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Avengers Infinity Quest Thread.

By Napoleon

5 months ago

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Post #143 What we know 29th August Posted by NeilMcRae (5 months ago)

Post #2643 Stern fix for subway hangups right before VUK Posted by Fezmid (27 days ago)

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#1005 4 months ago
Quoted from dsmoke1986:

That pin should've been a widebody, but I digress.

I feel the same way. Too many shots clustered into the same area. Far worse though on TMNT.

I wish Elwin was given room to expand his playfield, and improve shot distance for some of those combos.

#1031 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

TMNT is not cluttered. It's basically two ramps, two orbits with the inner orbit and ramp around the pops. There are no really tight shots like Houdini. It is fast and difficult though, but I don't think in a cheap way. I get more drains from bad play than poor layout.

Quoted from gumnut01:

Oh and don't forget how much TMNT sucks now that this has been announced....

Eek. I hope that second part isn't on account of your prior reply to me.

I've only got about 10 games on Turtles. The ramp, van, ramp, etc, area has a ton of dual posts that for me, make that a tough area to direct shots through. I feel like I'm aiming for a shot, then hit a post. Every once in awhile I wouldn't actively aim, and then of course, shot made, haha!

#1033 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Nope. We have people coming into our club telling us how much better this will be. Nice.
I don't care if it's better because I will get this one too. But even if a game is better (I would argue different, the more pins I play the harder it is to rate), it does not make another game worse...

I never get that mindset. Kinda sad really, as nothing will ever maintain value for people with that mindset.

#1165 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I thought ZY confirmed that due to a tight deadline they were not able to make three art packages.

Sooooo....why didn't they either wait a bit for the unveiling or state art pending, or just have two models?

#1196 4 months ago
Quoted from John1210:

What bksor did you play? The animations on the one I played was fantastic... crisp, inventive. Very well executed. Turtles is a little more on the average side.

I kinda scratched my head there too. BKSOR set a high bar for Stern, prior to JP2, for quality original animations.

#1562 4 months ago

Not sure if this has been covered, but is the art used on the LCD by a different artist? I noticed two distinct styles that seemed very different than ZY's work.

Also, why not collect "relics" or trophies/mementos that are from clashes that the Avengers had with specific villains? (Kinda like Batman and his Batcave "trophies".) The weird trophy hall vibe reminds me of my old high school trophy cases for track, wrestling, football. Why in the hell would Avengers collect......bowling trophies fer cryin' out loud?!?!?! This is a decent/weird idea....kinda presented poorly or at the very least confused/misguided.

#1744 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

It's because people screamed 'just play it!!" instead of critiquing the real problem which was the rambling, disjointed, unplanned way information was being presented in other reveals. Basically they lost the audience and they were bored and disinterested... when all along they NEED the information, they just were not interested in sitting through a session they weren't really engaged with.
It's classic "chasing the wrong solution" problems when the mob has the answer...
The information is needed to be able to follow what the player is doing and is interested in pursuing... but it must be presented in a digestable, engaging format, that the viewers can get into so they don't get antsy and just want the payoff. It's about structuring the information and the presentation format. Building retention and going from simple, intuitive, building to the layered stuff.
These complex games have a lot to them.. no need to front load EVERYTHING... nor necessarily do it live. That's the part ppl are missing in their solutions.. When you do things with editing you can do things that require setup, progress, etc 'off camera' and thus really shorten up and tidy up the information feed...

I do wish there were more edited videos rather than streams. Or at least streams that lasted an hour max. Edited videos are far more work, but lots of confused feedback might be non existent if videos were directed appropriately.

#1756 4 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

I bought this for my son about 4 years ago at Hobby Lobby. Looks like some of the art from this poster is used in the game.
[quoted image]

Interesting. I've said multiple times in these threads that I felt there were at least two different art styles in play for the LCD, and neither were ZY's. Glad I'm accurate, and not batshit. Thank you!!!!

I know he mentioned time restraints. I wonder if that was what he was referring to or if Disney has a design template in some capacity, for how they want art represented. One or the other.

There was a static image of a few Avengers, almost profile, and one of Scarlet Witch that deviated from this style, and ZY's as well.

#1827 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

I haven’t touched a pro yet.
Going in early to learn all I can!

Looking forward to your stream today as a bright spot of the day Jack! Good luck, and have fun..!

#1884 4 months ago

I'd love to see a "tag in" feature in future code, to bring in a guest star Avenger not already in the game to help out in the battles via the apron button.

Nab that idea from Capcom's fighting series, but just let the character stay till battle's end.

#1915 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If he’s in the know too he can help with chat and keeping the discussion on track.

Yeaaaah, but I don't feel this stream was targeted at all to us, even though quite possibly it might have been many of us watching.

It wasn't at all a great stream for the purpose of learning the game, we had a good bit of that already, but more so to be light, fun and entertaining for people entirely removed from pinball, and that it excelled at!

Side note, I'm kinda feeling I like the shots and layout a lot more than the code....

#1926 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

We were talking about the reveal stream. Not the stream from tonight.
Tonight’s was awesome for a completely different reason. I hope they do more stuff like tonight’s stream too.

Whooooops! My bad.

You're always on the ball, makes more sense now, given the context!

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