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Avengers Infinity Quest Thread.

By Napoleon

4 months ago

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Post #143 What we know 29th August Posted by NeilMcRae (4 months ago)

Post #2643 Stern fix for subway hangups right before VUK Posted by Fezmid (22 days ago)

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#797 4 months ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

I just wrote a paragraph and DELETED it. What a turd looking gauntlet. Game looks to be a better shooter that average. If you can live with stern code this could be fun for a few months.

The look of the gauntlet is spot on with the comic book version. Sure people are familiar with the movie version, but Stern copied the comic book version to a T, as it should be for this comic style game. The movie version gauntlet on this machine would really look odd and out of place.

#799 4 months ago
Quoted from seenev:

I think I might upgrade the gauntlet to this one from etsy.
[quoted image]

You don’t understand the comic series very well if you think the Stern gauntlet doesn’t look very good. It is spot on with comic book gauntlet.

#801 4 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

I know I’m in the minority but the more I look at it the more I detest the art. I think I’m over ZY... to me his stuff is just getting progressively overly saturated and turning into visual diarrhea. Game looks amazing but the art... ugh
Compare it to something like this from the real comics... not even in the same leuage
[quoted image]

Jeremy, don’t listen to this drivel about your awesome artwork! Most all of us love what you do and the passion you have for pinball! Both you and Franchi do the best work imo. What you’ve done on AIQ is far better than the old comic book artwork. Light years ahead. You’ve made the comic book come alive and vibrant with action.

#1192 4 months ago

Topper prices have gotten out of control, for not much in return. Now $600 to $1,000 for $35 worth of plastic and LEDs! Munsters topper was loaded with features and priced at $425, seems quite reasonable now and that was only some months ago. It has loads of integrated gameplay, with a Raven coo-coo clock announcing each hour of the day, as well. Come on Stern stop taking advantage of us with so much less than what you gave us on Munsters and Black Knight SOR. Both those toppers were arguably worth the asking price.

#1209 4 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Haven't bought NIB since MunstersLE (which I still actually like, alot). One of my favorite toppers, after it got sorted. How much is this one going to be? Saw some grumblings about JP2 toppers, but never bought the game, so clueless if they've doubled in price or something.. (hope not, cause I'm getting one... )
Really like the inside art blades on the LE as well. Just looks like a fun game!!

I’m in the Munster club as you know too and think the game is way underrated. Munsters topper is fabulous and I’m not a topper guy. It worked flawlessly out of the box day one for me and really added to the game play.

I’ve heard AIQ topper is going to be a whopping $600! Almost $200 more than we paid for Munsters and does half as much.

LE art-blades really make the complete look of AIQ imo, as ZY designed them with the PF in mind. Worth the price of admission and excited for AIQ. Surprised that I am, as I’m not the biggest fan of the movies, but the comics are better imo, so I’m in for an LE too.

#1366 4 months ago

TMNT animations are quite good, but Stern loves the people that like simple slide show in AIQ, because it costs a lot less to produce. Both look good on different styles of games. But holding full judgement till stream is revealed tomorrow.

#1433 4 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

How do you know it costs less? How do you know it doesn’t take just as much time as the 3D models in TMNT?
There’s all these animation “experts” in here but does anyone commenting have any real world experience with animation?
Looking at the animations they must have all been drawn either by Marvel or Chuck and co at Stern, or maybe a combination of both?
There’s a hell of a cost right there if marvel is helping with the animation and graphics, it’s still a massive amount of time and cost if Stern have done it all in house with Chuck and team.
What looks simple doesn’t always equate to simple and cheap. I’m also pretty happy Stern are mixing up their lcd display style and animations, this works perfectly for a comic book themed pin, 3D models worked perfectly for JP having a mix of style between games is great.

Okay I’ll take the bite. I know from being involved in the business. Slide shows are many times cheaper to make than fully animated, plain and simple. Far less man hours are devoted to stills vs. fully animated and that’s not a bad thing for something like AIQ. It works well for this title style.

Edit: Watching stream right now and the LCD looks fantastic! Good job stern animations department!

#1446 4 months ago

Shot flow is excellent.

Tons of targets to hit, with plenty of objectives.

Watching Raymond play right now: don’t see any clunk shot with him.

Keith just got back on and of course shooting well for him too.

#1454 4 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Rules are going to take a long time to master...although the person talking is not the best presenter. Looks like it shoots better than Turtles, but thats a low bar.

TMNT is not a low bar setup properly. It has amazing flow and fast.

#1460 4 months ago

Steeper ramps are always more interesting, but require cleaner hits. There are 4 ramps, with one that can be hit from all three flippers. Very clever layout, with amazing flow. Love how the subway lights colors change with gem selection.

Geometry is excellent on the machine, with plenty of exciting shots.

#1538 4 months ago
Quoted from onemilemore:

I kinda felt this too. I am new to the hobby, so hopefully this doesn't come off harsh, but the presenters today (aside from Jack) just don't seem as comfortable/enthusiastic about showing off the game. Keith just doesn't seem like he really even wants to go to in-depth with a lot of the stuff, almost seem put out to be talking and not just playing. Contrast that with Dwight absolutely beaming during the TMNT reveal and it was pretty night and day.
I think watching some JD solo streams might help dial up the excitement. Game does look hard af for a relatively am player like me.

Very difficult to speak and show any emotions, with your face muzzled by a mask.

#1540 4 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Going to take some learning of both the rules and the shots.
Im sick of this push for easier games with simple code and co-op so you and the kids can see everything in 2 days. Location play is dead for the moment. These games need to stand up in a home environment and offer the owners replayability and a challenge.
Keith, please dont waste coding time implementing Co-op.

Love that there is a learning curve for the home environment. It makes for a complete compelling game, with long term fun. The ramps and wire forms are like having Disneyland theme park in your home. This layout doesn’t look as difficult as our JP2s are to shoot and fits with what Keith stated of being in between the 3. Looking forward to shooting it myself.

#1566 4 months ago

Like I said, remove the masks and people might feel differently about the game drawing you in. Humans relate to things by facial expressions. At times more important than words. It’s unfortunate that AIQ, a potential winner for game of the year, had to be streamed under the mask conditions.

A book might draw you in more than a movie? That’s the power of a book of comics, which this game is, part and parcel comics. It has potential to draw you in more than a movie, because of the power of your imagination. Book readers often don’t want to see a movie, because the movie they have in their mind is better.

#1597 4 months ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I liked the stream last night, the playfield looks like it has some awesome shots.
My main concern right now is the complexity/fun in the rules.
I'm a below average player and my family is even worse. These rules seem pretty complicated for us.

The rule set is as simple as can be, but has depth for people who want depth.

A Collect gems by defeating Black army and to make sure Thanos doesn’t get them to use against you.
B Use different Avengers to defeat various black army members
C Collect trophies as objectives are completed.

It is that simple. It only seems complicated because you’ve never played it, but that is the brilliance of Keith’s rule sets and designs. Works for beginners, moderates and experienced players.

We all want games that have last-ability in the home, with plenty to explore. Modern games do that in spades. The old arcade games of many years ago are real simple, where you walk up and play it for 5 minutes, then go to the next one and repeat. Thankfully AIQ is not that kind of simple.

#1745 4 months ago

One important criticism imo: is there anyway to change some of or most of the music to more rock, as done in the movies? Music did seem rather bland? Heard that music was kind of rushed, so really hoping they will straighten the music out and make it much better to draw you in, as code develops. Wondering if this was the missing ingredient during yesterday’s stream???

Music seemed dark and gloomy from what I could make out. Shouldn’t it be more fun, upbeat with guitar power like done in the movies? Might this be the main missing ingredient many are feeling? Music is a powerful part of any game to draw you in and set the tone, imo.

#1748 4 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

In the stream they said the music was completely finished. It was done by same guy that did the JP original music. I hate it for avengers, works fine in JP.

Agreed, works for JP, but doesn’t work well for AIQ. Don’t like the dark, somber tones of the music in AIQ. Wish it was more upbeat, with power rock guitar music, more like the movies. Similar to LZ Immigrant Song intro for Thor and Avengers when they come into battle Thanos. More upbeat and thrilling rock music similar to that would do wonders for AIQ.

#1892 4 months ago

Watching Jack right now and this broadcast is night and day better than the one 2 days ago. No masks! AIQ has better audio than thought before too, because the audio is direct linked now (although wish there were some power guitar riffs). The banter between Justin from Marvel and Jack is so much better too.

Plus Jack is making the rules make sense as he plays along.

#1896 4 months ago

Thanks Jack for a great stream and elevated language being family friendly, whole family could watch and enjoy too. Loved your explanation of basic pinball skills and showing the depth of AIQ in a simple way. It all makes better sense now. Fun game, that if the first stream would have been like this, would not have had questions in some people’s minds about the rules of the game.

Your setup of the game geometry is better, as the ramps look easier to make, unlike the harder setup of the first broadcast.

#1914 4 months ago

Imo, the two reveals should have been done in reverse order and then the LE stream would have been better received and made more sense.

#1985 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Marvel’s only rules were no swearing, no mentioning third parties. (Thinking back, I don’t even think ‘no swearing’ was even a rule)
They hired me to do what I do. (I want a heart emoji on Pinside)
I actually requested Justin, they had another person they wanted on stream with me.

Rule or not, the “no swearing” put you in a professional class. Thanks! Again great job doing the presentation!

#1987 4 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Great stream btw Jack! I liked the hurry up shot for Dr. Strange bank target being blocked by Dr. Strange post on spinning disc. Having to either move post or find another way-got me excited. Also really like limited number of flipper shots-unique way of adding another level of play.
Really hard for me to find anything to complain about for this title-which is rare for me. Only thing that is starting to irk me is Stern's choice to continue to use these bright vivid colors on all of their new titles. Starting to look like Skittles to me, especially in some newbie's game room with nothing but new bright Stern LE's-I can taste the rainbow.

We also love the bright colors. Dark colors harken way back to the old days, when artwork was so dismal. When playing, it is usually in a dark room anyway, so the colors are naturally muted. If you pulled the colors back, it would be unimpressive in darkened rooms, where most people play pinball.

#2025 4 months ago

Understand it might be plausible as a theme park and yes the theme park is Stark Industries! All the ramps scream Avengers specific.

Stark industries HQ ramp
Captain Marvel anti gravity ramp
Dr. Strange spinning warp drive
Dr. Strange raising vortex into the vortex field
Dr. Strange vertical upkick out of one dimension into the present
Thor kinetic hammer lane
Black Widow ramp
Thanos main gauntlet rap around ramp
Captain America horseshoe shield quick return through Dr. Strange pop bumper vortex
Black Panther right orbit
Hulk left spinner orbit

This game was specifically made for Avengers and it shows.

Don’t think for a second Keith was taking a theme park design repurposed to AIQ. He is a newish designer and would have no prior reason to do a theme park design. Especially since Stern has done Roller Coaster Tycoon long ago, with muted acceptance.

Excited for this game and think those that landed an LE are fortunate. The software will be tweaked and perfected, because Keith will not stop till it is, just like JP2 or IMDN. It did look like there is missing software tweaks and features yet to come. But that is with all games at release.

#2138 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

AKA Gavin is off playing it somewhere before he drops it off I bet. HAHA

Trying to find your stream? Has it started yet and if so where?

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