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Avengers Infinity Quest Thread.

By Napoleon

4 months ago

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Post #143 What we know 29th August Posted by NeilMcRae (4 months ago)

Post #2643 Stern fix for subway hangups right before VUK Posted by Fezmid (20 days ago)

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#6 4 months ago
Quoted from Atari_Daze:

Any screen captures for those of us still living in the pre face book era?

It's just a teaser. No pf shots or anything.

Youtube link

#9 4 months ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Totally my fault...I just bought an Avengers LE, LOL!
Can't wait to see it...the art snippets look amazing! Not sure if it will be a vault of the existing Avengers, a home pin, or an entirely new machine. Obviously I'd love to see it be all new, but any of the three would be fun!

The previous Avengers home game, "The Pin" had a better layout than the commercial game, lol.

#84 4 months ago
Quoted from freeplay3:

I expect this game to have more in common with the video game coming out then the movies. They have been advertising the game for weeks now. Also they showed no spider man in that trailer. Spider man will only be on the Playstation version. Sony isn't giving away that golden goose to Microsoft. He probably won't be on the pin. This will make the game better. No actors, agents, studios, lawyers, etc. to get in the way. If the console game is the source for the pinball, it will have all the characters.

Sony has no say in a comic art version of Spidey. That's why the Spidey vault was comic based. No need to get Sony involved. I didn't see Spidey in the art either, but Marvel/Disney would have no issue including him, if they wanted to.

#383 4 months ago

Keith bringing back the ringmaster. Game looks good.

#562 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’ve had a blast on both pro versions of Keith’s. I’m sure this will be no different.

Same here. I prefer the pros on the others due to features that routinely fail, like the newton balls or the trex.

#672 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Definitely going pro if I get one. I’ve seen both games. Haha. Just not a dream theme and if the game blows me away and becomes a keeper I’ll get a used premium way down the road.

Dibs on your used Pro

#703 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It will probably be 3-4 years old and have 10k plays on it. Cool?

Deal, assuming I don't get one between now and then.

#780 4 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

all of Keith’s games have basically had all metal ramps

JP has a plastic ramp and for the record, there is nothing wrong with plastic ramps. Metal ramps make your balls wear out faster. Plastic ramps are fine. I hate when people use the argument that plastic ramps means the game is cheap. That's utter BS. No one says ugh, this Medieval Madness is total cheap ass crap because the ramps are plastic. Should've gone metal.

#783 4 months ago
Quoted from taylor34:

A long time ago. And the voices are still a weak part in their games without actors. Even the movie avengers game had not great voice acting when it came out. Here's the thing...when you make a comic book game based upon a hot live action movie series (X-Men, Deadpool, Avengers, Spiderman) if the voices aren't on par with the movie, then people aren't going to take it very well generally.

Yep. You just have to play the game and figure out who's who when someone speaks. People panned Xmen, but I was fine with it. I really hated Avengers due to the movie likenesses and non movie voices. Same goes for GOTG, but they used enough actual movie lines, that it was easy to replace and we have a good alternative on that game.

#965 4 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

Any distributors with LE still available please PM me

Someone posted that Gameroom Guys had a couple. You won't get a distributor to PM you likely on a LE slot. They usually sell out with no effort on their part.

#1236 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I believe the side art is exclusive to the LE. The one you can buy is different.

I believe they showed the LE blades in the mods for sale video they posted. Either that or they are very similar.

#1287 4 months ago

Reminds me of motion comics from some years back. I like the animations.

#1737 4 months ago

Interested to see how the whole moving your gems around works on the pro. On the premium the saucer keeps the ball still while doing that, but on the pro, it looks like you just hit a Pym standup and back into play. Game looks great. Looking forward to the pro stream. It'll be pro for me, if I get one eventually.

#1746 4 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Raymond said the post by the avenger tower holds it for the gem shifting on the pro - so, different shot.

Well, the insert by the Pym shot shows "change gems". Seems off to have the shot be different than the one indicated by the insert. I suppose you could qualify it on the Pym shot and collect on the tower.

#1813 4 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Thats a shitty distributor youve got then. A deposit is all that should necessary. In my case $2,000 cdn (so like $8.99 usd)

Yeah, most distributors take a deposit (fully refundable) and give some time to decide after full reveal. Then you either pay the balance or get the refund based on your thoughts of the reveal.

#1816 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

*Opens secret closet full of Fedoras*
I gotta do what I gotta do.

Looking forward to the stream tonight, sir. Do you know (meaning have you played the pro enough to answer) about the "Change GEMS" question I had earlier in the thread? The insert is on the right Pym target with no VUK, so it can't hold the ball to actually move the GEMS around.

#1888 4 months ago

It's over. Was an hour and it posted for replay now.

#1933 4 months ago

Elwin's pros are the best. It didn't seem like the pro is lacking at all. As always, the pro will be faster and more punishing for us tourney sadists lol. He makes sure the best features are not stripped out.

#1980 4 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

After watching a bit of the pro VOD - I kinda want a pro-mium version. Keep the lifting ring and subway, but lose the marvel ramp for the second spinner.

I feel that way on so many Sterns. Would love a JP with the raising raptor gate, but I knew from day 1 that the Trex head would be problematic. I love the magna slings in GB, but hate that ecto goggle crap and the subway ramp fails alot too. TWD, love the lifting ramp, but hate the crossbow that is another failure point. Also miss the walker bombs in a pro, but I think that could be addressed with a code update and have it use the tourney button on a pro. Sorry for the ramble. Looking forward to playing AIQ. That's why I think Keith's pros are the best. He doesn't make you feel like you're missing anything, even though you physically are.

#2058 4 months ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

If premiums are 2nd mid to late oct makes sense.
I just remember reading pros were 2nd somewhere on pinside. I didn’t ask my distributor about that.

Pros are on the line now. Then LEs, then Premiums, then more Pros and so on.

#2083 4 months ago
Quoted from skogen75:

Curious to watch the stream coming up to see if the Captain Marvel wireform that feeds the right inlane Skips lighting the “O” in Iron. And that only the other wireform ,”Panther” would light it.

That is correct. The marvel ramp skips the inlane switch. Keith mentioned it on the reveal stream.

#2110 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Tune in tonight!! It's the LE/Prem we played last Wednesday!
6PM C.

Seems like only yesterday that Uncle Gary only trusted you with Pro models, lol. Don't think I'll be able to watch live tonight, but will catch the replay.

#2199 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Don't learn how to deathsave!
You'll never be the same!

Yeah, and disable that restart feature. Your best ball of the game doesn't need to be ball 1.

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