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Avengers Infinity Quest Thread.

By Napoleon

4 months ago

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Post #143 What we know 29th August Posted by NeilMcRae (4 months ago)

Post #2643 Stern fix for subway hangups right before VUK Posted by Fezmid (23 days ago)

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#548 4 months ago

The "sculpted" glove seems to lack any detail, the pro plastic looks much better IMO.

The raising spinner thing and vuks add some wow factor but maybe slow the game down (i thought Keith said he hated scoops?)... kind of like the T-rex in JP.

Spinner mini orbit vs. loop ramp is really the only difference here...

Gameplay looks amazing... art looks absolutely hideous IMO.

#597 4 months ago

wow just realized how much better the pro artwork is than prem/le.

#598 4 months ago
Quoted from adborto:

Hummm.... What would you guys do, Batman 66 or this?

It depends on what you value. BM66 has much better art/theme/display in my personal opinion. this seems likely to have much better layout and probably rules based on keiths track record.

#632 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Just a difference of opinion but I think this game looks like a step backwards for Stern in general. Yes from a shooting standpoint many might be excited but bringing the theme of the Avengers to pinball was a miss. Yet another game where there is no tie in to what made the game possible in the first place... do you think Stern would have ever made a DEADPOOL game had it not been for the movie. Let me go one further almost NO ONE but the geek comic book fan had ever heard of Guardians of the Galaxy. The pinball was made possible by the movies and the pinball reflects that why not with Avengers and Deadpool? We got another JP game but its not based on the movie either but at least you got the coolest toy ever with a T-REX swallowing your ball... what do you get here that makes you go OH YEAH AVENGERS!
From a shooting standpoint or the roller coaster type rails it might be amazing but from a theming standpoint it's a miss a total miss.
To me Stern is showing a new direction with license skip the expensive part (movie clips) and create your own version which is probably cheaper. If you don't mind a theme that was clearly inspired by a movie only to get a comic version that's fine, but if you want the theme to reflect what made the game possible then Stern needs to invest more into the license itself. Stern would NOT have made yet another AVENGERS game had it not been for Avengers Infinity Wars making so much money. Stern is trying to cash in on the success of the film without delivering the the film itself.
Virtually no one had heard of Avengers until the first movie, we know Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, the movies made Avengers, Guardians, Deadpool, Suicide Squad popular which is why Stern wanted to make a pinball game. Same with the Turtles no tie in to the movies this is a trend if you ask me.
So maybe I'm in the minority and that's fine but there are many out there who love the THEMING aspect of games and this misses big league.
Look at the new trend from Stern license something which was made popular by movies skip licensing the movies clips and artwork and create your own version which saves a ton of movie. Batman 66 is one of my favorite games when you play it you feel like a kid again. If you're a fan of Star Wars how can you be disappointed with essentially the entire movie was made available to create the World of Star Wars.
Just my opinion.

I agree in the sense that it feels like the theme was slapped onto the game a bit. JP is special in the sense that key gameplay elements are part of the theme word- the truck, the t rex, the raptor pit, they are all there because they make sense with jurassic park. This avengers pin could have been a roller coaster tycoon 2 for all intents. I think the avengers theme is just hard to work with because its a mish mash of characters instead of a more contained and cohesive world.

#777 4 months ago

I know I’m in the minority but the more I look at it the more I detest the art. I think I’m over ZY... to me his stuff is just getting progressively overly saturated and turning into visual diarrhea. Game looks amazing but the art... ugh

Compare it to something like this from the real comics... not even in the same leuage


pasted_image (resized).jpeg
#779 4 months ago
Quoted from phalcon_2600:

I’m just glad they decided to up the build quality and used all metal ramps. Nice. Can’t wait to see how it plays on the stream.

all of Keith’s games have basically had all metal ramps

#781 4 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

JP has a plastic ramp and for the record, there is nothing wrong with plastic ramps. Metal ramps make your balls wear out faster. Plastic ramps are fine. I hate when people use the argument that plastic ramps means the game is cheap. That's utter BS. No one says ugh, this Medieval Madness is total cheap ass crap because the ramps are plastic. Should've gone metal.

Well I think people are referring the return part of the ramp being a wire form vs plastic like Elvira for example. That game not having wire ramps is a travesty.

#829 4 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Jeremy, don’t listen to this drivel about your awesome artwork! Most all of us love what you do and the passion you have for pinball! Both you and Franchi do the best work imo. What you’ve done on AIQ is far better than the old comic book artwork. Light years ahead. You’ve made the comic book come alive and vibrant with action.

Art is subjective, my drivel is as valid as your drivel. Love ZY work in Ghsotbusters and dead pool, hate this. It’s an opinion, deal with it.

I honestly don’t even think it’s the artists fault. I’m sure Marvel limited the creative freedom that ZY could take with this.

#836 4 months ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

I’m no physician, but if your diarrhea is remotely that colorful I would immediately seek medical attention!
Fwiw, Art is subjective, and I don’t ‘detest’ your opinion. Wait to see it in person in a dimly lit arcade and you might understand my approach... That said - I’m not comic book artist and never claimed to be - but - try blowing up that original art with large areas of flat empty color and see how it looks on a pin...
Off to reconsider my choices in life!

Sorry if I came off too harshly, a lot of good very hard work obviously went into the art for this pin. It just isn't for me. I love your work in ghsotbusters and Deadpool, especially ghostbusters. I think that’s the coolest art I’ve seen in a pin. This is a super tough theme to do because there is so much going on and its such a big license. I just don't feel like the your unique style is coming through in the art, I could be way off. You’re right about the dimly lit arcade thing, this will kill it there, though I’d venture to guess most of these are going into game rooms. My space is lit when I’m not playing pinball so I’m going to stare at those colors full on. I have a weird opinion on art, I love JOhnny craps work on JP even though most here hated it.

#848 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinzzz:

Typical Masshole

Not originally form here but the area rubs off on you

#853 4 months ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

I don't 'hate' many things. I reserve it for very very bad things like 'death' and 'taxes'. But it is pinside & I understand hyperbole is like oxygen here...
That said - if you love Ghostbusters & Deadpool (and hate TMNT I assume?) I'd hope you'd reserve judgement until you see it in real life at scale vs reacting to photos and videos... BUT I ONLY ask that you don't miss out on Keith's best game because of my shortcomings on the project... The schedule was tight coming off of TMNT, but I did my best to use the time I had.
And to the folks being supportive: I will always greatly appreciate your support. I'm always my worst critic so I try to put in the extra effort in hopes that you feel like you get your money's worth regardless of my choices (as these machines aren't cheap I've heard!)

Yep, my language was too harsh. My filter sucks in online forums. I'll def check it out in person.

#1133 4 months ago

It’s a good point about the third flipper, is there any shot that is only hittable from it?

#1315 4 months ago
Quoted from japespin:

Question for those of you considering the Pro: What's on the playfield in lieu of the Premium version's subway "windows"? Do those windows still expose LEDs under the playfield on the Pro? Or are thse windows switched out for static artwork?
[quoted image]

They are windows with led lights inside, you can see it in the pro features video from stern.

#1353 4 months ago

I gotta say the more I think about it the more disappointing it is that the pro doesn’t include the captain marvel ramp. The annoying part is that it isn’t really a cost cutting thing, the pro adds a spinner in its place which basically off-sets the cost of a $20 ramp. They just basically changed the layout to make the prem more appealing...

#1363 4 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

It’s called a marketing strategy. Gotta pay to play.

Not really.... it’s bad marketing. Good marketing makes you pony up the dough for superfluous features.

#1386 4 months ago
Quoted from Scandell:

Actually. Marvel is notorious for underpaying their artists.
I’ve worked for Dreamworks for 8 years and Sony Pictures Animation for 6 years. And now I own my own animation studio here in Salt Lake. Certainly the TMNT animations costs a pretty penny especially when compared to this Avengers work we see here.
Avengers is using “after effects animation” and TMNT, interestingly enough was “rendered” in a real-time game engine. Each even gets animation only seems to utilize two or three different poses and doesn’t actually have any transition animation on the characters themselves. Very cheap and relatively safe to do. I imagine Stern did this as a scheduling strategy more than anything.
The cost of producing after-effects animation of this caliber....would come in around $10-$20 a second. (And that’s considering the 2D artwork I already drawn and colored) That’s a rough estimate.
TMNT. Different story. Most of the costs are in the 3D asset creation and not the actual per-second footage.

Makes sense, this game was definitely under the gun timeline wise. It's the reason why the LE/Prem art is the same.

#1397 4 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't really matter. Maiden has completely different art direction between the LCD work and playfield artwork and nobody cares since the game is awesome and won game of the year honors!

I mean people care. The Animations in IMDN bring the overall awesomeness down... Just not enough to kill the game.

#1480 4 months ago

Still looks like an awesome layout but this game just isn’t speaking to me.

What made the marvel movies awesome was the lightheartedness and humor. I know this is based on the comics but without that relatable human element the theme just falls flat for me.

Music is super meh.

Overall seems to lack any sort of life from a presentation standpoint. It feels rushed, this could obviously change a bit over time.

Marvel shot looks hard to hit. Which is basically a signature for Elwin games, the right ramps on maiden and JP are hard to hit too.

Right now I’m not so hot on this game but it could change when I get to try it. Bring on the downvotes.

#1490 4 months ago

I will say that looking back at the original JP stream it looks clunky as heck. Yes, JP is tough and you can hit a lot of posts, but it doesn’t feel bad because it has such amazing feeling shots. Hitting a loop tower combo makes you jizz every time, the O shot is smooth as butter. Compared to JP this LOOKS a bit less clunky, the question is how good the shots will feel once you hit them.

#1684 4 months ago

I feel like a relatively easy way to bring more life to some of the animations would be to add more detailed backgrounds. A lot of stuff has a plain sky which makes it feel a little lifeless. Other more detailed backgrounds look much better.

I think adding more Thanos taunting call outs would make it feel more like you are "battling the game" ala attack from mars. I think that could go a long way into making the whole thing feel more cohesive and alive.

Also important to remember is that the game will feel a lot darker and atmospheric when playing it under normal conditions.

Overall the games looks awesome to shoot from re watching the stream.

#1747 4 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

One important criticism imo: is there anyway to change some of or most of the music to more rock, as done in the movies? Music did seem rather bland? Heard that music was kind of rushed, so really hoping they will straighten the music out and make it much better to draw you in, as code develops. Wondering if this was the missing ingredient during yesterday’s stream???
Music seemed dark and gloomy from what I could make out. Shouldn’t it be more fun, upbeat with guitar power like done in the movies? Might this be the main missing ingredient many are feeling? Music is a powerful part of any game to draw you in and set the tone, imo.

In the stream they said the music was completely finished. It was done by same guy that did the JP original music. I hate it for avengers, works fine in JP.

#1774 4 months ago

The only thing that annoyed me about the stream is that the guys act like they can’t be bothered to answer a question. The co-op question is a good example.

#1781 4 months ago
Quoted from evileye:

Exactly this. I live in a major city and I still can’t play games in the wild. Pandemic or otherwise. NYC could not care less about pinball, apparently.

They did answer that question near the start of the stream. They just didn’t answer it again the next 100 times it was asked. It clearly annoyed them.

Exactly, you absolutely cannot appear to be annoyed at your fans/potential customers because they are asking a question. It’s a shit attitude and a terrible look. If there are no plans for co op just say it! If you think it will hurt sales commit to add the feature later and say that!

#1782 4 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

Music is brilliant and fits perfectly. You havent read the comics from 91 obviously. The theme is dark bc the end of the world is near. Look how depressed Silver Surfer is after he got the news. preventing that was not a fun uplifting ride. Playing the game is.
[quoted image]

No one has read the comics from 91. What gave avengers mass appeal was the humor and lighthearted nature of it. I get that the pin is technically based on the comics but you can’t remove the elements that made the theme relevant in the first place...

#1790 4 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

I don’t think it’s the fact they can’t be bothered, there’s just a lot of idiots that type without thinking behind their keyboards that talk shit on every stream.
Usually about this not being good enough and that not being good enough yet it’s the exact opposite stuff that the last game got bagged on for. When Keith and team have probably worked their asses off on what sounds like a tight schedule to get yet another “unique” non cookie cutter game out it’s probably frustrating.
Jack is great at bouncing off the stupid comments or laughing them off but that’s kind of his job as the host of the streams.
Take some of the comments made about TMNT, doesn’t look deep enough, not enough depth or breadth to the code, too linear, not enough modes or stuff to do etc etc... Keith comes out with a game the exact opposite to that and the comments are it’s too deep, rules are too complex, not linear enough and too confusing with too many things going on.
I think that’s why Keith posted in here a couple of times, not because he was doing damage control like someone said earlier in this thread, but to address some of stuff that’s been said specifically the code being too deep/complex - it’s only deep/complex if you want it to be just like JP just like Maiden.

I’m not referring to the flood of questions I the chat, I’m talking about not answering questions that Have been pulled from chat and asked verbally by jack or whoever

#1900 4 months ago

Pro looks awesome... Sometimes less is more. I am really not sure that the marvel ramp is better than the spinner U shot

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