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#2059 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Jack Danger recently got access to a game at his place. I'm sure he will stream it soon.

During a recent Dead Flip stream, I swear I heard Jack Danger state that a stream of R&M would be coming next week.

6 months later
#6523 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Not leg protectors. They need standoffs. I'm surprised spooky machines don't ship with them...

Hmmm... I assumed all manufacturers were using something like these nowadays. I guess I better get four on order as I hope to see #504 early next year.

#6621 1 year ago
Quoted from Flipper-airbrush:

I love my rick and morty
Airbrush preparing for a stream this weekend

That made me laugh. Nice!

1 month later
#8069 10 months ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

I love that line up! Fishtales and Rick and Morty.

Two brutal, but awesome games!

1 week later
#8698 10 months ago

Oooooo... new code with new adventures/dimensions is supposedly out! Lemme know how it is (future owner of #504 here).

#8701 10 months ago
Quoted from JustEverett:

Added Rick Potion No. 9 and Scary Terry adventures plus 4 feature dimensions.

Ah cool! I misread the original Spooky post on Bookface, so I fixed my post. Rick Potion No. 9 and Scary Terry are two of my favorite episodes. Can't wait to hear about and see details of them.

1 week later
#9248 9 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

AS already asked when the game is finished they were suprised the game was not finished ie they already got sick of approving content

Jeez, the horror of being an AS executive, approving content and such. Glad I don't have that job!

#9366 9 months ago

Just an idea about the flipper not sitting level with the playfield: I recently bought a Stern IMDN, and the left lower flipper was noticeably out of level with the playfield. The tip was almost dragging. I went nuts looking for the cause, completely disassembling the flipper assembly to no avail. It turns out a large drop of clear dripped down into the playfield's left flipper bushing hole and dried. This drip would push the flipper bushing out of alignment each time I tightened the flipper assembly. I cut the dried drip out of the bushing hole, and viola!!! Leveled the flipper perfectly.

3 weeks later
#9881 9 months ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

Dam! I’m 508 and now quite excited. Will check my email every hour

Yeah, I'm #504. Looks like it's gonna be soon!!!

#9890 9 months ago
Quoted from metallik:

Yes you can replace the skirt with any color you like, assuming it's the same style skirt. Note that they're a bit of a PITA to replace...

Right on the PITA part due to the pop bumper light leads. I do like the blue myself, but I've changed so many chipped pop bumper skirts over the years on all my old machines that I've got my fill of that activity for a while. At least there's only one pop bumper here.

#9898 9 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I'll be picking it up late next month. I just hope it doesn't snow.

When I ordered my R&M (#504), I envisioned making a road trip to pick it up. However, now with whatever will be going on at the time with Covid (restaurant closings etc.) and the Winter, it doesn't seem like quite as much fun as I originally thought it would be, so I guess I'm just going to get it shipped and pray to the pinball gods that it arrives safely.

1 week later
#10277 8 months ago

I paid for #504 this morning as well, so away we go!

#10329 8 months ago

Just an FYI everyone: If you want to see a video of an R&M playing really nice and a guy having a great game on it to the tune of a 143 million score, you should check out the video at the link below of Gary from Wild Dog Arcade on Twitch playing their R&M a few days ago. In my opinion, the R&M in the video doesn't look "clunky" at all, and the game play on it looks like an adrenaline filled helluva good time.

The video is 25 minutes long: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/879336437

#10382 8 months ago
Quoted from Sonic:

Wow - you guys went crazy on the rollover orders : ) I'm down to my last order to build/ship....that was a lot of orders to fill - but on that point, I've sent out a ton of R&M MRS'....everyone getting them, working good...all copacetic?

M&M Creations

I hope you keep making them Matt. I'll need some for my R&M when I get it.

1 week later
#10753 8 months ago

Thanks for the info SpookyLuke! Lookimg forward to getting R&M #504 really soon!

1 week later
#10997 7 months ago

I took delivery of #504 today. Opened the box for delivery inspection and was greeted by a Cromulon.

20210219_120504 (resized).jpg

#10998 7 months ago

Dupe post.

#11006 7 months ago

Quick question: Does R&M come with stock pricing and instruction cards? Mine didn't have any installed and I don't recall seeing them in the packaging. Maybe they're in a baggie in the cabinet? I'll have to look tomorrow.

#11052 7 months ago
Quoted from guitarded:

All 4 legs that I received were perfect.

Spooky is also including Pads in the box as well. But, there were no issues with impingement on any of the legs I received.

My legs were good on #504 that I received this past Friday. The extra pads were a nice touch, so I added them just to be safe.

#11087 7 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

Any of you guys receiving games lately butter cabs?

Not me. The #504 that I received Friday Feb 19th was regular cab.

#11222 7 months ago

I played my first games on R&M #504 last night, and I have to say I'm effing impressed. This game is a hoot! Great job Spooky! I did work on the game for a week before I played a first ball on it doing some tweaks that I knew I'd want to do. If you're interested here they are:

1.) Cut all 3 flipper bushings down. I saw the flippers were about 1/4" off the playfield when I unboxed #504, so I knew the revised shorter bushings were not yet installed. I took all the flipper mechs apart and was going to remove 1/8" from the bushings, but at the last moment I figured I'd remove 5/32", which is 1/32" more than 1/8". Why not I figured, I have the room.

2.) While reinstalling the upper flipper mech, I was looking at the ball guide feeding it. That ball guide seemed to be excessively far away from the face of the flipper rubber, like at least 1/4" or 3/16" away. I'm lucky enough to have several multi-flipper games sitting around here, so I looked at TZ, IMDN, HS2, TAF, WH2O, and they all seemed to have the guide for their upper flippers set close to, but not perfectly inline with, the face of the flipper. All of their guides were set proud/above the face of the flipper by at least the metal guide thickness, I figured .030" to .060", so I copied this set-up and re-flowed R&M's upper flipper guide to match these other games.

3.) I had a Pinmonk 3 flipper cooling kit waiting around, so I installed that too.

4.) I had a new ball launch guide from, errr... somewhere that you can't get them from anymore (for a while at least), so I installed that too.

5.) I installed playfield mylar at the ball launch drop, the right ramp return drop, and around the pop bumper. Despite this being the best quality playfield I've ever seen (seriously, kudos Spooky), I'm OCD about adding mylar in wear/drop areas.

That was it, for now. I gotta say, the shot to the upper loop with the spinner is MAGIC on this thing. I didn't adjust anything in that upper loop either. I was able to repeat that shot 6-8 times in a row last night. I lost count. Just BAM, BAM, BAM, ripping one after another listening to that killer spinner sound. I'm really happy with that. All the flippers are SUPER powerful as well with the trimmed down bushings. In fact, I was getting quite a few air balls. I might want to dial back the power a little, but I gotta admit it's killer frenetic fun like I remember my newly restored AFM being with its air balls.

The only 3 things I might look into tweaking now is: 1.) The shot from the upper flipper to the garage. I only made this shot once or twice in 3 games. Maybe I just have to find the spot on the flipper, but I hit it about 5 times and the ball just kind of hit the guide rail and its momentum died like hitting a wall, so maybe I need to reflow that ball guide per some of your recommendations. 2.) I got a few scoop rejects, so maybe I need to lower that scoop assembly with washers. 3.) I think I'll ask Pinsider Sonic about getting 4 of his magnetic switches for placement in the loops.

That's it. I'm really happy with this game though. I love it. I'm looking forward to more program updates that are hopefully coming down the pipe. I would not be offended if Snake Jazz, Save Summer, and some other modes were bestowed upon us in the future.

Edit: I forgot to mention that when I was putting the flippers back together, I set the EOS switches as I do all my 90's Williams/Bally games, close to the physical end of stroke. I didn't notice any of the flipper sticking/dropping issues that some report. I'll keep an eye on that as I put more games on #504.

#11226 7 months ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

525 arrived on friday and i am very happy with the game overall , but the flippers are still not fully up to the task . Flippers sticking up , flipper drop , losing power with long play etc.

I forgot to mention when I put my flippers back together, I set the EOS switches close to the end of stroke like I do for all my old 90's Williams/Bally games, and I didn't have any flipper sticking or dropping issues that I noticed (knock on wood). Granted, I only played about 3 games. I hope to play way more later today.

#11234 7 months ago
Quoted from SpookyLuke:

I do not recommend changing the garage shot.

Thanks for the input Spooky Luke and Scott Danesi, I'll continue to play and gain experience with it as built. More game play experience can only make me better at hitting it, so I'll go that direction.

#11255 7 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Did someone maybe forget to take the protective plastic off the bottom side of the printed plastic on yours?

Mine is cloudy too. I looked at it closely and it looked like a frosted pattern was etched into the clear plastic over the captive ball. I assumed it was supposed to be this way.

#11315 7 months ago
Quoted from canea:

I guess, man. I don't have facebook, so did no whining there. Just said "Would be cool if this was put into new games." because it would be cool if it was put into new games since the original is poor design. But don't expect Spooky to ship them out to people. Seemed like a decently priced add-on for PBL to sell if people wanted them. Worked for me.

I ordered one just before they dropped off the PBL website. I did it before my R&M arrived and got a black one. When my R&M arrived I saw the original wireform was purple and I was like "DOH!". I'd like to go back and buy a purple one, but they're not there anymore. If I ever do get a purple one, I'll have a black one that someone can buy from me.

#11319 7 months ago
Quoted from jguzik420:

m willing to trade my PBL wireform for a GnR CE and cash?

What color is it?

#11383 7 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

but now there's going to be a hole showing

My wire form came with a small bag that contained a black plastic piece and black screw that I assumed was designed to cover that existing hole, which is what I used it for. Did yours also come with that?

Edit: Oops, I see Guitarded already covered this above. LOL, "Poopy Butthole" hat is a good description.

#11385 7 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I wondered what that was.. yea I have it but I'll probably just touch up the wood with a sharpie rather than having a screw and a post for no reason.

I was going to fill the hole and touch it up too, then I remembered the Poopy Butthole hat and said screw it, lol*, and just covered it with that.

*File under overused lols and emojis.

#11408 7 months ago
Quoted from fnord:

he strength of the magnasave also depends on how charged your anti-grav is. When you only have a few red bars it doesn't do much. Get that up to 1/2 or higher and mine will fling the ball to the left flipper.

I also see that the stock anti-grav charge configuration is to allow that charge to drain over time, so you have to keep hitting the flooble crank to keep the charge up, but there is an option you can set to stop that energy drain. Has anyone changed the setting to stop the energy drain?

#11433 7 months ago

First off, I hate to be the dimple guy, so my apologies in advance, but I was just wondering how everyone's playfields are doing compared to mine? I've had my R&M set up for about a week now, and have about 50 plays on it. I just noticed I had one big "crater" down by the right sling as seen in the pic, with some other miscellaneous dimples around the sling and elsewhere on the playfield. I was expecting dimples of course, but the crater suprised me, as I thought most R&M owners were talking about how relatively dimple free their playfields have been over the past year. Is this just me and my playfield? With my lack of luck, I wouldn't be surprised.

20210305_045004 (resized).jpg20210305_045028 (resized).jpg

#11435 7 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

I say if it doesnt affect the ball, play on! Dont look so close with the lights on?

Honestly I originally wasn't. I was actually just sitting on the other side of the game room admiring my R&M. From where I was sitting, the light was reflecting off the back glass and onto the playfield by the right sling, and there was this oddball glint of light reflecting off the playfield right into my eye. I was like "Is that the reflection off a loose nut laying on the playfield?". So I walked up to it and I didn't see a loose nut. Then I was like "Hmmmm.. what caused that weird reflection? Noooo... it can't be". But... Yes, it did be. Oh well.

#11440 7 months ago

Cool guys. Thanks for the input. I agree the playfield quality out of the box was great, in fact the best I've seen. The playfield was glass smooth and you couldn't feel any seams between the inserts and the wood, and there was also nothing to feel from the artwork screening. Perfectly smooth! As we all know, you can feel inserts and art screening layers on recent Sterns due to the thin clear.

I previously noted that did have some airballs when I was tweaking everything in. Things seem to be settling down somewhat the more I play, so some of these large dimples (like the one I called a crater) could be from some of those initial stray airballs. I'll just keep playing and lovin' it, and if in the future once I get a consistent patina of dimples on it and the top layers of wood are compressed, I might disassemble the playfield and send it off to Kruzman for a clearcoat. This would be several years down the road (life span permitting, LOL).

#11443 7 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Unfortunately, that wouldn't solve your dimple/crater problem. Ron is a master restorer and has done work for me (on an NOS Paragon PF). Dimples in the wood can't be fixed. Kruzman cleared PF's still dimple! Some dimple haters add PF protectors, which suck IMHO. The other solution is to avoid playing your game, which is also undesirable.

Yeah, but once you get a million dimples all over the playfield, and the top layers of wood are compressed by all those hits, it dimples a lot less if you get it cleared at that point. I have a MM and WH2O playfield that were cleared after 10 years or more of use, and they've still gotten small dimples in them after the clear was applied, but nothing like a new playfield.

#11445 7 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Good point, but it's my experience that the older PF's were also composed with harder woods (not just compression). My Stern LOTR (2004) looks better than my Beatles (no joke), and it has over 10,000 more plays! Both were purchased NIB, so I know where they've been.

Probably indeed true. I recently had Kruzman clear a NOS Dr. Who playfield that was brand new, never had one ball played on it. So it was at least 25 years old. Kruzman cleared it, I let it cure for a few months, then installed it, and that thing is almost completely dimple free, except for the tiniest little dimples. Now, there could be a couple of things in play there: #1, better initial materials. #2, 25 years of being allowed to totally dry out. Makes me wonder, but man, it is glorious. If only all playfields were that resilient to dimples.

#11455 7 months ago
Quoted from JohnDeere:

The big issue is playfield chips which I am so dang thankful that i dont have to worry about on this pin going by Stern/JJP threads.


#11482 7 months ago

I finally beat the default high score for dimensions visited with 8, and I had at least 20 megaseeds. This game is a freaking blast when you get deeper into it. Trying to do well in modes, stack them with multiballs, charging the portal gun, jumping to new dimensions to grab megaseeds, dealing with Meeseeks... what a ride!!!!!

20210306_142738 (resized).jpg
#11504 7 months ago

After a few plays on my recent build (#504), had knock down, then I adjusted my EOS a little closer and had stuck flipper, then I opened the EOS a little more, and stuck flipper went away and some knock down came back. Then I set hold power to "high", and that helped more than anything. Still get a little bit of knock down from a hard scoop fire to the right flipper. December code.

#11520 7 months ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

most games don't have a left ramp that requires you to climb alpe du'Huez like Rick and Morty. (I bet the 3 cyclists in here got that joke).

Being a cyclist, I got the joke!

#11563 7 months ago

I've had a few balls air out of the right ramp, so I installed a ramp cover over the weekend. I also downloaded the new code and promptly set a new grand champ score of 58 million plus in the very next game (14 million over my previous best). My R&M is playing as good or better than it ever has been, so it seems like I/we are making good progress with tweaks, code, and such.

#11627 7 months ago
Quoted from Calfdemon:

New issue just started and I am not sure what to adjust to get rid of it. Maybe someone here has seen it and can give some advice..

My left drop target did this. I lifted the playfield and checked it out and compared it to my still working right drop target. If you look at the drop target assemblies you'll see a little coil that pulls in a small metal finger that contacts the drop target in order to knock the drop target down. On my left drop target, this finger would often miss contacting the drop target, and it would sail right through the very top of the central slot in the drop target. Meanwhile, the finger on working right drop target would make contact with the drop target every time, just above that central slot. I just bent the little metal finger up slightly on the left side, until it made consistent contact with the drop target just a hair above the central slot, and that solved the issue with mine.

Note that if you lift the drop target all the way up off its support ledge, by fully extending it, I think you want that little finger to be able to go clear through the top of the central slot, so don't bend the little metal finger too far up.

I hope that's not too confusing.

#11632 7 months ago
Quoted from Calfdemon:

Thanks, I will look at this tonight when I get home from work and see if this helps. Its a little confusing reading just the words but I'm sure it will make perfect sense when I'm looking at the drops.

Yeah, I wish I had taken pics when I fixed mine, but I didn't. I'm also at my office, away from my R&M for 12 hours, so I can't easily get to my gameroom and take pics. I think once you get in there and look at each drop target assembly, and you start actuating things with your hands (power off of course ), you'll see the design and function intent of the system. It's not bad.

#11797 7 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

My pin runs great on the new code, the flipper responsiveness and control have noticeable improvements.

I've played several games back to back on the new code the last couple of nights and I agree, the current flipper performance is the best I've felt on R&M. I've been digging it.

#11836 7 months ago

I installed the Pinball Mod Co Megaseed Tree today. I like it! Now to play some games.

20210314_170707 (resized).jpg
#11902 7 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

For anyone who thinks that R&M has had its share of issues (perceived or otherwise), go over and read the recent posts on the GnR thread. The grass is not greener on any side of the pinball glass lol!

This is indeed quite true, and it reminds me... I posted a list of out of the box tweaks that I did to my R&M a couple of weeks or so ago. I was just excited to finally have the game and to be perfecting it to my liking. I didn't mean to insinuate anything was necessarily wrong with the way Spooky built it. I'm honestly just a pinball play perfectionist/tinkerer, and I do this with all my machines, whether they're new Sterns or vintage Williams/Bally machines from the 90's. I felt kinda bad when Luke from Spooky posted here a few days ago about a novice pinball enthusiast contacting him about his soon to be received R&M, concerned that he/she would have to make all these changes (some of which I'm sure I noted). So, to any novice future R&M owner (or any owner) reading this, I'm sure you'll enjoy your R&M right out of the box. You don't have to go down my rabbit hole of pinball perfection, unless you're really into that kinda thing.

#11914 7 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

This is so perfectly disgusting! How hard was it to install? Sounds like you need to drill some things?

Pretty easy if you methodically take it step by step, but yeah, I had to drill two holes. One hole had to be drilled through the plastic, centrally in between the three existing mounting holes for the stock megaseed tree trunk. Once I had that hole, I used it to transfer a small hole in between the LED light and existing plastic post below to start a wood screw from a metal post that has a wood screw. Once those two holes are done, you start assembly. On my game the plastic sleeve post that goes over the included metal post was going to rub hard on the plastic post and the LED, so I simply ground a flat on each side to provide clearance. Each individual assembly may be different.

It's actually not a bad install and really solidly anchors the end of the ramp, while looking great (or perfectly disgusting, LOL).

2 weeks later
#12179 6 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

ext, the glass doesn't go in straight, so you can't put the lockdown bar on. I had to shove it pretty hard while putting the lockdown bar in place. I can see the glass hangs over the right side slightly more

You know, I had this same issue when I first set my machine up. However, when I leveled the machine the problem went away. I wondered if it was because the cabinet was slightly tweaked due to not being leveled. The cabinet is pretty stout, so I didn't know how that could be the case, but since the problem seemed to resolve itself after leveling, I didn't think about it much more. I assume your machine is level at this point?

#12189 6 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Is there a time when the ball should not be able to go to the garage?

I've been seeing this exact same behavior lately and I've been wondering the same.

1 week later
#12292 6 months ago

Dudes and Dudettes, I just played a game of R&M where I concentrated on getting through adventures, and for the first time ever, I filled all 10 spots on the Morty Adventure Card (starting at zero), and I made it to Rick Potion #9. And... then I promptly drained, scoring only 500,000 in the mode and ending my game, but wow! What a feeling! I love this game!

Oh, and during this same game I stacked Goodbye Moonmen with a multiball and scored 11,000,000+ in that mode and finished it. Very cool!!!

#12319 6 months ago
Quoted from bent98:

I just went into the switch test mode. I wanted to check when the flippers engage to see if i need to do a EOS adjustment. I noticed the top right flipped doesn't register in the service mode. Is that normal?

There's no EOS switch on the upper flipper, so yeah, that's normal.

#12338 6 months ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

For anyone with previous Spooky experience, for how long did Spooky release software updates for past titles? A recent software release added another adventure for Rick and Morty, no doubt there are plenty of possibilities for content left, but Spooky's priorities will no doubt shift once it's next title is released. Any thoughts?

I never thought I'd suggest this, because I've always been adamantly anti-DLC, so I'm not going to suggest this. Instead I'm going to bring in an anonymous commentator to type the next line:

Anonymous commentator: In the case of Rick and Morty, and as far as future code updates are concerned that may include new episode content, I* would be willing to consider paying a DLC fee to keep programming new adventures for Rick and Morty a profitable endeavor for Spooky. *"I" may or may not refer to Pinsider Rum-Z as this is a purely theoretical discussion at the present time.

Thank you anonymous commentator, that is an interesting thought.

#12344 6 months ago
Quoted from JohnDeere:

Has anyone hit all the lit shots in moonmen mode yet? It seems like they go solid once you hit them

I've done it during multiball, but not single ball play. It was hard to take it all in during multiball. I look forward to going back and doing it in single ball play, but that might be difficult as I thought I read somewhere that you only have 45 seconds to complete those shots. If I'm not correct on that time limit I hope someone who is in the know chimes in.

4 weeks later
#13476 5 months ago
Quoted from KingHebes:

And have no EOS switch on the upper flipper??

I can confirm that there are no Rick and Mortys with an EOS switch on the upper flipper. It was designed and built that way. I dunno why, that's just the way it is.

#13584 5 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

What is everyone seeing for Goodbye Moonmen scores?

The best I've done was 11 million plus, and I was amazed at that. I stacked it with multiball, got the multipliers up, and made all of the shots at least once. I don't know how you pulled 25 million plus out of it. That is bonkers! Congrats though.

1 week later
#13969 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

While the thin ones come with their own set of problems, I don't think anyone can deny the R&M playfields are very good structurally compared to all the issues on others.

Yeah, other than a few dimples (and most of them are very insignificant), I only wish that Stern and JJP were making playfields as good as the one in my R&M. I'd even live with thinner playfields and trim all my bushings down in every game for this playfield quality.

#14115 4 months ago
Quoted from twhtalm:

Any other standards have a little bit of blood sucker in their machines?

I've never seen these rails in purple. There must be a pretty limited amount of machines out there with these purple rails. That's pretty cool!

1 month later
#15326 77 days ago
Quoted from Eric_S:

I never knew that. I thought the number of megaseeds lit in each dimension was random.

Nope, 5 megaseeds lit from an upper flipper direct garage shot, and 3 megaseeds lit from an easier backdoor right loop to the garage shot.

#15455 73 days ago
Quoted from Ch4p3l:

Thought I had 649 finally home today but had to refuse delivery. Luckily shipping carrier and Spooky Squirrel have been helpful. So just a little bit longer till it gets here.

Ugh, sorry to see that. It'll be worth the wait.

1 week later
#15659 65 days ago
Quoted from metallik:

We already had the DLC discussion many months ago and they shot it down pretty hard. FWIW I'd be happy to pay for more stuff as well; this game is so good I have no problem with that, but don't think Spooky wants to go down that road.

Yeah, waiting for Rarehero to pop in and tell us how opposed he is to the idea in no uncertain terms.

#15672 65 days ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

HOWEVER, in this case, I'll make an exception.

I'm not disagreeing with you.

#15686 64 days ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Spooky should be focusing on their new machines from a marketing perspective.

You would think so, but in this modern pinball world, they already sold them all out before anyone even saw gameplay video. Strange days indeed.

#15694 64 days ago

LOL, you can't blame 'em for trying

#15755 61 days ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

They could have just Munstered it with no damage to their bottom line.

Very true!

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