone still having a weak flipper hold problem? I'm not on the newest code but I believe I'm 06.01, which is after this was posted, and my flipper holds are weak. Hold any flipper up, roll a ball into them yourself at any decent speed, watch them sink halfway down.

The 06.04 release was the first public build with the changes. I don’t know if they were in the beta by 06.01 or not. Everybody who was testing along before & after said they saw improvement, and I haven’t seen overly mushy flippers on any stream yet.

#3804 1 year ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

We noticed this yesterday on our game. I let the ball dead bounce from scoop.
My son holds the flipper up to try and catch it. He was complaining the flipper was dropping. I took the glass off and checked the EOS switches which seemed fine. I then went held in the flipper button and gave the flipper a push with my other hand and it dropped back to rest. So I agree the hold power seems weak.
I also had a weird problem where the upper flipper randomly does not respond. Only happened maybe 3 times. I was going to check out flipper button today and see if it needs adjusting.

Part of the problem is (apparently) that my whitewood doesn't hit the flipper on a scoop eject - it hits the in-lane wall, so I don't have the same situation you guys do to compare it to. Obviously the short term fix would be to turn down your scoop eject power so it's not such a hard hit to the flipper.

I was originally controlling the flippers in the same way TNA did, but TNA uses different coils (which I had on my whitewood). When I got the right coils, I adjusted how the flippers were controlled and based on testing on my machine, the hold strength increased a decent amount, and the heat buildup was somewhat reduced.

I experimented with some other changes in the more recent beta builds (after 06.05) but ended up reverting those after feedback from testers said they weren't better.

If everything is working the way it's intended the game should increase the power to the flipper a bit when the EOS opens if the flipper button is still closed, for a short period of time, to get the flipper back into position. I will do some more experimenting on my end, and possibly make things more user adjustable.

One thing to check is make sure your EOS switches aren't opening too late in the down-stroke; I'm not sure how they're adjusted from the shop. They don't need to be super hair-trigger close to the end of the movement, but if they're not opening until the flipper is pretty far down the game probably isn't reacting fast enough. It may be that if the flipper is too far down by the time it tries to recover the power increase isn't enough (which would be where the user adjustable bit might help).

#3809 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Thanks for that detailed reply, I'll check my EOS... But... That will only improve the flippers reaction when it's been knocked down, shouldn't they resist a knockdown in the first place?

With single wound flippers, there’s only so much you can do on the hold end when you’re battling against heat buildup. A hard direct shot out of a high power scoop is going to be hard to win against, but the EOS opening should help it recover. When testing against my Ironman, I “sag and recover” from about the same strength hit on both machines; but I’m apparently not getting the same circumstances some people are with the scoop hitting the flipper directly.

#3840 1 year ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Yep, this is the good stuff, thanks. After adjusting my EOS blades, the knockdown is much better. Still there a little, but I'll just bend the blades more next time I'm under. Thanks also kevlar for the help.

A little dip and recover is probably unavoidable with very hard shots — but the fact that it does recover is the point. If you adjust them to be too ‘hair trigger’ at the very end of he stroke you may have trouble with them flutter-registering.

#3866 1 year ago
Quoted from CKrueger:

The cabinet is 51-5/8" long, plus 3/4" for the wood rails on the back and a 1" protuberance for the coin door. So, 53-3/8" to be exact.

A few recent unboxing pictures have shown that with the head down, the topper actually sticks out a bit beyond the cabinet (don't have a measurement for that though) -- so be sure to be aware of that!

#3885 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Anyone else get the occasional random reboot? It's happened 3 times in the week I've had my machine. I understand you can dump log files to a USB stick? How do you do that?

Put a blank usb stick into the game while it’s on and it will dump logs and settings to the usb drive. Then send the logs via email to either to me or spooky directly.

Quoted from Kevlar:

I'm also having a few infrequent flipper issues, sometimes either of my lower flippers can stick up, and I just had a definite no flip on lower right. I had originally thought the sticking up flippers was just the buttons sticking but I've changed those and it's still happening. Mechs move freely and are not catching on the eos blades or binding on the playfield bushing. I need to think faster when it happens to try to diagnose but I'm usually mashing buttons and they drop again.

The sticking can happen if your EOS switches are adjusted to close too near to the end. You want them to close/open near the end of the stroke, but if you set them at the very extreme end where they just barely close you may end up with a flipper held randomly due to certain latency things we just have to deal with.

#3888 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Thanks Eric, I'll get the log file to you shortly.
Bit gutted with the EOS answer, I only just adjusted them to deal with the knockdown issue, I hope it's not a case of having to deal with a little knockdown to not get the sticking flippers

You don’t have to dial them back much. There is certainly a sweet spot where the won’t “Stick” and will still recover well.

#3918 1 year ago
Quoted from Borygard:

From epthegeek's Key Post on rules...

Thanks for the reminder. I added this bit to that post to keep things consistent:

ADVENTURE: Get Schwifty
- You have to make shots while the song plays to impress the Cromulons and save earth.
- Each shot will move their sentiment toward the positive.
- If you hit nothing for a while, their opinion of your skills will start to sour.
- If things get really dire, all the shots will light and you can hit ANYTHING to get back on track.
- The shots are in groups: Loops, Targets, Ramps (The "Ship" shots vary their group based on current state) and will be lit purple.
- You get points every second you're in the "positive" and points for every made shot.
- If you get the meter to the top, points drastically increase.
- End the song in the positive for an additional "vote bonus"

#3935 1 year ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

No idea why but I keep getting balls stuck behind the garage when I make a right orbit shoot to the back left hole. It has happened now about 10 times. Anyone else experience this? Ball sits behind the opto. It is impossible to dislodge without a magnet under the house.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Is the ball just going too fast and ending up airborne? Maybe turn down the left flipper power a hair?

#4010 1 year ago
Quoted from Bwilson:

So, has anyone ran into an issue with buzzing from the speakers?
The game that I play on location has developed this nasty buzzing during game play.
Wondering if this is a one off deal (with the amp or something?)
Thanks, Bob

First thing to check is that the audio cable is fully plugged in on both ends (amp/cpu)

#4019 1 year ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Nice score Mike. I don’t think I have ever had an extra ball. How do you get EXtra Balls?

One EB after 3 dimensions, one EB for filling the card, if you started with 5 or less lit to start.

#4139 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Maybe Eric doesn't like grace periods for ball save or favors a shorter one than you are used to in other games.

It has a grace period — But it also has a limit of number of balls it will save for one multi ball.

#4157 1 year ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Has anyone had the game reset on them while playing? I had just finished Meeseeks Multiball and was about to start a mode and the game reset.

Throw a blank USB stick in the game to grab the log so I can see if it dumped anything useful.

I’m on vacation this week, but will be back to looking at it Tuesday.

#4169 1 year ago
Quoted from Coindork:

was able to successfully recreate the meeseeks mania reset.


#4207 1 year ago

PSA: You can stop emailing me reports about the Mania reset - I have plenty. Thanks Other issue reports are welcome, of course.

I should have a new beta posted later today with a fix for that Mania issue and a couple other small things that were reported.

#4233 1 year ago

Even if it wasn’t on freeplay - the game reacts when you press the start button (credits or no credits). C’mon guys; give the man some credit.

#4306 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

My knocker works in test but doesn’t in game or match.
I have up to date code

Sorry guys, I thought I had this wired up - but apparently I’ll have to double check it. (I don’t have one in my white wood)

Edit: Yep - I’m a dummy. It’ll be fixed in the next update.

#4345 1 year ago

The “meaner” dimensions are held back until later in the game, so if you don’t go very deep in numbers of dimensions, you won’t see them.

#4357 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Then it reset on me
In Bird Culture, that is considered a dick move.

Throw in a blank USB, grab the log!

Edit: oh! You already did. Thanks. (Hadn’t checked my mail)

#4427 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Yes it is, but I thought we weren't suppose to talk about it.

I mean, kinda. Not streaming it is the big thing. At least one of the assets in that adventure is temporary, and there’s always the possibility that something else may change before it gets put into the main release.

#4437 1 year ago
Quoted from Iwasthebruce:

We've been re-watching the series and I had an idea for an adventure mode:
Rick Potion # 9

This is the first “Morty’s Choice” adventure that will only be available and when you finish the adventure card.
In progress; coming soon; yadda yadda

#4440 1 year ago
Quoted from mbasnight:

epthegeek I got a hilarious cycle of continual ball launching during a tilt. I will attempt to recreate it with a USB stick in this weekend.
Basically, I tilted right as i locked ball one. The game tilted, but then the ball lock screen came on, and a ball just continually loaded into the shooter lane and shot with the game in the tilted state. The ball I had in the horseshoe did not fall out. But it was auto launch, drain, auto launch, drain, over and over again.

So, shoot ball in to lock, tilt before the game detects it as a lock (which, granted, there’s a good bit of time there because I have to wait for stuff to settle). Thanks for the report. Should be easy to re-create/fix.

#4471 1 year ago
Quoted from mbasnight:

epthegeek bug report for the horseshoe with locking for multiball.
Steps to repro (I have a video as well if you like)
1) Hit the captive ball to light lock
2) Lock the ball on ricks side, letting it fall into ricks side (does not go to mortys side). Ball one is locked.
3) With auto plunged ball, hit captive ball to light lock, morty drop target falls. Rick is lit green.
4) Hit rick drop target, moving ball to morty, and morty glows green.
5) Hit morty drop target, moving the ball to rick. Rick does not light.
6) Hit rick drop target again, where the ball is placed, but unlit. Drops the second ball.

There has to be settle time after any ball movement so the game can keep track of things - so actions immediately after juggling a ball may not register as expected. I’m doing the best I can.

#4474 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

Well done recreating it, ball escape has happened to me twice but I had no idea how it happened at the time.

Quoted from mbasnight:

4) Hit rick drop target, moving ball to morty, and morty glows green.
5) Hit morty drop target, moving the ball to rick. Rick does not light.

This 4/5 step is where the problem is. When a ball moves in the ship, I have to have a large delay before I can verify where the balls are in case they roll across the top of the arc slowly (just ask Karl). So, when you hit it from Rick to Morty and then back quickly before that time has expired, the game hasn't decided for sure where the ball is yet because switches keep changing.

After pouring a fair amount of brain juice on it, I've altered the secondary logic that tracks single ball states inside the lock so now it both detects a transfer sooner (time cut in half) has an even longer delay for balls slowly rolling over the top, and will immediately re-raise any drop knocked down when it hasn't solidly located the ball yet. So in the outlined test steps (now) when you hit the non-green target after rapidly re-transferring the ball, it will immediately snap back up preventing the leak.

#4557 1 year ago