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Avengers Infinity Quest Thread.

By Napoleon

4 months ago

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Post #143 What we know 29th August Posted by NeilMcRae (4 months ago)

Post #2643 Stern fix for subway hangups right before VUK Posted by Fezmid (22 days ago)

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#148 4 months ago

I’m super interested in this one, I’m older than the Tmnt demographics, but love all Marvel comics and films.

#150 4 months ago

I’m super interested in this pin, love Marvel comics, films and pins.

I owned SM twice and XMLE and Iron Man.

Bittersweet this was revealed on the day Chadwick Boseman died. RIP

#330 4 months ago

Anyhow, I guess it's not Dwight on the code but it could have been something to pick a character at the start (like SW or GoT) and would have different modes to start because of the character and or different points/bonuses. I mean like they did with SW/ GoT and how JJP did with Potc.

#415 4 months ago

Looks great.

Stern is on fire!

I’m not sure I’ll want the LE yellow trim so might get a premium.

#417 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I'm still likely passing but it looks good.


#588 4 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Sounds like distributor bullshit to me. THe going overseas part not the it'll probably sell out part.

I don’t really see the value of the LE except if you want to get it early. I’m not a fan of the yellow and the premium art looks about the same. I’d save the money and buy premium glass for a few of my pins.

#595 4 months ago
Quoted from adborto:

Hummm.... What would you guys do, Batman 66 or this?

I’m not a fan of BM66.

6 months ago i could have bought *anything* and choose SW premium comic.

However everyone has a different opinion.

#605 4 months ago

I’m kind of tired of up posts to stop ball rather than magnet. I mean both are good but it seems as if Stern doesn’t do magnets for ball stop.

#626 4 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

I’m now finding out how gut wrenching this hobby can be .Long story but I have 2 pins and I’m down to if I want this NIB I have to sell my IMDNprem .Ive only had it since June and am a Maiden fan plus I’m into Egyptian art .I just went downstairs n played a couple now I’m gonna sleep on it tonight .Im ok w the comic book theme personally as the artwork is brilliant ,but all signs point at this being a “players classic”.Wow!!! So much to unpack here .Any help would be appreciated as I’m a newb as of March this year and don’t want to get giddy.

Really as others have said no rush. You can buy this down the road.

You will miss out on the initial newness but otherwise it’s still going to be around.

I got SW 2 years after it was released no big deal.

#630 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Just a difference of opinion but I think this game looks like a step backwards for Stern in general. Yes from a shooting standpoint many might be excited but bringing the theme of the Avengers to pinball was a miss. Yet another game where there is no tie in to what made the game possible in the first place... do you think Stern would have ever made a DEADPOOL game had it not been for the movie. Let me go one further almost NO ONE but the geek comic book fan had ever heard of Guardians of the Galaxy. The pinball was made possible by the movies and the pinball reflects that why not with Avengers and Deadpool? We got another JP game but its not based on the movie either but at least you got the coolest toy ever with a T-REX swallowing your ball... what do you get here that makes you go OH YEAH AVENGERS!
From a shooting standpoint or the roller coaster type rails it might be amazing but from a theming standpoint it's a miss a total miss.
To me Stern is showing a new direction with license skip the expensive part (movie clips) and create your own version which is probably cheaper. If you don't mind a theme that was clearly inspired by a movie only to get a comic version that's fine, but if you want the theme to reflect what made the game possible then Stern needs to invest more into the license itself. Stern would NOT have made yet another AVENGERS game had it not been for Avengers Infinity Wars making so much money. Stern is trying to cash in on the success of the film without delivering the the film itself.
Virtually no one had heard of Avengers until the first movie, we know Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, the movies made Avengers, Guardians, Deadpool, Suicide Squad popular which is why Stern wanted to make a pinball game. Same with the Turtles no tie in to the movies this is a trend if you ask me.
So maybe I'm in the minority and that's fine but there are many out there who love the THEMING aspect of games and this misses big league.
Look at the new trend from Stern license something which was made popular by movies skip licensing the movies clips and artwork and create your own version which saves a ton of movie. Batman 66 is one of my favorite games when you play it you feel like a kid again. If you're a fan of Star Wars how can you be disappointed with essentially the entire movie was made available to create the World of Star Wars.
Just my opinion.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Yes SW has 350 movie clips or whatever number. That’s great put that at the top of the list.

But games like TWD is loosely based on the TV show no character voices or tv clips but it’s still great.

#832 4 months ago

I’m not sure how the 3x3 grid works relating to the drop targets. If you need to hit a specific target to light a specific insert etc.

#927 4 months ago

I wonder if this’ll negatively effect TMNT sales. I thought turtles was a great game but not to my interest because I’ve never saw or read anything about the turtles franchise and imo it seems a bit campy with pizza topping or dance step modes. I’m more into Avengers in general.

I’m going to play before I buy. I’m not interested in the LE due to price and not liking the yellow color. Was an easy pass for me.

#966 4 months ago

Have you seen ZY Instagram with PF video? PF art is amazing.

Came a long way since old Avengers pin. The old Avengers photoclips are cringeworthy.
EA209D8C-38A3-441C-A843-A36B17838AA2 (resized).jpegDA3E31B3-F521-40A3-8B03-D0F9E49DBE55 (resized).jpeg

#1083 4 months ago

I love Keith but to say Steve Ritchie doesn't have 'it' anymore is nuts.

#1093 4 months ago

I just got to watch in detail.

I didn't realize there was a ramp in the back/right orbit.

The features (Pinside) are counting the tower magnet lock as a ramp. I guess it is technically a ramp (incline plane) but it's not a strict definition of a ramp in my book because it doesn't lead to another level. But I do love ramps and this game half the shots it seems lead to ramps.

I just hope the spinning disc is free spinning. I dislike big bulky spinning toys that don't spin freely like the car on BM66. I'd like something that spins not as well as a true spinner but something that has good spinning action, on the video it seems well spinning at least on the pro with 10 spins from one hit.

Not sure if the subway stores the balls like Metallica or just dumps them out?.

#1280 4 months ago

I may get a premium it’s the most tempting game (for me). Luckily I can wait to play it first on location.

I probably would have got an LE even without playing but I don’t love the yellow and feel like I can enjoy a premium just as well.

I’m getting R&M in the next 6 weeks so I don’t care about waiting and get to play Avengers and see how GnR looks maybe even see Led Zep but Avengers looks great.

#1424 4 months ago
Quoted from jespo_19:

The only game to 100% knock out of the park with movie/tv assets imo was hobbit. The layout left something to be desired but asset use/integration was killer. I think the choice to stick with the comics will allow for a better endgame

I think SW Stern is also great use of assets.

I think you’re forgetting Rick and Morty as for use of assets is outstanding too.

I believe in general Avengers is better with an open comic book story rather than trying to shoehorn the game around the movie assets.

#1425 4 months ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Im not saying ill completely hate the animations. But im certainly a bit worried from what ive seen so far.
This isnt DEADPOOL level of animations its even cheaper. Which lots of people complained to the high heavens about the 32 bit graphics on DeadPool. I think i would have been fine if it was Deadpool Style.
Again this style may sync well with this machine. Im just saying I'm a bit worried leading up into seeing it. Because one thing is obvious to me, especially if you think about sterns BOM on other games. And it would fit "Elwins style" I dont see Elwin caring too much about whats on the screen and much more about whats under the glass. So given the decision, "Hey would you want more BOM for under the glass or less so we can put lots more money into animations?" Hes going to choose under the glass all day.
I think the animations are either going to be Good enough or possibly really bring down the hype for the game. Im hoping they are good enough.

I’m more for letting the designers do their thing. I’d hate to be someone who gives their life into making a great game then constantly hear people nit pick it to death.

I mean for example Tron DMD display and Iron Man and SM were bad but the games rock.

This is not a million selling video game we’re talking about a few thousand units can’t expect too much.

#1521 4 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

Not blown away.. seems a lot of same-same. But still in for LE

I didn't watch too much but (IMO) Maiden may be more exciting to play for me?

I don't have any Keith games yet so I can pick any one. I had Maiden for a week at my house and loved it.

#1778 4 months ago

I think co-op is great for a game like TNA not every game needs it. But maybe in time co-op and vs modes will become standard features. If you the player don’t like it you don’t need to play it but some people might like it.

I think it’s killer on TNA but would feel out of place on other games imo.

#1799 4 months ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Keith came in and cleared it up pretty easily. I think that's a completely normal dialog to have.

What did he say? Did he post in this thread?

#1803 4 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Some notes about the Marvel stream tonight.
Front page so... good luck chatting.
1080@30FPS (Marvel’s tech orders)
Just me physically playing.
Second remote (Celeb marvel host) will be fielding question for me from the chat.
I’ll explain what I can, but this stream is about showing Joe Q. Public how fun pinball is and more specifically; Avengers.


I thought it was too funny about you being a hipster.

I don’t know exactly what a hipster is but i did just google and this is one image that came up. Just saying.

D02C986D-39CD-4BC4-867F-1DC03EA61A24 (resized).jpeg

#1823 4 months ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Co-op doesn't sound too complicated to implement. I have not seen it but sounds like it's the same as setting up extra balls per game but spread out over players. Maybe it's a low priority and team busy with other tasks. Maybe Stern is still debating whether their games should have this feature. Regardless, it's not in the game as it stands so I would not expect it.

Should be something that’s easy done. TNA has special rules like not allow extra balls but otherwise simple code. However there is a learning curve to how you activate the mode. I mean maybe they don’t want to confuse location players who might not want one type of play or the other.

#1844 4 months ago
Quoted from Soulstoner:

It's so weird to hear a lot of people not know what a modern day hipster is. They're well known and plentiful in Canada. Is this a generational gap or geographical?

I actually do know what a hipster is, but when I hear Jack trying to say he’s not, I thought if he’s not they what the heck is a hipster?

#1846 4 months ago

How do the insert lights move on the grid? I mean are they controlled by slingshot hits or something different?

#1902 4 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

Pro looks awesome... Sometimes less is more. I am really not sure that the marvel ramp is better than the spinner U shot

I like a lot of pro pins as much as the premium. I would have bought SW pro but only just had to get the premium because of the hyper loop. I did love the horseshoe turn on the pro (premium has that too but it’s smoother on the pro).

I really like little U shaped orbits. I’m going to need to play both before I decide.

#2050 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-NJA:

I would love to see a halfway point
“Thanos Battle”
He does whip the floor with the avengers half way through the movies so it makes sense.
Would be extra awesome if it was a mode that couldn’t be completed.
You can play through it as long as can last, and get big points for lasting long, but you couldn’t officially “beat” Thanos till you make it to the final wizard mode...
Maybe a multiball mode that ends once your back down to one ball.

Quoted from Fezmid:

Yeah - a 6 ball multiball (one for each Avenger you can light), and when the timer runs out, Thanos snaps and the power to the flippers is cut as the balls all drain...

great ideas..

My problem with the super end of the game Wizard mode is that I'll never get to them and so often out of reach I don't really try for them.

1 month later
#2517 84 days ago

I’m planning to try AIQ vs GnR at my local arcade. Can someone tell me the Cliff Notes rules. Like if I’m only able to play 10 game but want to get a good feel for the pin what should I try for?

Also anyone have a feeling regarding AIQ v GnR? I’m likely to add one pin in the next few months and these are the only two I haven’t played yet.

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