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#7424 11 months ago

Does anyone know what game # Spooky is currently on?

3 weeks later
#8497 10 months ago
Quoted from Coyohtay:

Final Invoice paid for #423 !

Looks like they're pumping the games out pretty good! I am #660, wonder how long i'm looking at until I see mine.

2 months later
#10720 8 months ago

Anyone know if Pinball Life is going to put the shooter lane wire form back on their website for sale?

#10751 8 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Yep. Some people have done that configuration. Most R&M that are going out are the 3 flipper kits, but I have both 2 and 3 for this exact reason, and I will have a one bracket add-on soon for people that bought before the 3 flipper was available or got only 2 but later decide they want all three to be the same performance level.
The left doesn't seem to get as hot on R&M. But if both the right are cooled for a very long game the left might get hot enough to start to fade. In that case it might feel "weird" to have the right side shooting great and the left fading, but given that the left stays cooler longer, I don't think it would be an issue for most players.

Just purchased the three flipper kit from Pinball Life along with some other parts I needed!! Thank you Vireland!

3 weeks later
#11569 7 months ago

Just got an email from Spooky about build options for #660 if anyone is keeping track.

#11571 7 months ago
Quoted from derekbro:

I also just got the email for #659.
whats usually the turn around time for receiving a game once you get this?

If I remember correctly, after you reply with your selected build options it's about two weeks until email asking for payment. Then another two weeks or so for delivery so about a month total I believe.

2 weeks later
#12017 6 months ago

Just received my invoice for #660 if anyone is keep score these days. Can't wait to finally get some play in on this one.

#12019 6 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

so that puts #660 shipped in about 4 weeks, and the end of production about 10 weeks or mid-june. i assume tna 2.0 will be filler to keep assemby workers busy but i would imagine we see announcement for the next new title soon?

I thought they billed you two weeks before shipping?

#12064 6 months ago

You son of a bitch, I'm in! Invoice paid for #660!

2 weeks later
#12487 6 months ago

Oooweee!!! Got an email from Spooky, #660 is shipping out today!

1 week later
#12682 5 months ago

#660 made it home today. Looks like it was about three inches from getting a hole punched in the bottom.

20210421_191940 (resized).jpg
#12809 5 months ago

#660 checking in. Definitely have experienced flipper drop. Haven't had issues with any of the shots. Played for about 45 minutes, upper right flipper started acting up and stopped working.

#12813 5 months ago
Quoted from Completist:

Check the gap on the right flipper button switches. I had to tweak mine but has been fine since.

After my upper right flipper stopped working, we went out to dinner. An hour and a half later it's working again. Is the heat build up on the upper right flipper that stopped it from working?

#12825 5 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

As mr Completist suggests, check the right flipper button switch stack.
Check the top switch in the stack for gap, and contact pressure (contact deflection).

Note, the short blade at the very top of the stack needs to not only contact, but also noticeably travel. As seen in the clip.

I will check the switch stack when I get home from work. The thing that has me baffled is if it's the switch why did it stop working after playing the machine for an hour straight then after sitting for an hour and a half it works again? I would think if it was gap in the stack it would be an issue period.

#12828 5 months ago
Quoted from fnord:

That to me actually backs up the stack being the issue. With the inside of the cabinet warming up over the hour of play it could have moved from barely connecting to not touching. Once it cooled down from not being played it would come back in contact.

Quoted from razorsedge:

Can do that when you're talking feather-line contact. Actually the inconsistency kinda makes it likely, to my thought. If the adjustment is so that the contacts only just barely touch when you press the button all the way in, the flipper might work most of the time, or not at all, or sometimes flutter.
The button travel end might not always settle exactly the same. Not using as much force after dinner might be a reason for contact to not quite get there. With some use the leaf may have been borderline contact but working at the start, but with the stack now bedded or settled in a little from use, it's ended up only just barely contacting.
Yep worthwhile to check it out first.

Both of you actually make great points and it actually makes sense. I will look into the right stack this evening, thank you for the pointers!

#12929 5 months ago

Was playing last night and I ran into an issue. I was in the the Blood Dome adventure with Glomflomite multiball going and two balls locked. Shot the scoop and nothing happened, machine did not do a ball search after sitting idle for about a minute. I had to open the coin door and hit the tilt bob until the machine tilted. It then kicked the ball out of the scoop. I did notice when I shot the scoop that the start adventure was lit even though I was in an adventure, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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